Monday, October 16, 2006

Tomorrows Job - A review of policy trends within the Police service : January 1995. Part 1 of 2.

This document was sent to many thousands of serving Police Officers at their home addresses as I recall, perticularly the Metropolitan Police. The 'Inner Circle Researchers' were a group run by Martin Webster, and this 'mailshot' really caused an upset at the time .
The 'Met' went mad !
After re-reading this document we can see that the essential thrust of the leaflet was absolutely correct. It describes 100% accurately, the how and why, the Police now operate the way they do. And that is disgraceful .

For those new to nationalism, who wonder why some of us 'older nationalists' sometimes point to the zionist/jewish 'power machine' in society, and especially individual jews activities, which are almost always against the interests of the British people. We show a prime example here, to do with just 'who' has been behind all the drafting and implementing Race Relations laws. That organisation that has pushed for this legislation is the 'Board of Deputies of British jews', and one of it's main servants was Neville Nagler.

Nowadays, we don't have the nuisance of the militant red mobs to contend with. But it wasn't always that way. In the past, 'red mobs' of over 10 - 15,000 + have been mobilised against British nationalists. With the sole purpose of smashing the NF or the BNP . These mobs were ALWAYS organised and funded by zionist jewish groups.Their whole ideology was instituted/written by jews such as Marx, Trotsky,Kautsky and even Lenin.
Note: The above images can be enlarged for reading just click bottom right corners. Part two of this document appearing soonest............


dizzyfatplonka said...

The main reason I see support of Israel as a good thing, is because in balance, if the future of Britain needs for us all too unite for a nationalist government, which retain anti-semite values.
The healthiest option is for our stance to be in support of a homeland, where they can be repatriated. Otherwise people must begin too wonder, if we do not want them here and do not support them being there, then what exactly would be the plan?

NorthWestNationalists said...

That's a fair point DFP .

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