Saturday, October 28, 2006

Anti - Griffin campaign hots up !

"I'd say they were scared of the TRUTH getting out, eh? What they've done to Axon and myself is illegal, and they know it.

It took 2 months for Keith to get a response, and I have yet to recieve what I am guilty of. Hacked emails has nothing to do with it.

I know who uploaded the rude pic's of Martin Reynolds, and I know many many other things, don't I Mr Griffin

Hows it feel to know it's coming to an end, Nick?

Keep clicking on that SAVE THE BNP banner Mr Griffin, you ain't got away with it this time Oh, and should anything happen to me, I ain't the only one who knows about it "

NWN: Sharon Ebanks is about to spill all on the corruptness in the BNP under Nick Griffin, according to the above comments from M/S Ebanks website.


Anonymous said...

Oh no not the reynolds pics. I thought they were in the past.They are 'orrible.

magwitch said...

Do tell !

Pete R said...

Joe Owens mentions some of the background to the Reynolds pics on his site:

"When Bennett - and most of his team - left the BNP Griffin was in a difficult position. He needed to find a new Security Chief and didn’t have much material at his disposal to choose from. Eventually, he had to settle for Fatty Reynolds, from Leeds. Reynolds was a former member of the Bennett security team. He’d pledged his loyalty to Warren Bennett, sworn not to be involved in any future security team. Reynolds, like many in the BNP, did not keep his word.

"I was quite shocked to learn Reynolds had taken over as Head of Security. He was far from being in peak physical condition. Extremely obese, he suffered serious health problems through steroid abuse. Reynolds also advertised on swinging websites for size16 plus women, and came across as a sexual oddity. Now why would Griffin appoint someone like that when the BNP is supposed to be the party of family values? He carried on where Bennett left off, with the silly dark shades and black overcoats. During Griffin’s trial Reynolds, along with an equally silly bunch of lemmings, happily paraded before the world media. One reporter remarked that it reminded him of a Kray funeral!"

Pete R said...

It seems that the sordid story of Martin Reynolds is featured in today's Sunday People, with the headline "TOP BNP AIDE IS SLEAZY SWINGER - EXCLUSIVE: Sordid orgy sparks feud in far-right party."

I don't yet have a copy, but the story is on the People website at

Tacitus said...

Anyone want copies of them?
Not very pretty and the female is a dog!

eavesdropper said...

The presence of Martin Reynolds and his squad of goons at Nick Griffin's first trial was a public relations disaster.

Smug, wearing sunglasses and black shirts, they looked like cheap extras from a old Mafia film.

Reynolds' home pornography library show him to be an exhibitonist, certainly. No wonder he came across as a sexual oddity to Joe Owens, just as he does to the whole world now.

How can Griffin be such a disastrous judge of character? He dumps half-way reasonable people, then keeps on such oddities as Mark Collett, Martin Reynolds, Lee Barnes, etc.


Graeme said...

I reckomn Warren Bennett could tell a few eye-openers about Griffin's domestic life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I reckomn Warren Bennett could tell a few eye-openers about Griffin's domestic life!!!!!

I know for a fact he can!

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