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The Gung -Ho BNP's jewish zealot strikes(writes) again !

[NWN: Will the BNP not stop talking about jews ? It gives us a very bad image you know. Its the same old tripe from Oi Veh Barnes .]

The New Great Game
9th October 2006

There is a strange symmetry to recent events in the Middle East that parallels the Great Game of the 19th Century. The Great Game, is a term used to describe the rivalry and strategic conflict between the old British Empire and Tsarist Russia for supremacy in Central Asia from the early 19th Century to the early 20th.In the 21st Century Great Game we see a new dynamic evolving as regards Central Asia and the Middle East.In this new variant the issues involve the American political system, the internal lobby groups that fund the US political parties, Oil, Saudi Arabia, Shiite Islam Israel and Oil.It is true that the 20 Century can rightfully be called the Zionist Century. It is this period of time when the events regarding the creation of Israel, from the Balfour Declaration to the creation of Israel in 1948, and the power of the Zionist lobby groups in the US reached the zenith of their powers.

This rise of Zionism and its resulting political power was not a takeover of the American political system by Zionists or Jews, but the result of using the power of lobby groups and fundraising to influence American foreign policy by funding the American political parties themselves. It is a truism of American politics that ‘ whoever pays the piper, calls the tune ‘ and those lobby groups whose money greased the wheels of politics got the laws they wanted to see passed. This system was open to anyone and everyone to exploit, but the groups with the best ability to organise to exploit that system gained the most amount of influence in the American political system. This why the US has funded and supported Israel and American–Israeli Lobby Groups have gained so much power in the US over the last three decades.

They were the best organised groups in America exploiting the American political system. This is not a static process and though the past American political system was dominated by Zionists and Pro-Israel groups in the past, we now see the growing power of the Saudi Arabian Sunni Islam lobby groups having an impact on American foreign policy, such as in Iraq and Iran, and also the power of the homosexual rights groups on American internal social policy such as in regards to gay marriage. Whoever organises to fund the political parties, becomes the masters of those political parties.

New alliance Whoever controls the oil in the future, controls the planet. They will dominate the economic and political systems of our nations and especially nations such as the US where fighting elections costs hundreds of millions of dollars. This is why the Zionists, Christian Right, the Sunni Saudi Arabian Royal Family and the US Republican politicians have now formed a new alliance that is driving events across the face of the planet. This alliance allowed Bush to get the pro-Israel Republican Party activists on his side for the Iraq War, the pro-Israel US media, the Fundamentalist Christian Right and the major oil corporations on the side of the war. This alliance is of course a conjunction of events that suits all sides.

After the Yom Kippur war of October 1973, the US faced an enraged OPEC who decided to use the oil they owned as an aspect of asymetric warfare against Israel, America and the world. The resultant oil shocks almost destroyed the American economy and led to a global reccession. The threat of OPEC to withdraw oil supplies from Japan and the EU led to both the EU and Japan passing resolutions attacking Israel for defending herself against Arab aggression. It revealed that the EU and nations such as Japan were not ‘ independent ‘ nations or entities , but in reality were mere puppets of whatever regimes supplied them with the oil they required to run their economies.

This was a major shock to the US and led directly to the cosy relationship between the US and Israel that we see today. This era of oil shocks also led directly to the rise of Japan as a major economic force in the 80’s as she invested in energy efficiency technology such as in low fuel cars, that led to a boom in her export led industrial development and economy as the world bought those energy efficient goods from Japan. As result of this Oil Shock the US saw that Pan-Arabic Nationalism had become a threat to the US via OPEC and both Israel and the US set out to destroy the Baathist and pan Arabic movements. That way, once the Arabs had reverted to traditional sectarian religious and ethnic conflicts, they would no longer be capable of unified action as regards the oil supply the west required to keep its economies going and its people pacified with plastic commodities.

Today we are in a situation where Israel, the US and the Saudi Arabian Royal Family are all united against a common foe, this being Shiite Islam. The war in Iraq was designed not just to get the oil but also to remove the biggest threat to Saudi Arabia and Israel. Israel is threatened by Hammas, Hezbollah, and Iran all of which are predominantly Shiite. So is Lebanon, muslims in India and Pakistan. Syria is an old Baathist nation state.

The Great Game is now about containing Shiite Islam in the 21st Century and ‘democratising’ the last of the old Baathist Arab states such as Syria. Sectarian warAfghanistan and Al Qaeda were used by all sides to kick start this sectarian war within Islam and to allow the US to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. 95 % of the muslims being killed in the world today are being killed by fellow muslims. Al Qaeda is a Sunni Islamist organisation run by Osama Bin Laden a Sunni Saudi Arabian. It has killed ten times more Muslims in Iraq than the Americans. In Iraq we see that the break up of Iraq into various religious and ethnic cantons has led to those cantons being proxies for other nations. The Sunni sections of Baghdad are supported by Saudi Arabi, the Shiite areas by Iran and the Kurds control the rest. Iraq is now in fact no longer a nation, and therefore there is no civil war raging, but the conflict in Iraq is in fact a small scale war being fought by proxies of those nations against each of those nations and embryonic nations states such as Kurdistan. The 21 Century is the Islamic Century, as the Islamic nations control the last reserves of the worlds oil. The choice is between Sunni Islam nations the US and Israel can do business with like Saudi Arabia or Shiite nations such as Iran who they are virtually at war with. This war within Islam will determine the future of the West.If Iran and the Shiites win then the West will be destroyed. The Shiites will use the oil as a weapon against the West, destroy our economies and use it as a bargaining tool in their quest for Eurabia. If the Sunni wing of Islam wins we have people we can do business with.

The recent announcement that Saudi Arabia is to build a 250 mile security fence to stop inflitration from Iraq is proof of the next stage in this war. Iran has to be taken out and the power of Shiite Islam stopped before it dominates the Middle East and the last of the oil. Iraqs oil fields are controlled by Shiites and Irans oil is as well. This means the las major oil reserves on the planet are in the hands of Shiite Islamists.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

Iran must be invaded or her Shiite islamist leaders overthrown and her control over the oil removed.

If Iran gets a nuclear weapons capacity then the world is in a very tight spot.

With control of the last of the oil on the planet and nuclear weapons Iran could dominate the planet. As the Ghawar oil field in Saudi Arabia reaches Peak Oil then the threat posed by Iran grows every time we fill our cars up. Path to warThe New Great Game has an inescapable logic. It leads to war. The conflict in Iraq is not an example of the unintentional consequences of the Iraq War, it is the basis of the war itself.

Now that Iraq is mired in sectarian wars this means the chaos can be used to justify dealing with Iran. Baathism has been destroyed as a political force such as through OPEC and the sectarianism within Islam has reached a crescendo of violence. They have been divided and are ready to be conquered. The recent struggle between Lebanon and Israel showed the world that when Shiite Islamist nations and groups are attacked by Israel then Sunni Islamists will not turn off the oil as a way to end the war and put pressure on Israel and the West. All the Sunni Arab nations did was increase the supply of oil, not slow it.

Therefore the old threat of the OPEC style blockade of the oil has been lifted and the Sunni Islamists are also psychologically prepared for a war against the Shiites , mainly caused by the new hatred erupted between them by the ongoing sectarian wars in Iraq.Those who say Israel lost the ' war ' against Hezbollah are fools. The Israeli people also needed to be psychologically prepared for the Iran War. They have had a superiority complex as regards their military capacity for so long, that this recent ' loss' against Hezbollah has created a new dynamic within Israeli society for the military to be re-equipped and for Iran and Hezbollah and Hammas to be dealt with in a future conflict.Israel needed to taste a small prepared defeat, before it was ready to fight the long bitter struggle of the next world war.

The war she is about to fight with radical Islamists is radically different from the wars Israel, and the rest of the world , have fought in the past. These are wars where fanatical islamists who do not fear death will use all means to eradicate their enemies. From suicide bombings, biological weapons, dirty bombs and low level street disorder. Unless the people are prepared to fight this new war then they will lose.

A new style of warfare is required.

New style of warfare The recent conflict between Israel and Iran via its proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon was irrelevant as per its geo-political importance, but it was of paramount importance as a sign of how future wars will be fought.At the moment nations such as Israel that are fighting pan-national and state sanctioned and assisted terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas are handicapped by international conventions, obsolete rules of war, the United Nations, the internal liberal democratic legal structures of the peacetime state and the liberal media outlets. All nations and cultures have liabilities and assets, it is the duty of all Nationalist governments in a time of war to to remove the liabilities and promote the assets.It is true that “one expert sniper is worth one thousand regulars troops and one expert propagandist is worth one thousand snipers.” Therefore in a war against terrorism the traditional tactical handbook and rules of war must be torn up.

If the Social Contract between the people and the State in a time of war means that peactime liberal values are a threat to the very survival of the people and nation, then in a time of war the Social Contract must be re-written. When faced with an enemy that is dedicated to ones total extinction as a people, culture and nation then embracing all means of survival must come first.

A corporate controlled mass media based on liberal values, the profit motive and the promotion of the personal political opinions of its owners and editors in a time of war can transform victories into defeats and use its power to weaken national resolve, the military and the people. Therefore a media that abuses its power to damage the interests of the nation cannot be tolerated. Propaganda as an aspect of terrorism and asymetric warfare makes the media complicit in the crimes of the terrorist.Propagandists for Hezbollah

We have seen how the world and British media, especially the BBC, in the recent conflict between Israel and Iran in the Lebanon became propagandists for Hezbollah. They used fake photographs, staged photo events and used facile emotionalism to undermine Israel and also to manipulate the perceptions of the British people.

Terrorists now regard and use the media as their primary weapon against an enemy. If the media are aiding a totalitarian enemy through braodcasting enemy propaganda that will assist in the destruction of the freedoms of the people, then the freedom of the people must come first and the powers of the press be restricted. In a war where the enemy are dedicated to your total extermination, are using guerilla warfare tactics and hiding amongst a civilian population who have chosen to support and assist those terrorists, directly through assisting in hiding the terrorists, their arms and their rockets and also through using their votes to empower the terrorist groups and to facilitate their use of a territory as base for terrorism, then the classic distinction between a civilian and a terrorist has become blurred. Islam sees no such distinctions between civilians and soldiers, it sees only Muslims and Infidels. Therefore in the clarity of this vision, they have the tactical upper hand.

Only by embracing tactics that punish all those that assist in terrorism, can terrorism and the terrorists be defeated.In such a case as Lebanon then a new style of war is called for where the existing conventions and restrictions on the rules of war are removed from nations defending themselves from such terrorist groups and they are allowed to defend themselves in relation to the threat they are facing.In such a situation where the enemy is dedicated to the total destruction of the nation and people then the State must arm itself with the powers to ensure it wins.

Only when modern demoratic states respond in relation to the tactics used against them, can an enemy like Hezbollah be defeated.

This next world war will be a war by Islam of total destruction based on theological absolutism.

There will be only victory or death, victory or the extniction of Israel and all the Jews in Israel.

The previous wars Israel fought with Arab nations had political aims, this next war will be a war with no political aims. Israel and the world must be prepared to fight this war to the fullest extent, otherwise it will lose. So must the West. The planet is now primed for that world war.

Note: All spelling errors are Oi Veh Barnes' .


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