Saturday, December 29, 2007

Negroes plus sales = chaos !

Blacks have a penchant for violence, it's inate.The above pics from the Uk newspaper (sic) The Sun, show them in all their glory.

No, this is not Kampala , Uganda/Nigeria. This is London today ! And this is why Griffin has to be ousted.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bhutto assassinated !

The killing of anyone is bad news.
She is a local girl, and we believe, lived in Rochdale for a few months.Her family lived down Entwisle Road.
Around 1978, I recall large numbers of MI5 'shooting around' the town 'armed to the teeth'.
M/s.Bhuttos father was hanged by General Zia, who also has relatives in Rochdale.
They expected a 'shooting match'.
Bhutto was/is a tool of the zionists. She was an 'upper class berk' to us. So what did the average pakistani think about her ?
M/s Bhutto was not good for us. She was a creature of the 'new world order'.
As a result, we will not have many problems with our pakistanis. Most hated Benazir Bhutto.
God rest her soul !
p.s. The jewish/zionists will make her a legend.

Los Espanoles camaradas/Our Spanish comrades.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas
Frohe Weihnachten
Joyeaux noel
Feliz navidad
Nadolig Llawen

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yorkshire members who heckled Griffin at the recent Leeds meeting received expulsion notices in the post on Saturday morning " for behaviour unbecoming of a party member".

More may arrive Monday morning.

They were signed by Tina 'tintin' Wingfield.

North West England BNP region has new head 'honcho' !

No prizes for guessing who the new man is.
Why it's Nick Griffin himself !
Apparently, a week or so ago, the North West BNP Officials voted for Chris Jackson to be the new Regional Organiser. Mr.Griffin was having none of that, and imposed himself as the new Regional Organiser.
Now this poses rather a lot of questions and issues about Fuhrer Nick Griffin.
Firstly, the North West Region is none to happy at their decision being overturned.
Secondly, we know that the dictator Mr.Griffin has been planning on ridding the party of it's advisory council. It's a threat to him you see.
According to the BNP Party Constitution, only the advisory Council can over-ride Griffins dictats and call for an EGM.
So, no advisory council equals no threat of an EGM, and thence no call for a vote of no confidence in the Party Chairman,Nick Griffin.
We at NWN thought the last Leadership election was corrupt. This move by Nick Griffin, shows the absolute contempt he shows to the BNP memberships.
The man is a tyrant ! Get rid !

Political storm as MPs demand inflation-busting 10 per cent pay rise

A political furore erupted last night after it was revealed that MPs are demanding an inflation-busting wage increase of up to £6,000 a year.
The Mail on Sunday has learned that Labour and Tory MPs have formed a secret pact which makes a mockery of Gordon Brown's call for wage restraint by forcing through a record pay deal for themselves in the New Year.
One reason for the big claim is that many Labour MPs fear they will lose their seats at the next Election - and want to boost their Commons pension rights before it is too late.

For more ;

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Subject: BNP Fined by Electoral Commission:

ITN News 21 DecITN web site - Updated 17.32 Fri Dec 21 2007

Independent Television News - 21st December 2007

BNP fined by Electoral Commission

The far-right British National Party (BNP) has been fined by the elections watchdog for failing to declare its accounts on time. The Electoral Commission issued the £1,000 penalty after the party filed its figures for 2006 - almost six months late. Under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, the BNP was required to submit the statement of accounts by July 7.

The blow comes amid internal rows in the controversial right-wing party and calls for a police investigation into claims of "illegal spying" on its members.

Labour MP Jon Cruddas used Parliamentary privilege this week to highlight the alleged bugging, which he had reported to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair. The claims follow the resignation from the party of a series of members, including Broxtowe councillor Sadie Graham, over the BNP's leadership.

In the Commons, Mr Cruddas also raised allegations of "financial irregularities" by the BNP which had been researched by the anti-fascist Searchlight Information Services. © Limited 2007. All rights reserved.

From: ENRonn [deleted]
To: [deleted]
Cc: 'Martin Webster'

Date: Friday, December 21, 2007 4:00 PM

Subject: accounts

I will be writing a detailed review, but in the meanwhile, note the balance sheet shows a carried forward deficit that still exceeds £35,000, so that the party remains balance sheet insolvent, while membership did not increase in 2006, despite the result in Barking.

Immediate conclusions: these accounts, now of course almost a year out of date, show an improvement on 2005. They indicate an organisation that was flat lining after its best year in terms of electoral gains.

The danger of collapse has been staved off for the time being, but growth has ceased. The key to the Griffin leadership's survival will now be the rate of renewals in early 2008 and whether first a breakthrough in the GLA elections is attainable, but secondly, whether it makes a real difference to membership, since Barking didn't.

More to follow.

"E.N. Ronn"

From: Sharon Ebanks
To: martin Webster
Date: Friday, December 21, 2007 3:40

PMSubject: Emailing: bnp_accounts_2006_web[Attachment: bnp_accounts_2006_web.pdf]Lecomber is down as nominating officer...
From: [deleted]
To: Martin Webster
Date: Saturday, December 22, 2007 1:08 PMSubject:
FW; BNP Still Insolvent (Searchlight Web-Site 22nd December) Searchlight web site - 22 December 2007

BNP still insolvent
by Sonia Gable

The BNP finally published its 2006 accounts days before the fine for their late submission to the Electoral Commission would have doubled to £2,000. They make interesting reading, not only for the figures, and the failure to solve the mystery of the printing equipment, but also for the names of party activists listed in their various roles.

For a start the BNP's nominating officer and campaigns officer throughout the year was none other than Tony "Mad Bomber" Lecomber, despite his claim to have left the BNP 18 months ago after he was found out trying to hire a hit man to murder a leading politician and was sacked as the party's group development officer.

A full list of the party's Advisory Council will prove useful to those BNP members trying to establish the identity of the Searchlight mole that the BNP claims is present in that select group.

It is also interesting to compare the list with the names of those who have signed up to Sadie Graham's and Kenny Smith's dissident group. History is rewritten too.

According to the chairman's introduction to the accounts Simon Darby "gave a very good account of himself in difficult circumstances" in a Channel Five studio discussion.

In fact Darby was verbally slaughtered by Lord Lester QC.

The account of the trial on race hate charges of Nick Griffin, the party leader, and Mark Collett, the BNP's former director of publicity, recently demoted to graphic designer, is also heavily embellished. Seven "key permanent members of staff" are shown: Nick Griffin, Sadie Graham, John Walker, Dave Hannam, Martin Wingfield, Tina Wingfield and Steve Blake.

Some have proved a good deal less than permanent and Hannam's position as assistant treasurer has recently been abolished, although it is unclear whether he has been made redundant.

Membership is stated as 6,281, down from the 6,502 shown in the 2005 accounts and a far cry from the 10,000 figure currently being bandied around by the BNP leadership. At the time of the BNP leadership election the voting figures indicated that the party had 8,604 members but this was widely thought to be an exaggeration.

The treasurer's and audit reports reveal that the party had not yet completed the task of setting up proper internal controls, which it started early in 2005, and so the auditors, Silver & Co of Cannock, had "to rely upon assurances and explanations given us by officers of the party". This is not an unusual let out for small organisations and gives the lie to the claim that the auditors would not sign the accounts until Kenny Smith was sacked for failing to provide receipts for administration expenditure.

When asked about this allegation Frank Hogarth, a partner in Silver & Co, refused to comment. Announcing the accounts on its website the BNP highlighted the increase in income and the surplus for the year. Income from donations and membership fees has indeed gone up, although income from commercial activities is down, something that will no doubt be blamed on the dissidents.

Campaign expenditure is a mere £19,016, almost all on leaflets. Even this tiny figure for a national organisation is an improvement on 2005 when nothing was spent on campaigning leaflets. Presumably party branches have to pay for everything themselves. Staff costs are down £20,000 to £227,732 of which £145,447 is for employees and £104,764 on "professional fees" ­ payments outside the compulsory PAYE system of accounting for tax and national insurance contributions on employees' wages.

One of the allegations Searchlight made based on the 2005 accounts is that the wages figure was impossibly low for the number of employees declared, suggesting that some employees were paid outside PAYE. The position has hardly improved. The accounts state that the total number of staff has increased from nine in 2005 to 13, which means that the average wage per staff member is still only around £11,000.

Remember Ian Dawson, the former group support officer, recently stated that he worked for the party earning £14,400 and this was "probably the lowest full-time wage in the party".

Collett is not listed as a key staff member, although he clearly spends a considerable amount of his time working for the party. Either he is one of those still paid as a self employed person or his remuneration comes in another way.

Perhaps some of the BNP's £30,000 of expenditure on commercial printing and reproduction goes his way, or the similar sums spent on producing The Voice of Freedom and Identity.

Quite what Collett did as director of publicity is unclear seeing as the party spends so little on leaflets and only £1,410 on "promotional expenditure". Income from tickets to the BNP's Red White Blue summer festival fell from £15,808 in 2005 to £9,242 but the cost of putting the event on also fell by £4,000. Perhaps BNP members have started getting bored with it. Trafalgar Club income and expenditure is not separately itemised, an example of the lack of transparency about which the dissidents have complained.

What does the party have to hide here?

Although the BNP made a surplus of nearly £19,000 compared to a deficit of nearly £95,000 in 2005, it was not enough to take the party out of insolvency.

A £35,000 surplus of liabilities over assets was financed partly by running up a debt of nearly £22,000 to the regional accounting unit (party branches and groups), although this was paid off in January 2007 out of the £46,000 cash it had in the bank at 31 December 2006. The amount owed to HM Revenue and Customs for PAYE and value added tax was half the sum at the start of the year, suggesting that HMRC became less tolerant of the BNP's attempts to borrow from the taxpayer. The largest liability is "subscriptions in advance".

This would normally cover the proportion after 31 December 2006 of annual subscriptions to publications paid in the course of the year. In this case it is probably membership subscriptions because it is way too large for subscriptions to Freedom and Identity. That this sum has doubled to £67,548 may be because the BNP made a big effort to get people to pay their 2007 membership fees at the end of 2006 rather than at the beginning of 2007. This would be consistent with the large cash balance at the end of the year, much of which was spent in January 2007 on paying off the party's debt to the branches. In other words, much of 2007's membership income has been spent in 2006.

A note to the accounts takes a swipe at Kenny Smith, though not by name, for failing to provide receipts for £14,000 of funds "transferred to the B N Publications account so as to allow the printing department to funding [sic]". The party first accused him of failing to account for "up to £17,000" and rapidly dropped the "up to". The fact that it is now £14,000 will undoubtedly get overlooked by the Griffin loyalists.

And why the B N Publications account should be off balance sheet is unclear, as it would appear to be part of the party's administration. Another note explains that the Excalibur stock held at the year end has not been included in the accounts. Its omission would depress the commercial (and therefore taxable) profit (though as in 2005 there is no sign that any corporation tax is paid). It is the reason for the omission that is interesting, namely that "the very nature of the stock raises questions as to it's [sic] realisable value". Well we certainly wouldn't buy it.

"Certain party officials are involved and hold positions with 'Great White Records'", the accounts state, revealing that the party buys CDs at commercial rates from the company, owned by Hannam, and resells them. Great White Records also supplied "sound assistance at venues" amounting to £9,618, another means of transferring money to Hannam. As we expected, the accounts do not show the rumoured investment by the party of £50,000 in Great White Records, which is therefore either a myth or another "off balance sheet" transaction.

And finally, there is no solution to the mystery of the BNP's printing equipment. In 2005 the party claimed to have spent variously £75,000 or £70,000 on printing equipment, but the 2005 accounts only showed acquisitions of equipment (of any sort) of £51,671.

In June 2007 when Chris Jackson challenged Griffin for the party leadership, some people asked questions about why Collett was always late in producing leaflets for the BNP after the party had spent "£70,000" on printing equipment. The BNP's reply was that the party had bought four high quality digital duplicators, three folding machines and power guillotine for £70,000 but that after the 2005 general election they were "given to the regions" and no longer kept for head office jobs.

Yet neither the 2005 accounts nor the 2006 accounts show any disposal of equipment, which if by means of a gift would have turned the small 2006 surplus into a loss.

Was the equipment ever in the accounts?

Who owns it now?

Was the BNP lying in 2005, in 2007 or both?

We think party members have a right to know.

E-Mail from Martin Webster to a BNP Regional Organiser

From: Martin Webster
To: [deleted]
Date: Thursday, December 20, 2007 11:33 PM

Subject: Griffin and his coterie

Dear [deleted],
Thank you for your e-mail concerning the last 'Electronic Loose Cannon' (#22).....[snip]....At the moment, as Mr. Davies' report made clear, Griffin is using the funds of local Branches of the BNP, which are held in trust by him at Head Office, to reconcile and balance the Head Office accounts.

He is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

You can't play those kinds of accountancy games for too long.Griffin has surrounded himself with petty crooks because he feels comfortable and safe in such company. He protects them and they, in turn, reciprocate the favour. It's a simple application of the Causa Nostra "Made Man" formula. Not all of these people are terribly bright and they think they are untouchable.

Because of that delusion they put themselves about in an arrogant, corrupt and bullying way.It is the unreasonable and suspicion-arousing protection which Griffin has given to his young friend Mark Collett and another youngster, the former supermarket shelf-filler and petty embezzler Hannam, that has made the worm turn in many BNP hearts in Yorkshire.

One thing I have been told about by BNP officials is the great resentment which local branches feel about the prices BNP Head Office is charging for leaflets. The prices for these have shot up in the last year or so.I am told that the reason for this is that not only does Collett do the graphical design for these leaflets (which is not a big cost element in long-run productions) but he has also been allowed to set up his own private "printing" company through which the printing of the leaflets is managed.

His company does not print a thing, but it does take a healthy mark-up simply for putting in the order to the company which does do the printing.

I am told a similar set-up applies with the production of 'Identity'. People point to Collett's very prosperous life-style.Why could not the party's administration arrange for the printing of the leaflets, as was done previously -- and as was done in the old National Front in my days.

In the old NF, our aim was to provide literature as cheaply as possible so that branches would buy and distribute the greatest possible quantity. The NF did take a modest profit from literature sales, but there wasn't a parasitical middle-man adding his lump as well.

Mind you, the NF's very small number of paid staff subsidised the party's entire operation by taking chicken-food wages. I don't think I was receiving above £40 a week when I was given the heave-ho in 1983.

In the Griffin BNP of today, the functions of the party get "privatised" or "out-sourced" so that Griffin and his little coterie of pals can take a private profit.But this literature mark-up scam is, I have no doubt, only one of many such schemes. BNP members, not all of whom are rich, sacrifice to subsidise these operations.

There are some good folk in the BNP (albeit many of them are politically ignorant and naive newcomers to the cause of British Nationalism) but the senior administration increasingly resembles a gang of crooks.



P.S.: By the way, I have replied to you via your [deleted] address (the one I usually use) rather than the BNP address because I hear many BNP folk say that all the traffic to/from "" e-mail addresses is (or can easily be) monitored by Griffin's "security" set-up.
From: [deleted]
Date: Friday, December 21, 2007 2:59 PM
Subject: An account of Griffin's flakey personality and behaviour.
From: Matt Single

Posted by "EnoughIsEnough" blog on 20th December 2007 at 13:57
Being a practically minded person, it is unlike me to write so much, this is my third written piece in less than two weeks which I think is a record for me. I'm sure you'll forgive me therefore for any mistakes you may pick-out; these fingers are far more accustomed to taking cars apart than they are typing on a laptop. I understand that the set of circumstances as they are at the time of writing this, put me in a position whereby a reader could construe that I may be indulging in the moment or even seeking attention, when perhaps all has already been said and, so to speak, the cards are laying on the table for all to see. This is certainly not the case. I'm writing simply because I made a promise to myself that I shall stand by my convictions and the stance I made with Sadie, Kenny, Nicholla, Ian and many others. I will see this situation through to the very end with them and I will not back down. As true nationalists, we all have a moral obligation to do so, because we have seen our cause so wronged by people we once trusted.

Last Saturday 15th December, was for me a day I had hoped I would never have to come to terms with. I attended a meeting of the British National Party with a range of questions and emotions coiled like a spring in my head, that the prospect of airing in public left me feeling frustrated, anxious but still hopeful.

This hope for me revolved around the prospect that Mr Griffin could finally find the decency to somehow stop his resentful inflexibility that is souring his reasoning, and making him so bitter.

Sadie and I, plus two other councillors and several Party members from Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire, drove down to the meeting venue in Leicester.

The hall was full, the usual mixture of faces, young and old drinking tea soothed me on the surface, but the businesslike, although not unfriendly atmosphere, masked the irritations and hard questioning that was to come. This was going to be a heated but not juvenile or disrespectful meeting; we were all going to afford one another the chance to speak and listen. The meeting hall rental slot was not long, which made me question the validity of Mr Griffin's lengthy delay and whether or not he regarded a shorter meeting an additional bonus with less time to address difficult questions from the audience at the end. Nick finally entered flanked by Party Security and sat at the top table next to Sadie. Mark Collett, Dave Hannam and John Walker, who had walked in with Nick stood nearby with their backs to the wall with security next to them near to where I was sitting.

I'm not entirely sure what Nick expected to happen, but the sight of several rather handy looking security ex-colleagues of mine lined up along the wall of the hall didn't help to ease the atmosphere and really made one ask oneself; is Griffin really a man that truly has the confidence of the people?

Sadie spoke first and asked a series of straight and honest questions, the questions that so many people have been asking up and down the country.

"Why did you illegally record conversations in my home without my permission?

Why did you order Party Security to enter my home through deception and steal my property?

Why, although you have broken several very serious laws, are you still refusing to return my property?

Why have you totally ignored, abused or ridden roughshod over the very foundations and constitution of this Party?"

It's an interesting point, that during the development of this whole situation, Mr Griffin has been assuming somehow that the law of this land is on your side if you shout the loudest to the most people.

Well sorry Nick, you are sadly mistaken and regardless to your tantrums the fact remains that you have unashamedly broken several laws and you are going to be made accountable for your actions. Further to this blatant display of conceit, Nick's answers during the meeting were quite honestly the most perfect example of a stereotypical politician lying through his back teeth, that I have ever witnessed.

He manoeuvred to turn the questions around on Sadie as he tried to defend the utter mess he has created through the decisions he has and is continuing to make. How a person, even a well-tuned politician, can try and defend what is clearly indefensible still amazes me.

The level of inflexibility displayed was mind-boggling, yet Sadie maintained throughout a very high degree of composure and out and out sheer courage and wrestled with a politician that had once flattened Jeremy Paxman on national television.

This was truly a David and Goliath situation, and as the tale goes, Goliath got just a little more than he bargained for. Sadie handled herself with an assertiveness and professionalism that far outweighed her experience. Sadie used the simple truth of the matter sticking to the facts and was met with a concoction of mistruths and pre-packaged / pre-prepared answers from Griffin which were then backed up by Collett, whose slippery and sycophantic persona was rather like listening to nails being dragged down a chalkboard.

Anyone who had ever spent any time in close proximity to Collett will be able to relate to this I'm sure.

By the end of the meeting Griffin had, by using a well-honed browbeating method, managed to control a grossly unfair share of platform time. I timed that Griffin had forty-five minutes of floor time compared with Sadie's twenty. Even with all his guns blazing away and the wind on his side, he still by the end of the meeting looked as though he had just seen a ghost. Sadie carried the meeting with unanimous support because she has, put simply, the truth on her side with the full support of the majority of the people of this Party.

This was a basic but very valuable lesson for us all in how strong a Party like ours can be in solidarity; and a reminder of how dangerous it is when one person is allowed to nestle themselves into a position of dictator by rewriting or ignoring the rules to suit their own personal agenda.

Since that meeting the situation has turned and twisted as more and more desperation has seeped into Mr Griffin's deeply flawed position with the cold light of day about to break on the horizon.

I cannot help feel a degree of discomfort as he resorts to asking others to lie for him such as Simon Darby. Simon was quoted on BBC Newsnight 18th December as saying that the Party had rid itself of hard-line "neo-Nazi" elements.

The fact that Sadie, Kenny and Steve have been instrumental in modernising our Party and speaking out against such elements that have held us back through the years had strangely appeared to have slipped his memory. This of course came in the same week that Mr Darby also said on Radio 4 that all us "malcontents" were actually in fact all left-wing state agents! It is apparent that Mr Darby decides whether we are all "Nazis" or "working for Searchlight magazine" / New-Labour, depending which lie the interviewer is more likely to believe.

Truly deplorable.

To make matters worse, no less than Lee Barnes himself has now also been pulled into the fold at the behest of Mr Griffin to attack those that have dared to question his authority. Mr Barnes's bizarre, foul-mouthed and semi-coherent ramblings have in the past caused a great many of us some degree of embarrassment.

Considering that he is never to be seen actually helping with a Party activity, or at a conference or in a meeting, it is not surprising that he is now widely regarded as little more than a mere satellite of the Party proper. He is dusted off once in a while by Griffin and drought back down to planet Earth to apply the incomplete law degree that he pulled out of a Kinder-Egg.

Even more significant is the fact that until last week, he has never actually ever been a member of our Party; how convenient that he suddenly now feels in necessary to join us.

This serves us all with an example of the type of people that Mr Griffin surrounds himself with. Non-members, an assortment of little known nationalist 'personalities' from around the globe and various other 'Griffin flavours of the month', all of which clearly appear far more important to him than the very stalwart lifeblood activists of this Party that make it tick from one week to the next, that often work ridiculously long hours for little more than the gift of hope for our children's future. [Barnes claimed on his blog that he had now joined, but quoted the wrong membership fee, so whether he has actually joined is debatable - Ed).]

The fact that Mr Griffin simply does not listen to those he should, while pandering to some of nationalism's most cranky and abnormal characters I find utterly incomprehensible, and very worrying indeed. I personally believe that he has now completely exhausted all rational thought. I am not sure how he will pull his damaged reputation from this situation intact, as he will increasingly resort to tactics more akin to an Eastern European mafia boss than a Party Chairman that is supposed to be upholding the will of the people, for the people.

This, I am in no doubt will be confirmed in the coming days or weeks as he at long last slowly comes to terms with the fact that scores of the Party's brightest and best people have dared to turn to him, look him in the eye and demand he listen to them and not be intimidated by him any longer.

This is an unfeasible situation for an authoritarian to find themselves in.

Often such a person is simply not equipped with how to deal with such a dilemma and therefore will react aggressively, contradictorily and seemingly without any end game plan in place. This can be substantiated with the way in which Mr Griffin is now hurling lies and defamatory insults at people that have for years immersed themselves in this Party's gradual and hard fought campaign for growth, often at great personal cost. Vermin, government agents, left-wing infiltrators, malcontents and hard-line neo-Nazis.

These are just a small selection of the metaphors openly voiced during meetings recently attended by Mr Griffin to describe those standing against his dogmatic inflexibility. These are quite obviously not consolatory words designed to bring this situation to a positive conclusion for the benefit of the Party, but instead words designed to scare or distress other members into turning away from those supporting us.

This all forms part of Mr Griffin's plan to hold on at all costs without giving an inch towards meeting our requests. He is hanging onto the hope that we will "run out of steam" during the Christmas Holiday leaving only a bad memory for him to wipe away during the early part of the New Year. This must not happen if we are to save this Party from any one person inside it that is unwilling to listen to others around them; because no one person is greater than the Party and The Cause itself.

This must be enshrined into a new constitution if we are to attract people that regard freedom as one of the most important components of their daily lives and futures. If we do not all act now, we risk becoming the very people that we detest, weak-willed sheep that blindly follow totalitarians. If this is allowed to happen, corruption will creep into the void once occupied by wholesome and moral people, and the vehicle for our future, the BNP will be castrated and impotent for ever more.

We have but only one chance to save it.

Very early in the morning of 20th December, in another desperate attempt to defame Mr Griffin's internal dissenters, an unlawful attack on us has been posted on the BNP website main-page. The mere fact that every single word from the emails alleged to have been taken from Sadie's stolen personal computer is an illegal act in itself, and that the posting of these alleged emails could cause the Party massive injury does not seem to bother Mr Griffin one iota.

He simply does not care if the Party suffers massive and irreparable damage, provided he can still state that he has total control of the Party; this is all he is interested in. Jon Cruddas MP, has already stood up in Parliament to pressurise the police to act against the Party because of the illegal actions of Mr Griffin, and the fact that Griffin has now compounded these crimes further, can serve us with no greater example of the true nature of Mr Griffin.

I now expect unfortunately, that other MPs will join Cruddas now after this latest attack. In all of this, I have yet to have mentioned the fact that as a serving BNP Councillor, Sadie has been temporarily but severely restricted in serving the people of her constituency due to the theft of her computer with all her council work on it.

Once again I do not suppose for a minute that Mr Griffin could really care less as to what the 44% BNP vote in her area would think about their councillor having the work she was proceeding with stolen on the orders of the Party Chairman no less! This latest attack on the BNP website is so full of hideous lies it is almost beyond belief. To write so shamelessly that Sadie Graham, Kenny Smith, Steve Blake and Ian Dawson have been plotting a 'coup d'état' would be laughable if it were not so serious.

I would also question the authenticity of these alleged emails passed between them that have been displayed on the website. Griffin's South African Intelligence Department Im sure have had all the time they would have needed to create material to look as though it was taken from Sadie's stolen machine, as an attempt to create a diversion away from the real issues we are seeking to address here.

Do they honestly expect members and supporters to believe that we have been hatching a plan to suddenly spring a takeover of the Party?

How stupid does Mr Griffin really think we are?

I'll leave that to the reader to decide for themselves.

Well, the evidence is plentiful and there for all members and supporters to see. Mr Griffin must be openly challenged now before it is too late. It is now up to all of us to stand firm and absolutely insist that the changes we want to make actually take place. Act now for this Party, do this for yourself and for your children so we can once again move forward together in 2008.
Matt Single

Richard Barnbrook goes multi-racial

Dear [deleted],

Thanks for your e-mail of Thursday in which you sent me the Daily Mail report on Richard Barnbrook going multi-racial.Marrying the ballerina and adopting her previous partner, an ethnic Chinese with Cuban natinality is one thing (a matter of personal choice) but to renege on his previously-expressed expression of fundamental nationalist belief:......

that the procreation of half-cast babies in this country washes out the identity of the indigenous ethnic-British and, hence, washes out their claim to exclusive occupancy of their ancestral a gross act of treason.

There can be no other word for it.I appreciate that for the popular press, this is a "human interest" story, but there is another motive behind the story being given such prominence at this time (i.e. at a time when the BNP has serious internal troubles and when Griffin is in difficulties).

I have given my opinion as to this other motive in an e-mail I sent to a Yorkshire organiser of the BNP earlier this week:> [Quote]:> I notice that while The Guardian has had some coverage of the latest crisis in > the BNP, Griffin's friends in the Daily Telegraph have given coverage this > morning to the fact that "the BNP ballerina" Simone Clarke is to wed Richard > Barnbrook "leader of the 12-strong BNP group on Barking & Dagenham Council".> >
The report mentioned that Clarke previously "had a relationship with fellow > dancer Yat-Sen Chang, a Cuban immigrant of Chinese descent" which relationship > produced a daughter, Olivia.> > It continued by recording that at an earlier time:> > "Mr. Barnbrook had said he did not oppose mixed marriages, but their children > wash out 'the identity of this country's indigenous people'.> > "However, he changed his tune yesterday.
He said: 'It doesn't bother me at all > about Olivia.
When we get married that child will be my child."> >
Aaah! How nice! So all's well that end's well with a happy Christmassy story > about the BNP rather than a report about turmoil in the party. It's the kind > of crisis-management reporting we expect from the Telegraph when the Tory > party is in a spot of bother.....> [Unquote]The Establishment's media is desperate to try and retain Griffin as boss of the BNP. A blind eye is being turned to -- and distractions are being provided from -- his various corrupt, tyrannical and loony shenanigans.

This treatment by the media is in stark contrast to the way in which personalities in the NF, from high to the lowliest local official, were subject to savage smears for the slightest alleged infraction.

The reason?

Griffin has directed Britain's "premier nationalist movement" along a path of pro-Zionist multi-racialism, of safe 'Daily Mail'/'The Sun' style populism. As such, the BNP he leads does not constitute a threat to the Establishsment, but a protection for it: a safety-valve for the naive and ignorant proles. Read what George Orwell had to say about the way in which Big Brother's regime would allow (in fact, would help organise!) demonstrations of "patriotism" in the Prole areas.Good wishes for Yuletide/Christmas,



-----Original Message-----
From: [deleted]
To: Martin Webster
Date: Thursday, December 20, 2007 11:55 PM

Subject: Strange Goings On

Martin,I don't know what you make of this?

Yesterday 19th December the media are vicious, then today 20th all we hear are nice things about a BNP engagement. The Daily Mail carried this article (three quarters of the page) plus two large photos on page 5, plus the Guardian, Independent, Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, Daily Record (Scotland) and BBC News web-site all carried this, why?Was there a concerted effort by the media to suddenly make a u turn and print a cosy story about the BNP to cover up Griffin's woes?

Why would Barnbrook's engagement justified such interest?


Daily Mail - 20th December 2007
BNP ballerina' ditches Cuban immigrant lover to marry far right councillor
By Paul Sims[Photo caption:

The BNP ballerina: Simone Clarke is marrying a far-right councillor]Simone Clarke, the leading ballerina who was exposed as a member of the Right-wing British National Party, is to marry one of its councillors.Richard Barnbrook, who once claimed mixed-race children are "washing out the identity of this country's indigenous people", proposed to Miss Clarke even though she has a mixed-race child herself.

The couple first met in January after Miss Clarke, the English National Ballet's principal dancer, was revealed as a member of the party. As anti-BNP protesters besieged the London Coliseum where she was performing, Mr Barnbrook was ordered there by party leader Nick Griffin. He met Miss Clarke backstage and handed her a bouquet of red roses and white lillies. The couple met a number of times >soon after and in April this year they started dating in secret. Seven weeks ago, Mr Barnbrook, the leader of the BNP in Barking and Dagenham, proposed as they enjoyed a candlelit meal in South London. Last night, the 46-year-old, who is also the BNP's London mayoral candidate, said: "We were having dinner in a restaurant and I said, 'Here darling, here's a diamond ring'. "There was no getting down on one knee, or anything like that." I'm a traditionalist. I slipped it on her finger and although it wasn't the right size I said, 'Let's look forward to our future and maybe one day get married.' "We love each other to bits. She's a beautiful lady."Miss Clarke, 37, has a five yearold daughter, Olivia, from a previous relationship with fellow English National Ballet star Yat-Sen Chang, a Cuban immigrant of Chinese descent. BNP poster boy: Richard Barnbrook said he hopes to marry Miss Clarke She claims they broke up in April after he refused to support her and then she started seeing Mr Barnbrook. Mr Barnbrook, who now claims his comments about mixed race children were taken out of context, said he has no reservations about becoming her child's stepfather. He insisted: "Simone's daughter Olivia is beautiful. There are one or two out of thousands of my colleagues who have said, 'You do realise she has a mixed race child?' - but I couldn't give a damn." I love Simone."We have so much in common and get on like a house on fire. If we do get married as far as I am concerned her daughter becomes my daughter." It doesn't bother me at all. "I knew about Simone's child before I met her. Whatever the heart does is right, regardless." He added: "I don't know when we'll get married." Simone is currently with her family in Leeds, spending as much time as she can with her daughter. "I am in London and will have to stay here because I am the party's candidate for London Mayor." But I will wait for her for as long as it takes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. "We are seeing each other over Christmas and New Year. She's coming to my parents and I'm going to hers." Some time in the future we will probably get married and have a family." A former artist, lecturer and art teacher, Mr Barnbrook has worked fulltime for the BNP since his teaching work dried up "because of his politics". His father was a soldier, as was his brother Stephen, who is about to marry a Jamaican nurse. Divorced from a BBC secretary - "she married an artist, but didn't want to be married to a politician" - he previously lived with a Tory-voting girlfriend. Former partner: Miss Clarke on stage with her ex-boyfriend Yat-Sen Chang Born in Leeds, Miss Clarke is the daughter of a maths teacher and a secretary. Educated first at the local Catholic school, at the age of ten she beat 4,500 others to win one of 23 places at the Royal Ballet School in London.In 1988, after a stint with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, she joined the English National Ballet, rising to become senior soloist in 2000 and principal dancer in 2004. Her CV includes playing Juliet in Romeo And Juliet, Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and the Sugar Plum Fairy. Referring to her decision to join the BNP, she said: "I am not too proud to say that a lot of it went over my head." But some of the things they mentioned were the things I think about all the time, mainly mass immigration, crime and increased taxes." As with all parties, you can't agree on all things. You have to take the good bits and ignore the bad bits." I will be known as the BNP ballerina. I think that will stick with me for life." But I don't regret anything. I will stay a member."

BNP Reform Group urge co-operation

The 'maverick' BNP Reform group urge all anti-Griffin and pro- British groups to discuss issues for agreement.

BNP leadership challenger Chris Jackson "fully understands the problems that have led to this impasse.

The BNP has to be a party that is first and foremost, a party of honesty and integrity", he said.
Whether Mr.Griffin stays or goes, the cause must go on, till we win our Country back, he says
This is a second hand account, as to even suggest first hand accounts, will lead to expulsion by the despot/dictator; Nick Griffin.

Griffin will shut up shop !

We wish all our readers a pleasant Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Above all, we hope that all our people have a restful break and have time with their families.
Getting back to the case in hand . We know that Nick Griffin is just like the 'labourites'. He has no loyalty , no honour and no sense of decency.

He will try to use the Christmas holiday to ride out this storm.

The holiday enables us to re-group, make new acquaintances, and maintain the challenge to get Griffin out !

The pressure must be kept up. It will be !

Friday, December 21, 2007

'Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.'~ Thomas Jefferson
1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.
3. Colt: The original point and click interface.
4. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.
5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?
6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.
7. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.
8. If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.
9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.
10. The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.
11. What part of 'shall not be infringed' do you not understand?
12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.
13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.
14. Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicians.
15. Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety.
16. You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.
17. 911: Government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.
18. Assault is a behavior, not a device.
19. Criminals love gun control; it makes their jobs safer.
20. If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.
21. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.
22. You have only the rights you are willing to fight for.
23. Enforce the gun control laws we ALREADY have; don't make more.
24. When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.
25. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.

Young National Front on Patrol , following stabbing of Billy Ward.

The following press release was released by the Young National Front on the 11.12.07 after the fatal stabbing of Billy Ward in Addington South East London in an alleged racist attack claimed by his father.

We have decided to patrol the local streets as outlined in our press release below, to increase numbers of people on the streets as a deterrent as the police are not able to patrol all areas where the young and vulnerable are.
We are not vigilantes or anything of a sort. We are solely going to start patrolling night buses, parks and other areas to assist the vulnerable; young and old alike, as we know that increased numbers of people may act as a deterrent to criminals, potential muggers, rapists and murderers.The reason that we are acting on the events that have taken place over the last week regarding Billy Ward, is solely because of the amount of telephone calls/e-mails we have rec'd and also from engaging with the young people on the streets locally over the last couple of days/evenings, the areas have included Addington, Croydon, Hayes (Kent) and Bromley plus others. They have all come forward and have explained their anger to us regarding Billys' un-timely death and they have highlighted the fact that they feel unsafe in their own areas and whilst using public transport both day and nights, they have alleged that have been victims of racial tensions and have been attacked in the past but are to afraid to report this to the police, due to possible consequences.
Many Young people also have asked us to come into the area and bring together the young people both for support and safety.We are young nationalists but at the same time we are against mindless violence and deaths, for example the other serious assaults that took place in Thornton Heath at the weekend and also against the alleged racist murder of Stephen Lawrence which gained mass media coverage, as this was also an alleged racial murder, as this one has also been, along with other racial murders like that of Kriss Donald, which failed to reach the news whatsoever.
We also would like to make it clear that Billy Ward and his family, was and have never been known to us nor have any of his alleged convictions.As a result of the demands from the local young people we are considering activities in the local area, such as leafleting and potential patrols of the local areas; just to increase peoples awareness and also increase the safety of areas, as do the local police community support officers and churches, especially at night, were the over-stretched local police force can not be due to the vast areas they cover.
We do ask of the young people to not take action against any others they think may be connected or related to the alleged attackers. If they have any information can we ask them to call the police or contact us.
If any person has any information regarding crime and violence of any sort they can also contact the police or us on 07950 474 625 in which we will pass this information on.

Tony 'Bomber' Lecomber named on late BNP Accounts sheet

Why is Lecomber listed as nominating Officer and still the Campaigns Officer on the very late BNP accounts ?
Just as with Mark Collett , another close mate of Nick Griffin, Griffins mates never get expelled. But hundreds of other fine nationalists have been.
This site calls for the removal of all bans by the 'dynamic duo' (Fatman and boy blunder) of Griffin and Lecomber from the BNP.
The bans go back to 2001, and include yours truly, and the late, great, John Tyndall.
The banning of John Tyndall, twice, by Griffin, helped to put JT into an early grave !
We will never forget that Mr. Griffin ............

Feliz Navidad por Espanoles !

Griffin and his coterie

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your e-mail concerning the last 'Electronic Loose Cannon' (#22).I note you say that you and the Tyneside Region of the BNP which you organise is staying neutral in respect of the BNP's current internal crisis and getting on with your local campaigning.I would have thought I had spent the last 22 issues of the 'Electronic Loose Cannon' -- and also in some issues of the 'Electronic Watch on Zion' -- making it clear why I am not a fan of Nick Griffin.

The latest trouble is an inevitable outcome of the kind of financial and 'constitutional' set-up Griffin has imposed on the BNP. (Note I put 'constitutional' in inverted commas because the 'constitution' whereby the BNP is being administered is thoroughly UNconstitutional and, I believe, in many respects unlawful.

The BNP is a dictatorship.

Griffin runs it like his own private business operation -- hiring and firing at his own whim and buying support from a kitchen-cabinet coterie by means of employment patronage.One of these days somebody in the BNP with intelligence, some slight knowledge of law, and a bit of cash is going to react to one or another of Griffin's high-handed actions and will bring him before a High Court judge.

Then the flat stone will be lifted and we will see what manner of wee beasties are underneath, wriggling and blinking in the sudden rush of light.Griffin is paranoid, not only because that is a long-established aspect of his personality but because he knows he has abused his dictatorial power and the corrupt compliance of his immediate associates/employees, to make fast-and-loose with funds subscribed by the members of his party.

He must live in dread the day when he will not be able to prevent some form of genuine accounting and examination.

In this regard I am put in mind of 'Lord' Conrad Black -- husband of Nick Griffin's Zionist-Jewish pal Barbara Amiel -- who, when he knew the Police were about to raid his offices, assisted his staff to shred thousands of files (the silly bugger forgot to get the office's CCTV recorder kit switched off!)

At the moment, as Adrian Davies' report made clear, Griffin is using the funds of local Branches of the BNP, which are held in trust by him at Head Office, to reconcile and balance the Head Office accounts. He is robbing Peter to pay Paul. You can't play those kinds of accountancy games for too long.

Griffin has surrounded himself with petty crooks because he feels comfortable and safe in such company. He protects them and they, in turn, reciprocate the favour. It's a simple application of the Causa Nostra "Made Man" formula. Not all of these people are terribly bright and they think they are untouchable. Because of that delusion they put themselves about in an arrogant, corrupt and bullying way.

It is the unreasonable and suspicion-arousing protection which Griffin has given to his young friend Mark Collett and another youngster, the former supermarket shelf-filler and petty embezzler Hannam, that has made the worm turn in many BNP hearts in Yorkshire.One thing I have been told about by BNP officials is the great resentment which local branches feel about the prices BNP Head Office is charging for leaflets.

The prices for these have shot up in the last year or so.I am told that the reason for this is that not only does Collett do the graphical design for these leaflets (which is not a big cost element in long-run productions) but he has also been allowed to set up his own private "printing" company through which the printing of the leaflets is managed.

His company does not print a thing, but it does take a healthy mark-up simply for putting in the order to the company which does do the printing.

I am told a similar set-up applies with the production of 'Identity'.

People point to Collett's very prosperous life-style.Why could not the party's administration arrange for the printing of the leaflets, as was done previously -- and as was done in the old National Front in my days.

In the old NF, our aim was to provide literature as cheaply as possible so that branches would buy and distribute the greatest possible quantity. The NF did take a modest profit from literature sales, but there wasn't a parasitical middle-man adding his lump as well.

Mind you, the NF's very small number of paid staff subsidised the party's entire operation by taking chicken-food wages. I don't think I was receiving above £40 a week when I was given the heave-ho in 1983.In the Griffin BNP of today, the functions of the party get "privatised" or "out-sourced" so that Griffin and his little coterie of pals can take a private profit.But this literature mark-up scam is, I have no doubt, only one of many such schemes.

BNP members, not all of whom are rich, sacrifice to subsidise these operations.There are some good folk in the BNP (albeit many of them are politically ignorant and naive newcomers to the cause of British Nationalism) but the senior administration increasingly resembles a gang of crooks.


P.S.: By the way, I have replied to you via your Yahoo address (the one I usually use) rather than the BNP address because I hear many BNP folk say that all the traffic to/from "" e-mail addresses is (or can easily be) monitored by Griffin's "security" set-up.=======================================
From: Tyneside BNP To: Date: Thursday, December 20, 2007 6:13 PM

Subject: ELC I see you're still a Griffin fan via the forwarded ELC's.

What's your take on the latest developments/plot/state/ego thing in the BNP?
We are neutral by the way, just getting on with it up here. Ken

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Simon Darby on NEWSNIGHT ?

We have heard from a couple of sources, that Simon Darby was a guest on the BBC2 current affairs programme - and was given an opportunity to attack the 'rebels ' in this internal battle within the BNP.

Can anyone shed any light on this ?

Re; Christmas Party

FROM: Pauline Lewis, Human Resources Director
TO: All Employees

DATE: 4th November 2004
RE: Christmas Party
I'm happy to inform you that the company Christmas Party will take place on December 23rd, starting at noon, private function room at the Grill House. There will be a cash bar and plenty of drinks! We'll have a small band playing traditional carols...please feel free to sing along. And don't be surprised if the MD shows up dressed as Santa Claus! A Christmas tree will be lit at 1.00p.m.. Exchange of gifts among employees can be done at that time, however, no gift should be over £10.00 to make the giving of gifts easy for everyone's pockets. This gathering is only for employees! The MD will make a special announcement at the Party. Merry Christmas to you and your Family.


FROM: Pauline Lewis, Human Resources Director

TO: All Employees

DATE: 5th November 2004
RE: Holiday Party
In no way was yesterday's memo intended to exclude our Jewish employees. We recognise that Chanukah is an important holiday, which often coincides with Christmas, though unfortunately not this year. However, from now on we're calling it our 'Holiday Party'.. The same policy applies to any other employees who are not Christians. There will be no Christmas tree or Christmas carols sung. We will have other types of music for your enjoyment. Happy now?
Happy Holidays to you and your family,Pauline.

FROM; Pauline Lewis, Human Resources Director

TO: All Employees

DATE: 6th November 2004
RE: Holiday Party
Regarding the note I received from a member of Alcoholics Anonymous requesting a non-drinking didn't sign your name. I'm happy to accommodate this request, but if I put a sign on a table that reads, 'AA Only', you wouldn't be anonymous anymore!!!! How am I supposed to handle this? Somebody? Forget about the gift exchange, no gift exchange allowed now since the Union Officials feel that £10.00 is too much money and Management believe £10.00 is a little cheap. NO GIFT EXCHANGE WILL BE ALLOWED.

FROM: Pauline Lewis, Human Resources Director

TO: All Employees

DATE: 7th November 2004

RE: Holiday Party
What a diverse group we are! I had no idea that December 20th begins the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which forbids eating and drinking during daylight hours. There goes the party! Seriously, we can appreciate how a luncheon at this time of year does not accommodate our Muslim employees' beliefs, perhaps the Grill House can hold off on serving your meal until the end of the party - or else package everything up for you to take home in a little foil doggy bag. Will that work? Meanwhile, I've arranged for members of Weight Watchers to sit farthest from the dessert buffet and pregnant women will get the table closest to the toilets, Gays are allowed to sit with each other, Lesbians do not have to sit with gay men, each will have their own table. Yes, there will be flower arrangements for the gay men's table too. To the person asking permission to cross dress - no cross dressing allowed. We will have booster seats for short people. Low fat food will be available for those on a diet. We cannot control the salt used in the food we suggest those people with high blood pressure taste the food first.. There will be fresh fruits as dessertfor Diabetics, the restaurant cannot supply 'No Sugar' desserts. Sorry! Did I miss anything?!?!?!?!?!


FROM: Pauline Lewis, Human Resources Director
TO: All F****** Employees

DATE: 8 November 2004

RE: The ******** Holiday Party.
Vegetarian pricks I've had it with you people !!! We're going to keep this party at the Grill House whether you like it or not, so you can sit quietly at the table furthest from the 'grill of death', as you so quaintly put it, you'll get your f****** salad bar, including organic tomatoes, But you know tomatoes have feeling too, They scream when you slice them. I've heard them scream. I'm hearing the scream right NOW!! I hope you all have a rotten holiday, drink drive and die.

The Bitch from HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: John Bishop - Acting Human Resources Director

DATE: 9th November 2004

RE: Pauline Lewis and Holiday Party

I'm sure I speak for all of us in wishing Pauline Lewis a speedy recovery, and I'll continue to forward your cards to her. In the meantime, the Management has decided to cancel our Holiday Party and instead, give everyone the afternoon of the 23rd December off with full pay.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yorkshire BNP meeting turns into bun fight !

M.W. File Note: A slightly edited version of a report of the BNP Yorkshire Regional meeting held in Leeds last night.]===========================================
From: [deleted]To: Martin Webster Date: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 10:33 AM

Subject: Regional BNP Meeting in Leeds

Dear Martin
I am sorry that I missed you last night but I went to Leeds for a BNP regional meeting.The meeting was at the Dog and Gun pub on York Road at a big estate in East Leeds. I travelled there with [deleted - 3 BNP branch officials specified]This meeting was high security with 'heavies' outside the pub, at the door of the meeting room upstairs, inside the room and next to Nick Griffin at the top table.

It was a full house with between eighty to one hundred people present, mostly from Yorkshire units. The meeting was chaired by Simon Darby with Mark Collett to his left and Nick Griffin on the other side of him. Next to Griffin, in the corner near a door to a flat roof was Martin Reynolds, Head of Security. On Darby's right sat Griffin's opponents, Ian Dawson (formerly of Group Support) and Chris Beverley, a Leeds city councillor who used to run the Excalibur merchandising operation. Griffin entered the meeting with Collett and the 'heavies' after the room was filled.

He was very rudely and aggressively ordered Dawson and Beverley to move along the table. It set the tone for a bad tempered and aggressive meeting.Griffin spoke first with the usual lurid accusations against anyone who crosses him.

He attacked Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham, whom he has expelled, Steve Blake, his former web site editor - none of whom were present. He attacked Dawson and Beverley who were present.

They and others were by turns incompetents, thieves, conspirators to take over the Party, Searchlight moles, collaborators with the far-Left, neo-Nazi cranks, traitors and any other insult that sprang to Griffin's fertile imagination.

This was received by the audience in a mood of sullen defiance.

When Griffin came in, Bradford councillors, Paul Cromie and his wife, sitting on the front row tried to get applause going by clapping loudly. Very few applauded.

After Griffin had finished speaking there was very little applause.

The 'impartial' meeting chairman, Darby, looked worried.

During the speech Griffin kept glaring down the table at Dawson and Beverley and referring to 'those people'. Poor Ian Dawson seemed rather intimidated. Towards the end of his speech Nick Griffin called his opponents 'vermin'.When Griffin finished and Darby stood up somebody stood up Darby tried to shut him up - "Questions at the end please!"The questioner persisted: "A point of information Mr Chairman, I thought we were having a civilised meeting here - so why have you allowed Nick Griffin to call these two 'vermin'?"

Griffin scowled as several loud voices agreed with that point.

I heard one very loud and aggressive voice from someone standing at the back agreeing with the question - it was Tony MacDonnell.

A silly prat with a video camera on a stand, filming the meeting, swung his camera round to film MacDonnell.

A 'heavy' by the entrance tried in vain to restrain Tony Mac who told him very firmly "Get your fucking hand off me!" MacDonnell ran forward saying to the camera man "Don't you point your camera at me!". The camera man ran down the side of the audience to get away.

MacDonnell, now in front of the top table, turned his anger on Mark Collett, whom had made the mistake of looking at him.

Collett tried to move past chief heavy, Reynolds, to escape through the other door onto the flat roof. Reynolds shouted at MacDonnell as other stewards rushed forward. MacDonnell shouted at Nick Griffin: "Call your gorillas off or I'll take the fucking lot out!"

The gorillas didn't seem too keen to put this idea to the test!

The audience was on its feet as various friends of MacDonell's tried to calm him down.

A minor skirmish broke out with the top table being knocked over.

MacDonnell walked to the back of the meeting, shouted some abuse at Griffin who tried to ignore him and then pretended he hadn't a clue what he was talking about. Tony Mac then appealed to all those who supported his mate, Chris Beverley, to walk out with him.

A handful did but Beverley himself stayed at the top table.I had to laugh!

What started with somebody asking Darby for a "civilised meeting" erupted into a mini riot. Perhaps things were a little too civilised for Tony MacDonnell's taste.The meeting continued.

Dawson spoke to defend himself against Griffin. He was out of his depth against Griffin's greater confidence (now a little shaken) and Griffin's superior speaking skills. Beverley spoke. He was conciliatory. He had nothing to do with the rebel website and hadn't been expelled. He appealed for calm and everyone to try to work together.After this Griffin softened his line. Beverley wasn't too bad after all! There might even be hope for Dawson if he behaved himself! Sadie Graham had already caved in last night in Leicester! Kenny Smith and Steve Blake were the real villains.

Neither was present to defend their reputation. It was probably Steve Blake who was the Searchlight mole, on reflection, not poor Ian Dawson!Darby insisted that Mark Collett be allowed to speak.

The audience booed.

Personally I wanted to hear all sides of the argument. Collett shouted "Where is Dave Hannam? Come forward Dave!" Hannam, sitting in the audience with National Treasurer, Jon Walker, reluctantly rose to his feet. I think Collett wanted Hannam to back him up and share some of the animosity emanating from the mob. Hannam said nothing and stood between Griffin and 'chief gorilla', Martin Reynolds sitting in the corner. If little Hannam had moved any closer to Reynolds he would have been sitting on his knee!

Finally the audience demanded its say.

Darby insisted: "No speeches or statements - only questions!" The first questioner stood up and asked Griffin: "Will you tell us how many people you have expelled or otherwise driven out of nationalism, currently as leader of the BNP but also in the NF?"Griffin muttered something about respecting the questioner for being loyal to John Tyndall's memory.

But Tyndall refused to expel Searchlight moles such as Peter Rushton.

"Yes, I have expelled a lot more people than Tyndall but it was necessary. Frankly, I am damned if I do and damned if I don't! It is a bloody miserable job being the leader - especially at meetings like these!"

The Branch Organiser asked Griffin why he was dragging his heels over Mike Easter's appeal against expulsion - it has gone on for months.

Griffin replied that sorting out this rebellion had taken precedence but to be fair to Easter, Griffin will rescind his expulsion.Later, Griffin apologised to the meeting for being aggressive and rude - but he had had very little sleep, rushing around the country to meetings, trying to save the Party.

He made a weak joke about the "scrap" earlier on.

Nick Griffin said "This little rebellion is over, one way or another. If you all walk away then you leave Yorkshire without British Nationalism. But quite frankly within eighteen months we will have replaced you - just like happened in the Midlands with the rebellion there with the Edwards.After three hours of non-stop talking Darby tentatively asked permission from the audience to close the meeting. The main protagonists stayed in the meeting to talk privately with some of the stewards staying too. Most of the audience drifted away.Best wishes,[deleted]

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An old story brought up to date 'liberal' hypocrisy on race.

A lesson from Primrose Hill
Robert Henderson
I was walking down Regents Park Road in Primrose Hill in the heart ofLondon recently when I was struck by a curious thing: the street had a distinctly old fashioned air.
There were no supermarkets, chainstores, no MacDonalds, not even a Starbucks or a Coffee Republic. Instead there were a string of independent shops, cafes andrestaurants. None was of mega-size , most were small, none sold thetat which is the staple fare of nearby Camden Town.
There was even that great modern rarity a bona fide fishmongers. The telephone boxes were the old iconic red ones. There was a blissful shortage of streetfurniture and signage. The traffic was light and the pavements well inhabited but not painfully crowded. There was not a tramp or drunk to be seen, nor gangs of young men loitering. It might have been a market town high street from the 1950s.
Other things were striking. Although Primrose Hill is in central London there was barely a non-white face to be seen. Even more remarkably for these days, the voices I heard about me in thestreet were almost all English.
The staff in the shops were overwhelmingly white, and in the couple of shops I went into they also turned out to be English. Away from the shops a similar unusual cultural scene obtained, with the large houses and the streets being overwhelmingly inhabited by white faces and English accents. No council or housing association properties stand amongst the urban villas.
The place has the unmistakable stench of wealth.
The interesting thing about Primrose Hill is that it is one of the favoured residences of the denizens of the media and allied trades. If you talked to them or encountered them broadcasting or writing , to a man and a woman they would effusively tell you of the benefits of multiculturalism, how marvellous it has been for the country, how dreadful it would be if England was the England of old, that marvellously homogenous place so recklessly and traitorously thrown away over the past fifty years.
Yet these are the people who choose tolive in a place which comes closest in modern London to precisely the England they ostensibly decry.
These days most of the Primrose Hill fraternity would also happily parrot the globalist creed as well., for they converted to it when the Labour Party became NuLabour and embraced the Thatcherite economic faith. Yet they do not choose to live in an area touched by the economic fruits of globalism. Instead, they opt for a locality which is miraculously protected from the chain stores and their ruthless drive to destroy the private shop and impose uniformity.
Not for thePrimrose Hill set the vulgar traipse round the supermarket, even aWaitrose, but the old-fashioned and civilised shopping which involves personal service from people who understand their products and display a civility which is dignified rather than chummy. That most of the inhabitants of Primrose Hill are card-carrying members of the "right-on" brigade is unsurprising , because the only people who can afford to be relaxed about the effects of globalism are those who can avoid its consequences, or at least its most immediate and obnoxious effects.
Not for them the "joy of diversity" of living in a tower block on a council estate where they are the only white resident. Not for them the sending of their children to schools which boast "179 languages spoken here" and where their child is the only white child in his form, children such as 15-year old working-class boy Richard Everitt murdered by a Bangladeshi gang in the 1990s who attacked him simply because they had decided to harm a white boy.
Not for them gangs of young men in the streets. Not for them street dealers operating openly before the police. Not for them an area shorn of shops except those run by ethnic minorities, where the only meat available is halal and if English is spoken at all it is spoken as a second language.
Not forthem the feeling that they are a stranger in their own land.
The very white, very English, very old-fashioned world that is found in Primrose Hill is mirrored wherever the better-off congregate, whether that be inner city enclaves such as Primrose Hill and Hampstead or villages in leafy Surrey or Cheshire.
The less well off - the large majority - must take pot luck for they cannot move where they choose. Those born and raised in an area which is still largely untouched by immigration still have the luxury of living in an English environment, although they will not have the further luxury of living in a world with the other goods which those in places like Primrose Hill enjoy such as independently owned shops with polite, knowledgeable and attentive staff.
But even those born and raised in such places are vulnerable to being forced out as house prices rocket, east European immigrants flood the local labour market taking jobs and lowering wages, more and more second homes are bought by well-off outsiders and by the refugees of middle-class "whiteflight" from the immigration-infested towns and cities to those parts of England which are still England.
For the poor born and raised in paces with large immigrant populations - first, second, third generation immigrants and so on -there is no choice.
They have to live cheek-by-jowl with the immigrants, send their children to immigrant dominated schools, shop inlocal stores owned by immigrants. The older amongst them will have seen their previously homogeneous community transformed by mass immigration, often at a bewildering speed., but always within their lifetime. But it is not only those who are unmistakably poor who are vulnerable. Increasingly those who are solidly middle-class by background and occupation are finding that they are being priced out of a means to escape the effects of mass immigration.
Our elite have made living in an English environment , whether in an enclave in urban areas with a large ethnic contingent or in an area as yet not subject to mass immigration, an expensive business.
Many of the white, English middle-class are finding to their horror that they cannot engage in "white flight" to areas where they can enjoy a society devoid of all that wonderful diversity they are supposed to adore.
House prices are too high, suitable jobs too few. Most disturbingly, even if they do manage to escape they cannot be sure that where they have gone will not fall to the immigrant wave or the local economy be demolished by the relentless march of the chain store.
To have the best of all worlds -the secure world of Primrose Hill - is very expensive indeed. What lesson can we draw from all this?
It is a very simple one: this is the way people normally choose to live when they have the choice. They wish to be in an area where they are ethnically dominant because that makes them feel secure.
They choose to avoid the de-personalised uniformity of life which is the lot of the vast majority who are left only with supermarkets and chain stores within reach.
They want people to serve them who are polite and competent. Of course, not every person will want exactly the same environment but the will want the same basic things of an ethnically secure territory, better quality products and reliable service.
--Robert Henderson

Monday, December 17, 2007

Splinter Group Effort Grinds to a Halt

By BNP News Team, December 17, 2007

Efforts by a small extremist clique of malcontents to create a crisis within BNP ranks have ground to a halt.
New revelations show that they were illegally hacking into the email accounts of BNP members, Nick Griffin himself, the party’s outside auditors and others, for months prior to their decision to make a public spectacle out of their attempts to wrest control of the party away from the Advisory Council, Voting Members and party chairman.
The exposure of the extremist clique’s email hacking - which has gone on for a long period of time, and their gross betrayal of BNP activists’ trust, have made a mockery of their claims of moral outrage after a Skype conversation, stupidly broadcast over the Internet (presumably either by a Skype setting error on their part, or even sitting on a mobile phone) made its way into the public domain. In reality, the only people carrying out illegal tapping of other peoples’ communications, were the extremist clique themselves.
All BNP email account holders have, as a result, been instructed to change all their passwords to protect themselves from further hacking by this dishonest clique, or to close down their BNP accounts and open new ones with other providers.
As the media, and particularly the Guardian newspaper, have now indicated that they will be trying to exploit the situation created by the treasonous behaviour of this clique, the party leadership finds it necessary to dispel the single most important false rumour being spread on the Internet, namely that the party is facing some sort of mass membership revolt. Nothing could be further from the truth, as a round-up of the regions shows:
Scotland: The Regional Sectary, Gary Raikes, has confirmed that there remains a loyal hard core of party members in Scotland who do not support the actions of the ringleaders in that region;
Ulster: No resignations, the only one there has reversed his decision; Wales: There have been no resignations, and Nick Griffin is tonight speaking with key officials in the region to shed full light on the affair;North East: There has been one individual resignation, but the rest of the region is entirely loyal and is functioning as per normal;North West: Five resignations, all branches functioning normally;
West Yorkshire: Currently this region is divided, but, once the full facts of the illegal tapping of emails, and the full extent of the year-long attempts to disrupt the party are laid before the membership, the party is confident that the clique will be decisively beaten. A meeting is scheduled for tomorrow evening in this regard;
West Midlands: No resignations. The clique reported that Mark Payne, former regional treasurer, had resigned. Mark has confirmed that this is untrue and that he rightly regards the decision of the clique to use the far left in their attempts to further their own ambitions, as completely unforgivable;
East Midlands: Following a meeting in Leicestershire, the majority of party activists have decided that no matter what, it is business as usual for the region. The revelations of the illegal email hacking have severely undermined support for the clique;
Eastern Region: Two resignations, both of them being part of the original clique, including the former web editor who will be reported to the police for the illegal hacking of BNP email accounts;
London: No resignations, all groups and branches totally loyal.
South East: There has been one resignation, and, after the revelations of the email hacking, even that person has indicated he no longer wishes to be involved with the clique;
South West: No resignations, all branches and groups have seen through the attack and are totally loyal;
In addition, it has been confirmed that the following people, who initially supported the clique, have seen through the deception and have withdrawn their resignations:
Rob Walker — Wellingborough & East Northants Contact;
Kieran Dinsmore - Ulster;
Andrew Gatward — West Lindsay organiser.
The party hopes that this unpleasant episode will soon be at an end and activists can concentrate on the real business of saving Britain.

NWN: Well all is rosy in the Griffin BNP camp, and the Sun never stops shining either !

Jewish cash for Jewish Policies continues under Gordon Brown
I have already written on the issue of the jewish funding of the blair government
The so-called `cash for honours' controversy was a zionist euphemism for the more pertinent reality of `jewish cash for jewish policies'. Blair's chief fundraiser was lord levy, frequently referred to within labour party circles as `lord cashpoint'.
Some of the labour party's biggest donors during the blair years were jews. The blair governments were the most rabidly pro-jewish governments this country has ever witnessed. Blair's foreign policies were almost wholly favourable to the jews-only state in palestine and relinquished any semblance of even handedness between jews and palestinians/arabs/moslems in the greater middle east. It is clear that jewish cash led to blair's implementation of jewish foreign policies.
However, the exact mechanism by which cash was transformed into policies is not known.
It is possible that jewish donors negotiated with blair and his jewish advisers the payment of specific donations in return for specific policies. However, it is also possible that the relationship was more indirect. The more jewish cash pumped into labour's coffers, the more aware blair would have been about the party's dependence on these donations, and the more willing he was to implement foreign policies which would elicit further jewish donations.
This article explores the revelations over david abrahams' secret, and therefore illegal, donations to the labour party. Although gordon brown has been in power for only a few months it seems unlikely he will diverge from blair's unequivocal support for jewish racism. With abrahams' donations coming under police investigation it is possible the mechanism by which jews buy britain's foreign policies might be revealed. It is, however, doubtful: unless someone confesses. But if justice is not merely to be done i.e. punishing those guilty of making illegal donations, it must also be seen to be done by ending the correlation between jewish cash and jewish policies which has now reached the stage where the labour government supports the jews' policies of starving palestinians into submission and bombing iran for having non-existent nuclear weapons.
It will only be when this correlation is abolished that justice will be seen to be done.The Donor.David Abrahams is, "The son of a former lord mayor of Newcastle .." (Haroon Siddique `Profile: David Abrahams',,2217783,00.html
November 27, 2007). He is reputedly a wealthy property developer "the director of six property companies in Newcastle." (Haroon Siddique `Profile: David Abrahams',,2217783,00.html
November 27, 2007). Did Abrahams' Donations come from other Donors?
Although abrahams has been reported in the media as being wealthy there are doubts as to just how wealthy he is. The extent of his wealth is a mystery. He does not feature in any list of the country's most wealthy people. Just how wealthy can someone be when their companies aren't making profits? "How did Mr Abrahams make enough money from his business interests, he uses different names and dates of birth and has yet to run a company that has declared a profit, to fund his donations?" (George Parker and Jimmy Burns `Labour braced for police probe'
November 28, 2007).
Abrahams hasn't always acted like a multi-millionaire.
Firstly, "And, according to a former senior revenue collection officer at the (Newcastle city) council, he simply refused to pay his rates. "Time and time again we were frustrated by David Abrahams," the former council official said yesterday. "He was what you'd call a fly boy. He would buy an off-the-shelf company as a vehicle for his property development interests, use it for a while then create another and so on. He racked up rate arrears totalling around £10,000 [about £70,000 in today's money.] "He had a large residence in Gosforth [an up-market area of the city] for which he also failed to pay rates. "We had the option to seek his imprisonment for non-payment of rates and began to do so, but Abrahams must have called down a favour from his father and the instruction came from on high that we were not to pursue it. "I was disgusted but not really surprised. He was quite openly flaunting his family ties and the Labour Party ruled Newcastle."" (Richard Pendlebury `The fantasy world of Labour's dodgy donor'
in_article_id=496834&in_page_id=1770 November 27, 2007).
Secondly, "Neighbours in the road where he has lived alone for years in two houses knocked together report that an almost permanent fixture on the front drive is "a knackered old Volvo"." (Richard Pendlebury `The fantasy world of Labour's dodgy donor'
in_article_id=496834&in_page_id=1770 November 27, 2007). Even those who knew him politically have raised doubts about the scale of his wealth and this has led to an intriguing question: whether he was just a front man for another donor. "The Conservatives were asking if Mr Abrahams was a "conduit" for money from another source, although there was no clear evidence for this. The theory was fuelled by Tony Blair's old election agent, John Burton, who said: "I never thought he had that sort of money." The Telegraph said his disclosed assets at Companies House amounted to just £144,000. His total known donations exceed £670,000 which Labour intends to repay."
(`'You're not up to the job Gordon': Cameron launches blistering attack over donor scandal'
in_article_id=496822&in_page_id=1770 November 28, 2007).
What adds to the suspicion that abrahams could be a front for other donors (perhaps jack abramoff, boris berezovsky, mossad, or even the jews-only state in palestine) is his avoidance of giving money directly to the labour party. He has stated he wanted to preserve his privacy but this seems at odds with the prominence he seemed to enjoy at the labour party's prestigious, national, fundraising functions. Perhaps the reason he was hiding his role as one of the labour party's biggest donors was that if this had been public knowledge, as it is with lord sainsbury, then the electoral commission might have felt the need to investigate his sources of income.
The telegraph newspaper splashed such speculation on its front page. "Fears are growing within the party that David Abrahams, who hid his identity by using four intermediaries, may himself have been a conduit for another mystery benefactor, after senior Labour figures questioned his personal wealth." (Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner `Hunt for 'mystery benefactor' in Gordon Brown's donations scandal';jsessionid=EJEC3LU1ROPH5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/29/nbrown129.xml November 29, 2007).
The photograph accompanying this article showed abrahams in the company of "the former Israeli ambassador Zvi Hefeitz at a London party last year." It has to be wondered what message the telegraph was trying to convey with such a photograph especially when the article went on to point out that the ambassador has been cleared of money laundering allegations. "Last year he (abrahams) was pictured shaking hands with the then Israeli ambassador, Zvi Heifetz, who was questioned then cleared over money-laundering allegations. Mr Heifetz was recently appointed as an adviser to Mr Blair in his role as Middle East peace envoy." (Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner `Hunt for 'mystery benefactor' in Gordon Brown's donations scandal';jsessionid=EJEC3LU1ROPH5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/29/nbrown129.xml November 29, 2007).
Abraham's Donations.
Total Donations to the Labour Party.Since 2003, david abrahams secretly donated through four known conduits, jane kidd, ray ruddick, john mccarthy, and janet dunn, somewhere in the region of £650,000.
Donations to the Labour Party under Gordon Brown.Abrahams' secret payments to the labour party continued after brown became prime minister. "Between them (ruddick and kidd), they are listed as giving the party £222,000 since Brown became leader in June …. Abrahams said he was also responsible for donations to Labour from John McCarthy .. including £90,000 since Brown took office." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
The donations given to labour under gordon brown by ruddick and kidd make them, "collectively his third biggest donors." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
So if abrahams' payments to brown's labour party also include those of the other two surrogates, he could well be the party's second biggest donor. The biggest donor being david sainsbury.
Who Received Abraham's Donations?
It seems that in addition to his funding of the labour party, abrahams also funded campaigns run by particular labour politicians. Hilary Benn.Janet kidd offered abraham's money to hilary benn. This offer was rejected. But when abraham's offered the donation directly to benn, it was accepted. "However, the Benn campaign team turned down the cheque after discovering that the money in fact originated from Abrahams. Abrahams later offered a donation of the same sum in his own name, which was accepted by Benn's team." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
Gordon Brown.
Kidd also offered a substantial donation to gordon brown but it was refused. "Mr Abrahams, a millionaire property developer .. used his secretary, Ms Kidd, to offer Mr Brown's leadership campaign team a donation, thought to be around £25,000, but his team turned it down because he did not know her personally." (Colin Brown `The man behind Labour's troubles' November 28, 2007).
Harriet Harman.
Harriet harman accepted a donation from kidd. "It also emerged that Harman also received a £5,000 donation from Kidd towards her victorious campaign for Labour's deputy leadership. She say she was unaware the money had been funnelled through an intermediary." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
The New Labour MP for Sedgefield.
"Mr Abrahams partly bankrolled Labour's campaign for the Sedgefield by-election in Co Durham." He donated a total of £62,000 in two cheques on the day that Tony Blair announced he was standing down. He used Ms Kidd to pay £38,000 towards the Labour campaign and Mr Ruddick to donate £24,000." (Colin Brown `The man behind Labour's troubles' November 28, 2007).
General Secretary's Resignation.
After gordon brown heard the allegations about david abrahams' secret donations he appointed peter watt, the labour party's general secretary, to investigate. However, watt was quickly forced to resign after he admitted he'd known for a year that abrahams had been channelling donations to the labour party through intermediaries. Watt argued he didn't know the law even though it was his responsibility to ensure financial payments to the party were within the law. "Watt, 37, acknowledged he was legally responsible for reporting details of donations to the Electoral Commission. "As a result of press coverage over the weekend, I sought legal advice on behalf of the party. I was advised that, unbeknown to me, there were additional reporting requirements. Once I discovered this error, I immediately notified the officers of the NEC," Watt said." (Elizabeth Stewart `Abrahams gave money to Benn and Harman',,2217733,00.html November 27, 2007).
It seems beyond belief that he didn't know the use of proxies was illegal. "Watt quit on Monday claiming he did not know it was unlawful to use conduits to prevent true source of a donation being disclosed." (Patrick Wintour `Harman clings on as donation row escalates',,2218149,00.html November 28, 2007);
"Watt was said to be "kicking himself" that he had not seen that it was in breach of the Political Parties Act to allow a donor to use an agent or conduit to fund a political party without the information being disclosed. Since the act is largely about ensuring that the true identity of donors is disclosed, his ignorance "was as inexplicable as it was inexcusable", said one Labour NEC official present." (Patrick Wintour `The 'usual terms' that left Labour in a 'mind-blowing' mess',,2220149,00.html December 01, 2007).
Those in the know about Labour's Third Biggest Donor.
At first it was argued only peter watt knew about abrahams' secret donations. It has since transpired two others also knew.Baroness Jay.Jay was the trustee of a labour party fundraising organisation the `thousand club'. "Baroness Jay's intervention is significant because on Monday, Labour claimed the only party figure who knew Mr Abrahams gave money through intermediaries was Peter Watt, who quit as its general secretary after admitting the rules were breached." (Andrew Grice `Harman haunted by £5,000 gift as 'Friends in the North' row grows' November 28, 2007).
She advised hilary benn not to accept a donation from janet kidd. "Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, turned down a £5,000 donation from Ms Kidd for his deputy leadership campaign, because Baroness Jay of Paddington, a former cabinet minister on his team, knew she was giving it on behalf of Mr Abrahams." (Andrew Grice `Harman haunted by £5,000 gift as 'Friends in the North' row grows' November 28, 2007).
It has been asked. "How did Baroness Jay, a former trustee of the "blind trust" financing Tony Blair's office, know that Ms Kidd was a front for David Abrahams?" (George Parker and Jimmy Burns `Labour braced for police probe' November 28, 2007).
Jon Mendelsohn.
Soon after baroness jay's admission that she had advised hilary benn not to accept a donation from janet kidd, jon mendelsohn was forced to admit he also knew about abrahams' use of intermediaries. "Labour's struggle to keep back the tide of allegations collapsed in disarray with the astonishing disclosure that one of the Prime Minister's right-hand men had known about the falsely-declared donations for weeks. Jon Mendelsohn, Mr Brown's election fundraiser, responded by writing warmly to donor David Abrahams as one of Labour's "strongest supporters"." (`'You're not up to the job Gordon': Cameron launches blistering attack over donor scandal' November 28, 2007).
Over the last decade or more, mendelsohn must have seen abrahams at many of labour's big fundraising functions. It staggers belief he hadn't known for years that abrahams was the labour party's second or third biggest donor. Given that he was such a close friend of lord levy this makes such ignorance even more implausible.Abrahams recently alleged he told mendelsohn about his use of proxies in april 2007. "The secret donor at the heart of Labour's funding scandal dramatically pointed the finger of blame at Gordon Brown's chief fundraiser last night. David Abrahams, who illegally gave more than £600,000 to the party through middlemen, claimed that Jon Mendelsohn knew about the practice months before he even started his job. And he claimed that he told Mr Mendelsohn of his donation method as long ago as April, almost six months before Mr Brown appointed him to the fundraising post." (James Chapman `Secret donor Abrahams: I told Brown's money man about secret donations EIGHT months ago' November 30, 2007);
"The two men are understood to have met at a Board of Deputies of British Jews dinner held in April, at which Mr Brown spoke as chancellor. Mr Mendelsohn acknowledges sitting next to Mr Abrahams but denies asking for a donation." (Alex Barker and Jimmy Burns `Labour fundraiser and UK donor at odds' November 30 2007).
In 1995, jon mendelsohn became an adviser to tony blair for the two years leading up to blair's first general election victory. During this time he worked closely with lord levy. "He is a close friend of Lord Levy, who was at the heart of Labour's cash for peerages affair." (Christopher Hope `Jon Mendelsohn profile: a real Mr Fix-It' November 29, 2007).
After blair's election victory, mendelsohn set up a lobbying firm to cash in on the good work he'd done on blair's behalf. "It was exactly nine years ago that Mendelsohn and his lobby firm partners were caught trading cash for access. How this Mendelsohn character ended up heading Labour Party fundraising and how he obtained the sobriquet 'ethical' is the real shocker. Mendelsohn's partner Neil Lawson told my recorder that, if I paid LLM £5,000 to £20,000 per month, "We can go to anyone. We can go to Gordon Brown if we have to." Brown was at the time Chancellor of the Exchequer." (Greg Palast `PM Gordon Brown's Fixer Explains How It's Done' November 29, 2007).
In 2002, mendelsohn, the chair of labour friends of israel, had been involved in a verbal confrontation with abrahams. "He was formerly chair of Labour Friends of Israel, where his path is said to have crossed that of David Abrahams, who was reportedly asked to leave the organisation five years ago." (Haroon Siddique `Ethical lobbyist caught up in donations row',,2218332,00.html November 28, 2007).
In august 2007 gordon brown appointed mendelsohn as labour's director of general election resources. He was alleged to be brown's own mr cashpoint. "Mr Mendelsohn, described by friends as "a real Mr Fix-It, like Lord Levy [Labour's former chief fund-raiser] and Matthew Freud [the PR guru] rolled into one .."" (Christopher Hope `Jon Mendelsohn profile: a real Mr Fix-It' November 29, 2007).
Some of mendelsohn's admirers have been spinning that he was hired as a new broom to sweep away the sleaze of the blair regime. "When Jon Mendelsohn was hired to be Gordon Brown's chief fundraiser he was seen as a new broom who was sure to side-step controversy after his predecessor Lord Levy found himself mired in the cash for honours inquiry." (Christopher Hope `Jon Mendelsohn profile: a real Mr Fix-It' November 29, 2007).
In reality, he'd been a key member of blair's advisory team and, as a lobbyist, had become wealthy by trading on cash for access. He was no more of a new broom than gordon brown. Not surprisingly, demands have been made for mendelsohn's resignation. Those who should've known about Labour's Third Biggest Donor.Douglas Alexander."Mr Mendelsohn works closely with election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander; one of the Prime Minister's closest Cabinet colleagues. But party sources insisted that Mr Alexander knew nothing of the dodgy donations." (`'You're not up to the job Gordon': Cameron launches blistering attack over donor scandal' November 28, 2007).
Harriet Harman's Husband Jack Dromey.
"General secretary Peter Watt has admitted that he knew David Abrahams was giving money in secret. Critics said last night that, if Mr Watt knew, it was highly unlikely that Mr Dromey would have had no idea what was going on. As treasurer, Mr Dromey is chairman of Labour's audit committee and business board, which scrutinises donations to ensure they are within the rules." (`'You're not up to the job Gordon': Cameron launches blistering attack over donor scandal' November 28, 2007);
"Harriet Harman and her husband Jack Dromey were under intense pressure today as new questions were raised over donations to her deputy leadership campaign. The Commons Leader and Labour Treasurer, often dubbed the party's "golden couple", refused to comment on the donor affair despite the growing row over the details of how she received a £5,000 gift from a stooge of David Abrahams. Mr Dromey has gone to ground, refusing to answer any questions about his own role. He is deputy general secretary of the T&G section of Unite union, but also Labour's treasurer and chairman of its business board for high value donors. An analysis of Ms Harman's campaign funds has found that of the £46,000 donated to her, £33,000 was registered only after she won the deputy leadership on 25 June. Lord Cunningham questioned why Mr Dromey was apparently kept in the dark about Mr Abrahams's donations, just as he was about the loans which led to the "cash for honours' inquiry." (Donor scandal: Deputy Harriet Harman's future in question as she is axed from debate' November 28, 2007).
Lord Triesman and Matt Carter.
"The money from Mr Abrahams's conduits was accepted under three different general secretaries: including Lord Triesman (who won a promotion) and Matt Carter." (Robert Winnett `More Labour heads to roll as the story unfolds' November 29, 2007); "What did Lord Triesman, Labour's general secretary until 2003, and Matt Carter, general secretary from 2004-05, know about Mr Abrahams' covert donations?" (George Parker and Jimmy Burns `Labour braced for police probe' November 28, 2007).
Chris Leslie.
Chris leslie is married to one of gordon brown's former aides, was the co-ordinator of brown's leadership campaign and a former junior minister. He's stated: "I did not know who Mr Abrahams or Mrs Kidd were." (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
Leslie became embroiled in a controversy with harriet harmon over abrahams' donations. "The team of the deputy party leader, Harriet Harman, blamed Chris Leslie, Mr Brown's campaign co-ordinator, for suggesting they should approach Janet Kidd, Mr Abrahams' secretary and one of his proxy donors, for a donation to her team." (Colin Brown `Brown aide in the frame as police are asked to investigate donations' November 30, 2007).
However, according to leslie, in late may mrs kidd offered a donation to gordon brown which he rejected. "He (leslie) said: "In late May, I received a phone call from a man calling himself David Abrahams referring me to a woman named Janet Kidd who said that she wanted to be a donor to the campaign. I did not know who Mr Abrahams or Mrs Kidd were. "I contacted Mrs Kidd, and unprompted, she sent a cheque for £5,000… she was a permissible donor. I decided not to take up her donation." (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
He gave no reason for refusing her donation even though she was a permissible donor. Leslie thus denied giving harman the go-ahead to accept a donation from kidd. "When the leadership election was over, I was approached by members of Harriet Harman's campaign team asking if I knew of any individuals who might donate to her deputy leadership campaign. I passed them the details of Mrs Kidd as someone whose offer of a donation we had not taken up."" (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
Gordon Brown.
Brown has placed himself above the sleaze proclaiming he knew nothing. But his attempts to divorce himself from this scandal have not gone well. Firstly, the scandal got close after mendelsohn had been forced to admit he had known about these illegal payments for two months. However, he also claimed he'd neglected to tell his leader. "Mr Mendelsohn faced demands for his resignation after he admitted that he had been aware of Mr Abrahams's secret donations, given via four associates, since September. He did not tell Mr Brown, who said that he learned of the situation only on Saturday." (Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner `Hunt for 'mystery benefactor' in Gordon Brown's donations scandal';jsessionid=EJEC3LU1ROPH5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/29/nbrown129.xml November 29, 2007).
Secondly, the scandal came even closer when harriet harmon claimed chris leslie, one of brown's close aides, had given him the name of an abrahams' proxy. "But his attempt to stay above the growing scandal suffered a serious blow as it emerged that a close aide recommended one of Mr Abraham's proxies to Harriet Harman's deputy leadership team." (Colin Brown `Brown aide in the frame as police are asked to investigate donations' November 30, 2007).
Brown's claim that he knew abrahams only vaguely have also been undermined. Firstly, abrahams has hinted he's had lots of meetings with brown. "Mr Brown was drawn even further into the scandal after Mr Abrahams suggested that he was close to the Prime Minister. When asked by The Daily Telegraph how many times he had met Mr Brown, Mr Abrahams said: "You don't remember how many times you've eaten porridge for breakfast." Mr Brown has said it was "entirely possible" he had met Mr Abrahams but did not recall any such meeting." (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
Secondly, it has been claimed brown met abrahams at a dinner organized by the british board of deputies. "However, last night it was reported that Mr Brown had met Mr Abrahams at a dinner for the British Board of Deputies held last April. Mr Abrahams sat next to Mr Mendelsohn." (Robert Winnett `Labour at war over party donations';jsessionid=45UNOP1EGVOU5QFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/11/30/nbrown130.xml November 30, 2007).
This organization is the nearest equivalent that britain has to aipac, america's biggest member of the jewish lobby.Lord Levy.Lord levy failed to realize abrahams was using intermediaries. "Between January 2003 and November 2005, more than £150,000 was donated to the Labour party on behalf of Mr Abrahams by a secretary, a builder, a lawyer and a lollipop lady. Through this period, Lord Levy was Labour's fundraiser; Matt Carter and Lord Triesman, now a junior minister, were Labour general secretaries and Jack Dromey and Jimmy Elsby were party treasurers." (Alex Barker `Analysis: three lines of inquiry' December 01, 2007).
Tony Blair.
Given blair's predilection for charming those with power and money, is it feasible he didn't know the labour party's third biggest donor was using intermediaries? If levy knew then it is more than likely he would have told blair. "Labour MPs have said that their worst fear is that the practice of using third party donors was so widespread under Tony Blair that it went way beyond Mr Abrahams." (`Government declares open war as Harman sticks the knife into Brown' November 30, 2007).
Jack straw pointed the finger at blair.
"This was mind-blowing... it's true this seems to go back for four years and frankly one of the reasons why all of us are irritated to distraction is that we assumed these historic problems had been sorted out following the so-called cash-for-honours issue."" (quoted in James Chapman `Secret donor Abrahams: I told Brown's money man about secret donations EIGHT months ago' November 30, 2007).
The Minor Issues.
Abrahams' illegal payments to the labour party raise a number of issues.
Firstly, the labour party's failure to investigate where £660,000 worth of donations came from. What is even more incredible is that these secret donations continued to be made throughout the police investigation into the so-called `cash for honours' scandal. Is it possible that after the failure of this investigation that the labour party believed it was untouchable and so made no effort to cover up abrahams' secret payments?
Secondly, it is simply untenable that so few people within the labour party knew abrahams was making illegal donations. How could this be possible when three of abrahams' proxies were his employees?
Abrahams' deception might have succeeded if he'd been a howard hughes type recluse. But not when he was continually mingling with labour's high fliers. "He has been a frequent visitor to Labour conferences, rubbing shoulders with a host of cabinet ministers including John Hutton, Hazel Blears and David Miliband, whose constituency is South Shields. He is little known by any of those he has met, but that will not lessen the fear in Westminster, where this latest donations scandal is rapidly taking on a toxic quality." (Colin Brown `The man behind Labour's troubles' November 28, 2007).
Abrahams was also given a highly prestigious, and highly visible, front row seat at tony blair's farewell speech to his sedgefield constituents. "Abrahams was in the front row when Tony Blair made a speech in June in his former Sedgefield constituency, announcing his decision to stand down." (Haroon Siddique `Profile: David Abrahams',,2217783,00.html November 27, 2007).
If he didn't obtain such a seat because of his substantial financial donations then what had he done to deserve such a reward?
It is simply improbable that someone who was given such prominence at prestigious labour party functions was not known as a major donor.
Thirdly, how is it that gordon brown refused to accept a donation from abrahams whilst harman did not?
Fourthly, is it not a little bizarre that abrahams funded both hiliary benn and harriet harman in the election contest for the post of deputy leader of the labour party? Why would he do this?
Only the jewish lobby in america funds presidential candidates from both major political parties in order to ensure they have a strong influence over the successful candidate.
The Quid Pro Quo.
The question that many journalists and politicians have been asking is what did abrahams expect to gain from donating so much money to the labour party?
The initial answer was provided by haroon siddique who pointed out that whilst abrahams was making these donations he enjoyed the great good fortune of being given the go-ahead to develop a business park alongside the A1. "It was reported that Abrahams' multimillion-pound business park development at Bowburn in County Durham was initially blocked by the Highways Agency because of a blanket ban on further development beside the congested A1. But in October last year the agency lifted the ban on the development, and a separate one near Newton Aycliffe further south." (Haroon Siddique `Profile: David Abrahams',,2217783,00.html November 27, 2007).
This didn't seem to satisfy the deputy political editor of the independent newspaper who asked. "So what did he want in return for £601,975? David Abrahams and his network of allies, now notorious as Labour's "Friends in the North", systematically targeted Gordon Brown and some of his most senior cabinet ministers, offering huge donations by proxy to a cash-strapped party. Last night Labour Party MPs and officials were asking themselves with some trepidation: why?" (Colin Brown `The man behind Labour's troubles' November 28, 2007).
The Silence of the Zionist Loving British media over the Role of Jewish Funding for the Labour Party's Jewish Policies.
Perhaps the main reason mainstream journalists have been expressing bafflement about what abrahams wanted for his money was that this has enabled them to avoid infringing on the taboo topics of jewish cash for jewish policies; the influence of the jews-only state in palestine over british foreign policies; and the explosive notion of british jews acting traitorously against britain's national interests. The mainstream media's coverage of this major political scandal has so far totally avoided these jewish taboos.
The mainstream media's portray of abrahams is that he wasn't pursuing any political interests or agenda. "Mr Abrahams is clearly an eccentric chap, because a professional political groupie can hardly be anything else. One excuses 14-year-old girls who throw their knickers at Robbie Williams on grounds of age and hormones.
For a 51-year-old (or 61; he seems uncertain on the point) to show this level of devotion towards Labour ministers and apparatchiks is unquestionably weird, but harmless for all that.
Donating money through acquaintances is dodgy, of course, but no more a genuine outrage than naively accepting it.
Both may be unlawful, but with no evidence (yet) that Mr Abrahams intended to buy favours with his £600,000, it should be less major scandal than minor curiosity." (Matthew Norman `For Gordon Brown, this really is terminal' November 30, 2007).
The mainstream media has been so intent on de-politicizing abrahams that it hasn't even bothered to find out what abrahams' political opinions are.
Indeed, it has ended up portraying him as if he didn't have any political opinions at all. He's characterized as just another mr.cashpoint like lord levy and his successor jon mendelsohn dispensing money for no other reason than the greater good of the labour party. But this analogy works against the mainstream media because both of these jews used their positions to promote the interests of the jews-only state.
Mendelsohn's colleagues at the jewish chronicle described him in the following way. "At ease in the corridors of power, Mendelsohn has the contacts and know-how to advance Israel's case in his Labour Friends of Israel role." (`Sacks tops our list of the most influential' April 27, 2007).
There is, however, no evidence so far that abrahams tried to get anything for his donations neither material rewards nor the labour government's support for jewish policies in the greater middle east.
What abrahams' views are might have become known if the mainstream media investigated why jon mendlesohn ejected abrahams from `labour friends of israel'. Had he been trying to promote likudnik policies that were too extreme even for labour's jewish racists or were they too moderate?
The mainstream media is not merely avoiding jewish taboos and downplaying abrahams' political views, it is even making an effort to diminish the significance of this political scandal.
Any objective observer might feel that a criminal conspiracy between tony blair, gordon brown, and lord levy, etc was a major political scandal.
But increasingly, the mainstream media is referring to this scandal as `dodgy donations'. These donations weren't dodgy. They were illegal.
In reporting and analyzing the abrahams' donations scandal, the mainstream media is deliberately covering up the following realities as if they are relevant to british politics.
No mention that abrahams is a jew: he's just the son of a russian immigrant.
No mention of his political beliefs – he's just a cash dispenser, an eccentric groupie, or party lover.
No mention of britain's jewish lobby using jewish cash to bribe blair into implementing foreign policies for the benefit of the jews-only state.
No mention of the labour government's wholehearted support for jewish racism in palestine and jewish supremacism in the middle east.
No mention of the jewish lobby's support for world war three.
What the above suggests is that the british media is either owned, managed, or run, by zionists i.e. by people who support jewish racism and the jews-only state's lebensraum policies against palestinians.
More importantly, they are people who believe britain should embark upon a third world war, no matter how catastrophic this would be for the country's national interests, because it would promote jewish supremacism in the greater middle east.
Comparisons between the British Jewish Lobby and the American Jewish Lobby.
The way the jewish lobby operates in america is completely different from the way it operates in britain.
In america there is a highly conspicuous, highly formalized, jewish lobby which dominates congress and exerts a significant degree of control over the bush regime. The jewish lobby lays out its aim and objectives in gruesome detail, and even writes the legislation which it expects its american minions to pass in congress.
In britain, the jewish lobby is nowhere near as conspicuous. It works behind closed doors and in the corridors of power where it leaves behind no trace of its influence. As a consequence this enables the mainstream media to suggest that an individual who gives two-thirds of a million pounds to a political party has no political views and isn't pursuing a political agenda.
The power of the jewish lobby can be seen only on the geostrategic level in blair's sacrifice of britain's national interests, its principles, and its humanitarian ideals, to the interests of the jews-only state.
Who's been protecting Abrahams?
Another question which needs to be asked is whether david triesmann, levy, and jon mendlesohn helped protect abrahams' illegal donations because his funds were so critical for the survival of the blair government and its continued promotion of jewish supremacism in the greater middle east.
What the Abrahams Scandal says about British Politics.
It is beyond question that there has been a close correlation between jewish donations to the labour party and blair's total servility to the jews-only state in palestine.
But there is no evidence as to the mechanism by which jewish cash was transformed into jewish policies. This correlation cannot be deemed to be just a coincidence because blair's policies ran counter firstly, to british strategic interests. Blair's invasions of afghanistan and iraq have had a disastrous impact on britain's armed forces, the country's economic well being and the country's global reputation. An attack on iran would be even more detrimental to british interests.
Secondly, blair's policies ran counter to popular british political principles such as anti-racism.
Thirdly, to british humanitarian ideals given the blair government's support for the jews' efforts to starve palestinians into submission.
And, fourthly, blair's policies ran counter to british public opinion.
Two million people went on mass marches against the invasion of iraq and yet blair just ignored their democratic rights in order to pay off his debts to his jewish donors by promoting jewish supremacism in the middle east.
It was sometime in 2003 that abrahams started funding the labour party on a substantial scale.
A financial times editorial rather surprisingly expressed the view that british voters do not like sleaze in british politics and do not like the idea of anyone acquiring undue influence. "It is crucial to understanding that voters want to be sure no one is acquiring influence secretly or unfairly. The failure to comprehend this is deeply disquieting, especially in a party that not only passed a law improving the party funding disclosure regime but still bears the scars of the cash-for-honours affair." (`Funding firestorm' November 28 2007).
This ft editor thus manages to piously condemn the influence of this one man (without mentioning what this influence actually was) whilst ignoring the colossal influence of the jewish lobby in britain. The critical political issue raised by the abrahams' donations scandal is not just "dodgy donations". Nor is it merely about sleaze in the labour government. Nor is it that labour leaders from blair to levy to brown, were part of a criminal conspiracy to pretend that abrahams was not using proxies.It is about the corruption of british politics by the jewish lobby.
The scandal reveals the vast amounts of jewish money being lavished on the labour party. And although there is absolutely no evidence as to what this money bought, the reality is that the labour government indulges itself in such extreme pro-semitic bigotry that it runs counter to britain's national interests, its political principles, its humanitarian ideals and public opinion. The jewish lobby in britain has pressured the government into wars in the greater middle east, especially an attack against iran, which are not in britain's interests but are very much in the interests of the jews-only state in palestine. The scandal also reveals the way the mainstream media completely de-judaize any political situation, no matter how damaging this might be to rooting out corruption and sleaze in the country's political system, in order to protect the interests of the country's jewish elite.
As regards abrahams, justice has not merely got to be done but be seen to be done.

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