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Griffins golden boy takes on the hauliers

A campaign by the British National Party (BNP) to recruit lorry drivers as members has been dismissed by the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the Labour Party. However the BNP claims its support is increasing due to a campaign that promotes British haulage and targets Continental firms which it believes are undercutting UK business with cheaper fuel costs.

Paul Golding, a London-based haulier and producer of the BNP campaign, says "there has been a very good response from drivers" since it started in early September. Golding has designed an A5 poster branded with a lorry and the caption 'enough is enough'. Up to 1,000 have been distributed by drivers and operators, and Golding predicts this number will increase substantially.

The RHA has dismissed the campaign for lacking substance. A spokeswoman for the RHA says: "It is interesting to note that the BNP makes no mention as to how it intends to protect British industries, how it intends to put British drivers first, or how it would pull Britain out of the European Union."

A spokesman for the Labour Party says it will be not be giving time to the BNP campaign.

In response to the campaign, the Department for Transport (DfT) has defended its work in protecting the interests of UK hauliers. A spokesman says it secured an agreement in June whereby European drivers could carry out no more than three domestic journeys within a week before departing the UK. This is subject to ratification by the European Parliament in the autumn.

At the time Rosie Winterton, Minister of Transport at the EU Transport Council, said: "This will ensure UK hauliers can continue to secure regular domestic work while foreign hauliers are limited to ad hoc work when they have delivered their international load."


NWN would also like the answers to the above in bold red

Stock plunge wipes $US1.2 trillion from market

WALL St's record stock plunge saw approximately $US1.2 trillion ($1.45 trillion) one-day loss, according to the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000, the broadest measure of market activity.

The biggest-ever loss is almost double the size of the rescue package rejected by the US House of Representatives earlier Monday.

Markets around the world panicked after lawmakers voted down the $US700 billion bailout for the financial system, raising the prospect of deeper financial turmoil.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank 777.68 points (6.98 per cent) to close at 10,365.45, in its biggest single-day point decline ever.


Financial crisis: FTSE expected to fall 200 points, wiping £48 billion off the market

The stock market is expected to fall significantly when it opens this morning in the wake of the failed US banking bail-out, with no end in sight to the financial crisis.

Japanese share prices plummeted almost five per cent overnight after US lawmakers rejected a massive financial bailout plan, triggering a huge drop on Wall Street.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange’s benchmark Nikkei-225 index lost 579.87 points or 4.94 per cent to 11,163.74.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones index sank 777.68 points or 6.98 per cent after the US House of Representatives voted down a £380 billion rescue of the financial system, raising the prospect of deeper turmoil.

Hiroichi Nishi, equities chief at Nikko Cordial Securities, said he had been shocked by the rejection of the package.

“The market is exploring where the bottom is now,” he said, adding that all eyes were on whether the US House will vote on the rescue plan again or the White House will come up with new measures.

As stocks plunged, Japan’s central bank injected 2.0 trillion yen (19.2 billion dollars) of emergency funds into the Tokyo money market to try to calm the renewed financial turmoil.

It was the 10th consecutive business day that the Bank of Japan (BoJ) has pumped cash into the domestic financial system to try to keep credit flowing.

Markets were seeing “a return to the state of extreme turmoil seen up to the time the US government proposed” the plan to buy up toxic debts from struggling banks, Barclays Capital analysts wrote in a note to clients.

After the Americans failed to agree on the $700 billion rescue package, experts have suggested that a drop in the FTSE could wipe a further £48 billion off the value of blue chip stocks, on top of the £64 billion loss experienced yesterday.

David Buik, of Cantor Index, said: "The FTSE could drop a further 200 points."

The FTSE fell 269.7 points yesterday, something that Vince Cable, Lib Dem Treasury spokesman, said he expected to continue today.

He said last night: "Markets have invested heavily in this bail-out. It would be amazing if there wasn't a very sharp fall tomorrow."

Government action in Britain and the US was seen by some as merely "sticking plasters" for an ever deepening crisis.

David Jones, chief market strategist at IG Index, said: "Recent events would seem to confirm that markets are too big to be swayed from their path by any one organisation - whether it is government or corporate.

"The worry is still what is unknown and yet to come out of the financial sector." e_SClBYesterday banking stocks fell in London. Barclays fell 9 per cent and merger partners Halifax Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB fell 18 per cent and 13 per cent respectively.

Royal Bank of Scotland suffered a 13 per cent drop as the Bradford & Bingley nationalisation also failed to end the turbulence facing Britain's banks.

The bank was also hit by its connections to insurance company Fortis, which has been given a cash injection by the governments of Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg. Fortis must now sell its stake in ABN, bought as part of the near £50 billion takeover led by RBS last year.

Gordon Brown said that he would take whatever action necessary to keep Britain's financial markets stable.

He said: "The Governor of the Bank of England, the Chancellor and I will take whatever action necessary to ensure continued stability for Britain.

"The stability of our system is something that we are doing everything in our power to maintain.

"We have taken decisive action in the last few days and that decisive action has continued over the weekend."

He added: "We are doing everything to maintain the security of families and citizens in this country."

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

NorthWestnationalists Expanding

NWN grows even bigger !

For those that do not know, pb has left NWN for pastures new.
He waited till all the pieces were in position.
NWN is now on its own, and we are growing, hence the three new moderators on here.
There will also be a new UK forum to be launched soon. This will be in direct opposition to the crap stormfront UK forum, and the even crappier UK moderators over there on stormfront.

27 September 2008 04:40

Griffin BNP giving out the wrong message

Islam is NOT the problem. Immigration is !

Many immigrants in the UK are not muslim, so they are OK ? According to Nick Griffin they are.

What pro-zionist and neo-con rubbish !

Friday, September 26, 2008

Joe Owens on Stormfront

Joe Owens admits to conversing and corresponding with SEARCHLIGHT's Nick Lowles
on many occasions. No wonder he got Lowles pic ! Owens is 'Towards the Superman'.

According to Joe Owens it would appear everyone except him and a few of his cronies are either Searchlight grasses or Special Branch.

Has the man gone completely off his rocker?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Chaos in Cologne

Far Right extremists flee anti-mosque rally in Germany

A weekend gathering in Cologne of far-right European extremists ended in farce when the main rally was cancelled as the organisers fled for their own safety.
Pro-Cologne, a group counting some of Europe's most prominent hardliners in its ranks, had intended to campaign against the construction of Germany's largest mosque, due to be completed in 2010 in the Ehrenfeld district of the city.
The building has attracted controversy because of its size, aiming to cater for up to 4,000 worshippers under a dome 37m (121ft) high and two 55m minarets - although they are shorter than the twin 157m spires of the cathedral that dominates the skyline of Cologne.
Politicians invited to the protest included Filip Dewinter, head of the Belgian Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party, Andreas Mölzer, an MEP from the Austrian Freedom Party, and Mario Borghezio, an MEP in the Italian Northern League. Two members of the British National Party were also in town, including Richard Barnbrook, its sole member of the London Assembly.

A press conference to launch the pan-European movement against “Islamification” descended into chaos when its secret location - on board a Rhine river cruiser - was leaked. Left-wing activists arrived en masse to disrupt the event and were so successful that only two Pro-Cologners made it on board before the captain cast off in panic and headed for open water
A Pro-Cologne spokesman said: “Stones, bricks and paintbombs were thrown and the panoramic windows of the Moby Dick were shattered.”

The group had then planned to tour the site of the mosque but this was stopped by the police on the ground that a busload of right-wing extremists cruising through a predominantly Muslim area might not be conducive to law and order.
So the only chance that Pro-Cologne had to make an impact was at its main rally on Saturday afternoon in the Heumarkt square. The organisers hoped for about 1,500 people. They had not reckoned on 40,000 screaming anti-fascists trying to break into the square to remonstrate with them.

With leading delegates stuck at the airport and the Heumarkt besieged, the rally was called off after only 45 minutes. The organisers began dismantling their microphones and stage, hoping that the security cordon would hold as police battled against the more violent protesters who were throwing paintbombs and snatching batons.

Although some of them were spirited away, many were penned in for several hours, unable even to get a beer as the bar owners in the square refused to serve them. Finally the BNP representatives got out, scuttling out the back of some of the buildings lining the Heumarkt, their attempts to present a united European front against Islamification in tatters.
“This was a victory for the democratic forces in this city,” Fritz Schramma, the Christian Democrat mayor, said. The city has a 120,000-strong Muslim community, part of the three million Muslims who make up about 4per cent of the German population


Thursday, September 18, 2008

How do we change from being just a protest vote?

We've known for years that people vote BNP to give the opposition a bloody nose, but how do we change it?

Britain’s third party is the first to offer tax cuts in its fight to get noticed

“I’M TORN between you and the British National Party,” a Liberal Democrat activist was told by a voter during a recent election campaign. The voter did not think the party of greenery and civil libertarianism had much in common with the far-right sect; she just wanted to cast a protest vote against Labour and the Conservatives. It was precisely to help the Lib Dems make the leap from a receptacle for disaffection to a serious force in its own right that Nick Clegg, whose first party conference as leader began on September 13th, was elected last year.



Monday, September 15, 2008


LEHMAN has gone bust.

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc today filed for bankruptcy protection, making it the largest casualty of the global credit crisis, and given its assets at the time of filing, Lehman surpassed WorldCom as the biggest U.S. Bankruptcy filing till date. The investment banker had close to $639 billion in assets at the time of filing, while WorldCom had about $107 billion when it did the same in 2002.
The Chapter 11 filing, however, did not include Lehman's broker-dealer operations and other units, such as asset management firm Neuberger Berman, and these will continue to operate, although Lehman is expected to liquidate them.
Lehman is among the biggest investment banks to collapse since 1990.
The Chapter 11 filing represented the end of a 158-year old company that survived world wars, the Asian financial crisis and the collapse of Long-Term Capital Management, though not the global credit crunch.
Financial institutions globally have recorded more than $500 billion of write-downs and credit losses as the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis has engulfed other markets.
Lehman had $600 billion of assets financed with just $30 billion of equity as of the end of August, which meant that a 5 percent decline in assets would wipe out the value of the company, which investors saw as a real risk thanks to the company's billions of dollars of mortgage securities.
The firm said that as of May 31, it owed about $110.5 billion on account of senior unsecured notes, about $12.6 billion on account of subordinated unsecured notes and about $5 billion on account of junior subordinated notes.
The company also disclosed that it owned stakes of 10 percent or more in a number of companies, including Imperial Sugar Co, Lpath Inc, Derma Services, Flagstone Reinsurance, GLG Partners, Ronco Corp, Pacific Energy Partners, Blount International, Pemstar Inc and Transmontaigne Inc.
The one time fourth-largest in the United States had expected to raise capital by selling off a stake in its investment unit, and use the amount as well as other funds to spin off some of its assets to shareholders.
But that plan did not satisfy investors, who pushed Lehman's share price to just a few dollars.
Lehman said the uncertainty, particularly among banks through which it clears securities trades, ultimately made it impossible for it to continue to operate.
The bankruptcy filing comes after plenty of heated negotiations among regulators and Wall Street firms about Lehman's fate. The U.S. government had refused to back Lehman's worst assets the way it did for Bear Stearns Cos Inc's sale to JPMorgan Chase.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

UK Police to attack Griffin's enemies !

A 'policeman' has told us that the police have been told to harass Griffin's nationalist enemies.
We at NWN do not find that surprising at all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fiddling While Britain Burns

With the credit crunch and rise in fuel prices now claiming its first BIG victim, a reader has sent us information on the BNP chairman Nick Griffin's plans over the coming months, and in particular his planned visit to Australia in December.

For BNP members looking in, don’t you think the chairman’s time would be better spent in his supposed beloved country, Britain, and actually giving a damn about the millions of British people about to lose their jobs? And, we wonder if he was booked to fly with, XL.

An estimated 85,000 people were left stranded, and another 200,000 who'd made advanced bookings with the firm are also affected. The XL Leisure Group cancelled all of its flights and grounded its aircraft, blaming its problems on higher fuel costs and the economic downturn. But that was little comfort for some passengers, who won't receive a full refund because of the way they booked and paid for their holidays.

David Blanchflower, the member of the Bank of England's rate-setting committee who has been calling for rate cuts, said inflation will be 'near 5%' in the next month or so at a key Treasury Committee hearing today.
He also said the country is facing sharply rising unemployment, and he expects job losses of 60,000 or more per month for several months to come.

NWN says: Enjoy your trip to Oz, Nick. Please, don't come back.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fear of being branded a NAZI

EastEnder star's daughter scraps BNP election bid over fears she would be branded 'a Nazi'

The daughter of EastEnders legend Mike Reid has scrapped her election campaign as a British National Party candidate for fears she would be branded a Nazi.
Until yesterday, Angela Reid, 50 - whose late father played car dealer Frank Butcher - was set to contest a vacant seat on Braintree District Council in Essex.
But in a dramatic u-turn, Reid scrapped her bid for a political career when the identity of her father was revealed.

Before the last minute snub, the BNP had played up the famous connection, even bragging that the popularity of the late comic could attract more votes.
'Angela is a respectable, middle-aged woman and we will see what we can do with regards to what votes we can get,' said BNP deputy leader Simon Darby.
'It's not going to be a hindrance - Mike Reid was a very popular bloke.'
Ms Reid's husband Kenneth Gamble confirmed that his wife had withdrawn from her candidacy.
'She has cancelled her candidacy because she's Mike Reid's daughter and people would call her a Nazi and slag her off,' he said outside the couple's Braintree home.
'It's got nothing to do with politics, she is adamant about that. She is still a member and still agrees with everything we stand for, it's personal circumstances, family circumstances that have come up.
'She feels she is not capable of taking on the extra responsibility being a councillor entails. It is really bad timing.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Spineless Bastards

We, among many, have suffered years of abuse at the hands of the PC liberals. Some have been imprisoned, put on trial, or had their lives ruined and destroyed for airing the intelligent beliefs and thoughts that these spineless bastards dare to publish today. These liars and cowards do not deserve to rule Britain, this vermin that has hidden behind the trousers and skirts of the true champions of Britain and its dying culture.


Expel immigrants after four years, says report

Toby Helm, Whitehall editor
The Observer,
Sunday September 7 2008
Article history
Skilled immigrants from outside the European Union should be sent home when their four-year visas expire to limit the United Kingdom's population growth and ease pressure on public services, according to a controversial cross-party report by MPs.
Tackling the politically explosive subject of immigration quotas head on, the study, headed by Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, former Labour and Tory ministers respectively, will call on ministers to balance the number of immigrants entering the country against those leaving.
At present, the vast majority of non-EU entrants granted visas to work in this country stay on after they expire and are allowed to settle permanently. The Home Office is refining an Australian-style points system under which the number of immigrants from outside the EU will be restricted to those with suitable skills and qualifications.
But critics say the system still amounts to an 'open door' for immigrants as no overall quota is imposed and rules about what happens after visas expire are not rigorously enforced.
Under the Field-Soames model, the only chance non-EU immigrants would have of staying beyond their visa period would be if immigrants proved they had 'exceptional intellectual, scientific or artistic merit' and did not breach a new annual quota - to be set at 20,000 - which would include dependants.
The report, drawn up by Migrationwatch, will be published ahead of a Home Office announcement on Tuesday revealing more details of its points-based permit system. It is expected to say that if immigrants wanted to extend their stay in the UK they would have to apply through a second points system. Only if they had 'exceptional' skills or qualifications, and their staying did not mean breaching the quota, could they stay.
Field has long criticised Labour ministers for shying away from the immigration debate for political reasons, allowing the resulting problems of overcrowding and pressure on local services to mount. He warned two years ago that politicians had to begin discussing the problem in a grown-up way - before the British National Party took advantage.
'It is only because the BNP are so inept that the debate has not taken off,' Field argued.
The report, called 'Balanced Migration', claims such measures would limit England's population, now 51 million, to 65 million by 2050, compared with current projections suggesting it could rise to 78.6 million by the middle of the century.
Habib Rahman, chief executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, said: 'These proposals completely ignore the positive contribution migrants make to life in the UK. As well as much-needed skilled workers, many come and do unskilled jobs that need to be done, but for which employers are unable to find home-grown workers.'
Figures issued last month from the Office for National Statistics found that inward migration to Britain had reached its highest level since the current method of counting was introduced, with 605,000 long-term immigrants arriving in the year to mid-2007.

Who is, Mike Smith?

"From: mike smith Time: 08:21 AM

Last night I received personal thanks (and a drink) from Nigel Farage MEP and also from UKIP's new Lancashire-based National Chair for personally unmasking the NF infiltrator Cartwright. Another far-right buddy of Alan Harvey bites the dust!"


mike smith 4519

01-09-2008 07:54 AM EGT (US)

For the avoidance of doubt I have nothing whatsoever against former extremists who renounce and admit their past and support democratic parties. As most of you know I've been pretty extreme rightwing myself, athough more 'Monday Club' than BNP. Gregory Lauder Frost is an old friend. That doesn't mean I endorse his most extreme opinions, though. On the contrary I think he often does himself a great disservice by what he says. I have told him so as well.I see 'gc' has been posting for years and apparently he attended a CDA (Conservative Democratic Alliance) meeting with Damian Hockney in 2001. For whatever reason, however, I didn't 'clock' him until a few days ago. As far as I can make out (and please do correct me if I am wrong) cg is upset because I am suing his close friend and fellow ex-NF member Alan Harvey for libel. Harvey hates GLF almost as much as he hates me so I guess GLF's recent appearance on this forum - not encouraged by me - has also inflamed him.Harvey is not only a former NF member but he has been a Holocaust Denier who called Jews 'Kikes' on the front page of the racist pro-apartheid rag he edited in South Africa. He also advertised and stocked copies of every Holocaust Denying publication going. Yet this man publicly accused me of supporting the (so called) 'War on Terror' in a ludicrous conspiracy which allegedly includes the BNP, the African National Congress and Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist Party.Harvey has stated that Nelson Mandela is a terrorist who should be executed, but he hates Nick Griffin as well, and has called for the BNP to be banned. Please...don't ask. The fact that he is crazy is no excuse. He received a writ earlier this year and his lawyers are floundering...Apparently Cartwright likes Harvey and thinks I am persecuting him. He also claims that CDA is/was racist because he allegedly heard some racist conversation at a CDA event. I think you might hear similar conversations at many UKIP and Conservative events also. Anyway, why should that shock a former official NF candidate and a keen supporter of the vile homophobe Frank Maloney? The key fact here is that Cartwright has taken due care to conceal his past although there are of course, 'men who know' and he has upset a few. That's why it didn't take me long to uncover his past.A few years ago I fell out with a stupid Tory cow in Bournemouth who accused me of being a fascist. Maybe it was even true at the time but I wasn't having that. I spent a whole day researching her past in the bowels of the Evening Echo building and soon hit pay dirt. Years before she and her father had been council candidates for the National Frost! Not a good idea in Bournemouth which has a very high Jewish population. Now I wouldn't know how this happened of course but within a week her name was all over the Echo (front page this time) and Private Eye, and the Conservative Vice-Chair of Candidates 'regretfully' requested her to withdraw her name from the parliamentary candidates' list. (She would have been kicked off anyway had she refused) Her planned career lay in ruins and her Jewish friends wouldn't speak to her. A great shame in many ways. I always thought she was quite shaggable, but sadly she was one of those strange people who believes in monogamy. She must be over 60 now. As Clarendon said to the Duchess of Portsmouth (or was it the Duchess of Cleveland?):'
Madam, if you live, you shall grow old'

You're not out of the woods yet, Tracy. The CPS declined to take the case against you further purely because they decided that it was up to me to use the injunction. I can have you imprisoned for £75, and maybe I will.

We'll keep you on the back burner until all other outstanding matters are cleared up.

Do you know why I despise people ike you, the grubby Nazi Harvey, and that pitiful inadaquate SI - the man who was booted out of the Royal Marines because he was no good and then spent the rest of his miserable life posing as a 'Royal'?

People like you and he create nothing and do nothing for our great country.

Shall I tell you a couple of stories?

Last week I unearthed a fine studio portrait of my father taken in the early 1930s and dedicated to his father, my grandfather, an architect and a Lieutenant-Colonel in the 3rd Bn (TA) of the Hampshire Regiment (as it then was). Only last week did I realise that Dad was wearing his lightning-flash BUF badge as a member of the Mosley Fascist organisation.

No doubt you will find that highly amusing.

Today I found a group photo of 32 young officers in uniform captioned 'Concert Party, "E" Company, 20th Officer Cadet Bn August 1917'.

Remember the date. My father, looking like a much younger, much slimmer and altogether much more handsome version of myself, is in the third row back. A 2nd Lieutenant aged just 19.

A year later he was seriously wounded in France, invalided out of the British Army and consigned to the Indian service.

He was one of the lucky ones. A year later most of the boys in that photo were dead.

Dad didn't stay long in the BUF either. Although a retired Major he returned to England in 1940 and joined the RAF as a signals Aircraftsman (ie equivalent to a Private Soldier). At demob he was a Flt Lieut.

What have you and your miserable brood done to equal that, eh? And he was by no means unique in our family.

Is there any wonder that when so many brave men have fought and suffered or died for England the conduct of lying scum like Wells (SI) turns my stomach.

Have you really sunk that low, Tracy, that you need friends like that...

...or the foul-smelling unwashed Nazi Harvey...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Griffin gives the best to BNP members...

Grimy BNP-link hotel 'a hazard to humans'

THE Blackpool hotel used by the far right British National Party for its annual conferences was branded a hazard to humans by health chiefs.

Officers investigated after guests complained about diarrhoea and vomiting while staying at The New Kimberley Hotel, Blackpool.They were also told of guests being given uncooked food and meat which smelt bad.Officials found the kitchen of the 50-bedroom hotel on South Promenade was filthy and discovered food which was out-of-date and in danger of cross-contamination from bacteria.Peter Metcalf, 45, of Wyredale Road, St Annes, the hotel's former-leaseholder, admitted nine offences of breaching food hygiene safety rules and was found guilty of 11 similar offences after a trial.He was fined £1,000 with £500 costs and ordered to pay the £15 victims' surcharge by Blackpool magistrates.

Victoria Cartmell, prosecuting for Blackpool Council, said there were complaints in 2006 about the hotel. Health officers first visited the hotel in July 2006 and Metcalf was given numerous chances to clean the kitchen. Officers again visited on August 14 last year and found the kitchen was filthy.Ceilings, walls, sockets, surfaces, pipes, floors, a cooker, fryer and freezer were greasy and dirty and food debris was scattered around.

Black mould was on chopping boards, freezer seals and an ice-making machine. A wash basin was dirty and there were no paper towels.Ms Cartmell said: "Double cream in the fridge was past its use-by date. Containers of ice-cream were stored next to boxes of raw bacon which could have caused cross-contamination of bacteria."

Mitch Sarangi, defending, said at the time Metcalf's mother-in-law had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He and his wife travelled to and from Scotland to visit her before she was transferred to a hospice and died.Metcalf had now been declared bankrupt and he no longer held the hotel's lease.The hotel hit the headlines in November 2006 and 2007 when it twice held the BNP's annual conference.
Tim Coglan, head of trading standards at Blackpool Council, said: "The conditions were disgusting and totally unacceptable. We know the majority of premises in the town are well run but we will continue to crackdown on those that aren't. Blackpool has the most robust enforcement regime in the country."The hotel is now under new management.


Go Home!

TD suggests lump sum for jobless foreigners

FOREIGN UNEMPLOYED workers in Ireland could be given a lump sum payment of up to six months' worth of unemployment benefit if they agree to return home, Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar has suggested.

"Is there an opportunity to give them three to six months of benefit?" he suggested at the Oireachtas Committee on Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

The number of foreign unemployed workers in Ireland now stands at 16 per cent of the total on the Live Register - exactly proportional to the numbers in the workforce.

The proposal is based on a Spanish model announced recently where unemployed foreign nationals from 20 countries have been offered €18,000 to go home on condition they do not come back for three years.

The Dublin West TD insisted that a lump-sum benefit payment should not be used "to force them" to return to their home countries, "but as an option".

Describing Mr Varadkar's intervention as "very, very dangerous", Fianna Fáil Meath TD Thomas Byrne said "voluntary repatriation is a new low by Fine Gael".

Later Mr Byrne said: "This comes in the dishonourable tradition of the British National Party. They are the only other party supporting voluntary repatriation."

Fás director general Rody Molloy said EU nationals in Ireland were entitled to "exactly the same rights" as locals.

Irish people working in other EU countries could not be discriminated against either.

He would be "very nervous" about doing anything that "should in any way suggest" that foreign nationals were not welcome in Ireland, even if that was not the intention of the proposal.

He said there was a danger that even a voluntary programme could be misinterpreted and "then you would run into issues about how voluntary it is".

Brid O'Brien, the head of policy and media of the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed, said she would be "very concerned" if "different categories" of unemployed were created.

It emerged last month that the Department of Social and Family Affairs had scrapped paying dole payments directly into claimants' bank accounts in an attempt to curb fraud by foreign and Irish workers who have quit Ireland after losing jobs here.

Since then claimants have had to sign on at post offices weekly - rather than have the payments made automatically into their bank accounts - rather than signing on once a month as happened before.

© 2008 The Irish Times


Monday, September 01, 2008

KEITH BROWN - Day of Action !

On Friday 29th August, the killer of Keith Brown was given an 8 year sentence(of which he may only have to serve 3).

The BNP will be holding a campaign for Keith Brown on the 20th September.

Please get involved!!

Email: colemanm@talktalk.net elaine@alby750.fsnet.co.uk

Telephone: 07773868501 07926532922

Apologies for the sound quaility during Cllr Steven Batkin's speech.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...