Thursday, March 31, 2016

Irish celebrate Easter Rising in Dublin

Gerry Adams and Machine Gun Martin will 'celebrate' this.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Non-Jews should be forbidden from living in Israel, says Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef

Published 30/03/2016
Israeli Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef. AFP/Getty Images
Israeli Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef. AFP/Getty Images
Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi has sparked controversy after saying non-Jews should not be allowed to live in Israel unless they follow a set of Jewish laws.
Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said non-Jews who fail to live by the seven Noahide laws should be expelled to Saudi Arabia, The Times of Israel reports.

Speaking in a sermon on Saturday, the Chief Rabbi said: “If our hands were firm, if we had the power to rule, then non-Jews must not live in Israel.”
“If a gentile does not agree to take on the seven Noahide Laws, we should send him to Saudi Arabia.”
The seven Noahide Laws are a basic moral code outlined in the Talmud. They prohibit actions such as blasphemy, murder, illicit sexual relations, theft and eating live animals, according to The Times of Israel.
Rabbi Yosef added that non-Jews who do agree to abide by the laws will be allowed to remain in Israel in order to serve Jews.
“Who, otherwise be the servants? Who will be our helpers? This is why we leave them in Israel, ” he said.
Rabbi Yosef’s comments have been heavily criticised by the human rights agency Anti-Defamation League, who have called on him to retract the statements.
Jonathon Greenblatt, ADL’s CEO, and Carole Nuriel, acting Director of ADL’s Israel Office, said in a statement the comments were “shocking and unacceptable.”
“It is unconscionable that the Chief Rabbi, an official representative of the State of Israel, would express such intolerant and ignorant views about Israel’s non-Jewish population – including the millions of non-Jewish citizens.”
“As a spiritual leader, Rabbi Yosef should be using his influence to preach tolerance and compassion towards others, regardless of their faith, and not seek to exclude and demean a large segment of Israelis.”
This is not the first time Rabbi Yosef’s comments have stirred controversy. Earlier this month, the Rabbi was criticised for suggesting Israelis should kill knife-wielding terrorists without fear of the law, the Jerusalem Post reports.
"If a terrorist is advancing with a knife, it’s a mitzva [commandment] to kill him,” he said in Jerusalem’s Yazadim Synagogue.
“One shouldn’t be afraid that someone will petition the High Court of Justice or some [army] chief of staff will come and say something different,” he added.

DUP MLA outraged as officer 'helps' republican erect Irish tricolour outside pub

Social media image of a PSNI officer supporting a ladder for a man raising a flag on the Glen Road, Belfast
Social media image of a PSNI officer supporting a ladder for a man raising a flag on the Glen Road, Belfast
A DUP Assembly member has condemned a policeman for securing a ladder a man was climbing to erect a tricolour.
North Belfast MLA William Humphrey called the officer's assistance "inappropriate" and said he intended to raise the issue with PSNI chiefs..
"I don't think that's it's appropriate for police to be helping people who are decorating the streets with Irish flags for a parade which is effectively for republicans," he added.
"We hope to meet with the police about a range of issues that have caused concern to us.
"There are issues about parading and about the lack of police in Lurgan and Coalisland compared to the level of policing at Twadell Avenue on Monday morning for the Apprentice Boys' parade.
"Police need to be seen to be acting in an impartial and balanced way, and we are concerned about some of the things that we have seen over the past few days.
"It looks to me that the police have not been balanced in how they have been policing.
"We are at the start of the parading season and I don't think we have had a good few days because of the behaviour of republicans who have gone out of their way to break the law and put the police in a difficult position."
But Sinn Fein MLA Fra McCann described Mr Humphrey's comments as "pathetic".
"Thousands of people took part in Sunday's commemoration of the Easter Rising in Belfast," he added.
"It was one of the largest commemorations seen in Belfast for decades and was held in a respectful, dignified and family- friendly atmosphere.
"It is pathetic that William Humphrey has chosen to be offended by a non-story."
The policeman in question was photographed securing a ladder outside McEnaney's bar on the Glen Road in west Belfast over the Easter holidays.
A senior police officer denied the officer was helping the man put up the flag and said he was "quite right" to step in and ensure the man was safe in windy conditions.
Superintendent Paula Hilman added: "Police officers in west Belfast were involved in the policing operation around the commemoration of the Easter Rising.
"The weather conditions were blustery and an officer on duty at the Glen Road observed that a ladder which was positioned against a building was starting to move in the wind.
"The officer quite rightly put his foot against the bottom rung of the ladder to steady it and prevent the man using the ladder from being hurt."

NWN: This is bloody disgraceful. The Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) were men and women of the highest calibre, and this writer has worked with them at the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland. The Irish tricolour was banned from public display in the very recent past. This picture is in an IRA stronghold close to the Falls Road Belfast. The PSNI seem to be the militant wing of Sinn Fein/ IRA these days.They are betraying the service and lives of decades of the men and women of the Army and RUC amongst others. Shame on them !

Monday, March 28, 2016

Northern Ireland yesterday - Easter Sunday

Where were the Police ?  

The 'mass media' is full of talk about Muslim terrorists - but nothing about how to combat them. Then we have these murderous scum. The security barriers in places like Whitehall in London are due to the IRA. They haven't gone away as the pictures above testify!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

KATIE HOPKINS: The real threat is not the far right – it’s the smug left! When did it become acceptable to water cannon people standing up for their country while turning a blind eye to the destruction of Europe? 

So let's just get this straight.
A peace march in Belgium was cancelled over fears ISIS could use it to launch another attack on Brussels. Belgium security forces decided a March Against Fear, however topical, would be ill-advised because the fear is grounded in truth, and marching isn't going to make it go away.
This is a bit like the people who say they are standing up to terror by continuing to use the underground. They are not actually standing up to anything. There is no real show of defiance. Everyone is scared to death.
In truth, they are gambling on the old adage lightening never strikes the same spot twice. Or for a more modern twist, suicide bombers never target the same subway twice in a week.
But if you live in jihadi central, that's a pretty risky bet to place. 
Whilst it seems perfectly acceptable to turn the water cannon on nationals, determined to stand up for their country, it is never acceptable to criticise migrants, terrorists or extremists, writes KATIE HOPKINS
Whilst it seems perfectly acceptable to turn the water cannon on nationals, determined to stand up for their country, it is never acceptable to criticise migrants, terrorists or extremists, writes KATIE HOPKINS
Right-wing protesters arrived en masse in central Brussels today  and unfurled banners denouncing ISIS
Right-wing protesters arrived en masse in central Brussels today and unfurled banners denouncing ISIS
In place of the March Against Fear, a few pro-migrant groups turned up at the Old Stock Exchange in Brussels to watch mourners light candles for the dead, and shove a bit more leftie clap-trap down their throats, reminding them that irregular migrants are good people at heart and the last suicide bombers were actually home-grown, so not technically migrants at all. So that's ok then.
In response, a group of anti-immigration protestors gathered at the Place de la Bourse to unfurl an anti-ISIS banner and vent their frustration at the direction in which the self-styled capital of Europe appears to be heading.
As far as I can tell, the March Against Fear was cancelled because there was too much fear, and a riot broke out because the police objected to a peaceful protest.
There are a few things I notice around these incidents in Europe;
  • Firstly, the anti-immigration protestors are always referred to as thugs. The language around them is universally ugly, despite the fact they are protesting against the very people who think it is acceptable to detonate themselves next to small babies wearing suicide vests filled with nails and shrapnel.
  • They are called the far-right despite and lazy associations are made between them and Hitler. Even though in the UK it appears to be Labour supporters who have issues with Jews.
  • Clearly Nazi salutes have no place in modern Europe. No one wants to see violence against the police, stones thrown or graffiti. But if you look carefully, trouble-making groups on the left such as No Borders build a far more subversive brand of trouble.
  • The dreadlocked gangs of migrant-lovers, turning a blind eye to the destruction of Europe, are never referred to as the far-left. They are affectionately called anarchists, as if they are teenage boys, experimenting with Death Metal and living raw vegan.
  • Despite absolutely no police response to terrorists (Turkey even warned the Belgium Intelligence Services about three suicide bombers who went on to attack the city) or marauding migrants (see Cologne - New Year's Eve) their rapid reaction to the presence of a handful of Pegida is overwhelming.
Fourteen people were killed and scores more injured when two suicide bombers targeted Brussels airport
Fourteen people were killed and scores more injured when two suicide bombers targeted Brussels airport
In Cologne, 150 officers were sent to police the migrant attacks on women on New Years Eve, resulting in 676 criminal complaints being filed. In comparison, 1700 riot police with water cannon were sent to stop a subsequent Pegida march through the city.
Whilst it seems perfectly acceptable to turn the water cannon on nationals, determined to stand up for their country and culture, it is never acceptable to criticise migrants, terrorists or extremists planning attacks.
It seems to me there is a yawning gulf between the treatment and reporting of the far-left and the far-right, and and even bigger chasm between nationals and migrant populations, who lack respect for the culture they have joined.
The left are so busy kowtowing to the rights of those who have chosen to join our culture, the right has lost the freedom to defend the culture they have chosen to join.
At least 20 people were killed when ISIS extremist Khalid El Bakraoui detonated a bomb on the city's Metro
At least 20 people were killed when ISIS extremist Khalid El Bakraoui detonated a bomb on the city's Metro
The police have an almost magnetic attraction to events which offer predictable policing - such as a Pegida March through a city centre, but are incapable of defending people from the actual threat of terror we all feel.
Whilst we sit waiting for our next 7/7, the Metropolitan Police were arresting a man for a tweet, accidentally charging him to appear in court, before sheepishly letting him go.
Vanity policing is the last thing out country needs.
People talk about the rise of the far-right. I fear the dominance of the smug, self-centred left led by yoghurt knitting pillocks like Emma Thompson and Michael Sheen is far more threatening and far more real.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prime Minister’s award for Mohammed Sheraz

Mohammed Sheraz has received a special award from the Prime Minister for the community work he did during the Boxing Day floods.

Mr Sheraz, a charity worker in Rochdale, joined forces with the charity Al-Khair Foundation to lead a team of a hundred volunteers to make sure the vulnerable were unharmed.

A youth centre was set up where they worked to give residents access to gas, electricity, food and blankets.

Not wanting to take all the credit for the award, Mr Sheraz said: “It's an award for the whole town and all the individuals and volunteers and organisations that helped during the floods, you know who you all are.

“I met and spoke to PM David Cameron and was honoured to receive the award at Downing Street.

“I am a proud Rochdalian and this award is for all of us, we are proud of our town and communities and will only get stronger as we move forward. I would personally like to thank Imran Talib Hussain from Alkhair for his outstanding help during the floods and clean-up operation we mounted from Gower Street.”

He added: “I am not worthy of this praise as it's a collective recognition of the town coming together in our darkest hour to rally around and help, Fellow citizens and volunteers up and down the country who gave up their time and energy to help.

“I would like to inspire young people and other communities to challenge the hate and ignorance which we see in the world. Let's celebrate our shared cultures and live peacefully side by side.”

NWN:  A special award for the community work ? There was only ONE community they helped when the floods hit Rochdale. 
Can you guess which one ?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We're all Marxists now !
 Convicted IRA bomber cancels Brussels Easter Uprising event

A convicted IRA bomber has been forced to cancel an event in the European Parliament today commemorating the Easter Rising because of events in Brussels. Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson has emailed colleagues:
A chairde,
In light of the tragic events at the Brussels-National Airport and at metro stations in the Brussels Capital Region, the event “Gallant Allies in Europe” has been cancelled.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of all those affected by these terrible events.
Stay safe and look out for each other.
That is the same Martina Anderson who served part of a life sentence for plotting a bombing campaign in 12 English seaside resorts. The former IRA terrorist was part of the gang which planned “bomb a day” terror attacks on London and resorts across England. “Stay safe…” 

NWN; Oooh the irony !

Why would anyone want to interview Nick Griffin and put that video on the web?

Seems some videos have been put up on the web of Griffin talking about eating curry, and how he made a great success of his 'Question Time' debacle. To "get himself beaten up" he says.

Griffin was also lying about ridding the NF of "homosexuals" in the early 1980's.    There were a few left after they 'booted out' Martin Webster without paying him what they owed him.Griffin himself was not averse to some 'male action' either apparently.

Some people will never learn. Griffin is a wrecker. He will also make a 'bee line' for the money even though he has been bankrupted TWICE.

All people need do is use the search function on this site to read about the Gri££in record, and there is much much more on this crook out there on the web.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Rule-or-Ruin Republicans


By Patrick Buchanan

“Things reveal themselves passing away,” wrote W. B. Yeats.
Whatever one may think of Donald Trump, his campaign has done us a service — exposing the underbelly of a decaying establishment whose repudiation by America’s silent majority is long overdue.
According to The New York Times, super PACs of Trump’s GOP rivals, including PACs of candidates who have dropped out, are raising and spending millions to destroy the probable nominee.
Goals of the anti-Trump conspirators: Manipulate the rules and steal the nomination at Cleveland. Failing that, pull out all the stops and torpedo any Trump-led ticket in the fall. Then blame Trump and his followers for the defeat, pick up the pieces, and posture as saviors of the party they betrayed.
This is vindictiveness of a high order.
It brings to mind the fable of the “The Dog in the Manger,” the tale of the snarling cur that, out of pure malice, kept the hungry oxen from the straw they needed to eat.
Last week came reports on another closed conclave of the “Never Trump” cabal at the Army and Navy Club in D.C. Apparently, William Kristol circulated a memo detailing how to rob Trump of the nomination, even if he finishes first in states, votes and delegates.
Should Trump win on the first ballot, Kristol’s fallback position is to create a third party and recruit a conservative to run as its nominee.
Purpose: Have this rump party siphon off enough conservative votes to sink Trump and give the presidency to Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose policies are more congenial to the neocons and Kristol’s Weekly Standard.
Among the candidates Kristol is reportedly proposing are ex-Governor Rick Perry of Texas and former Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, both respected conservatives.
Kristol contends a third-party conservative candidate can win.
He can’t be serious. It is absurd to think Gov. Perry, whose poll numbers were so low that he dropped out of the race last September without winning a single primary, caucus, or even a delegate, could capture the White House on a third-party ticket.
Perry would not even be assured of winning his home state.
Trump and Perry would split the conservative vote in the Lone Star State and deliver its 36 electoral votes to Clinton, thus assuring a second Clinton presidency. Does Perry want that as his legacy?
As for Coburn, he is not nationally known. But his name on the ballot would take votes, one-for-one, from the Republican nominee.
How would that advance the causes for which Tom Coburn has devoted all of his public life?
Indeed, if the supreme imperative for Kristol and the “Never Trump” conservatives is to defeat him, they have become de facto allies of George Soros and, Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street — and the party of Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.
However, if the oligarchs, neocons and Trump-loathers, having failed to stop him in Cleveland, collude to destroy the GOP ticket in the fall, they have a chance of succeeding. And Clinton’s super PACs would surely be delighted to contribute to that cause.
But, again, what will they have accomplished?
Do they think that Republicans who stay loyal to the ticket will not see them for the selfish, rule-or-ruin, wrecking crew they have become? Do they think that if a Trump-led ticket is defeated, they will be restored to the positions of power and preeminence that a majority of their fellow Republicans have voted to strip away from them?
The Beltway has to come to terms with reality. It has not only lost the country; it has lost the party. It is not only these elites themselves who have been repudiated; it is their ideas and their agenda.
The American people want their borders secured, the invasion stopped, the manufacturing plants brought back and an end to the conscription of our best and bravest to fight wars dreamed up in the tax-exempt think tanks of neoconservatives.
Trump is winning because he speaks for the people. Look at those crowds.
Establishment pundits are now wailing that they have gotten the message, that they understand that they have not been listening.
But still, they refuse to act on this recognition.
In June of 1978, Gov. Jerry Brown of California, who had fought tirelessly against Proposition 13, which would slash property taxes across California, did a U-turn when it passed in a landslide. And Brown himself implemented the tax cuts he had opposed.
He got the message and acted on it.
One sees none of this flexibility in the Beltway establishment, none of this acceptance of the new realities, only obduracy.
Donald Trump is only the messenger.
If these conservative defectors from a ticket led by Trump collude with Democrats, by running a third party candidate to siphon off Trump’s votes, they may succeed.
But they delude themselves if they think they will have solved the problem of their own irrelevance, or that they have a future.
The party will survive. They won’t.

Gideon 'George' Osborne : Chancellor of the Exchequer;  

with a prostitute, and ooh............. on the table is cocaine ! Circled on left of pic.

Photo taken in 1994.

'Jeremy Kyle is cancelled for this Belgian nonsense?' Fans' fury as chat show is pushed aside by Brussels attacks that killed dozens 

Some Jeremy Kyle fans have been slammed on Twitter after complaining today's episode of the show was cancelled in order to cover the Brussels attacks.
At least 34 people have died after a series of attacks across the Belgian city, including a suicide bomb attack at the airport which struck near the American Airlines check-in desk at 8am.
ITV decided to cancel the popular daytime talk show in order to stay with its flagship breakfast programme, Good Morning Britain, and provide coverage of the on-going terror attack.
ITV decided to cancel popular daytime talk show Jeremy Kyle in order to stay with its flagship breakfast programme, Good Morning Britain, and provide coverage of the on-going terror attack (file image)
ITV decided to cancel popular daytime talk show Jeremy Kyle in order to stay with its flagship breakfast programme, Good Morning Britain, and provide coverage of the on-going terror attack (file image)
One Twitter user with the screen name @ChelseyNVOXO wrote: 'Erm why isn't Jeremy Kyle on? They've been showing the same thing all morning. It's boring now'
One Twitter user with the screen name @ChelseyNVOXO wrote: 'Erm why isn't Jeremy Kyle on? They've been showing the same thing all morning. It's boring now'
But Jeremy Kyle fans were not impressed and some took to Twitter to complain about the decision.
Although many appeared to be trolls who deliberately write provocative and disturbing comments online, a worrying number appeared to be genuinely incensed that the show was not on.
One Twitter user with the screen name @ChelseyNVOXO wrote: 'Erm why isn't Jeremy Kyle on? They've been showing the same thing all morning. It's boring now.'
She added: 'Also it's in Brussels so why do we need to know about it lol.'
Some Jeremy Kyle fans have been slammed on Twitter after complaining today's episode of the show was cancelled in order to cover the Brussels attacks
Some Jeremy Kyle fans have been slammed on Twitter after complaining today's episode of the show was cancelled in order to cover the Brussels attacks
When others responded to her callous tweets she replied: 'How does it affect England? If a terror attack happened in England I doubt Brussels would care. 
'But at the same time it doesn't affect me, it's a shame yeah but still. Sorry for not giving a s*** about something that doesn't affect me.'
As more and more people asked her if she was being serious, she wrote: 'Dead bodies was the last thing I wanted to see at 8 in the morning. Also why am I going to care about people I don't even know?'
A woman named Olivia Lavelle wrote: 'I'm extremely sad about Brussels but why have ITV not played Jeremy Kyle my one highlight of the day.'
A man going by the name of David Edwards added: 'Seriously? There's no Jeremy Kyle due to this Belgian nonsense. FFS.' 
Medics help passengers buried in the debris that filled the terminal  after the blasts at Brussels Airport today
Medics help passengers buried in the debris that filled the terminal after the blasts at Brussels Airport today
The Lorraine Kelly show was also cancelled after just a few minutes to allow GMB's breaking coverage to continue. 
The BBC also pulled their planned morning show schedule to continue their news coverage of the explosions.
Witnesses in Brussels described apocalyptic scenes with blood and 'dismembered bodies everywhere' after two blasts rocked the city's airport terminal at around 8am (7am GMT), killing at least 14 people and injuring 35 others.
Then 79 minutes later at 9.19am at least 20 people were killed and 55 injured, some critically, when a blast hit a Metro station just 400 metres from the EU headquarters in the city centre.
Two suspects were arrested (pictured) a mile from the Maelbeek metro station at around 11am as hundreds of troops and police flooded the streets of Brussels in the hunt for members of the terror cell
Two suspects were arrested (pictured) a mile from the Maelbeek metro station at around 11am as hundreds of troops and police flooded the streets of Brussels in the hunt for members of the terror cell
At least 20 people were killed and 55 injured when a blast hit a Metro station just 400 metres from the EU HQ
At least 20 people were killed and 55 injured when a blast hit a Metro station just 400 metres from the EU HQ
At the airport, there were reports of a firefight between police and the attackers who shouted in Arabic moments before detonating their bombs.
An unexploded suicide vest was later found in the rubble and a Kalashnikov rifle beside the body of a dead terrorist.
The blasts, which detonated near the American Airlines and Brussels Airlines check-in desks, sent shockwaves through the terminal building, shattering windows and knocking roof tiles off the ceiling as terrified passengers ran for their lives.
The explosions have left countries worldwide reeling, with security placed on high alert, flights cancelled, Eurostar services suspended and France's border with Belgium shut down.
Two suspects were arrested a mile from the Maelbeek metro station at around 11am as hundreds of troops and police flooded the streets of Brussels in the hunt for members of the terror cell.
Soldiers have been also been deployed at the airport and other key locations across Brussels as Belgium raised security to its maximum level.
The bombings come just a day after the Belgium Interior Minister warned of possible revenge attacks after the arrest of Paris massacre suspect Salah Abdeslam in the city on Friday. 
NWN: Whatever one's views on all this 'terror' stuff and the why's and wherefores of the so called 'war on terror'. The intelligence (or lack of) of a lot of British people shocks us.We are surprised that gobshite Jeremy Kyle, has indeed got any fans !

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Derrick Day - former London East End NF activist

This pic was taken at an animal rights meeting to protest the live animal exports at the battle of Brightlingsea in late 1995. Unfortunately Derrick died during these protests. He loved animals. Derrick was a personal friend of this writer, and he spoke many times at Rochdale NF meetings during the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Johnny Speight the jewish ex communist writer, based his popular TV character 'ALF GARNETT' on Derrick Day. This was admitted in a Sunday Telegraph article by Speight.  'Alf Garnett' was a fellow jew Warren Mitchell .

NF members at Brick Lane late 1970's.

                Derrick speaking at NF rally in Hoxton 1978

Derrick can be seen second from  the right leading the National Front march at Lewisham 13th.August 1977

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why do politicians skulk around in schools and with schoolchildren ?

(NWN: 'English' activist promoting AFA in USA against Donald Trump...........)


Pro-Illegal Immigration Activists Plan Rallies This Saturday against Donald Trump

A so-called “antifascist” group that supports illegal immigration is planning a rally against GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump this Saturday in New York City, the same day that a Black Lives Matter affiliated group that also supports illegal immigration is planning a rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Facebook page for the recently formed group Cosmopolitan Antifascists announces the Rally Against Donald Trump, using the hashtag #CrushTrump, will be held Saturday at 11 AM at New York’s Columbus Circle. The group’s Facebook announcement says:
Donald J. Trump has made headlines in recent months with his divisive rhetoric, hate speech, and extremist plans to “make America great again”. We, in fact, believe this will do the opposite to this nation. Trump’s policy threatens many of us in the Black, Latino, LGBT, Muslim, and other communities. These policies and this type of speech has no place in this country, and certainly does not have a place in the city that Trump grew his empire in, which is considered such a melting pot and home for many of the same people Trump continues to wage war on. Join us at Columbus Circle as we march to Trump Tower as we say no to hate, no to divisiveness, no to fascist policies, and most importantly, no to Donald J. Trump.
The Cosmopolitan Antifascists are soccer fans, working in solidarity with English groups who combine pro-leftist sentiments with the sport. New York City has a professional soccer team called the New York Cosmos, although the group says it is not directly affiliated with the team.

The invite for the event leads to the Facebook page of Nathen Taylor, a nose ring-wearing man who says he previously worked at Saatchi & Saatchi London and who currently works as a digital designer at Leicester City Football Club. Taylor’s recent Facebook cover was a photo of Democratic Presidential contender (NWN: Our emphasis)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
. His Instragram feed has a number of soccer related photos,  as well as pro-illegal immigration messaging and one picture shows him wearing a Bernie Sanders T-shirt, styled after the seminal Los Angeles punk rock group Black Flag. As Breitbart London Editor Raheem Kassam points out, “We have a Bernie activist/supporter using corporate brands across the Atlantic to agitate against Trump.”
Showing the wide range of anti-Trump sentiment from both the far left and the GOP establishment, Cosmopolitan Antifascist’s twitter feed recently retweeted both Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney related to their anti-Trump attacks.
Meanwhile in Arizona, the “Puente Human Rights Movement”— a longtime antagonist of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio — is also planning a rally against Trump. The group announced details on its Facebook page:
Get ready to be #UnitedAgainstHate and say #NoMasTrumpadas in Arizona.
Time and place are not yet announced.
We’ll add details as we get them. Spread the word.
Listos para decir #NoMasTrumpadas.
El tiempo y lugar no es información pública todavía.
Añadimos más detailles pronto.
As Breitbart News exposed, that group is directly connected to Black Lives Matter cofounder Opal Tometi, who serves on the group’s board.
Puente organized the rally at the very first large-scale Donald Trump event held last year in Phoenix, and is heavily funded by leftist donors including pro-illegal immigration group Philanthropy Unbound.
Aside from this Saturday’s planned anti-Trump rally, Puente recently posted a video announcing another rally against what it terms as “a wave of anti-immigrant bills” for March 23.

The Cosmopolitan Antifascist group expressed support for the recent shutdown of Donald Trump’s plan speaking engagement in Chicago.
Donald Trump went on to win the Illinois primary on Tuesday.
Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein, along with this reporter, explained how the professional Left plans to shut down the conservative and nationalist movement Thursday on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM:

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Last night at a junket in Washington DC

The Legacy of Tony Blair: Deception and Jewish Ethnic Strategizing in the Creation of Multicultural Britain

Francis Carr Begbie

Broken Vows
Tom Bower
London: Faber & Faber, 2016

Few political indiscretions in Britain have had the effect of the Andrew Neather leak of six years ago. The former speech writer for Tony Blair recalled a speech on immigration he had worked on and wrote:
Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.
I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended—even if this wasn’t its main purpose—to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.
The effects of this slip still reverberate today. Only now as we look back only eighteen years can we really discern the outline of something that had long been suspected—that there was a hostile secret agenda to impose multiculturalism on Britain and to transform the country beyond recognition.
More evidence for this has been gathered in a new book by journalist Tom Bower titled Broken Vows. Bower has interviewed 200 members of Blair’s administrations including the civil servants closest to immigration decision making. The sheer scale of the deception takes the breath away. Blair is said to have told ministers and officials: “Don’t mention the advantages of immigration in public because they won’t even want that.”

But the real significance of this book is not that there are any explosive documents or indiscretions but that it has been written at all.  For in the nineteen years since Blair came to power the entire issue has been submerged under a blanket of silence. The media has done its best to look the other way and has shied away from analyzing the roots of a mass immigration policy imposed on a totally unwilling population. Like family incest, Blair’s secret mass immigration policy is the establishment’s guilty secret.
The story begins in 1996 with the previous Conservative administration that was forced to act over growing public anger that only five per cent of asylum seeker immigrants were legitimate. So the Conservatives passed an Immigration Act which tightened the rules and created penalties for employers who employed unrecognized asylum seekers. This had an almost immediate effect and the number of applicants fell from 43,000 to 29,000 in 1996 and was to eventually to drop to below 20,000.
When Tony Blair’s Labour Party came to power in May, 1997, it seemed that a priority was to dismantle as much of the previous year’s immigration act as fast as possible, and as discreetly as possible. The new Home Secretary Jack Straw, insisted all asylum applicants were fleeing oppression and to say otherwise was “racist.” His most energetic parliamentary supporter was a Labour MP colleague called Gerald Kaufman.
One of the first things Straw did was to abolish a rule in which he had a special interest. Many of his Pakistani constituents from his Bolton constituency claimed they wanted to fly in prospective brides from their homeland.
Until 1997, the “primary purpose rule” imposed a requirement that the applicant should show “that the marriage was not entered into primarily to obtain admission to the United Kingdom.” This was a major ground for refusing applications and dismissing appeals. Almost immediately, the new Home Secretary abolished the rule and cases of immigration for marriage purposes almost immediately shot up.
In vain, civil servants pointed out that these arranged families were largely immigration scams. Muslim families had a vested interest in getting their daughters married to someone in Britain—so that the entire extended family could follow on.  Straw was just not interested in the arguments against this, and so began a flood of non-English speaking illiterates. In 1997 Jack Straw told officials that only 10,000 foreigners would take advantage of the removal of the primary purpose rule. In fact over 150,000 arrived in 1998. (By the end of Labour’s reign more than 550,000 arrivals were arriving annually from Asia, Africa and the Americas and even more from the rest of the EU.)
The centerpiece of Labour’s legislation during this period was the passing of the Human Rights Act of 1998 which was to make it immeasurably more difficult to remove asylum seekers.
Labour’s new laws created a vast “gravy train” for lawyers. Asylum seekers were rehearsed to conceal the circumstances of their origins. The chaos might have been a headache for immigration officers but it was a bonanza for the legal profession because all their bills were paid by the taxpayer. This booming human rights industry was epitomized by the law firm of Matrix Chambers launched by Tony Blair’s QC wife Cherie Booth.
Eventually Blair and Straw were to ensure that, unlike in other countries, asylum applicants would qualify for the full range of benefits including welfare, free health care, and subsidized housing, thus ensuring that Britain become a honeypot for immigrants. Bower notes that in one year 350,000 asylum seekers were repackaged as economic migrants to avoid public outrage. The government secretly gave the go-ahead for 150,000 work permits, the author added, and most of the recipients, including the unskilled, went on to become UK citizens.
Straw even extended the list of countries whose citizens could be considered for asylum status to include states like Nigeria which, while not pleasant, was not at war or in an emergency. Any concern about bogus claimants were waved aside as racism. Straw even removed an English language requirement for nationalization.
The immigration laws were relaxed yet again in 1999. Straw’s Home Office instructed that in cases where asylum seekers had “lost” their documents to conceal their origins, they were invariably to be given the benefit of the doubt. When a court case decided that even failed asylum seekers could not be denied housing welfare and free health care, the civil servants fully expected the government would fight the ruling. Instead Straw decided to let it go.
In 2004 Britain lifted restrictions on immigrants coming from Eastern Europe and again there was a huge influx. The government predicted only 13,000 would come and in fact the final intake was well over a million. And this was when other EU countries were exercising their option not to take such immigrants for five years!
But at  a time when billions of pounds were being diverted into the public sector, the civil servants in charge of immigration were being mysteriously starved of resources and seeing their numbers sharply cut. Thousands of immigration officer’s posts were removed over this period.
In Tony Blair’s autobiography he claimed that his government was the victim of unforeseen events,[1] but as Tom Bower makes clear, it was a deliberate policy of maximizing immigration. Blair’s interest was solely limited to public perception and how it might affect the next election—not the asylum seeker influx itself.
With the Home Secretary Jack Straw it was also a blatantly two-faced approach.  In private Straw showed no concern about the rocketing numbers, but for media consumption and before the House of Commons he said he favored strong controls.
As the arrivals were dispersed to housing estates across the country, the local communities protested that blocks of flats and even streets had become foreign territory. In 2001 race riots exploded between Whites and Pakistanis on the streets of Oldham and the police clamped down hard on White resistance while the BBC played down the cause of White complaints.
Then Blair announced that more students would be allowed into Britain. Civil service warnings that that this would lead to a flood of bogus students and sham language schools were again brushed away. More students, he said, would be good for Britain’s economy.
There were cosmetic controls against bogus marriages, and lorry drivers caught a tiny number of illegal immigrants, but it was all part of a campaign of spin. These generated lots of headlines in local newspapers, but were miniscule compared to the huge floods of asylum seekers arriving through conventional routes.
What interested Tony Blair more was presentation. So, to give the new policy a veneer of respectability, he had drafted in a Jewish academic called Jonathan Portes to produce a report justifying the policy. In the report, Portes emphasized the economic benefits of migration unreservedly. Migrants, he wrote, were not a burden on the public purse but increased the government’s income through taxation.
Although his report was published in 2001, Portes left out the huge flood that had begun when Labour began to dismantle controls. Quite brazenly, he wrote that most migrants were White—omitting the 510,000 immigrants who arrived from the Indian subcontinent during the first three years of Blair’s government.
In the same manner, Portes downplayed the adverse consequences of immigration.  Bower writes:
He asserted that ‘in theory’ there was ‘no evidence’ that migrants would ‘increase pressure on housing transport…and health services’. On the contrary he praised migrant children for bringing ‘greater diversity into UK schools’ and assured Blair that  migrants had not caused any overcrowding in London—which was true in 1997. “There is little evidence” he wrote, “that native workers are harmed”. He added, ‘Migrants will have no effect on the job prospects of natives.’ Nine years later, a report by the Migration Advisory Committee found that twenty three British workers had been displaced for every hundred born foreign-born workers employed in the country.
Portes brushed aside any damaging consequences to British life by not mentioning the reluctance of the growing Muslim and Hindu communities to integrate.
Nevertheless, the Portes report was excellent material for an important speech to the City of London in which the government’s radical new direction would be signaled. It would be made by the new Junior Immigration Minister Barbara Roche; an early draft of the Portes document was shown to her to help her with her speech.
As the guardian of Britain’s border security, Blair chose as Lunior Immigration Minister a woman who seemed to retain an acute sense of her own Jewishness while having a great enthusiasm for eradicating White British identity.
Roche, a staunch enthusiast for all things LGBT, is the daughter of a Polish-Russian Ashkenazi father and Sephardic Spanish-Portugese mother.  She told The Independent “My being Jewish informs me totally, informs my politics. I understand the otherness of ethnic groups.” In 1994 she had been one of the many Jewish MPs who had backed an extreme anti-White measure to increase sentences for crimes where race was deemed to be an aggravating factor.
In her first days as a Minister Roche openly criticized immigration staff for being White males.  She “wanted to see black faces” at the Immigration Directorate’s headquarters. She thought the department’s attitude to race was “toxic,” and she wanted asylum seekers to receive the same welfare benefits and housing as the native British. A civil servant said she made it clear that she didn’t see her job as controlling entry to Britain but wanted more immigrants to come.
Her attitude was summed up in her first conversation with an immigration civil servant. Roche said “I think that the asylum seekers should be allowed to stay in Britain. Removal takes too long and it’s emotional.”
Roche had one significant ally among the civil servants in the form of an academic and migration industry insider Sarah Spencer. This academic had spent her entire working life in the cause of multiculturalism and egalitarianism. A former deputy chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, she had a fanatical belief that immigration and multiculturalism brought nothing but good for society. “I was saying the kind of things they wanted to hear,” recalled Spencer. Bower writes of this ideological clique’s worldview: “British cities, they agreed, should enjoy large non-European communities.”
She [Spencer] was one of the Labour progressives who ‘disdained white Britain’s glorification of British identity and history. British society could be transformed, they hoped, by relaxing the Home Office’s immigration controls. Roche offered Spencer the chance to realise that ambition.
This would be easy because government policy was half-baked, and the priority was a determination not to draw attention to what was happening. So there were no specialist immigration advisors to the Prime Minister or Cabinet committees on immigration. It was all done under the table.
This feigned disinterestedness was embodied in the attitude of Tony Blair himself. He pretended to be not much interested in the issue one way or another, and, although he would say that failed asylum seekers should be deported, he left it up to his ministers. Immigration was not a personal priority. It was purely an issue of presentation. That gave Roche the green light to do what she wanted.  Mass immigration came about in a fit of apparent absent mindedness.  Instead Blair was more interested in the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry.
As noted, an early draft of Portes’ own migration paper was given to Roche to help her write her speech. In drafting her speech Roche asked speech writer Andrew Neather for a gloss. It was this that led to such a big story more than a decade later.
But what was not discussed at the time was that the Portes policy paper had contained other another interesting clause which was not removed. For instance, it gave as justification for admitting asylum seekers, Britain’s record towards Jews fleeing Hitler’s Nazi regime.
We may pride ourselves in retrospect towards our hospitality in welcoming Jewish refugees at the turn of the century and during the Nazi era — in fact the actual record was mixed at best — and positively shameful in some respects.
It is worth reminding ourselves that the lead author of these words was Jewish, as was the person delivering the speech, Barbara Roche. Even her boss Straw was half Jewish.  So was a Jewish desire to extract ethnic retribution an explicit driver of Tony Blair’s mass immigration policy? Everyone has been too polite to point out the conflict of interests.
The Portes document “Migration : An Economic and Social Analysis” was a half-baked concoction of spin and speculation that was almost transparently risible.[2] It would become the most important document in modern British history and the cornerstone of the unspoken policy of White dispossession. Portes predicted that the number entering Britain in 2004 would be a maximum of 170,000. In fact at least 500,000 entered.
Roche’s speech was approved by 10 Downing Street, and on December 11, 2000 Roche delivered her speech to an enthusiastic gathering of the British Bankers Association.  The publication of this monumentally important policy was not reported, and there was no backlash. Roche and Portes had carried out a fundamental shift in Britain’s immigration policy that would transform the country out of recognition. And it was all done behind the back of the British people.
While few White Britons heard about the speech, immigration lawyers immediately grasped its importance. Asylum seekers told their relatives around the world that Britain now provided housing and benefits denied to immigrants in other countries.
Since the advocates of mass immigration denied that immigrants would put pressure on services, there was no discussion amongst civil servants about providing additional homes, schools or hospitals.
Shortly thereafter Roche was removed from the Home Office for being “muddled” and “incompetent.”
In working class towns where there were racial tensions, it was a policy of breathtaking recklessness. And the media, led by the BBC, were turning a blind eye.
[Sarah] Spencer admitted later ‘There was no policy for integration. We just believe the communities would integrate.’ Her assumption that the British would unquestioningly accept hundreds of thousands of migrants was underpinned by the BBC’s general categorisation of critics of immigration as racist, which had censored a public debate thus concealing any problems. Accordingly, Portes’s assurance that the number of migrants entering Britain could be ‘totally controlled’ appeared incontrovertible.
But this was the point when thousands camped out in Sangatte near Calais and began trying to smuggle themselves into Britain.  News reports showed them jumping from trucks in Kent and punching the air in victory. The broadcast media blandly sympathized with the victims, reflecting pride in Blair’s diversity agenda.
Civil servants noted that the torrent of asylum seekers never provoked a rebuke from politicians. Tony Blair, while paranoid about the electorate turning on him over immigration, did not order a policy reversal. Instead, a meeting agreed to ensure that asylum seekers were provided with welfare benefits and housing.
News about the new welfare entitlements attracted 200,000 Somalis. Not only did they have no historic links to Britain, but they were unemployable and very anti-social. Again there was a discreet political directive that they be granted “exceptional leave to remain.”
When 100 Afghans had arrived in Britain on a hijacked aircraft, a pack of immigration lawyers embarked on a long legal battle to get them asylum status. Despite initial protestations from politicians, it was clear they were being defended by civil servants and judges like Lord Harry Woolf who were fiercely resisting any attempt to speed up the process.[3] Six years later a judge would grant the nine actual hijackers asylum but only after they—and their lawyers—had received £10 million  of free legal aid, free health care, subsidized housing and welfare.
With an election on the horizon Labour was digging in and not going to give one inch despite the Conservative’s pressing on the immigration issue. At this point, the media, led by the BBC, were deployed to saturation-bomb the Conservatives with accusations that they were racist. Jack Straw praised asylum seekers for their contributions to British life.
Beyond endlessly repeating the mantra that immigration was good for the economy and good for the British people, it seems there was no substantive discussion at all. The numbers keep shooting upwards and all they could do was discuss how to “manage public perception.”  Blair’s government bewailed the “swamping” of schools and hospitals. Tens of thousands of cases were allowed through in secret, unannounced “back door” amnesties.
Barbara Roche has thrived.  She is the co-founder of a lobbying organization called Migration Matters which receives funding from the City of London.
Her pride and joy is the new National Museum of Migration in Liverpool. In the manner of all globalist bureaucrats she has gone from job to job.
At the Cabinet Office and the ODPM, Barbara was the Minister for Women and Equalities and responsible for the Social Exclusion and Neighbourhood Renewal Units. She has extensive European experience—chairing the EU Telecoms Council and representing the UK on the EU’s Home Affairs Ministerial Council.
She has also, presumably, earned the eternal gratitude of her own Jewish community for her part in making British society safer, if not for the natives, then for the Jews.
Nearly two decades on and the legacy of Tony Blair’s policy is plain to see.
The headlines are full of child grooming gangs in Muslim dominated towns, Trojan Horse schools and home grown Jihadis. A massive encampment of refugees sits at Calais only a few miles from the Straits of Dover.
Broken Vows is only the first tentative glimpse into those crucial events. A real media insider, Tom Bower, who is of Jewish extraction, seems to have been able to get interviews with key civil service players. Probably because he is the only one who, so far, has even asked.

[1] Tony Blair, A Journey (London: Arrow, 2011).
[2] Jonathan Portes (Team Leader), “Migration: An Economic and Social Analysis,” UK Government Home Office Economics and Resource Analysis Unit and the Cabinet Office Performance and Innovation Unit (November, 2000).
[3] See Francis Carr Begbie, “Beneath the mask of the Human Rights Industry: Prominent British Jewish Advocate Increases in Refugees,” The Occidental Observer (October 21, 2015).

NWN: Jack Straw's consituency is Blackburn. A record of the destruction these haters and extremists have committed is essential, as they, the globalists and marxists, are very good at re-writing history.

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