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Disabled and elderly campaigners protesting removal of travel concessions ‘kettled by the police’ at Sheffield railway station

Two pensioners arrested and blind woman hospitalised after 'Freedom Rides' demo was broken up

Two pensioners were arrested when violent scuffles broke out at Sheffield railway station following the latest in a series of so-called Freedom Rides – named after the US civil rights actions – organised to highlight changes to the system of free rail travel in South Yorkshire.
Disabled and elderly campaigners have vowed to continue their protests against the removal of travel concessions after claiming they were victims of “thuggish” behaviour by police and security staff during Monday’s demonstration against the cuts.
Protesters – including a blind woman who was taken to hospital after being injured when she fell over a wheelchair – said they suffered cuts and bruises as a result of being “manhandled” in clashes with British Transport Police and members of Northern Rail’s rail response team.
Another man collapsed and was taken to hospital while a 70-year-old protester was nearly knocked on to the tracks during the melee.
A number of station staff were also said to have been hurt during the incident on Monday in which they claimed to have been physically and verbally abused by elderly and disabled demonstrators.
Tony Nuttall, 65, of the Barnsley Retirees Action Group who was arrested in the fracas, said campaigners would not stop until concessionary travel was reintroduced under the old terms.
Mr Nuttall described how he was arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer as the group of 45 protesters were “kettled” while staging an impromptu rally on the platform at Sheffield station after boarding a train from Barnsley and deliberately over-riding their stop.
“This sort of thuggish behaviour is not acceptable, especially when used against older and disabled people who cannot defend themselves,” he said. “It was a cowardly attack.
 “I was trying to link arms with people and five officers grabbed hold of me from behind and forced my head down. They marched me back and forth with my head bowed down and put me on the floor. I was handcuffed and taken to a police station.
“It was a peaceful protest by people who are hardly likely to use violence against blokes who look like they have been brought in from the local nightclub,” Mr Nuttall said.
Police and Northern Rail security staff were involved in scuffles with about 45 protesters  
Police and Northern Rail security staff were involved in scuffles with about 45 protesters
“The fight goes on. We are determined and we think we are in the right.”
Jen Dunstan, of Sheffield Disabled People Against the Cuts, said: “Dozens of elderly and disabled people have been left with bruising.”
The old rail concessionary scheme was axed as part of measures to reduce a £243,000 shortfall in the budget of South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority.
Mr Nuttall will appear at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on Monday alongside George Arthur, 65, who is accused of obstructing a police officer and fare evasion.
A spokeswoman for Northern Rail said it was investigating the incident.

NWN: At last some people are fighting the austerity cuts!
The bloke in the unusual hold by that mob of Police is an OAP apparently. Disgraceful acts by the Police.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gary Oldman Blasts Liberal Hollywood, Defends Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin

Gary Oldman Blasts Liberal Hollywood, Defends

Gary Oldman has blasted Hollywood for what he perceives as a double standard — asserting that Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can get away with politically incorrect humor while others like Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin cannot.
The profanity-laced statements are included in an interview with the July-August issue of Playboy. The most explosive part of the interview includes attacks on Maher, Stewart and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, following his declaration that political correctness is “crap.”
“Well, if I called Nancy Pelosi a c*** — and I’ll go one better, a f****** useless c*** — I can’t really say that. But Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can, and nobody’s going to stop them from working because of it. Bill Maher could call someone a fag and get away with it. He said to Seth MacFarlane this year, ‘I thought you were going to do the Oscars again. Instead they got a lesbian.’ He can say something like that. Is that more or less offensive than Alec Baldwin saying to someone in the street, ‘You fag’? I don’t get it.”

Oldman, star of such films as “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and the “Dark Knight” trilogy, also asserted that the culture in Hollywood during the past awards season was such that “if you didn’t vote for ’12 Years a Slave,’ you were a racist. You have to be very careful about what you say.”
He also expressed sympathy for Gibson, who declared in 2006 while being arrested that “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”
Gibson later apologized for the remarks.
“Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews, and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him – and doesn’t need to feed him anymore because he’s got enough dough,” Oldman said. “He’s like an outcast, a leper, you know?”
“I don’t know about Mel. He got drunk and said a few things, but we’ve all said those things,” the actor told Playboy during the interview, which began with a discussion of Oldman’s role in “Dawn of Planet of the Apes.”
“We’re all f****** hypocrites,” he added. “That’s what I think about it. The policeman who arrested him has never used the word n***** or that f****** Jew?”
“I’m being brutally honest here,” Oldman said. “It’s the hypocrisy of it that drives me crazy.”
Oldman also defended Baldwin’s use of homophobic language: “Alec calling someone an F-A-G in the street while he’s pissed off coming out of his building because they won’t leave him alone. I don’t blame him. So they persecute.”

BNP infiltrator seeks police admission of covert operation

Gary Shopland says he has been unfairly branded racist after he was secretly sent by police to spy on British National party
Link to video: 'Why police recruited me to infiltrate the British National party'
  A man who says he was recruited and sent by a covert police unit to infiltrate the British National party has spent more than a decade trying to persuade police to publicly clear his name of racism.
Gary Shopland, 51, says he has been unfairly branded a racist because he was persuaded to spend seven years as a BNP member, during which time he helped to protect the party's leader, Nick Griffin, and became one of its regional treasurers.
He says he had no involvement with the BNP before he was recruited by police to act as their mole within the party.
An evaluation by a psychiatrist concluded that the refusal by the police to make an unequivocal public declaration that Shopland worked for them had caused him "considerable and unremitting" damage. It has left him suffering from chronic stress, suicidal bouts, mood swings, a sense of hopelessness, weight gain and sleeping problems.
The psychiatrist said the refusal had also hindered Shopland's attempts to find a job. He says he has been unemployed and living on disability benefits since 2007.
West Yorkshire police say that a national policy prevents them from confirming or denying whether they recruited Shopland to work as an informant. However, his campaign has forced police to make what appears to be a partial admission.
The force's most senior lawyer told him in a letter that allegations that he was a "racist and/or Nazi" were "totally inaccurate and without foundation", but provided no further explanation.
A senior source within the force has said unofficially that he was an informant tasked by the police. Another source, asked how the police could say Shopland was not a racist if they had never had any contact with him, said: "You have got to read between the lines in that letter."
A former officer said to be involved in supervising Shopland referred questions to West Yorkshire police.
Shopland's reward for working as an informer within the BNP averaged around £30 or £40 a week, Shopland says. He alleges that the police in effect "drafted him off the street to do their dirty work and then befriended and betrayed" him.
The police's reputation has been damaged by a series of revelations about the undercover infiltration of political groups. The disclosures have led the home secretary, Theresa May, to order a public inquiry into undercover policing.
On Tuesday, police chiefs are due to make public details of how they have responded to the damning verdict of an independent inquiry by Mark Ellison QC, who concluded in March that Scotland Yard had spied on the family of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence.
Mick Creedon, the Derbyshire chief constable called in by the Met to conduct an internal inquiry into the conduct of the undercover police unit that infiltrated political groups for four decades, is also due to publish a report.
The latest allegations relating to the police's handling of spies centre on Shopland, who was working as a part-time as a nightclub bouncer when he says he was approached in 1996 to become an informer. An endurance runner, he had been training in the mountains of Snowdonia with a friend who was a West Yorkshire police officer. A group of officers met Shopland in a car park and asked if he would like to work for the police. Shopland claims he was asked to write to the BNP and become a member so that he could feed back to the police inside information about their activities.
Shopland says he had never heard of the BNP before then, although he was aware that another racist party, the National Front, "went around kicking people's heads in".
One of his handlers told him that he "looked the part". The handler, who said he worked for a unit monitoring rightwing political groups, told him: "Someone like you only comes around every 20 years, someone willing to stick their neck on the line," and that "if I was half as good as it says on my CV then I would do really well".
Shopland says he was thrilled to be asked to help the police and dedicated himself not only to being the best informant but also to training himself to behave like a racist. He rose to be appointed the treasurer of the BNP's Yorkshire region and one of Griffin's bodyguards. Throughout his seven years in the party, he says, he was regularly passing on information about the BNP's activities to his handlers. This included details of meetings such as the names of those in attendance, personal information about individuals such as their jobs and vehicle number plates, and warnings about who might be planning violent acts such as fire-bombings.
Payment, always in cash, depended on how useful his handlers believed his information to be, he says. Some weeks he was paid nothing, other times they would wind up him up by waving the cash in front of him and then snatching it away from him, according to Shopland.
He says he grew disillusioned as his handlers failed to support or value him properly. He decided to quit after he was named as a BNP member in the media, including the Observer. He was angered by his handlers' failure to do anything about his public exposure.
He says his BNP membership caused problems with family and friends. He says that his handlers tried to persuade him not to leave, then suggested he go and infiltrate loyalist groups in Northern Ireland or "start growing a beard and convert to Islam".
"It was a long process. They said the BNP won't just let you go, what about going to join the loyalists over the water, can you do the Muslim thing? They didn't want to let me go."
Since quitting in 2003, Shopland has been seeking from West Yorkshire police a public and unambiguous declaration that he worked for them as an informer, as he has no written evidence of his clandestine work. He says he has spent £25,000 on lawyers in his quest, including funding the evaluation by the psychiatrist.
The most compelling concession he has won came in 2008 when Mike Percival, the force solicitor for West Yorkshire police, wrote to Shopland's then lawyers: "The West Yorkshire police are aware of historic media reports suggesting that your client (Gary Shopland) is a racist and/or Nazi. These reports were totally inaccurate and without proper foundation."
In a statement, Assistant Chief Constable Ingrid Lee said: "The question of whether someone is or is not a police informant is one that the police service is often asked. Many methods are used to obtain intelligence and that intelligence is vital to keeping our communities safe.
"There exists strict governance and guidelines in relation to all intelligence-gathering techniques, many of which are subject to frequent and independent inspection. It is, however, the position of West Yorkshire police, and the police and other law enforcement agencies nationally, neither to confirm nor deny whether people are, are not or ever have been informants."Shopland's psychiatric evaluation paints a picture of a man who will continue to suffer "prolonged" problems until police clear his name. The psychiatrist said he was "a man of pride" who felt he had been "abused and violated".
Shopland, who has worked in the security industry, fears that he would be humiliated if he tries seek a job because his employers would discover his past membership of the BNP.
A spokesman for the BNP said the claim that the police had infiltrated the organisation was more serious than historic allegations of wrongdoing by BNP supporters.
"The more serious thing is the fact that we have the police involving themselves in disrupting legitimate political parties."

Friday, June 20, 2014

Secret trade agreement covering 68 percent of world services published by WikiLeaks

Reuters / Toru Hanai

The text of a 19-page, international trade agreement being drafted in secret was published by WikiLeaks on Thursday as the transparency group’s editor commemorated his two-year anniversary confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
Fifty countries around the globe have already signed on to the Trade in Service Agreement, or TISA, including the United States, Australia and the European Union. Despite vast international ties, however, details about the deal have been negotiated behind closed-doors and largely ignored by the press.
In a statement published by the group alongside the leaked draft this week, WikiLeaks said “proponents of TISA aim to further deregulate global financial services markets,” and have participated in “a significant anti-transparency manoeuvre” by working secretly on a deal that covers more than 68 percent of world trade in services, according to the Swiss National Center for Competence in Research.
Touting the deal earlier this year, the United States Chamber of Commerce said a successful TISA agreement would benefit America’s services industry and its 96 million, or 84 percent, of the nation’s private sector workers. “As its chief goals, the TISA should expand access to foreign markets for US service industries and ensure they receive national and most-favored nation treatment,” the chamber said of the deal in February. “It should also lift foreign governments’ sectoral limits on investment in services," “eliminate regulatory inconsistencies that at times loom as trade barriers” and “prohibit restrictions on legitimate cross‐border information flows and bar local infrastructure mandates relating to data storage.”
WikiLeaks warns that this largely important trade deal has been hardly discussed in public, however, notwithstanding evidence showing that the policy makers involved want to establish rules that would pertain to services used by billions worldwide.
“The draft Financial Services Annex sets rules which would assist the expansion of financial multi-nationals – mainly headquartered in New York, London, Paris and Frankfurt – into other nations by preventing regulatory barriers,” WikiLeaks said in a statement. “The leaked draft also shows that the US is particularly keen on boosting cross-border data flow, which would allow uninhibited exchange of personal and financial data.”
Additionally, the current draft also includes language inferring that, upon the finishing of negotiations, the document will be kept classified for five full years.
In Australia, journalists at The Age reported that experts say the proposed changes included within the WikiLeaks document “could undermine Australia's capacity to independently respond to and weather any future global financial crisis.”
Dr. Patricia Ranald, a research associate at the University of Sydney and convener of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network, told the paper that the documents suggest the US wants to “tie the hands” of other governments, including allied ones, by way of sheer deregulation.
“Amendments from the US are seeking to end publicly provided services like public pension funds, which are referred to as 'monopolies' and to limit public regulation of all financial services,” she said. ''They want to freeze financial regulation at existing levels, which would mean that governments could not respond to new developments like another global financial crisis.''
Earlier this week, US Trade Representative Michael Froman said the TISA deal was already well on its way to being put together.
"The basic framework of the agreement is in place, initial market access offers have been exchanged, and sector-specific work in areas like telecommunications andfinancialservices is in full swing,” Froman said, according to Reuters.
The document published this week by WikiLeaks is dated April 14 — two months before Froman last weighed in on the progress of the negotiations and six months after his office hailed previous re-write to the proposal. Along with representatives from Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey and dozens others, American policy makers will met in Geneva, Switzerland later this month starting June 23 to begin the next round of negotiations.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, meanwhile, remains confined to Ecuador’s embassy in London where two years ago this Thursday he arrived seeking asylum. Assange, 42, is wanted for questioning in Sweden but fears his arrival there would prompt a swift extradition to the US due to his role in exposing American state secrets.

PRESS RELEASE: Court to hear issues against Met police over SDS deployments, as women issue legal challenge to NCND

  * Women’s legal action over undercover relationships
* Court hearing 5-6 June 2014, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London

On Thursday 5 June and Friday 6 June 2014, the main issues in a case against the Metropolitan Police over undercover relationships will be laid out for the first time in open court. The High Court will hear an application to require the Metropolitan police to drop their “neither confirm nor deny” (NCND) stance. NCND has been one of many delaying tactics used by the Met to maintain secrecy over the legal action against them, despite the very serious allegations that have been made by the Claimants.
Eight women are bringing common law claims of assault, deceit, negligence and misfeasance in public office; this hearing concerns five of the women. The officers’ deployments were part of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), which was infiltrating environmental and social justice campaign groups. Several officers entered into long-term relationships, causing lasting disruption and psychological damage.
Despite widespread public outcry over what appears to be a systematic pattern of abuse, the Metropolitan Police have not entered a defence against the claims, instead resorting to a series of delaying tactics and bids for secrecy, including their so-called Neither Confirm Nor Deny “policy” (NCND). The Met police withdrew their application to strike out the Claimants’ claims last March after the Home Secretary announced a public inquiry.
Harriet Wistrich, solicitor for the eight women said: “This will be the first hearing in open court when the main issues will be set out in the case against the Metropolitan police over the deployments of SDS officers. We will be providing detailed evidence of what the Claimants have discovered and what is already now known about the four undercover officers in the case which undermines the MPS’ reliance on NCND. NCND appears to be a smokescreen to cover up the extent of wrong-doing, and should not be permitted.”
For press enquiries, contact Susanna Thomas of Birnberg Peirce and Partners on 020 7911 0166.
1. Full background on this hearing is at
2. Further background on NCND can be found at:
3. Delaying tactics from the police included a strike-out claim on the basis of NCND – which was dropped at the last minute in March of this year. Two large files of evidence were submitted to the Court by the women’s lawyers to counter the strike out claim. These files detailed instances where the police had confirmed the identities of undercover officers; commented on operational tactics of these political policing units; show the identities of the undercover officers reported in the media; and where the women had meticulously compiled evidence demonstrating that they can show the true identities of the officers.
4. This hearing concerns five of the eight women; the other three women are also bringing claims under the Human Rights Act, including suffering “inhumane and degrading treatment” and disruption of their “private and family life, including the right to form relationships without unjustified interference by the state”. They are fighting a separate battle to stop their claims being sent to a secret court, the IPT.

NWN: If they are doing this to the reds, then they are also doing it to us.

Shots fired over Birmingham pub bomber's coffin in paramilitary-style funeral

Masked men fire pistols over the coffin of Seamus McLoughlin

An IRA man linked to the Birmingham pub bombings has been given a paramilitary style funeral.
Shots were fired over the tricolour-draped coffin of Seamus McLoughlin at a relative’s home in the Ardoyne district of North Belfast on Wednesday night.
It was claimed on Thursday that dissident republican group Oglaigh na hEireann fired the shots.
A picture posted on Twitter showed two masked men in paramiltary style clothing aiming two pistols over the coffin while another man similarly dressed stood at the head of the casket.
Sources close to the masked men told the Daily Mirror that McLoughlin was a “native of Ardoyne” and one-time “OC [officer commanding] of the IRA in England”.
They confirmed a “volley of shots” was fired over the coffin at around 9pm on Wednesday.
A number of sources said that McLoughlin had been on the run since the Birmingham bombings in which 21 people were killed when devices went off at two bars in the city in 1974.
The IRA denied the attack at the time and the real bombers have never been brought to justice.
Six people were arrested immediately after and in 1975 were given life sentences for the bombings.
But after 16 years in prison the convictions of the Birmingham Six were quashed after their "confessions" were ruled unreliable.
It is understood McLoughlin died in Dublin at the beginning of the week before being brought North for the wake.
Sources claimed on Thursday that McLoughlin had not been tied in with any so-called dissident groups. It was further claimed that he had not asked for a paramilitary style send-off before his death.

Birmingham pub bombings campaigners 'sickened' by paramilitary funeral for man allegedly linked to 1974 terrorist attack

Twitter photo shows Republican-style salute to Seamus McLoughlin, named as a former IRA activist

Twitter photo posted by @RepublicanUnity of Seamus McLoughlin's funeral

The paramilitary style funeral given to a man with alleged links to the Birmingham pub bombings has been branded “sickening” by a justice campaigner.
Shots were fired over the tricolour-draped coffin of Seamus McLoughlin at a relative’s home in the Ardoyne district of North Belfast on Wednesday night.
It was claimed that dissident republican group Oglaigh na hEireann fired the shots.
A picture posted on Twitter showed two masked men in paramilitary style clothing aiming two pistols over the coffin while another man similarly dressed stood at the head of the casket.
Sources close to the masked men claimed McLoughlin was a “native of Ardoyne” and one-time “OC [officer commanding] of the IRA in England”.
McLoughlin was also alleged to have had links to the Birmingham pub bombings which killed 21 people in 1974.
Brian Hambleton, who lost his sister Maxine in the atrocity, said he was “shell-shocked” when he saw the funeral picture in a newspaper report.
“It sickened me when I saw the picture,” he said.
“When I first saw it I had to look at the comments next to it because I thought I was looking at a picture of the past.
“It was like I was being whisked back to the 1970s.”
Mr Hambleton, who runs the Justice for the 21 campaign group alongside his sister Julie, added: “McLoughlin was absolutely a major player in the IRA.
“Here we are with his coffin being celebrated with an IRA style send-off with guns.
“All this was supposed to have been banned decades ago yet they’ve allowed it to happen.
It’s as if the police have turned a blind eye for this to happen so there is no further trouble.”
It is understood McLoughlin died in Dublin at the beginning of the week before being brought North for the wake. Sources claimed on Thursday that McLoughlin had not been tied in with any so-called dissident groups.
Six men, known as the Birmingham Six, were given life sentences for the bombings and spent 17 years in jail before their convictions were quashed by the Court of Appeal in 1991.
The IRA denied the attacks on The Mulberry Bush and The Tavern In The Town at the time.
The real bombers have never been brought to justice.

NWN: This wasn't in the 1970's,80's or 90's.............this was this week ! They have not gone away. They should have all been hung.
This blog has always said the 'Birmingham 6' and the 'Guildford 4' were probably all guilty .

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Obama: 275 US forces deploying to Iraq


WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is notifying Congress that about 275 U.S. military personnel could deploy to Iraq.
Obama says the forces are going to provide support and security for U.S. personnel and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. He says the forces are equipped for combat and will remain in Iraq until the security situation becomes such that they are no longer needed.
About 160 troops are already in Iraq, including 50 Marines and more than 100 Army soldiers. Some of those soldiers have only recently arrived.
Under the authorization Obama outlined, a U.S. official says the U.S. will put an additional 100 soldiers in a nearby third country where they would be held in reserve until needed.
The White House says the U.S. military personnel are entering Iraq with its consent. 

NWN: Here we go again ! Weapons of mass destruction ?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: So when will being 'white British' become a crime?

Amid all the furore about Islamist infiltration of schools in Birmingham, another story involving the education watchdog Ofsted has received rather less attention.
Inspectors have criticised a rural school in Devon for being insufficiently ‘diverse’. Although they concede that Payhembury Primary is a ‘happy place’, it has been denied an ‘outstanding’ rating because all 68 pupils are of ‘white British heritage’.
Well, they would be. Small villages in Devon tend not to be melting pots of multiculturalism. In fact, outside the big cities, most people in Britain are of ‘white British heritage’ even though the mass immigration of the past 15 years is changing that demographic rapidly.
Inspectors have criticised rural Payhembury Primary School in Devon for being insufficiently 'diverse'
Inspectors have criticised rural Payhembury Primary School in Devon for being insufficiently 'diverse'

Parents have been told that they must pay £35 to send their children on a ‘sleep-over’ at a school in Isleworth, West London, where three-quarters of pupils are from ethnic minority backgrounds.
Headteacher Penny Hammett wrote: ‘The purpose of this trip is to build up a relationship with a school in a very different community to ours. This will enable our children to gain a better understanding of multicultural Britain, which was identified in our last Ofsted as being an area for development.
‘Through our topics, visitors and discussions we have been developing multicultural awareness in both Britain and throughout the world, but this visit will help us to experience in real life a school where there is a wide mix of children with different ethnic backgrounds and almost 50 per cent of the children do not have English as their first language.’
The Rev Cate Edmonds, chairman of the governors at Payhembury, said: ‘We are fairly mono-cultural as an area in Devon and we don’t want children growing up thinking the whole world is full of trees and cows.’
But one mother objected: ‘I’m astounded by this idea. Just because the children go to a small school in the country does not mean they aren’t aware of people with different-coloured skin to them. It’s very patronising — and for the school they are visiting, too.’
Let me make it absolutely clear before the usual excitable suspects start bouncing up and down screaming ‘racism’ that it’s commendable for kids to learn about different cultures.
Exchange visits for schoolchildren have been going on since the Sixties, initially introduced to help them develop their foreign language skills.
I’m fortunate to live in a part of North London where friends and neighbours from all kinds of ethnic and religious backgrounds rub along well together.
Even 25 years ago, my children’s school photo looked as if it had been plucked straight from the pages of a United Colors of Benetton catalogue. But I despise the officially sanctioned cult of separate development masquerading as multiculturalism.
Parents have been told that they must pay £35 to send their children on a 'sleep-over' at a school in Isleworth, West London, where thre-quarters of pupils are from ethnic minority backgrounds
Parents have been told that they must pay £35 to send their children on a 'sleep-over' at a school in Isleworth, West London, where thre-quarters of pupils are from ethnic minority backgrounds

Just as it is appalling that Muslim children in the Midlands are being taught that all white women are prostitutes and Western values are dangerous, so it is only right and proper that pupils growing up in the Devon countryside are made aware of the wider world outside their immediate vicinity.
No, what bothers me about all this is the language being used and the element of compulsion — as well as the frankly sinister revelation that a school can be marked down by Ofsted not because of the standard of education it provides but because there are too few black and brown faces in the playground.
Why should a school be penalised because its pupils are from a ‘white British heritage’ background?
It all smacks of Labour’s deliberate policy of opening the immigration floodgates to ‘rub the Right’s noses in diversity’. And although the trip is voluntary, you know perfectly well that any parent who protests and refuses to cough up £35 will be categorised as a knuckle-scraping Neanderthal.
In some schools in London, the roll call is similarly mono-cultural, but 100 per cent Muslim rather than exclusively C of E. Are devout Islamic parents in Tower Hamlets going to be told they must fork  out £35 for their children to be sent on a sleep-over in Devon so they can meet people of a ‘white British heritage’ and learn all about the Anglican faith?
What do you think?
If country folk wish to visit the inner city, they are free to do so — and vice versa. But the State is obsessed with ‘celebrating diversity’, our new officially-enforced religion.
...Just as it is appalling that Muslim children in the Midlands are being taught that all white women are prostitutes and Western values are dangerous, so it is only right and proper that pupils growing up in the Devon countryside are made aware of the wider world outside their immediate vicinity
We are quite capable of celebrating anything we like, thanks very much, without Government intervention.
Millions of pounds are frittered away each year nagging, cajoling and compelling us to embrace different cultures. Great effort goes into persuading people from an immigrant background to make more use of the British countryside.
For instance, a few years ago the Environment Agency announced that fishing was horribly white, male and middle-aged. It decided to splash out £100,000 to attract more women and ethnic minorities to the riverbank.
To demonstrate the Government’s commitment, a pilot scheme was launched in Swansea, which involved taking Muslim women and children to a lake and teaching them to fish for trout.
It was headed by Nica Pritchard, the international president of the Ladies’ Fly Fishing Association, who said: ‘A couple of hours out in the countryside and you come back a new woman. If you could just see their faces when we’re teaching them, you’d know we’re really on to something.’
Talk about patronising. It made them sound like special needs children. But what struck me about the accompanying picture of these poor women was that they were forced to wear goggles over their traditional Islamic headscarves on the insistence of elf’n’safety officials.
You couldn’t make it up.
Let’s hope the children of Devon have a whale of a time in Isleworth. They should make the most of it before possession of a ‘white British heritage’ is made a criminal offence.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

British police arrest right-wing publisher over Anne Frank mail: house searched, computers seized  
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Sunday, June 08, 2014
At 8 am on Thursday June 5 revisionist publisher Simon Sheppard, of North Yorkshire, was woken up by a group of police threatening to break down the door of his house unless he opened it immediately, even refusing his request to be allowed to put on some clothes first.  
Once inside, they arrested him on "suspicion of distributing racially inflammatory material, under section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986", allowed him to dress, handcuffed him and took him away.
Soon afterwards a search team arrived on the premises to prowl through his materials, confiscating two computers and some books (he does not know which).
Sheppard’s friend Paul Ballard explains
 " … it seems that some sourpuss at the Post Office opened an outgoing package, saw something about Anne Frank, deemed it 'anti Semitic' and reported it to the police. This was enough for the special 'anti racist' task forces to spring into action." 
Suspect Sheppard was detained until 1 pm, then bailed for three months, during which time he may or may not be charged with having committed an as yet unspecified act.  
His activity as a revisionist publisher is well known to the authorities: in 2008 he was tried and convicted for distribution of "racist" tracts and imprisoned for three years. But he is unbowed, having no intention of giving up his life's work merely because the arbitrary ruling power disapproves of it.   
Today the offence of "distributing racially inflammatory material" carries a sentence of up to seven years. So much for freedom of expression in England.    

David Irving comments:
WE have to ask who were the traitors who allowed this to happen to Britain. In 1962 finally an act was passed restricting coloured immigration into England -- too late, and not strict enough even then. Lord Hailsham was one such traitor, as I reported on Day 15 in the Lipstadt Trial, cross examined about a speech I made in 1990 to my Clarendon Club.
   Lord HailshamIn 1954 Lord Hailsham (right) said that only 100,000 immigrants had so far arrived and he did not expect many more. Rather like Tony Blair last year with the influx from East Europe, only far more deadly. I am glad to say that The Times reported my swipe at Hailsham the next day.
   The cowardly newspapers always allow others to take the heat -- they are too frightened to say these patriotic things themselves -- and if others say them, the newspapers call them "racist." Nobody has dared pin that label in Churchill, yet.
Day 15 of the Lipstadt trial, 2000:
MR RAMPTON: Could you turn to -- this is the Clarendon Club in 1990? Can you turn to page 9 of 12, please? I am going to read the whole of this.
You say: "Thus, we follow this tangled thread. At the end of the war in 1945, the British Empire was at its greatest ever extent in history. Our armies straddled the globe. We were beginning to get back the territories that we had lost in the Far East through Churchill's foolish military and naval strategy. And suddenly the Empire went.
Groping around in the darkness, we look for", capital G, "Guilty", capital M, "Men. Partly I think that we must blame sins of omission. If we look back from where Britain is now, with just a handful of people of true English, Irish, Scots and Welsh stock - apprehensive, furtively meeting in dinners like this, exchanging our own shared sensations and sorrows - then we can see where some of the worst errors have been made.
"In 1958, for example, we find Lord Hailsham saying at a Cabinet meeting, 'I do not think this Coloured Immigration is going to be much of a problem in Britain.
We only have 100,000 of these immigrants so far, and I do not think the numbers are likely to grow much beyond that! So on balance I am against having any restrictions imposed". . .
Then you close the quote from Lord Hailsham and you say: "Traitor No. 1 to the British cause". What do you mean by that?
IRVING. Lord Hailsham, these were records that were in 1988 just released from the Public Record Office, Cabinet records, and they reveal Lord Hailsham, who later became a Lord Chancellor, I believe, having said at a Cabinet meeting in 1958 in a totally negligent manner that he did not think that immigration into Britain was going to be a problem and that so far only 100,000 had arrived, and he thought it would not go to more than that.

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Hilary Clinton - warmonger and 'in the pay' of Big Business and the banks

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