Wednesday, October 11, 2006

North Korea: Let's Worry More About China Instead

The big news these days is about communist North Korea possibly having nuclear-weapons capability.

Who really cares about North Korea when you look at the bigger picture? In other words, China - a rogue, communist state - already has a huge military and, apparently, lots of nukes. Why isn't the West really, really concerned about that? Indeed, why do we even trade with China?

In fact, to expand on this topic, we are rather ashamed that America aided and abetted the Chinese communists' climb to power in the 1940s. America told Chinese anti-communist leader Chiang Kai-shek to recognize the Chinese commies as "legit," and when he didn't, America blacklisted him and he had to flee to Formosa. What pals we were! So much for America being "tough on communism." More like "sometimes tough on communism, when it suits our agenda." America sat on its ass and watched China plunge into communism - yet strangely, America then sent troops to Korea to fight communism just a few years later. Up, down, left, right, whichever way the wind blows: that's our foreign policy. Confusing, huh?

Also ironic regarding this topic is the fact that communism - a Jewish creation - isn't even native to Asia [1]. The orientals simply adopted it, since it fit rather snugly within their robot-like minds. Communism failed to take hold in the White countries, however, since it isn't a White idea.

Wouldn't it be great to build a time-machine and re-do the 20th century all over again, but the right way instead of the wrong way?

[1] communism as a Jewish idea:

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