Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Protocols of Zion explained by Dr. William Pierce

'They' say its a forgery. But if it's a forgery there must be an original copy ? This Youtube video is well worth a look.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Merry Christmas to all our readers wherever they may be.

Joyeux Noel - Feliz Navidad - Frohe Weinachten

Friday, December 23, 2011

BNP Leadership been drinking the cooking sherry ?

The idiots in charge of the BNPs latest begging letter are trying to persuade 'suckers' to sign up to a Direct Debit ! My God ! The BNP is for life ?

Set up a Direct Debit Donation TODAY

The British National Party always puts British people first.

We are different from the other political parties because we’re here to help our people and change Britain for the better.

We are different because we care, and you are different because you have demonstrated your resolve and courage to stand up for Britain and count yourself amongst the British brave men and woman who will restore our great nation.

Together we can put Britain right – let’s start today!

We have revolutionised our membership payment scheme using Direct Debits to spread the cost of membership and more importantly to stabilise the income of the British National Party. Now we are using this exciting new technology in our fundraising too.

The British National Party is for life, not just for Christmas, so please set up a Direct Debit Donation TODAY and help secure the future of Britains' only hope!

It's quick and easy to set up. You can donate as little or as much as you like, so please take action now to support the British National Party for the future of our nation.

Thank you,

Cllr Clive Jefferson
Treasurer, British National Party


How can Nick Griffin, who has expelled literally hundreds of fine nationalists, and destroyed what was the best chance ever to take on the Establishment, come out with crap like the above begging letter ?

Is there really anyone stupid enough to allow 'the once and future bankrupt', that is Nick Griffin, open access to their bank accounts?

Have the BNP leadership been on the Christmas booze, or worse still, on drugs ?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lost Race - History of the National Front (24th March 1999) - major relevance to today's BNP

Have a look at this critical TV report from years ago. There is some interesting archive as well as current influence on the BNP. A must see for nationalist history buffs.

In the programme, Nick Griffin seems to revel in the mess he made of the NF, as well as his pursuit of money. And for Harrington fans, there's some info on his contacting zionist interests and strange ways.

Some treats as well as angst here but good viewing.

"If we don't know where we have come from, how can we see where we are going ?"

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

We all owe Emma West a debt of honour, send her a Christmas card, PLEASE.

The news that English mum of two, Miss Emma West, has been remanded in custody over the Christmas period has shocked even the most hardened patriot.

Two small innocent British children are now deprived of their mother’s love and warm embrace at this special time of year. Why? Because the political/judicial PC fanatics have decided to make an example of an English lady who had finally reached breaking point and used some choice language towards a tram full of ‘enrichers’.

Emma comes from Croydon, a place which was virtually razed to the ground this year by ethnic gangs who rampaged for three days, indulging in an orgy of burning looting and violence, leaving many decent people without homes, jobs and businesses. Most of those apprehended were bailed.

But a young English mother who did nothing more than vent her frustrations has been refused bail not once but twice and will spend Christmas behind bars separated from her small children!
Britain First is asking you personally to do something about this gross injustice.
Imagine if you, or your daughter, were in Emma’s position. Really, sit for ten seconds and think how YOU would cope with being flung in prison over Christmas and YOUR children being taken from you by social services.

A very dark thought, I am sure you agree?

So, let’s do something to ease her suffering and to show brave Emma West that there are still some who reside on this sceptred Isle who do care, and who will offer her our hand in friendship and solidarity even in her darkest hours - and she will have many.

Announcing the launch of the ‘Emma West (Political Prisoner)
10, 000 Christmas Cards Campaign support fund!’

We call upon ALL decent people (not only nationalists) to show their support for Emma and her children and their disgust at the draconian and vindictive treatment handed out to Emma, by sending her a Christmas card and a cheque/postal order to her as she languishes in prison over Christmas.

I know things are tight, but how can we, as patriots, possibly enjoy our Christmas surrounded by family and friends if we do nothing for Emma and her children, separated by the high priests of multiculturalism and her family sacrificed on the high alter of political correctness.

However, the enemies of OUR people forget that a mother’s binding love can never be rent asunder by bigotry, hatred or prison walls.

Please send your Christmas card and personal support gift direct to Political Prisoner and young mum:

Emma West
C/O HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
TW15 3JZ

Please, do what you can and encourage your family, friends, colleagues to do the same and keep at it right through advent - it’s the least we can do

Yours sincerely,
Jim Dowson

NWN: We support any and all campaigns that support Emma West in this most dire time for her and her family. Christmas is a time for families and Emma has been deprived of this by the sheer hatred of the multi-racialists, or should we really say the anti-white lobby ?

If multi-racialism is so good, why do they need to enforce it with jail sentences ?

Please do send an extra card this year to a lonely Mum in her hour of need. Even if you just sign it "thinking of you" will suffice.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

'My Tram Experience' racist rant accused pleads not guilty in court .

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

EMMA West has appeared before Croydon magistrates in connection with the 'My Tram Experience' YouTube clip.

West, of Grenville Road in New Addington, entered a not guilty plea to a racially aggravated public order offence.

.She was remanded in custody until January 6, when she will be formally committed to Croydon Crown Court.

West was arrested after a clip showing a woman with a young boy on her lap racially abusing passengers on the tram between New Addington and Wimbledon was uploaded onto YouTube.

The film has now been watched more than 11 million times.

NWN: Remanded in custody over Christmas ? Disgraceful !

Sunday, December 04, 2011

The real Derrick Day!

This was filmed outside Derrick Days home on Hyde Road,Hoxton,East London probably in 1977. Around the 8 second mark, there is a clip of SEARCHLIGHT/IRA/reds attacking us at the Moss Side, Manchester bye-election of 1978. At the start there is a clip from the reds attacking the Lewisham NF march in August 1977.

All the vid is about 'reds' attacking the National Front in the 1970s.

The 'reds' just happened to have a TV camera pointing at Derricks home, which was on the bottom floor and where he climbs out of. I wonder what provocation they had done prior to the filming, just as they have done to Emma West ?

I wonder how DD would have gone on riding the London trams ?

Saturday, December 03, 2011

BNP says support Emma West and be expelled

"The demonstrations in support of Emma West are being organised by a ponzi scheme masquerading as a political party whose leader collaborated with the Marxist BBC when it attempted to smear loyal nationalists. Any BNP members found attending or supporting these demonstrations in any way will leave themselves open to expulsion from the party."

The above quote was made by the so called 'Derrick Day' over on the BDF forum.

This scumbag is either Nick Griffin himself or his 'bumboy' Patrick Harrington.

The irony is, the late real Derrick Day (pictured above with the microphone) would have 'punched the lights out' of both Griffin, all his paid security, and Harrington together, and with one arm tied behind his back. He was a real hard case.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Free Emma West !

This afternoon occured the first demonstration, in what will be an ongoing campaign to free this poor unfortunate English mother from the grasps of our disgraceful and traitorous Establishment and Government.

This demonstration was held outside the prison this afternoon,Friday 2nd December 2011,where Emma is being illegally held.

While this blog does not support the organisation that held this demonstration, we salute their efforts in trying to offer Emma West support, and to publicise her plight and show that many many others support her views and abhor her punishment.

Well done to those that supported this demonstration today.

The nationalist movement needs to get it's 'backside into gear' and offer a lead and support to the British people. Because we, and Emma West, won't be getting any support for our political stance from the establishment traitor Nick Griffin.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Man raped by two men

Is that not newsworthy ?

It's rather like the analogy for news that 'dog biting man' isn't newsworthy, but man bites dog is . All rape is a despicable crime, but the raping of men is extremely unusual isn't it ?

Well it's not considered newsworthy enough in the Rochdale,Lancashire area.

Well not according to the ROCHDALE OBSERVER and the MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS as neither 'newspaper' has mentioned it.

Certainly websites of both papers contains no mention of this heinous crime. Of course that hadn't anything to do with the race of the perpetrators in this case had it ? Two black men are sought by Police.

Both of the above newspapers are owned by the liberal/left GUARDIAN Newspaper Group and both are well known for their pro-immigrant bias.

A man was raped near Rochdale town centre, near the railway station, last Monday evening and not one of the local newspapers reported this news story.

Conspiracy theorists might suggest the reason why these two papers declined to run with this story. We just argue that these papers have an agenda, and that agenda does not run with or support the British people.

If the BBC hadn't mentioned this story, no-one would have ever heard about this truly appalling crime.

It might also be worthy of note that Rochdale has a very large Asian population but almost no blacks, until very recently.

Of late there has been a number of these so called asylum seekers starting to be thrown into the town, especially onto the Falinge estate, resulting in national headlines about the huge percentage of unemployed in that area.


Rochdale police hunt two men who raped man

A 32-year-old man was raped by two other men as he walked along the street in Rochdale on Monday afternoon.

Greater Manchester Police said the man was attacked near Halfpenny Bridge, between Oldham Road and Richard Street, at 17:15 GMT.

One of the men said something to him and he was assaulted after turning to walk away from them.

Both men are described as black, around 5ft 6in tall (1.65m), of medium build and with short hair.

Det Con Dave Gill, from Rochdale CID, said: "Incidents like this are rare and I would like to reassure members of the community that we are determined to find who is responsible for this horrendous attack."

Police have appealed for witnesses.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We call upon all true patriots to rally outside HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ on Friday 2nd of December at 12 midday in support of Miss Emma West.

Miss West has been victimized by the political elite and the PC multi-cult traitors who have brought this country and our people to their knees.

It is time for every true British patriot to take a stand and demand justice!

This young English woman – who was pushed over the edge on a multicultural tram - has been remanded in jail on the pretence of ‘protecting her’ due to several threats against her life.

Compare this with the treatment of the Islamic fanatics who were bailed after being charged with public order offences that occurred during their despicable homecoming demos against our troops.

Many of these traitors and jihadists were given around the clock police protection due to them receiving ‘death threats’ - nothing demonstrates the tangible anti-British/white/Christian bias spewing forth from the corrupt political elite traitors who would see this country and its people ground into the dirt.

Feel free to contact the prison to enquire about Miss West’s welfare. Ring 01784 425 690 (ask for Helga Swidenbank or Alan Thulby).

It’s time to leave party affiliations, egos and petty differences aside and stand shoulder to shoulder.

If we fail to do so in such an obvious and justified cause then how can we ever hope to rally our people into action in the future.

People will follow when led…its time my friends to lead our people from the front.

Like Emma, we have had enough and we call on all and every nationalist - men and woman alike - to join us outside the prison to show this victimized lady our support and to cry with one voice: WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK…NOW!

Friday, 2nd of December 2011

HMP Bronzefield, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ

12 mid-day - WILL YOU BE THERE?

NWN: We don't support the group that is organising this demo, but we do support the sentiment here. Those that can, please support this effort.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'Tram woman' remanded in custody - worse crime than murder says British State and controlled mass media.

It is quite clear that this woman and her son are the ethnic minority in this area of London and while this site does not condone her choice of language, the totalitarian state have gone OTT in this case by remanding her in custody till the 6th.December.

While this lady obviously has problems, and she is probably too inarticulate to express them properly. She only said what a great many British people are thinking here in the UK. We are not allowed to express our views that our Country, the United Kingdom, is being purposely flooded with immigrants, and we are not supposed to have contrary views against that imposition.

Only this last week a judge said swearing at the Police was not an arrestable offence, though this blog would suggest it should be so.

While this woman has been put in jail, 2 'youths' who are being questioned over the death/murder of an old lady in Oldham, have been bailed.

This state sponsored 'reign of terror', backed up by the controlled 'mass media' in this country against anyone who voices any form of opposition to their social engineering experiment of pro-PC multi racialism, must be fought and stopped and pushed back.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

David Duke arrested in Germany

Mainstream Media Ignores the Arrest of Dr. David Duke in Germany.

Dr. David Duke was invited by German patriots to give a speech in the city of Cologne. He was arrested before he could say one word and has been held in isolation since Friday (but is now free) pending resolution of charges in court at a later date.

Now let’s alter this scenario a little bit. Instead of a pro-White activist, let’s say a pro-Black activist, Jesse Jackson had been visiting Europe to organize the many recent African immigrants in Europe into a voting block. Let’s say Jackson stepped off an airplane in Cologne and before he could give a scheduled speech, he was surrounded by submachine-gun-toting policemen and hauled off to a prison as if he were a serious criminal, who had been robbing banks.

To make matters worse, let’s say the German police held Jackson with little -if any- communication with his friends and family. Under those circumstances, the mainstream media would let out howls of rage over the brutal police state tactics and the lack of freedom in the so-called “Republic” of Germany. The US government would similarly react in outrage and begin threatening Germany with sanctions if they failed to immediately release the US citizen or if they ever repeated such tyrannical actions against a US citizen in the future.
This is how the US and the mainstream media would have reacted if Jesse Jackson or some other politically correct activist were arrested in Europe just before he could give a speech. Because the person being persecuted was a pro-White advocate, Dr. David Duke, his arrest has so far been ignored by the mainstream media, and the US government remains quiet about this too. This should be a wake-up call that the mainstream media has an anti-White bias and they’re secretly happy to see anyone who is pro-White being persecuted. The US government is supposed to use its power and influence to prevent the abuse of its citizens in foreign lands, but it’s clear that the Obama regime isn’t about to lift a finger to protect someone, whom they hate. They only believe in protecting their socialist and Marxist friends on the far left of the political spectrum.

Dr. David Duke is an internationally known political dissident and his arrest will eventually become known to the American public even if the controlled mainstream media drags its feet in reporting this. Duke’s arrest will only embarrass the German government, which has to use thuggish communist-style oppression to suppress the right-wing, and it will embarrass the US government, which has failed to do anything to help an American wrongly persecuted overseas. This incident will wake up millions of Americans and Europeans, who will listen to David Duke’s speeches on youtube since the Internet allows the sort of free speech that left-wing tyrants would ban.

Friday, November 25, 2011

English Defence League prepares to storm local elections

English Defence League to enter electoral politics after signing pact with British Freedom Party

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson is arrested at an EDL counter-demonstration .
The English Defence League plans to field candidates for the first time in local elections after an alliance is finalised between the far-right group and the British Freedom Party, which was set up by disgruntled members of the British National Party.

Senior figures said that the EDL, which has become known for its protests in English towns with Muslim populations, needed to "detoxify" its name by moving into politics with an existing party. Their new partners hope to capitalise on the EDL's ability to mobilise a large number of supporters.

Both groups will retain a measure of independence but will support each other. EDL members will be invited to join the newly affiliated political wing and stand as candidates under its name. "There is a gentleman's agreement in place, we are looking at the EDL becoming political early next year," said Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the leader of the far-right group. Mr Yaxley-Lennon, who also goes by the name Tommy Robinson, confirmed he had met the British Freedom Party leader Paul Weston and that discussions were at an advanced stage.

Mr Weston confirmed the plans and revealed he would offer Mr Yaxley-Lennon a place on the party's executive committee. He added: "We are going to say we support the principles of the EDL. We will get a lot of people who can stand in local constituencies and they will get a genuine political party in return."

The move is likely to meet with some resistance from those EDL members who want to see the group remain a "street movement". Mr Yaxley-Lennon acknowledged the issue, saying he will consult the leaders of the group's local divisions.

Dr Matthew Goodwin, a specialist on far-right politics, thought the move would receive significant support within the EDL "simply because Mr Yaxley-Lennon is the main face of the movement". He said: "It's difficult to tell at this point as the EDL has a very fluid membership structure. It is not the case, for example, that you ever really join the EDL. There are no official entrance mechanisms."

Babs Davis, an EDL member, backed the move if the leadership thought it was in the best interests of the group. "A lot of people have said that we should go political but the movement never really wanted to do it," she said.

"If that is what Tommy Robinson thinks is the right thing to do, then I agree with him. I think he has done a brilliant job. The whole point of being in the EDL is to follow what the leadership says."

Dr Goodwin, who is a professor at the University of Nottingham, said: "Since the widespread defeat for the BNP in last year's general election, the far right-wing landscape of British politics has seen the emergence of several small political parties and movements, all attempting to fill the gaps left by Nick Griffin's party and exploit wider public concerns about immigration."

He said at least 45 per cent of voters refused to back any of the main parties on immigration, leaving "clear potential" for a far-right group.

Dr Goodwin added: "Having passed through its embryonic stage, the EDL is now very much at a crossroads: it can either remain as a confrontational streets-based social movement, or it can attempt to transform itself into a radical right-wing political party. This shift will require members and money.

"It has also developed links with far more successful radical right parties in other European states, that may pass on successful strategies and tips."

The former BNP member is the founder and leader of the EDL. He has recently forged a strong relationship with British Freedom Party leader Paul Weston.

He is known for wearing a St George's Cross mask when making public appearances and was one of two EDL members who protested on the roof of FIFA's Zurich offices about the attempt by world football's governing body to ban England players from wearing poppies during a recent match. Earlier this month he received a 12-week sentence for assault, suspended for a year, at Preston magistrates' court.

Paul Weston

A former electoral candidate for UKIP, Mr Weston is described by Mr Yaxley-Lennon as a "charismatic public-schoolboy type".

He took over the chairmanship of the British Freedom Party two weeks ago. Like many of the party's founders, he is said to be an experienced political campaigner. He is thought to want to keep his party free from the "historical baggage associated with parties such as the BNP".

The EDL by numbers

2,000 The number of people thought to have attended an EDL march in Blackburn, at which leader Tommy Robinson head-butted a fellow member.

26,000 The number of people who "Like" the EDL on Facebook.

172 The number of EDL members arrested at the group's last march, on Whitehall in London.

NWN: Well from this we can see that the concerted attempt by zionists to take over the so called 'far right' is almost complete. With the above story, plus the fact that Nick Griffin has turned the BNP into a zionist sell- out shambles. The 'design' we saw years ago has come to fruition.

Shame on all those that supported Griffin over the last 8-10 years, and who the hell are these 'nationalists' in the 'British Freedom Party'?

Unless we 'get a grip', the name 'nationalist' will become toxic, just like Griffin has now made the BNP. Toxic and unelectable. That is why the zionists have infiltrated us, to control us, and destroy us, when they have no need of their agents and dupes.

That is why Griffin and Harrington followed the orders from New York Rabbi Meyer Schiller and have done since the late 1980s.

Rabbi Schiller is probably still a member of the Trafalgar club, Griffins own private slush fund.

Alarm bells should be ringing within the radical nationalist community here in the UK.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black and white unite and fight - join the BNP !


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

..Cold kills 180 British pensioners a day during winter

NWN says:It's a bloody disgrace !

180 pensioners died every day as a result of cold conditions during the 2010-11 winter months in England and Wales.

The annual ‘Excess winter mortality’ report found that an estimated 21,800 people over the age of 65 died as a result of adverse conditions, on top of the average mortality rate for the same period of time (4 months from December 2010 to March 2011).

Over-65s accounted for 84% of the overall 25,700 ‘excess’ deaths during the winter months.

“The numbers of excess winter deaths are a disgrace,” said Michelle Mitchell, charity director of Age UK. “We like to think of ourselves as a civilised society which protects the most vulnerable but the numbers of older people who do not survive the winter here is far higher than most European countries where the weather is far colder.

“These deaths are the tip of an iceberg of illness, misery and anxiety which grips Britain every winter,” she added. “The Government must do more to tackle fuel poverty and ensure that housing is better insulated.”

Latest estimates from the Hills Review suggest that 4.1 million homes in Britain are living in fuel poverty – being forced to spend over 10% of household income to keep a “satisfactory” heating condition. Fresh concerns have also emerged over the rise of energy prices over recent months as EDF, British Gas, npower, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern Energy and E. ON have all hiked prices- taking the average household energy bill up £161.

“Many of our poorest pensioners, families and disabled people, put their health at risk by having to choose between heating their homes or putting food on the table this winter,” said Audrey Gallacher, director of energy at Consumer Focus. “This is one of the most pressing and neglected concerns facing the government’s energy strategy.

“Recent energy price hikes have left fuel poverty levels soaring, with energy bills almost double what they were five years ago,” she added. “With around nine million people in England living in fuel poverty under the current measure, this has been a running sore for successive governments and we desperately need a coherent plan to address it.”

Consumer Focus estimates that the spike in energy prices could see 5.1 million homes facing fuel poverty.

NWN: It's quite plain that this 'selling- off' of the nations utilities has only benefitted the banks and foreign speculators whilst killing off many of our old people. People who fought a World War and built up this Country.

We must re-nationalise the public utilities. People should not make a profit from the deaths of our old people !

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Italy appoints a 'banker' and Bilderberger

The 'New World Orders' facade of democracy is falling.

Mario Monti

Prime Minister of Italy
Assumed office
16 November 2011
President Giorgio Napolitano
Preceded by Silvio Berlusconi
Minister of Economy and Finance
Assumed office
16 November 2011
Preceded by Giulio Tremonti
Personal details
Born 19 March 1943 (1943-03-19) (age 68)
Varese, Italy
Political party Independent
Children 2
Alma mater Bocconi University
Yale University
Religion Roman Catholic[1]

Mario Monti (Italian pronunciation: [ˈmaːrjo ˈmonti]; born 19 March 1943) is an Italian economist and politician who has been the Prime Minister of Italy and the Minister of Economy and Finance since 16 November 2011.[2] He served as a European Commissioner from 1995 to 2004, with responsibility for the Internal Market, Services, Customs and Taxation from 1995 to 1999 and then for Competition from 1999 to 2004. He has also been Rector and President of Bocconi University. He was appointed a Senator for Life in the Italian Senate on 9 November 2011, and was asked to lead a new government in Italy after Silvio Berlusconi's resignation.[3]

1 Education and academic career
2 Political career
3 Personal life
4 References
5 External links

[edit] Education and academic careerMario Monti was born in Varese on 19 March 1943.[4] His father is an Argentinian of Italian descent, while his mother is of Italian descent.[5] Mario Monti holds a degree in economics and management from Bocconi University, Milan. He completed graduate studies at Yale University,[6] where he studied under James Tobin, the Nobel prize-winning economist.[7]

He taught economics at the University of Turin from 1970 to 1985 before moving to Bocconi University, where he was its Rector from 1989 to 1994, and has been its President since 1994. He was also the President of SUERF (The European Money and Finance Forum) from 1982 to 1985.[8] His research has helped to create the 'Klein-Monti model', aimed at describing the behaviour of banks operating under monopoly circumstances.

Monti is a member of the Presiderium of the Friends of Europe, a leading European think tank, was the first chairman of Bruegel, an European think tank founded in 2005. He is the European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a think tank founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller.[9] He is also a leading member of the Bilderberg Group.[10]

Monti is an international adviser to Goldman Sachs and The Coca-Cola Company.[11]

[edit] Political careerIn 1994 Monti was appointed to the European Commission, along with compatriot Emma Bonino, by the first Silvio Berlusconi government. In his capacity as European Commissioner from 1995, he was responsible for Internal Market, Financial Services and Financial Integration, Customs, and Taxation. His work with the Commission has earned him the nickname 'Super Mario' from his colleagues and from the press.[12]

Four years later, in 1999, Massimo D'Alema's government confirmed his appointment to the new European Commission under the presidency of former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi. Thereafter he was responsible for Competition policy, in which capacity he initiated anti-monopoly proceedings against Microsoft. He also led the investigation into the proposed merger between General Electric and Honeywell in 2001, which the European Commission blocked.

The second Berlusconi government did not confirm his appointment for a third time in 2004, instead proposing Rocco Buttiglione in his place. Since Rocco Buttiglione was rejected by the European Parliament, the government proposed Franco Frattini.

In 2007, Monti was one of the first supporters of the first European civic forum, Etats Généraux de l'Europe, initiated by European think tank EuropaNova and European Movement.

In December 2009, he became a member of the the future of Europe, chaired by former Spanish Premier Felipe Gonzalez. In this forum, he advocated an economic government for Europe and a European Monetary fund. He also supported a New European Deal with a better coordination between social and economic issues in Europe.

In 2010, Monti was asked by Commission President Manuel Barroso to produce a "Report on the Future of the Single Market" proposing further measures towards the completion of the EU Single Market.[13]

Monti is a founding member of the Spinelli Group,[14] an organization launched in September 2010 to facilitate integration within the European Union (other members of the steering group include Jacques Delors, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Guy Verhofstadt, Andrew Duff and Elmar Brok).

On 9 November 2011 Monti was appointed a Lifetime Senator by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.[15] Mario Monti was seen as a favourite to replace Silvio Berlusconi to lead a new unity government in Italy in order to implement reforms and austerity measures.[16] On 12 November 2011, Napolitano invited Monti to form a new government [17]. Monti accepted the offer, and opened talks with the leaders of Italy's political parties, saying that he wanted to form a government that would remain in office until the next scheduled elections in 2013.[18][19]

[edit] Personal lifeMario Monti is married, and has two children.[20]

Monti is interested in Ancient Egypt, a passion acquired during his time at Turin University, and he is a patron of the renowned Museo Egizio in Turin.[21]

Socializing losses: Trilateral takeover of Europe?

The sovereign debt crisis tightening its grip on Europe has claimed the scalps of two prime ministers – those of Greece and Italy. Looking at the men poised to replace them, one cannot but ask – is this another turn of the screw for ordinary people?

Greece and Italy hold huge swathes of public debt they are unable to service unless they get massive European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund support, as a prelude to refinancing by international banks.

Greece has already replaced its prime minister after he dared to say he would put a further round of harsh austerity measures to a referendum vote. The country’s new PM is Lucas Papademos, former vice president of the ECB and of Greece’s own Central Bank, and a member of David Rockefeller’s (JPMorgan Chase/Exxon) powerful Trilateral Commission.

As for Italy, the replacement for Silvio Berlusconi is the former European Commissioner Mario Monti, who happens to be European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission.

Whenever we hear of “sovereign debt crises” – whether in Mexico 1997, Brazil 1999, in my native Argentina in 2001/2, or today in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and (soon to come) the UK, France, or the US – what it really means is that governments cannot collect enough tax revenues from their people to pay interest and capital on debt that is mostly in the hands of private banking institutions.

Cutting through the Orwellian Newspeak (*) of the media, this means that the people of Greece, Italy, and Argentina must pay for the mistakes of bankers and corrupt governments, suffering higher taxes, unemployment, lower wages and pensions, and a deterioration in public healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

So, whenever there is a public debt crisis, “We the People” must pay for it.

However, when in September 2008 a private debt crisis exploded due to the derivatives swindle which buried Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG and many other private institutions, the US and other governments came to the rescue of the bankers, providing bailouts for banks “too big to fail” (Newspeak for too powerful to fail). They saved the likes of CitiCorp, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs with…. taxpayers money (TARP), and by having the FED (hyper)inflate the US dollar (know in Newspeak as “Quantitative Easing I, II and III”), which means passing a huge chunk of the cost of those bailouts on to the Rest of the World using the US dollar as global currency.

So again, irrespective of whether debt collapses are public or private, it is always “We the People” who pay because, under the current system, all profits are privatized and all losses are socialized.

But let us go back to Messrs Monti and Papademos. They sit on the Trilateral Commission together with hundreds of corporate chairmen and CEOs such as Ana Botin (Bank Banesto/Santander, Spain), Peter Sutherland (Goldman Sachs/BP, UK), Michel David-Weill (Lazard Bank, France), Jurgen Fitschen (Deutsche Bank, Germany), Stephen Green (HSBC, UK), Nigel Higgins (Rothschild Group, UK), Lord Guthrie (N M Rothschild, UK), Klaus-Peter Müller (Commerzbank, Germany), Dieter Rampl (UniCredito, Italy), Otto Ruding (CitiCorp Europe), Lord Simon of Highbury (Morgan Stanley, UK), Emilio Ybarra (BBVA, Spain), Robert Kelly (Bank of NY Mellon) Lord Brittan (UBS, UK), Robert Zoellick (World Bank), plus Timothy Geithner, Henry Kissinger and many, many others…

In fact, the Trilateral Commission articulates with the powerful Council on Foreign Relations (New York), Chatham House (London) and many other think-tanks forming an intricate web of private global power-brokers bringing together key players in finance, industry, media, government, academia, intelligence and the military, who run today’s global system focusing on their interests, and clearly not on those of “We the People.”

No doubt Messrs Papademos and Monti (if the latter becomes Italy’s new prime minister) will do everything necessary to ensure Italy and Greece do not default on their debts – but rather that their peoples endure all the hardship, undergo all the pain, and make all the sacrifices so that major bankers sitting on the Trilateral can all get their money back. Those who should never have made loans to Greece and Italy (and Argentina and Portugal…) the way they did.

Adrian Salbuchi for RT
(*) Newspeak – a fictional language of hypocritical euphemisms in George Orwell's novel “1984”.
Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina

Dr. David Duke Exposes the new Zionist-doctored U.N. report meant to move us to war against Iran

Is Iran Developing Nuclear Weapons? The Big Lie Again!

A recent article by Fredrik Dahl of Reuters unintentionally exposes the next Big Lie to create a war for Israel. A war with Iran, whether from Israel, the U.S. or both, would of course be a catastrophic war that would far eclipse the incredible destruction of the Iraq War. The Iraq War which was launched on the big lie that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. It did immense damage to the Iraqi people and also to the over 300,000 Americans who have endured traumatic brain damage, horrific injuries, or death. It has also cost trillions of American dollars in direct costs and trillions more in a huge spike of oil prices that caused enormous economic damage to the United States and the world.

The Zionists through their enormous clout in politics, international finance and media are working hard to create another catastrophic, unpatriotic, treasonous war based on new lies. The first war was led by Jewish extremists Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and a host of Zionist warmongers collectively called Neocons. They just as well should be called Ziocons. For they are Zionists and con men. I say the Iraq war was criminal and treasonous by U.S. law because it was nothing less than treason to send American troops into a war that caused hundreds of thousands of them to lose life or limb, for a lie. To send Americans into battle in a war that ultimately harms America and is for a foreign power is nothing short of treason.

I dared to travel the nation and the world to say there were no weapons of mass destruction. But, it turned out I was right, and even a government study proved that all of the so-called weapons of mass destruction had been destroyed by 1995, 8 years before this war.

Of course, even if Iran had weapons of quote, ”mass destruction,” such cannot justify a massive war anymore than America’s weapons of mass destruction would justify a massive bombing of our cities and an invasion that would leave a million dead Americans. The Israeli government committed terrorism against us in the false flag terrorist attacks on American facilities in Egypt, and the murderous attack on an American navy intelligence ship in international waters, causing a total of 173 American casualties and killing 34.

Now we are coming closer to a more horrific war that will lead to more terrorism and hatred across the world. But, the Zionist Jews of Israel and NY and Washington and London can’t get support for a vicious attack on Iraq without creating the lie that Iran is threat to America and Europe. So our Zionist-handled, Goldman Sachs-financed president says no option is off the table, even to point of bombing nuclear power plants which would have horrific ramifications similar to Chernobyl or Fukashima. To justify that carnage they must make the big lie that Iran is going to turn their non-existent weapons on Europe. Before they make that lie they first they have to manufacture evidence that Iran is building an atomic bomb.

So, the U.N., whose highest echelon, of course, is overwhelmingly controlled by the Security Council and ultimately by the United States, has been dispatched to set up the new big lie that Iran is building a bomb.

The Report by the International Atomic Energy Agency which is to be released shortly, is being set up as a reason to go to war against Iran. But listen carefully to the wording of the Reuter’s news story.

The lead off of the story says quote,

(Reuters) – The U.N. atomic watchdog is set to issue a report this week with detailed intelligence pointing to research and experiments in Iran to develop the technology and skills needed to make nuclear bombs, Western diplomats say.

That sounds pretty ominous doesn’t it, “a report with detailed intelligence pointing to research and experiment to develop the technology and skills needed to make nuclear bombs. But, this statement is so meaningless. It doesn’t say Iran is developing any nuclear bomb but is doing research that could develop the technology and skills needed to make nuclear bombs. So that could include practically anything, such as having physics instructors at their universities and training them. Learning about nuclear power which the reason why they have nuclear plants to begin with, that could also develop technology and skills for weapons, etc. This argument could be used if Costa Rica developed a nuclear power plant.

One has to read deep into the article to find the source of this very speculative claim.

Finally the heart of the new big lie comes to light. In a section subtitled “Where does the information come from,” it says and I quote,

It has not named the countries which have supplied the data, but it is widely believed to come from the United States, its European allies such Britain, France and Germany as well as Israel, and through the agency’s own investigations.

Oh, it’s intelligence from the United States, the same Zionist agents who are actively trying to destroy the Iranian regime because it opposes Israel. It is driven by the same inordinate Zionist influence prominent during the Iraq War, the same Zionist intelligence network that went before the world with its step-and-fetch-it, Colin Powell, reading the Zionist prepared lies about Iraq’s later proven to be non-existent weapons of mass destruction. But ladies and Gentlemen, have no fear, the UN report is based on intelligence from Britain, home of a Jewish Pac is just as strong as AIPAC is here, and France, which has a Zionist Jew as President, and of course, a main source of the intelligence is also supplied by Israel. We can really trust Israel, which is seriously planning a strike on Iran even a possible nuclear strike on Iran, sure we can!

We can’t be intelligent if we trust one line of any of this intelligence!

Just remember folks. Iran signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and allows inspections.

Israel will not sign the NPT and Israel allows no inspections of any of its huge arsenal of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

Israel threatens Iran with horrific attacks.

Iran does not threaten Israel, by saying, unless Israel dismantles the Atomic weapons it already has, Iran will attack.

If Israel attacks Iran, and if America supports Israel in such an insane endeavor, such a policy is nothing short of treason to the American people and treason the true interests of every American loyal to America rather than Israel.

-David Duke

NWN : There is a podcast with this report on the above link on David Dukes website.

Friday, November 11, 2011

'Onwards and upwards' - Nick Griffin leading BNP to power

These are the results of two by-elections held yesterday;

Islington St Marys: Lab 1120, LD 640, Green 317, Tories 282, BNP 22.

Turnout 23.64% = 2397 votes

Lab 48%, Lib Dem 27%, Green 15%, Tory 13%, BNP 0.8%

Redbridge Aldborough

Lab 1436 Con 1071 LD 87 UKIP 83 Green 64 BNP 34

Lab 51.7%, Cons 38.6%, LD 3.1%, UKIP 3.0%, Grn 2.3%, BNP 1.2%

NWN: At this rate, the BNP should be in power in about 10,000 years.

Monday, November 07, 2011

BNP Court Disaster: Nick Griffin Loses Another £45,000, Faces Bankruptcy Order in Excess of £100,000

Nick Griffin and the British National Party leadership have been plunged into their worst legal crisis yet with the Court of Appeal’s decision today that all further rights to appeal in the “Decemberists” case have been refused.

This means that the BNP leader and former deputy leader Simon Darby are now directly liable for what will be a six figure sum in costs.

This morning in Court 74 at the Royal Courts of Justice, Lord Justice Ward dismissed Mr Griffin’s and Mr Darby’s application for leave to appeal in the Griffin & Another v. Smith & Others case.

The BNP leader’s counsel, Mr Carpenter-Leech, accepted that the end of the road had been reached.

Lord Justice Ward expressed pity for the barrister who had drawn the short straw of having to represent Griffin and Darby: “You’ve done very well. I’m unimpressed, I’m afraid. It’s not your fault.”

He concluded: “None of the arguments are substantial enough to give a realistic prospect of success. I see no realistic prospect of success and I dismiss the application.”

The £45,000 which Mr Griffin and Mr Darby were forced to put up as a deposit into the court as a precursor to the appeal, has been forfeited.

The court will now, over a period which will last around three months, determine the final costs against Mr Griffin, which in December 2010 stood at around £111,000.

The final bill will be well in excess of this figure, over and above the £45,000 which has already been paid in.

The total amount owing has been compounded by the idiotic manner in which Mr Griffin and his “advisors” have continually sought to delay the proceedings.

Mr Griffin and Mr Darby have been ordered to pay interest on the final amount at a rate of 8 percent back dated to the date of the original order, which was granted in December 2010.

The “delaying tactic” has therefore unnecessarily added several thousand pounds to the bill.

Failure to pay the final bill will result in a bankruptcy order being made against Mr Griffin, Mr Darby and the British National Party. Should such a situation arise, the party would be put into administration under a court-appointed official, and would, in all likelihood, cease to function.

This is not the only disaster which is about to strike. A renewed employment tribunal hearing in the “Michaela Mackenzie” case starts today, as does party staff manager Adam Walker’s criminal affray case in the North East. Neither of these cases are likely to end in a positive outcome for the BNP.

NWN: And the walls came tumbling down !

Friday, November 04, 2011

Don't forget the National Front Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday 13th November.

This is our day to march through the streets of London, our capital city. All good/decent white nationalists to attend, and after the recent problems in London and across the country this is our chance to let everybody know that it is OUR CAPITAL

The parade should commence in the Victoria area and proceed to the Cenotaph for the wreath laying ceremony to honour Britain's war dead of all past conflicts and current ones.

Appropriate dress would be appreciated.


Sunday 13th November 2011

Assemble: 2pm-2.30pm at Bressenden Place, Victoria, London SW1

Wear your poppy with pride- ALL PATRIOTS WELCOME
Gilad Atzmon: Armageddon Ahead
Friday, November 4, 2011 at 7:39AM Gilad Atzmon

It does not take a genius to gather that the Israeli aggression towards Iran would endanger every living species on this planet. Devastatingly enough, our Western governments do nothing to stop the Jewish State. That should not take us by surprise: our politicians are largely funded and vetted by Israeli lobbies that openly support attack on Iran.

Here in Britain Defence Secretary Liam Fox had to resign two weeks ago when it became clear that he was ‘breaching ministerial laws’. The British press went out of its way to reduce the issue of his resignation into just another 'gay-ish mini scandal'. But we actually have strong reason to believe that Fox was working intensively for Israel. He was enthusiastically advocating Israeli interests such as an attack on Iran. Together with his ‘best friend’ Adam Werritty, he was also funded by the Israeli lobby. We know also that Fox and his ‘flat mate’ Werritty were in direct contact with Mossad, and were even warned by MI6 about it.

But Fox was not alone: with 80% of our leading party’s MP's being Conservative Friends Of Israel’s (CFI) members, we have good reason to believe that treachery is now institutional amongst UK elected politicians.

As we brace ourselves while learning from the Israeli press about the IAF’s final preparations ahead for an attack on Iran's nuclear plants, I would like to share with you a short passage from The Wandering Who.

In the following extract, I explore the exact genocidal scenario that Israeli pilots are now training to accomplish, in these very days. As much as it is clear that our treacherous elected puppets will fail to restrain Israel, it is equally and tragically obvious that Israel lacks the means to restrain its own madness.

“…I will try to elucidate this idea through a simple and hypothetical yet horrifying war scenario. We, for instance, can envisage a horrific situation in which an Israeli so-called ‘pre-emptive’ attack on Iran escalates into a disastrous nuclear war, in which tens of millions of people perish. I guess that amongst the survivors of such a nightmare scenario, some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might had been right after all.’

The above is obviously a fictional scenario, and by no means a wishful one, yet such a vision of a ‘possible’ horrific development should restrain Israeli or Zionist aggression towards Iran. As we know, Israeli officials threaten to flatten Iran rather too often. In practice, pre-TSD[1] Israelis make this devastating scenario into a possible reality.

Seemingly, Israelis and Zionist politicians fail to see their own actions in the light of history. They fail to look at their actions in terms of their consequences. From an ethical perspective, the above ‘imaginary’ scenario is there to prevent Israel from attacking Iran. Yet, as we all know, Israel and its lobbies are desperate to dismantle the so-called ‘Iranian threat’. My explanation is simple. The Jewish state and the Jewish discourse in general are completely foreign to the notion of temporality. Israel is blinded to the consequences of its actions, it only thinks of its actions in terms of short-term pragmatism. Instead of temporality, Israel thinks in terms of an extended present.” (The Wandering Who pg. 179)

The Jewish State and its lobbies are the greatest threat to world peace. If we want to save ourselves, there is no other way of doing so than looking closely into Jewish, Israeli and Zionist culture, identity and ideology. There is no other way of doing so than scrutinising Israel’s unique and relentless attitude towards lobbying.

The issues we are dealing with here are not solely political they are actually deeply philosophical, psychological and sociological -- and it is also about life and death.

You can now order The Wandering Who on or


[1] Pre TSD Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder-Within the condition of the Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the stress is the outcome of a phantasmic event, an imaginary episode set in the future; an event that has never taken place.

A letter to the PM - with some real common sense!

Response to Cameron's October (2011) Immigration Speech

Written by Frank Ellis
Thursday, 13 October 2011 20:05

From: Dr Frank Ellis
To: Mr David Cameron, Prime Minister MP
Date: 12th October 2011 A.D.

Re: The Prime Minister’s Speech on Immigration delivered to the Institute of Government 10th October 2011

Dear Mr Cameron

Mass immigration is not a natural disaster akin to some tsunami, drought or earthquake that periodically and unpredictably overwhelms a country. Mass immigration is a purely man-made phenomenon which is encouraged openly or covertly by people who benefit from it economically or by people who for ideological reasons wish to see England looking like some failed Third-World state, Pakistan, for example.

Mass immigration, especially mass non-white immigration, poses real dangers for the future of England. The idea that England can survive the mass, continual influx of hundreds of thousands of non-white immigrants is hideously naïve. As the white indigenous people of England are relentlessly displaced by the rapid and aggressive breeding of non-whites, the whole texture and nature of our towns and cities will be changed forever, is already changing, and, in some places, Bradford, Birmingham, whole swathes of London, have already changed for the worse.

I do not regard these huge, unprecedented changes, changes which were imposed on the white indigenous English without any consultation or any regard for England’s future, with no regard for the links to our past and heritage, as in any way beneficial. In every possible regard they are disastrous. As I have made clear to you before, the changes brought about by mass, non-white immigration represent the racial, cultural, physical and psychological dispossession of the white indigenous English.

In what way, pray tell, do the indigenous English, especially those left in London, benefit from having their capital, my capital, overrun with non-whites?

The short answer is that they do not benefit from being overrun by non-whites. They suffer from overcrowding, reduced quality in public services, noise, freakish behaviour, poor education provision as a consequence of schools overrun with immigrants, exceptionally high levels of crime and corruption and high taxes to pay for foreigners.

Moreover, they are daily bombarded with BBC and other state-sponsored propaganda that they should actually be grateful for all these non-white immigrants being here.

Furthermore, should the white indigenous English protest about what is happening to their country, they will be vilified as something monstrous, when in fact their opposition to being dispossessed is entirely rational and moral, in every way normal.

What is not normal, what is perverse, what is most decidedly unnatural, is that white politicians such as you Mr Cameron, are actively encouraging hordes of non-whites currently resident in England, and others swarming across our borders, to overwhelm our country. Mass, non-white immigration has not delivered a single benefit at all to the white indigenous English.

Your portrayal of the immigration debate as one dominated by extremes, is itself extreme (and wrong) and designed to show you as the conciliator, the moderate with sensible proposals, when in fact you have a long record of colluding with those who have sponsored mass non-white immigration.

Some form of immigration, subject to exceptionally tough controls is acceptable, but the numbers involved should be very small indeed and it should be made clear that employment in England does not in any way imply a right to permanent residence. There are absolutely no benefits to be derived from the mass influx of unemployable Third-World immigrants.

One of the main problems, especially with regard to Indian and Pakistani immigrants, is the reliability of any qualifications. In the NHS this can literally be a matter of life and death, or lead to operations which are bungled because they are carried out by incompetents. Remember Daniel Ubani, the Nigerian with a German passport? Ever heard of the Indian, Manjit Bhamra?

One of the weak links in your immigration proposal is that you show no understanding of the race factor. Race and race differences, matter and they cannot be made not to matter by government diktat. Nor can endless race relations laws and amendments deny the basic consequences of race and race differences.

Large numbers of non-whites in a white country will always be a permanent source of tension and very often violence. We see the evidence for this all over the world. The fact that, for most of her history, our England has been racially homogenous has been a great blessing. Racial diversity is a curse.

As the number of non-whites increases, as it has done grotesquely over the last 30 years, so the racial, social and economic stresses become ever harder to hide, or to deny. Blacks engaging in looting and raping are just obvious and visible examples of how mass, non-white immigration has failed and how the white population bears the costs, economic, cultural and psychological.

Immigration is not just about the on-going immigrant threat to England, it must also face the problem of those who have come here in large numbers and who have managed to secure a British passport. They have come here and wish to stay, because they enjoy a standard of living in a First-World economy that would be impossible in Pakistan or Africa.

If the numbers involved were exiguous and all further non-white immigration was almost impossible, except for a highly-qualified and suitable few, then all the legitimate fears and worries about immigration would disappear. That the rational, logical, healthy and morally reasonable fears of the white English indigenous people with regard to mass, non-white immigration show no sign whatsoever of abating, is because the problems associated with mass, non-white immigration – crime, corruption, child abuse, depraved honour killings and forced marriages violence, physical dispossession and overcrowding/overpopulation – are getting worse.

On these trends the English will be reduced to a racial minority in their own country some time in this century. Do you really want that outcome for your children Mr Cameron? Immigration policy must therefore deal with two problems: one immediate; the other long term.

The threat posed to England by mass, non-white immigration is largely a consequence of immigrants exploiting legal instruments which oblige us to accept them. The obvious first step is to rescind all legislation that prevents or hinders the expulsion of immigrants.

Your view, Mr Cameron, that ‘Britain will always be open to those who are seeking asylum from persecution’ is an outrageous proposition and one that has done so much to make it possible for immigrants to enter England under false pretences. It leaves us permanently vulnerable to events in other parts of the world, over which we have no control, but which, when they lead to political collapse, mean that we are obliged to permit hordes of so-called asylum seekers (criminals and illegal immigrants) to enter England and “enrich” us. This is something that must change if we are to have any chance of saving England. Leaving the EU must also be a very high priority.

The immediate problem is to prevent all further immigration. It must be a matter of the highest priority to hunt down, round up and to deport all illegal immigrants. If they have assets these can be seized to cover the costs of deportation. The next step is make it clear to non-whites currently resident in this country, especially blacks, that they shall not be permitted to enjoy any special status merely because they are non-whites.

If large numbers of blacks are incarcerated, having been subjected to the due process of English law then that must be seen as an indication of a black predisposition to commit crime, not some insidious racist plot, as in the Marxist slander of institutional racism.

Again, black educational failure reflects low-mean black IQ – well documented – not a white conspiracy. Blacks will have to learn to live with their limitations. Whites are not responsible for black failure and the psychological terror aimed at whites, often by other whites, to make white society feel guilty for black failure should be dismissed out of hand.

The next step is to recognise that the welfare state has created a massive parasitic underclass. People who refuse to provide services in return for welfare handouts should be denied any money at all and housed in government hostels where they will receive basic survival provision and no more. This means a bed, basic food and a roof.

For those who show willing there will be firmness but fairness and maybe at times some warmth. Those that riot can expect ruthless counter measures to restore order and discipline. Respect, dignity, status, self-esteem, a sense of achievement cannot be donated by charity: they have to be earned. The only politician in England who grasps these facts of life is Frank Field, a very honourable and decent man.

Other measures, some of which I noted earlier this year can also be taken.

First, long term, every effort must be made to encourage large numbers of non-whites to return to their own countries. Generous financial benefits and inducements can be made to encourage repatriation.

Second, under no circumstances must there ever be an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Third, under no circumstances will the creation of an independent Islamic/Muslim state ever be permitted within the territory of the United Kingdom.

Fourth, the provisions of Sharia are grossly incompatible with the legal, political and cultural traditions of England and shall not be permitted.

Fifth, family migration cannot be used as an excuse to bring relatives to this country. People who cannot bear to be separated from their families should not separate themselves from their wife (wives) in Pakistan. That these individuals are allegedly in search of a better life is an irrelevance, an emotional red herring, and imposes no obligation, moral or legal, on England to end this self-induced separation.

When you say - ‘immigration is not just about people coming to live here for a while. Some will want to settle and then join us as fellow British citizens…’- you ignore one very important consideration. Do I, as a white Englishman, want these people to join me?

What happens when I emphatically do not want these people to join me? How can millions of non-white immigrants just ‘join me’? The answer is they cannot and they must not be encouraged to believe that they are welcome to ‘join us’.

I do not want to have to endure the psychologically distressing sight of English cities overrun with immigrants and it is not just the cities that face invasion. The next attack wave to hit white England, currently being planned by your government, is the calculated destruction and concreting of the countryside, including the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and National Parks.

The aim here is to impose thousands of non-white immigrants on areas which have so far escaped them and when your party has managed to tear up the planning laws – not a perfect legal instrument by any means – and given the red light to rapacious developers, what will be the result? The result will be hundreds of thousands of shoddy, high-density, anti-social housing units in the countryside.

For the first time there is now the real risk that mosques, hitherto confined to cities, will appear in the countryside. It is a truly dreadful thought. The long term problems will be racial tension, soaring council taxes, more crime, certainly more violent crime and Third-World squalor in England’s ancient shires and when hordes of blacks imported to Ludlow, Ripon, and why not Witney, as part of government policy, start to engage in a bit of looting and violence, because that is what they do in the hood, the liberals will explain this degenerate behaviour as arising from a lack of opportunities for ‘young black people’ in a market town: the rioters were alienated and misunderstood; it’s not the fault of the ‘young black people’.

The final result of permitting the developers to run riot and to build these shanty towns will be the destruction of a priceless asset.

So Mr Cameron: it really is time to stop the talking, posing, the endless consulting and act.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Ellis

Saturday, October 29, 2011

"I'm in charge and that's the end of it," - Nick Griffin

BNP conference: I'm in charge, says Nick Griffin. Nick Griffin says that he is "the best man for the job" and will lead the BNP for the next four years

BNP leader Nick Griffin says his party is through its "rocky patch" and is now "on the up again", as members gather for their annual conference.

Mr Griffin, who was narrowly re-elected party leader in July, told the BBC the majority of the party was behind him.

"I'm in charge and that's the end of it," he told the BBC Politics Show North West.

The anti-immigration party has struggled with debts, infighting and poor results in May's local elections.

The BNP has not disclosed the exact location of its conference for what it says are security reasons, but members are believed to be meeting in Liverpool.

It has been hit by internal divisions and lost 11 of the 13 seats it was defending in May's English local elections - including all five of its councillors in Stoke on Trent.

'Massively overspent'

Mr Griffin, who has been party leader since 1999, was re-elected in July, beating his fellow MEP Andrew Brons by just nine votes, and told his party that the "time for division and disruption is over".

In an interview with the BBC's Politics Show North West, Mr Griffin said: "We've had some turmoil. We were massively overspent after, especially, the European elections - we've clawed that back and we are back on the right road.

Arif Ansari

Political editor, North West

Maybe 100 people will gather in Liverpool for this year's party conference but the mood will be gloomy.

It is the BNP's first major conference since this summer's leadership election.

Nick Griffin won that by just nine votes, as the party split down the middle.

And the wounds are still festering. Andrew Brons, the party's other MEP who challenged for the leadership, has virtually accused Mr Griffin's side of cheating.

In turn, Nick Griffin accuses his colleague of being bitter and "yesterday's man".

There could well be angry confrontations as members wonder how the BNP has gone from having about 60 councillors in England to fewer than ten.

Just two years ago the party was celebrating unprecedented success at the European elections.

Since then voters have been offered infighting, as well as allegations of financial incompetence.

Mr Griffin had promised to stand down as chairman in 2013 but now says he will continue until at least 2015.

Mr Griffin's position as leader might well be secure but the party's future is far less certain.

The membership ranks behind the chairman are thinning out.

Read more from Arif
"I think in terms of general soft public support, what I get out on the streets is we are stronger. In terms of it translating into victories at local elections, we are up against a really effective Labour Party machine which concentrates against us - it has knocked us back."

But he said recent council by-elections had seen the BNP triumph over the Lib Dems and Tories adding: "We are on the up again."

Asked about the party's election losses in May, Mr Griffin claimed the vote had remained "rock solid" but said Labour had "brilliantly exploited the postal vote" at local elections.

"But we've worked out what to do and we're going to be back."

The BNP has struggled with debts run up during election campaigns.

It was also engaged in a long-running court battle with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) over its policy of restricting membership to "indigenous British people".

The BNP scrapped the rule but the EHRC accused party leader Nick Griffin of failing to comply with an order to remove potentially racist clauses from his party's constitution.

Last year Mr Griffin fought off an attempt to have him declared guilty of contempt of court at the High Court - which rejected the EHRC's bid to seize the party's assets.

Internal party documents seen by Panorama reveal that 12 months ago the BNP owed creditors more than £570,000. Mr Griffin recently said the party now owes just £52,000.

In his interview with the Politics Show North West, Mr Griffin claimed that "everyone, from the far left through the BBC and all sorts of neo-Nazi cranks - they're all against Nick Griffin actually, everyone is except ordinary people out there".

"We've got enormous support which we are going to build on. This has been a rocky patch which we have come through, I'm in charge for the next four years and we are going to move forward.

"I'm in charge and the majority of the party is happy with that."

NWN: A free 'puff' of publicity for the crook Nick Griffin and his dwindling band of merry or not so merry men. Why the free publicity for Griffin ? We have never had it before.

Well they need the BNP to do nothing and be a burden on the nationalist movement, and that is what it is now. We should be 'flying high' and winning elections with the state of the Country, but we are not.

And why is that we wonder ?

Because Griffin is where he is by the support of the State. They like him where he is, causing chaos and ruining and trashing the BNP and the nationalist movement.

Friday, October 28, 2011

"....Funded by Israel lobby, linked to Mossad...."

Tikun Olam / Richard Silverstein - Sunday 16th October 2011

Besieged former UK Defense Minister’s buddy
funded by pro-Israel lobby, linked to Mossad
by Richard Silverstein

Not to be outdone by the ludicrous goings-on in Washington DC, where our own Justice Department has tried to turn a drug-dealing, wife abusing, failed businessman into an Iranian Terrorist Mastermind, the Brits are trying to best us. The Tory government’s recently resigned defense minister, Liam Fox, left in disgrace after he was deeply implicated in a pay for play scandal involving a best friend, Adam Werrity, who jet-setted around the world with Fox and freelanced an independent foreign and defense policy that set official government figures on edge.

I’d followed this scandal peripherally until I started hearing more about Werrity’s doings, and then I really took notice. Werrity, it appears, held views roughly similar to Michael Ledeen and cultivated wealthy pro-Israel donors who funded his travels to Iran, Israel and other locales where, among other things, he plotted the overthrow of the Iranian regime [ ]:

“The revelation that the man who had unrestricted access to Mr Fox while he was serving in David Cameron’s Cabinet was at the same time attempting to unseat the Iranian President will fuel alarm in the Foreign Office that he was pursuing a freelance foreign policy and acting as a ‘rogue operator’.”

In order to be a neocon version of James Bond, Werrity required an extensive bankroll to fund his stays at first class luxury hotels. He found funding to the tune of hundred of thousands of pounds from some of the most well-known Tory and pro-Israel fatcats in Britain including the chair of the UK equivalent of Aipac [ ] (called Bicom):

“The Finnish billionaire Chaim ‘Poju’ Zabludowicz, who has given the Tories more than £100,000, was also named as a Pargav donor, via his company, Tamares Real Estate. Mr Zabludowicz shares Mr Fox’s pro-Israel opinions and chairs the pro-Israel lobbying group Bicom. He was yesterday said to be ‘extremely disappointed’ to discover the truth about how his money was used.”

Another key Werrity donor and central figure in Bicom was Michael Hintze:

“Most significant of all was the involvement of Michael Hintze, the billionaire fund manager who has given the Tories more than £1.4m – including individual donations to Mr Fox, George Osborne and Boris Johnson. He had already been brought under scrutiny after it was revealed that Mr Werritty worked from a desk at the offices of Mr Hintze’s hedge fund, CQS – and that Mr Hintze had donated £29,000 to Atlantic Bridge.”

Werrity was cozy not just with the UK pro-Israel lobby, but with figures likely from the Mossad as well:

“Mr Werritty, 33, has been debriefed by MI6 about his travels and is so highly regarded by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad – who thought he was Mr Fox’s chief of staff – that he was able to arrange meetings at the highest levels of the Israeli government, multiple sources have told The IoS.”

Werrity brought Fox to a dinner meeting with the British ambassador to Israel during a Herzlyia security conference, at which they met Israeli political figures including likely Mossad operatives. The Israelis were interested in Werrity’s travels to Iran, where he met with opposition figures and likely plotted his regime change agenda. All of this, of course, allowed the Iranians to claim, falsely we believed, during the post-election riots that British agents were plotting to overthrow the government. Turns out it likely was true. Though the Iranians may not have known that Werrity was doing so unofficially, not on behalf of the British government. But how can you blame the Iranians for not understanding the difference when it appears neither the Israelis, nor lots of others did either. In fact, an Israeli is quoted as saying he understood Werrity was Fox’s chief of staff.

Here is what official Britain thought of Werrity’s doings:

“One Whitehall source was scathing of Mr Werritty. The source said: ‘Ask yourself what he was doing there. It’s regime change but only in his own mind. I can’t think of anything more stupid, wandering round Iran flying the British flag. Does he really think the answer to Iran’s nuclear ambitions – which we all want to resolve – is to have a bunch of people encouraging the opposition there in that way? We do have a responsibility to those people, and anything that’s done like that has to have government approval, which he doesn’t seem to have had. It’s ridiculous. You are inviting people to believe you have the Government’s resources behind them, and in fact the opposition is likely to be brutally crushed.”

Now, what other foreign intelligence agency is plotting regime change? The Mossad of course. So the questions arises–just whose interest was Werrity serving when he engaged in all this razzle dazzle and subterfuge? He appears to suffer from the same illness that afflicts the pro-Israel lobby in the U.S. They pursue Israel’s interest to the detriment of the interests of their own country, because they don’t see any difference between the two. Israel’s interests in their eyes become U.S. or UK interests through some miraculous process of transsubstantiation. Here is how Craig Murray [ ] described the problem:

Not only was Werritty being paid to act as an unofficial part of the Defence Secretary’s entourage, the money was coming from people who may have been ready to promote the interests of certain foreign governments, particularly the United States, Israel and Sri Lanka.

“…It is plain as a pikestaff that Fox had retained his effective partnership with Werritty in lobbying activities that not only were concerned with Israel and Sri Lanka, but which actively sought to promote the geo-strategic interests of those countries – for money.”

“…What really was worrying senior officials in the MOD [Ministry of Defense] and Cabinet Office was the possibility that Fox could be being used as a ‘useful idiot’ by Mossad, Israel’s far-reaching and extremely effective intelligence service. Key funding sources for Werritty were from the Israeli lobby and a rather obscure commercial intelligence agency. Might Mossad be pulling Werritty’s strings, with or without his knowledge?

“On Friday, two senior Fleet Street journalists also reported hearing similar concerns from other Whitehall officials about possible Israeli intelligence service involvement with Fox and Werritty. By working closely with an unofficial aide with extraordinary access but no security vetting and murky funding sources, Fox had potentially compromised national security. That is the real story here.”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tories run true to type - Get Britain out of the EC !

As expected the vote betrays the British people . But with a 'merchant banker' like the toff David Cameron running a 'three line whip', what do you expect ?

We should get Britain out of these international enmeshments before we get dragged down with the collapsing Euro currency.

If only we had a party to get behind.

Those MPs that voted with Cameron are traitors.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...