Tuesday, October 03, 2006

BNP using maximum effort to fleece members !

The below comes from the latest Members Bulletin

NWN : It's all about supporting Griffin at his trial, a little bit of anti-Islamic bashing and then the rest, the huge majority, is the various means of scrabbling as much money as possible from Party members.

They are even selling GOLD BADGES and Annually ! The National Front used to award these badges to a selected few for their sterling work for the party. Having to buy your way into the BNP 'Annual Conference' too, is a damned disgrace.

The way they are choosing just who, or more to the point, who cannot attend this and future Conferences ensures a continuation of Griffin psycophancy.

British Nationalist PO Box 5674, Inverness, IV2 7YL 0870 757 6267 or 0870 751 5277

British National Party Members’ Bulletin
October 2006

Working together for a winning team!

Sunday, 26th Nov – British National Party Annual Conference

Blackpool visit for Conference

The second annual British National Party Conference will be held in the
seaside resort of Blackpool this year on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th
of November.

The attendance criteria have been modified - as requested through a motion
at the 2005 Conference – and will be rigidly adhered to. The qualifying criteria
for delegates are outlined below.

First Criteria – non-negotiable – this applies to everyone irrespective of
whether they meet any other criteria - two years continuous membership - i.e.
they must hold a membership card for 2005 and 2006 (this is less than
previously mooted but this years conference is still a bit provisional and next
year it will be three years - i.e. 2005, 2006, 2007).

Second Criteria – they must be a Group or Branch Organiser or Fund Holder

Third Criteria – if not an Organiser or Fund Holder, they must be a good
regular activist. Not necessarily a street activist - could do clerical work etc, but
not just an occasional activist. This criteria will be determined by the unit
organiser and agreed by the Regional Organiser i.e. names submitted by the
unit organiser have to be confirmed by the Regional Organiser in order to verify
that the person is a good activist and not just a personal friend!

Fourth Criteria – non-negotiable – must have attended the Summer School
or the Saturday training day at the Conference. We encourage all attendees
to attend the Saturday session but recognise that some may only be able to
make the Sunday - in which case they must have attended the Summer
School. If you missed the Summer School and want to attend the Sunday
Conference please make sure you attend the Saturday training to avoid being
refused entry on the Sunday.

Fifth Criteria – non-negotiable – the delegate fee is £15 - whether they
attended Saturday and Sunday or just one day. The unit can subsidise if they
so chose.

As it is anticipated that all 250-delegate places at the conference will be filled,
tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis. Accommodation can
be arranged for the first 120 or so delegates in shared rooms – so ideally you
should book and nominate the person you wish to share a room with.

Accommodation is at £20 a night per person, with bed and breakfast and is
available at that rate on the Friday and the Saturday night.

Delegates who wish to arrange single accommodation and late bookers
should make independent arrangements although a list of suitable hotels will
be made available.

On the Friday night there is a special 3 course gala dinner for up to a maximum
of 80 delegates with an after dinner speech by the Party Chairman. The dress
code: smart/black tie. £15 per person. There will be a choice of menu and
guest must pre-order their choice before hand – the menus will be available
in due course.

Saturday will be a training day with a range of educational and training
seminars taking place on both practical and ideological subjects.

Sunday will be the Conference proper with the following motions or debates
definitely taking place:

No 1 – How should motions be submitted? We will debate what the best
process would be for submitting motions to future conferences

No 2 – The activist criteria. A debate on how the activist criteria for a voting
member should be set and monitored.

No 3 – The financial criteria. A debate on how the financial criteria for a voting
member should be set (for this as with No 2 above, reference should be made
to the Chairman’s article in the September issue of Identity). Time allowing,
there will also be several more motions and debates on policy issues.

The topics will be announced in the November Member’s and Organiser’s Bulletins.

The Conference will conclude with the Chairman’s address.

Methods of payment
Pay via the credit/debit card hotline to 08707 515296
Pay via cheque/postal order made payable to ‘British National Party’ and sent
to P.O. Box 158, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 2WW.

Members who pay independently must provide the name of their local
Organiser so it can be established that they meet the above criteria.
Members paying via their local unit fund-holder must have their details
forwarded to the Deputy National Treasurer direct by the fund-holder. The
Treasury Department will deduct fees from units’ accounts provided the funds
are there. Local fund-holders must ensure fees are banked before Conference.
Mandatory fee

Delegate attendance £15
Optional fees
Friday night accommodation £20 bed and breakfast
Saturday night accommodation £20 bed and breakfast
Friday evening Gala Dinner £15

0870 751 5296
0870 752 2187
0799 074 3913

Gold membership – a badge of distinction!

New for 2007 the Membership Department
has launched the Gold Membership scheme.

Gold Membership is open to all individual
members for a flat rate of £60.00. No extra
voting rights are conveyed upon Gold
Members; the sole distinguishing feature for
the member is the awarding of a specially
commissioned gold members badge, which will be updated annually.

These badges will not be retailed and will only be available through the
Membership Department. Gold Members will be able to wear them with pride
and let people know that they have contributed that bit more for their membership
that year.

These badges are sure to become collector’s items in the future, so if you can,
start now to make sure you have the full set in the years ahead.

The draw will take place on the 16th of
December so prizes can be delivered
before Christmas. Please help to
support the BNL fundraising efforts by
buying or selling these raffle tickets.
3 months FREE starts now!

Membership for 2007 is now available from the 1st
of October. Renew or recruit a friend today and
they will get the last three months of 2006 included
in their 2007 membership.
All membership rates (right) can now be paid for by
telephone on 0870 752 2187 as well as online at
www.bnp.org.uk or by cheque/postal order made
payable to ‘British National Party’ and sent to P.O.
Box 107, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 0YA.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like this conference will be small enough to hold in the cubicle of a synagogue toilet!!!

Anonymous said...

They can stuff their gold badges up their arse!
If the leadership had any feelings of pride in their activists for the hard work they do or for standing in elections then they would award the gold badges without a charge being involved.
The party that John Tyndall once lead where praise was given out and letters of thanks for candidates that were brave enough to stand in elections has sadley been taken over by a heirachy with a lust for the sheckle!

Anonymous said...

Having to pay to attend the annual conference and the criteria attatched to it is a damned disgrace,their will be a very noticable shortage of key personel at this years pow wow, unfortunatly this i believe is what the leadership wants.
Maybee without the hardcore in attendence they will get the abortion on demand motion passed, and who dares to guess what else?

the clown who can't laugh said...

Theres quite a lot of background to the finances of the BNP in this Stormfront thread:


Its called unsettling accounts by E.N.Ronn, and shows why Nick is running away to join the circus.

Anonymous said...

"First Criteria – non-negotiable – this applies to everyone irrespective of whether they meet any other criteria - two years continuous membership - i.e. they must hold a membership card for 2005 and 2006 (this is less than previously mooted but this years conference is still a bit provisional and next year it will be three years - i.e. 2005, 2006, 2007)."
Must be in the party for three years before you can attend a conference? That's mad. They're making damn sure there's no dissent of any kind. Paranoid or what??

NorthWestNationalists said...

Members always donated money according to their ability .

Many of the best activists of the past were unemployed, and saw activism as being their way of donating their time, and thus helping the cause, as they could not donate hard cash.

'Cash' seems to be the arbiter of just who is a good party member these days.

Anonymous said...

Are there any significant constitutional changes being proposed for voting at this conference?

Has the agenda been published yet?

NorthWestNationalists said...

We believe that a fair few BNP members are incensed with the latest members Bulletin.

Some have said they aren't going to the Conference 'full stop'; but others suggest they should go, and to show their dismay/disgust.

There are salient points on both sides here.

Anonymous said...

Griffin won't get sent down he is State. I will bear my arse on the town hall steps if he gets sent down.

Pete R. said...

Clearly Mr Griffin aims to transform the BNP into nothing more than a cult worshipping Nick Griffin.

The only hope is that within the ranks of these activists and organisers there will be a large number who ultimately refuse to be conned.

Let us not forget that many of Griffin's most trenchant critics are folks who orginally supported him, including several who were in the front rank of Griffin's team when he first took the leadership in 1999.

When the National Front and a handful of British Movement opposed a TUC march for multi racialism in Manchester city centre circa 1977 ...