Sunday, October 08, 2006

BNP now preaching God to the electorate !

A funny story is doing the rounds over here in Lancashire.

It has to do with BNP stalwart Chris Jackson who was working in the York area last week. The other day he was browsing through a small village just outside York, seeking out antiques and other historical ephemera. When he espyed a stall with a union flag and 'mucho' Christian literature, and Bible bashing shouts to the unaroused.

Chris went to see what it was all about, and he was astounded to see that it was the BNP led by Ian Dawson.

A bit of discussion ensued due to the shouts of joining with God and being pro-English, apparently the "Scots,Welsh and Ulstermen can bugger off , they can sort their own problems out" . Chris queried the use of the Union Flag then, and was called a troublemaker by Ian Dawson. Chris also queried the use of Religion in their
'spiel ' to the masses

Chris then showed his BNP Membership card to the York BNP people.

Bible bashing English Nationalists ? You could not make it up !


Anonymous said...

You obviously missed this rubbish on the BNP site a few days ago. Griffin still trying to get the Christian vote obviously. Next week he'll be calling on Allah...
'A Call to Pilgrimage & Prayer'

NorthWestNationalists said...

I spoke with Griffin some years back with G from Oldham, at a meeting in Burnley about supporting Christianity.

He was dead against it.

Anonymous said...

Is there no limit to Griffin's idiocy?

dizzyfatplonka said...

Can imagine him being dead against it, maybe the change of heart is more due too wanting christians to support the BNP?

Its all about vote winning appeal, since he has taken a stance on Islam being 'vile and evil' in these days of jihad it makes sence to win over followers of religions who find their religious leaders, like our politicians, acting far too weak willed and lilly livered.

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder the BNP supports Christianity? Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism, most of the key players in the bible were jews! The Griffin led BNP is pro-jewish.
BNP Councillor Pat Richardson is Jewish and there are rumours of other Hebes in key positions in the party.
I bet you could compare a photo of an advisory council meeting with that of a painting of the last supper!

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