Monday, January 30, 2012

NWN - a new change in direction

We are fed up of supporting those that don't deserve to be supported.

The movement has needed a 'compass point' for years, but the 'state' and the movement idiots have led us 'up the garden path' - again .

Rather a lot of 'behind the scenes' activity has been going on about our role.

Traitors Nick Griffin and Tony 'bomber' Lecomber banned us from the movement.

It seems the National Front are carrying on this ban. Or certain NF officials known to us, have placed their own petty vindictiveness before nationalist unity.

So be it !

Saturday, January 21, 2012

NF function in Lancashire - 21st. January 2012?

We have been reading about a 'function' in Lancashire by the NF for today.

No idea if it's true, but it wouldn't surprise us.

We understand that Richard Edmonds is invited and is the special guest according to rumour.

Pete Barker of NWN spoke on the same platform as RE last October at the John Tyndall memorial meeting in Preston.

RE was quite reticent with PB and he has known him for well over 30 years.

No doubt RE was cognisant of the fact that he sold out racial nationalists over the last few years in his support for Nick Griffin and the BNP.

Chris Jackson and Kev Bryan both, at last, left the BNP because of Griffin and latterly RE's actions.

We have to say that we are certain that if this is the way the NF has decided to do it's business these days, they won't get anywhere.

For us, it looks like the ban that was placed by Griffin and Lecomber in 2001 is still in place against PB and NWN.

When we read of some of the filth that is allowed to attend meetings at NF gatherings, we despair, we really do.

The thing is, if these 'ne'er do wells' were of any import, we would not bother or complain. But these people are just 'the mates' of one or two ex BNP and now NF officials.


The NF for it's own reasons has decided to keep within it's own environs.

We have no problems with that here at NWN, but when it continues to follow the
dictat by the traitors Griffin and Lecomber we have only so much patience. Especially when the activity is supposedly on our doorstep.

Is NWN and PB banned by the NF and if so why ?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marine Le Pen speaks in English on the BBC

While NWN has very serious reservations about Ms Le Pen, what do you, our readers, think of this performance on the BBC ?

Do you compare this performance, with the BNP leaders inept shambles on QUESTION TIME, which made even our political opponents squirm because it was so embarassing ?

Utterly disgraceful - Griffins BNP plumbs the depths

Just when you thought the BNP under the crook and traitor Nick Griffin couldn't get any more depraved, we have been sent the below information.

It seems to show and suggest, that we are all 'moneygrubbers' such as Griffin himself and his parasitic leeches. He, and they think, we are all only in nationalism for money.

NWN and all sincere nationalists are really in the struggle to save our nation for our children and their children.

We are in it for the 14 words.

The Fourteen Words is a phrase used predominantly by white nationalists. It most commonly refers to the 14-word slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children".


The below has been sent out to BNP Officials in Scotland;

"In May, Scotland goes to the polls in the country’s important council elections. The Party is hoping to field its largest list of candidates so far. Being an elected councillor in Scotland brings with it a wage of £16,000 annually for the term of four years’ service. The British National Party Leadership in Scotland is now urging members to come forward who have the desire to stand and register with Regional Organiser David Orr".

It is this greed mentality that has helped to destroy the BNP, and it's leading protaganist is the 'once and future bankrupt' Nicholas Griffin MEP.

Shame on Griffin and the BNP, even though we know that Griffin has no shame. He cares not for anyone but himself.

You could not make it up !

Saturday, January 14, 2012

EDL demo in Leicester 4th.February 2012

If this is an indication of a switch of policy by the EDL then NorthWestNationalists (NWN) supports this demonstration by the EDL.

The flooding of the UK with foreigners was not caused by the muslims.The muslims are a symptom of the evil unleashed on the United Kingdom and is totally opposed by the British people.

We, the British people, were never asked if we wanted a multi-racial society.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Our controlled Mass Media fails to report huge paedophile Court case at Liverpool Crown Court

From the Rochdale Observer:

Eight men charged after
inquiry into 'grooming' of underage girls for sex in

Eight men were due in court this morning following a police probe
into the alleged grooming of young girls.All of the suspects,
from Rochdale, were charged late last night with conspiracy to commit
penetrative sexual activity with a female under 16 years.

The men are Abdul Rauf, 42, of Darley Road; Liaqat Shah, 40, of Kensington Road; Adil Khan,
41, of Oswald Street; Qamar Shahzad, 29, of Conisborough; Mohammed Sajid, 34, of
Jepheys Street; Mohammed Ikhlaq, 31, of Clover Hall Crescent; Mohammed Amin, 44,
of Failinge Road and Abdul Aziz, 40, of Armstrong Hurst Close.

The men were due before magistrates in Rochdale today.

Eight men charged after inquiry into 'grooming' of
underage girls for sex in Rochdale Rochdale Observer -

And here we see some of the names listed at Liverpool Crown Court;

NWN: In the same week that we are being absolutely hammered by the mass media with the 'Saint' Stephen Lawrence repeat trial and the Indian student gunned down by some low life in Salford. This story seems to have been ignored by the mass media.

We wonder why that is ?

Is it that, of the rumoured 47 defendants, all of them are Pakistani muslims ?

The controlled mass media creatures will tell us any lie in furtherance of their mass immigration policy commenced in 1948 with 'The Empire Windrush'.

The end result of their policy is the genocide of the British people.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Contrast media treatment of the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Richard Everitt

The below letter has been e-mail this evening (Wednesday 4th January 2012) to all main BBC & ITV radio and TV news intake addresses; the editors of the letters section of all national daily and Sunday newspapers; and to the editors of the letters pages of major national magazines.

As you see, this letter contrasts the way in which the police, the judiciary and the media have handled the prosecution and conviction at the Old Bailey today of two of the gang alleged to have attacked and murdered the West Indian Stephen Lawrence nearly 20 years ago with the way the authorities and media “managed” the Bengali gang murder a year later of 15 year old white lad Richard Everitt.

Please feel free to give onward circulation. Thanks!




All murders are to be deplored; all murderers should be brought to justice; and the media should give coverage to all such crimes.

This said, I note the different treatment accorded by the Metropolitan Police, the judiciary and the media to the murders by teenage “racist gangs” of 18 year old Stephen Lawrence in Eltham, SE London, in April 1993 and 15 year old Richard Everitt in Somers Town, Camden, north London, in August 1994. Stephen was of West Indian origin; Richard was white.

The circumstances of the murders were similar. Both were attacked by gangs of teenagers who before and after the murders expressed violent racial hatred. Stephen was murdered by a white gang. Richard was murdered by an Bengali gang. Neither victim behaved in any way to provoke even verbal abuse, let alone being stabbed.

Massive media publicity, sustained over nearly two decades, followed Stephen’s case. There was a visit by the Home Secretary to the murder scene where a public monument was erected. A public judicial inquiry was conducted in which the police were denounced as “institutionally racist”. Money was found to fund a private prosecution, which failed.

As we now know, two men, Gary Dobson and David Norris, have been convicted after a second trial at the Old Bailey of Stephen’s murder and sentenced to life imprisonment of which they must serve a minimum 15+ years and 14+ years respectively. The judge called for Stephen’s other attackers to be brought to justice because they were engaged in a “joint exercise”. This has been echoed by the entire media and political establishment.

With all this, “Stephen Lawrence” has become a household name. Richard Everitt’s name was never in the headlines for long enough for the public mind to retain it.

Eleven Bengali youths (one as old as 20) were arrested in connection with Richard’s murder. Only two came to trial, Badrul Miah and Showkat Akbar. There were no calls for all the attackers to be prosecuted on a “joint enterprise” basis. Akbar was found guilty of violent disorder and sentenced to three years, of which he served 18 months. Miah was sentenced to life but let out on licence after 11 years despite the trial judge describing it as an “unprovoked racist attack”. The media tried to pressure Richard’s parents to say the murder was not racially motivated.

There was no visit by the Home Secretary to Somers Town, no public monument; no public judicial inquiry; and virtual silence from the local MP Frank Dobson.

I will not attempt to second-guess the jury in the Dobson and Norris trial. I simply wish to suggest that the verdict against them should not be taken as proof that the population of this country — at least, the white working class section of it — is getting justice from the police, the judiciary and the media because they all subscribe to the notion that in Britain only white people and never black people commit offences motivated by racial hatred.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Webster.


Jewish agitation behind Lawrence campaign

Letter published in the Evening Standard 4th Jan 2012

"In January 1997 I had the privilege, as executive director of the Anne Frank Trust, of introducing Doreen Lawrence to Tony Blair. At that time, the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence was a four-year-old unsolved crime, hardly mentioned in the press.

The occasion was the launch of a new Anne Frank travelling exhibition, A History for Today, at Southwark Cathedral. As owners of the new exhibition, we chose to include a panel about Stephen, to show that hatred could destroy another talented teenager's life, right here on the streets of London.

I was told a few years later that Blair had been so impressed and moved by Doreen's description of Stephen's life and death that he vowed on that morning that should he become Prime Minister he would commission a proper inquiry into the handling of the investigation of Stehen's murder. As a result we saw Lord MacPherson's inquiry, which changed so much in British institutions.

I would like to pay tribute to the Lawrence family, to their resilience and determination. Stephen's adulthood will never be lived, and as with Anne Frank we can only speculate what his life choices would have been. But from my experience of working with both his parents, he would have been a terrific and caring young man. How cruel a thing is racial bigotry.

Gillian Warnes MBE, Anne Frank Trust UK.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Emma West - Croydon magistrates - 3rd.January 2012

Those that can do, please get along and show your support.

We are sure that it was the rising anger at her treatment that got her bail,by a judge in chambers.

Give her support against the hateful magistrates and political prosecution who lied to get her imprisoned, and parted from her children and family.

A very well done to those that have supported her in the past for her ordeal.

Apparently our comrades in Ireland are having a demonstration outside the British Embassy in Dublin against the treatment suffered by Emma West at the exact time Emma will be in court in Croydon.

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