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Dear Fellow NationalistIn the past 48hrs you may have received yet another grovelling demand for money from the BNP Chairman Nick Griffin. Within the invitation to become a BNP member for life (fine in principle until he finds an excuse to purge said individual with the usual vitrolic nonsense that the individual concerned is a neo-nazi/State asset/Searchlight mole/crank/dinosaur et al) there is a link to paying online at the URL:

Well this is a massive mistake by Simon Bennett; the earnest yet disgruntled current webmaster who has had a major row with the current leadership in the past few weeks. Simon has undoubtedly helped propel the BNP website towards new heights of success but in the process of so doing some very basic issues, not least ensuring the content is of political interest and stimulating, but in this case the issue of security of information transfer has been overlooked. Everyone who is in receipt of this latest begging letter from Griffin must be warned that they should not give their credit card details via an unencrypted site. If the site was really secure it would be thus: the prefix https://


May God help those misguided and gullible individuals who have already sent their personal details via this thoroughly insecure web page. The consequences do not bear thinking about - credit card phishing is one of the most common types of fraud perpetrated by Internet crooks. Please pass this on to anyone you know/think may be so minded to follow Griffin's latest (but most certainly not the final) call for cash.

With kind regards to the legion of genuine nationalists who remain true to the Cause,

Steve Blake Former BNP web editor


This is not the first time such a blunder has occurred.
There are other insecure pages here: here


While I was looking for the elusive BNP Organiser Guides on the following page I was mildly amused but, more so, embarrassed by the BidVertiser Ad for "Accurate Psychic Readings". Could this be an ad for the latest money making scam by the desperate Treasury team?


Friday, August 28, 2009

Leading Anti-racist paedophile walks free from Court

Child porn ex-mayor is freed: 1,000 sick pictures but jail term is suspended

Stewart Brown: driven to the brink of suicide

THE DISGRACED former mayor of Hebden Royd has walked free after admitting downloading 1,000 child porn pictures.

Stewart Brown also distributed 10 of the sick images.

Some of the children were as young as four. Five of the pictures were rated level five – the most serious.

Brown, 60, of Nutclough, Hebden Bridge, was given a nine-month suspended sentence yesterday.

He said the shame of the case had pushed him to the brink of suicide.

Brown, a Labour Party candidate for Elland in last year's council elections, also admitted distributing 10 indecent images of youngsters under the user name Teenracer on an internet forum called Skooldays.

He was arrested in April last year after specialist police internet investigators discovered Brown on the site.

As well as viewing and downloading images, he also posted pictures of a 12-year-old schoolgirl he had stolen from the popular children's social networking site Bebo.

Michael Collins, prosecuting at Leeds Crown Court, said officers swooped on his Hebden Bridge home and confiscated computers, CDs and other digital material.

Of the images recovered, five were level five and 32 were level four.

Brown was interviewed at Halifax police station and told officers he had been downloading indecent material for a number of years and had developed an interest in schoolgirls.

Judge Alistair McCallum told him: "This is immense shame you have bought upon yourself.

"You had risen to a position of trust and would have been looked up to by people.

"What brought you to this situation I suppose you are still trying to work out for yourself.

"You could have hoped to go into retirement thoroughly lauded and respected for what you have achieved. Instead you have lost your reputation."

Bryan Ing, for Brown, said: "It is the biggest shame that could be bought upon someone and has left him with suicidal tendencies.

"What has happened has ruined his life and he has lost his good name as the mayor of Hebden Royd."

Brown will have his sentence suspended for two years and will attend a sex offender's treatment programme and be put on the sex offender register.

He must pay £1,200 costs.

Outside court, Det Con John Higgins who led the investigation, said: "Stewart Brown was a pillar of the community but he has contributed to the vile trade of images of child abuse."
.NWN: A longstanding member of the Anti-Nazi League is our Stewart, going back to the 1970's.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby boom pushes Britain's population past 61m in biggest jump for almost half a century

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Arrivals from Eastern Europe fall by over a quarter
56% of increase in births from non-British born mothers
'Natural changes' overtake immigration as growth driver

A baby boom and longer lifespan have pushed up population levels by 408,000

A baby boom fuelled by the highest fertility rates in a generation has pushed Britain's population above 61 million for the first time.
There were 408,000 more people living here in 2008, the Office for National Statistics said.
That takes the total population to 61.4 million - an increase of more than two million over 2001.

It is the first time in nearly a decade that natural changes to the population caused by shifts in birth and death rates have overtaken immigration as the biggest factor affecting population growth.
But immigration is still impacting on population growth because 56% of the increase in births last year was from non-UK born mothers.

The vast wave of immigrants who came here from Eastern Europe after the EU expanded in 2004 has slowed to a trickle, as the recession took hold, the figures showed.

Arrivals from Eastern Europe fell by more than a quarter - 28 per cent - from 109,000 to 79,000 during 2008.
More Eastern European immigrants went home in the same period - up by more than 50% to 66,000.
Overall migration levels - the numbers arriving minus those leaving - fell 44per cent to 118,000 - the lowest since EU enlargement.
Chief statistician Karen Dunnell said the emigration was probably due to the economic downturn.

She said: 'You have to say that probably the unemployment and the economic situation, given that quite a lot of people from the A8 (Eastern European) countries are coming to work, is probably having an impact.'
More...'I (finally) do': Couple squeeze in a wedding at long last - after having TEN children in 12 years

The last time there was a growth of this size was in 1962, when the population rose by 484,000. The largest ever increase was in the 1947 post-war baby boom when population levels grew by 551,000.
The surge in Eastern Europeans returning home and the decline in arrivals meant they added only 13,000 to the total population last year.

The ageing population meant there were a record number of mid-octogenarians. There are now 1.3 million over 85s, making up 2% of the total.

Statisticians said the increase in birth rates was caused in part by higher fertility rates among British nationals, and in part by immigration, as foreign-born mothers tend to have more children. There are also more women of child bearing age.

There were 708,711 babies born in the UK last year, an increase of 18,698 on a year earlier, and almost twice the rise seen at the start of the decade.

ONS statistician Roma Chappell highlighted the significance of the shift: "That's actually quite exciting because it's the highest fertility rate we have seen in the UK for some time.

"You have to go all the way back to 1993 to find a time when the fertility rate went higher.

"For the first time in a decade natural change exceeded net migration as the main driver of population change."

"Prior to 1998 natural change was higher than net migration. This isn't a new phenomenon for the UK.

"If you go back it was quite common for natural change to exceed net migration as a driver of population growth."

She added: "The balance is still positive so the population is still growing due to net migration but the increase is the lowest it has been since accession in 2004."

"What has driven this is the emigration of non-British citizens especially citizens of the A8 countries."

The population is now growing by a rate of 0.7% every year, more than double the rate in the 1990s and three times the level of the 1980s.

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said the figures showed migrants were coming here to work then returning home.

He said: "The fall in net migration is further proof that migrants come to the UK for short periods of time, work, contribute to the economy and then return home.

"Our new flexible points based system gives us greater control on those coming to work or study from outside Europe, ensuring that only those that Britain needs can come.

"Britain's borders are stronger than ever before. Our border controls in northern France are stopping record numbers of migrants reaching our shores - 28,000 in 2008.

"We are rolling out ID cards to foreign nationals, we have introduced civil penalties for those employing illegal workers and from the end of next year our electronic border system will monitor 95% of journeys in and out of the UK."

"The British people can be confident that immigration is under control."

Read more:
NWN : So Nick Griffins going softer on immigration by swapping compulsory repatriation to voluntary repatriation is going to work with this lot ? We don't think so !
These non-European birth rates are multiplying exponentially.
10 soldiers died and only 150 Afghans voted:

Low election turnout in area seized in British troops' bloodiest campaign

Ten British soldiers died in Afghanistan for the sake of just 150 votes in the country's election.

Operation Panther's Claw, which claimed their lives in ferocious fighting, was meant to improve security in the Babaji district of Helmand.

But only 150 of the 80,000 potential voters there braved Taliban threats to vote last week, it was reported yesterday.
The astonishingly low turnout in the presidential election poses massive questions about the war against the Taliban and the wider British role in Afghanistan.

Last night the grieving mother of one of the soldiers expressed anger and despair that each British death was worth only 15 Afghan votes.

Hazel Hunt, whose 21-year- old son Richard was killed by a Taliban bomb, said: 'It makes you go numb when you hear something like this. It horrifies me. The figures reflect terribly on our strategy in Afghanistan.'

The voting report is a further blow to Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth, who had specifically linked Panther's Claw to making the area safe.

On the day of the election, he said: 'Operation Panther's Claw was a tough fight, but it has brought nearly 80,000 Afghans out from under the tyranny of the Taliban and ensured that they can take part in this election.'

Panther's Claw was launched in June to clear the Taliban from rural areas.

As well as the ten British troops killed in the operation itself, at least 14 more died as the Taliban responded by stepping up attacks in other areas.

Altogether, 207 British troops have died since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

The apparent spectacular failure forced the UK ambassador to Afghanistan to defend our military effort yesterday.

More...British soldier dies in hospital a week after he was wounded in Afghanistan explosion

MAIL COMMENT: Ten soldiers give their life to let only 150 Afghans vote - is this mission impossible?

Mark Sedwill did not deny the figure of 150 voters, reported by the BBC, although he said it was too early to tell the exact turnout.

But he admitted many people were intimidated by Taliban threats to cut off fingers marked with the indelible ink which showed someone had voted.

Mr Sedwill also claimed the offensive had never been aimed specifically at providing security for last week's elections.

He said: 'This operation was going to happen at some stage anyway.'
His summary of the aim of Panther's Claw directly contradicts both Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

Mr Miliband said last month the operation 'will bring a further 80,000 people back under the authority of elected government. These people should also be able to participate in the elections.'

Mr Brown, speaking on the day of the poll, said: 'I want to thank our British forces for everything they have done to make sure these elections can take place.'

Last night Liberal Democrat spokesman Nick Harvey said: 'If the turnout is as spectacularly low as suggested, then clearly one of the objectives has not been met.

'The Government was too ambitious in claiming what could be achieved in this election. It is regrettable, but no huge surprise, that in areas where the fighting has been most intense, the turnout has been lowest.'

Military insiders questioned the wisdom of launching Panther's Claw a few weeks ahead of the elections, with little time for 'liberated' people to gain confidence in their security.

One senior former Army commander told the Daily Mail: 'I'm sorry to say it makes you wonder if this operation was really worthwhile.

'It cost a lot of British lives, but one has to ask, if we wanted Afghans to come out and vote was unleashing a major battle on their doorstep just a few days before polling day really the best way?'

Air Vice Marshal Andy Pulford, assistant chief of the defence staff (operations), said: 'British forces know exactly what they have fought for. They know with their own eyes the improved quality of life now enjoyed by thousands of Afghans in Babaji.

'Low voter turnout or not - and this has yet to be verified - that security will be enduring.'

The Foreign Office said it was 'wrong' to speculate on turnout before the votes were counted.

A spokesman said: 'At the moment reports and paint an incomplete picture. We always knew these elections were going to be held in extremely challenging circumstances.'

Latest results yesterday showed President Hamid Karzai extending his lead over former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah.

With votes from 17 per cent of polling stations counted he had 44.8 per cent with Mr Abdullah on 35.1 per cent.
NWN : Bring them home NOW !

Monday, August 24, 2009

BNP faces legal action over membership and constitution

The British National Party will face legal action under race relations laws after its ruling constitution was described as a form of "apartheid".

County court proceedings have been brought over criteria set out on the BNP website restricting membership to applicants described as coming from “particular ethnic groups” and those whose skin colour is “white”.

The BNP’s constitution was also said to be discriminatory, and its publication online, along with the membership requirements, was therefore said to be illegal under the terms of the Race Relations Act.

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BNP ordered to accept ethnic minority members Nick Griffin, the party leader, and two other officials have been summoned to appear before the court on September 2.

Harriet Harman, the Equalities Minster, welcomed the move, saying: "No party should be allowed to have an apartheid constitution in 21st Century Britain.”

Proceedings were issued after the Equality and Human Rights Commission wrote to the BNP in June demanding it took action in four areas, including employment practices and the treatment of ethnic minority constituents, as well as its membership and constitution.

The first two demands have now been dropped, after the BNP, which won two seats in the European Parliament earlier this year, signed an undertaking promising to treat all constituents equally regardless of race.

In addition, the party agreed to drop a requirement for job applicants to be BNP members, which the Commission said effectively restricted employees to white people and those from ethnic groups deemed acceptable to the party.

After receiving the letter, the BNP also offered to clarify the word “white” in the context of its membership criteria and constitution, but refused to otherwise change its rules.

The Commission, which issued the proceedings, said that as a result it believed that the BNP would continue to discriminate against potential members on the grounds of their race.

John Wadham, Group Director, Legal at the Commission added: “The BNP has said that it is not willing to amend its membership criteria which we believe are discriminatory and unlawful.

“The Commission has a statutory duty to use our regulatory powers to enforce compliance with the law, so we have today issued county court proceedings against the BNP.

“However, the party still has an opportunity to resolve this quickly by giving the undertaking on its membership criteria that the Commission requires.”

A spokesman for the BNP said that Mr Griffin had been due to attend a committee hearing of the European Parliament on the court date – and that a fuller statement would be issued later.

Government to stop BFPO for overseas Armed Forces

URGENT NOTICE: With regards to BFPO;

Armed Forces have been advised that the BFPO facilities in mainland europe will be shut from September 2010. Personnel, and their families, deployed in europe currently enjoy the same postal rates as the UK. Withdrawal of this long established tradition will further erode personnel's ability to communicate with their families in the UK and safe receipt of mail & parcels

Please click on the link below and join the petition to make an attempt to stop this from happening.

Many Thanks

NWN: This is shocking. BFPO is so that our troops pay local postal rates to keep in touch with their families. Our troops are sent all over the World.
If our/BNP MEP's had anything about them, they would look into this !

Friday, August 21, 2009

Man and woman charged with BNP membership leak

Friday, 21 August 2009
A man and a woman have been charged under the Data Protection Act after a British National Party membership list was leaked onto the internet, police said today.

Dyfed-Powys Police said the man, aged 27, and woman, aged 30, were due to appear at Nottingham Magistrates Court on 1 September.

The woman is understood to be Sadie Graham, who was expelled from the far-right party in late 2007 after falling out with its leadership.

The BNP called for a police investigation last November after the names, addresses and contact details of some 10,000 of its members were published online.

Party leader Nick Griffin lodged a complaint with Dyfed-Powys, his local force, on the grounds that publishing the list breached human rights and data protection laws.

He described the publication as "a disgraceful act of treachery" by former BNP staff members who were subsequently sacked.

At the time the BNP said the leak was based on its 2007 membership list, although a number of names of people who were not members had been added.

The list, which included details of some members' jobs, was reported to include serving and former police officers as well as members of the armed forces.

In a statement, Dyfed-Powys Police said: "We can confirm that the two people arrested as part of a joint investigation with Dyfed-Powys Police and the Information Commissioner's Office in relation to alleged criminal offences under the Data Protection Act have been charged with Section 55 Data Protection Act offences.

"They will appear in Nottingham Magistrates Court on 1 September.

"The arrests followed an investigation into a complaint received about the unauthorised release of the BNP party membership list."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Meeting 29th August 09 in the Midlands

“The BNP must be reformed – Support the Reform Group.”

Latest News. Archive and Links.

The Reform Group of the British National Party came into being because many members, particularly established members, were concerned by the way the Party was run.
The current leader, Nick Griffin has, and the founder leader, John Tyndall had, enormous talent in some directions but it seems none in others.
This has meant the Party has not been developed in a balanced manner. Reform Group members do not believe the propaganda put out in the Party literature that the Party is doing well.
In particular, we mention the large number of activists who are leaving the Party and being replaced by inexperienced people with little idea of our policies and the enormous pressure that can be put on activists by the State.

The Reform Group gives the following points where we differ from the official party doctrine:

1. We believe the Party should have a Constitution and structure that is normal for an association. This would mean that the principal party officials would be elected and that there would be Annual General Meetings when all members could propose resolutions and vote. In particular, the Treasurer would be elected by the members and the Auditor would report to the members. There would be an end to the current ‘dictatorship’ whereby the Party Chairman appoints all officials of the Party.

2. We believe that the Party should not waste resources on fighting Euro-elections. If we won seats in these elections, the MEPs would have no power. We believe that the purpose of the BNP is to gain power. It is MPs at Westminster that have the power to make laws. All our resources should be used to gain MPs.

3. We believe that the Party should be organised as strong, semi-autonomous, local constituency associations responsible for their own funds.

4. We believe that we should make every effort to unite the various nationalist parties and encourage members who have left the BNP to rejoin. (It should be noted that the main reason for the existence of the various parties is the fact that many people could not work with John Tyndall and now with Nick Griffin. There are not great difference in policy between the groups. A new Party Chairman is required that has a rounded personality and the ability to get on with all members.)

The Reform Group mounted a Leadership Challenge in 2007. Stood aside to allow another group to stand in 2008. It is proposed that a strong challenge will be made in 2009. See Archive for details.

"We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children’s children."

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Anti-fascist demonstrators march in protest against BNP festival

protesters arrested at 1,500-strong rally against annual Red, White and Blue gathering in Derbyshire village

Around 1,500 anti-fascist demonstrators from across Britain joined a protest march today to voice their opposition to an annual festival organised by the BNP.

The march in and near the Derbyshire village of Codnor passed off largely peacefully, although a handful of arrests were made as protesters attempted to break through a police cordon.

At least four men were led away in handcuffs in Codnor Denby Lane after scuffles broke out and missiles, including bags of flower, plastic bottles, eggs and fruit were thrown at police.

The sporadic disorder, which lasted for around five minutes, occurred as some of those at the head of the march tried to force their way past a designated protest area.

Officers had earlier made a small number of other arrests near Codnor near the site of the BNP's Red, White and Blue Festival, a Derbyshire Police spokesman said.

The main body of demonstrators, which was monitored by a camera mounted on a drone, gathered in Codnor's Market Place, chanting "Nazi scum, off our streets" and waving placards from campaign group Unite Against Fascism and various trade union groups.

The march comes after an open letter was published yesterday on Unite Against Fascism's website, condemning the event.

The letter, whose signatories include former London mayor Ken Livingstone, children's author Michael Rosen and trade union leaders, said the event's purpose was to "build up a hardened neo-Nazi core at the centre of the organisation".

It said: "We condemn the BNP and its festival of race hate, and we urge people to reject this party's poisonous and anti-democratic agenda."

This year is not the first time the festival has attracted opposition. Last year about 30 anti-BNP protesters were arrested after clashes with police.

Derbyshire police chief constable Mick Creedon has previously said he believed the festival site was not a suitable venue and has written to landowner Alan Warner to voice concerns. As the rally takes place on private land it cannot be banned.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Police ready for clashes at British National Party festival

Police are to conduct a huge security operation in a Derbyshire village this week amid fears of clashes at an annual British National Party gathering.

Eighty coachloads of anti-Fascists are to protest over the Red, White and Blue festival in Denby, which is likely to attract thousands of supporters next weekend. Up to a thousand police officers will be stationed in the village.

There was violence last year and greater disruption is expected this time. It is the BNP’s first mass gathering since it won two European seats in June.

Lee Barron, a trade union organiser of the protest, said that a peaceful march was planned and that violent protesters should stay away.


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Join the best UK nationalist discussion group in the World.

The latest debating thread, is about the riots by muslims against patriotic football supporters in Birmingham this evening, Saturday , 8th.August.


Muslim Europe

Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent

The EU is facing an era of vast social change, reports Adrian Michaels, and few politicians are taking notice

Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: a recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it.

The numbers are startling. Only 3.2 per cent of Spain's population was foreign-born in 1998. In 2007 it was 13.4 per cent. Europe's Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015. In Brussels, the top seven baby boys' names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.

Europe's low white birth rate, coupled with faster multiplying migrants, will change fundamentally what we take to mean by European culture and society. The altered population mix has far-reaching implications for education, housing, welfare, labour, the arts and everything in between. It could have a critical impact on foreign policy: a study was submitted to the US Air Force on how America's relationship with Europe might evolve. Yet EU officials admit that these issues are not receiving the attention they deserve

Jerome Vignon, the director for employment and social affairs at the European Commission, said that the focus of those running the EU had been on asylum seekers and the control of migration rather than the integration of those already in the bloc. "It has certainly been underestimatede_SLps there is a general rhetoric that social integration of migrants should be given as much importance as monitoring the inflow of migrants." But, he said, the rhetoric had rarely led to policy.

The countries of the EU have long histories of welcoming migrants, but in recent years two significant trends have emerged. Migrants have come increasingly from outside developed economies, and they have come in accelerating numbers.


Friday, August 07, 2009

The Kosher Nostra is trapped at last !

MONEY laundering, organ smuggling, racketeering and $97,000 hidden in a cornflakes box – all allegations levelled this week when the FBI announced one of its biggest-ever organised crime busts in New Jersey.

But this bust came with a difference: the ring-leaders are orthodox rabbis.

The five Sephardic rabbis, all from orthodox Syrian Jewish communities in New Jersey and Brooklyn, are accused of selling kidneys and laundering tens of millions of dollars through fake charities.

"These complaints paint a disgraceful picture of religious leaders leading money-laundering crews, acting as crime bosses," said federal prosecutor Ralph Marra.

"These rings were international in scope, they trafficked in the cleaning of dirty money all across the world."

Mr Marra singled out Brooklyn Rabbi Levy Izhak Rosenbaum as operator of a kidney smuggling operation: "Mr Rosenbaum, who we refer to as our kidney salesman – his business was to entice vulnerable people to give up a kidney for $10,000 that he would sell for $160,000."

The arrests sent shockwaves across the orthodox Jewish community where the rabbis had a reputation for working hard for children and the elderly.

"Shock and disbelief," said Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn assemblyman. "People do not believe it."

More than 300 FBI agents fanned out across the state this week to make simultaneous arrests, in one case storming into a synagogue to arrest a rabbi in the middle of a service.

The arrests came after the rabbi network was infiltrated by Solomon Dwek, a real estate developer and Sephardic Jew arrested in May 2006 on fraud charges.

Facing a 30-year-sentence for attempting to bounce a cheque for $25 million (£15m), Mr Dwek turned informer, penetrating the rabbi network and recording hundreds of hours of tapes revealing the extent of an operation that seems lifted from the pages of The Godfather.

"Solomon Dwek – isn't that the government's co-operator?" said Robert Stahl, an attorney for Rabbi Saul Kassin, 87, of Brooklyn, one of those arrested. Mr Stahl said it was a shame the rabbi had been "caught up in this misunderstanding" and that he "remained confident".

Michael Bachner, representing Brooklyn Rabbi Mordchai Fish, said: "Our belief is that Mr. Dwek used his closeness and the sterling reputation of his family to manipulate individuals who trusted that he would never be involved in illegal conduct."

Mr Marra said: "Parking lots, restaurants, luncheonettes, diners, offices, basement boiler rooms and bathrooms. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid in these places.

"For these defendants, corruption was a way of life, they existed in an ethics-free zone."

The laundering case boomeranged when Mr Zwek found state officials attending the money drops, leading to three mayors and two public officials being among the 44 suspects – so many that they were taken to court not by squad cars but by bus.

Others arrested included building and fire inspectors, city planning officials and utilities officials, all accused of using their positions to further the corruption by accepting bribes to pass consent on building projects.

Prosecutors say Rabbi Rosenbaum was caught in a sting after an FBI officer posed as someone wanting a kidney for her uncle. "I've been doing this a long time," Rosenbaum is alleged to say on tapes, adding that for $160,000 he could find a donor in Israel and smuggle the kidney to the United States. "I am what you call a match-maker," he allegedly said. "I've never had a failure."

This is the second shock to New York's Jewish community, still reeling from the arrest in January of financier Bernie Madoff who used his connections among Jewish philanthropists and investors to fleece them in a $50 billion scam.

Prosecutors say the money was laundered from Switzerland, through Israel to New York in the guise of charity payments. Officials have yet to reveal where the money originated.

Some of the allegations, meanwhile, seem lifted from The Sopranos, the TV series following the lives of a fictional New Jersey crime family. In one conversation presented by prosecutors, Zwek was given a box of Apple Jack cereal stuffed with $97,000.

In another, the mayor of Hoboken, Peter Cammarano, allegedly says that corruption is so accepted in New Jersey that it would not harm his election chances if he was discovered. "Right now the Italians, the Hispanics, the seniors are locked down," he says. "I could be, uh, indicted, and I'm still going to win 85 to 95 per cent of those people."

Not everyone agrees. Four years ago, Jon Corzine was elected New Jersey governor on the promise to be the sheriff sent to clean up Dodge, and his prosecutors have arrested more than 300 people in a chain of corruption investigations.

"The scale of the corruption we're seeing as this unfolds is simply beyond any pale," he said. "I still believe that government can play a positive role in people's lives, but our institutions must have people of integrity."

Serpent that lurks in the heart of the Garden State

THE arrest of 44 suspects – including a clutch of state officials – for corruption seems to many Americans to cement New Jersey's reputation as one of the worst states for corruption and cronyism.

Over the past eight years, 130 state officials have been jailed for corruption, including three former mayors and a former state senator.

It has led some from other states to joke that the state's nickname, the Garden State, should be replaced with the Corruption State.

The corruption dates from the 1930s, when New Jersey towns across the Hudson River from New York City became home to the Mafia, as depicted in the contemporary television drama series The Sopranos.

"New Jersey's corruption problem is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the nation," said Ed Kahrer, who heads the FBI's white-collar and public corruption division. "Corruption is a cancer that is destroying the core values of this state."

But many state residents say they are being unfairly tarnished by the corruption investigations in a few isolated cities.

"They have the wrong idea about New Jersey," Ed McLaughlin – owner of the Blue Sunsets property business in the coastal town of Spring Lake – told The Scotsman.

"The character of New Jersey is of a state with good-hearted, hard-working people. We get painted with a brush because of the action in one of our largest cities."

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Army families 'forced to rely on charity food handouts'

Army families are being forced to rely on charity food handouts because they cannot make ends meet on the wages paid to low-ranking soldiers, it has been reported.

The problem is exacerbated when regiments are sent overseas on tour as spouses are hit with unexpected extra expenses such as childcare and bigger phone bills.

Foodbank, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, has handed out food parcels to 245 struggling military families in three years.
The charity's network manager, Jeremy Ravn, told The Sun newspaper that wives and families resorted to the parcels when they were hit by unexpected expenses.

"There is always the cost of extra child care and travel and bigger phone bills," he said. "But because the lower ranks are not paid well, often just a large bill or a hiccup in the pay system is enough to push them over the edge.

"Speaking as an ex-soldier, it is very distressing to see forces people in this state. It is heartbreaking when you see them come in. But it's nice to be able to help them immediately."

Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox said the news was an "outrage".

"For a government that can find billions for bank bailouts, service families going hungry is a betrayal of Britain's finest," he told The Sun.

"This would have been a scandal in the 19th century. It's an outrage in the 21st century. What does it say about our country?"

Julie McCarthy, chairwoman of the Army Families Federation, agreed that the need for handouts was "beyond belief".

"It's not because they are over-spending," she said. "It's because they have to live on such tight budgets to survive. The regiments do what they can, but their welfare officers are often overwhelmed dealing with fatalities and the wounded.

"When I look at what we ask our soldiers to do, it makes me very angry. They surely have enough to worry about in Afghanistan without wondering if their families are able to eat."

An Army spokeswoman said: "For a variety of reasons, a number of personnel may find themselves in a situation where they need help managing their household budgets.

"The chain of command works closely with individual personnel to assist them. We also work closely with charities and Armed Forces Families Federations, which are sometimes approached by families for assistance, in order to ensure that help is co-ordinated and longer term solutions can be found."

Saturday, August 01, 2009


A forfeiture hearing took place on Friday July 31st before judge Grant at Leeds. The judge decided every contested point against Simon, and ordered the forfeiture and destruction of large amounts of valuable office equipment - mainly comprising large printers, which Simon had serviced - Simon's computers were old though. The forfeiture act was intended to deal with goods obtained by drug dealers, so this is clearly a gross abuse of power. The Prosecutor proved more willing to make concessions in Simon's favour than the judge!

An appeal was lodged to-day against sentence, and will be lodged within the statutory twenty-one days against forfeiture of the more innocuous items of office equipment.

A half-caste prisoner attacked Simon and Steve on their way to Court. Simon may have a fractured tooth. This seems curious, as they were guarded and prisoners in transit would normally have other things to think about - so it sounds like a set up.

One bit of good news is that Steve is to be moved to a lower category of prison very soon. Simon is likely to follow. Steve has been given an early release date in April, which is also good news in view of the length of his sentence. He may apply for bail pending appeal shortly, as he was only convicted of internet counts. Simon cannot do so, as he was convicted for hard copy publication as well, and refused leave to appeal in respect of those matters.

Simon intends to go to the European Court of Human Rights to challenge the Court of Appeal's refusal to review its notorious decision in Reg. v. Birdwood. It upheld judge Pownall's decision that "the truth is no defence" in race cases.

The Carshalton PO box has been shut down - presumably as act of spite by the Post Office's internal branch (security), as money has been sent to the Heretical Two via the PO Box. I have asked customer support to reopen it and will demand compensation.

The Heretical Two would much appreciate letters of support, as there has been none from the BNP, which in fact has been hostile. At least Gary McKinnon, the hacker has had the support of large numbers of Lefties.


Please write to these two comrades at:

Simon Sheppard A8042AA
Wing 03-28
HMP Leeds
2 Gloucester Terrace
Stanningley Road
LS12 2TJ

Stephen Whittle A8041AA
Wing E5-19
HMP Leeds
2 Gloucester Terrace
Stanningley Road
LS12 2TJ

Postal orders are all that you can send to them directly besides letters. Please note that any postal order should be paid in Pounds Sterling and should have ‘HMP Services’ written in the payee section and the prisoner's name and number on the back together with the name and address of the sender.

Any books for the H2 should be sent to ‘The Secretary, BM BOX 5581, LONDON WC1N 3XX’ and will then be forwarded, as books have to be delivered by someone visiting the prison, not by post.

The Heretical Two would like to express their sincere thanks to all their supporters who wrote with letters of support, visited and sent in funds whilst they were in prison in the USA.

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