Friday, October 20, 2006

Yet another BNP scam to fleece the members !

WE have it on the best authority that on the back cover of the latest IDENTITY magazine there is an appeal for funds for Messrs. Griffin and Collett - The Free Speech TWO !

After all this financial embezzlement of late by them , their sheer contempt to ask the long suffering, shellshocked BNP members for even more cash leaves us aghast, especially since those two have got legal aid to cover their own defence Counsels.

So what are they collecting even more money off the suckers, sorry, BNP members for again ?

Maybe they can 'really rough it' by only staying at 4* Hotels instead of 5* , and drinking one less bottle of Krug champers will suffice.

But they hope the plebs will cough up !

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