Monday, October 02, 2006

Landlord stands for BNP in target Manchester seat

A MANCHESTER pub landlord is to stand for the British National Party in a key area of the inner city.Derrick Adams, who runs the Ace of Diamonds pub in Miles Platting will contest the Gorton South seat left vacant after the death of Lib/Dem Councillor and former Lord Mayor, James Ashley.


Pete R. said...

Gorton South is interesting because it falls within the constituency of the 76-year-old Gerald Kaufman MP.

When Kaufman goes there will be an ethnic civil war inside the local Labour party to decide his successor, and the Lib Dems may well also field a non-white candidate.

This means that if the BNP can establish any sort of base in Gorton they will be well placed to bid for white votes there at the next general election.

Tacitus said...

So the jew Kaufman will be vacating his seat and the Lib-Dems may field a non-white candidate.
What then, will the BNP do? One may reasonably expect them to field an asiatic jew!
It is not beyond the realms of possibility!!!

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