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Oh no it's nothing to do with race !

Police Let Flash Mob Loot 7-11 A 7-11 in Montgomery County, Maryland was hit by a flash mob on August 13, 2011. The clerk activated a silent alarm, but police waited until the mob left the store before responding. Further, according to the video, the officer refused to investigate the crime, and only viewed this incident as shoplifting. This comment comes with the above video by the poster.

Just how long will it take before it sinks in with some people. We had the riots in England very recently and the amount of claptrap from the mass media, the police and even some who call themselves 'nationalists' here in the UK.

A picture tells a thousand words.

And this is from the USA where there seems to be a spate of racial attacks by blacks on whites. But because it's whites or others on the receiving end of this violent behaviour, nothing is reported, except of a local nature as in the above video.

If it was the other way round and whites were rioting and looting, we all know what the controlled mass media would howl !

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you remember this - The BNP Truth Truck ?

Maybe you even donated some of your 'hard earned cash' ?

No, no, we are not after any of your money. We feel you have been 'ripped- off' enough.

We are looking for information to do with the appeals for this 'venture' by Nick Griffin.

Have you got any appeals, either in e-mail or 'hard copy' for this 'scam', such as from Voice of Freedom, and especially any early appeals for money ?

We here at NWN have been asked to appeal for any info you might have, regarding the 'Truth Truck' appeals for money from a few years ago.

Can you help ?

Any details, even anonymous, please send to;

Monday, August 22, 2011

"A vote for Nick Griffin is a vote for no expulsions for reconciliation and for party unity" - Nick Griffin .

Apparently John Walker and Martin Wingfield are to be purged by Nick Griffin from the Griffin fiefdom of the BNP. The reason why is, they both supported a challenger against Mr Griffin.

Why would this occur, it doesn't in any other political party ?

Well the reason is Nick Griffin himself.

We don't know much about Mr Walker, but we do know rather a lot about Mr.Wingfield.

Wingfield is not a 'genuine nationalist', but one who has pushed the 'blacks into the BNP' at every opportunity especially in 'VOICE of FREEDOM'.

Wingfields support some years back for stunts like the 'Charlie Bickerstaffe fiasco', shows exactly the 'raison d'etre' of Mr.Wingfield.

Mr.Wingfield is not averse himself to expelling people who do not agree with his views. He used to run a website for Burnley BNP some years ago.

Wingfield purged nationalists on there, but allowed infamous leftie and 'SEARCHLIGHT op' Andy Ali to post on the forum !

Anyway, NWN regard what happens to Messrs Walker & Wingfield with total disregard. Both of them turned a 'blind eye' when others fell foul of the mad crook Nick Griffin. No doubt pursuaded by the coin of the realm ?

Anyway back to Mr.Griffin...............

Griffin when trying to gain control of the BNP in 1999 posted out this bulletin much of which was copied to the BNPs organs such as IDENTITY magazine. In it Griffin opined, " A vote for Nick Griffin is a vote for no expulsions for reconciliation and for party unity"

Below is a post we published some years ago and what rubbish the liar Griffin pushed out at the time.

Since he has hijacked the BNP, just how many people have been driven out of the BNP ?

Hundreds ? Thousands ?

'Agent Griffin' strikes again.

Well I wouldn't trust Griffin in any way, as his letter below spells out.He cannot be trusted. His word means nothing to him. And certainly nothing to me !
Sounds unbelievable now looking at the 'claptrap' he spouted in 1999, to get his fat greedy hands on the BNP pursestrings doesn't it ?
Click on the images to enlarge..........

Friday, August 19, 2011

The view from Martha's Vineyard

As he and his daughters bicycle around the summer playground of the Northeastern elite, Martha's Vineyard, President Obama is steadily bleeding away both the support of the nation and that of his most loyal constituency.

Several times, his approval rating in Gallup's daily tracking poll has sunk to 39 percent, with disapproval reaching 54 percent. Support for his handling of the economy has dipped to the mid-20s. Only 11 percent of Americans, says Gallup, are satisfied with the way things are going.

Unemployment remains at 9 percent, as it has for two years. The Dow has lately lost 2,000 points, or $3 trillion in wealth wiped out. All that money the Fed pumped out is now being reflected not only in the price of gold, silver and Swiss francs, but in rising consumer prices – inflation. One in five U.S. children is living in poverty.

Middle America, some time ago, decided the "hopey, changey thing" was not working out for them. Now the patience of African-Americans with a president for whom they voted 24 to one is wearing thin.

At a Black Caucus confab in Detroit, Rep. Maxine Waters told an angry audience that if and when Black America demands that they confront Obama, the caucus is ready "to have the conversation."

A collision between Obama and his base seems inevitable. For Black America's situation, though tough today, seems certain to get tougher. Why?

Is Obama even eligible to be president of the United States? With his economic policies driving us to ruin, Jerome Corsi's "Where's the Birth Certificate?" is more important than ever. Get it now – autographed!

First, black Americans held a significant share of the subprime mortgages that went sour when housing prices went south, and are thus overrepresented among those who lost homes.

Second, black Americans, with a higher rate of poverty, depend more on the entitlement and social programs that Obama cannot avoid hoisting onto the chopping block in any "balanced" plan for dealing with the deficit-debt crisis.

Third, African-Americans are overrepresented among the 22 million who work for local, state and federal governments. And while government workers came out best in terms of job security and salary hikes in the stimulus days of 2009 and 2010, in the austerity days of 2011, they are getting their fair share of pink slips. It is almost a truism: Whenever Middle America goes into recession, Black America flirts with depression.

Consider the U.S. Postal Service, with 600,000 employees, running a deficit of $8.5 billion and facing layoffs of 120,000. According to William Burrus, ex-president of the Postal Workers Union, 21 percent of all postal employees are black. When the cuts come, minorities will take a big hit.

That African-Americans favor a powerful federal government is understandable. After all, it was the federal government that crushed the Confederacy, freed the slaves, sent troops to integrate the South, enacted the civil rights laws, imposed affirmative action on companies and colleges, and created the Great Society that provided trillions in wealth transfers and welfare benefits and employs a share of the black population that is nearly twice its representation in the labor force.

That African-Americans would see states' rights conservatives and small-government Republicans as hostile to the one powerful institution most friendly to them should come as a no surprise.

Here we come to Barack's dilemma.

The nation he leads is facing a deficit-debt crisis that comes of an inescapable truth: Whether we are talking about commitments to go to war to defend scores of nations or commitments to entitlement and Great Society programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, earned income tax credits, food stamps and Pell grants, we Americans have handed out promissory notes we no longer have the means to meet.

We can no longer deliver what we have promised.

We are running deficits of 10 percent of gross domestic product with a national debt over 100 percent. We are on the path that Italy is following, which is the path that Greece pursued.

We are an overextended empire and commonwealth facing strategic and fiscal bankruptcy. If Obama is to lead the nation out of the crisis it confronts, he has to preside over a downsizing of the welfare-warfare state – the same state that sustains his base.

Not to worry, we are told. When the lazy days of summer are over, Obama will present Congress with his big plan for resurrecting the economy and ensuring the long-term solvency of the nation.

Obama's September program – indeed, any credible plan to revive the economy and bring our books into balance – has to include a rollback of U.S. commitments at home and abroad.

Yet, domestically, this cannot be done without reducing future Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and cutting and capping the social programs of the Great Society. Moreover, half the nation cannot freeload forever, as is the case today, contributing nary a dime in federal income taxes.

And such reforms must adversely impact most Obama's political and personal base.

If he proposes new taxes, tea-party Republicans fix bayonets.

If he proposes downsizing the government and cutting and capping social programs, his most loyal constituents rise up against him.

Enjoy the Vineyard, Mr. President.

Read more: The view from Martha's Vineyard

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Riots in England - An Open Letter to Gilad Atzmon


(Click the pic to enlarge)

Dear Gilad,

As you see, I am copying this to our friends Israel Shamir and Paul Eisen (of ‘Dir Yassein Remembered’) whose company I enjoyed at a pub meeting in London last week, plus some others people in the ‘Bcc’ line.

I read all of your e-bulletins with great interest and listen intently to such of your speeches at meetings I am able to attend. Where you turn your mind to subjects about which you are qualified to discuss (i.e.: what’s going on in Israel; the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israelis; Jewish ethno-centrism and hypocrisy on the race issue, philosophical topics, etc.) then in my opinion you talk a great deal of sense and, as an “ex-Israeli” and “a proud self-hating Jew”, display courage.


(There’s always a “but”....)

Because you are committed to a ‘One Nation’ solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and because this requires the full-hearted acceptance by Jews of what they don’t want to practise in Israel (but what they do want the gentile world to implement in the Diaspora): a multi-racial society, you feel called upon to defend the multi-racial concept in very place and on every occasion where events indicate that it is a far from perfect way of ordering human society and far from popular with those on whom it has been imposed by the power elites — most notably the Jews.

Thus you invite your subscribers to view a video which promulgates an explanation of last week’s riots in England which you summarise as follows:

“The statistics, sociology, police brutality, massive food price increases and economic catastrophes behind the recent and continuing riots in Britain.”

If I may use a good old-fashioned English expression: “What utter bollocks!”

Were food shops the principle target of the rioting looters? Have our newspapers and TV screens been filled with pictures of people (80 per cent of whom were Afro-Caribbean blacks, 20 per cent of whom were white pseudo-anarchists and/or opportunist crook scum) making off with food?

No they were making off with large plasma TVs, mobile phones and the like.

Once they had all the electrical goods they required for themselves or for re-selling via the Internet, they returned to ‘shopping’ for clothes — not practical clothing for England’s often wet and cold weather, but armfuls of track suits and expensive and equally impractical sports-trainer footwear.

Once they had their fill of ‘designer-label’ clothing, they turned their attention to bicycle shops, jewellers and other luxury goods emporiums.

Plasma TVs & ‘designer’ sportswear
at top of looters’ list — not food

When they did invade supermarkets — or, more often, family-run convenience stories and corner shops — did they emerge with bread, meat, tinned food and other items to stock their larders? No. It was the alcohol that they carried away. Food stocks were scattered and destroyed.

Shop-keepers who tried to protect their premises were beaten.

In Birmingham, three Asian men were run down and murdered by a car convoy Afro-Carrib looters who objected to shop- keepers trying to protect their livelihoods.

In London a Malaysian tourist was attacked, beaten and had his jaw broken. Then other rioters pretended to assist, but only to help themselves to his possessions in his ruck-sack. So much for coloured immigrant solidarity!

A lone elderly and white man in Ealing tried to put out a fire set by a gang of Black ‘hoodies’. They kicked and/or stabbed him to death.

And if that kind of mayhem were not enough, furniture shops and other properties were set ablaze in Tottenham, Croydon, Hackney and elsewhere in London leading to whole city blocks being turned into rubble and endangering the lives of innocent people, namely those living in flats above the shops and the fire-fighters who had to deal with the blazes. London has not seen visions of such fiery destruction since the Blitz during WW2.

So the fatuous attempt to draw on Marxian socio-babble to try and explain away and excuse all this so as to salvage the concept of the multi-racial society is naïve and shoddy ‘thinking’. Such tripe may go down well with the leftist student types who attend the Socialist Workers’ Party “Marxism Today” summer schools at which you used to give lectures in yesteryear, but as I think I have indicated above, such knee-jerk twaddle does not bear a moment’s adult contemplation.

But the twaddle is also an insult to the British working class who went through the Great Depression of the 1930s. The standard of living endured by poor out-of-work people in those days (still just about within living memory) was a quantum leap lower and more desperate than that experienced by those who went rioting and looting last week. Nobody is starving; nobody has to tramp from ‘spike’ (workhouse) to ‘spike’ for an overnight sleep.

Read Down and Out in Paris and London or The Road to Wigan Pier or other of George Orwell’s chronicles of the desperate poverty of unemployed people in the 1930s. The wretched indigenous Britons of those days had a million more times right to riot and loot as the mainly Black rabble who tried to put London and other of our cities to sack last week. But the poverty-stricken Brits of the 1930s they did not do so. They strived to remain decent and honest and respectful of their neighbours, in stark contrast to the current multi-racial society’s vile, murderous and selfish rioters.

So the explanations for last week’s rioting which you subscribe to and promote is not only a tissue of lies, it is a grave insult to our — or at least, my — immediate forbears who went through so much.

Gilad — you should be ashamed of yourself.

I conclude by inviting you to post these remarks on your blog and — if you can demonstrate your belief in free speech — post this URL for a video from New Zealand which gives an appraisal of the sloppy ‘thinking’ in which you have indulged yourself in defence of the multi-racial concept which, in England at any rate, has proved to be an utter failure and looks set to develop into a catastrophe.

Yours sincerely,

(Martin Webster)

New store credit/debit card
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scheme to spot potential right-wing extremists in Lancashire

POTENTIAL right-wing extremists in Lancashire are to be spotlighted in a scheme originally set up to track would-be terrorists following the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks.

Police said the ground-breaking counter-terrorism programme Channel, which has so far concentrated at Islamic extremism, has been widened to take account of the rise in right-wing extremism in the county.

Parents, teachers, community leaders and police officers are referring children and young adults who they feel may be at risk of being radicalised by groups such as the English Defence League.

Officers who run the Channel project said they had redrafted programmes and guidance in response to the growth of right-wing organisations.

The move comes after Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Brevik was said to have been motivated by his extreme right-wing ideologies.

Since April’s high-profile EDL demonstration and counter-protest in Blackburn, in which 12 people were arrested, police said the project has received a number of referrals.

Channel is a national safeguarding initiative for individuals considered vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremists.

It is an early intervention strand of the Government’s counter-terrorism ‘Prevent’ strategy.

Insp Bilal Mulla, Lancashire’s Channel co-ordinator, said: “Channel is not a tool for spying.

"It is making people understand there may be vulnerable people who are targeted by those with radical views who had a different agenda.

“It is not about criminalising people, it is early intervention before radicalisation.

“Think about what happened in Norway. Do we really want that sort of thing to happen in Lancashire?”

Insp Mulla said he wanted to encourage people to refer any ‘signposts’ of right-wing or other types of extremism to his team.

“It is not much different to child sexual exploitation.

"It can happen online and people are ‘groomed’ into a certain belief and ideology.

“We are constantly seeking more referrals and we want people to understand what we do and what Channel is for.

"It is about us building trust and confidence and making sure the right messages get out.

“We put interventions in place, not investigations.

"If someone is not suited for the Channel project, we pass them on to other authorities such as Youth Offending, mental health practitioners, probation for example.

"Just because Channel doesn’t take them on, doesn’t mean there are not other interventions available.”

Since the EDL protest and counter-demonstration was held, Channel has had referrals from adults concerned about children being ‘radicalised’.

They said they had to update their literature to cater for the threat to community cohesion from right-wing groups.

Insp Mulla said: “We get referrals from a wide range of agencies and yes, more of these referrals are now for people associated with groups like the EDL.”

In one case, a teacher referred a pupil for a race hate crime.

His school is now working with the Channel team to look at his behaviour and his case will be put before the next panel later this month.

Insp Mulla said: “Teachers should be looking out for key indicators.

"Is the child not engaging with other communities? Are they writing concerning things in their exercise books like the 7/7 bombers did?

“We did have a number of individuals reported to us by our colleagues in the police after the EDL march.

“There were signs of vulnerability and it was right of the officers to flag it up.

“We spoke to their parents and dealt with it as low level criminality.”

The Channel programme has recently been streamlined to bring together experts from all agencies in the county to sit on one panel every two months, giving a more consistent approach to the referrals they assess from across Lancashire.

Lancashire’s counter-terrorism exercise ACT (All Communities Together) Now, which was the first of its kind in the country in 2008, has also seen a shift in emphasis to include right-wing extremism scenarios.

Community Cohesion Sgt Colin Dassow, who runs the courses, said: “Right-wing extremism is having a big influence on what we do.”

To contact Channel, call 01254 353638.
NWN: And the Polices job is what exactly ? They certainly failed quite badly in last weeks riots and caught with their trousers down. Smacks of Stalinist communism to us.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mark Duggan's Uncle - Manchester gangster, leading IRA supporter, and Anti Fascist Action armed thug

Mark Duggan is the man who was shot dead by Police that sparked the riots across the UK this last week.

Former Manchester gangster Dessie Noonan , Duggan's Uncle, was one of Anti Fascist Action's (AFA) leading thugs with links to SEARCHLIGHT magazine. The DAILY MAIL have run a major story on this link tonight. Read below.

BNP Organiser gets gun to throat

In 1993 a North West BNP local Organiser got fingered by the 'reds'.

According to the book by Tilzey and Hann: NO RETREAT , they were both there, and in fact, they organised this scene.

Local Sinn Feinn /IRA gangster and Anti FascistAction/AFA hardman, and now deceased criminal, from his non-racist comrades Dessie Noonan, Noonan was the guy who threatened the BNP organiser with a gun.

Noonan got murdered by a low life yardie scum fairly recently. Noonan got carved and by a negro. So apt for one who publically called himself an anti-racist. Mr Noonan's murderer was a 'yardie' called Duffus.

Peter Rushton's review of No Retreat by Steve Tilzey and Dave Hann

[Page 15] The most usual criticism of the racial nationalist movement in Britain is that we are a gang of violent morons devoted to racial attacks and mindless vandalism. One national newspaper columnist recently described us as "racist thugs whose whole politics are based on violence and hate."

Our anti-fascist opponents have enjoyed a more benign public image. Their researches and exposés, endorsed by mainstream print and television journalists but usually originating from the magazine and intelligence network Searchlight, have been trumpeted widely by media magnates such as Robert Maxwell and Richard Desmond. Bishops, actors and pop stars have lined up for the cameras alongside Auschwitz survivors to denounce the politics of hate.

Yet there has always been another face of anti-fascism. For more than forty years Sir Oswald Mosley's political organisations faced well-financed and extremely violent efforts to drive them off the streets and wreck their meetings. The National Front, British National Party and others later became the main targets for this mostly Jewish and/or communist opposition, which was augmented from the early 1970s by new generations of anarchists and Trotskyists, and by the Irish republican movement which now saw itself as part of a worldwide anti-imperialist coalition (except when soliciting funds from Irish-Americans).

The new book No Retreat by two prominent anti-fascists from Manchester openly admits this aspect of their struggle. Steve Tilzey and Dave Hann were active in 'The Squad', a violent faction of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party which was expelled from the SWP and later became a tiny pro-IRA group called Red Action allied to other groupuscles in an umbrella alliance called Anti-Fascist Action.

The authors positively revel in their violent exploits, which mostly took place between 1977 and 1994 in South-East Lancashire and especially Manchester – then as now the capital of militant anti-fascism.
Here, for example, is Tilzey's account of an attack on NF paper sellers in Manchester city centre in 1978:
I was right at the front of our lot as we steamed in, hitting anyone who got in my way with a lead-filled chair leg. The element of surprise was on our side, and the Fronters were caught cold and flat-footed as we tore into them. Five or six of them were battered into the ground and stayed there. They were hit with all kinds of weapons, and a couple of them were begging for mercy as they attempted to shield themselves from the blows raining down on their heads. Not one of them fought back, or rather they were not given the chance to.
And here is Hann's description of an attack on BNP members at the Brunswick pub in Rochdale, Lancashire, in 1992:

I was about the fifth or sixth in the pub and the scene was already one of complete carnage. Bottles, pint pots, barstools and pool balls filled the air as the whole place erupted into complete mayhem. I saw Gerry battering some bonehead over the head with a bottle as he tried to make good his escape out the back door, and everywhere you looked anti-fascists were brawling with fascists... To add to the general confusion someone threw a big glass chandelier into the bar from the room upstairs, which exploded on the floor sending shards of glass flying everywhere.

Superficially then No Retreat seems more honest about the true nature of anti-fascism than almost all previous accounts. Yet on closer examination this book is revealed as yet another self-serving concoction of lies, evasions and distortions.

One of the most infamous incidents in Steve Tilzey's career was his imprisonment for kidnapping a young skinhead. Chapter 3 of No Retreat gives a partial account of this case, omitting several key facts. Tilzey does not tell us that the main purpose of the kidnapping was to threaten his victim and discover the address of the Barker family, well known NF activists who then lived in the Lancashire town of Littleborough.

He plays down the violence involved in the case – in fact the judge passing sentence said "the weapons you took with you are quite dreadful, capable of inflicting the most serious injuries and of killing in many cases."
And he attempts to disguise the identities of his accomplices in this and other acts of violence. One of the main characters in Tilzey's early chapters is identified only as JP. This is John Penny, SWP branch organiser and founder of the Squad, then a sociology lecturer at Mid-Cheshire College of Further Education, now 51 years old and living in Scotland.

Tilzey names "the Squad armourer" as Coops – this is Stephen Cooper, then unemployed, from the Wythenshawe district of Manchester. Mick B, named in the book as "a Squad member from Day One", is actually Michael Butroyd who then lived in Stockport. Other communist thugs referred to by Tilzey but not properly identified in the book include Mark Kent, Brian Broadley, Paul Hallatt, Robert Piatt and David Smith.
The subject on which No Retreat's authors are least candid is their relationship with Searchlight. Since Tilzey was Searchlight's main northern operative for many years, they can hardly deny any knowledge of each other, but Tilzey manages only a coy reference to Searchlight "passing information on to groups and individuals best placed to use it."

The Searchlight gang's intimate connections with the Jewish establishment and with British police, security and intelligence agencies make them embarrassing allies for hardcore leftists such as Tilzey and Hann. One imagines the embarrassment is mutual, especially after several incidents in 1992 and 1993, which forced [Page 16] at least a cosmetic split between Searchlight and AFA/Red Action.

In January 1993 a package containing 1lb of Semtex plastic explosive ripped the front off the world famous Harrods store in London. Well placed video surveillance cameras helped the police track down the two IRA bombers responsible, Jan Taylor and Patrick Hayes, who received thirty year prison sentences. There were red faces on the British left when it transpired that Hayes was one of the leaders of Red Action – less than two years earlier he had liaised with police as chief steward for an AFA march through East London protesting against John Tyndall's BNP.

A few weeks after the Harrods bombing Manchester-born Red Action member Liam Heffernan was arrested while trying to steal explosives from a quarry in Somerset. Heffernan was a prominent anti-fascist, but also an active terrorist for the INLA, an ultra-militant splinter from the IRA. He was sentenced to twenty three years in prison for his INLA activities.

The list of AFA contact addresses swiftly disappeared from issues of Searchlight after the Hayes and Heffernan arrests!

Tilzey and Hann choose to ignore the republican terrorist activities of two of their colleagues, but they hint very briefly at the even more sinister criminality closer to home in Manchester.

Hann gives a partly accurate account of the collapse of South Manchester BNP in 1993 after the branch organiser was singled out for intimidation by an anti-fascist gang. One member of this gang is identified in the book only as "Dessie, an anti-fascist from the Eighties who was by now a well-known local 'face' about town." Hann gleefully tells the tale of how Dessie personally threatened the BNP organiser, ordering him to tell AFA everything he knew about the party in the region.

This gentleman's full name is Dessie Noonan, recently described by a Manchester journalist as "the underworld equivalent of Robocop." He was head doorman at the notorious Konspiracy Club in Fennel Street, Manchester, from November 1989 until police closed it in December 1990. This was the era of 'Madchester', when Salford's white gangs controlled the booming ecstasy and amphetamine trade, while the black gangs of Moss Side and Cheetham Hill dominated the heroin business.

Noonan has several brothers whose names all begin with the letter D – their father's tribute to Dublin, the city of his birth. Dominic Noonan is a convicted armed robber; Damian became head doorman at the Hacienda, the most famous club in Europe and centre of the dance music craze until rampant drug dealing forced its closure in 1991; Derek was a partner in the Penny Black pub in Cheetham Hill, headquarters of Manchester's leading criminal gang.

Dessie himself, in the words of Manchester Evening News journalist Peter Walsh, "was a notorious enforcer who had emerged from a jail term for conspiring to pervert the course of justice by threatening to kill witnesses in a robbery trial – the witnesses were police officers."

In 1989 Dessie had joined members of the Manchester anti-fascist Squad in a brutal attack on a group of Ulster Loyalists in the Rusholme district. One of his cronies, Paddy Logan, infamously bit the earlobe off one of the Loyalists. Many years later in July 1999 Logan was shot dead by a hooded assassin at his home in the Withington area of Manchester, sparking off a bloody gangland feud. Dessie Noonan preferred life at the safer end of a gun.

At a New Year party in 1991 some of Damian Noonan's successors on the door at the Hacienda were threatened by a gun-toting 22-year-old named Tony Johnson. Known as 'White Tony' because he was the white co-leader of a predominantly black gang of drug dealers, Johnson was already in trouble with members of the Noonan family because of a dispute over the division of the spoils from a £362,000 security van robbery at Mumps Bridge, Oldham, in November 1990.

White Tony was pushing his luck. On February 22nd he was driving with a friend past Derek Noonan's Penny Black pub when his car was flagged down. Johnson was shot several times, and then finished off at point blank range while lying on the ground in the pub car park. Manchester police were instantly aware that this was one of Manchester's most important gangland murders. They arrested Dessie and Derek Noonan, together with two of their known criminal associates.

The Noonan gang were tried twice for Tony Johnson's murder. The first trial in 1992 collapsed, the second in 1993 ended in acquittals. Greater Manchester Police are not looking for any alternative suspects. In 1999 Damian Noonan was shot while on the door at the Phoenix Club in the city. He refused to cooperate with police inquiries.

It's no surprise that the authors of No Retreat are economical with the truth about their good friend Dessie, but what angers me far more are the devious attempts to advance Searchlight's disinformation agenda. Even while the authors (especially Hann) try to distance themselves from Searchlight the continuing connection is obvious. The book's first photo is of early Squad hero Graeme Atkinson – but readers are not told that Atkinson is the current European editor of Searchlight.

Someone called Mike L is given several favourable mentions. This is Mike Luft, the organiser of Searchlight's campaign against the BNP in Oldham.

Either directly or indirectly the book tries to promote Searchlight-inspired smears against several active nationalists, sometimes without giving their names but phrasing things so that any BNP or NF veteran would know who's who.

Most tiresome are the frequent exaggerations employed to make the Squad members sound more heroic and influential. A lengthy account of AFA's attack on Rochdale BNP at the Lord Nelson pub in 1992 omits to mention that the pub landlady praised the BNP on local radio that evening, saying that her premises would have been wrecked by the left-wing mob if the nationalists had not put up such able resistance! Moreover, no mention is made of the infamous Searchlight spy Tim Hepple, who provided most of the intelligence on which the later attacks chronicled in No Retreat were based.

Hann's story of AFA's attack on a BNP rally in Colne, Lancashire, in May 1993 suggests that the BNP members ran away from the fight "nearly fighting each other in their haste to get away." The truth was that (heavily outnumbered) the BNP took up position on [Page 17] a narrow bridge to even the odds, and AFA prudently decided to hold back. I know, because I was there!
The most ludicrous exaggeration involves AFA's trashing of the Hare and Hounds in Todmorden in June 1993. A photograph in the book shows BNP leader John Tyndall, regional organiser Ken Henderson and many other party activists outside the pub, with the caption "BNP supporters gather shortly before a violent visit by Anti-Fascist Action." The truth is that AFA deliberately attacked the pub before the main BNP force had arrived – only a handful of us were inside at the time to have our lunch spoiled and our beer spilled.
Hann's tale of the May 1994 local election in Rochdale is equally distorted. He brags that "the three BNP candidates and their agents had been smuggled into the town hall in the back of a police van" and that this must have been "pretty humiliating" for candidate Janet Appleyard, "who was also rumoured to be a member of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan." Since I was Mrs Appleyard's agent at the count I can say that no such humiliation occurred. We entered the town hall on foot through the front door, and we left via the front door as well (dodging a hail of bricks and bottles). Some of Hann's stories of violence during the count are correct, though he fails to mention the disgraceful partiality of the police and courts, who punished nationalists severely for defending themselves against the red mob. One nationalist, Mark Priestley, was dealt with especially severely because he was already serving a bind over.
Completely absent from No Retreat's narrative are a series of attacks against prominent nationalists and other enemies of Searchlight in the mid-90s. Serious assaults took place at the homes of BNP press officer Mike Newland, West Midlands BNP organiser Keith Axon, author and researcher Alexander Baron, and Heritage and Destiny editor Mark Cotterill, as well as the terrorist bombing of the BNP bookshop in Welling, Kent, which injured shop manager Alf Waite. One can only guess the reason for omitting these significant events. Perhaps some nationalist conspiracy theorists were right at the time in guessing that some or all of these attacks were carried out by professional agents of the state rather than the usual anti-fascist rabble.
The most suspicious cases involved transatlantic cooperation between anti-fascist and "animal rights" terrorists. This came to light in the late 1990s during Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigations into a spate of letter bombings.
Pipe bombs and letters booby-trapped with razor blades were sent in 1995 and 1996 to several prominent racial nationalists including Ernst Zundel, Don Black and Ed Fields, as well as to targets involved in medical research and the fur industry. Surveillance of the principal suspects led to the discovery of student identity cards from British universities stored in deposit boxes alongside bomb materials.
Mysteriously the Canadian authorities delayed prosecution of the terrorists involved – Darren Thurston and David Barbarash – then dropped the charges to avoid exposing their undercover operations.
While Thurston and Barbarash were engaged jointly in anti-fascist and animal rights terrorism, a British animal rights extremist group known as the Justice Department issued threats to British nationalists and carried out a letter bombing at the BNP bookshop in Welling.
Once again there were suspicions that the secret state was somehow involved – especially when it was discovered that the man who bombed the BNP had earlier escaped from police custody in Manchester. Many leftists have pointed out that Searchlight spy Tim Hepple was also involved in animal rights extremism, which is perhaps another reason why Tilzey and Hann make no mention of Hepple – the most important anti-fascist undercover operative of recent years – in their book.
(Many readers will already know that Volkert van der Graaf, who murdered the Dutch nationalist leader Pim Fortuyn in 2002, was also a veteran animal rights terrorist.)
As with their treatment of other aspects of the long war against racial nationalism, the authors of No Retreat step back from telling the whole truth. Even their own former comrades in Red Action have turned against Tilzey and Hann since publication, issuing the following statement:
Due to the controversy surrounding the launch of a book called No Retreat by Dave Hann and Steve Tilzey due out on November 1, which is presented by the authors as a true and honest account of their involvement in militant anti-fascism over two decades, we are now putting out this statement.
As preview copies of the book have not been made available we cannot comment with any authority on the contents.
Of the character of the authors we can say this. As a result of serious breaches of trust, Tilzey and Hann were either expelled or forced to resign from Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) and Red Action respectively.
Following the attempted theft of extremely important AFA intelligence data, Steve Tilzey was shown the door by AFA in 1993. Sometime in 1994 Dave Hann was arrested and charged in connection with a street robbery involving a gay man. It was many months before the national leaderships of RA or AFA were made aware of the charges. An immediate investigation revealed disturbing evidence of Dave Hann's involvement in similar anti-social activity. Shortly after his trial at Liverpool Crown Court, where his co-defendant pleaded guilty, Dave Hann resigned from Red Action. On being confronted with the testimony of former associates, and in the presence of two officers representing national AFA, and a leading anti-fascist resident in the city, Hann confessed his guilt and offered his immediate resignation from AFA. He also surrendered his involvement in the football fanzine Red Attitude with which AFA was publicly associated. Not long afterwards he left Manchester.
Red Action are curiously more worried by Hann's alleged violence when the victims are homosexuals rather than elderly patriots. Typically the Searchlight gang are unworried by this side of their stooge's character!
In conclusion I must echo the American writer Dorothy Parker. This is not a book to be set aside lightly; it should be hurled, with great force.
This review appeared in the Spring 2004 (number 15) issue of Heritage and Destiny, from PO Box 331, Blackburn, BB2 4RG. No Retreat by Steve Tilzey and Dave Hann, published by Milo Books, ISBN 1-903854-22-9, 2003. Softback, 283pp, from Milo Books, 10 Park Street, Lytham, Lancs, FY8 5LU price £7.99.

Posted by NorthWestNationalists at Saturday, October 28, 2006


Mark Duggan's uncle was crime lord: Man whose death sparked riots is linked to notorious gangland chiefs

The suspected gangster whose death sparked the nationwide riots was the nephew of a notorious crime boss who boasted his gang had ‘more guns than the police’.

It emerged yesterday that Mark Duggan’s uncle was the late Desmond ‘Dessie’ Noonan, whose feared family are ‘major players’ in Manchester’s underworld.

And in a further indication of Duggan’s gangland links, investigators said yesterday that at the time of his death he had a fully-loaded Italian-made handgun wrapped in a sock.

Notorious gangster Desmond Noonan (left) was the uncle of Mark Duggan, who was shot by police

Criminals often fire their weapons from inside a sock to avoid leaving forensic evidence and to catch cartridge cases.

Duggan is said to have regularly visited Noonan in Manchester before the crime boss was stabbed to death in 2005 at the age of 46 by a Jamaican enforcer working for the Yardie drug gangs.
Police watchdog admits it may have wrongly led journalists to believe Mark Duggan shot at officers before his death

The emerging picture of Duggan, 29, is at odds with his portrayal by friends and family as an innocent victim, quiet family man and respected member of the community.

He was shot dead by a police marksman in Tottenham, north London, nine days ago. He had been stopped by undercover officers as he travelled in a minicab and confronted because they believed he was on his way to ‘use the weapon’.

Rumours that he had been ‘executed’ fuelled the riots in the area last Saturday, which spawned copycat violence and looting across the country.

Yesterday the Independent Police Complaints Commission confirmed that Duggan’s weapon – a BBM ‘Bruni’ pistol containing live rounds – was hidden in a spare sock, not one he was wearing.
A man believed to be Domenyk Noonan lies face down on the ground in Manchester during the riots .
A dossier on the case has been compiled by detectives from Operation Trident, which investigates gun crime within London’s black community. The files are said to outline Duggan’s suspected links to crime gangs, alleged drug dealing and his ties to the Noonan family. Noonan’s second wife Julie, 50, is the sister of Duggan’s mother Pamela.

Noonan, a 20st former nightclub bouncer who was one of 11 children whose names all begin with D, ran the family gang with three of his brothers – Domenyk, Damien and Derek.

He and Domenyk were interviewed for a television documentary in 2005 called Gangster. In it, Noonan suggested the family were untouchables, saying: ‘We have a lot of strong loyal people around us. We will always have that. If they think they can take one of us out, they are silly people. Very silly people.’

He also boasted: ‘I’ve got a bigger army than the police. We have more guns than the police.’

And at one stage during the Channel 5 documentary with journalist Donal MacIntyre, he hinted that he was responsible for 27 murders.
Flowers left at the spot in Tottenham where Mark Duggan was shot by police officers
Dublin-born Noonan dominated the Manchester underworld in the 1990s and made many appearances in court charged with violence.

In February 1991 he was implicated along with Derek and Damien in the murder of gangster ‘White Tony’ Johnson, 22.

Johnson, the leader of the rival Cheetham Hill Mob, had a gun placed in his mouth when he walked out of a pub and was shot.

The killing was thought to be part of a battle for control of the hard drugs market in Manchester.

Damien, who was killed in a motorbike accident while on holiday in 2003, was cleared of any involvement in the killing, and following a re-trial in February 1993, Noonan and Derek walked free after the jury was unable to reach a verdict.

Two years later Noonan was one of a group who left twin brothers battered and bleeding outside a nightclub. One witness described him as acting ‘like a psycho’.
He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years and nine months in jail for violent disorder and causing grievous bodily harm.

Previously, in May 1988, he had been convicted of perverting the course of justice and wounding after threatening prosecution witnesses, who were police officers, and their relatives. Noonan joked in the Gangster documentary that key witnesses in his trials failed to turn up ‘because they are in the back of a boot tied up and they don’t know what day it is’.

Noonan, who had become addicted to crack cocaine, was killed by drug dealer Derek ‘Yardie’ McDuffus before the documentary was broadcast.
Two days after Duggan died, the Tottenham riots erupted after his family spent five frustrating hours seeking a meeting and explanation from local police chiefs
Ironically, Duggan is said to have dealt crack and been involved with Yardie gangs.

It is understood that Duggan began visiting Noonan as a three-year-old. One of his primary school teachers recalled him a few years later as a boy who carried a knife and beat up other pupils.

Boyan Yordanov, 46, said Duggan was one of the most disruptive children he had ever taught.
‘He was often attacking other children in the playground – they were all afraid of him,’ he said.
‘Once he brought a knife into school. Luckily one of the teachers discovered he had it and nothing happened – but he had to be suspended.’

Known as ‘Starrish Mark’ in recent years, Duggan was an ‘elder’, a senior member, of the The Star Gang, who strut the streets of Tottenham where such gangs trade in violence, intimidation and drugs.

Friends say Duggan was planning to marry 29-year-old Semone Wilson, pictured, his partner of 12 years, and move away from Tottenham
The Star Gang is an off-shoot of Tottenham’s notorious ‘Man dem’ crew which has links with Jamaica’s drug-dealing Yardie gangsters.
But friends say Duggan was planning to marry 29-year-old Semone Wilson, his partner of 12 years, and move away from Tottenham to raise their two sons, aged ten and seven, and 18-month-old daughter.

In recent months Duggan, who liked to be photographed wearing chunky jewellery and holding his fingers as if they were a pistol, is said to have become obsessed with the death of his cousin Kelvin Easton, 23, another gang member, in a row over drugs and a woman.

Easton was stabbed through the heart with a broken champagne bottle at a nightclub in east London last March.

Duggan is said to have become ‘paranoid’ about his own safety and carried a gun for protection.

One source said he was planning to avenge the death.

This is believed to be one of the reasons that Trident officers had Duggan under surveillance and were trailing him nine days ago in unmarked cars. At about 6pm he sent a message to Miss Wilson on his BlackBerry saying ‘the Feds are following me’.

It was the last time anyone heard from him – 15 minutes later he was dead.
The IPCC said police fired two shots. One killed Duggan, the other lodged in the radio of another police officer.

Duggan’s gun, originally thought to have been a converted replica, had not been fired and was in the spare sock.

Two days after Duggan died, the Tottenham riots erupted after his family spent five frustrating hours seeking a meeting and explanation from local police chiefs.

Then this week, in one of the many twists to the case, Domenyk Noonan was arrested by Manchester police on suspicion of violent disorder during riots in the city centre.

Earlier, he had been filmed talking to a hoodie-wearing youth with a looted flat-screen television.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that Domenyk, who has changed his name to Domenyk Lattlay Fottfoy and has a string of convictions, including assault, fraud and armed robbery, had been charged with handling stolen goods and possession of cannabis.

Hundreds of so-called ‘Noonan Boys’ – youngsters said to be allied to the crime family – were allegedly also among the city centre rioters and looters.

Read more:

Dr David Duke - The Race riots in Britain

Why the race riots in the UK must be a wake up call to all Europeans.

Dr. David Duke News & Updates
My Friend,

The British people and the world are shocked by the riots that have ravaged the country.

As this video shows, I predicted all this way back in 1978 when I traveled to Britain and warned the British people on national television that they still had the chance to avoid the racial riots and strife of the United States, but only if they stopped the massive immigration pouring into their nation!

The politicians sold them out and now they are reaping the whirlwind, but with shifting demographics the riots of Britain can only get worse. The same horrific conditions are on the way to every European homeland as well as Canada, the United States. Australia and New Zealand.

Watch this emotional powerful film that has the ability to wake up millions of our people if only they get to see it, but that is up to you! I have done my part, now need your help to reach our people.

Here is the Link:

Riots & Race in Once Great Britain! - YouTube

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Riots & Race in Once Great Britain! - YouTube

And please take a moment to go to The Official Website of Representative David Duke, PhD and give us a gift that will enable us to fight back against the efforts to silence us!

Best to you,
David Duke

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The UK Riots - what really happened .

This guy describes very accurately and truthfully what occured for the riots to 'kick- off' here in the UK.

It all started when a 'black' armed drug dealer got shot dead by armed Police. The blacks then started rioting, and it was taken up by the 'ne'er do wells' and 'lowlifes' in UK society.

But the mass media and politicians are describing it as anything but race.

Blacks have a 'chip on their shoulder' and that is why they 'kicked off' in Tottenham, Brixton and Hackney right at the start of the few days of rioting and looting here in the UK.

Until this issue is addressed we will have other riots.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inter -racial strife about to blow in Birmingham ?

After last nights mowing down and killing of 3 Asians by rioters in cars there are reports of muslims now organising in the Birmingham area.

There has been inter racial strife in Birmingham in the past.

This could make the London riots look like a picnic.

The Muslim community are observing Ramadan, so it could get a bit hectic after dark when they break their fast.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Millwall fans looking for rioters !

Try to march into Lewisham ?

1956: Canning Town seems to be calming down now. Groups of men have reportedly gathered in pubs in Eltham and are waiting for looters to show up. Apparently Millwall fans are patrolling the area, looking for confirmation there.

And also;

2024: Enfield vigilantes (50-60 or so) reportedly gathering in Church Street. People are cheering police in Enfield Town. They are gathering to stop rioters, according to our source on the ground. ... formation/


vigilantes in Enfield,London. Spurs fans by all accounts.

Another vid showing football supporters reclaiming streets in London tonight.

One response to the riots.........

Written by James Dowson
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 16:33

The reality is simple; the English can no longer depend on the state for protection of life and livelihood. I watched in horror as hundreds of decent, mainly white locals stood powerlessly observing their homes and businesses being put to the torch.
No police, no fire brigade, no nationalist vigilantes, no English youth defenders, no resistance of any kind, no hope.


I know the English, unlike us Celts are calm, private and very individual in nature but unless Englishmen stand together to defend their homes and families they will be destroyed. This violence is a mere taste to what is coming, make no mistake. This is the end of the beginning, the next phase of our colonisation has now begun and the violence will become much worse in the coming decade.

To the so-called hardcore, 14 word nationalists who boast of what they will do when the race wars starts, I say, grow up and shut up, your kind have done nothing but weakened our cause by your straight arm salutes and by your obnoxious views.

Where were the massed ranks of the shaven headed nationalist ‘defenders’ who march around England looking for a fight every weekend last night, as the invaders burnt Croydon? Where were the bomber jacketed loud mouth yob nationalists when our people were jumping out of their burning homes?

As things stand there will be no culture/race/religious war in England, it will be a massacre and those in the multi cult areas won’t stand a cat in hells chance of survival never mind silly thoughts of a glorious nationalist victory.

A real nationalist’s first duty is to defend our people and country, we failed. Our young men (you know, the ones that often boast of how patriotic they are, always waving flags and making a lot of noise) did not run away, they couldn’t even get it together to turn up!

This shows just how silly and ineffective the nationalist cause has become in this country. Nationalism needs men and women of quiet dignity and courage not big mouthed disorganised thugs or discredited nationalist political parties.

Surely we can all see now that the 'state' cannot or will not protect our homes or our women and children. Nor will the current nationalist groups and parties. However, since the beginning of time the ultimate responsibility to protect our loved ones and our property has always rested with the individual man of the family.

The idea of a police force (now service) was only ever meant to act as a back up to this universal truth. I say to every British male: the safety of YOUR wife, YOUR children, and YOUR home is YOURS...first and foremost.

Now you see that the state will indeed allow you to be robbed and burnt out of your home, what now? More white flight...WE LIVE ON AN ISLAND MY ENGLISH FRIENDS, YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF PLACES TO HIDE FROM REALITY!

It is time for defence committees to be formed, not only in the affected areas but in ALL areas of the country, so that assistance can be offered by those more fortunate. I am not talking about white vigilantes, ABSOLUTELY NOT, but we need ALL decent British citizens who are patriots to start acting in the way every man in previous generations would have: Stand together and prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Last night it was property, indeed the mobs attacked many private dwellings, kicking domestic doors in and entering family homes. Last night theft was the main impulse, but rape and pillage always go hand in hand.

Ask yourself my English brothers: If a these mobs rampage down your street and kick in your doors, could you ever be a man in your own house again or in the eyes of your children after the mob has left your wives and daughters on the floor, could you look at yourself in the mirror ever again??

Ask yourself, why no looting or serious bother in Asian areas or some other places? I shall tell you why. This was because hundreds of Asian men (and Turks and Lebanese) took the personal safety of their loved ones, businesses and homes into their own hands, the BBC will not show you, but last night hundreds of men were out on the streets of their districts prepared to fight ANYONE who would threaten what is theirs.

We may all be modern sophisticated urban dwelling men these days, but our main duty and function in life is to provide for, and to defend our women and children, that is the very essence of being a man. This is the way it has always been down through the mists of time, but If we fail to honour this sacred duty, we are not men at all and are due no respect from our families and deserve everything that befalls us. Having a few other anatomical parts does not make one a man, it’s what we do, how we act and how we protect those who look to us for care and safety, that’s what makes a man.

It may be 2011 but nature has some immutable truths that do indeed transcend our notions of civilisation and modernity. Our country was formed and held together by men who were prepared to stand and fight despite the odds, men who would not bow down to aggressors regardless of the cost and men who would take any action necessary in order to defend their wives and children.

I refuse to believe that Englishmen have changed so much since Dunkirk, but something is not right within the ranks of our gender. WE HAVE LOST OUR WAY MY BRETHREN!
A lot of the areas attacked last night were white (many foreign whites also) the very areas prospering from the middle class ‘white flight’ phenomenon. The same areas where the posh white ‘free trade’ junkies and liberal fools boast about being so wonderfully ‘multi-cultural and diverse’. This is their wake up call.

To hell with Cameron’s ridiculous idea of “Hug a Hoodie”, our police should have shot the hoodies like the vermin they are. To see hundreds, yes hundreds of English men stand around like dumbstruck pacifists while mobs of mainly black youths robbed them blind and destroyed their family homes made me very angry. Angry at the criminals, and even more angry and ashamed of my gender and race for meekly accepting it.

I am no armchair warrior prevaricating from a safe distance as so many other nationalists often like to do. I have lived in the worst trouble spots of Belfast; I have had high powered machine gun fire tear bricks from my house and have been injured by grenade attack. I understand the pain and ultimate futility of human conflict but when necessary I and the rest of my community have often rallied round and stood our ground together.

Frightened, unsure and at times absolutely terrified, but still the men of our district (and from other areas) were all united in one common goal: to defend our area, our families and local businesses from attack and harm.

Sometimes we had to defend our homes from the traditional enemy, other times from the forces of the state, the police and army.

We are the people, the streets are ours not the states and we the people need to defend what is ours from all attackers no matter what the price and no matter from which quarter the threat comes from.

I have witnessed many of my friends giving their lives in defence of their community, only a few years ago I watched as a young patriot, still in his teens was killed just a few feet away from me as he tried to prevent a large scale invasion of his district by Marxist thugs and bigots. He gave his life but not one house was torched that night in his area. One brave lad stopped several hundred rioting invaders from burning his mum’s house. May his soul rest in peace and may we learn from such selfless acts of sacrifice. This is what real British patriots are capable of when we set our mind to it.

Our society is breaking down, what we have just witnessed is only a miniscule insight to the civil war that is surely coming, (there, it has been said). Englishmen need to decide, do you keep moving away from the invaders (white flight) and live in temporary safety for a few more years while those kinsmen you left behind are burnt and beaten out of house and home? Or, do you start to prepare to defend your loved ones, homes and nation?

Nobody will do this for you, the police wont, and as sure as hell the state wont. Your children and grandchildren will survive or perish depending on what action you take now. Their future is in YOUR hands TODAY!

“We need a strong BNP” I hear some naive folks say... really? The party’s only response this week was to send out a begging text ‘LONDON BURNING ...DONATE £3, DONATE, DONATE, DONATE!’

While British citizens fleeing from burning buildings and our major cities are engulfed in lawlessness the so-called big boys of nationalism can only offer our beleaguered people the opportunity to donate £3 to their leaky coffers !

What an utter disgrace and shameful stunt that should now convince even the most loyal of what the real motivation of the party leaders is these days.

Other nationalists say we need a more moderate, tolerant and inclusive form of nationalism if we are to survive. English national politics being suggested as the way ahead. I too say we need to drop the cranks, Nazis and thuggish racist elements that hide under the banner of nationalism. But where I differ is : I believe we need to build a stronger and more polarized form of nationalism.

Polarizing not the races in particular, but between those who are all mouth and rosettes, and those who wish to commit to a long term strategy for our peoples survival, movement based on merit, decency, integrity and gravity of both thought and endeavour. A respectful but very earnest movement, one that values personal responsibility, probity and courage, nothing less could ever or will ever be able to withstand the future onslaughts.

I understand if some (hopefully men) find this article insulting or accusing..Good it is meant to be so, because unless we come to the personal place in our souls as individual men as to what we want and what we are prepared to do/suffer/endure/fight to save this country, all may well be lost by our generation!

What will you do to secure OUR children’s future? If the answer is more white flight or running off to Wales, Cornwall, Scotland or Ireland to hide with the old ‘I am all right jack, stuff the rest’ attitude then fine, our country is lost to the invaders.

In fact, they deserve it as they, unlike you, are prepared to fight for its ownership. To those with such an attitude I say: ‘a thousand curses on you, I loathe and detest your kind and I pity the wife and children who have such a coward as a father and husband’ the shame such ‘men’ bring on our nation their families and our ancestors is truly tragic and unforgivable. To such type of ‘men’ we must turn our backs forever on them.

However, my hope is that this article will seek out those men who know deep in their hearts what must be done and who realise that the future of their children and this nation lies within their hands, not the state apparatus. To those brave Englishmen I say ‘welcome brother, let’s get to work’.

Dear friends, we have a long and arduous journey before us and very little time, the scenes of violence last night will soon escalate from economic riot to bloody racial/ cultural pogroms of mass murder in the next few years.

Consider this: If you have had a baby born into your family this year you can be certain that riot, death and destruction will be the life that this dear child will grow up into. So let us get serious about our survival NOW!

Are we to continue to fool ourselves by thinking that by ‘Nationalists’ gaining a council seat or two or even a seat in the EU, our wives and daughters will be safe?

Tell that to the hundreds who were burnt from their homes last night. Friends, WE MUST FACE FACTS! Unless we have a root and branch change in our NATIONALIST mindset and attitude to the defence of this country and our loved ones, then I am afraid our grandchildren will curse our very memory as those who could have acted to save them from the horrors they will be suffering but chose to do little or nothing. Do you wish future generations to be ashamed of you? I do not and will not allow the charge of inaction or cowardice ever to be laid at my feet. This is my greatest fear.

Young Englishmen need to look in the mirror and examine their consciences. In years to come, when God willing, your surviving grandson climbs up on your knee and looks deeply into your failing eyes and asks : “Granddad, what did you do in the war?” will you be able to answer the lad without shame or regret, will you?

People often ask me ‘what motivates you Jim’, well now you know. If I can look into my little grandson’s eyes and say honestly “I never gave an inch of this country’s sacred soil, I fought for every blade of grass and hill” then I will be content to meet my maker with a sound conscience and glad heart.

It is time for British men to make a stand, time to leave the public house patriots and web warriors behind. The struggle began many years ago but only a few lone voices were heard; now even the blind must see what is coming.

Many of us still remain in safe areas, some do not. Old selfish attitudes need to change. An Englishman’s home is NOT his castle; ENGLAND is his castle, every last inch of it! If one of US bleeds we all bleed, if one of US falls, we all fall. Unity is strength and it is time we learnt to love our fellow patriots and kinsfolk with a ferocious passion. It is only when we collectively feel and suffer together will we find the courage to defend each other. It will be love NOT hate that compels us to rush to the defence of our fellow countrymen in dangerous times. The flames of London also set this Ulsterman on fire.

Loving ones country is good, loving ones flag is also good but loving one’s own people is what makes ordinary people do extraordinary things in life. I do not preach hatred; nationalism has too many angry people who have rendered themselves inactive by their twisted and inwardly destructive hate.

I put forward love as our weapon of national salvation! Real love for our country and our people, the kind of love that prepares, organises and incites us all to stand as one people, one nation, TOGETHER! The kind of love that says: “attack one of us, deal with us all”, the kind of love that makes a man willing to lay down his life for his neighbour. There is nothing soft about such love; it is the type of purified love that put the ‘hearts of oak’ in previous generations of English heroes.

If our generation act like victims, we will be victims. We British were respected by the world for our individual courage and our sense of oneness against a common enemy. Even Napoleon commented on this fine English trait, a trait deeply rooted in a burning love for ones country not in the hatred of the enemy regardless of who we were fighting.

Hate destroys everything including the host but love conquers all. When the men of England discover a true and pure love for their nation and people they will rise up that same day, but until we purge our hearts from the curse of individualism, selfishness and fear we will continue to see the invading mobs steal our goods burn our homes and chase us and our families to the four corners of this kingdom.

It is time to stop running brothers; it is time for our love of this nation and our people to kindle in us all a righteous anger and solid determination to say: THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER!
My friends and much maligned fellow patriots, we all know by now this county is in trouble, serious trouble, It is time to “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK”!

The question is: Are YOU ready to make a stand yet? If you are I pledge myself to the sacred and Holy cause of saving our nation and protecting our people. Are you with me and the many others who are working for a secure future for our people?

The way forward
Education. Preparation. Determination.

James Dowson writing in a private capacity.
August 9th 2011 Belfast

Copied from;

Monday, August 08, 2011

Rioting now all across London and spreading..............

With these riots now breaking out all over London and even in broad daylight, and which will spread to other black areas of the United Kingdom.

NWN asks "Where is LOOTIE ? "

The return of LOOTIE !

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Police said they were taken by surprise. Well we weren't !

NWN : And have a look at the comment posted with this video. Now even ordinary people are seeing that some people cannot live in our type country and that the police, mass media, and politicians, will trot out the same old rubbish . Tottenham is a third world slum. If we had a genuine nationalist party we would be making headway with this. But we have crook Griffin 'NOT' leading the BNP. There are now copycat riots in black ghetto areas in other parts of London, even in daylight. I wonder if they are muslims ?

Uploaded by LondonReignMedia on 6 Aug 2011

I've never seen such madness. I can only hope that there weren't people in those burning buildings. It took the police over 3 hours to get down there. And even then they just stood there and watched. It took the news channels hours to catch on, even though it was all over twitter from about 9pm. Metropolitan police are useless. News channels are not clued up....

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Nick Griffin on holiday - again !

NWN: This is reminiscent of the where's Wally childrens game from a few years back. The search for Wally.

We at NWN have noted ever since Griffin hijacked the BNP, he has had many long holidays. Of course, we wouldn't begrudge anyone a holiday.

Except Griffin often has holidays at 'crunch' periods, for example; in the immediate run up to the 2000 European elections.

Where was Mr.Griffin ?

He was 'swanning around' speaking in the USA, and he has carried on in that vein.

John Tyndall attacked Griffin at the time for that, as Tyndall argued, he should have been 'leading his troops' into the elections. Nothing alters with the vain Mr.Griffin, he has chutzpah as the jews would say.

It would be quite interesting to see the critical periods of BNP history over the last 11 years, and correlate them with Nick Griffins holidays. We think it would make very interesting reading into the mind of Nick Griffin.

Where is our Chairman?

By Hogarth. Last Monday the Chairman was elected to a fresh term of four years, by merely nine votes. He did not bother to attend the count, perhaps in case he lost.

To obtain his mandate of merely nine votes, his team broke his own rules:

1. A 50 point email circular was issued, attacking Mr Brons, utilising the party’s email address lists.

2. Regional Organisers or their officials despatched email circulars to their memberships, imploring members to support Nick Griffin.

Had the Chairman been re-elected with a majority of several hundred votes, it could have been argued that these two clear breaches of the rules would have been insufficient to alter an assured victory for Nick Griffin.

These two actions, however, were designed to influence the vote, which is why they were sanctioned. Had merely five members voted for Mr Brons instead of Mr Griffin, Mr Brons would have been elected with a majority of one vote.

There are grounds for the Returning Officer, who is already carrying out routine enquiries, to declare the result null and void on account of these breaches in the rules and to re-issue fresh ballot papers in a new election.

This would almost certainly be the decision of any Court, given the circumstances.

Meanwhile, the Chairman has sent a long and rambling letter to his runner-up, Andrew Brons, which underlines the Chairman’s micro-management of the Party.

One of the points of Mr Brons’ election platform was the futility and damage wrought by micro-management.

Alas, Mr Griffin has no expertise as a manager outside the political realm. In fact, he has done very little outside the political realm, although he has accomplished one bankruptcy.

He has very nearly brought his own party to the point of bankruptcy – if such is possible for an unincorporated association.

Once again, the accounts are late, which will invite a fine from the Electoral Commission.

That fine represents the money of hard-pressed donors, which the Chairman enjoys tapping for their hard earned wages and pensions.

We were told, during the campaign, that the accounts were now properly overseen and administered.

Clearly, the Chairman’s appointees, Clive Jefferson and Jennifer Matthys have some explaining to do.

More bizarre, however, is the absence of the Chairman. He has narrowly won the slenderest of victories but he has disappeared – presumably on holiday – when his party is in utter chaos, with morale plumbing fresh lows.

His website is becoming a joke and features illiteracy.

His party is split.

He faces numerous challenges in Court.

His members are resigning or refusing to donate. Others refuse to participate in any political activity. The BBC are rumoured to be preparing an expose of his tenure of the party.

Damaging copies of Trafalgar Club bank statements have been issued, denoting large cash drawings.

Mr Brons’ voters are finding new reasons to depart, despite the former’s earnest representations that they remain.

In fact, it is speculated that the Chairman would prefer his detractors to depart. That way, the party will contract into a micro unit of unelectable sycophants plus some delinquents.

What few councillors we retain are fast departing the party.

In fact, the party is descending downhill so fast that it will soon be beneath where it was when he took it over in 1999. What a record! What sheer incompetence!

Instead of departing on holiday amidst such ruin and destruction, the Chairman should be in the UK, rapidly mending and building bridges.

He should be in earnest negotiations with Mr Brons’s team to act on their criticisms of his tenure and implement their ideas.

In particular, as the first stage in the building of those bridges, Mr Griffin should relieve the party of the services of the non-member, Pat Harrington, who has stood ethnic candidates against our Party.

That demand, which appeared on this website several days ago, remains unanswered.

He has done none of the things we requested. There have been no meetings with Mr Brons or his supporters, no discussions and only the despatch of a rambling, patronising letter to Mr Brons.

We are reminded of the late Enoch Powell’s reflection: “All political careers end in failure.” As someone else once remarked: “How great the arrogance before the fall.”

The tragedy here is that the Chairman is likely to bring the entire party down with him and, with this, the one remaining avenue for the British people to save the nation. What a record — which will be long remembered by frustrated activists of the nationalist cause.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Norway attacker NOT a nationalist but a Zionist - Dr.David Duke

In the video above titled Zionist terrorism in Norway, David Duke demonstrates a powerful enemy at large but also offers great hope.

This video is possibly Dukes best video to date.

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