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German Nationalists Launch Their Own Internet TV Station
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[ NWN: The BNP already had plans for this in early 1999, but the Internet BNP Group was scrapped by Nick Griffin as soon as he hijacked the Party. Griffin pushed for this group as he did with a few other groups , then scrapped them. Anyone still remember the Stocktake of Ideas he also used the once ? ]

Following on their electoral successes, Germany ’s premier pro-White political movement, the National Democratic Party (NPD) has announced their intention to launch their own Internet-based TV actuality program.
After a trial run on the You Tube service – which canned the videos after complaints from the usual suspects – NPD official Klaus Beier said the party planned more. "Soon, we'll transmit over the Internet a weekly news show from our party headquarters," he said.

On Tuesday of this week, in fact, several high-ranking party functionaries gathered at the party's Berlin headquarters to discuss how to move the TV project forward. They decided that a female will be the prime presenter, and they also want the show to "take a stance on all possible current affairs topics, with a focus on politics," explained Beier.

Beier also said party leader Udo Voigt will appear regularly on the show. But Beier -- who, as the party's press spokesman and "Secretary for New Media", will effectively run NPD-TV -- doesn't want to say too much about the project. He does confirm that preparations are in full swing. NPD-TV will probably be "fully online" by the NPD's annual party congress in mid-November, Beier says.

The Internet broadcasting project marks the beginning of a new era for the NPD. Beier can cite plenty of reasons for going online. "The coverage of the recent regional elections in Germany shows that the media of the 'System' refuses to recognize us as a democratic party," he says.

"That's why we have to find our own ways to reach our supporters and voters." The logic is easy to follow: If German television news doesn't cover our party, we'll go ahead with our own news program.

The NPD is counting on the support of its sympathizers. At the conclusion of each news show, viewers are invited to send in their own photos and videos and encouraged to provide the editorial staff with further news items "in support of the national cause."
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