Sunday, February 27, 2011

Searchlight poll finds huge support for far right 'if they gave up violence'

Level of far-right support could outstrip that in France or Holland, says poll for Searchlight

‘Large numbers’ would support a far-right party, if it was not linked to violence.

Huge numbers of Britons would support an anti-immigration English nationalist party if it was not associated with violence and fascist imagery, according to the largest survey into identity and extremism conducted in the UK.

A Populus poll found that 48% of the population would consider supporting a new anti-immigration party committed to challenging Islamist extremism, and would support policies to make it statutory for all public buildings to fly the flag of St George or the union flag.

Anti-racism campaigners said the findings suggested Britain's mainstream parties were losing touch with public opinion on issues of identity and race.

The poll suggests that the level of backing for a far-right party could equal or even outstrip that in countries such as France, the Netherlands and Austria. France's National Front party hopes to secure 20% in the first round of the presidential vote next year. The Dutch anti-Islam party led by Geert Wilders attracted 15.5% of the vote in last year's parliamentary elections.

Anti-fascist groups said the poll's findings challenged the belief that Britons were more tolerant than other Europeans. "This is not because British people are more moderate, but simply because their views have not found a political articulation," said a report by the Searchlight Educational Trust, the anti-fascist charity that commissioned the poll.

According to the survey, 39% of Asian Britons, 34% of white Britons and 21% of black Britons wanted all immigration into the UK to be stopped permanently, or at least until the economy improved. And 43% of Asian Britons, 63% of white Britons and 17% of black Britons agreed with the statement that "immigration into Britain has been a bad thing for the country". Just over half of respondents – 52% – agreed with the proposition that "Muslims create problems in the UK".

Jon Cruddas, the Labour MP who fought a successful campaign against the British National party in his Dagenham and Rainham constituency in east London, said that the findings pointed to a "very real threat of a new potent political constituency built around an assertive English nationalism". The report identified a resurgence of English identity, with 39% preferring to call themselves English rather than British. Just 5% labelled themselves European.

Earlier this month David Cameron delivered a controversial speech on the failings of "state multiculturalism". The speech was seized on by the anti-Islamic English Defence League, which said that the prime minister was "coming round" to its way of thinking. BNP leader Nick Griffin also welcomed the speech as a sign that his party's ideas were entering "the political mainstream".

The poll also identified a majority keen to be allowed to openly criticise religion, with 60% believing they "should be allowed to say whatever they believe about religion". By contrast, fewer than half – 42% – said "people should be allowed to say whatever they believe about race".

NWN: This is a major story the mainstream brainwashing media are running with today. Firstly, we at NWN wonder where is or who are causing all that violence.

Secondly what violence ?

And thirdly, it is 'evidence' collated by the zionist/communist Searchlight magazine and crooks like Gerry Gable and his 'zionistas'.

Still, the controlled mass media aren't too bothered about leftwing extemists like Searchlight.

So what is the controlled 'mass media' up to here ?

Friday, February 25, 2011

BNP Leadership Challenge Meeting

A meeting was held in London Last night to discuss the forthcoming leadership challenge. The meeting was attended by twenty one invited activists from London and the South East of England.

Three of those attending threw their hats into the ring as the possible challenger. The member chosen to be the challenger and his deputy will not be named until June for fear that they will be suspended or expelled for daring to take on Mr Griffin. A number of other issues were discussed, including one member who has decided to challenge Mr Griffin in the courts for the illegal decisions made in his name.

A fund was immediately started to assist the member with his legal costs.

Serious concerns were also expressed with regard to individuals Mr Griffin has chosen to surround himself with. Some have sexual perversions whilst others have been arrested for serious criminal offences. The national press are having a field day.

The other serious concern related to the fact that more and more members of Solidarity, some of whom are not even members of the British National Party, have been promoted to senior positions in the party and it is feared that Mr Griffin is working to some sort of agenda.

A speaker informed the meeting that other meetings are being held all over the North of England with the express purpose of removing Mr Griffin from his position as Chairman of the party because of his bizarre behaviour and refusal to answer questions relating to the many allegations of financial irregularities that are being posted on various websites. The meeting ended with a glorious buffet laid on by one of the members and a feeling that the British National Party can still be saved, but only with the removal of Mr Griffin and his band of ne'er do wells.


Michael Barnbrook

NWN: While Michael Barnbrook is not regarded as a true racial nationalist, we acknowledge that unless and until the crook Griffin is ousted, the nationalist movement will get nowhere. Griffin has been placed at the head of the BNP at the behest of the 'State' so that we are kept emasculated . Once Griffin is gone, we can then move forward. There are moves right across the Country with the one aim - get rid of the despot !

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nick Griffin in depression as Libya's Gaddafi under pressure

As the revolts in Arab countries continues unabated, news is coming in that Libya's 'for life'

President Muamar Gaddafi might flee abroad. Country's mentioned that he might flee to, include Venezuela in South America. Gaddafi though might seek the help of supporter and now Euro MP Nick Griffin and seek political refuge on the isolated Griffin family farm abode near Welshpool.

Gaddafi could then swap tips with Griffin on how to be an unpopular despot but ignore reality.

As the above picture shows, Nick Griffin when he supported Gaddafi and his green book on a trip to Libya.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yorkshire Regional Organiser stands down
(click on pic to enlarge. Thanks to GW for the image)

Ian Kitchen stands down.

So Nick Griffin gets rid of one Regional Organiser, and promotes another person who, whether knowingly or not, has helped to ensure the BNP will do badly at the Barnsley by-election. Griffin knew the porno story was bound to come out in the gutter press. The BNP lady candidate will be the centre of ridicule, for an issue that for any sane person should have been avoided.

The fact that Griffin did all this knowing the fallout and sniggers, can be nothing other than a dupe for the Establishment.

Nick Griffins record is one of disaster. Even an idiot would get half his decisions working out right. But with Nick Griffin, every decision is a mess. There can be no other conclusion than Mr. Griffin is working to another agenda, and that agenda is not for the British people in it's hour of need.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well that's the Barnsley by-election BNP campaign screwed !

The above is from a rather unsavoury 'newspaper' published today, and it is also on their website. This story in the SUNDAY SPORT centres on the Kitchen family who have risen to prominence under that arch destructor of nationalism and the BNP - Nick Griffin.

Griffin is 'extracting the urine' here again. How long must it be before some people wake up to Griffins game of trashing the BNP ? He has been doing it since he hijacked the BNP in 1999. As soon as an area 'gets up an head of steam', he tinkers around, and usually 'parachutes' himself into running the area, with the result it gets wrecked.

We at NWN pity the poor lady BNP candidate for Barnsley who will now be the centre of great ridicule.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have a look at this forum where real nationalists can have their say. We don't want any of the 'wets' who support charlatans like Nick Griffin. Nationalism was headed for great success before Griffin hijacked the BNP. Have a look. Have your say. Join in the debates. But be aware, we don't suffer fools gladly !

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Express Group now openly promoting the English Defence League

The promotion (see the Daily Star report below) which the billionaire Zionist Jew Richard Desmond is giving to the English Defence League via the Express Group component of his ever-growing media empire would seem to challenge the ‘official’ position of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and its Community Security Trust that Zionist-Jewry in Britain is firmly opposed to the EDL and its ‘Islamophobic’ policies.

Desmond has always been a bit of a maverick. He built his fortune on pornography before selling up to raise the capital to buy the Express Group, which includes the Daily Express, the Sunday Express and the Daily Star. Last year he bought Channel 5 TV. Recently he withdrew his publications from the Press Complaints Commission, to which all major national and small local newspaper groups belong.

But his backing of the EDL should not be seen a genuine split within the Jewry.

Throughout history, wherever they have settled, the Jews have always played both ends against the middle. They are not bothered by the concept of a principled, unified and consistent approach to any issue — except one: the survival and advancement of the Jews. In all other matters they are are entirely morally pragmatic and often deliberately contradictory.

Their policies and tactics guided by one question only: What, for the moment, is good for the Jews?

Thus it is that they want to promote immigration and race-mixing among the goyim (non-Jews) in Britain — and indeed among all white European peoples and nations — but also want to make Britain an uncomfortable place for Muslims, except those who are willing both to accommodate themselves to the Jewish domination of Britain’s ‘Establishment’ and abandon the Palestinians to Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing.

So they operate a ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ routine which confuses the Goyim, be they indigenous Anglo-Saxon-Celtic British, or any one of several hundred varieties of ethnic aliens who have been encouraged (by the Jews) to invade and settle in our homeland since WW2.

This is just one aspect of the topic....

Jewry’s Race Policy: ‘Racism for US — Multi-Racialism for YOU’.”

....which I will be exploring during my address to the next meeting of the New Right association to be held in London from 1.00pm next Saturday, 12th February.

Martin Webster.

P.S.: In connection with Jewish backing of the EDF, you might care to go to:

This is a short clip from the speech given by the EDL’s religious advisor, Rabbi Nachum Shiffren. In this, during a ‘Freudian slip’, he blurts out the truth concerning Jewish racism. I think he gave this speech at the EDL’s pro-Israel rally held last year outside the Israeli Embassy in Kensington, London.

A week before that rally the EDL held an anti-Muslim rally in Leicester and the “anti-fascist” rabble led by Searchlight mobilised against it. For some reason Searchlight did not mobilise its supporters against the EDL’s pro-Zionist, pro-Jewish rally outside the Israeli Embassy. I e-mailed Searchlight via its web site to ask why. Guess what? I didn’t get a reply!

I am grateful to Sean Hadley of GriffinWatch ( ) for drawing my attention to Rabbi Shiffren’s inadvertent outburst of honesty.


Date: Wednesday, 9 February 2011 11:55
To: Martin Webster
Subject: EDL To Go Political
Daily Star – Wednesday 9th February 2011 - 9:2:2011

EDL To Go Political
by Steve Hughes & Emily Hall

THE English Defence League is set to break into mainstream politics with a bid to get MPs in Parliament.

It wants to field official EDL candidates in national and council elections.

The move is an attempt to increase the organisation’s political influence, just like the BNP under Nick Griffin.

The party’s boss Tommy Robinson said: “We aren’t ruling it out. I think this country needs a party that’s not afraid to say things some would consider unpopular.

“My hope is still that the Tories will take a tougher stance.

“We are a single issue group and at the moment we would rather have a dialogue with the other political parties – but that could change.”

Mr Robinson, 28, real name Stephen Lennon, whose group now has 74,000 Facebook followers, predicted the EDL would have more online supporters than the Tories, Labour and the Lib-Dems by the end of the year.

He said the organisation’s main aim was to outlaw the Koran then adapt it to fit in with British society.

He said the only way to do this would be to force Muslims to realise the words of their holy scriptures are outdated.

He said: “They have got a responsibility to sort out their religion. They have to reform their religion so it fits in.”

Mr Robinson also revealed that he wants to appear on BBC1’s Question Time. And the EDL boss said that, unlike bumbling BNP leader Nick Griffin, 51, he would be a surefire hit on the show.

The BBC was blasted for allowing Mr Griffin on to the panel in 2009 and thousands of people protested outside the studios.

But Mr Robinson claimed the EDL was now so popular he would get supporters outside the venue if he appeared.

He said: “Nick Griffin got two million votes and he’s an MEP but he didn’t have anyone supporting him when he went on Question Time.

“Get me on Question Time. I’ll have 10,000 people turn up to support me.” Meanwhile a row was brewing last night over the EDL’s latest planned march, which officials claimed would cost £1million to police.

The protest is planned for March 19 in Birmingham after two Muslim councillors refused to stand up in honour of a war hero at a ceremony.

MPs have called for Home Secretary Theresa May, 54, to ban the event, which falls on the same day Wolverhampton Wanderers play Aston Villa.

In the Daily Star phone poll yesterday, 98% of readers said they agreed with the EDL’s policies.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Samedi 15 janvier 2011 6 15 /01 /Jan /2011 12:45

Europe’s Newest Free Speech Martyr: Barcelona Librarian Pedro Varela ... 31899.html

As one European free speech martyr, Ernst Zundel, is released from prison, another one takes his place in the EU gulag. A Spanish court has sentenced Barcelona bookshop owner Pedro Varela to two years and nine months in prison for “spreading racist propaganda.” The court ruled that Varela spread ideas “favorable to genocide.” In fact none of the books Varela sold were favorable in any way to genocide. Varela has always condemned all human rights violations against peoples. He was charged with “racism” for simply selling a book in his bookstore by a leading British scientist on racial differences. A book which advocated no repression or harm against anyone. He was also ordered to pay a fine of 2,880 euros (3,945 dollars). Prosecutors had asked for a four-year prison sentence.

The court rejected Varela’s defense that he belonged to no political party and that there were no banned books in Spain. During the trial, Varela said “I am not saying there was not persecution of the Jews, and I have always condemned forcefully any persecution that existed, but there should be traditional academic investigation, criticism and challenge on historical events.” Brief English summary from EarthTimes; Spanish-language media reports from El Pais and EFE. So, they seek to throw him in prison not for denying crimes against Jews in the Second World War but for simply selling books in his shop that historically argue numbers of which there is considerable dispute even among mainstream Jewish researchers.

This represents Pedro Varela’s third time through the Spanish justice system over free speech issues. In 2006, Varela was arrested on Holocaust denial and justification of genocide charges, convicted on the justification charge, and sentenced to seven months in prison after a 2008 trial, but avoided incarceration at the time because he lacked a prior criminal record. Previously, on November 16th, 1998, a Barcelona criminal court found Varela guilty of inciting racial hatred and of denying or justifying genocide, and sentenced him to five years imprisonment and a fine of 720,000 pesetas (about $5,000). The conviction was suspended by the Catalonia Provincial Court on April 30th, 1999 when the three judges of the Audencia court in Barcelona unanimously declared that the law under which he had been convicted may have violated Article 20 of the Spanish Constitution, which guarantees the rights of free speech and free expression of opinion.

Ultimately, a Constitutional Tribunal sided with the provincial court, deciding in 2007 to decriminalise a presumption that was included in the reform of the Penal Code of 1996. Article 607.2 anticipates punishments of up to two years in jail for whoever, “by any means” diffuses “ideas or doctrines that deny or justify” the Holocaust. The Tribunal found that this clause limited a fundamental right, the right to freedom of expression, since it punished the diffusion of ideas “without demanding any other element, such as affronts, or inciting to attack groups.”

In 2007, Pedro Varela published Dr. David Duke’s Spanish-language translation of his book, “Jewish Supremacism”. The two launched a joint book tour for Dr. Duke. The November 2007 Spanish news video embedded below shows one of the joint appearances of Dr. Duke and Pedro Varela — and also shows Spanish Marxists staging a riot in protest. Ironically, a nonviolent man who has harmed no one is facing almost three years in prison while communist terrorists who rioted, burned property, who physically harmed police and bystanders, who sought bodily harm against other humans simply because of their viewpoint — were let off with only a slap on the wrist!
French TV programme about Islamisation of Britain

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