Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Final Stand

Word is reaching us of an independent nationalist grouping set to stand against Griffin and Darby in the European Elections next year. We hear that there are already 17 signed up to stand against Griffin and 5 against Darby, all of them ex BNP members.

Do Griffin and Darby deserve a seat aboard the Euro gravy train?

Such a group would smash any chances these two vile pretenders would have.

More news as we get it.


Some of the information contained in the appended Jewish Chronicle article may be true, but I suspect that much of it is propaganda designed to scare people off visiting anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish web sites, or even uttering the slightest word uncomplimentary to the Jews via e-mail.

The lesson is: don't be intimidated. The more people speak up, and speak up frankly, the better. (Make a start: circulate this message far and wide.)

The Jews don't control the Internet the way that they control the press, TV, radio and other media. Thus they seek to undermine it and intimidate people from using it to criticise them.

The only thing I find a bit sickening about the article is the way in which it suggests that the Israeli Mossad and British and American spook outfits are all playing on the same team.

A Jewish-made American TV series about a U.S. military intelligence outfit has an Israeli girl Mossad spook working (with the full approval of the U.S. government!) inside the inner recesses of the American intelligence community. I believe that the 'British' equivalent TV series "Spooks" has run an episode with a similar MI5 + Mossad scenario.

In connection with this trend, I note that Jewish/Zionist propagandists are very keen on showing Israeli flags flying crossed with the Starts & Stripes or with the Union Jack (depending on the audience). That crossed flags device has already been adopted by the Jewish Lads' & Girls Brigade (the supposed Jewish equivalent of the Boys' Brigade, patriotic Christian formation).

The suggestion of all this to simple-minded and ill-informed patriots in Britain and the USA is that their homeland is being defended not only by their own home-grown security services, but that of Israel also!

(I wonder if the BNP's web site will carry an uncritical copy of the Jewish Chronicle article to uphold Gri££in's pro-Jewish line and to maintain its Jewish Community Security Trust standing as ".....the most Zionist of the political web sites...." as quoted in the Jewish Chronicle last April?)

The American security agents who nicked Jonathan Pollard a decade or so ago will no doubt greet the suggestion that Israeli and American security organisations are all part of the same team with some amusement.

Pollard was the Jewish-American spy who not only sold 'his' country's most classified weaponry and communications secrets to the Israelis for big cash, but also, as a side-line, to the Chinese.

His trading with the Chinese was probably done with the permission of his Mossad bosses to further the project to ingratiate Israel into the good books of the emerging Chinese super-power. (Yes! When the American super-power starts to falter, the Jews will need a new protector.....but the Chinkies may be a match for them.)

Pollard resides in jail, but he draws a huge pension from Israel which is allowed to accumulate in his U.S. bank account. This pension, of course, is ultimately paid for by the American public. At least $3 Billion of their tax dollars is sent by their rotten government every year to prop-up Israel. A large portion of that aid is sent in untraceable CASH!

The American security establishment has refused, thus far, to take heed of American-Jewish and Israeli whining and blandishments concerning Pollard, which may be summarised as follows:

"America's secrets, surely, are Israel's secrets, and vice versa. We're allies, aren't we?? So what Pollard did can't really be thought of as 'spying and subversion', already!"

Perhaps America's topmost military not only remember the Pollard case, but also the fate of the American sailors aboard the U.S.S. 'Liberty' who were bombed and then strafed by Israeli jets for monitoring Israeli communications which established that it was Israel who sparked the 1967 Middle-East war. Let us hope so.

Martin Webster.

Jewish Chronicle - Friday 20th June 2008

Meet the cyberspies living among the world's deadliest terrorists
by Eric Silver in Tel Aviv, Jewish Chronicle

In a Tel Aviv office, under-cover agents are infiltrating the world's Islamist websites...........

NWN: This posting was covered by us here at NWN if you check back.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Veterans Day - 27th June - 2008 - Blackpool

Henry Allingham - 112 years old - A veteran of WW1

A Battle of Britain veteran - yes it's a Spitfire !

News is reaching us that Gri££in has allowed back into the party in London two vile and totally disreputable creatures.
Firstly ex-London Regional organiser Nick Eriksen, who we were lead to believed was sacked and had given up his membership card in April, is now back in some type of management postion in the capital, the news link below tells it all, this man lost us a lot of votes on May 1st over his disgusting personal views, as most people know he was candidate number two on the BNP's London Assembly list just behind Richard Barnbrook, until his demise but has now resufaced after just two months.

Another old face back on the scene is Tony 'Bomber' Lecomber, Gri££in 'sacked' him back in 2007 (Organisers' bulletin April 2007 : "Internal party business should therefore not be discussed with him and he should not be invited to attend party actvities.") In fact many are saying Lecomber has been working for Gri££in all the time since this date, but well hidden away. The following Glasgow Sunday Herald (remembering that this was the only newspaper to report on this incident, and Lecomber was never visited by the police!) report is suffice to say that Gri££in's sense of judgement and leadership qualities on continually employing Lecomber and bringing Eriksen back onboard, should be very seriously examined by all the membership!'Senior BNP official suggested assassinating prominent politicians';Right-wing party in turmoil over sensational allegations Investigation by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald, 28th May 2006 THE British National Party are in crisis over allegations that one of their most senior members tried to recruit a leading UK Nazi into a criminal conspiracy to assassinate prominent politicians and members of the British establishment.The claims were made by Joe Owens, who was once the most senior member of the BNP in the Merseyside area and chief bodyguard for BNP leader Nick Griffin. He told the Sunday Herald that in a meeting with Tony Lecomber (Griffin's chief lieutenant) in January this year, Lecomber asked him to take part in a campaign of terror and murder directed against British political figures deemed enemies by the far-right.Lecomber admitted that a conversation took place with Owens but said that he did not mean the allegations to be taken literally.Owens told the Sunday Herald:"Lecomber said to me that it was 'too late to stop immigration' and he went on to talk about recent statistics that showed an increase in births from immigrants. He said to me that we needed 'direct action'."I asked him what he meant by the expression 'direct action'. He said, 'Targeting members of the establishment who were aiding and abetting the coloured invasion of this country.' I asked Lecomber what he meant by 'targeting'. He said, 'Killing them.'" According to Owens, Lecomber referred to targeting figures such as Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and former director-general of the BBC Greg Dyke, who once referred to the corporation as "hideously white".Owens told the Sunday Herald that Lecomber said "killing" British political figures "would deter other people filling their jobs". Owens claimed he told Lecomber that such tactics had not worked for Irish republican terrorists and referred to the assassination of Airey Neave - the Tory MP killed in a car bomb by the INLA - as proof that murder did not work as a political tool.Owens said he asked Lecomber how the targets would be killed. Lecomber, Owens told the Sunday Herald, replied that "a lot of intelligence would have to be gathered on those he planned to target, and cars with false number plates would have to be acquired".Owens said he then called the meeting to a halt, saying he wanted nothing more to do with such a "mad scheme". And, in reference to the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes by armed Metropolitan Police last summer, told Lecomber that "he would not last any longer than the Brazilian lad shot by the police on the tube".As the pair parted, said Owens, Lecomber told him: "If you change your mind, give me a call."Neither men are strangers to violence and both have criminal records for offences connected to extreme rightwing activity. In 1985, Lecomber was convicted of possessing explosives and sentenced to three years in jail after he injured himself when a nail-bomb he was carrying blew up near the offices of the Workers' Revolutionary Party.He was found with 10 grenades at his home, as well as seven Molotov cocktails and two detonators. The offence earned him his nickname, Lecomber the Bomber.In 1991, he got another three years in prison for unlawful wounding after he attacked a Jewish school teacher on the London tube system who he'd seen tearing down neo-Nazi stickers. At the time, he was the BNP's director of propaganda. When he contacted Owens, Lecomber was the BNP's development organiser with responsibility for building membership and setting up party organisations around the UK.Owens received a 12-month sentence for sending razor blades in the post to Jews and another 12 months when he was caught with CS gas and knuckledusters in his car.Owens told the Sunday Herald that immediately after the meeting with Lecomber, he contacted a number of senior figures on the far-right and met with Nick Griffin a few days later to discuss Lecomber's behaviour. According to Owens, Griffin said he would "confront" Lecomber.LECOMBER'S activities caused some senior figures in the far-right to speculate that he might be an agent provocateur working on behalf of the British security service. The theory is that Lecomber was encouraged to get Owens - a man with a history of violence - involved in a plot to carry out murder. This would have resulted in arrests of leading far-right figures and the ruination of the BNP.The BNP are becoming an increasing concern for the government and security services, such as MI5, as the party - still home to many political extremists and neo-Nazis - are moving closer and closer to the political mainstream.Griffin has long talked about swapping "boots for suits" - a reference to his policy of jettisoning overt neo-Nazi imagery and associations for a more professional and respectable image.Many on the far-right see Griffin as the BNP's Tony Blair, and despise him for trying to water-down racist policies and practices. Griffin himself is an extreme hardliner by tradition, but has tried to adopt a modernising approach and a much more toned-down public persona in recent years.Griffin told the Sunday Herald that he met with Lecomber and told him that he would have to either resign or be sacked.Griffin said that he "didn't know" how much truth there was to Owen's claims, but added that Lecomber had told him during their meeting that he had meant the comments as a joke."He told me they discussed the mess of the country and said something like 'they deserve to be shot', referring to those in charge, " said Griffin. "He says it was meant in a jovial way and was not serious incitement. In the end, there were only two people there and no-one knows what was said apart from those two. The best thing for me to do was to therefore not take one side or the other."Griffin did say that Owens was "hostile" to the party, and was currently writing his memoirs. Griffin suggested that Owens wanted a "sensationalist story" to promote his book. He also suggested that Owens was paranoid. Griffin added that Lecomber had told him that Owen's claims were a "crock of shit".Despite Griffin ordering Lecomber to stand down, the party leader has been accused of going soft on Lecomber and protecting him.Owens dismissed any claim that Lecomber's comments were made as a joke as "utter nonsense". He pointed out that until the meeting Lecomber and he had not spoken for many months and that Lecomber had come all the way from his home in London to Liverpool for the meeting."Would he come all that way just to chat to me in a jovial way about shooting people?" Owens asked.Owens, who describes himself proudly as "an unrepentant Nazi", added that he would happily take a polygraph test and also pay for Lecomber to take a lie detector test to establish who was telling the truth about the nature of their meeting.Lecomber told the Sunday Herald that he had not meant the comments seriously. "I've known Joe Owens as a friend for more than 20 years. We were talking politics and I said to him, referring to the government, 'These people should be taken out and shot.' It was a figure of speech, not an invitation."At that point, he didn't say, 'Hold on, what are you saying?' I went away and a day later he's saying that I'm going on about killing people. I spoke to Nick and I resigned from the party."On his own admission, Lecomber has been "very organisationally effective for the party". He helped mastermind Griffin's takeover of the BNP, and has been one of the key figures behind their recent electoral successes. However, Lecomber also admitted he was "a liability for the party because of my past".Lecomber added: "Owen's allegations aren't true. They are a pack of shit. I don't give a f*** what is written about me. People have said all sorts about me in the past - even that I'm an MI5 agent.I don't take any of it seriously."NEED TO KNOWTHE FACTS It has been alleged that a senior member of the British National Party attempted to recruit a leading UK Nazi into a conspiracy to assassinate prominent politicians. The claims were made by Joe Owens, once chief bodyguard for BNP leader Nick Griffin.The member described the comments as a figure of speech.
NWN: Owens cannot be taken as a serious voice on the nationalist scene. Nevertheless, Lecomber is a known fruitcake.
Also, Erikson has resurfaced as 'Fraser' on SFUK. So that would confirm his renewed support for Griffin and vice versa.
Personally I would not allow any of these three to be a member of the BNP.

Just got back from the UK Veterans Week in Blackpool

Many exclusive pics to be uploaded asap here on NWN. This was a major event for the ex-forces community and was held in Blackpool this year.

Friday, June 27, 2008

MI5 and the GLA

5IMon Darby, has just been placed next to Barnbrook in the GLA.

Barnbrook now has 3 staff on £23,000 a year each.

Emma Colgate
Rod Duncan
5IMon Darby

The Rebels in court

We hear that the case has been put on hold due to Griffin not paying his solicitors.

Anyone with more info?

We warned you the BNP was a state trap

The picture shows (from left to right), the Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Edgar Griffin, P.G.J.D., R.A.M.G.R. and Bro. Mark Nixon, the Worshipful Master of Welchpool Mark Lodge No. 1084.
"A Double Presentation to our longest serving Brother

W. Bro. Edgar Griffin, P.G.J.D., R.A.M.G.R., a member of Welchpool Lodge of M.M.M. No. 1084 and Welchpool Lodge of R.A.M. No. 1084 was recently honoured by the presentation of two Long Service Awards by the Provincial Grand Master. R.W. Bro. T. Gareth Williams, on behalf of the M.W. Grand Master, Bro. H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent.
Edgar was Advanced over 61 years ago into Barnet Mark Lodge No. 947 on 13th May 1947. This Lodge met in No. 10 Duke Street, London SW1 and regrettably, some time later surrendered its Warrant and amalgamated with Mark Well Lodge No. 897 which now meets in Mark Masons Hall, St James's Street, and Edgar was installed as Worshipful Master in 1958,
Just four years after his Installation, in 1962 Edgar received the Grand Rank of Assistant Grand Inner Guard. It is interesting that there are only two other Brethren that have held Grand Rank longer than Edgar. Firstly, Sir Kenneth Maxwell Stoddard, the Past Prov. Grand Master of West Lancs. (and incidentally an Honorary Member of Maen Clo Lodge No. 1451 in this Province), who was appointed P.G.J.D. in 1960 (that's 47 years) and Bro John Henry Dresler who was appointed Grand Steward in 1961 (that's 46 years).
In 1992 he received further promotion to the rank of Active Grand Junior Deacon. W. Bro. Edgar Griffin was Elevated in the Degree of the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariner on 31st August 1955 (52 years ago) in the Barnet Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 947. He was Installed as Worshipful Commander in 1964. He was elected Holder of Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank in 1985 and received Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank in 1990.
After a period of years spent in Suffolk, and having been granted Honorary Membership of his Mark and RAM Lodges, he moved to Welchpool where he has continued his Masonic careers in our Degrees by becoming Worshipful Master in 2002 and Worshipful Commander in 2005."
The man in the middle is Edgar Griffin, father of the Chairman of the BNP. It was Edgar who first took his son to an NF meeting. Griffin went on to destroy the NF, just as he is destroying the BNP. GRIFFINS DADDY HAS BEEN A FREEMASON FOR MORE THAN 60YRS.

BNP Hits Rock Bottom

The British National Party has been wasting membership money again, but this time on a scheme to recruit old members. And, when we say old members, we mean people who resigned, or were booted out more than 7 yrs ago. Have those at BNP HQ forgotten that they wielded the axe over these members, or are they so desperate for cash they’re scraping what they consider to be the bottom of their very OWN barrel?

As one elderly chap said to us “If we weren’t good enough for Griffin a few years ago, then he can **** off”

Our sentiments exactly.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Luck Tess

A total of 26 candidates - half of them independents - will contest the by-election sparked by the resignation of senior Tory David Davis as an MP.
The ex-shadow home secretary quit to generate a debate on civil liberties, especially the government's 42-day detention limit for terror suspects.
Neither Labour nor the Liberal Democrats will field a candidate in Haltemprice and Howden on 10 July.
At the 2005 general election, Mr Davis won with a majority of 5,116.
It is thought to be the highest number of candidates ever to stand at a by-election in recent times.

Here is the full list of candidates:

Grace Christine Astley - Independent
David Laurence Bishop - Church of the Militant Elvis Party
Ronnie Carroll - Make Politicians History
Mad Cow-Girl - The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
David Craig - Independent
Herbert Winford Crossman - Independent
Tess Culnane - National Front Britain for the British
Thomas Faithful Darwood - Independent
David Michael Davis - Conservative
Tony Farnon - Independent
Eamonn "Fitzy" Fitzpatrick - Independent
Christopher Mark Foren - Independent
Gemma Dawn Garrett - Miss Great Britain Party
George Hargreaves - Christian Party
Hamish Howitt - Freedom 4 Choice
David Icke - No party listed
John Nicholson - Independent
Shan Oakes - Green Party
David Pinder - The New Party
Joanne Robinson - English Democrats: Putting England First
Jill Saward - Independent
Norman Scarth - Independent
Walter Edward Sweeney - Independent
Christopher John Talbot - Socialist Equality Party
John Randle Upex - Independent
Greg Wood - Independent

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


From the 'Lancaster Unity' site

Darby continues;'Not to worry though because Golden Gordon has a cunning plan.

'I'm starting to wonder if Simon Darby actually is one of our regular correspondents because almost that exact phrase appears in an email to us from a few days back.

'Not to worry though because Nick Griffin has a cunning plan.

And Griffin's cunning plan turns out to be much the same one that Darby attributes to the Labour Party.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BNP guilty of sabotaging its own elections?

Would anyone like to discuss the debacle of, Andrew Spence, and now, Raits, leaflets?

Solidarity Paypal Account Frozen

Word is reaching us that the 'Solidarity Union' Paypal account has been frozen pending an investigation into money laundering.

Anyone know anymore on this situation?

Monday, June 23, 2008

America getting ready to declare war on Iran

Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the threat posed to international peace, stability in the Middle East, and the vital national security interests of the United States by Iran's... (Introduced in House)
2d Session
H. CON. RES. 362
Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the threat posed to international peace, stability in the Middle East, and the vital national security interests of the United States by Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and regional hegemony, and for other purposes.
May 22, 2008
Mr. ACKERMAN (for himself and Mr. PENCE) submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs
Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the threat posed to international peace, stability in the Middle East, and the vital national security interests of the United States by Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and regional hegemony, and for other purposes.
Whereas Iran is a party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), has foresworn the acquisition of nuclear weapons by ratification of the NPT, and is legally bound to declare and place all its nuclear activity under constant monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA);
Whereas for nearly 20 years, in clear contravention of its explicit obligations under the NPT, Iran operated a covert nuclear program until it was revealed by an Iranian opposition group in 2002;
Whereas the IAEA has confirmed such illicit covert nuclear activities as the importation of uranium hexafluoride, construction of a uranium enrichment facility, experimentation with plutonium, importation of centrifuge technology, construction of centrifuges, and importation of designs to convert highly enriched uranium gas into metal and shape it into the core of a nuclear weapon;
Whereas Iran continues to expand the number of centrifuges at its enrichment facility, as made evident by its announced intention to begin installation of 6,000 advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium, in defiance of binding United Nations Security Council resolutions demanding Iran suspend enrichment activities;
Whereas the November 2007 National Intelligence Estimate reported that Iran was secretly working on the design and manufacture of a nuclear warhead until at least 2003, but that Iran could have enough highly enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon as soon as late 2009;
Whereas an Iranian nuclear weapons capability would pose a grave threat to international peace and security by fundamentally altering and destabilizing the strategic balance in the Middle East, and severely undermining the global nonproliferation regime;
Whereas Iran's overt sponsorship of several terrorist groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah, and its close ties to Syria raise the possibility that Iran would share its nuclear materials and technology with others;
Whereas Iran continues to develop ballistic missile technology and is pursuing the capability to field intercontinental ballistic missiles, a delivery system suited almost exclusively to nuclear weapons payloads;
Whereas Iranian leaders have repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel, a major non-North Atlantic Treaty Organization ally, and a member of the United Nations;
Whereas the United States, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany have offered, and continue to offer, to negotiate a significant package of economic, diplomatic, and security incentives if Iran complies with the United Nations Security Council's resolutions demanding that Iran suspend uranium enrichment;
Whereas Iran has consistently refused such offers;
Whereas as a result of Iran's failure to comply with the mandates of the United Nations Security Council, taken under Chapter VII of the United Nations' Charter, the international community has imposed limited sanctions over the past 2 years that have begun to have an impact on the Iranian economy;
Whereas Iran's rapid development of its nuclear capabilities is outpacing the slow ratcheting up of economic and diplomatic sanctions;
Whereas Iran has used its banking system, including the Central Bank of Iran, to support its proliferation efforts and its assistance to terrorist groups, leading the Department of Treasury to designate 4 large Iranian banks proliferators and supporters of terrorism;
Whereas Iran's support for Hezbollah has enabled that group to wage war against the Government and people of Lebanon, leading to its political domination of that country;
Whereas Iran's support for Hamas has enabled it to illegally seize control of Gaza from the Palestinian Authority, and to continuously bombard Israeli civilians with rockets and mortars;
Whereas Iran continues to provide training, weapons, and financial assistance to Shi'a militants inside of Iraq and antigovernment warlords in Afghanistan;
Whereas those Shi'a militant groups and Afghan warlords use Iranian training, weapons, and financing to attack American and allied forces trying to support the legitimate Governments of Iraq and Afghanistan;
Whereas Iran is further destabilizing the Middle East by underwriting a massive rearmament campaign by Syria;
Whereas through these efforts, Iran seeks to establish regional hegemony, threatens longstanding friends and allies of the United States in the Middle East, and endangers vital American national security interests; and
Whereas nothing in this resolution shall be construed as an authorization of the use of force against Iran: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That Congress--
(1) declares that preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability, through all appropriate economic, political, and diplomatic means, is vital to the national security interests of the United States and must be dealt with urgently;
(2) urges the President, in the strongest of terms, to immediately use his existing authority to impose sanctions on--
(A) the Central Bank of Iran and any other Iranian bank engaged in proliferation activities or the support of terrorist groups;
(B) international banks which continue to conduct financial transactions with proscribed Iranian banks;
(C) energy companies that have invested $20,000,000 or more in the Iranian petroleum or natural gas sector in any given year since the enactment of the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996; and
(D) all companies which continue to do business with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps;
(3) demands that the President initiate an international effort to immediately and dramatically increase the economic, political, and diplomatic pressure on Iran to verifiably suspend its nuclear enrichment activities by, inter alia, prohibiting the export to Iran of all refined petroleum products; imposing stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran; and prohibiting the international movement of all Iranian officials not involved in negotiating the suspension of Iran's nuclear program; and
(4) urges the President to lead a sustained, serious, and forceful effort at regional diplomacy to support the legitimate governments in the region against Iranian efforts to destabilize them, to reassure our friends and allies that the United States supports them in their resistance to Iranian efforts at hegemony, and to make clear to the Government of Iran that the United States will protect America's vital national security interests in the Middle East.

Lest we Forget

30 years ago today

On the night of June 23, 1978, Elim Mission in the Rhodesian Eastern Highlands was subjected to the worst massacre of missionaries yet experienced. Terry Blocksidge reported in the Sunday Mail (Salisbury):

Eight British missionaries and four young children - including a three-week-old baby - were bayoneted to death by terrorists on Rhodesia's Eastern border on Friday night in the worst massacre of whites since the six-year-old war began.

Three of the missionaries were men and the others women.
A sixth woman was stabbed and beaten and left for dead. She staggered 300 m into the freezing Vumba bush to spend the night before being found semi-conscious by security forces yesterday. Despite intensive care in a Salisbury hospital she subsequently died.
The gruesome murders, by a group of eight to 10 terrorists, happened at Emmanuel Mission School - 15 km south-east of Umtali and 8 km from the Mozambique border - once used as the Eagle boarding school.

The dead, who belonged to the Elim Pentecostal Church, were:
* Mr. Peter McCann (30), his wife, Sandra (also 30), son Phillip (six) and daughter Joy (five).
* The Rev. Phillip Evans (29), his wife, Suzan (35), and their daughter Rebecca (four).
* Mr. Roy Lynn (37), his wife, Joyce (36), and their daughter Pamela Grace. She would have been three weeks old yester- day.
* Catherine Picken (55) and Elizabeth Wendy Hamilton- White (37).
* Miss Mary Fisher (28).

Most of the women had been sexually assaulted, and one mutilated.
The children had been dragged from their beds. Two children were in yellow pyjamas, one with a red dressing gown, and a third in a flowery nightdress.

One child had her tiny thumbs clenched in her palms.

Even hardened security men were stunned by the bloody scene and stood around silently. "The quiet is uncanny", said one.

Mr. Brian Chapman, director of the Church in Rhodesia and South Africa, visited the scene yesterday. He said: "We saw no humanity here."

The massacre began shortly before 8.30 p.m. when the white families were forced by the terrorists from their homes and classrooms, and marched to a playing field.

Near the sports pavilion, about 400 m from the main school, they were split into groups, then beaten with lengths of wood and logs, and stabbed.

When security forces reached the scene yesterday, the full horror on the cold, mist-and-rain shrouded Vumba mountainside confronted them:

A mother, beaten to death, lay with her young baby. The baby had also been savagely beaten.
Their arms stretched out to each other, their hands resting an inch apart. The child's hand was clenched.

The mother had a hand squeezed tightly around her engagement ring, turned into her palm, as she reached for her baby in her dying moments.

Nearby, another woman had died from an axe-wound - the weapon still protruded from her shoulder - and two men, one with his hands tied behind his back, lay beaten and slashed to death.

A blood-soaked chunk of wood had been dropped near to them.

Three children lay in a pitiful huddle, with two women's bodies next to them.
Some had raised their arms to defend themselves from the brutal blows.

Mr. Young is asked:

"Does Mr. Mugabe strike you as a violent man?"

He replies:

"Not at all, he's a very gentle man. In fact, one of the ironies of the whole struggle is that I can't imagine Joshua Nkomo, or Robert Mugabe, ever pulling the trigger on a gun to kill anyone. I doubt that they ever have.... The violent people are Smith's people and hopefully they won't be around for the new Zimbabwe."

This weekend, when local and international journalists arrived at the scene of the massacre 15 km from Umtali and less than 7 km from the Mozambique border, the mutilated and blood-stained bodies of three men, four women and five children - including a three-week-old baby - were lying as they had been found that morning.

Mr. Young is asked how he gets on with Mr. Mugabe.

He replies: "I find that I am fascinated by his intelligence, by his dedication. The only thing that frustrates me about Robert Mugabe is that he is so damned incorruptible.... The problem is he was educated by the Jesuits, and when you get the combination of a Jesuit and a Marxist kind of philosophy merging in one person, you've got a hell of a guy to deal with."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meet the cyberspies living among the world's deadliest terrorists
By Eric Silver in Tel Aviv, Jewish Chronicle

In a Tel Aviv office, under-cover agents are infiltrating the world’s Islamist websites

Shortly before Manchester United footballers flew to Saudi Arabia for an exhibition match in January, Israeli internet monitors overheard Islamic extremists plotting an attack while the team was in Riyadh. They tipped off British intelligence. Sir Alex Ferguson’s boys strutted their stuff, peddled their club shirts, signed their autographs — and flew safely home to Old Trafford. The cyberspies hope they had helped.

They were working for Terrogence, a private Israeli company that sells its product to police and intelligence services, as well as private clients, in Israel and around the world. Its 25 full-time and 20 part-time experts, almost all graduates of military intelligence, have fabricated radical Muslim identities to talk their way into hundreds of closely guarded global jihad websites and forums. Here the fanatics recruit and instruct, spread their ideas and techniques, plan their operations and brag of their prowess.

Terrogence is based in a converted chicken house a short drive north of Tel Aviv. The company was founded three years ago by Gad Aviran, a weapons specialist who had spent his adult life in counter-terrorism. Until recently, he was one of the Israel Defence Forces’ top bomb-disposal experts and a researcher into terrorist capabilities. He paints a chilling picture of a vulnerable 21st-century world.

“In the last four or five years,” Aviran reflects, “terrorist activity has shifted to the virtual world. The terrorists have harnessed the internet to their purposes, creating a flat world without borders and without time zones. There’s no need for a terrorist to train in another country. He can find all the information he needs on the internet. He doesn’t even have to have a computer. A smart-phone provides him with the exact access to exactly the same places.

“An incident in one part of the world can be duplicated in hours somewhere else. We’re seeing an increasingly rapid information flow, with regard to ideology, doctrine, tactics, chemistry, physics. All the information is there. All you’ve got to do is lift your finger and tap the layers of information.”

What Terrogence has done, he says, is move in with the terrorists. “We live in those worlds. We surf the same forums, we surf the same websites. We see what the terrorists see when they seek information. Then we analyse.

“We try to work out who are the players. You can be completely anonymous on the internet. You can have 20 identities, but you are the same person. We want to know where they live, what they do, how good they are professionally and how far their information goes.”

Analysts also scour their networks, Aviran adds. “On what platforms do they talk? What do they say? What effects do they have on those platforms, the forums and the websites? If somebody tells somebody else: ‘Take chemical A and chemical B and you will have an explosive called XYZ’, we test it. If it works, we produce it and we pass that on as intelligence to our customers.”

During its short life, Terrogence has proved itself at home and abroad. It warned French security services about a potential plot to destroy the thin wall between the Paris sewage system and the Metro. A high-ranking jihadi activist spotted the chance after watching a National Geographic documentary.

He posted the film, dubbed into Arabic for Al Jazeera, and gloated: “The film shows Paris’s dark side. It shows how even a small malfunction of the sewage system would destroy the city and turn it into a third-world city. Paris can be brought back to the 13th century this way.”

The Israeli company helped the Vatican thwart a computer attack on its banking system. The plan was to put the banking network out of action for a long time, using a programme devised by an activist in Saudi Arabia. The hackers posted an announcement calling on surfers to download the programme and use it at a designated time. The attack began as scheduled, but because of the warning it was only partly successful. The server was slowed, but not shut down. The cyberspooks alerted an Israeli bank to a similar attack.

Less dramatically, they alerted Britain to a camera-toting Islamist radical touring London to map possible sites for bombers — and showing them off to his friends via the internet.

Eavesdropping on a Hamas video, one of the team noticed a vehicle with a machine-gun that could shoot at aircraft. “No one knew that Hamas had this kind of capability,” says Noam, an expert on weapons of mass destruction who does not want his full name published. “When we called the army, they were really surprised. We gave them the details, the pictures, all the images. It took them only one week to track and stop this vehicle. Then they took it out.”

The internet, Noam explains, can be thought of as a castle with 1,000 rooms. “Everybody can walk into every room. But we know how to take our customers to the specific room where the terrorists are discussing a manual to build explosives. We take them into the specific drawers where you can find the missile, the explosives ingredients, whatever.”

Infiltrating the terrorist world takes special skills, more readily found in multilingual Israel than most other countries. “You have to understand intelligence and you have to understand Islam,” says Tzahi, an expert on global jihad. “Most of us have a background in intelligence. We have mastered either the Arabic language, or the Farsi or Turkish languages. We even know dialects. We have to know the terminology those jihadists use in those forums and the specific terms they use.”

To win the trust of its foreign clients, Terrogence takes steps to convince them that it is not spreading Israeli disinformation. Transparency is all. The researchers supply a translation of their findings together with the raw material. The client can check it for himself.

“Our core business is capabilities,” Noam says. “We don’t go into why Al Qaeda would want to attack a particular target.”

So far, all of Terrogence’s digital agents remain online. None of their covers has been blown. In their operations room, a central computer constantly supervises the many fictional identities, often more than one to a person, to make sure there are no slip-ups.

But the cyber spies know they are engaged in a never-ending battle of wits. The terrorists, says Gad Aviran, are always one jump ahead of governments.

Wanted: online espionage experts

A visit to the job-offers section on the Mossad website shows that Israel’s spy service is more eager to hire computer programmers than the next James Bond. The leap in the electronic eavesdropping capabilities of western espionage agencies has enabled them to listen in on to the private conversations of the international terrorist networks. The electronic intelligence-gathering organisations — the NSA in the US, Britain’s GCHQ and Israel’s unit 8200 of military intelligence — have built up massive super-computers capable of sifting through billions of words daily. But they still need something to look for: a key phrase, a number known to belong to an operative, any detail that will give the geeks something to work on. The hottest trade on the international intelligence exchange, where the spymasters peddle their wares, is in “magic words”, which will enable the electronic brain to pick out one seemingly innocent exchange. Which brings us back to old-fashioned spy in the field — from whom the magic word is going to come. Anshel Pfeffer

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jewish disinformation on conversions to Judaism

Friday, June 20, 2008 3:52 PM
From: "Martin Webster" Add sender to Contacts To: "Israel Shamir" , "Israel Shamir" , "Israel Shamir"

Dear Israel,

Below is article published on 18th June in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and republished by which I guess is the web site of the American Jewish Committee.

The article about an alleged increasing number of U.S. blacks being "converted to Judaism". This has caused some controversy among racial-nationalists on both sides of the Atlantic. I wonder if you might care to clarify the issues by commenting on the article and responding to my points regarding conversions to Judaism.

Could you let me have an opinion as to whether such converts are being accepted (recruited??) by Orthodox Jewish congregations (I think not), or merely by Liberal or Reform congregations. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article makes reference to "Conservative" Judaism. Am I right in thinking that this congregation is not the same as or part of any branch of Orthodox Judaism?

Am I correct in believing the following concerning conversions to Orthodox Judaism:

(1) that Orthodox congregations do not seek to draw to themselves persons who do not have Jewish parentage; specifically, a Jewish mother;

(2) that where persons without Jewish maternal ancestry apply to become members of an Orthodox congregation they are required:
(a) to leave their family home and move to another area and lodge with an approved Orthodox Jewish family;
(b) to attend regular classes of Orthodox Jewish religious education;
(c) to observe all required Jewish rituals, codes of dress and social behaviour;
(d) to face after a period of three or four years have elapsed an examination from a panel of Orthodox rabbis who explore not just religious knowledge but also their motivation for conversion; and, finally, if accepted,
(e) in the case of males, to be circumcised; in the case of females, to be examined naked by a panel of rabbis.

While I accept that evidence of a firm and sincere belief in the faith and a basic education in its precepts are reasonably required of converts to most religious denominations, these Jewish Orthodox conversation obligations (if I have recited them correctly) are clearly designed to dissuade gentiles from seeking and achieving conversion.

I remember reading about 12 years ago that the United Synagogue congregation (the biggest Orthodox congregation in the UK, from whose rabbinate the Chief Rabbi is picked) recorded only 6 conversions in that year. This is a conversion rate that would not significantly disrupt the Jewish community's sense of ethnic unity and would not expose Jewry to infiltration and subversion.

Am I correct in believing that Liberal and Reform congregations do not impose anything like such a burdensome regime on their applications for conversion?

As I understand it, Israel's 1950 'Law of the Return' will only grant citizenship to any Jew from elsewhere in the world if they can prove that they are "a Jew" to either the Orthodox rabbinate in Israel. Thus a convert to Liberal or Reform Judaism would not qualify to benefit from the 'Law of the Return'. This Orthodox control over the issue of "Who is a Jew?" is manifested not just in Israel, but world-wide.

I recollect that about ten years ago a Jewish youth club in Radlett, Hertfordshire, (which has a large and growing Jewish population -- refugees from multi-racial north London), expelled all members who were not considered to be authentically Jewish by the rabbi of the local Orthodox synagogue. He claimed that local Orthodox parents did not want their teenage children to develop "inappropriate" relationships, and he fully supported their wish (which were undoubtedly prompted by his Orthodox teachings).

This caused outrage among "mixed marriage" parents where the gentile partner (usually the mother) had converted to Judaism via the Liberal or Reform route, who had their children brought up to believe they were Jews.

It goes without saying that had a Church of England youth club in Radlett expelled all Pentecostalist members (Pentecostalists tend to be black) on the grounds of maintaining Anglican orthodoxy and to provide against "inappropriate" relationships between Anglicans and Pentecostalists, then the feet of those responsible would not have touched the ground until they found themselves in a court dock facing "racial discrimination" prosecution amidst a blaze of bad media publicity.

Such a fate was not even canvassed for the Radlett rabbi, of course. The local and national press tactfully ignored the affair and it was only reported ("sensitively") in Jewish community papers.

A decade or so ago a small group of people -- I think they were called Falashas -- from somewhere in Africa (Ethiopia?) were admitted to Israel as being "authentic Jews", a fragment of Jewry lost after the dispersal in 72 AD. These Black Jews are often trotted out by the Zionist media to illustrate how "non-racial" is the 'Law of the Return'. However, the number of such Black Jews is so small that they do not significantly threaten the traditional ethnic composition of the Israel-Jewish population and they provide a useful propaganda camouflage.

Perhaps two decades ago a group of American blacks came to Israel -- posing in the first instance as a basketball team and their cheerleaders -- who then announced themselves to be converts to Judaism via a Black 'Jewish' synagogue founded and run by black people in New York. They claimed Israeli citizenship under the 'Law of the Return'.

Their synagogue was not recognised by Orthodox Jewry either in the USA or in Israel. Its founding "rabbis" had not been inducted by an recognised Orthodox Jewish authority. Hence these basketball black Jews were rounded up, arrested and deported back to American by the Israeli authorities.

Do you know if these American black converts to Judaism mentioned in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution report are in the same category as the basketball team black Jews, or whether they are Liberal or Reform (or "Conservative") Judaism recruits?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution item seems to me to be filled with misinformation which has been regurgitated by the American Jewish Committee as disinformation to gentiles to maintain the mendacious and increasingly threadbare Jewish pose of anti-racist multi-racialism.

As you know, I have no quarrel with any race/nation which wishes to preserve its ethnic and thereby its cultural identity. I am a racialist (as distinct from a "racist").

The problem Jewry is now having to confront is its promotion of multi-racialism and racial inter-breeding among gentile peoples whilst upholding the notion that it is the only ethnic group on the planet with the God-given right to preserve itself by application of the racial-nationalist dictum: "Only Members of the Race may be Citizens of the State".

That phrase, of course, was the preamble to 1936 Nuremberg Race Law which was welcomed by Germany's Chief Rabbi of the time as an aid to help Jews preserve their identity.

Every good wish,

Martin Webster.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 18th June 2008

Judaism drawing more black Americans

Blacks make up a signicant portion of people learning about Judaism in Atlanta
by Rachel Pomerance

Pamela and Jim Harris have gotten used to the stares.

It's not that people have never seen traditional Jewish garb before. They've just rarely seen it on a black couple.

"For a black male to put on a kipah and go wandering around in a predominately black community, you get the strangest looks," said Pamela Harris, referring to the traditional Jewish head covering.

Soon the Harrises, former Christian evangelicals, will complete their conversion to Judaism. If their choice seems unusual, it's apparently becoming less so.

At Congregation Shearith Israel, a conservative synagogue in Virginia-Highland, where Pamela Harris works as the senior nonclerical staff member, at least eight of the roughly 20 people learning about Judaism with Rabbi Hillel Norry are black.

At the Marcus Jewish Community Center in Dunwoody, roughly 20 percent of the nearly two dozen people enrolled in Steven Chervin's introduction to Judaism classes are black.

Although there are no sound statistics on the subject, anecdotal evidence suggests that, in the past 15 years, increasing numbers of black Americans are exploring Judaism, said Gary Tobin, president of the Institute for Jewish & Community Research in San Francisco.

"Ten years ago, it was almost unheard of that a black person would come in and want to convert," said Rabbi Ilan Feldman, who is working with the Harrises and two other black people pursuing conversion.

Until their conversion courses intensified last year, the Harrises led a weekly learning/support group in Decatur for about a dozen African-Americans interested in Judaism.

So what's going on?

Tobin cites three major trends. One, people are increasingly switching religions, he said. The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released a survey in February that found 28 percent of American adults have left the faith they were raised in for another one or none at all.

The Internet, too, has played a role, allowing people to readily access information on different faiths, he said.

And racial barriers have been breaking down over the past 40 years, with intermarriage leading to multiracial families and communities, he said.

American Jews now marry non-Jews at a rate of nearly 50 percent. Plus, there are more instances of interracial adoption and conversion, said Jonathan Sarna, professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University. That's contributed to more ethnic diversity, especially within the Reform movement, Judaism's largest and most liberal branch.

"It's a safe assumption that the number of black Jews in America is growing because of integration by both Jews and blacks," said Chaim Waxman, senior fellow with the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, a think tank in Israel.

Next year in Cincinnati, the first black female rabbinical student will be ordained through the Reform movement.

'I felt this is my place'

Latesha Jones' introduction to the faith came through Jewish friends she met after moving to Atlanta from Richmond.

Though she was born into a Baptist family, the 29-year-old said she felt more at home in a synagogue.

Before long, she was studying Judaism and decided to convert, changing her name to Elisheva Naomi Chaim.

"I felt welcome," she said. "I felt like this is my place."

But not everyone felt comfortable with her decision. Chaim cites more than one awkward conversation with family members.

They asked which God she was serving, and whether Jesus Christ was involved. When she explained that she was not worshipping Jesus, her aunt told her she'd go to hell.

"They're coming around one at a time," Chaim said of her relatives. Her mother now says that as long as Chaim is "doing something spiritually," she doesn't have a problem.

It's not always easy at synagogue either, said Chaim, who attends Conservative and Orthodox synagogues in Sandy Springs.

"There are some that will look at me strangely because I'm black, but I try not to let that get under my skin."

Once she talks to them and shows a knowledge of Judaism, she said, "their attitude changes."

They'll say, "Welcome to the tribe" or "I have a lot of respect for you," given the historic persecution of Jews, she said.

Under the radar

Since the turn of the century, there have been black congregations around the country that identify as "Hebrew Israelite," that is to say, as descendants of the biblical patriarchs, said Lewis Gordon, founder of the Center for Afro-Jewish Studies at Temple University. But often these groups don't consider themselves Jewish, despite some of them having similar traditions.

The 2000-01 National Jewish Population Survey, conducted by the United Jewish Communities, North America's central Jewish fund-raising organization, found that 1 percent of Jewish adults, or 37,000 people, identified as black or African-American. An additional 1 percent of Jewish adults called themselves biracial or multiracial.

However, that was based on a total estimate of 5.2 million Jews in America, a number that Tobin and other key Jewish demographers have called too low. Tobin believes the number of black Jews in America exceeds 150,000.

The notion of black Jews is hardly new. The Jewish history of worldwide migration has led to Jews of every ethnicity. But much of the black Jewish experience in this country has flown under the radar of other Americans, Gordon said. That's because many black Jews historically practiced privately or in segregated communities, he said.

The population was "swept up in the tides of racism in scholarship and institutions" that saw Jews as exclusively white, even though American Jews of European descent did not consider themselves white until recent decades, Gordon said.

"There have always been communities of either black people who are already Jewish or black people considering coming to Judaism. What is different is that institutional structures are changing," he said.

"There is an increased effort to creating a welcoming environment for them."

Gordon speculates that as many as 1 million black people in the United States have Jewish roots, among them African-Americans, African and Caribbean immigrants and Afro-Latinos.

Which is why Gordon thinks that, among the rising numbers of black Americans coming to Judaism, some of them are simply returning to it.

Coming home

That's how Sivan Ariel sees her experience.

Born to a Catholic family in the Virgin Islands, Ariel now believes her biracial grandmother practiced Jewish customs she learned from her mother.

"She would always talk about the laws of God" and the Exodus story, Ariel said. Her grandmother would light white candles, which now remind Ariel of those lit on the Sabbath.

"She was the only person I knew that actually did that, so I wondered if it was actually witchcraft," Ariel said with a chuckle.

Ariel left Catholicism when she moved to Atlanta for college and joined a Pentecostal church for a while. But she never felt comfortable there, and she began a spiritual search that led her to convert to Judaism.

"A long time ago, religion was not something that you thought about," Pamela Harris said.

"You went to whatever church that Mama and Daddy went to."

Ariel, referring to her experience and those of other black Jews, said, "Some of us know beyond a shadow of a doubt we're here because we're home."

Rabbi Norry called this an "unprecedented time" of interest in Judaism.

"Business is booming," he said. "On any given Shabbos, there's 10 non-Jews at our service, visiting or studying to be Jewish."

Still, he asks every convert: "Why would you ever want to be Jewish? Don't you know how many people hate us?"

The black converts respond differently, he said. They look at him as if to say: "Welcome to my world."

And yet, for Pamela Harris, race was always beside the point. In fact, her Jewish identity trumps her racial one.

"My community is the community of B'nai Israel," she said, using the Hebrew expression for the children of Israel.

"I was on a quest for a relationship with God," she said. "That search has nothing to do with race or creed or color or even your religious preference. It has to do with fulfilling a deep need."

More on

Faith draws more blacks

Anglican Bible conservatives hold strategy summit

Vatican to mark anniversary of death of Pius XII

Teepen: Using religion to push the limits of free speech

Japanese water powered car !

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Por que me hice falangista ? La "sublevacion" en Barcelona - Carlos Clavero

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New era of strikes looms as cost of living spirals

Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers are threatening to tear up agreements and demand higher pay as the cost of living surges.
Inflation figures released yesterday were worse than expected, prompting Unison, one of the biggest public sector unions, to call for the reopening of a pay deal for 500,000 health workers clinched only two weeks ago.
Other unions said that they wanted to revisit pay deals and gave warning of rolling strikes this autumn if Gordon Brown persisted in trying to cap pay rises at 2 per cent.
Soaring food, fuel, gas and electricity prices sent the official inflation rate surging last month, wrong-foot-ing policymakers and forcing the Governor of the Bank of England to write to the Chancellor to explain how it had failed to keep the lid on inflation.

In an open letter to Alistair Darling, Mervyn King admitted that the consumer prices index (CPI), which measures food and fuel prices, reached 3.3 per cent in May, smashing through the upper limit of the Government’s 1 to 3 per cent target range. He blamed external factors such as the cost of crude oil and world farm prices.
Mr King predicted that the CPI would rise to more than 4 per cent before the end of the year.
The retail prices index, regarded as a better measure of the cost of living because it includes mortgage interest and council tax, rose from 4.2 per cent to 4.3 per cent.
Yesterday, amid signs of the Government losing its inflation-fighting credentials, Mr Brown ordered a pay freeze for all ministers and proposed a less generous deal for MPs than that suggested by an independent report.
The Prime Minister said that increases would be inappropriate at “a time of economic uncertainty”.

Mr King said that it was crucial that employees should not respond to the loss of their real spending power by bidding for more substantial pay increases. The rise in living costs has not yet fed through into wage demands, but policymakers fear that if this happened it could lead to a 1970s-style prices and wages spiral.

SENIOR MPs have demanded a shocking 21 per cent pay rise to take their salaries to £75,000, it emerged last night.

The State of British Farming

Inquiry into pigs at British farms covered in excrement and sores
Government vets have launched an investigation into Britain's pig farming industry after disturbing images showing dead and diseased animals were passed to The Independent.
Pork farmers have been conducting a high-profile advertising campaign to encourage consumers to buy more expensive British produce, claiming that standards are higher than they are on the Continent. But the images, taken at farms linked to leaders of the industry, raise serious concerns about the welfare of the majority of the country's 8 million pigs.
Vets at the Government's Animal Health agency, which enforces welfare legislation and conducts regular inspections of farm premises, said it would investigate the findings.
Activists from the welfare group Animal Aid entered 10 farms in March and April. Two of the farms were operated by companies run by members of the industry's governing body the British Pig Executive (BPEX), while others were linked to other senior figures in the industry.
An advertising campaign run by BPEX and the National Pig Association last year, "Pigs Are Worth It", showed pictures of clean pigs standing outside on straw and boasted shoppers were getting "a top quality product from a well cared for animal". Animal welfare campaigners have asked the Advertising Standards Authority to ban the adverts, saying they mislead the public about the conditions experienced by the two thirds of the UK's pigs that are reared indoors.
Animal Aid claimed its investigation showed that farmers were "falling considerably short" of the images it portrayed in its campaigning. Shot in Cornwall, Somerset, Lincolnshire, North and East Yorkshire, the footage shows pigs with sores where they have rubbed against metal bars; farrowing crates that prevent sows from moving; pigs with bite marks; collapsed and convulsing animals; pigs covered in excrement; dirty pens; and routine tail-docking.
"At the farms we visited, injuries – such as bite marks and bloody ears – caused by the stressed and bored pigs themselves were commonplace," said Animal Aid's campaigns officer Kate Fowler-Reeves. "Every farm with breeding facilities had pigs injured in this way.
"We found many lame animals, including one sow with what appeared to be a broken leg that, apparently inadequately treated, had set awkwardly, leaving her seriously incapacitated. Although the stocking density at each of these farms may fall within legal limits, the conditions were often so crowded that we believe the public would be shocked by them. Pigs are known to be clean animals ... yet many were covered from head to toe in excrement."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Loss of freedom in the guise of protection?

Gordon Brown also took on Mr Davis's argument that 42-day detention was a breach of civil liberties yesterday by suggesting that terrorists using modern up-to-date technologies could not be fought with a “head-in-the-sand” approach.
Without mentioning Mr Davis, Mr Brown strongly defended the use of CCTV, ID cards and the DNA database, declaring that they protected liberties rather than damaged them. Britain must be ready to use 21st-century solutions to deal with 21st-century threats of global terrorism, he argued.
Welcome to Global Fascism...

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."
'George Orwell'

EU ministers: Treaty 'not dead', 'emergency plan' needed

The bloc's foreign ministers yesterday (16 June) discussed options to save the Lisbon Treaty despite its rejection in the Irish referendum last Friday, one being to offer Ireland certain assurances of its sovereignty and have it vote again next year.

Halting the ratification process must not be an option, foreign ministers vowed after the meeting, with the only borderline country being the Czech Republic, where the treaty is under review by the court.

However ministers did not agree on a way forward.

"The worst would be for Brussels to impose something on Ireland," Italy's Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said after the meeting.

NWN- Franco Frattini speaks
"Iran is striving for global role and regional hegemony. While the first is a legitimate goal for any democratic country, the position of Iran's President appealing for destruction of Israel and questioning the holocaust is putting those goals in a completely different and highly worrying light. We, the International partners, should impede Iran to equip itself with an atomic bomb. It would hugely destabilize the world and the region. Already now the Arab countries fear Iran. What than if it would have such a deterrent leverage. Iran would be the only OPEC country to have an atomic bomb. You can only imagine the consequences this could have for Israel, for the region, on the petrol prices and on the global security. This is not Israel's problem only, it is our common problem, in Europe and the rest of the world.

According to him, there were three scenarios which should be categorically avoided: a long period of reflection such as the one following the failure of the constitution, a renegotiation of the Lisbon Treaty, and the suspension of the ratification process.

Three options appear to be currently on the table. Firstly, a small group of the more ambitious countries could move forward in the form of reinforced cooperation. In case no common solution can be found with Ireland, this approach is favoured most notably by Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and is likely to gain the support of Germany and France.

Monday, June 16, 2008

£1.99 a litre!!!

A Devon petrol station has been charging £1.99 a litre - more than £9 a gallon - as nearly 400 forecourts in the county suffered dwindling supplies.
The Foxhayes station at Exwick, near Exeter, said it had put all petrol and diesel prices up to conserve stocks.

About 380 filling stations have experienced supply problems or closed altogether, business leaders said.
The problems follow a strike by Shell tanker drivers in a dispute over pay.

Chairman of the Devon and Cornwall Business Council Tim Jones said: "It started out in a pretty orderly way. People got out of bed and thought: 'It's just going to be Shell garages' and what did they see? They saw a lot of 'no petrol' signs right across the board.
"It wasn't just the Shell garages, and that started a ripple effect."
Foxhayes station manager Ron James said his price hike was to preserve supplies and said he was "not being mean".
He told BBC News: "It's all been panic buying.
"People have been coming in buying £80 to £100 of fuel instead of £10 and £20.
"It's been chaos and it's still chaos. I've never seen anything like it in 30 years of petrol retailing."


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Cop for this !

John Tyndall at his best.

Negroes then and now ! What happened ?

Now negroes utter the most base crap and without a tune in showbiz. It is the most filthy talentless garbage, but with obscene and violent messages.

Gene Kelly the famous Hollywood film star and dancer would not appear with, nor hear the Nicholas Brothers name in his presence.

Kelly was a Communist ! Communists/socialists are as hypocritical now as they were then.

Just watch the skills of the Nicholas Brothers dancing.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Oil ‘could hit $250 a barrel’

MOTORISTS were urged not to panic last night as oil prices were predicted to DOUBLE to $250 a barrel.
That would send unleaded soaring to 230p a litre, push energy prices through the roof and force scores of airlines out of business.
Russian energy giant Gazprom made the $250-a-barrel prediction at a summit in France.
Chief executive Alexei Miller said: "The price is going to reach a level never before seen. We think it will reach $250 a barrel in the foreseeable future."
In Scotland yesterday, an 80-lorry convoy was joined by taxis to protest against fuel prices in a demonstration from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, there are fears some garages could run out of fuel as petrol tanker drivers prepare for a four-day strike from Friday.

Emergency stockpiles have been set aside for police, ambulances and fire services.
And steps were also taken to ensure supplies around the UK.
A spokesman for the Prime Minister condemned the stoppage which will hit Shell filling stations — one in ten of Britain’s forecourts.
Motorists were urged not to cause shortages by panic-buying petrol and diesel.
But the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform admitted it was "inevitable" some filling stations would run out.
The 500 drivers employed by Hoyer UK and Suckling Transport, which supply Shell petrol stations, are demanding a 13 per cent pay rise.
Hoyer insisted its 6.8 per cent offer was a good deal and would give the average driver £39,000 a year.
Union Unite said Shell made £13billion profit a month and could settle the dispute for around £1million a year.
Both sides will today hold talks with the conciliation service Acas.
FUEL sales have dropped by as much as 20 per cent in the last 12 months, the International Energy Agency claimed last night

EU treaty 'dead' after Irish voters reject it in referendum victory for 'no' campaign

Eurosceptics pronounced the controversial Lisbon Treaty dead today after it was thrown out by voters in Ireland.

Gordon Brown faced immediate demands to halt the process of ratifying the treaty as the latest attempt to reform the European Union was thrown into turmoil.

Critics insisted a 'No' vote in the Irish referendum represented the same fatal blow to the Lisbon Treaty as was dealt to the EU Constitution by French and Dutch voters in 2005.

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker has already said that ratification of the agreement will not go ahead in January 2009 as planned.

Vote for the future: Counting begins in Dublin this morning

The Irish No campaign won by 862,415 votes to 752,451, giving them 53.4% of the vote.

The announcement in Dublin sparked wild celebrations among 'No' campaigners.

But in Brussels, European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso called for other states to continue their ratification processes and said a solution should be sought.

Mr Barroso said he had spoken to Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen and agreed with him that this was not a vote against the EU.

'Ireland remains committed to a strong Europe - ratifications should continue to take their course,'' he added.

France and Germany quickly issued a joint statement expressing regret over the Irish result.

European leaders earlier said they had no "plan B" for how to proceed if Ireland's electorate voted No.

More than half of Ireland's 43 constituencies returned a No vote in the referendum.

Downing Street declined to comment on reports that the Prime Minister had called French president Nicolas Sarkozy to assure him that British ratification would continue.

The House of Lords this week cleared the way for Parliament to ratify the treaty when it rejected a Conservative bid to force a referendum.

But prominent eurosceptic David Heathcoat-Amory insisted today the Government must 'go back to the drawing board' and respect the voters of Holland, France and Ireland.

'Of course (ratification) must be halted,' the Tory MP told BBC Radio 4's The World At One.

Celeration: Supporters of the 'No' applaud as they watch the results of the Irish referendum

It's a no: Justice Minister Dermot Ahern
'The Bill before the British Parliament must be withdrawn because under the European Union's own laws this cannot proceed now. The Lisbon Treaty is dead.

'When the French and Dutch voted "no" in 2005 the British Government did halt that particular Bill.

'If they don't do the same this time it'll be quite clearly because they want to put pressure on Ireland and the people of Ireland to change their mind.'

Open Europe, a think tank which opposes the treaty, warned Mr Brown it would be 'electoral suicide' to proceed with ratification without regard for the views of the public.

Ministers have steadfastly refused to grant a British referendum on the treaty, despite promising to grant one on the now-defunct Constitution.

They say that the two documents are substantially different, and that a plebiscite on the treaty is unnecessary, but eurosceptics insist they are the same in all but name.

Ireland is the only country holding a referendum on the treaty, which supporters maintain is essential to streamline decision-making after the EU's expansion to 27 member states. All 27 must ratify the document.

Open Europe's director, Neil O'Brien, said: 'This is a resounding victory on behalf of ordinary people across Europe over an out-of-touch and arrogant political elite.

'If supporters of the EU Constitution cannot even win in Ireland - one of the most pro-EU countries in Europe - it is clear that their vision for the future of Europe is now discredited in a most fundamental way.

'It would be tantamount to electoral suicide for Gordon Brown to ignore the Irish result and try and force through the Lisbon Treaty regardless - as the British Government has already said it would.

Stark mesage: A woman walks past graffiti in Dublin. Irish voters rejected the European Union's new reform treaty in a crunch referendum

'The argument for a referendum in Britain is now overwhelming.'

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan hailed the apparent rejection of the treaty as a 'victory for Ireland and for Irish democracy'.

'People have defied the hectoring and bullying of almost all their political parties, almost all the Irish media, and political leaders from across Europe,' he said.

'They have struck a blow for freedom throughout Europe. Truly, today, we are all Irish.'

Bob Crow, general secretary of transport union the RMT, stepped up demands for a British referendum in response to the Irish result.

'The EU Constitution, whatever it may now be called, is an anti-democratic privatisers' charter and would have undermined the right of working people to defend their jobs,' he said.

'The Irish referendum result is a massive victory for democracy and the Constitution is now dead in the water, despite our own Government's attempt to railroad it through without the referendum the British people were promised.'

Spreadbetting tycoon Stuart Wheeler, who is awaiting a High Court verdict on his legal challenge demanding a referendum, said: 'The winner of today's vote in Ireland is democracy.

'Regardless of the result, the people of Ireland have at least been given a voice.

'Gordon Brown, on the other hand, has denied the people of Britain the chance to have their say on Lisbon.

'This is a vote that the overwhelming majority of people in the UK have repeatedly demanded.'

Many economists attribute Ireland's long boom to its relationship with the European Union. The country's economy grew at about six per cent per annum throughout the 1990s, far above other European Union member countries.

More than 70 per cent of the country's exports go to EU member states, while EU subsidies and grants make up two per cent of Ireland's GDP.

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Is the BNP being helped by the Zionists?

A collection of story headlines from the past 12 months.

The Daily Star:


"...NO wonder BNP is taking power!"




Post your favourite headline here

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008 7:00 AM
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I haven't finished watching all the clips (about 10 mins each), but they are fascinating so far, plus they just occurred at last week's Bilderberg meeting in Virginia! June 5th -- Day 1

Bilderberg 2008 pt1 --

Bilderberg 2008 pt2 --

Bilderberg 2008 pt3 --

Bilderberg 2008 pt4 --

Bilderberg 2008 pt5 --

Bilderberg 2008 pt6 --

Bilderberg 2008 pt7 --

Bilderberg 2008 pt8 --

June 6th -- Day 2

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 2 - pt1 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 2 - pt2 --

June 7th -- Day 3

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt1 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt2 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt3 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt4 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt5 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt6 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt7 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt8 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt9 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Day 3 - pt10 --

June 8th -- Day 4

Bilderberg 2008 - Last Day - pt1 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Last Day - pt2 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Last Day - pt3 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Last Day - pt4 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Last Day - pt5 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Last Day - pt6 --

Bilderberg 2008 - Last Day - Final Video --

Epoch Times Interview

Duwon Kang from "The Epoch Times" interviewing Alex Jones - pt1 --

Duwon Kang from "The Epoch Times" interviewing Alex Jones - pt2 --


Clearing the decks for the next war§ionid=3510203

US names Jewish pilot as air force chief
Tue, 10 Jun 2008 17:46:35

Gen. Norton Schwartz, a Jewish freighter pilot has been chosen by US defense secretary Robert Gates as the new Air Force chief of staff.

Last week, Gates relieved air force secretary Michael Wynne and air force chief of staff General T. Michael Moseley of their duties after a probe revealed mismanagement in the US nuclear arsenal.

In an interview with Air Force Times Weekly Moseley implied that he had been removed from duty due to his objection to a possible attack on Iran.

If confirmed by the US Senate, Schwartz would be the first Air Force chief of staff not to have served as a fighter or bomber pilot, an Air Force spokeswoman said Monday.

Schwartz is a Hercules pilot, a transportation plane used mainly during special operations. He served as the director of the strategic planning of the US Air Force in the late 1990s, where he supervised research on using the Air Force in urban warfare as well as using AC-130 gunships and satellite-guided bombs.

US chat show host takes 'mickey' of the US Presidential hopefuls and their 'kow-towing' to Israel .

This is a real laugh !

Hannam and the BNP accounts

Two weeks ago, I delivered the Regional Accounting Unit Statement of Accounts to the auditor. I am now working on tweaking the central office audit.There have been massive improvements with the recent regional audit. For the last three to four months, I have been working on a new system that will give all fund-holders and organisers the ability to log in online and observe their respective unit bank statements on a daily basis. It has been a big job. Over a 12 month period there are many, many thousands of niggling transactions. To bring this new system into operation, it was necessary to transfer this data to the new system. It was painstaking work, but very worth the time and effort.It will also release myself of the burden of sending out monthly bank statements via post. In fact, statements have not been going out monthly, but rather sporadically when they have been requested. This is due to the fact that statements have not been available whilst the crossover period to the new online statement system has been in process. However, the new online statement system should be up very soon.It was not my intention to do two audits this year, but simply the one. John Walker has been extremely busy helping to set up the Excalibur/Treasury office, so we made the central audit a joint effort.My biggest problem when auditing is my pedantic nature. If a bank statement is just a few pounds out on the ending balance, many accountants, as have advised me, would simply write the discrepancy off if it is merely a few pounds; however, I just can’t bring myself to do this. I can’t sleep at night unless it balances 100%


If the BNP central and regional accounting units combined bring in an approximate turnover of £1 million, then I want every penny to balance.Finally, I would like to thank the good organisers and fund-holders for their patience.That is it for now, back to the audit.
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Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...