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Simon Sheppard's new address & relativistic justice

Here is a further announcement by Paul Ballard: 

Libraries are very dangerous places for Simon, as he has had several previous run-ins within their environs. Local Librarians called the police when he showed them his latest article, ‘Spree Killers’, as they claimed the public were ‘threatened’ by it – perhaps it was highly radioactive. The article had already been seen by probation and police service at a MAPPA3 (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements) York meeting and they did not ‘feel threatened by it’. However, Simon only showed his article to two local librarians for them to assess it, but they denounced him and falsely claimed that he had distributed the article to the public. His probation officer, who had not seen the article, “had no option but to revoke his licence” which I am sure is true, if he wants to keep his job. I have contacted the CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) to ask them for a copy of their code of conduct guidelines and asked if they thought snitching to the police was very professional. I have so far not received a reply and don’t expect one in view of this outrageous behaviour which is worthy of Zimbabwe.

I have now managed to confirm Simon Sheppard’s prison and ‘pad’ (cell) numbers. He has had two prison numbers, but has retained the newer one. He will almost certainly stay in prison until the end of his sentence / licence period on 16th April. It would be good if as many nationalists as possible can write to him to show support :-

Simon Sheppard A8042AA
G Wing
HM Prison Hull
Heedon Road

Race and Nation
Paul Ballard

For further updates see the top of Simon Sheppard's website "The Heretical Press"

The Sunday Times “Holocaust Day” cartoon

How naughty!

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Excerpt from Simon Sheppard's essay SPREE KILLERS

Excerpt from the psychologist Simon Sheppard's essay SPREE KILLERS: THE FOREFRONT OF KNOWLEDGE - Heritage & Destiny January-February 2013

" ... it is clear that a significant proportion of spree killers possess some conscious racial awareness, as demonstrated by their known history, their comments at the time or their choice of targets. Tellingly, the victims of the  few black spree killers to date have been overwhelmingly white."

"During his trial Breivik was declared sane. What this means is that there was an absence of psychosis; technically psychosis involves detachment from reality. So Breivik's actions were not just carefully and rationally planned: his scheme followed a logical, grim progression.

Britain has no equivalent of America's NRA, and what advocates of gun freedom there are consist of a few specialist sportsmen. Notwithstanding, the point has been made that in practically every case, the weapons for use by spree killers have been licensed or otherwise legally in the possession of their owners. They were not criminals; in a large number of cases they were normal law-abiding citizens, perhaps even less criminal than average."

"It is well to recall the position in earlier, more masculine times.  Hitler was able to stand and wave to adoring crowds as his procession passed along, this at a time when gun ownership was commonplace and limited only by the requirement that firearms be officially registered, a purely bureaucratic measure. Similarly, in Britain at this time guns were widely available. It was an era of greater social cohesion, during which spurious instincts, to the extent that they existed, were controlled. Nowadays even the Pope rides behind bullet-proof glass.

Restricting gun ownership is no solution, because a means to kill will always be found by the determined. Emphasising this, in October 2012, Matthew Tvrdon went on a hit-and-run spree in Cardiff using his vehicle and steering-wheel lock as weapons.  Tvrdron deliberately aimed his van at pedestrians, sometimes even reversing back over the mostly women and children he had mown down.  If we are to have any hope of preventing such killing sprees in the future, it is necessary first of all to understand the phenomenon.

The first question we need to ask is, how closely does Breivik fit the mould of the 'perfect' spree killer? The answer to this is - pretty closely.  Breivik's only major deviation from the substandard pattern was to live to tell the tale, and in that at least he has done the world a service. I have no doubt that he is aware of this aspect and that it was intentional. Allowing his motivations to be examined subsequently was almost certainly his preferred outcome.

A distinguishable subset of spree killers includes psychotics and social outcasts ...  However even these cases may not be completely divorced from the general trend: psychosis is a disorder of the mind, or higher brain, while the instincts (motivations) which impel the spree killer, I would contend, derive from a lower level."

"Western societies have become highly feminised ... Due to female influence, all forms of violence were strongly discouraged and thus were generally inhibited by males.   Sometimes however sudden eruptions of disproportionate violence would occur, triggered by some relatively trivial incident.   These seemed completely unpredictable; there was no forewarning that a 'tipping point' had been reached.

In such an intensely female-friendly environment, a number of factors operate.   First, males see females unreservedly following their instincts and not unnaturally want to do the same. Needless to say, he cannot.  Second, expression of those female instincts was usually to males' detriment: he could be, and was, manipulated, toyed-with and teased practically without limit. Third, he could not avoid being influenced by that atmosphere of disinhibition, and the burden of restraining his own violent and other socially undesirable  instincts increased.

The confused and neurotic male is easy to manipulate. In that super-feminine environment, and increasingly elsewhere, even innocuous male instincts (such as to place indiscriminate markers, just being friendly or passing the time of day) are repressed. This is because disinhibition serves to maintain males in a state of generalised neurosis and maximises female control. The whole environment becomes arduous for males.

Humans are undeniably social animals, and arguably each race has a distinct collective unconscious.  Jung, who at least had the wisdom to dissociate himself from Freud, spoke of the 'race memory' - or, to quote Heisenberg, 'Every race has its soul and every soul its race.' The next question we need to pose is, what is that strikes so deeply at this collective psyche to provoke an individual in a society to such casual atrocity? Clearly something along these lines is taking place: spree killings are no longer isolated incidents but have become a social phenomenon by their repetition.  At least 75 spree killings have taken place since 1949.

A nationalist perspective would be that three obvious new features of Western societies are mass immigration, the promotion of miscegenation and miscegenation itself. As always, we put our observations of behaviour in its evolutionary context. What evolutionary scenario can be envisaged in which a male could see members of other races moving freely about, promoted to positions of authority over him, and occupying other prestigious roles? Or when might he see his women parading through thoroughfares with a male of another race, transporting children sired by him, and obviously serving his domestic and personal needs, while his own remain untended?

It is that the tribe has been defeated and cast into servitude. In this case, throughout history, the indigenous males would have been rapidly dispatched (put to the sword, or machete, or whatever) or quickly transported away to be sold as slaves. In any event the vanquished males would be hastily got out of the way, for obvious reasons. Their reaction at seeing their women expropriated, their families destroyed and their settlement exploited makes them dangerous to keep around. With nothing left to lose a humiliated male would, given any opportunity at all, strike back with maximum force. This would be without regard for his own future, for the simple reason that he has none.

In leading these social changes the media are probably the main offenders, so we would be naive to expect them to point the finger at themselves. Not only do they encourage and mendaciously portray as normal the mass immigration and miscegenation which strikes deeply at the core of the male psyche, but non-whites are elevated to the positions of newsreaders and presenters. This can only be a deliberate, finely calculated insult. It is surely stretching credulity to believe otherwise - think of the millions of native British men who would eagerly take such a well-paid and prestigious job!"

" ... Putatively the defining characteristic of the serial killer is control, because ultimate control is power over the life of another person. If he leaves some form of signature, this is an expression of his ego. The male desires control; this is how his ego is expressed. If powerful he issues orders and affects destinies. A craving for control seems to be the essential characteristic of the serial killer.

In contrast, the essence of the spree killer is rebellion against his devaluation. His protest at his derogation is expressed by the number of victims; his tally is a demonstration of his worth. In most cases the spree killer has already decided to end his life, either because of events immediately beforehand or as part of a long-standing plan. Circumstances have ceased to make his life worthwhile, and he raises the cost of his demise with a final statement of his value.

We can now consider his choice of targets in light of this, particularly his emergence in modern, feminised, Western societies. In the male-female 'game of opposites' I have referred to before, males value the old while females value the young. Thus in the feminine mindset, children are valued more than men. This has become especially manifest since the State has supplanted the husband as the female's protector and ultimate provider.   

Female largesse extends to the many groups with which she feels affinity or sympathy. Yet practically everything that has ever been discovered or invented has arisen from white male ingenuity. Although virtually all our modern amenities derive from the efforts of exceptional males, our society could not function without ordinary men performing mundane jobs. Nevertheless in contemporary society he is constantly devalued and insulted; his concerns routinely dismissed. What more profound insult can be delivered to a man than for a woman to advertise that she prefers a male of an alien race, even who a century or so ago was called a savage, to seed future generations of her line? These are the provocations which can transform a normal, law-abiding and otherwise unexceptional man into a kind of Vulcan murder machine.

Thus in raising the cost of his demise, the spree killer can target the young, raising the cost according to the values of his opponent. Breivik's choice of target was coldly logical - since the State, as in this country has defined 'the invaders' as a protected group, any action against them will only increase their guardianship and exacerbate the situation he is rebelling against. Plus of course, information about where the blame really belongs is hard to come by. Pointing the finger can land you a jail sentence.

Even moderate critics of the Establishment's suicidal immigration policies are marginalised and vehemently traduced as 'racists', 'xenophobes' and the like .... Nationalists' concerns are ignored, or they are the theme of phony, stage-managed debate by a closed group of 'media darlings' who only repeat their stock agenda. The spree killer arises out of repressed fury at the despoilation of everything he is, has or holds dear; indeed spree killing might be regarded as the ultimate displacement activity.

Under this analysis it becomes apparent that fathers who destroy their children and then themselves, usually after the mother has spurned the marriage, are another form of spree killing. Including these personal tragedies adds significantly to the total number of spree killings already recorded."

" ... evolutionary psychology provides us with a reliable guide, and the tribal scenario above is consistent with phylogenetic (ie natural) principles and the gut instinct of many individual males. It has always been, and will ever be, the male who fights to preserve the integrity of the tribe.

The spree killer may be at the outer boundary of the range of normal human behaviour, but nonetheless his is the natural response of the social animal provoked beyond endurance. He is merely the forerunner, and until he is given legitimate expression of his valid and justified anger, and allowed to respond to the daily injustices and affronts he must presently endure, each new atrocity will only herald more to come."

Source: The Battlefield of Love blog

The latest on Simon Sheppard

Message from Paul Ballard, 27 Jan. 2013

Simon Sheppard was arrested on Friday 25th January 2013 for 'poor conduct' which constitutes a breach of his licence conditions. He handed copies of his latest article entitled 'Spree Killers' to two workers, a male and his female supervisor, in a local library. They claimed to find his comment on page 5 of 'Heritage and Destiny' paragraph 3 'offensive' and contacted the police. The offending passage states: "What more profound insult can be delivered to a man than for a woman to advertise that she prefers men of an alien race, even one who a century ago would have been regarded as no better than a savage." However, the article had already been seen by police and probation workers who made no objection. The problem is that the authorities are have a hair-trigger sensitivity to race matters for prisoners released on licence and were just looking for an excuse. This also happened previously with Stephen Whittle who went with some people from his bail hostel to the local library and looked at the BNP web site. His 'offence' was noted by the librarians who seem to function as sort of amateur MI5 and reported to the police. He was in breach of his licence and was imprisoned for a further 3 months at Preston prison.

I don’t suppose there will be much publicity.

Paul Ballard

Latest News: (posted 29 Jan. 2013)
Please see the Update on Simon Sheppard's website the The Heretical Press regarding where he expects to be imprisoned. 
I quote: "He is currently waiting in a York police station cell for transport to Hull prison, but is delayed by an extreme snowfall."

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9/11 False Flag Conspiracy - Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)

Heretical Two Once Again Arrested

Comment: Received early this morning in an email from a third person. 
[some names redacted by me]
"Dear All,

Unfortunately Simon Sheppard was re-arrested this afternoon for being in breach of his licence (which ends in April). The same thing happened with Steven Whittle a few months before his licence ended. There are no further details yet regarding the reason for the arrest, or the prison they are sending Simon to. I was phoned by the custody sergeant at York police station at about 9 pm this evening so have passed the information on to his barrister xxxxx.

I can’t help thinking that the timing is odd – very near to Holocaust Memorial day, but perhaps that is one more coincidence...

Regards XXXXXXX"

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Police to re-open investigations against Dennis MacShane aka Matyjaszek

The police are to reopen their inquiry into claims of expenses fraud against ex-Labour MP Denis MacShane. 

Mr MacShane quit as MP for Rotherham last year after admitting using fake receipts to wrongly claim more than £7,000 of parliamentary expenses.

He apologised to his constituents, saying his actions were "grievous". The case was originally referred to Scotland Yard in October 2010, but police and prosecutors took no action at the time, citing a lack of evidence.

But last year, an inquiry by MPs on the House of Commons Standards and Privileges Committee found that he had made a written statement to it admitting he had submitted false invoices to claim around £7,500 in expenses.

He resigned after the committee recommended he be suspended for an unprecedented 12 months.

Conservative MP Philip Davies wrote to the police asking them to reopen their inquiry in light of the new evidence and after consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, they have decided to do so.

The false invoices related to work Mr MacShane carried out in Europe, an area for which he previously had ministerial responsibility in the government of Tony Blair.

Mr MacShane, who has paid the money back, said he had made no "personal gain" but admitted that he had been "foolish" and should take responsibility for his actions by standing down.

Source: Police to re-open Denis MacShane expenses investigation

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(3/3) Sylvia Stolz AZK - Banned Speech, Banned Evidence, Banned Legal Defence

Part Three (of three)
This lecture (with English subtitles) was held in Switzerland at an event organised by AZK, the full 100 min. lecture can be watched at http://anti-zensur.info/index.php?page=azk8

(2/3) Sylvia Stolz AZK - Banned Speech, Banned Evidence, Banned Legal Defence

Part Two (of three)
This lecture (with English subtitles) was held in Switzerland at an event organised by AZK, the full 100 min. lecture can be watched at http://anti-zensur.info/index.php?page=azk8

(1/3) Sylvia Stolz AZK - Banned Speech, Banned Evidence, Banned Legal Defence

This lecture (with English subtitles) was held in Switzerland at an event organised by AZK, the full 100 min. lecture can be watched at http://anti-zensur.info/index.php?page=azk8

From a comment on YouTube:
Our Sylvia! 
The German Joan of Arc! 
In this cowardly World, She stands as a Giant among Pygmies! 
She is a Light in the Darkness of this Age! 
She is a Nazi! 
Everyone who strives for Goodness, Truth, and Beauty has the right to say "Our Sylvia"

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The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed

This is amazing. If it is all true then it should be exposed worldwide. It this guy is making things up and tinkering with the fact he should be thrown in jail. Could or would our own government be this ruthless as to kill 20 little children and six teachers? Come to think about it, why weren't there any wounded survivors? It's a 30 minute video but worth every second of watching. If you believe it then pass it on.

Germans Destroy Surveillance Cams - Some people have some cajones!

A group of Germans are taking the law into their own hands. Activists from CAM OVER are destroying as many security cameras as possible ahead of the European Police Congress in Berlin, which starts on February 19.

Comment: They are doing this for very leftish reasons, but all the same disposing of CCTV cameras is a very commendable activity in my opinion. 

Bishop Williamson Again Found Guilty in Regensburg of “Inciting Hatred”


Edit: a man can be tried as many times in German courts as they need to get a verdict they like, apparently. 

Regensburg (kath.net/KNA) The District Court of Regensburg has found British traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson (72) guilty of inciting hatred [Volksverhetzung] for a fine. This will be 1,800 Euro, significantly lower than the 6,500 desired by the prosecutor. The court had mitigated the sentence because Williamson had tried after his interview with the Swedish broadcaster to keep his statements from spreading in Germany. The attorney for the Bishop, Andreas Geipel, appealed immediately against the verdict after it was ruled.

Williamson had estimated the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis at the most, at 300,000, and denied the existence of gas chambers. The Judge, Andrea Hausladen said, that the Bishop had done this before running cameras and established his views at length over several minutes. In conclusion of the recording he did not insist on any limitation of the use of the materials. That was given as necessary for an intent to incite hatred.

Williamson could have easily said that he didn’t want any distribution in Germany, said the Judge. “He didn’t do that.” Otherwise the defendant had to know that other media would report over this explosive interview. In this manner he at least tacitly approved of its distribution. The defendant had, according to his earlier legal representative, Maximilian Krah, regretted his statements. More importantly was the time of the broadcast, stressed Hausladen.

As far as the statement of Krah, that Williamson had answered the questions of the journalists with “vanity and extensively” on the Holocaust, the Judge said: “Vanity sometimes leads one to do something which he later regrets.” As further grounds for the mitigating of the sentence, Hausladen introduced Williamson’s dismissal from the Society in October of last year, as well as the four year long duration of the proceedings. The size of the penalty in consideration is difficult to ascertain. Williamson lives at present exclusively on grants from friends.

His defender, Geipel described the verbal justification of the court as “not comprehensible”. The assertion that his client had pre-meditatively acted is an “innuendo”. Previous to the trial Geipel and his colleage Edgar Weiler spoke of a previous judgement of Williamson. In his pleading they talked about the expressions of the traditional Bishop, that they had been completely careless. They moved for a dismissal to all public bodies.

Williamson had already been condemned in a trial for a fine. The decision was dismissed in February of 2012 by Nurenburg Superior Court because of procedural errors.

With his comments the Briton sparked an international scandal, because shortly after the publication of the interview, the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI. had lifted the excommunications of +Williamson and three other traditionalist bishops. Later the Vatican explained, that the pope did not know about Williamson’s remarks about the Holocaust.

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'Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake

A moon rock given to the Dutch prime minister by Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969 has turned out to be a fake. 

A piece of moon rock was given during a goodwill tour by the three apollo 11 astronauts. 

29 Aug 2009

Curators at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, where the rock has attracted tens of thousands of visitors each year, discovered that the "lunar rock", valued at £308,000, was in fact petrified wood.

Xandra van Gelder, who oversaw the investigation, said the museum would continue to keep the stone as a curiosity.

"It's a good story, with some questions that are still unanswered," she said. "We can laugh about it."

The rock was given to Willem Drees, a former Dutch leader, during a global tour by Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin following their moon mission 50 years ago.

J. William Middendorf, the former American ambassador to the Netherlands, made the presentation to Mr Drees and the rock was then donated to the Rijksmuseum after his death in 1988.

"I do remember that Drees was very interested in the little piece of stone. But that it's not real, I don't know anything about that," Mr Middendorf said.

Nasa gave moon rocks to more than 100 countries following lunar missions in 1969 and the 1970s.

The United States Embassy in The Hague is carrying out an investigation into the affair.

Researchers Amsterdam's Free University were able to tell at a glance that the rock was unlikely to be from the moon, a conclusion that was borne out by tests.

"It's a nondescript, pretty-much-worthless stone," said Frank Beunk, a geologist involved in the investigation.

Comment: Is the rest of the Apollo 11 story also a hoax?

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Hate Speech?

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has in the past talked about "culling the herd" of human population.
On the subject he openly confessed he would like to be "reincarnated as a particularly deadly virus" in order to reduce the world's population. 

One must wonder what he is thinking in the photo.

Yank AntiFa up the ante ! ... "It takes a bullet to bash the fash !". The mainstream media completely failed to report o...