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Leader's Top Aide: US Plotting to Disintegrate Iraq, Syria into 8 New States
Impetus from Israel.......
Leader's Top Aide: US Plotting to Disintegrate Iraq, Syria into 8 New States
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Supreme Leader's top adviser for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati warned that Washington plans to disintegrate regional states into smaller countries to make them weak and guarantee Israel's security.
"The US is after implementing its plot to create a Greater Middle-East whose aim is disintegrating Iraq into three countries and dividing Syria into five states in a bid to downsize countries to provide security to the Zionist regime," Velayati said on Saturday.
He also referred to the regional developments, and said, "What we are witnessing today, including the creation of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the ISIL, is aimed at confronting the Islamic Awakening and annihilating the chain of resistance."
"Today, Syria is the golden chain of resistance and the US, the western states and their allies in the region are attempting to destroy this chain," Velayati said.
His remarks came as General Vincent Stewart, the head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, claimed in September that Iraq and Syria were unlikely to emerge intact from years of war and sectarian violence.
In Iraq, the Defense Intelligence Agency boss indicated that he believes it unlikely that a government in Baghdad could hold authority over the disparate regions within the country's official borders;
Stewart claimed that he is "wrestling with the idea that the Kurds will come back to a central government of Iraq".
Also in the same month, CIA Director John Brennan echoed Stewart's idea that the borders of the Middle-Eastern countries have irreparably broken down as a result of war and sectarianism.
"I think the Middle East is going to be seeing change over the coming decade or two that is going to make it look unlike it did," said Brennan, remarking that Iraqis and Syrians now identify themselves more by their tribe or religious sect, than by nationality.
After the comments, Iraqi Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmad Jamal lashed out at the US intelligence officials for their comments about disintegration of Iraq and Syria.
"The US officials' remarks on the possible disintegration of Iraq and the zero chance for the country's return to its past conditions are strongly rejected," Jamal told FNA.
Noting that the terrorists active in Iraq today have come from 80 different world states, he said, "The westerners had better prevent the flow of terrorists from their countries to Iraq instead of raising doubt about Iraq's unity."

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Lord Janner dead: Former Labour peer found unfit to stand trial for alleged child sex abuse dies aged 87

 Janner was suffering with severe dementia

Lord Janner, the Labour peer accused of a string of child sex abuse offences dating back 50 years, has died without having to face a court to answer the claims of a dozen alleged victims. The Criminal Prosecution Service decided in April that the 87-year-old was unfit to face trial.
A trial of the facts, which was scheduled to be held in April next year, will not now go ahead.
The death of Greville Janner, a Labour MP from 1970 to 1997, was described as “devastating” for those who want his alleged offences examined by a court.
The Labour deputy leader, Tom Watson, an outspoken campaigner against child abuse, said: “My condolences go to the family and friends of Lord Janner. They are grieving for someone they love very much, but my thoughts at this time are also with survivors of alleged abuse, many of whom were denied the opportunity to see justice take its course. They will now rely on the Goddard inquiry to establish the truth.”
The inquiry, which is headed by Justice Lowell Goddard, said in April it would review all decisions by police and prosecutors.

Stephen Pollard, the editor of The Jewish Chronicle, said: “Obviously most people’s reaction will be one of anger that he never faced trial for his alleged crimes. But for his family this must be a terribly conflicted time. In his career he did a lot of good for a lot of people. But it is alleged that he did a lot of unspeakable acts too.”
Sir Mick Davis, chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, said: “The passing of Greville Janner marks the end of an era for the Jewish community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Janner family at this most difficult time.”
It is understood the CPS case would have alleged that the peer befriended the manager of a Leicestershire care home, a convicted paedophile called Frank Beck. Using this connection, Lord Janner was able to take children from the home to his residence where he abused them.
Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale who spoke about the case in the House of Commons, said last night: “It is a sad day for Lord Janner’s family and my sympathies go out to them. But it is also sad for the alleged victims of Lord Janner.
“I met Leicestershire police some months ago, who provided some details of the historic allegations of abuse and it was for that reason that I took the decision to use parliamentary privilege to publicise them. I stand by that decision.

“These allegations should have been tested in court for the sake of the alleged victims. As we saw with Cyril Smith and now with Lord Janner, the alleged perpetrator dies before justice can be done.”
Liz Dux, a specialist abuse lawyer at Slater and Gordon, who represented six of Lord Janner’s alleged victims, said: “[His victims] have waited so long for his case to get to court … The opportunities to bring him to justice when he was younger were well documented.” However, she said a civil case seeking compensation from Lord Janner’s estate would now proceed.
Ms Dux believed that the allegations against the peer were of the “utmost severity”. She said: “He abused his position of trust as a local MP and preyed on those who were the most vulnerable. They were all boys from Leicestershire care home who’d had very, very disturbed and difficult live. He behaved in a sadistic and cruel manner, exploiting children at their most vulnerable.”
In court earlier this month, both prosecutors and defence lawyers have not been in dispute that the former Labour MP’s severe dementia had left him unfit to stand trial. But the CPS’s handling of the case has been at the centre of intense criticism after it admitted that there had been enough evidence to prosecute Lord Janner back in 1991, before he fell ill.
The prosecuting body confirmed there were similar opportunities to bring a sex abuse case in 2002 and 2007, and that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, said it was a matter of “deep regret” that a prosecution as not brought. His family has said repeatedly he was “entirely innocent of any wrongdoing”.
Leicestershire Police interviewed more than 2,000 people. About a dozen made allegations against Lord Janner and the CPS has previously said there was sufficient evidence to charge him with a series of indecent assault between 1969 and 1988. He was facing 22 charges.
Lord Janner, who represented Leicester West, was the co-founder in 1988, with Merlyn Rees, of the Holocaust Educational Trust, a charity to “educate young people of every background about the Holocaust”.

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Riot police fire warning shots as THOUSANDS of protesters storm the site of a planned asylum centre for 1,500 migrants in Holland 

  • Demonstrators went on the rampage in town of Geldermalsen last night
  • They smashed through fence surrounding asylum camp, attacked police 
  • The angry crowd yelled 'No n****** here!' and 'foreign scum keep away'
  • Town hall left looking like a 'battlefield' and councillors were forced to flee
  • At least 14 people were arrested, several policemen were injured in melee

Police had to fire warning shots into the air when thousands of Dutch protestors stormed the site of a planned asylum centre, shortly to open for 1,500 refugees.
The demonstrators went on the rampage in the small town of Geldermalsen last night in the worst riot of its kind in the Netherlands since the refugee crisis began.
A planned discussion about the imminent arrival of the migrants, staged by the town council, was abandoned in the chaos as the mob outside tried to storm the building. Councillors were forced to flee out of rear exits into police vans.
Thousands of rioters smashed the fences around a planned asylum centre in the Dutch town Geldermalsen in the worst riot of its kind
Thousands of rioters smashed the fences around a planned asylum centre in the Dutch town Geldermalsen in the worst riot of its kind
The mob, who left the town hall looking like a 'battlefield', yelled 'no n****** here!' and 'foreign scum keep away!'
The mob, who left the town hall looking like a 'battlefield', yelled 'no n****** here!' and 'foreign scum keep away!'
Fences around the planned asylum camp were smashed down or cut through in the rioting. Police were pelted with bottles and fireworks before they drew their firearms and fired warning shots into the air.
The crowd shouted 'no n****** here!' and 'foreign scum keep away!' and left the town hall looking like a 'battlefield' with broken windows and chipped brickwork.
Running skirmishes between youths and the police went on until the early hours of Thursday morning.
The mayoress, Miranda de Vries, said she was shocked at the violence caused by an estimated 2,500 people in the town of 27,000 that lies near the city of Utrecht.
It was by far the biggest and the most violent outbreak of anti-immigrant sentiment in the country.
Deputy justice minister Klaas Dijkhoff responsible for managing Holland's intake of refugees, called the protestors 'un-Netherlanderish'.
There were 14 arrests and several police officers were slightly hurt in the melees. A Dutch bomb squad had to be called in on Thursday morning to deal with a potentially lethal 'heavy' fireworks lodged in the town hall facade.
Police were pelted with fireworks and bottles as protesters stormed the planned asylum centre, soon to be home to 1,500 refugees
Police were pelted with fireworks and bottles as protesters stormed the planned asylum centre, soon to be home to 1,500 refugees
Running skirmishes between youths (pictured) and the police went on until the early hours of Thursday morning
Running skirmishes between youths (pictured) and the police went on until the early hours of Thursday morning
'It is very serious what happened tonight,' said a police spokesman. 'We going to investigate what exactly occurred.'
Mayor de Vries said: 'Everyone from the council chamber is safe. And they tell people to be afraid of asylum seekers. Am I sad.
'The clearance of a council chamber in Geldermalsen due to disturbances is of coursen unheard of. If you want to express your opinion there is plenty of room for it. You don't express opinions by throwing fireworks.'
The plan for an asylum centre with a capacity for 1500 people for a period of 10 years is highly controversial for locals who fear there may be more trouble to come.

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No 'no-go' areas in Birmingham ?
West Midlands Police have  asked military veterans  not to walk through the centre of Birmingham, and have given a route to take from Eastside Park to Broad Street for this demonstration. 

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Angela Merkel, German chancellor, is Time 'Person of the Year'

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  • From the section Europe

Image caption Merkel, "stood firm against tyranny", Time wrote
Time Magazine has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its "Person of the Year".
The magazine cited her role in Europe's crises over migration and Greek debt.
Mrs Merkel had provided "steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply", editor Nancy Gibbs wrote.
Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was named runner-up and third place went to US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Eclectic list

Ms Gibbs wrote of Mrs Merkel: "For asking more of her country than most politicians would dare, for standing firm against tyranny as well as expedience and for providing steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply, Angela Merkel is 'Time's Person of the Year'."
Citing the refugee and Greek economic crises, along with the Paris terror attacks, Ms Gibbs said: "Each time Merkel stepped in. Germany would bail Greece out, on her strict terms. It would welcome refugees as casualties of radical Islamist savagery, not carriers of it.

Time Person of the Year 2015

  1. Angela Merkel - German chancellor since the 2005 election, leader of the CDU
  2. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - head of the Islamic State militant group
  3. Donald Trump - business magnate seeking Republican nomination as US presidential candidate
  4. Black Lives Matter - activist group campaigning against violence towards black people, notably in the US
  5. Hassan Rouhani - president of Iran since 2013
  6. Travis Kalanick - US entrepreneur, founder of the Uber transportation network firm
  7. Caitlyn Jenner - born Bruce Jenner, became 1976 Olympic decathlon champion, officially changed name and gender in 2015

"And it would deploy troops abroad in the fight against ISIS [Islamic State]. You can agree with her or not, but she is not taking the easy road. Leaders are tested only when people don't want to follow."
The magazine also noted her leadership during what it called Russian President Vladimir Putin's "creeping theft of Ukraine".
Mrs Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said: "I am sure the chancellor will cherish this as an incentive in her job."
While Time runs a poll for readers to vote, the decision on winners is made independently by the editors.
Mrs Merkel, 61, joins an eclectic list of former winners, including Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon.
She is only the fourth woman since 1927 to be named an individual winner outright and the first in 29 years.
The other individual women to win were Wallis Simpson (1936), Queen Elizabeth II (1952) and Corazon Aquino (1986).
Soong Mei-ling won jointly with her husband Chiang Kai-shek in 1937, three women won as Whistleblowers in 2002 and the award went generically to American Women in 1975.
It has gone to other generic groups in the past too, including last year's award which went to medics fighting the Ebola outbreak in western Africa.

NWN: 'They', are taking the piss !

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Oi veh ! 

Greville Janner gets away with it !


Lord Janner: Judge rules dementia sufferer is unfit to plead in child sex abuse trial

Court hearing on 87-year-old peer's mental health is told former Labour grandee is suffering from 'advanced and disabling' dementia





Lord Janner arrives back home in London
Lord Janner pictured after a previous court appearance 
Lord Janner has been declared unfit to plead in a criminal trial over a range of sex abuse charges dating back 50 years, a senior judge has ruled.
In a hearing at the Old Bailey on the 87-year-old's mental health, Mr Justice Openshaw said the peer was suffering from "advanced and disabling" dementia.
He detailed reports from four leading psychiatrists and psychologists which had been commissioned by both prosecution and defence - all of which agreed the peer's mental health was very poor. Janner did not attend the latest court hearing.
"Medical opinion is... all one way," said the judge. "The inevitable and irresistible conclusion is the defendant has advanced and disabling dementia which is deteriorating and irreversible and, accordingly, I find that he is unfit to plead."
At a the last hearing in October, both prosecution and defence barristers made it clear there was no dispute between them that Janner was not well enough to stand trial.
But the judge told them that the matter should be decided following a "short opening" in court as the public was "entitled to know" why.
Janner is accused of 22 sex abuse charges and there is due to be a rare "trial of the facts" heard in the new year.
Lord Janner and his daughter arrive at Westminster Magistrates' Court for an earlier hearing
One of the doctors who examined Janner on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service was Professor Michael Kopelman, an expert in memory loss and a professor of neuropsychiatry at King's College London.
He examined Janner four times between February last year and September this year.
Summarising the most recent report by Prof Kopelman, the judge said of Janner: "He can now hardly speak and when he does it is to make inappropriate, repetitive statements.
"He scarcely recognised his own family and he has entirely lost his short term memory.
"He is unable to give any account of his professional and Parliamentary history."
Earlier this year, a review of the case led the Crown Prosecution Service to overturn its decision not pursue charges against Janner due to his ill-health.
Operation Midland: who are the nine people accused of being part of a 'VIP paedophile ring'?
Janner is accused of 15 counts of indecent assault and seven counts of a separate sexual offence against a total of nine alleged victims in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
Twenty-one of the offences relate to complainants who were aged 16 or under at the time.

"The inevitable and irresistible conclusion is the defendant has advanced and disabling dementia which is deteriorating and irreversible"
Mr Justice Openshaw
Mr Justice Openshaw chose not to refer to the defendant by his noble title, instead calling him "Greville Janner" and noting that he had been "indicted as Lord Janner".
He added that it was important to balance openness over the decision not to proceed with a criminal trial with "protecting the defendant's privacy".
The judge acknowledged there had been what he described as "unjustifiable scepticism" among some members of the public regarding the legal process surrounding Janner.
The judge added that the peer had been examined by "eminent" doctors.
"Each is of the opinion that the defendant is suffering from such severe disability, namely dementia ... that he is unfit to be plead or to be tried," the judge said.
Prof Kopelman's report from March this year said: "Lord Janner would be unable to understand the charges against him, to comprehend that a juror could be challenged, to instruct his lawyers, to comprehend the details of evidence, or to follow and recall the court proceedings."
Another expert who examined Janner on behalf of the prosecution, Dr Kate Humphreys from St Thomas' Hospital - which sits on the River Thames opposite the Palace of Westminster - said it had been impossible to carry out the full range of cognitive tests because his condition was so poor.
His mental health problems are a combination of Alzheimer's and vascular dementia, she concluded.
Greville JannerGreville Janner  Photo: Rex
Another psychiatrist, Dr James Warner, examined Janner for the defence.
Based on this report the judge said: "During cognitive testing he appeared somewhat perplexed and mildly irritable; his speech was abnormal, with periodic slurring of words, some being incomprehensible.
"He exhibited a condition known as ‘logoclonia’, being the repetition of simple words; he then had only a limited vocabulary.
"Most of his answers were inappropriate to the questions asked; indeed, he gave virtually no coherent answers to the questions asked.
"He was often bewildered by simple requests, even when made in simple language and given The defence cognitive testing he appeared somewhat perplexed and mildly irritable; his speech was abnormal, with periodic slurring of words, some being incomprehensible.
"He exhibited a condition known as ‘logoclonia’, being the repetition of simple words; he then had only a limited vocabulary. Most of his answers were inappropriate to the questions asked; indeed, he gave virtually no coherent answers to the questions asked. He was often bewildered by simple requests, even when made in simple language and given repeatedly."

Greville Janner: a timeline
Allegations of child sex abuse are first made against Lord Janner in 1991 during the trial of convicted paedophile Frank Beck, but have persistently dogged the Labour Peer since then 
NWN: When we first heard that scoundrel Judge Openshaw was hearing the case, we knew the outcome. We mentioned this on this very site when it was announced. Janner is above the Law you see. Openshaw has worked to Janners agenda all his life. Freeing Pakistani murderers and hammering white patriots - both at Preston Crown Court. Oh and Openshaw is one of them ! A look at the names mentioned, also give some indication of the ethnic makeup of just what's gone on here.
And a happy Chanukah to Greville Janner !

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‘Ulster says no to refugees’ say marchers

The anti-refuge rally

The anti-refuge rally

12:28Saturday 05 December 2015

Ulster says no to refugees was the message spelt out during a protest march in Belfast today.

Organised by the Protestant Coalition, marchers held banners spelling out their opposition to refugees coming to Northern Ireland.
Anti-refugee protesters.

Anti-refugee protesters.

The marchers instead called for more support for veterans, troops and the homeless before refugees.
Yesterday in the High Court, Mr Justice Deeny denied an attempt from a Syrian refugee to prevent the march going ahead.
However, the applicant was granted permission to legally challenge the Parades Commission decision to allow the march.
He instead emphasised: “The organisers are obliged to refrain from using words which could be perceived to be sectarian, and making claims about the Prophet Muhammad of the sort in some of these Facebook pages would be clearly sectarian and might be considered provocative, insulting or threatening.”
Emergency legal action was brought on behalf of the refugee, who was granted anonymity amid fears he could be at risk if his identity was revealed.

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Let Them Eat Cake: The Army of Fanatics at the Heart of Europe

Tobias Langdon

It’s what you call an ironic juxtaposition. On Saturday 14th November 2015, the front page of the London Times had both good and bad news for its readers. The good news was that a saintly Muslim woman in a hijab had written some cake-recipes. The bad news was that other Muslims in Paris had murdered “dozens of people” in coordinated terror attacks the day before.
Saint and Sinners: Nadiya Hussein and Islamic State
Saint and Sinners: Nadiya Hussein and Islamic State
When the charming Nadiya Hussein won the Great British Bake Off in September this year, Britain’s liberals were beside themselves with joy. Okay, Muslim rape-gangs are operating throughout the country, the security services are constantly battling Muslim terror-plots and corruption flourishes in every Muslim “community” — but look, a Muslim has won a baking competition. Take that, you haters, racists and xenophobes!
Advertisement - We need you.

“When You Whisk Upon a Star…”
The Guardian proclaimed that “Nadiya has managed to defuse the negative, politicised and stereotypical discourse surrounding Muslims in one beat of a whisk.” She had shown that “the vast majority of people in Britain embrace diversity and inclusivity” and that “Britain is not limited by homogeneity but strengthened by diversity.” The implications are obvious: beleaguered France must hasten to acquire a Nadiya of its own. Then the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists will rise from the dead and the Paris attacks will turn out to have involved water-pistols and party-poppers.
Or so you might suppose. Yes, the reaction to Nadiya Hussein demonstrates the absurdity of liberalism and the irrational, superstitious psychology of liberals. Legend has it that Marie Antoinette was told that the peasants had no bread and replied: “Let them eat cake.” The phrase symbolizes indifference to the suffering of the masses. Liberals are certainly indifferent to the suffering of the White working-class, but their Nadiya-mania says “Let them eat cake!” in another sense too. Liberalism teaches that any amount of vice in a minority, no matter how vast, can be outweighed by any amount of virtue, no matter how small.
So Britain is supposed to forget Muslim rape-gangs, Muslim terrorism and Muslim corruption because one Muslim is good at baking cakes. François Hollande and David Cameron display more liberal superstition in their belief that dropping bombs in the Middle East will solve the problems posed by Muslims in Europe. Hollande has promisedsolennellemente” to do everything to destroy “l’armée des fanatiques” who have stained Paris with blood for the second time in ten months.
The Army of Fanatics
Will “everything” include ending Muslim immigration into France, let alone reversing it? No, of course not. France will continue to welcome Muslims in and to fund their high birth-rates. Their growing numbers will ensure that the fanatics are ever harder to track. The collaboration of “moderate” Muslims with the fanatics will be both active and passive. As a “Muslim FBI officer” put it in the Guardian after the Paris massacres: “how was a network able to operate in a tight-knit community and neighbourhood without any detection; why did the confidential informants, undercover agents, community leaders or citizens within the community not turn us on to this network … — why did they not say anything?”
He was talking about Belgium and the vibrant suburb of Molenbeek, a Muslim “no-go zone” within a few miles of NATO Headquarters. In other words, while France and NATO bomb Islamic State in Syria, Islamic Statelets are growing all over Europe, seething with crime, corruption and hatred of the White Christian nations that surround them and fund their expansion. And what has happened to those people, like Marine Le Pen and Brigitte Bardot, who have been warning for decades about the consequences of mass immigration from the Third World? Has France, land of Voltaire, cradle of liberty, disagreed with their opinions but resolutely defended their right to speak?
No, France has prosecuted them. In September this year, Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National, went on trial under what the New York Times approvingly described as “France’s tough hate-speech laws.” She is accused of “inciting religious hatred against Muslims” in a speech she made in Lyon five years ago. The trial looked ridiculous when it began, a few months after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. It looks even more ridiculous now, after a new, improved massacre in the same city.
“A Very Umble Person”
But who is busy advocating “France’s tough hate-speech laws”? Who has wanted to stifle free speech, prosecute dissidents and ensure that Muslim pathologies worsen with every passing day? (Hint: He’s the same person I wrote about in a column on the Stalinization of Europe.) François Hollande knows the answer, because he bestowed France’s greatest honour on a leading inquisitor in June this year:
Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), was awarded the Officier de la Légion d’Honneur (Officer of the Legion of Honour) by the President of France François Hollande. The award is the highest decoration in France, established by Napoleon Bonaparte. For two centuries, it has been presented on behalf of the Head of State to reward the most deserving citizens in all fields of activity.
The award was bestowed on Dr. Kantor at the Elysée Palace by President Hollande for leading the fight against Antisemitism, racism, intolerance and xenophobia, promoting interfaith relations and a more tolerant Europe in his roles at the European Jewish Congress, the democratically-elected umbrella organization representing European Jewry. President Hollande called Dr. Kantor “a man of peace, a man of culture, a friend, and a friend of France.”
“You are an inspiring person in the Jewish world, a great figure of the Jewish People in Europe, heading a major institution, the European Jewish Congress, which today represents 42 communities,” President Hollande said before bestowing the award. “You and the EJC are promoting Jewish culture, interfaith dialogue and tolerance, fighting Antisemitism and racism and preserving the memory of the Holocaust. Because all of these reasons, all of these values — your fight against Antisemitism and for peace, and for your love of France — we honor you here today.” (Dr. Moshe Kantor Awarded Legion of Honour by President Hollande, European Jewish Congress, 30th June 2015)
Humble Moshe Kantor is honoured by François Hollande
Humble Moshe Kantor is honoured by François Hollande
Moshe Kantor is a Russian billionaire who was born under Stalin and, as noted, wants to see Stalinism re-created across Europe. He said he was “humbled by this honor” and hoped that “the French Government will support and even lead the appointment of a European Union special envoy as well as the creation of a task force on Antisemitism at the European level as done so well in France.”
In other words, Kantor wants more thought-police, more laws against free speech and more surveillance of the goyim. François Hollande was right to speak of an “army of fanatics,” but wrong to restrict that army’s membership to Muslim terrorists. By any rational standard, he and Kantor are fanatics and extremists too, determined to impose a totalitarian ideology on the unwilling White nations of Europe. These two are just as guilty of “staining Paris with blood” as the Muslims who fired bullets and detonated suicide-belts.
Muslims and other non-Whites aren’t in Europe by the democratic will of the majority, but by the anti-democratic will of the liberal elite. This treachery has been openly admitted by another member of the army of fanatics. He’s a repulsive British politician called Roy Hattersley, once deputy leader of the Labour party and Member of Parliament for the Birmingham constituency of Sparkbrook:
How are politicians to behave when, having listened, they find themselves in fundamental disagreement with what they have heard? Should I, in 1964, have called for what a clear majority of my constituents, and most of the country, undoubtedly wanted — the repatriation of all Commonwealth immigrants? [His answer: “Not in a million years.”] (Politics should be guided by principles, not populism, The Guardian, 5th May 2013) … For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook’s demands about the great issues of national policy — otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union. (Ideology’s our life, Esther, The Guardian, 31st July 2013)
Pearlstine’s Swine
The Labour party knew very well that its White working-class supporters vehemently opposed mass immigration from the Third World. It ignored their wishes, just as it ignored the screams of White working-class girls raped by Muslims in Rotherham and other enriched towns and cities throughout the UK. Labour has betrayed the very people it was founded to protect. As I’ve pointed out before, the party is best described as a criminal conspiracy, not as a political organization.
Lord Hattersley and Maggie Pearlstine
Lord Hattersley and Maggie Pearlstine
Roy Hattersley has been richly rewarded for his part in this conspiracy. He now sits in the House of Lords as Lord Hattersley and has made large sums of money as a writer, despite the shallowness of his intellect and the banality of his prose. In 2013, he married the woman who has fostered his golden mediocrity, his Jewish literary agent Maggie Pearlstine. Like the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution, who often had Jewish wives if they were not themselves Jewish, Hattersley is a goy who has flourished in a Jewish milieu, where disdain for the White majority sits naturally with worship of minorities.
Would Hattersley be a rich Lord with a Jewish wife if he had called in 1964 for what “most of the country undoubtedly wanted”: “the repatriation of all Commonwealth immigrants”? Would François Hollande be president of France if he were condemning Moshe Kantor rather than slobbering over him? Of course not. The war on Whites is massively incentivized. Traitors like Hattersley and Hollande are rewarded; patriots like Bardot and Le Pen are persecuted.
Malevolence and psychosis
Hollande was lying when he promised to destroy the “army of fanatics.” In fact, he, Kantor, Hattersley and the rest of Europe’s liberal elite are part of the army. Their extremist ideology is responsible for the insane course Europe has taken since the World War II. Mass immigration from the Third World into the West has been like tipping a bucket of hungry piranhas into a pool full of goldfish. Anyone who promises that such experiments will end well is either a malevolent liar or psychotically detached from reality. That front page from the Times isn’t ironic just because it juxtaposes the saintly Nadiya with the sinful Islamic State. Look at the colour of her headscarf. Like Europe’s future, it’s blood-red.
The traitors responsible for the coming horrors will not escape the judgment of history. Nor, if justice is served, will they escape prosecution and punishment for what are, by their own liberal ideology, unmistakable crimes against humanity. Decade after decade, the liberal elite have deliberately encouraged the murder, rape, impoverishment and ethnic cleansing of Europe’s indigenous White population. While they are up, Europe is down. As Europe rises, they will fall.

200.000 Falangistas/Spanish nationalists sing "Cara al sol" on the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of the Falange in  1953

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This isn't a just war – it’s 'recreational bombing' by our Churchill wannabe

  • Columnist Peter Hitchens expresses his concerns over war 
  • Admits he is no pacifist and supported the retaking of the Falklands
  • However he says that we can do no 'conceivable good' in the conflict 

Once again, as a patriotic Englishman from a Naval family, I stand amazed to find myself so lonely in my doubts about a foolish war.
I am no pacifist. I supported the retaking of the Falklands, national territory illegally seized by foreign invaders. I was thrilled to see that the Royal Navy could still do the hard tasks for which it is paid too little. Could it now?
Yet, on the basis of an emotional spasm and a speech that was illogical and factually weak, we are rushing towards yet another swamp, from which we will struggle to extract ourselves and where we can do no conceivable good.
Coincidence? David Cameron managed to have his portrait taken next to a very macho-looking Typhoon fighter jet at Northolt RAF base on his way back from Paris earlier this week
Coincidence? David Cameron managed to have his portrait taken next to a very macho-looking Typhoon fighter jet at Northolt RAF base on his way back from Paris earlier this week
Heaven forbid that it will lead (as other such adventures have) to more melancholy processions, bearing flag-wrapped coffins, from RAF Brize Norton; or to quieter convoys, carrying terribly injured men to special hospitals. 
Why must good, brave, dutiful men and women die or be maimed for life because our politicians are vain and ignorant?
But there is no knowing the end of this, especially given the Prime Minister’s absurd belief that we have 70,000 ‘moderate’ allies just waiting to help us in Syria. Among these scattered ‘moderates’ are those who last week murdered a Russian pilot as he parachuted to earth, and mauled his corpse.
When this phantom army turns out to be non-existent, or hostile, how long will it take Mr Cameron to return to the House of Commons, pleading oh-so-reasonably for ground troops to follow?


All the four main unpopular newspapers had virtually the same page one headline on Friday morning. 
The Times: Labour at war over vote to bomb Isis; The Telegraph: Labour at war over Syria air strikes; The Guardian: Labour in Syria turmoil as PM makes the case for war; The Independent: Labour at war over air strikes in Syria. The BBC’s headlines were very similar.
None of these stories contained any clear facts, just anonymous briefings. If it had been a plane crash, or a verdict in a major court case, this sort of unanimity in supposedly competing media would have been normal. But in this case it looks much more as if we have a controlled press.
It is all such rubbish. I have yet to see conclusive evidence that the Paris murders were organised by or in Islamic State. France has plenty of home-grown hatred and (despite strict gun laws) is awash with illegal Kalashnikovs and ammunition.
Nor can I see why bombing Raqqa will defend us or anyone against such murders.
France’s President Hollande, a failed politician in bad domestic trouble, mired his own country in Syria months ago. 
I can’t see what good reason we have to follow him there. It will not help to bind up the wounds of the people of France.
Only three weeks back, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee advised, in a carefully argued report, that intervention in Syria is not a good idea. 
The pathetic cave-in of that committee’s chairman, Crispin Blunt, who now supports Mr Cameron’s latest war, merely makes Mr Blunt look irrational, weak-minded and easily led.
The UN Security Council resolution (of which Mr Cameron makes so much) actually offers no legal basis for military action. Nor does it cite Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which authorises the use of force.
David Cameron is already suffering from galloping Churchill syndrome (the patient growls, denounces his critics as appeasers, and starts wars). Now he seems to have contracted Blair’s disorder, an irresistible desire to pose alongside military hardware. 
On Monday he managed to have his portrait taken next to a very macho-looking Typhoon fighter jet at Northolt RAF base on his way back from Paris. 
Odd, that. Typhoons are not normally stationed at Northolt, and I haven’t been able to get a coherent explanation of what military reason it had to be there, so convenient for a photo-opportunity.
The Prime Minister might have been better employed looking up Syria on a map, reading the relevant documents, or consulting with our former ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford – who energetically opposes what he denounces as ‘recreational bombing’.
In all these modern wars real experts are impatiently pushed aside, while flatterers and yes-men take over. But it’s not decided yet. There’s still just time to write to your MP, if you agree with me that this is folly. I beg you to do so

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