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An item from history.................

Arthur Guinness, the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Great War.

Arthur Guinness, southern Irish Protestant, staunch Ulster Unionist and Anti Home Rule campaigner was a major contributor of funding to the Ulster Unionist Council who in turn funded the Ulster Volunteer Force..........

At the outbreak of the First World War, employees at the Guinness St. James’s Gate Brewery were encouraged to join the British forces. Over 800 employees served in the Great War serving on land, on sea and in the air all over the world. One of the great Southern Irish Protestant families..

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Lib Dem peer Lord Lester suspended over sexual harassment

Report found Anthony Lester promised to make a woman a baroness if she slept with him

The woman told the inquiry that Lester, who has been suspended from the Lib Dems and resigned the party whip earlier this year, said if she refused, “he would see to it I never had a seat in the House of Lords, and warned me there would be other repercussions for me”.
She also said after she turned him down, he stopped inviting her to relevant meetings. The behaviour amounted to “a grave abuse of power in the performance of his parliamentary duties”, the committee said.
Following an original investigation by Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, the upper house’s commissioner for standards, the subcommittee on lords’ conduct recommended Lester be expelled, the first time such action would have been taken.
However, Lester appealed, and while separate privileges and conduct committee upheld the conclusion, it opted for a punishment of suspension, as the rule allowing expulsion was introduced in 2015, after the offence, which took place 12 years ago.
The suspension was imposed due to sexual harassment and “corrupt inducements” by Lester, the committee said.
Scott-Moncrieff’s report into the claims, first made by the woman in November 2017, concluded that on the balance of probabilities they were credible.
The complainant said the harassment began after she attended a meeting at the Lords and had missed her evening train. Lester suggested she stay at his London home, and that his wife would be there.
When driving her to his home, she said “he kept repeatedly missing the gear stick with his hand and instead very firmly placed his hand on my right thigh”, behaviour she objected to.
After he made more suggestive remarks, she slept with her bedroom door barred with a chair, calling a friend to describe her worries. The next morning, when his wife had left, the woman said Lester put his arms round her waist and chased her around the kitchen.
It was at a later meeting at the Lords, she said, that Lester made the offer, the woman said, offering to make her a peer.
She told the inquiry: “He even spelled it out, putting my surname in, and asked me how that sounded. I responded immediately without hesitation by saying that if I were ever to become a member of the House of Lords, it had to be purely on merit.”
The report said the woman provided six witnesses, among them a judge, who were able to say she described the events happening immediately after they took place. One of them was the friend she phoned from Lester’s house.
The peer provided four of his own witnesses, among them his wife, who said they had never seen Lester acting inappropriately.
On Lester, the committee report said: “The tragic irony of this case is that for decades past the respondent has been one of the most widely known, effective and admired of those campaigning for racial and sexual equality in this country, a renowned supporter of human rights and freedoms across the board.”
In a statement released after the suspension was announced Lester maintained that the allegations were “completely untrue”, saying he had produced evidence that demonstrated this was the case.
He added: “There has to be a fair process for investigating sexual harassment claims in parliament. Parliament is supposed to be a bastion of the rule of law but has ignored calls to reform this procedure properly for 20 years. I hope to be judged by my work over decades for gender equality, race relations and free speech.”

NWN: This 'character' has been involved in so much of the 'race relations industry law' turning the UK into a multi-racial madhouse . And just like yet another who is also jewish, his comrade Lord Greville Janner who was also instrumental in drafting race relations laws in favour of immigrants, he is also at the centre of sex crime allegations.

These are two of the central figures who usually having fled Nazi Germany, immediately set about making the UK into a 'multi-racial country'. Without even asking the indigenous British people whether they agreed to their country being irrevocably altered and changed. Lester was also acting against white people in South Africa and the USA, before his 'meddling in the UK'. See below.


Anthony Lester, Baron Lester of Herne Hill

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Right Honourable
The Lord Lester of Herne Hill
Official portrait of Lord Lester of Herne Hill crop 2.jpg
Lord Lester of Herne Hill's official parliamentary photo
Personal details
Born3 July 1936 (age 82)
OccupationPolitician, lawyer
Anthony Paul Lester, Baron Lester of Herne Hill, QC (born 3 July 1936) is a British barrister and politician, sitting in the House of Lords as a non-affiliated peer.[1]

Early life and education

Lester was born into a Jewish family[2] and was educated at the City of London School. He then studied history and law at Trinity College, Cambridge, and Harvard Law School, graduating with Bachelor of Arts and Master of Laws degrees respectively.[3]

Legal career

Lester was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1963[3] and took silk in 1975.[4] In 1987, he was appointed to be a recorder[5][6][7] and was in office until 1993.[3] As a barrister he works from Blackstone Chambers. He was appointed adjunct professor of the Faculty of Law at University College Cork in 2005.

Race relations

In the 1960s and 1970s Lester was directly involved with the drafting of race relations legislation in Britain. During these periods, he acted as the chair of the legal subcommittee of the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination (C.A.R.D.) and was a member of several organisations working for racial equality such as the Society of Labour Lawyers, Fabian Society, Council of the Institute of Race Relations, British Overseas Socialist Fellowship and the National Committee for Commonwealth Immigrants.[8] In 1968, he co-founded the Runnymede Trust think-tank with Jim Rose. He was chairman of the Runnymede Trust from 1991 to 1993. 
Eliot Joseph Benn "Jim" Rose (7 June 1909 – 21 May 1999) was a British intelligence officer, journalist and campaigner.
Born into an "elite" Jewish family, Rose was educated at Rugby School and New College, Oxford.[1]

Special adviser

He was a special adviser to Roy Jenkins at the Home Office in the 1970s, and moved with Jenkins from the Labour Party to found the SDP in 1981. On 29 June 2007, Lester was appointed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown as a special adviser on constitutional reform to the Secretary of State for Justice.[9] Lester is a member of the Joint Committee on Human Rights,_Baron_Lester_of_Herne_Hill 

Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC

How did you first become interested in human rights?
I became involved with human rights while at Cambridge in the late 50s as part of the struggle against Apartheid, and then at Harvard Law School in the early 60s and in the Deep South during the long hot summer of 1964 (writing a book for Amnesty International).
When did you first start actively to campaign for some form of legislation on human rights in the UK?
I became actively involved in the UK when called to the Bar in 1964. I helped set up CARD (the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination) and was legal adviser on the lobby for effective legislation to tackle that social evil. I am still campaigning for effective equality legislation. 

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The rise and fall of the three brothers who 'ruled' Manchester's gangland

With Dessie as the enforcer and hit man, Dominic the charismatic, but predatory entrepreneur, and Damien at the helm they took over clubland's doors

Video Loading
Narcos UK: How the Noonan Brothers ruled Manchester - warning graphic content

The lives of three gangster brothers who claimed to 'rule Manchester' will come under the spotlight in a a new TV documentary.
For a period the Noonan clan were at very top of the criminal tree in the city.
They found notoriety and made a fortune, firstly by specialising in armed robbery.
But, brothers Damien, Desmond, and Dominic were astute enough to recognise an easier way to net vast amounts of cash.
They took over the doors of the city's nightclubs - and so controlled who had access to sell drugs in them.
Manchester dance venue, The Hacienda, a former warehouse on Whitworth Street, would become their golden goose.
Running the doors and taking a cut from drugs profits there meant they were making up to £50,000 a night, according to a new documentary to be screened tomorrow evening.

Dominic Noonan
Irish Republican, anti-fascist, with a bear-like physique, Dessie Noonan was key to helping the brothers monopolise the supply of bouncers at the club and others in the city.
But it was Damien, described by journalist Donal MacIntyre as 'the UN peace keeper in gangland Manchester' who was the level-headed but powerful leader of the family. Damien was a canny operator, cementing loyalties by making donations to different causes in his community.
With Damien's death, in 2004, came the beginning of the end of the brothers' underworld dominance.
The programme which charts their rise and fall - 'Manchester's Narco Kings: Blood & Fear,' will be screened on Channel 5 at 10pm on Monday.
It tracks the very beginnings of the Noonans - a family with 14 children, raised in tough poverty.

Each child had a first name beginning with the letter D - a reference to Dublin, and the Irish roots of their parents.
Their lives of crime, it suggests, were the product of a decaying city in the 1970s and 80s.
The show details how they moved up from stealing to armed robbery with guns.
Former GMP officer, Martin Harding, tells the programme: "The Noonans were synonymous with violence. They displayed very little fear. They had no fear of the authorities, no fear of prison. They were not scared to use violence."
Dominic was once sprung from a prison van at traffic lights on the A6 in Pendleton, Salford. He went on the run and while a fugitive committed an armed robbery.

Dessie Noonan.
MacIntyre speculates that the brothers and their associates made £5m to £6m from cash in-transit robberies.
But their focus changed when Manchester became the party capital of Europe in the late 80s and early 90s.
MacIntyre says: "The Noonans were smart. Wherever the crime wave was they followed it."
As Manchester emerged from the gloom of economic depression, the drugs that became synonymous with the city's emergent nightlife presented an opportunity the Noonans were not going to miss.
With Dessie as the enforcer and hit man, Dominic the charismatic, but predatory entrepreneur, and Damien at the helm they took over clubland's doors - and did not tolerate any gangs trying to muscle in on their lucrative domain.

A murder - in February 1991 - almost ended their empire.
Flamboyant 'White Tony' Johnson - a leader of the Cheetham Hill Gang, who drove a white Ford Sierra Cosworth, was shot dead on the car park of the Penny Black pub.
Dessie went on trial for his murder. The first trial collapsed amid rumours of jury tampering and at the second Dessie was acquitted.
It had been alleged that Johnson was killed after a fall out over how £350,000, the proceeds from a robbery, were divided up.
With Johnson gone the Noonans position was strengthened and they expanded their operations to other cities despite increased police surveillance of their activities.

Dominic called at the rival gang's local pub and used a machete to decapitate one of their dogs that was outside.
An attempt to take over the doors at the Hacienda by another gang from South Manchester was brutally supressed.
Dominic called at the rival gang's local pub and used a machete to decapitate one of their dogs that was outside.
He walked into the pub and placed the head on a pool table - making it clear they should drop any idea of taking over.
But after a rise built on robbery, guns, drugs, and a ruthless running of nightclub doors came a fall.
In the space of eight months the empire began to crumble.
Firstly, in 2004, Damien was killed, aged 37, in a motorcycle accident while on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

On his colossal black and gold headstone the family inscribed: "Our family chain is broken/Nothing seems the same."
Then having been consumed by an out-of-control alcohol and crack cocaine habit Dessie was stabbed to death by a crack dealer in Chorlton in March 2005.
Drug dealer Derek McDuffus, known as Yardie Derek, had refused to sell drugs to Dessie. Days later, GMP failed in a bid to stop the screening of documentary of the Noonans, by MacIntyre, in which he grinned as he alluded to be being behind a spate of gangland killings.
Dessie's funeral had all the pomp of a gangland 'don' but it was almost a last hurrah of their power.

Damien Noonan
Damien Noonan
Bare-knuckle boxer and TV personality, Paddy Doherty, a friend of Damien's tells the programme: "The minute (Damien) died they weren't half as powerful as they thought they were. He was the gangster of gangsters in Greater Manchester."
Worse was to follow. Dominic was hit badly by the deaths, and according to McIntyre was 'a man at sea.'
He was also harbouring dark secret which had been hidden while his brothers had been alive. For decades Dominic had been suspected of being a predatory sex offender by the police, fellow villains, and even, it is said, members of his own family.
With his brothers gone he was no longer the force he was. But for years he was still able, exert influence and command loyalty in inner city areas, and he became a street provocateur - relishing playing cat and mouse with the authorities. For well over a decade after his brothers' deaths, he still had enough of a reputation to be confident that the rumours that he abused boys would never come to anything.
But, says the programme, with time he became 'so weak, he couldn't hold back the dam of allegations'.

In 2015 he was jailed for 11 years for arson, blackmail, and perverting the course of justice.
Then, this year - while serving that sentence - he was brought back to court charged with 13 historical sex offences against boys.
He denied all the allegations, but was convicted of every one. He was given another 11 year sentence which will start when his current one ends. It means Dominic will have spent most of his adult life behind bars.
The new programme is montage of old clips of the Noonans and new interviews with ex-police officers and gangsters.
It concludes that Dominic's demise marks the end of the road for three brothers 'who at their peak ruled much of Manchester' - 'a destructive dynasty - the like of which we are unlikely to see again.'

NWN: The Noonans are/were IRA. Dessie Noonan actually threatened a former South Manchester BNP Organiser, by holding a gun to his head in a Manchester pub in 1993 ! He, the BNP Organiser, had to pack it in due to his family and the threat on his life. Dessie Noonan was named as being IRA by his family.

The marxist IRA/Sinn Fein, have long been active against British nationalism.

Dessie Noonan was a close friend of SEARCHLIGHT 'journo' (sic) and kidnapper STEVE TILZEY, but who in actual fact was a 'mobster' for the communist/anarchist/zionist  left wing thug Anti-Fascist Action or before that, the 'squads'. With fellow 'jew communist and zionist' Mike Luft, also of Manchester.Read Tilzey's book with fellow thug Dave Hann - NO RETREAT. Tilzey is now involved with some Manchester United fan group. United has long been a haven for Irish supporters.

Peter Rushton wrote an excellent revelation about the Noonans , which we strongly believe was plagiarised by the MEN for this story. The MEN seems to suggest that 'White Tony' was called 'white' due to his car. Not so. He was called 'White Tony' as he was the only white man amongst a gang of blacks.

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At the going down of the Sun, and in the morning.......................

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 While we are on about IRA supporting anti-fascists......

Steve Tilzey

Steve Tilzey


Although he admits to having doubts in the past about whether MUST can achieve its stated aims Steve is always prepared to step up, give it his best shot and keep with the campaign. He really doesn't think we've missed the boat. He thinks it's just been delayed in port for a little longer. The fans day will come; he just hopes supporters will keep believing.
One Love = Man United

Key players in Manchester’s alliance between gangsters, IRA activists and “anti-fascists”. “DC” is Denis Clifford, activist in Red Action and Anti-Fascist Action, whose own brother was a member of the nationalist British Movement jailed for murder; “DN” is Dessie Noonan, the North West’s most feared gangland assassin; “ST” is Steve Tilzey, the most active Searchlight and AFA operative in the north of England, once jailed for kidnapping. This photo was taken in Manchester at the pro-IRA Manchester Martyrs march, also featuring local gangster and IRA supporter Paddy Logan.
Source: Heritage & Destiny magazine. 

Dessie Noonan was also in the IRA. His own family verified this fact.

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Professor Robert Faurisson – the intellectual adventurer of the century – dies on return from this weekend’s triumphant trip to his native town

Professor Robert Faurisson died suddenly this evening, just after arriving at his home in Vichy, France, following a triumphant return to his native town of Shepperton, Surrey. He died instantly after suffering a heart attack as he crossed the threshold of his home.
Professor Robert Faurisson with Lady Michèle Renouf
Born to a Scots mother and French father in Shepperton in January 1929, Professor Faurisson would have been 90 in three months time. H&D is proud to have facilitated his final speech on the final weekend of his eventful and heroic life.
Yesterday at a hotel in Shepperton, before a personally invited audience of 60 friends and fellow students of real history, Professor Faurisson gave a masterful summary of his decades of research.

Time and again, beginning in the 1970s, he put his exceptional academic expertise in analysing documentary texts at the service of historical exactitude.
Travelling to many countries in his researches, Professor Faurisson was the first to establish that the so-called homicidal ‘gas chamber’ displayed to tourists in Auschwitz is a post-war ‘reconstruction’ – in fact a fake by Soviet propagandists – and the first to publish detailed original blueprints for what were later claimed to have been homicidal ‘gas chambers’ but were in fact mortuaries.
For decades Professor Faurisson was relentlessly pursued by French courts, after a special law was introduced to criminalise his work. Even at the hour of his death, several prosecutions were still ongoing in Paris and Vichy courtrooms.
Professor Robert Faurisson, Lady Michèle Renouf and the Professor’s translator and assistant Guillaume Nichols, seen here in Shepperton hours before the Professor’s death
Yesterday’s final Faurisson speech was at a private reception in his honour, arranged by H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton with the backing of Lady Michèle Renouf, Richard Edmonds and Max Musson. Guests were welcomed by Lady Renouf, and then heard an opening speech by Vincent Reynouard, the leading figure in a younger generation of Frenchmen inspired by Professor Faurisson to pursue their own researches into ‘forbidden’ history.
Professor Faurisson himself then presented a comprehensive overview of his career including very new and important discoveries – a full video of his speech will be broadcast later this week by Lady Renouf’s Telling Films. His swansong was also captured for posterity by an invited camera team from a Lebanese television station.
Just as the Professor was completing his speech, the hotel management summoned Peter Rushton. In another part of the hotel – while Professor Faurisson concluded his address – the hotel manager demanded that Mr Rushton close down the meeting. Mr Rushton insisted that the event had been booked in good faith as a private reception – with no duplicity – and that it would continue until the scheduled conclusion.
Professor Faurisson in Paris for one of his many court appearances in 2016
In a disgraceful breach of contract, the management then harassed the audience in the hotel’s private function room, haranguing Professor Faurisson and his friends, turning out the lights, setting off the fire alarm and playing loud disco music in an attempt to drown out Peter Rushton’s speech.
Undeterred, Mr Rushton persisted – speaking in the dark over the background noise of fire bells etc. – and the audience bravely suffered this unusual form of oratory!
The H&D team extend our profound thanks to the 70 guests from around Britain, and from Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Ireland and the former Yugoslavia, who joined us in Shepperton yesterday and enabled Professor Faurisson to die a happy and contented man.
Our friend Vincent Reynouard uploaded the above video of yesterday’s events, just before news of the Professor’s death. A full report will appear in our January issue (since our November edition is already at the printers). As what is now a posthumous tribute to Professor Faurisson, the expanded text of Peter Rushton’s speech will also be published soon, incorporating the latest revelations from Britain’s official archives concerning wartime fakery of homicidal gassings and other atrocities.
Long live Robert Faurisson and Historical Exactitude!
Prof. Robert Faurisson with Lady Renouf at the Tehran Conference in 2006, where his speech became the focus of several criminal trials in Paris. Recently Lady Renouf was the Professor’s sole defence witness in Paris when he was prosecuted by a French court for his Tehran speech.

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It's a winters day in Belfast ...
the rain is pouring down
the soldier patrols the dark mean streets
and on his face a frown

The radio crackles in his ear
the words all squaddies dread
"contact,wait out",the soldier hears
is there someone dead?

They all take cover where they can
and await for further news,
scanning all surrounding them
as the cover they do use.

Ordered to move to the site
where the incident took place,
the section moves on as one
to find what they must face?

They see the carnage on the road
with bodies laying dead,
it is the worse scenario
that soldiers all do dread

 A child sits bleeding profusely
her body torn and broken,
the section are all mesmerized
not a word is spoken.

  A medic rushes forward
and soothes the injured bairn ,
another senseless bombing
when will these people learn

They say they fight for freedom
they say that is their aim,
but how in any conceivable way
is an innocent held to blame?

They cause carnage and destruction
with no compassion or concern,
leaving nowt but misery
leaving people to die and burn.

They say that peace is now restored
and conflict is in the past ,
but the horrific memories all remain
and on peoples minds will last

The little girl now has false legs
and her life has moved on ,
she suffered through her injuries
through painful days so long

She has learned that those that maimed her
have been given amnesty,
but the soldiers who once saved her
committed an atrocity .

Like many other people
she cannot understand ,
why all this persecution
for those who saved her land??

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"They shall not grow old........................"

NWN: A must see in our opinion.

An item from history................. Arthur Guinness, the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Great War. Arthur Guinness, southern I...