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A speech by Dr William Pierce , one of the very finest white intellectuals. Dr Pierce was a physicist who worked on the Atom bomb .

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Stop the discrimination against British army veterans

by Dennis Hutchings
Dennis Hutchings
Case Owner 
My name is Dennis Hutchings. I served in the British Army for 26 years. Now I'm being prosecuted for a crime I did not commit because of discrimination against British veterans in Northern Ireland.
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Who am I?

My name is Dennis Hutchings.  I served in the British Army for 26 years.
I was posted to Northern Ireland during the Troubles in the early 1970’s and I did several tours there. I did my duty as did many others. Now we are the subject of repeat investigations and prosecutions.

My story 

On 15 June 1974 John Patrick Cunningham was shot and killed in NI. This was a tragic incident. I did not shoot Mr Cunningham.
I was arrested at the time and after an investigation told in writing that the Director of Public Prosecutions had directed that I would not be prosecuted. In 2011 the Historic Enquires Unit of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) cold-case reviewed this matter and again I was told no action would be taken against me.
Then, out of the blue, on 21 April 2015 I was arrested at my home in England by police officers from Northern Ireland and taken the same day to Belfast where I was held for four days and interviewed on numerous occasions; more times, I’m told than Harold Shipman, believed to be history’s most prolific serial killer. I was then charged with Attempted Murder. I have been fighting this case ever since.
When I was arrested the then Director of Public Prosecutions in Northern Ireland was Bara McGrory, who previously had represented Martin McGuinness at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry and is stated on the Internet to have acted for Gerry Adams. Mr McGrory signed a certificate denying me a jury trial and I am to stand trial beginning on 9 March 2020.
I am not guilty of this or any crime. I dutifully served my country, am innocent, 78-years-old, suffer from ill health and, along with other veterans am the subject of a politically motivated witch-hunt.
Why we need your help
There is evidence that myself and another five veterans facing prosecution are the subject of discriminatory treatment by the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.
While terrorists have been granted effective amnesties from prosecution, British Army veterans have been targeted in disproportionate numbers to be brought before the courts.
I am taking the following action to ensure what is happening to me does not happen to any of the other thousands of British Army veterans who served their country to protect the public from terrorism and civil unrest during the Troubles.
I have been advised by my legal team that the Government’s ongoing failure to protect veterans from unjust prosecutions in Northern Ireland is a possible breach of the Human Rights Act and should be challenged in the courts.

Please donate what you can to my campaign - every little helps - and share this page with friends and family on social media, and by email or WhatsApp.

Discrimination against veterans
During the Troubles, around 3,500 people were killed and very many more injured. Statistics show that 90% of the deaths were caused by terrorists (60% by Republican paramilitaries and 30% by Loyalists paramilitaries).  The number of state killings (by police and soldiers) stands at less than 10%.  It is incontrovertible that all paramilitary killings were criminal, while the state killings – with a handful of exceptions – were lawful.
I believe that anyone who commits an unlawful killing should face justice.  However, despite being responsible for around 2200 deaths, during the Troubles, all of which were unlawful, only a handful of IRA terrorists have been prosecuted since the Northern Ireland peace agreement in 1998.
Disproportionately, six British soldiers, including me, are now facing prosecution.  In fact, research indicates that veterans are 54x more likely to be prosecuted in Northern Ireland than IRA terrorists.  These number don’t add up and it is clear that veterans are being subject to discriminatory treatment.
This imbalance is due in the large part to a secret administrative programme which was run by the British Government between 2000 and 2014.  Because of it, at least 187 Republicans who feared prison for suspected terrorist offences received effective amnesties from prosecution under the now infamous ‘on-the-run’ scheme.  As a veteran, I don’t want an amnesty, not least because I’ve done nothing wrong.  I just want fair treatment.

What can we do
The British Government has promised to enact legislation by 18 April 2020 which will deal with Northern Ireland’s legacy issues, including how to address investigations and prosecutions of Troubles related incidents.  With only months to go, the draft bill, as currently written, still fails to provide any protection to veterans.
My legal team, led by barrister Dr. Austen Morgan, have written a Letter-Before-Action to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland calling on the British Government to make good on its election promises to give “veterans who served in the Troubles … the protection they deserve” and announce exactly what protections, come April, veterans will be given from unjust prosecutions.  We have given the Government 14 days to respond.
Should the British Government fail or refuse to commit to adequate protections then we may apply to the courts to compel the government to review its decision.
While a decision may not come in time to help me, I hope that this action will help all those other veterans who are currently wondering whether the next knock will be on their door.

How you can help
At this stage, it is impossible to know the final costs of any legal action.  We hope that the Government will see sense and that going to court will not be necessary.  I also hope that, should we need to proceed, the Ministry of Defence will also agree to cover my costs as part of its obligations to me as a veteran.  However, if the MOD refuses to support me and I have to go it alone, I will need to cover my own legal costs as well set aside funds to cover the government’s costs should the courts rule against me.
In the meantime, I need to raise £10,000 to cover current costs and to fund:
  • Counsel’s continued advice and representation;
  • The making of ongoing representations to the Government to seek a resolution;
  • Further investigations and gathering of evidence;
  • Representations to the MOD to secure funding for continuing legal action.
I am represented by solicitors McCue & Partners LLP and barrister Dr. Austen Morgan who was counsel to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the IRA ‘On-The-Runs’ scandal.  I am represented in the criminal proceedings by Devonshires Solicitors LLP in England and MTB Solicitors in Belfast.

Thank for for your support! 

Friday, January 31, 2020

Brexit Day – is it?

H&D correspondent Peter Hollings, writes from Leeds, Yorkshire.
Tonight there will be lots of people around the country celebrating Brexit Day. 11pm this evening marks the point at which the United Kingdom will finally get rid of the EU shackles that have blighted our lives for so many decades now.

At least that’s what all those out and about later today will be thinking as they vigorously wave their Union Jack flags and vociferously belt out Rule Britannia loud and proud into the night sky.
Whilst patriots across the nation are collectively giving the two -fingered salute to Brussels I’ll be looking on from ‘afar’ and directing a wry little smile at all those who for whatever reason think we have somehow achieved a monumental and history-making victory over our globalist oppressors.
Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy seeing we Brits come together in acts of celebration regardless of its nature. Whether we’re singing patriotic songs and waving flags at events such as The Proms (minus the LGBT flags of course) or coming together in acts of remembrance for our war heroes, or celebrating sporting victories on the world stage for example, nothing gladdens the heart more than seeing our people openly and proudly wearing their patriotism on their sleeves.
My problem is that these Brexit celebrations are being held way too early and I feel that there are going to be an awful lot of patriots who are going to be disappointed and deflated in the coming months and years.

The fact of the matter is that a true Brexit, that is to say a return to full sovereignty, will not occur for many years to come. This is because only a true Nationalist government will ever have the will to protect and maintain our full sovereignty.

Consider the following:

1) Britain will legally leave the EU and enter a ‘transition period’ which runs until December 31. During this time the UK will remain subject to EU laws and free movement of people will continue.
2) We will continue to pour billions of pounds into the EU’s coffers during that transition period. We will have all of the usual costs but none of the representation whilst we maintain our expensive financial obligations towards the EU budget.
3) There’s a very real probability that the transition period will be extended (despite Boris Johnson’s rhetoric to the contrary) for a further one or two years delaying our departure further. Who is to say that the extension period won’t be continued for even more years after that?
The National Front marches against the EEC, Kidderminster, 1984
4) The Northern Ireland question is far from complete. The architects of our destruction want a united Ireland in an effort to further dismantle our Union just as they want to see an ‘independent Scotland and an independent Wales (and Cornwall for that matter) eventually.
Northern Ireland will continue to follow EU rules on agricultural and manufactured goods, while the rest of the UK will not.

Additionally, the whole of the UK will leave the EU’s customs union but Northern Ireland will continue to enforce the EU’s customs code at its ports.
THE EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE WILL MAINTAIN PRIMACY OVER UK LAW in certain matters because of these afore-mentioned NI trading agreements. This is not regaining full sovereignty or achieving a full and hard Brexit.

5) The Tory government says that after Brexit EU citizens will no longer have priority status when it comes to the issue of entry into Britain. We will, in all likelihood, see an actual reduction in the numbers coming over from the likes of Poland and Romania etc but in my opinion it will mean an increase in those arriving from Africa, the Far East, the West Indies, India, Pakistan and the Middle East. Our enemies are not going to stop mass immigration and the Great Replacement project just because of Brexit or should I say BRINO (Brexit In Name Only).There’s no call for celebration here wouldn’t you agree?
6) Britain/USA trade deal. Does anyone seriously think that a trade deal negotiated on behalf of Britain by Tory arch-capitalist globalists and Israel ‘Firsters’ will secure a deal that is actually good for Britain, because I don’t? Trump is waiting in the wings with his fellow neo-Con hawks to stitch the UK up ‘big-time’.

Any deal concluded will without a shadow of a doubt be good for the USA and bad for America’s ‘bitch’ – because that is how they see us and it’s how they see the rest of the world also. I expect our NHS to become a casualty eventually of any future trade deal in spite of persistent denials by the Tories who say the NHS isn’t for sale.

7) Even Farage has acknowledged that we will not have our full fishing rights and waters returned to us after Brexit negotiations are concluded. If this is so I have to ask what other areas of British life we are going to have to accept compromises on?

As there is still so much uncertainty ahead of us it really does surprise me that the Leavers are so willing to prematurely indulge in celebration and triumphalism at this early stage in proceedings.
I’ll save my celebrating for when I see a complete cessation of mass immigration into Britain. I’ll crack open the bubbly when I see Islam eradicated from our shores. I’ll pat myself on the back when I see a return of an above average birthrate figure for native Brits and a reduction in the birthrates of all the various foreigner groups residing here.


For me the flag remains at half-mast for the time being.

NWN: The chap at right front of pic is Bryan 'Joe' Nylan, who was at this time, Branch Organiser of Manchester National Front . He looks to be carrying a 'movie camera' ....we wonder what became of the films that he took ?

Also lurking near the front of that march , and who helped to trash the National Front, as he later trashed the British National Party - is one Nick Griffin.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Well the message is really starting to get out there - just a quick look at the 'Frankfurt school' is all that is needed !  Political correctness = cultural marxism .

Friday, January 17, 2020


Martin Webster gives marxist George Galloway some home truths

Webster has been one of the most articulate opponents of the coloured invasion of Britain since the very early 1960's.

This blog will not hear any of the 'shite' from others who call Webster a 'poofter', when they themselves do fuck all for the UK.

 His sexuality, and he is quite old now, is his business.

NWN might not approve, but he has shown his opposition more than, we think, anyone else living today here in the UK.

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Why I Don’t Trust Trump on Iran


President Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told us the US had to assassinate Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani last week because he was planning “Imminent attacks” on US citizens. I don’t believe them.

Why not? Because Trump and the neocons – like Pompeo – have been lying about Iran for the past three years in an effort to whip up enough support for a US attack. From the phony justification to get out of the Iran nuclear deal, to blaming Yemen on Iran, to blaming Iran for an attack on Saudi oil facilities, the US Administration has fed us a steady stream of lies for three years because they are obsessed with Iran.

And before Trump’s obsession with attacking Iran, the past four US Administrations lied ceaselessly to bring about wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Serbia, Somalia, and the list goes on.

At some point, when we’ve been lied to constantly and consistently for decades about a “threat” that we must “take out” with a military attack, there comes a time where we must assume they are lying until they provide rock solid, irrefutable proof. Thus far they have provided nothing. So I don’t believe them.

President Trump has warned that his administration has already targeted 52 sites important to Iran and Iranian culture and the US will attack them if Iran retaliates for the assassination of Gen. Soleimani. Because Iran has no capacity to attack the United States, Iran’s retaliation if it comes will likely come against US troops or US government officials stationed or visiting the Middle East. I have a very easy solution for President Trump that will save the lives of American servicemembers and other US officials: just come home. There is absolutely no reason for US troops to be stationed throughout the Middle East to face increased risk of death for nothing.

In our Ron Paul Liberty Report program last week we observed that the US attack on a senior Iranian military officer on Iraqi soil – over the objection of the Iraq government – would serve to finally unite the Iraqi factions against the United States. And so it has: on Sunday the Iraqi parliament voted to expel US troops from Iraqi soil. It may have been a non-binding resolution, but there is no mistaking the sentiment. US troops are not wanted and they are increasingly in danger. So why not listen to the Iraqi parliament?

Bring our troops home, close the US Embassy in Baghdad – a symbol of our aggression - and let the people of the Middle East solve their own problems. Maintain a strong defense to protect the United States, but end this neocon pipe-dream of ruling the world from the barrel of a gun. It does not work. It makes us poorer and more vulnerable to attack. It makes the elites of Washington rich while leaving working and middle class America with the bill. It engenders hatred and a desire for revenge among those who have fallen victim to US interventionist foreign policy. And it results in millions of innocents being killed overseas.

There is no benefit to the United States to trying to run the world. Such a foreign policy brings only bankruptcy – moral and financial. Tell Congress and the Administration that for America’s sake we demand the return of US troops from the Middle East!

Sunday, January 05, 2020

British nationalists were infiltrated even back then in the 1970's - Carl Kukla

The above is one Carl Kukla of Manchester.

Kukla was heavily into the National Front, particularly in Manchester in the 1970's. We now see that Kukla has a 'liking' for exotic women and on his Facebook page has one STEVE TILSEY as a FB friend.Tilsey was a zionist/communist thug who worked for SEARCHLIGHT magazine, and who was convicted amongst other violent acts of kidnapping and who subsequently served jail time.

The black and white pic is of Kukla centre with National Front activists at Rochdale Town Hall in 1979, for the then General Election and at this NF election meeting at Rochdale Town Hall.
Due to the communist riots that night outside this meeting, BBC's Angela Rippon read out the obscene left wing violent behaviour on the national news. Hundreds of Police had to subdue the communist violence that night, with the whole of Rochdale town centre having to be closed down.

Above, we see Kukla with and campaigning for, the trotskyist Socialist Workers party only a few years ago, and the next pic is with his 'exotic' wife.

Kukla was a minor NF official with Manchester branch back then . He went on every NF activity including Lewisham in 1977, when his Facebook friend Steve Tilsey with other armed communists, attacked the NF coach from Manchester to Lewisham that day which was attacked on Aytoun Street in Manchester city centre. Kukla was actually on that coach that day but was NOT attacked.

Tilsey and armed communists used heavy weapons and smoke canisters to create confusion with and led by communist zionist jewish Mike Luft of Failsworth and also SEARCHLIGHT magazine. The NF coach was severely damaged with many windows smashed by this armed left wing mob.

The NF members then had to go down to the NF Lewisham march by the use of a removals van from Salford van hire.

2000 - John Tyndall speaks in Oldham

Monthly collections raised in excess of £1,000+, but no-one seems to know where the money went to.

Also on the platform here, are two 'ne-er do wells' who helped to 'trash' British nationalism .

We would have loved to delete these two characters from our picture records, but this takes away the historical record of just what was going on in Oldham back then .
These two idiots supported Nick Griffin to be BNP leader, and both back then were paid by the BNP.

We have a number of pics from back then, that have never been published.

A speech by Dr William Pierce , one of the very finest white intellectuals. Dr Pierce was a physicist who worked on the Atom bomb . h...