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Priti Patel calls for Manchester Arena bombing coroner to keep intelligence material secret from public - as families say they fear a cover-up
  • Inquests in bombing victims' death are scheduled to begin on 2 April next year
  • Ahead of hearings, the government have applied to keep some evidence secret
  • Victims' families say the move could allow authorities to swerve scrutiny
Intelligence material relating to the Manchester Arena bombing could be kept secret at victims' inquests if the government gets its way.
Home Secretary Priti Patel has applied to have some material kept back from the public and victims' families, meaning some evidence could be considered behind closed doors.
The move has led to fears that authorities could avoid proper scrutiny over the investigation into terrorist Salman Abedi before he killed 22 in May 2017.
Some of the evidence in the inquests into the victims of the Manchester bombings could be kept secret if the government gets its way
Some of the evidence in the inquests into the victims of the Manchester bombings could be kept secret if the government gets its way
John Cooper, a lawyer representing the families of 11 of the 22 victims, said the secrecy application had come from 'the very people who could potentially be severely criticised'.
Mr Cooper told a hearing that both the security service and police were open to 'severe analysis with potentially severe and critical consequences.'
He said the applications were 'very important' for the families and 'go to the root of understanding what happened to their loved ones as well as a wider public understanding.'
Pete Weatherby QC, representing two further families, said the families had not been given access to the 'closed schedule' and added: 'We don't even know the categories or the extent – whether it is 10 documents or 10,000.
'There is a fear from the families that the PII applications are being cast too wide and that the amount of material to be considered in open hearings will be a very small amount in regard to the central issues.'
The application to make some of the evidence secret, using so-called Public Interest Immunity (PII) Certificates, was made to coroner, Sir John Saunders, today.
Salman Abedi killed 22 people, including young children, when he blew himself up at the end of an Ariana Grande concert
Salman Abedi killed 22 people, including young children, when he blew himself up at the end of an Ariana Grande concert
In a 'unique' move, Ms Patel has indicated that she will allow the coroner to convert the inquest hearing into a public inquiry so that he can consider sensitive material behind closed doors.
It would be the first investigation into a terrorist attack since 9/11 to take place in part behind closed doors.
Sir James Eady, representing the secretary of state, told the hearing the material they sought to exclude was 'of undoubted significance to the issues you will have to consider and we accept that.'
But he said that case law 'makes clear that the national security considerations hold the whip hand.'
He said coroner Sir John Saunders, a former High Court Judge, had to show a 'very, very broad margin of respect' for the opinion of the Home Secretary.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has made an application to keep some evidence secret to the judge acting as coroner in the inquests
Alan Payne QC for Greater Manchester Police, said that 'very significant weight' had been attached to the public interest in the relevant material being disclosed in order to allow a 'full and through investigation.'
He said officers with 'particular expertise in counter-terrorism work' had 'given the most careful consideration to the extent to which material the subject of the PII claims could be made public.'
But he added: 'The conclusions which they have reached are emphatic that the information simply cannot be disclosed without jeopardising security.
Mr Cooper, for some of the victim's families, countered by saying: 'Where there is an event such as the outrageous bombing at Manchester Arena, the stakes are at their highest.
'When you consider arguments before you in closed session you should bear in mind the very people seeking to restrict this material being put in the public domain and the domain of the bereaved families are the very people who could potentially be severely criticised, and the ramifications of that are significant.
'The application to restrict material from the public domain is emanating from the very group of people or organisations who are potentially in the firing line as far as these hearings are concerned.'
Manchester residents grieve in the weeks after the horrific attack in May 2017
Manchester residents grieve in the weeks after the horrific attack in May 2017
He said the certificates should only be granted if there was an 'absolutely exceptional reason' and should not be excluded because it caused 'humiliation' or was 'embarrassing'.
He said the approach of GMP was 'simply not good enough for those that we represent' adding: 'They are going to have to do far better than that to ensure open justice is being tendered in this case.'
The coroner said there was an 'argument for the families learning what has happened which will not happen with a public inquiry.'
But he added: 'If I am carrying out inquiries on the families' behalf they will have to take my word I'm afraid that it is being done thoroughly.'
Sir John Saunders will make his ruling at a later date.

NWN:  What the fact that the then Home Secretary Theresa May, allowed 'free movement' again by many 1,000's of Libyan Al Qaida terrorists living in the UK ?  For example; the 'Manchester Boys' ? These terrorists were used to destroy and indeed murder Colonel Gaddafi - Libya is still in a mess from that war.

Have a look at this video about the Manchester bombing....

Published on Jun 3, 2017

We speak to legendary filmmaker and journalist, John Pilger about MI6's connection to the Libya-Manchester atrocity ahead of tomorrow's Arianna Grande's benefit gig for those affected by the Manchester attack."


The Ethnic European barely survives on book royalties donated by Michael Walsh and supporters of real news and views. WE AIM to replace victor’s spin with real history, to enlighten, inspire and to educate, and with your help to share our stories as widely as possible.
The phenomenon of Eritreans from the Horn of Africa celebrating the regime they have fled from is now familiar in European countries, experts say. Dozens of Norwegian Eritreans have attended a party arranged by the Eritrean regime and celebrated the 25th anniversary of compulsory military service, which is the main reason why many Eritreans were granted asylum in the first place.
The party celebrated the 25th anniversary of the introduction of Eritrean national service and the establishment of the SAWA Training Defence Centre, national broadcaster NRK reported. It was held at Bryn Event Hall in Oslo and featured Yemane Gebreab, the Eritrean president’s closest adviser, referred to as number two in the East African country.
In photos and videos from the party, widely shared on social media, many of the participants are seen wearing military-like camouflage T-shirts and waving Eritrean flags. Many are seen taking selfies with Gebreab. The sheer popularity of the event raised eyebrows, as Eritrea’s mandatory military service is one of the most often cited reasons in asylum requests from Eritreans.
Woldab Feshatzion, the leader of Eritrean Community Association in Norway, called the attendees “cohorts of the regime”.
“Many of them have fled this regime. To me, it shows that they are not real asylum seekers, and have been allowed to stay on a false basis”, Feshatzion complained to national broadcaster NRK.
Kjetil Tronvoll, a professor of peace/conflict studies at Bjørknes University College and Director of Oslo Analytica, seen as one of Europe’s foremost experts on Eritrea, suggested that the party had gathered a “motley crew” of people, but confirmed that some of the attendees had fled from the Eritrean regime. According to him, the phenomenon of Eritreans celebrating the regime they have fled from is known in other European countries.
“Yes, it’s paradoxical. Some come along because they want a community. Some join because they feel social pressure to line up. And some people celebrate the regime, because they are regime supporters, even though they have been granted asylum on the grounds of fleeing the regime”, Tronvoll explained.
Eritrea’s national service is mandatory for all citizens, it lasts for 18 months and includes civilian tasks as well. For instance, servicemen are widely used as supplemental manpower in the country’s agricultural fields.
It is one of the most-often cited asylum reasons. According to Tronvoll, up to 25 percent of the population has left Eritrea, a nation of 5 million, since 2001. Norway has a substantial Eritrean diaspora of 22,000, most of whom arrived after 2001.
Michael Walsh Was aWarded Euro Weekly News ‘Writer of the Year 2011’. With 60 books bearing his name, thousands of news stories and columns, Michael is arguably Britain and Europe’s most prolific author of multi-topic books.

WTF !  Mr & Mrs Macron - but which is which ?

Monsewer Macron is a Rothschild creation, and it's the worlds worst secret that he is a 'woofter'.  Why are we not surprised ?

But this New World Order business is becoming more comical every day. Their 'puppets' are indeed freaks ! 

We of course eat their shit daily - well those of us who don't devour their bullshit 'democracy' scam .  Freedom & Democracy my arse !

But the French voters voted for the freaks above.

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Peter Mandelson and Jeffrey Epstein: Ex-Labour minister shopping with depraved financier
EXCLUSIVE: Two middle-aged holidaymakers walk into a fashion boutique in one of those exotic millionaire's playgrounds where the sun always shines and endless palm trees sway in the afternoon breeze. One is Jeffrey Epstein, a mysterious financier fond of very young girls, many of whom have for years been systematically exploited and sexually abused in his various luxury homes. The other is Peter Mandelson, the former British Cabinet minister and long-term friend of Epstein's closest chum Ghislaine Maxwell, who was staying on the luxury resort island of St Barts. Epstein (unbeknownst to the world at this point) is under police investigation for numerous ghastly sex offences. Meanwhile, he is doing what he does best: pursuing a Gatsby-esque friendship with a famous and powerful man. Guests who have spent time on his nearby private island Little St James, a stunning, 72-acre patch of the U.S. Virgin Islands, have included a virtual Who’s Who of celebrities — from Bill Clinton to Naomi Campbell, Stephen Hawking and, perhaps most notoriously, our very own Prince Andrew. Pictured: Peter Mandelson tries on a white belt while shopping with Jeffrey Epstein on December 27, 2005, in St. Barts (centre); Mandelson's friend Ghislaine Maxwell (in pink) cuddles Epstein's notorious fixer Jean-Luc Brunel on Little St James (right); Jeffrey Epstein rides a quad bike on holiday on Little St James, he used a quad bike to transport teenage girls (left); Peter Mandelson welcomes Prince Andrew, Duke of York prior to their bilateral meeting 07 June 2007 at the EU Commission's Headquarters in Brussels (inset).

For more on this story read here;

NWN:   Why are so few joining up the dots ?  Mandelson who is a jewish lefty, is a regular 'mate' with the Rothschild family. Rothschilds are linked with Mossad and the bandit state of Israel. Epstein was running this paedophile sex slave operation, where participants were all filmed. Epstein was working for Mossad. Ghislaine Maxwell/Hoch who is the daughter of  Robert Maxwell/Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch born in Czechoslovakia and also worked for Mossad.. All jews and all working for the zionist state of Israel.

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Rochdale armed forces veterans demonstrate against IRA sympathiser and marxist Labour MP Tony Lloyd 

 Lloyd is here speaking in a Sinn Fein /IRA meeting in Liverpool on the 25th September 2018.

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Patrick Buchanan: China, Not Russia, the Greater Threat

Patrick J. Buchanan
By Patrick J. Buchanan | August 13, 2019 | 6:02 AM EDT 
Protesters oppose Hong Kong police brutality at Queen Elizabeth Hospital on August 13, 2019 in Hong Kong. 
Pro-democracy protesters have continued rallies on the streets of Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill since 9 June.
Ten weeks of protests, some huge, a few violent, culminated Monday with a shutdown of the Hong Kong airport.

Ominously, Beijing described the violent weekend demonstrations as "deranged" acts that are "the first signs of terrorism," and vowed a merciless crackdown on the perpetrators.
China is being pushed toward a decision it does not want to make: to use military force, as in Tiananmen Square 30 years ago, to crush the uprising. For that would reveal the character of President Xi Jinping's Communist dictatorship, as well as Beijing's long-term plans for this semi-autonomous city of almost 7.5 million.

Yet this is not the only internal or border concern of Xi's regime.
Millions of Muslim Uighurs in China's west are in concentration camps undergoing "re-education" to change their way of thinking on loyalty, secession and the creation of a new East Turkestan.
In June, a Chinese vessel rammed and sank a Philippine fishing boat, leaving its 22 crewmen to drown. The fishermen were rescued by a Vietnamese boat.
President Rodrigo Duterte's reluctance to resist China's fortification in the South China Sea of the rocks and reefs Manila claims are within its own territorial waters has turned Philippine nationalism anti-China.

China's claim to Taiwan is being defied by Taipei, which just bought $2.2 billion in U.S. military equipment including Abrams tanks and Stinger missiles.
Any Taiwanese declaration of independence, China has warned, means war.
While Taiwan's request to buy U.S. F-16s has not yet been approved, in a rare visit, Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen stopped over in the U.S. recently, before traveling on to Caribbean countries that retain diplomatic relations with Taipei. Beijing has expressed its outrage at the U.S. arms sales and Tsai's unofficial visit.

The vaunted Chinese economy is growing, at best, at half the double-digit rate of a decade ago, not enough to create the jobs needed for hundreds of millions in the countryside seeking work.
And talks have been suspended in the U.S.-China trade dispute, at the heart of which, says White House aide Peter Navarro, are Beijing's "seven deadly sins" in dealing with the United States:
China steals our intellectual property via cybertheft, forces U.S. companies in China to transfer technology, hacks our computers, dumps into our markets to put U.S. companies out of business, subsidizes state-owned enterprises to compete with U.S. firms, manipulates its currency, and, despite our protests, ships to the USA the fentanyl drug that has become a major killer of Americans.
Such practices have enabled China to run up annual trade surpluses of $300 billion to $400 billion at our expense, and, says Navarro, have caused the loss of 70,000 factories and 5 million manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Moreover, China has used the accumulated wealth of its huge trade surpluses to finance its drive for hegemony in Asia and beyond.
With President Donald Trump threatening 10% tariffs on $300 billion more in Chinese exports to the U.S., Xi must decide if he is willing to end his trade-war tactics against the U.S., which have gone on during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. If he refuses, will he accept the de-coupling of our two economies?
Only Trump has taken on the Middle Kingdom.

If the American people and Congress are willing to play hardball and accept sacrifices, we can win this face-off. The U.S. buys five times as much from China as we sell to China. The big loser in this confrontation, if we stay the course, will not be the USA.
For three years, the U.S. establishment has not ceased to howl about Russia's theft of emails of the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign.
Yet the greatest cybercrime of the century was Beijing's theft in 2014 of the personnel files of 22 million applicants and employees of the U.S. government, many of them holding top-secret clearances.

Compromised by this theft, said then FBI Director James Comey, was a "treasure trove of information about everybody who has worked for, tried to work for, or works for the United States government."
"A very big deal from a national security ... and counterintelligence perspective," said Comey. And Xi's China, not Putin's Russia, committed the crime. Yet America's elites appear to have forgotten this far graver act of cyberaggresion.
Undeniably, Russia is a rival. But Putin's economy is the size of Italy's while China's economy challenges our own. And China's population is 10 times that of Russia, and four times that of the USA.

Manifestly, China is the greater menace.

Are Americans willing to make the necessary sacrifices to force China to abide by the rules of reciprocal trade?
Or will Trump be forced by political realities to accept the long-term and ruinous relationship we have followed since granting China permanent MFN status in 2001?
This issue is likely to decide the destiny of our relations and the future of Asia, if not the world.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of "Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever." 

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Jeffrey Epstein found dead - a Mossad job ?

Well they probably did it to Robert Maxwell too.

Conspiracies abound...................................................

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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Stop the witch hunt against Northern Ireland veterans - Liverpool 10th August 2019.

Pier Head , Liverpool - 1pm.

Main speakers : Robin Horsfall - SAS , 1980 Iranian Embassy siege.

                              Dennis Hutchings - Life Guards .

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WTF is this ?  

Deputy Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police, speaking at Whaley Bridge near where their reservoir is in a dangerous condition.