Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Phrase: Post-Windrush Generation. – Theresa May, Britain’s unelected prime minister, apologises to British Caribbean leaders in London, for “clamping down on Commonwealth citizens,” as she called them, for asking them to prove that their right to stay. That really takes the McVitie. She should be apologising to us, the English, for what the Conservative Government has over the years done behind our backs. In our pre-television darkness in 1948, the then Government shanghaied hundreds of Blacks and shipped them to England, a green and pleasant land which was then still cheerfully White, to do our menial jobs. The identities of The Guilty Men are not known. They do not wear trilbies and ties. To dispel the impression that this was a new hidden form of slavery, the puzzled, much-photographed newcomers stepping down the gangplank – of a former K.d.F. liner seized from a prostate and devastated Germany, the repainted and harmlessly renamed “Empire Windrush” – had been kitted out at British taxpayers’ expense with hats, shirts, suits, and ties, and brought to Tilbury. The few hundred was just the start. Secret British Cabinet papers reveal that Lord Hailsham, at that time the purblind Lord President of the Council, reassured his worried colleagues ten years later, on June 20, 1958, that the immigrants were fewer than 100,000, and he did not think England ever need expect more [PRO, CAB 129/93]. The Notting Hill riots followed. Nobody knows the real number now. The Grenfell Tower blaze inquiry, and resulting prosecutions, have shown that.
Commonwealth immigration     We now learn that there is no official record of 500,000 West Indians who arrived in the UK from 1948 to 1970. This “multi-cultural” experiment has been inflicted nolens, volens on us, the English, as though we had no ancient culture of our own. Nice but fundamentally lawless people and their offspring have swamped our housing and prisons, infiltrating our media, our sports, and both sides of our health service. The all-Black radio station in London is now the only one which finds it necessary to broadcast every hour paid H.M. Government appeals to “citizens” to eschew guns, knives, and drugs – the alien ganja “culture” on which our Cabinet first had to be educated. Our heroic police force was once proudly unarmed (remember The Blue Lamp [1950]? – the film was named for the Blue Lamp which once hung outside every British police station). For a score of years or more now the force has had to be armed with stab-proof vests and Heckler & Koch machine-guns. Theresa May is apologising to the wrong folks on behalf of past governments. Give us back the peaceful, and fundamentally peace-loving, England where we were born. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Former Rochdale council leader denies lying to child abuse inquiry

(NWN: Former MILITANT TENDENCY trotskyist Richard 'Fat' Farnell couldn't even lie straight in bed. See more info on 'Fat' at bottom of article).

Richard Farnell said he was 'shocked' at the inquiry's findings, but added: “I told the truth”

Former Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell
Former Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell

Former Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell has denied lying to the national inquiry on child abuse, declaring himself ‘shocked’ at its findings.
Coun Farnell has said he was ‘deeply sorry’ for ‘grave mistakes’ and ‘unacceptable failings’ of the council while he was in charge the first time during the late 1980s and early 1990s.
The first report from the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) says Coun Farnell lied under oath when he claimed to have known nothing about the Knowl View abuse scandal 25 years ago.
But he continued to insist he was unaware of the abuse at the time, saying in a statement: “I told the truth.”
“Failures by Rochdale council , the police and other agencies in protecting children from abuse should never have happened,” he said.
“The inquiry covered events going back 60 years.
“For the period in which I was leader of Rochdale council from 1986 to 1992, I am deeply sorry and I apologise to all those who suffered as a result of the grave mistakes made and the unacceptable failings of the Council in respect of the children being cared for at Knowl View.
“However, I am shocked at the findings of the Inquiry. I told the truth.”
In his statement today, Coun Farnell refuted the claims of the inquiry’s report.

Knowl View school in Rochdale, and former Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell
Knowl View school in Rochdale, and former Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell
“There is clear evidence that I was NOT informed about Knowl View during my time as leader”, he said.
“The three most senior officers of the council responsible for informing and advising the leader of the council – the chief executive, the director of education and the director of social services - ALL said in evidence they did not tell me about Knowl View.
“The inquiry has examined 140,000 pages of documents relating to Knowl View. There is not one single letter, memo, report, council minute or briefing note addressed to me informing me about the events at Knowl View.
“A two-year police investigation found no evidence whatsoever that I was involved in a cover-up of events at Knowl View. I now need time to consider the report in full before commenting further.”
Meanwhile, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has said that it's now "essential" that those responsible are held to account:
In a statement, he said: “This is a damning report, but one that at last opens up the possibility of truth and justice for those children who have suffered - and accountability for those who were in a position of responsibility but failed to act.
“Now, it is essential that those who have been found responsible for failing in their public duties are held properly and fully to account.

Andy Burnham
Andy Burnham
“There is also a need to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect children today. Although the events covered by this report are historical, there have been more recent cases in Rochdale where children have been abused and it is claimed institutions did not do all they could to safeguard them.
“This is why, last year, I set up an independent review of current practice to see if Greater Manchester has the right culture and the best possible systems in place to put children first. This review is not complete, but it is clear there has been significant progress made in strengthening the protection of young people in Greater Manchester. The review will now look at the IICSA report and assess what implications it has.
“The people of Rochdale and Greater Manchester have the right to know if children today are being protected, and not let down as they have been in the past. I will not rest until we can be certain we have the right culture in place where children’s safety comes first.”

NWN: Fat Farnell has been a slimy marxist toad in the Rochdale area for decades. He grew up and joined the Labour party Young Socialists in the 1970's and thence to join the Trotskyist  group Miltant Tendency . Fat was to be seen trying to 'flog' their newspaper 'MILITANT' in Rochdale town centre on Yorkshire street, often standing opposite when the National Front used to sell their papers including NATIONAL FRONT NEWS & SPEARHEAD magazine.

Fat's early political tutelage came from another MILITANT activist, Barry Haslam. Haslam later had to drop out of politics due to him having to answer questions about a lot of missing money at Rochdale FC . Haslam was a former football hooligan for Rochdale FC in the 1960's.

Fat became leader of Rochdale Council leader and in 1992 at the General Election of that year was involved in the organising of a riot against BNP members in Rochdale town centre and especially at a pub on Milnrow Road which  was laid siege to by 200 - 300 communists throwing bricks. This communist mob used the name ANTI NAZI LEAGUE (ANAL) back then. The communist mob also laid siege to the Castle Inn on Manchester road, another pub the Mayfield on Albert Royds street, and the Brunswick pub on Baillie street which was wrecked entirely by these communist thugs.

Farnell was seen in discussions with SEARCHLIGHT , communist and IRA supporters Steve Tilzey & Mike Luft when the red mobs ran riot in the town.  Amongst other crimes committed by Tilzey was the kidnapping of a young teenager together with several other extreme communists in their vans.

A couple of years later Fat Farnell left active party politics and started a 'journalists' course at the University of Lancashire in Preston. By all accounts, Fat Farnell was rubbish and his low marks ensured he left that course only to pop up again in the Labour Party.

Fat Farnell was a 'friend' of another Labour party pervert the Reverend Paul Flowers. It was Flowers who singlehandedly almost destroyed the Co-operative Society with his cruising the gay bars and snorting copious amounts of cocaine for himself and his young gay friends. The younger the better.

Fat Farnell himself has gone under the 'eye' of many people due to his secretive sexual preferences. Like Cyril Smith, Fat Farnell is a fat bullying gobshite. Also, like Smith he hasn't had any female friends/relationships and like Cyril Smith he doesn't seem to have any male 'friends'/relationships either. 

Fat Farnell undoubtedly knew about the Cyril Smith allegations. Farnell was close friends with Rochdale's Alternative Press (RAP) owners and Editors David Bartlett and John Walker who were the first to publish the info on Smiths perverted activities. Farnells other Rochdale councillor friend who knew about Smiths activities, was extreme left wing Labour harridan Mary Moffat.

Bartlett and Walker were both members of the Communist party of Great Britain (CPGB) and were the focus of all the extreme left wing trotskyist and marxist groups activities in the Rochdale area. RAP were helped in many ways by the Co-operative society, both financially and  materially, especially property. .

Farnell is an inveterate liar and will try to hang on with Labour in Rochdale. Rochdale is one of those crazy constituencies that would elect a dead cat if it was Labour.

Farnell has never had a proper job in his life and just milks the political system by the largesse granted from Rochdale Council via such things as 'expenses' . Just have look how much Farnells claimed in expenses over recent years. It's much better than working for a living .

Farnell drives a new 'jag' .

Friday, April 06, 2018

David Irvings website down again ?

This seems to be happening a lot these days. It's going to be a huge hole in our arsenal if/when, it goes down for good.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Police attacked with petrol bombs at illegal dissident republican parade in Londonderry

Police have been pelted with petrol bombs and projectiles at an illegal dissident republican march in Londonderry.
The Derry 1916 Commemoration Committee began their march through the Creggan estate to the city’s cemetery at 2pm on Easter Monday.
The parade was not listed with the Parades Commission. Ahead of the march police landrovers in the Creggan area were pelted with petrol bombs and bottles as hundreds gathered for the parade.
Police were again attacked as the parade entered Derry City Cemetery. There are not thought to have been any injuries.
Sporadic trouble continued for around two hours on Monday.
DUP Foyle MLA Gary Middleton has called on the PSNI to investigate the parade.
"This was an unregistered parade and today the scenes coming from the Creggan area have been totally disgraceful," he said.
"People in paramilitary style uniform is wrong and the continued glorification of terrorism is abhorrent.

"Nobody has a desire to see the violence on display today, except for barbaric thugs intent on endangering life and property. The PSNI were there to protect the community - people who live in fear at displays and parades such as this one today.
"The Police have to be praised for the work they continue to do this weekend, as they uphold the law and thoroughly deal with illegal parades and displays of such a disturbing nature.
"Among those that were involved in hurling petrol bombs were young people.

"I hope the actions of all involved are investigated and those responsible feel the full weight of the law. The over-riding desire of many is to see events pass off peacefully and without any paramilitary trappings, unfortunately a minority in our communities are intent on creating destruction and fear.
"Again the demands of respect and equality from republicans ring hallow when there is little shown to those who uphold the law and work to keep communities safe. Those involved should not believe they are above the law."

On Saturday, police swooped on a similarly unlisted Republican Sinn Fein commemoration in Lurgan and arrested nine men.

Six men were charged with taking part in an unnotified procession and appeared in Lisburn Magistrates Court. One of the men was also charged with assault on police and a seventh was charged with obstructing police. Two other men were released on bail pending further enquiries.
In a statement the Derry 1916 committee asked republicans to join them in Creggan today "to send message to PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin that they will not be broken".
Earlier PSNI Chief Inspector Ivor Morton told the Belfast Telegraph that today’s operation would be "appropriate and proportionate should breaches of the law be detected" and that the Lurgan operation should not be used as an "indicator for elsewhere".

NWN: They haven't gone away you know. I bet the media doesn't show this here on the mainland.If you click the link, there are more pics and a video.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

How to solve the energy crisis and stay 'green' .

Rochdale Labour party 'hijack' Armed Forces veterans initiative to gain votes

Labour cares for our Armed Forces Veterans ?

If that was so, then the ongoing 'witch hunt' against elderly Ulster veterans would not be happening .

The so called 'Good Friday Agreement' which gave IRA murderers freedom from their jail sentences. But it also  gave IRA terrorists a free pardon - the so -called OTR letters (On The Run) were then distributed by IRA man Gerry Kelly in Belfast. Hundreds of IRA terrorists are walking about with pardons in their pocket.

But now elderly veterans are being dragged through the Courts in Northern Ireland. 

Politicians like Tony Blair and Mo Mowlem amongst other Labour politicians knew that the army and Royal Ulster Constabulary would eventually be 'held out to dry'. They knew this and there is evidence of that fact.

Back to the above election leaflet for the local council in Rochdale.

All across the country, Veterans have regular 'breakfast clubs' that have recently spread across the nation and even abroad where veterans now live. It has become a focus of self help by and for our Armed Forces veterans.

Rochdale's Labour Council did/do NOT serve any 'breakfasts'. Discounted or otherwise.

How is Mr. Rana going to ensure better health care and shorter wait times locally for veterans ? Get housing for veterans ? We don't think so. Councillors and local councils do not have that power. 

Rochdale Council does build 'special housing projects', but guess who the priority usually goes to ? Mr.Rana's ethnic group often receives special preference in that regard locally in Rochdale.

Rochdale Labour Party has nothing to do with the funding of the veterans breakfast club.The kitchen where the club meet in Rochdale Town Hall is also a private company.

The picture itself of Mr.Rana is not even in Rochdale. 

This is another lie to deceive the electorate. 

The picture is just Mr.Rana standing in front of a couple of veterans, possibly in the Trafford Centre in Manchester when the Poppy Appeal was in progress. Before Remembrance Sunday last year. Then taking a pic, and now using it for a deception to 'con' the electorate in the ward that he is standing for in Rochdale.

In local elections, a general leaflet is produced and just a few 'tweaks'  are changed such as the personal details of the candidate.

This deception by the Labour Party in Rochdale, has severely upset the veteran community in the Borough of Rochdale. The veterans have already made representations of complaint to them about this pack of lies.

Mr.Rana is standing for the Spotland & Falinge ward of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council .

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ex-soldiers to stand trial charged with murdering IRA man

Two ex-soldiers are to stand trial charged with murdering an Official IRA man in Belfast 46 years ago, a judge has ordered.
The former paratroopers, who cannot be identified, allegedly killed Joe McCann in Belfast back in April 1972.
A judge ruled that they have a case to answer following a preliminary inquiry at the city's Magistrates Court.
McCann, one of the Official IRA's most prominent activists, was shot in disputed circumstances near his home in the Market area.
A police investigation conducted at the time resulted in no-one being prosecuted.But in 2013 a report by the now-defunct Historical Enquiries Team concluded the killing was not justified.
Files were then passed to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS), who reviewed the case and decided in 2016 to bring murder charges.
The defendants, now aged in their sixties, are known only as Soldier A and Soldier C.
They were granted temporary anonymity at an early stage amid fears that identification could put their lives at risk.
According to the prosecution, Soldier A and Soldier C are surviving members of the army patrol involved in the shooting incident.
A third member of the unit has since died.Both defendants were present during last week's preliminary inquiry hearing, lawyers confirmed.
After examining evidence District Judge Fiona Bagnall decided they should be returned for Crown Court trial.
Arraignment proceedings are expected to take place next month. Outside court the McCann family's solicitor called for the trial to get underway without delay.
Rosie Kinnear of KRW Law said: "Since April 15, 1972, it has been the family's firm assertion that Joe was murdered.
"Nearly 46 years later, the decision of the court to return Soldier A and Soldier C for trial in the Crown Court on murder charges has vindicated that belief."
Ms Kinnear added: "The McCann family welcome this significant decision and are eager for the trial to take place as soon as possible."

NWN:   The 'witch hunt' against old soldiers continues . Bloody shameful.  But what all this is doing is 'radicalising' a large number of patriotic people . Serving and ex-military people. The UK was marked for destruction by the zionists in the 19th century and this is a part of the breaking up of the UK. By destroying it's revered institutions in this case the armed forces and blackening our name.

Monday, March 26, 2018

How the traitor Nick Griffin trashed the original NORTHWESTNATIONALISTS in 1999 and protected the peadophile Sir Cyril Smith from the public's ire while Smith was still alive .

This was right after the 'crook' Griffin hijacked the BNP, and was already 'trashing the party' and making himself a dictator to do that job on the BNP. A dictator whose vision and intellect was severely lacking, and coupled with his desire to lie and cheat and run the BNP into the ground. NWN saw the 'writing on the wall' way back then and so went independent. After being possibly the very first expulsion(s) from the BNP back then.

It was fairly widely known about Cyril Smith in 1999, but not known about to the general public. We were one of the first to break the silence of the sexual activities/antics of Cyril Smith, and we knew where the evidence was. We cited our sources which were and still are logged within the Local Studies section of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Library system. But that wasn't good enough for Griffin !

He didn't want us to progress. He also stopped us opening a 'radio station' using the web, that we were given the 'green light' for from when John Tyndall was still the BNP leader. We were also going to use webcams to broadcast BNP major meetings onto the web back then. None of these groundbreaking ideas ever got off the ground, because Griffin would stop any progress of using the then new technologies . In 1999, we were the first political party to use a designated website in a Parliamentary by-election in Preston. We were breaking new ground and utilising these technologies before any other party. Another example of the way that Nick Griffin trashed the BNP.

Click the images to enlarge........................................

Friday, March 23, 2018

 A race hate crime - if not why not ?

This is the horrific moment thugs tried to kill a man at a Metrolink stop as tram passengers screamed in terror

Detectives say the yobs 'played to the audience' - the incident is being treated as attempted murder

CCTV cameras captured a sickening attack on an innocent man who was punched, kicked and stamped on more than 100 times as horrified tram passengers watched on.
The man was left for dead following the brutal assault by a gang of teenagers at the Freehold Metrolink stop in Oldham.
Detectives said the yobs ‘played to the audience’ after a tram stopped on the opposite side of the tracks .

They walked off, only to return to continue the attack, three times.

The violence was described by Metrolink bosses as ‘indiscriminate and wanton’.
Police are treating the vicious attack, which left the 49-year-old badly injured, as attempted murder.

The three thugs - aged between 15 and 18-years-old - jumped the man at the Chadderton stop at around 9.30pm on March 8.
They continued to attack him as he lay unconscious on the floor in a pool of blood.
Metrolink cameras captured the horrific assault.

Graphic footage shows the thugs attacking the man. At one point, one teenager can be seen dragging the man by the leg across the floor before stamping on him.
Some of the video had to be cut as it was so distressing.
Police say the man was hit, punched and stamped on more than 100 times.
The victim was left with a bleed on the brain - and a fractured cheek, nose and ribs. Doctors thought he would lose an eye, but it has been saved.
GMP said the thugs ‘played to the audience’ and continued beating the defenceless man while he was unconscious.

It wasn’t until tram passengers pulled the emergency cord to open the doors that the teenagers fled.
The Metrolink driver also jumped out to try and help.
Police said the driver and passengers’ brave actions saved the man’s life.
Paramedics attended and rushed the victim to hospital. He has been left traumatised by the attack.

Police said the three teenagers were all male, Asian and of slim build. They were wearing bubble jackets and trainers.
Detective Sergeant John Coleman said the attack, which lasted for four minutes, was the worst he had ever seen.
He said the victim had been out with his partner and friends in town and had gone home as he had work the next day.
Moments before the attack he had messaged his partner to say he had arrived at Freehold.

Detective Sergeant John Coleman
DS Coleman said: “Not only did these men target an innocent man for no apparent reason, they subjected him to a sustained and brutal attack and the footage is absolutely shocking.
“How anyone could kick a defenceless man in the head as he lay unconscious is almost unbelievable, but for them to return on three separate occasions to continue their assault and then leave him bleeding on the platform is beyond comprehension.
“The fact the victim not only survived, but is now on the road to recovery, is pretty incredible.

The Freehold stop in Chadderton, Oldham
“We know a tram stopped on the opposite side of the tracks at the time of the attack and I would urge anyone who has any video footage to please send it in to us as a matter of urgency. It could be vital to finding the people responsible.
“Alternatively, anyone who thinks they know who did this, or has any information, please get in touch. This could have been your father, son or brother and we need to find these men immediately.”
Transport for Greater Manchester’s head of Metrolink, Danny Vaughan, said: “This was a sickening and sustained attack that has left a man seriously injured.
“We know there’s been a spike in the number of incidents of crime and antisocial behaviour in the Oldham area recently.

Danny Vaughan
“It is something we are working with partners to try and tackle but the extent of this assault and level of force used was indiscriminate and wanton.
“Working under the TravelSafe Partnership the number of patrols in the area has been increased significantly and CCTV of the incident has been handed over to police to assist their investigation. I’d encourage anyone with information about this incident or those responsible to come forward.”
A witness to attack has told the Manchester Evening News: “The victim did not seem to be moving and many passengers presumed he was dead.
“The tram driver had already left the platform before stopping the tram again to shout at the offenders, however they ignored this and continued to viciously assault the victim.
“Many of the passengers screamed from the tram for the thugs to stop, however they continued.
“This attack lasted approximately five minutes, all whilst the victim lay on the floor motionless.
“It was only when one of the passengers pulled the emergency door release lever on the tram that people were able to leave the tram to attend to the victim, it was at this time the tram driver closed the doors of the tram and left the Freehold tram stop.”

Show more
Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 8267, quoting reference number 2239 of March 8.
Reports can also be made to Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The black Tudors of England: African porter who whipped a white servant is among 350 stories revealing how early immigrants were treated as equals in the Elizabethan era

  • Case of Edward Swarthye saw him whip fellow white slave on orders of employer
  • He appeared at court to confirm that he whipped John Guy on employer's orders
  • His story suggests that early black immigrants were treated as equals by Tudors
  • Jaques Francis's tale saw him help salvage the wrecked Mary Rose warship 
  • His employer went on trial and Francis was invited to give evidence in a court 
  • This came despite other witnesses claiming he could not because he was a slave

Edward Swarthye's story suggests black immigrants in England were seen as equals. Pictured: Portrait of an African man, circa 1530
Edward Swarthye's story suggests black immigrants in England were seen as equals. Pictured: Portrait of an African man, circa 1530
The case of a black servant whipping a white one forms part of a growing body of evidence that Africans were treated equally in Tudor England.
Edward Swarthye's dealings with the Elizabethan court is one of 350 examples of black people whose stories have been compiled in the book, Black Tudors.
The book is the first detailed study of early black immigrants and explores Swarthye's coming to England on a ship under the command of Sir Francis Drake
According to Miranda Kaufmann, senior research fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, Swarthye had a higher rank than that of fellow servant, John Guy, who would go onto become mayor of Bristol and a colonial governor of Newfoundland. 
'The whipping is a shock today because when we think of whipping we usually think of a white man whipping a black man,' Dr Kaufmann told the Oxford Literary Festival. 
'It utterly inverts everything we thought we knew about the Tudors.'
Black Tudors explores how Swarthye became a porter of Edward Wynter, a knight who joined Drake on a voyage to the Caribbean.
NWN: Where do they get this rubbish from ? Or, why do they deliberately tell lies ?

There is also a huge error here too. Queen Elizabeth I  actually made a law to expel " ye blackamoores" . That law is still extant . So in actual fact all those whom the corrupt polticians have allowed onto these shores are here illegally.
 "In 1601, among the Cecil papers still held at Hatfield House, we hear this: "The queen is discontented at the great numbers of 'negars and blackamoores' which are crept into the realm since the troubles between her Highness and the King of Spain, and are fostered here to the annoyance of her own people."
Tis a shame we haven't got an absolute monarch of the calibre of 'Good Queene Bess' on the throne, as no doubt she would have sorted all the nations major problems out . Hangings galore would have occurred.

New Phrase: Post-Windrush Generation . – Theresa May, Britain’s unelected prime minister, apologises to British Caribbean leaders in Lond...