Monday, December 02, 2019

This is one of the murdered victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack - ooh, the irony !

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Prince Andrew is screwed !

The BBC interview this evening was a 'carcrash' . 

What wasn't mentioned was the facts that Prince Andrew kept saying he was only friends with Ghislaine Hoch , sorry Maxwell.

This woman who by all accounts procured these girls  for sex, is the daughter of  Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch/Robert Maxwell. He was a senior Mossad agent. So is Ghislaine 'Maxwell'.

And so was Jeffery Epstein also a Mossad agent.

All the names popping up are jewish.

But the Mossad links are being kept well away from the publics gaze. No mention.

Just an interesting fact. Prince Andrew is second in line for the throne. Is that why Prince Andrew has found new, and rather a lot of it, wealth ?

He is only on £250,000 a year in the list. But in very recent years, he spent almost £7 million on a ski lodge and other property.

Mossad have been very good at 'honeypot' stings making porno videos of powerful people.

This allows them great leverage over powerful people to do Mossads/Israels bidding. A tactic they have employed going back to Biblical times with Esther.

If Charles died, and he has medical issues, Prince Andrew could be the next King !

Friday, November 15, 2019

STORMFRONT down - for how long is this ?

Has it gone for good ?

Whilst this site cannot abide Don Black, due to his actions in the past - we realise that a lot of white nationalists worldwide do use his site.

Black actively supported Nick Griffin and allowed posts in support of John Tyndall to be not allowed on Stormfront (SF). This writer has had correspondence with Don Black on this very issue.

Black also allowed a very strange character known on SF  till he died, to wreak havoc on there in support of the traitor Nick Griffin. That persons name on SF was 'JOHNJOYTREE'. This bum JJT, paid Don Black rather a lot of money to be an SF moderator. We know JJT's real name, and some very very dodgy facts about him. JJT is still treated as a bit of an hero over on SF, and is listed on their 'Eternal Flame' section.

Not too long before John Tyndall died, JT was invited over to the USA to speak at a meeting as David Duke had then just been released from jail .

We at NWN briefed John Tyndall about Don Black, and Stormfronts activities against him. JT told us that when he went over to the USA, that Don Black actually seemed to avoid him. 

This is NOT conjecture, this is what John Tyndall actually told us. 

JT said, as nationalists, STORMFRONT should keep out of Britain's nationalist affairs - and quite right too!

This writer was also banned from posting on SF due to our support of John Tyndall.

'JOHNJOYTREE' ensured that happened.

This was told to us in confidence, by a then top USA STORMFRONT moderator, 'MUADIB' .  

We make no comment on the activities of Blacks son, Derek .

Sunday, November 03, 2019

General Galland an honourable fighter pilot during WW2. One of the very first fighter pilots to fly the ME - 262 jet fighter in combat missions during WW2 . An honourable man and warrior. 

Film Director Ethan Coen: Hollywood Run By Jews

Ethan Coen

It’s not a canard; it’s the simple truth. Coen even affirms that “God gave” Hollywood to the Jews.
TEN YEARS AGO, during an interview to promote their “most jewish” film ever, A Serious Man, the Cohen Brothers, two of Hollywood’s most celebrated filmmakers, acknowledged in an interview that Jews do indeed run Hollywood:
“We’re Jewish film-makers, for sure,” admits Joel Coen, one half of the Oscar-winning sibling team whose brand of ironic, darkly eccentric and often violent cinema has dominated independent American film-making for 25 years.
“We’ve never tried to hide that or tip-toe around it,” chips in his brother Ethan, three years his junior. “Hollywood has always been largely Jewish, although made of Jews who wanted to assimilate. As a friend of ours once said: ‘If the movie business wasn’t difficult, God wouldn’t have given it to the Jews.’”
Of course, this interview was published in The Jewish Chronicle whose audience is almost entirely Jewish, and Jews speak very differently when they have a Jewish audience. No one bats an eye when one of the most powerful, successful, and celebrated film directors in Hollywood states matter-of-factly that, yes, Jews run Hollywood.
If anyone else says that, the ADL will immediately put out an All Points Bulletin and demand whatever goy said it apologize, be fired, and visit Auschwitz just for good measure.
Joel Coen
This blatant double-standard for which Jews are deservedly famous can easily be explained, of course. When Jews say Jews run Hollywood, they mean it in a good way, even though it’s doubtful you could get either of the Coen Brothers to admit that Hollywood is better off with Jews in control — they are Jewish but apparently not slavishly Jewish.
However, when non-Jews point out that Jews control Hollywood, we usually mean it in a “bad way”. In other words, we expect anyone with that much power to influence society to use that power responsibly and for the betterment of everyone. And to expect that out of Jews is clearly “antisemitic”.
This scene from A Serious Man sums up the attitude that Jews have toward each other and to the “goyim”, to use the phraseology of the Coen Brothers .

NWN: If more of us read the jewish newspapers.....................'they' would be very much on the back step.