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27th.November 1992

1992 General Election & Local Elections
Extremist Examples of Democracy in Rochdale

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stormfront UK in meltdown - BNP leadership in shock

There is an eerie silence around. But the web is full of internet chatter, you can taste almost , the tension abounding.

The behaviour of Nick Griffin and his 'underlings' seems to have gone much too far this time, as he and they, were bound to do in their arrogance.

There have been a number of threads on Stormfront attacking Mr.Griffins 'best mate' of the moment, Lee Barnes. These threads have seen literally thousands of replies and hits, in the main, attacking the Griffin and Barnes positions.

The three UK moderators who are ALL BNP members, and ALL of the Griffin persuasion, have been noticeable by their absence of late. They have allowed rules to be broken left, right, and centre, on the board.

Personal attacks have been allowed.

They have only just started to lock and delete some of the main anti-Barnes/Griffin threads.

Today (Tuesday) there was talk of a 'ceasefire' by Barnes and Griffin on the Stormfront board.

I can say, that until the BNP get's rid of Nick Griffin and his cronies, this board will be having no 'ceasefire'.

Whilst we have never been a fan of Sharon Ebanks, the decisions to scrap the BNP Forum under it's previous format, and the disgusting way that Ms. Ebanks has been left with a very large legal bill, is, to put it bluntly, obscene.

BNP funds seem to be 'leaking through the floorboards', going heaven knows where.

Is the BNP now flat broke ? Monies were collected for Ms Ebanks, where has that gone ?

There seems to be no honesty in the party nowadays. The 'rank and file' are not allowed to question anything anymore. The BNP has become an elected dictatorship. Central policies have been discarded, so that members don't know what BNP policy is anymore on major issues like Immigration.

The members are seemingly just a 'milch-cow'.

There is talk of a challenge for the Leadership of the BNP against Nick Griffin. Without having any concrete information of that , this seems to be a major cry from BNP people that their frustrations are being seen in this manner. Maybe it is a cry of sheer desperation from Party members. Members wishes are not being heard. A return to the Annual BNP Party Rally must be brought back, so that members can debate party policy.

The fact that any leadership challenge must occur this way, is itself an indicator of the sham of a way the party now operates. That any challenge has to be made through secrecy, through stealth, as to 'show one's cards' too soon, there is the very real threat that the 'challenger' and their accomplices, would be expelled .

Twice, the late founder of the BNP, John Tyndall, found himself expelled from the party , by the current dictatorial clique. Something that must have contributed to Mr.Tyndalls death.

This forum supports the BNP RE-FORM GROUP , these people are the BNP's final hope of any real salvation.

We hope you will support them in ensuring the BNP supports it's own written Constitution. Mr. Griffin must abide by that Party Constitution like all other BNP members must do, and not disregard it, as he has done, so many times over the past few years.

Regardless of any forthcoming leadership challenge - the fight will go on to re-claim the BNP !

Another soldier killed in Afghanistan

Shot soldier is named as bomber kills 17 at market

By Michael Evans, Defence Editor - The TIMES - 29/8/06

THE latest British military fatality in Afghanistan has been named as Lance Corporal Jonathan Hetherington of 14 Signal Regiment.
The 22-year-old soldier, who had also fought in Iraq, was killed by Taleban forces in the southern province of Helmand.

He was the 21st British soldier to die in Afghanistan since 2001 and the 8th to die in Helmand this month.

The prototype jewish US -neo - con : An Obituary

This guy was a leading policy maker under Margaret Thatcher. To understand the mad US neo-cons at the moment 'Google' Alfred Sherman. He was a communist but grew to developing so-called right wing ideology and policies.

Richard Perle and the other zionist jewish Neo-Cons in the USA, are but the next generation of 'Alfred Sherman'.

The Times

Sir Alfred ShermanNovember 10, 1919 - August 26, 2006

Political thinker who swung away from communism to become a leading adviser to Margaret Thatcher
ENFANT terrible and éminence grise of the Conservative Party in the mid and late 1970s, Alfred Sherman, a journalist, policy thinker and undeniable iconoclast, was a leading influence on Margaret Thatcher after she became party leader in 1975.
A former communist who had fought with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War, Sherman had, between his late twenties and late forties, undergone a spectacular ideological conversion from the far Left to the extreme Right. Thus transformed, his zeal and determination proved decisive in moving the Tories towards policies that would have seemed impossibly right wing in the immediate post-war period.

WE don't want any jewish neo-cons in the BNP. Have you got that Mr.Griffin !

No free speech in the BNP

The BNP members forum has been taken down.

It is giving the following message:

"Sorry, but due to new legislation which stifles legitimate free speech the official BNP Community Forum is unavailable at the moment. There exists urgent and robust discussion regarding the terms and conditions with all individuals; the volunteer Forum Moderators, and the Party leadership, who are essential for keeping this and other public BNP channels active and useful.Full functionality will be restored as soon as possible..."

This development seems to be connected with the recent coup d'etat by the Party's 'legal officer' Lee Barnes.

No, what it does mean is that the BNP under Nick Griffin will brook no dissent in the ranks. No thoughts of 'Lese majestie' are to be allowed ,or you will be expelled, ostracised , then smeared just as I still am by a very, very, small group of Griffins low-lifes in society.

It started from day one when Griffin took over in 1999. The websites were closed down; the North Westwebsite, East London , Oldham and Burnley. All where closed and the two 'closers' of these sites where Nick Griffin and Simon Darby.

They also banned John Tyndalls magazine SPEARHEAD from sale at BNP meetings.

Monday, August 28, 2006

NF members oppose Manchester gay parades

News is coming in that white nationalists including the National Front , showed their opposition to the Gay Parades in Manchester city centre yesterday.

I have a pic, but both my blog and my ISP are playing up a bit tonight.

Picture posted when able .......
BNP Leadership challenge imminent ?

There seems to be an avalanche of talk about a leadership challenge within the nationalist community. We sincerely hope there is, and that 'we' true nationalists have a candidate. Any candidate that applies the BNP's written Constitution has our support.

Party members must be white European ethnic.

I helped Nick Griffin get elected in 1999. That is one of the biggest mistakes of my life !

Some names that are being mooted are;

Simon Darby - met him and don't support him, he will follow the Griffin trend

Doc Edwards or Russell or whatever other name he uses. That overcoat plus his drinking are a downside. Met him at Oldham, he was canned when he gave his speech !

Jonathan Bowdon - Never met this guy , but have watched his trail through all the 'reactionary Tory fringe' groups. At least one friend has described Bowden as a pompous windbag.

Bowdon and Eddy Butler and one or two others have been the planners behind the BNP's lurches away from nationalism and towards being a new tory 'gingergroup'. They have their own back room meetings to discuss 'THEIR' policies and decisions, away from the BNP rank and file.

So I hope that none of these 'wasters' are in contention. We need someone from the Re-form Group to stand for leadership.

Though it must be said, you will have to 'prize Griffin out of his job' with a bloody crowbar. He is like the Establishment politicians, they never resign over any gaffe or worse that they commit.

Notting Hill carnival

"A total of 213 carnival-related arrests were made over the weekend." - from the BBC .

What does that mean ? What is a carnival related arrest ?

There is the usual pictures of coppers dancing with negresses all over the media - it usually 'kicks off' late tonight.
BNP Head Office using party funds fraudulently........................

We are receiving a fair few reports of this coming in from all over the Country. Of course, this has always been so, Nick Griffin started the money scams with his AFFORDABLE CARS venture using BNP party monies. He has never stopped ripping off the poor old BNP party members.

There will be more on this very soon..........................

*The BNP collection for the BOADICEA bus ?

*The BNP collecting for help to legally represent Nick Griffin and Mark Collett, when I understand, they both receive 'Legal Aid' for their Race case in Leeds.

*There is also some talk about a fund for Sharon Ebanks that was/is still being collected, due to having won/not won the Kingstanding, Birmingham ward in the recent elections. Ebanks has been left with a fairly hefty bill apparently.

*Another nationalist that was 'left in the lurch' was the popular Tess Culnane from London. She was left with a whopping bill of six figures, after a Court case battle , when she had stood in an election.

*There is still 'bad blood' from the very first RED/WHITE/BLUE Festival in Clitheroe. Apparently a bill for over £1,000 + was never paid to a local member and his hotel, in the town by Nick Griffin.

*Nick Griffin also has used many ruses in order to have his ever expanding farmhouse and family home built and renovated.

* The TRAFALGAR Club is another nice little earner/slush fund for the Griffin clan.

*I have a document by old Walter Carr who was the Hereford - Worcester BNP Organiser from 2000, mentioning all this. Things haven't changed under Mr. Griffin.

Being as Nick Griffin has been made a bankrupt on at least one occasion, he should never be allowed around the BNP funds

Important note : I also have a document that was passed onto me by some very senior BNP Burnley people a couple of years back. It is called BNP - Trouble up North : A COLLECTIVE ANALYSIS OF EVENTS IN SOME PARTS OF THE NORTH WEST SINCE MAY 2nd 2002. Amongst other things finance was a problem there even then.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fascists Under the Bed

by Patrick J. Buchanan

“President Likens Dewey to Hitler as Fascist Tool.”

So ran the New York Times headline, Oct. 26, 1948, after what Dewey biographer Richard Norton Smith called a “particularly vitriolic attack in Chicago” by Harry Truman.

What brings this to mind is President Bush’s assertion that we are “at war with Islamic fascism” and “Islamofascism.”

After the transatlantic bomb plot was smashed, Bush said the plotters “try to spread their jihadist message—a message I call, it’s totalitarian in nature—Islamic radicalism, Islamic fascism, they try to spread it as well by taking the attack to those of us who love freedom.”

What is wrong with the term Islamofascism?

First, there is no consensus as to what “fascism” even means. Orwell said when someone calls Smith a fascist, what he means is, “I hate Smith. ” By calling Smith a fascist, you force Smith to deny he’s a sympathizer of Hitler and Mussolini.

As a concept, writes Arnold Beichman of the Hoover Institution, “fascism ... has no intellectual basis; its founders did not even pretend to have any. Hitler’s ravings in Mein Kampf ... Mussolini’s boastful balcony speeches, all can be described, in the words of Roger Scruton, as ‘an amalgam of disparate conceptions.’”

Richard Pipes considers Stalinism and Hilterism to be siblings of the same birth mother: “Bolshevism and fascism were heresies of socialism.”

Since the 1930s, “fascist” has been a term of hate and abuse used by the Left against the Right, as in the Harry Truman campaign. In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. claimed to see in the Goldwater campaign “dangerous signs of Hitlerism.” Twin the words, “Reagan, fascism” in Google and 1,800,000 references pop up.

Unsurprisingly, it is neoconservatives, whose roots are in the Trotskyist-Social Democratic Left, who are promoting use of the term. Their goal is to have Bush stuff al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran into an “Islamofascist” kill box, then let SAC do the rest.

The term represents the same lazy, shallow thinking that got us into Iraq, where Americans were persuaded that by dumping over Saddam, we were avenging 9/11.

But Saddam was about as devout a practitioner of Islam as his idol Stalin was of the Russian Orthodox faith. Saddam was into booze, mistresses, movies, monuments, palaces, and dynasty. Bin Laden loathed him and volunteered to fight him in 1991, if Saudi Arabia would only not bring the Americans in to do the fighting Islamic warriors ought to be doing themselves.

And whatever “Islamofascism” means, Syria surely is not it. It is a secular dictatorship Bush I bribed into becoming an ally in the Gulf War. The Muslim Brotherhood is outlawed in Syria. In 1982, Hafez al-Assad perpetrated a massacre of the Brotherhood in the city of Hama that was awesome in its magnitude and horror.
As with Khaddafi, whom Bush let out of the penalty box after he agreed to pay $10 million to the family of each victim of Pan Am 103 and give up his nuclear program, America can deal with Syria, as Israel did after the Yom Kippur War—for an armistice on the Golan has stuck, as both sides have kept the deal.

America faces a variety of adversaries, enemies, and evils. But the Bombs-Away Caucus, as Iraq and Lebanon reveal, does not always have the right formula. Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran all present separate challenges calling forth different responses.

Al-Qaeda appears to exist for one purpose: plot and perpetrate mass murder to terrorize Americans and Europeans into getting out of the Islamic world. Contrary to what Bush believes, the 9/11 killers and London and Madrid bombers were not out to repeal the Bill of Rights, if any ever read it. They are out to kill us and we have to get them first.

Hamas and Hezbollah have used terrorism, but like Begin’s Irgun and Mandela’s ANC, they have social and political agendas that require state power to implement. And once a guerrilla/terrorist movement takes over a state, it acquires state assets and interests that are then vulnerable to the U.S. military and economic power.
Why did the Ayatollah let the American hostages go, as Reagan raised his right hand to take the oath? Why has Syria not come to the rescue of Hezbollah? Why has Ahmadinejad not rocketed Tel Aviv in solidarity with his embattled allies in Lebanon? Res ipsa loquitur. The thing speaks for itself. They don’t want war with Israel; they don’t want war with the United States.

“Islamofascism” should be jettisoned from Bush’s vocabulary. It yokes the faith of a billion people with an odious ideology. Imagine how Christians would have reacted had FDR taken to declaring Franco’s Spain and Mussolini’s Italy “Christo-fascist.”

If Mr. Bush does not want a war of civilizations, he will drop these propaganda terms that are designed to inflame passions rather than inform the public of the nature of the war we are in.

September 11, 2006 Issue

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A message from the England First Party

We have looked at this post on Stormfront. The writer is Cllr Johnson of the England First Party , he is on the right in the picture.

We couldn't believe it !

Today, 05:25 AM
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Forum Member

Join Date: May 2006
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To day is my birthday, i am an elected councillor and i spend most of my time being pc. As today is my birthday my present to me is letting my self say what i think.When did the crusades come to Britain? we are at war. The asians have come to my country to try and take over. I say enough is enough, no longer should we sit back and let these people dictate to us what we do in our country. If they do not like what we stand for then F..K off back to the S..T holes they came from. I say no to intergration. I say no to mixing races. I say no to the islamanisation of our country. We cant have a real civil war but we can fight them in the polling booth. In fact they shouldnt even have a vote. I would love to say that in the councill chamber. And just incase any red is reading this. If you want to publish this post make sure you get it right. COUNCILLOR MICHAEL JOHNSON ENGLAND FIRST PARTY. Happy birthday England it is a new dawn, Thank you.
The outsourcing time-bomb keeps ticking,,8210-2329369,00.html

BRENDAN BARBER, the General Secretary of the TUC, seems to have ridden to the rescue of the fund manager. The trade unionist has taken a stand for the “victims” of globalisation, calling on British companies that move jobs abroad to take out insurance that pays 70 per cent of their redundant workers’ fall in earnings. “The Government,” he says, “must provide support to older and unskilled individuals to help them adapt to the opening up of world markets.”

Unfortunately, his assessment grossly underestimates the scale and shape of future outsourcing. Globalisation threatens many more people than manufacturing workers, the unskilled and the elderly. In an article in Foreign Affairs earlier this year, Alan Blinder, the economist who worked for the Clinton Administration, forecast that about two to three times the number of US manufacturing jobs — 14 million — would in the future be susceptible to offshoring. His argument is that the definition of “tradeable” goods and services and “non-tradeable” goods and services is fundamentally changed by the information age. It is no longer the case that things you can put in a box (manufactured goods) are tradeable and things that you cannot (services) are non-tradeable. Blinder makes the convincing case that what really matters in the era of the internet is whether services are personal, i.e. face to face, or impersonal, i.e. deliverable down a cable. Taxi drivers and nurses need to be where they work; securities analysts, radiologists, IT technicians and translators do not need to be. Not only will globalisation have a profound impact on white-collar workers, it will have an uneven impact. Barristers may be safe, because they need to operate in the courts in Britain; solicitors look much more vulnerable, as much of their work can be done in an office anywhere.

Taking Blinder’s calculations — and they are educated guestimates — and applying them to the UK is a thought-provoking exercise. The US and the UK economies are structurally not so different: 14.3 million US jobs are in manufacturing — or about 10.7 per cent — the same proportion as in Britain (3.3 million). If the Electronic Age means that impersonal service- sector jobs are bound to leave the country, then seven to ten million people are vulnerable.

The numbers, though, are not a curse, but a spur. Insurance schemes to compensate the “victims” do not address the fundamental challenges of globalisation. Nor do simple calls for more education. The UK needs to think more deeply about the nature of its schooling, nurturing inventiveness, creativity and, happily, personal skills to equip the next generation to do business in Britain.

VNN showing porno

This post is a bit behind the times, but still true.

Earlier this year VNN decided to use porno, and not just any porno either. They showed white women with n*****s and animals having sexual intercourse.

Now what sort of white nationalist does that ?

The leader of VNN is some guy called Alex Linder. No-one seems to know who he is.

Well, I know who I am in the UK.

Linder actually looks a poof , with his hairy fairy hair.

'White' Will Williams decided to tell Linder to sod off.

Will Williams is known even here in the UK.

Will Williams has renown, he also knew Dr.Pierce .

Linder has allowed low intelligence rubbish to air their views about the UK, and I am sure other Countries. He has allowed VNN to even break it's own rules.

Linder has attacked me , using the braindead paid numbsculls like SID, here in the UK.

Williamson just drinks where he can, if the beer is free.

There is also the fact that he has been able to take all his kids away on hols , to Spain, and not for the first time this year .

Plus, he bought a people carrier. Though he has no Driving license.

And this is all just before Nick Griffin met him.

Linder is low class rubbish, as far as I am concerned.

The only real nationalist leader in the USA is David Duke.

VNN is very mysoginist too.

Alex Linder --- Bring it on !

The National Front

I was in the NF for many years. More power to their elbows.

Lee Barnes…Clown or evil influence?

By Julian Graeme

Over the past few weeks, there appears to have been more controversy over Lee Barnes than anyone else in the hierarchy of the BNP for a long time.

Many long-serving BNP members are seriously worried about his views and are questioning his right to air them on a public platform. Little wonder then, that Barnes is being criticized from all quarters.

Did I say ‘all quarters’?

Apparently not, as far as the leadership is concerned, because he is shown sitting next to Nick Griffin on the speakers’ platform at the recent RWB rally.

What then, is it about Barnes that alienates him from so many of his comrades? Let us have a closer look at what he said.

“The world may have forgotten March 19, 1988 when two British soldiers, corporals Derek Wood and David Howes were dragged from their car by a republican mob, beaten, and then taken to a remote area near Belfast's Milltown Cemetery and shot dead.”

Does Barnes remember the two British sergeants who were foully murdered and mutilated by a Jewish terrorist gang and hanged by piano-wire in an orange grove?

Another little gem by Barnes is this one…

“It is in our long term interests that Hezbollah are ground into dust by Israel.”

I’m sure we all know that it won’t be Jewish soldiers that will take the brunt. Sooner or later, they will approach the US and the UK for troops to “Defend democracy.”

Not so long ago, at a meeting, Barnes was saying that the BNP would be much better off if former supporters of the late John Tyndall were removed. As he was saying this, he was glaring at one of JT’s most ardent supporter and closest friend, Richard Edmonds!

Richard Edmonds worked long and hard for the BNP in the early days, and it is down to men like him that John was able to build up a new movement so very quickly.

Lee Barnes has, I’m sure, got his eye on the leadership of the BNP and would change it into a pseudo-Tory party if he had the opportunity. (Unless Griffin beats him to it!) At present, he is Director of the Legal Dept. Of the BNP. A very senior position indeed, yet he is not a paid-up member of the party.

Why is that?

One can only assume that he has either something to hide or that his so-called nationalist ideals are somewhat lacking. It is possible that he is embarrassed to be officially linked to the BNP and, at the drop of a hat, if challenged, could turn round and deny his commitment. Whatever the reason, it is surely a sign that he cannot be trusted.

In conclusion, anyone in nationalist circles who advocates support for the bandit state of Israel is, in my opinion, no nationalist and no patriot.

Julian Graeme.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Keep your eyes on the ball !

While all the angst and 'finger pointing' is aimed at
Lee 'oi veh' Barnes, LLb, DFC and bar, at the moment, for his offensive zionist articles and posts ( though all supported by BNP leader Nick Griffin). Just where is our favourite hate figure, pre-eminence grise, Tony 'the bomber' Lecomber ?

Is Barnes in fact Lecomber himself, but now wearing a long wig ?

Certainly they both seem to hate their 'fellow British nationalists'.

But why does Nick Griffin continually pick total horrors as his 'number two' ?

Lecomber was supposed to have been sacked for his , shall we say, very bad discretion. But even though he has been sacked, he remains on the BNP payroll.

For those that don't know Mr.Lecomber, is the white one in the pic. The pic is a BNP Christmas London social from last year, I kid you not. They are choosing records to play for the happy BNP throng.

Gay coppers to 'mince' through Manchester

Just been reading about that young lad who was shot dead in Canning Town , London, and it appears the total 'cock- up' they, the Police, made yet again in a serious inquiry. They trotted out the usual 'Police being stretched' rubbish. They seem to have enough Police for Black Police marches and Gay parades.

It's only a couple of weeks ago that several hundred Black coppers marched through Moss Side, Manchester; then a few days later, the area erupted into a mass gunfight between rival black gangs using uzi machine guns.

Just what use are the Police these days ? They are making themselves a total 'laughing stock'.

The Police are only a fairly recent innovation, since the mid 19th.Century. We did OK without them for many thousands of years.

Thursday, 24th August 2006
Gay Pride police on parade

PRIDE: Parade.A RECORD number of police officers and staff will take part in the Manchester Pride gay parade at the weekend.

About 125 workers from Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Humberside, North Wales, Durham and Merseyside forces will march in the parade under the `Police with Pride' banner.
It is more than double the number that took part in the annual parade in 2005.
Assistant Chief Constable Rob Taylor, responsible for criminal justice and diversity at GMP, said: "I am really pleased that every year more and more police officers take part in the Manchester Pride parade."
The parade will take place in the city centre from 2pm on Saturday.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Compulsory repatriation - bring it back ?

Todays news is full of information about Britains rising population and the reasons for this increase. Another 'voice', mentioned about the instability in our multi-racial country, and that we must therefore have an honest 'open debate' about it. Someone ought to tell this Government Minister 'we nationalists' have been talking about this issue for decades.

Someone ought to tell these 'talking heads' on television' that they are the one's who built this 'Frankenstein monster'; and the analogies to Mary Shelleys famous literary monster, are quite accurate in my opinion.

This inherent instability in the multi-racial country is also it's main weakness.

The BNP may also be behind the times quite soon, with public concern seemingly even more radical than the current BNP policy of 'voluntary' repatriation.

How steadfast is that voluntary policy under BNP leader Nick Griffin ?

Would he and the BNP revert back to the former compulsory repatriation ?

I strongly suspect not nowadays.

It was Griffin who spearheaded the campaign, to change the repatriation policy to change from compulsory to voluntary repatriation, in particular in his rather childish heading about 'Peter Pan' in an article he wrote at that time.

After all, the voluntary repatriation policy was only brought in as a 'temporary' policy change by then party leader John Tyndall in 1998, at an Advisory Council meeting in the West Midlands. I know, I was there.

I mentioned that many immigrants from the West Indies might be prepared to accept voluntary repatriation as their country is a veritable paradise. I would leg it over there in a jiffy myself, if I was paid to re-settle there.

The problem lies with the large populations from Pakistan and India, and countries like these. Their countries are absolute dirty dumps. I know people who were there in India in 1946, and have been recently. The country is still the same kind of mess. Some say, the only thing mystic about the East is where all the smell comes from. My own father said "you can smell India three days out at sea".

So these people will never go back to their ethnic homelands 'voluntarily'.

So what is to be done ?

I strongly suspect also, that there is a split in this policy even within our own movement. The vast majority supporting the compulsory option, and who live in the large urban connurbations. The more genteel tory types , upper classes if you like, and possible rural dwellers, may seek the seen to be, more 'repectable' option. Unfortunately, it is the controlled press/media that decides what is acceptable, what is respectable , what is fashionable. The media though, is no friend of ours.

This immigration issue is now writ large. Which is it to be ?


NeoCons Are Busy Covering Their Asse(t)S

Israeli press reports about the Israeli Defense Force's Chief of Staff dumping stocks just before war broke out served as a reminder that the very leaders who demand that citizens trust them to do what is best for the country are often busy covering their asse(t)S in case their policies don't work out so well. In the case of Dan Halutz, the man in charge of Israel's war against Hezbollah and Lebanon, the Israeli general was so confident in his own war plans that he felt it prudent to dump his entire portfolio of stocks as his colleagues were meeting to give the go ahead for war.

There's a long tradition of tyrants and despots who stashed money and bought villas outside the borders of the country they were terrorizing. Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, who looted and strong-armed the Philippines for decades, had their Hawaii getaway. Idi Amin, the butcher of Uganda, was never tried and imprisoned for his crimes against his people, but instead spent 20 years living luxuriously in Saudi Arabia. Jean-Claude ("Baby Doc") Duvalier hasn't gone to prison yet either, though his wealthy playboy lifestyle in French Cote d'Azur seems to have been ended by a rancorous and expensive divorce.

But the United States is no banana republic. Surely its leaders, especially those who send other Americans off to war, would never contemplate profiting personally from their decisions or evading responsibility for their mistakes. Well, think again. America's neocon leaders have been busy covering their asse(t)S in case their policies of endless war and raping the American economy produce too much blowback.

NeoCon Continental
For all the contempt that the NeoCons shower upon "Old Europe," they sure seem to find it a good place to invest and even live. Vice-President Cheney likes to tout how great the American economy is, but he and his wife Lynne don't have much confidence in the dollar. Kiplinger Reports took a close look at the Cheney's financial disclosure report recently, and found that the Second Couple is betting against the U. S. Economy. The biggest chunk of their estimated $96 million in change is bet on a fund that specializes in predominately European bonds and had only 6% of its assets in dollar-based investments when Kiplinger took a look. (Warren Buffett , no NeoCon, but known for his financial acumen, is doing the same.)
How nice for them. If the Vice-President's relentless push for a new war against Iran succeeds, and oil prices skyrocket to two or three times the previous record, with a resulting collapse of the dollar, it won't be the Cheneys who suffer.

NeoCon Al Dente
Joining Cheney in his push for yet another war is charter NeoConner Michael Ledeen. He's co-founder of the "Coalition for Democracy in Iran" that lobbies for regime change in Tehran, and he has joined fellow NeoCon Bill Kristol in criticizing the Bush Administration recently for not attacking Iran and Syria.

Ledeen is a real man of the world. He's reputed to have served often as a liaison between the Israelis and the U. S., but his first love seems to be Italy. He's been fascinated by Italian fascism, and reports connect him with neo-fascist movements in Italy like P2, though he denies it. He lived in Italy as a reporter for The New Republic in the 70s, and has continued to go there for extended stays ever since, most recently to research a book he's writing about Naples. Many have suggested that he was the American connection in the Niger uranium disinformation campaign because of his relationship with Italian intelligence, the original source of the forged documents.

Ledeen, considered to be the most radical of the NeoCons, is most notorious for his advocacy of "creative destruction" of which Iraq serves as a "shining" example. What if that "creative destruction" spreads out of control to the United States? Don't worry yourself about Ledeen. He speaks fluent Italian and has a villa in the hills near Rome .

NeoCon KosherStyle
He was called the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Fiascos when he was at the Pentagon because of the way everything he touched turned to--well, you know. He's been involved in everything from the infamous Office of Special Plans to Abu Ghraib to the Franklin spy scandal. Tommy Franks called him, "the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth."

Things may not work out so well for the public interest when Feith is in charge, but he's not so dumb when it comes to taking care of himself and his friends. After leaving the employ of the Defense Department where he had worked under Richard Perle during the Reagan administration, Feith formed a law partnership with Marc Zell with a focus on representing companies in the military-industrial complex who wanted to do more business with Washington. Feith & Zell weren't content with limiting their practice to the U. S. They merged with an Israeli firm to form FANDZ, an enterprise that touted its access to Defense Department officials after Bush II appointed Feith as third in command at the Pentagon. Shortly thereafter, FANDZ hooked up with Salem Chalabi, son of long-time Feith friend, Ahmed Chalabi.

If justice ever came visiting in Washington, Feith might have reason to worry because of pal Chalabi's double-agenting, subordinate Larry Franklin's spying or Feith's own intelligence cooking in the runup to Iraq, but in the unlikely event that there's ever the threat of an indictment, Feith has it covered. He took good care of his friends at his old law firm FANDZ, and they are able to offer him lots of options when it comes to locations outside the U. S.:

Since 9/11, Zell, Goldberg has become a leader in the newly emerging field of international security and anti-terrorism law, in conjunction with its Washington, D.C. office, and through its affiliate company FIST (Federal Israel Security Technologies LLC).

Through its Moscow office and its Israel-based Russia-CIS practice group, the firm has gained extensive experience in what is becoming one of the world’s most promising regional markets.

Zell, Goldberg maintains a comprehensive network of correspondent relationships with quality business and tax law firms throughout the world with special emphasis on Europe (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and the CIS) and the Far East (China, Japan and South Korea).

NeoCon à la Mode
The NeoCon's "Prince of Darkness " is Richard Perle. He's been a key member of both the Committee on the Present Danger and the Project for a New American Century. As chariman of the Defense Policy Board, he was one of the most influential backers of the Iraq war.

Perle has no fear when it comes to attacking opponents of the policies he advocates. When the French were skeptical about the need for an immediate assault on Saddam in 2003, Perle was furious at one of America's oldest allies:

France is no longer an ally of the United States and the NATO alliance "must develop a strategy to contain our erstwhile ally or we will not be talking about a NATO alliance" the head of the Pentagon's top advisory board said in Washington Tuesday.

What a way to talk about your neighbors! It turns out that not only peaceniks like Alec Baldwin and George Clooney seek refuge in France, but also NeoCons like Richard Perle who feel it's prudent to cover their asse(t)s by buying a villa in Provence .

What's Cookin'?
When you see the president of the bank headed out the door with one hand holding a satchel full of cash and the other his family pictures, it might be time to make a withdrawal yourself. If you hear your town's mayor has put his house up for sale, it may be time to unload your place as well.

The NeoCons claim their policies of endless war and huge deficits are going to preserve the "American way of life," but their personal actions must make anyone wonder whether they believe what they're telling the American people. If their policies sink the U. S., don't expect them to go down with the ship. They'll be enjoying the safety and stability of Europe where they're now stashing money and buying houses.

Maybe it's time you began to cover your asse(t)s.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Part Two : Rochdale report - General Elections and Local Elections, 1992.

General Election : April 9th. 1992

On the 1st.April 1991, we sent a letter to the Commanding Officer of Rochdale Police , pointing out that the Anti-Nazi league (ANAL) and Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) , two groups who actively promote violence against their opponents (See RED ACTION newspaper of AFA dated July/August 1992, of which we have a copy). Where organising to come to the Town in large numbers.

These two groups form an 'umbrella' for the various left wing groups from the local Labour Party and their Labour Party Rochdale candidate David Williams, to anarchist groups and AFA; who have active IRA supporters/bombers among their ranks [2006 Note: Leading ManchesterAFA and top gangster at that time was Dessie Noonan, a member of Sinn Fein/IRA. Noonan was murdered by a black 'yardie' fairly recently over a drug dispute.] So we can see definite links to the political and criminal underworlds here.

Officially these groups were organising to illegally distribute several thousand smear leaflets. We can hazard a wild guess as to their real intent. Their actions behold their real intent.

After the Parliamentary and Local elections were completed, the returns of all the duly nominated candidates in the elections have been examined, and it was found;

1). That neither the Anti-Nazi league nor Anti-fascist Action had a candidate standing in the local areas for election,

2). That none of the Candidates who were duly nominated as standing, and were entitled to issue or authorise the issue of printed material in the Constituency/wards, which would be calculated to influence the outsome of those elections , did not indeed adopt those costs of these leaflets , numbering thousands, as part of their election expenses.

Therefore offences had been committed .

We had forewarned Rochdale Police , in the event, they failed to uphold the Law.

I would draw your attention to a number of letters in the Rochdale Observer newspaper, during the election period from members of the public, in effect, over a period of several weeks. Letters from the public complained about these 'left wing mobs' who were harassing and haranguing shoppers and passers-by in Rochdale Town centre.

Letter writers complained of the use of violent language through portable megaphones, the sheer amount of numbers of them crowding the bottom of Yorkshire Street, and preventing passers by walking and having ‘stickers’ placed on their person and leaflets thrust in their faces - in these cases illegal leaflets and these leaflets were designed to influence the elections.

A few of these letters published in the Rochdale Observer criticised the Police for standing around doing nothing. Many offences were pointed out to the Police , but the Police sadly did nothing.

Our letter to the Police informed them that these people were organising again to distribute illegal leaflets intended to subvert the democratic process, as is explicit under;

House of Lords v. Luft and others 1975 precedent.

In this case Mike Luft of Failsworth, Oldham , and others , mainly other jewish/communist activists, were involved in distributing thousands of illegal leaflets at the 1974 General Elections including in the North West against British nationalist Candidates. These offences were investigated by Scotland Yard Fraud Squad detectives and Special Branch. Their investigations led to the successful prosecutions against Luft and others, and the convictions quoted in the aforementioned case.

A Parliamentary General Election is a fundamental part of our democracy, and we feel very strongly that the Authorities responsible for upholding the Law , without fear nor favour, would take steps to make it clear that they will not tolerate the electoral process to be subverted or corrupted by means of unlawful acts.

All this was pointed out to Rochdale Police, and they were fully aware of the House of Lords v Luft precedent.

Rochdale Police said in a curt reply to Mr.Henderson, in writing, that they would uphold the Law. They didn’t !

Rochdale Police’s past performance in regard to election offences leaves a lot to be desired .

In 1982, in spite of ‘prima facie’ evidence , a letter published in the Rochdale Observer , Wed. 18th.August 1982 in the letters page. A letter by one Peter Atkinson , who was at the time the leader of the local Communist Party , admitted in the letter that he, and others, handed out these illegal leaflets.

Rochdale Police refused to take any action, and we had to resort to the use of again writing to the Chief Constable - still the Police would not take any action ,or indeed explain why they had dropped the case.

General Election 1992 and attempts to hire a Public Hall in Rochdale

As you will know it is explicit in the Representation of the People Act. Local authorities must make arrangements so that duly nominated are able to avail themselves of these facilities, suitable premises to hold a Public meeting.

You will also be aware that when the BNP tried to avail themselves of a school for a meeting in early 1991 (in this instance a compromise venue of Greenbank School was agreed) in order to hold a meeting, the Chief Executive John Pierce was threatened 'with the sack' by the ruling Militant led Labour Council .

Pierce held out as long as he could , to try and deny the BNP it's rights .

Ex- Rochdale MP Sir Cyril Smith ,and the Home Office Minister Anne Widdicombe, had to come out in support of Mr.Pierce and the rule of Law, in the face of an all out sustained attack from the local Labour Party Council which was led by MILITANT TENDENCY member, Cllr. Richard Farnell .

This is the background to Mr.Ken Henderson , the duly nominated BNP Parliamentary Candidate’s attempts to hire a public hall.

In 1992 , the Rochdale Chief Executive, John Pierce flouted the Law by denying Mr.Henderson from exercising his democratic rights under the Representation of the People Act.

When Mr.Henderson having his patience exhausted again since Mr.Pierce refused to meet Mr.Henderson, or to answer his phone calls or letters, he had no recourse other than to go to Law.

Surely here, the Individual would be protected from Town Hall bureaucracy and high-handedness. Surely here the Law would be abided by ?

Next part ……. Part 3: to the High Court ! Posting next week..

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MILITANT -Ted Grant was a jew - Obituary

For those who have been around a few years, you might recall this guy 'Ted Grant' . He was the leader of the Militant Tendency. Militant caused havoc in places like Liverpool in the 1980's.

The big surprise, or perhaps it isn't really a surprise, is that if you look in the attached article it makes great mention of 'Grant' in fact being a jew.

'On putting the probing knife to the abcess one finds like a maggot blinded by the sudden light....'Fw: Ted Grant obituary, 'The Independent', 09/08/06

Note: The article should enlarge at your end.

Manchester - muslim martyrs win praise at rally

Muslim 'martyrs' win praise at rally

AN Islamic academic has told an 8,000-strong crowd at a Muslim rally in Manchester that dying for your beliefs is "just".

Dr Azzam Tamimi, who has previously said he was prepared to be a suicide bomber, described martyrs as those who were "prepared to stand up in defiance of George Bush and Tony Blair". He told the audience they should see themselves as "Muslims in Europe" and not "European Muslims".

Pat Buchanan declares - Third World conquest of America



As Rome passed away, so, the West is passing away, from the same causes and in much the same way. What the Danube and Rhine were to Rome, the Rio Grande and Mediterranean are to America and Europe, the frontiers of a civilization no longer defended.”

So begins a new work of warning from Pat Buchanan.

And this time Buchanan goes all the way.STATE OF EMERGENCY: THIRD WORLD INVASION AND CONQUEST OF AMERICA streets this week and is designed to jolt readers with stats/analysis of illegal immigration gone dangerously wild.

Buchanan warns: “The children born in 2006 will witness in their lifetimes the death of the West."One in every twelve people breaking into America has a criminal record.By 2050, there will be 100 million Hispanics concentrated in the U.S. Southwest.Between 10 and 20 percent of all Mexicans, Central Americans and Caribbean people have already moved to the United States.Every month, the U.S. Border Patrol apprehends more illegal aliens breaking into our country, 150,000, than the number of troops we have in Iraq.[The book was ranked #571 on AMAZON's sales chart Sunday evening.]

Buchanan slams the president: “Concerned about his legacy, George W. Bush may yet live to see his name entered into the history of his country as the president who lost the American Southwest that James K. Polk won for the United States.

"In EMERGENCY, Pat Buchanan charges the Mexican regime with an Aztlan Plot, a conscious campaign to use America as a dumping ground for its poor and unemployed, both to relieve social pressure and effect a cultural re-annexation of the American Southwest. La Reconquista, the reconquest of the lands lost by Mexico in the Mexican-American War, Buchanan charges, is underway.

The Republican Party, a wholly owned subsidiary of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is in the grip of a cult called “Economism.” It is all about money now. The GOP worships at the “Church of GDP”

• Both parties are paralyzed by guilt over American past racial sins.
• Powerful Mexican and U.S. elites seek to erase America’s borders and merge the United States and Mexico into a “North American Union.”In his controversial final chapter, “Last Chance,” Buchanan lays out a national plan to deal with the State of Emergency, before it makes an end of America:• An Eisenhower-type deportation program, beginning with all illegal aliens convicted of felonies and every gang member not a U.S. citizen.
• A ten-year moratorium on all legal immigration, at the level JFK favored in 1958 -- 150,000 to 250,000 a year.
• A $10-billion, 2000-mile double-line security fence between the United States and Mexico, built with no apologies to Mexico City.Developing... -----------------------------------------------------------Reports are moved when circumstances warrant for updates(c)DRUDGE REPORT 2006Not for reproduction without permission of the author

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Guess who just drove by ?

At 7.40 pm just, local convicted church bomber, nazi gun runner and all round 'fruitcake' 70 odd year old Ken Kelly has just driven slowly past my home.

He is still driving old bangers, this one is no different. The reg is N373 etc.

Kelly is well known for comitting acts of vandalism.

His mental state has been in question for many years, very recently he was sat with a small number of 'fellow BNPers' in a pub in Keighley. Kelly then proceeded to urinate on purpose on the floor, under the table, in the pub, drenching a more genuine BNP member. A lady was present at that table. I am told that lady, is or was, a BNP Councillor in that area.

Kelly is a member of Rochdale BNP branch, though heaven knows how they still allow him to attend. Kelly is the guy mentioned in the 'Guns to the Right' -World in Action TV programme. Ray Hill the Searchlight traitor also gives mention to Kelly in his book 'The Other face of Terror' and supplying guns.

Last weekend at the RED,WHITE & BLUE Festival, Kelly met with SouthCoastNationalist/VNN moderator and St Georges Cross on Stormfront, Pete Williamson, and discussed me at length.Williamson says so on VNN UK forums. Is that what they get up to at the RWB ? I thought it was more interesting than that.

Williamson is the guy who became Nick Griffins new 'flavour of the month', a few days before the RWB, Griffin met with Williamson in Brighton.

Williamson hates me with a passion.

I think he fancies me actually, he does live in Brighton you know !

If I get any vandalism then the Police will be knocking on Kelly's door, bet on it !

North West nationalists collecting rubbish now ?

Apparently, some berks down Tameside BNP are collecting rubbish strewn by the more degenerate members of our society.

What is this all about ?

We are not a social service . This business has cropped up before. In 1975, Liverpool NF wanted to take OAP's away on a coach trip . Martin Webster gave this idea short shrift.

We are a political party, not a social club, nor a registered charity.

Why should our members be asked to clear up garbage ? This will affect memberships. Our people are better than that.

It was good to see GED though on the pics. Ged has been involved since the mid 1970's.

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New writer for NWN blog

The British (Multi-) National Party!

By Julian Graeme

For the past few years, I have watched the British National Party change from a once proud and determined party of national unity to a watered-down apology of it's former self.

It is said that the party has grown in 'leaps and bounds' in recent times. The party faithful proudly point to its election successes and asks if these successes would have been possible under the leadership of the former chairman, John Tyndall. They state that the voting public would not support the kind of radical nationalist party that the BNP once was and they defend the de-naturing of its long-accepted policies.

People have asked me why the BNP has suddenly been seen to get results when, for years, it was not showing signs of making comparable progress. The answer is very simple: the electorate has, at last, begun to wake up in the light of so many problems with the vastly increased number of immigrants and asylum-seekers coming here. None of the old parties has ever offered a viable solution to these problems and the electorate has looked towards the BNP for an answer. The fact of the matter is simply one of timing. This awakening of the people would have occurred whoever happened to be the party leader.

Election results are always pleasing to those in the party who have worked hard to achieve them. All credit must surely go to those who deliver leaflets and engage in door-to-door canvassing. If the message is a good one, people will heed it. There is, however, no magic spell being cast on the electorate by the present leadership of the BNP; these results would come quite naturally in an environment where people are frightened that mass immigration is threatening their way of life. Why then, when at long last, the BNP is beginning to get results, does the leadership deliberately set out to wreak irreparable damage to the party machine?
Let us take a few examples that have occurred recently. Let us look at some of the incidents that have led to many members’ disillusionment. There are innumerable cases that I could cite but will be content with mentioning just a few of them.

There was the case of Luke Smith, a man who had won a seat in a local election. He was involved in an altercation with a fellow member at a social event resulting in a fight; that was most unfortunate. Instead of dealing with the matter quickly and quietly, the whole force of the leadership bore down on him forcing him to resign, while in the meantime the incident was deliberately given maximum publicity. Council seats for the BNP do not grow on trees; each one has to be wrested from the iron grip of the old parties. The party later lost the seat, in part, through this wholly unnecessary publicity.

Another case was the discovery that BNP webmaster and West Midlands regional organizer, Simon Darby, was once 'buddy-buddy' with a person, Andrew Carmichael, who later turned out to be an MI5 agent. Nice one, Simon!

There was the embarrassing incident when a candidate in the North-East was discovered to be a Moslem convert. He was selected and approved by the regional organizer, Kevin Scott, a BNP ‘moderate’ treading the Griffin-prescribed path.

There was Charlie Bickerstaffe who, in announcing his election candidature, said that he had a black Zimbabwean (sorry, Rhodesian) son-in-law. He said: "He is proud to be British and part of our family." This, coming from a man who is a member of a party that was once dedicated to preserving the white race.

Burnley member Jim Cowell, who called for ethnics to be allowed to join the party, is another embarrassing example. Then there was the Halifax (failed) candidate, who said that he only wanted immigration to be halted for twelve months! What kind of message of racial preservation is that?

There is, of course, the rumour of Griffin’s homosexual relationship with Martin Webster in the late seventies. Webster had openly declared this but no official complaint has been recorded. Griffin, for some reason, has declined to seek recompense in the courts.

Let us come back to Simon Darby. If Tony Lecomber was the hatchet-man of the Griffin regime, then Darby is certainly the Eminence Grise. He was the man who, as webmaster, closed more BNP chat-rooms and forums than I care to remember. He is said, even by his friends, to be highly ambitious and a control-freak, intent on stifling any voice of criticism. If I were Griffin, I would be wary of such a character. The words of Shakespeare’s Macbeth could be most apposite here… "Vaulting ambition which o’erleaps itself and falls on the other." One old BNP forum still exists though; it is the FSID forum, which is a haven for the exchange of comments and healthy discussion. It is, however, no longer controlled by the BNP.

Apart from these illustrations, what else have we seen in recent years under Griffin’s leadership? We have seen a recently elected BNP councillor publicly attacking other BNP councillors (for which he should have been, but has not been, permanently banished from the party); councillors failing to turn up at important council meetings; candidates clamouring to declare that they are not ‘racist’ and others apologising for their party’s ethnic policy, such as it is.

The Burnley Branch of the BNP was, without doubt, the most active and energetic one in the country. Why then, did the leadership constantly disrupt, mislead and give little guidance to these people? Quite possibly, they could produce a result far better if they were allowed to get on with the job, unfettered from the leadership’s constant interference.

There is a rumour going round the branches that the party has two very well-placed moles inside ANAL (Anti-Nazi league). This begs the question of how many moles ANAL has in the BNP?

Every month, the BNP leadership replaces seasoned campaigners with raw beginners. Old hands, who have served the party well as branch leaders, etc., find themselves taking orders from members who have little to offer other than being sycophants of Griffin and his dream of a multicultural BNP. Is there any wonder that many nationalists are feeling disillusioned with the party under the ‘New Order’?

I believe that the electorate wants a change and when they are frightened about the current trend towards more and more multi-racial nonsense, the last thing they want to vote for is a pale shadow of the Tory Party.

We must remember, however, that the British public is slow to change; they are, by and large, conservatives with a small ‘c’. It takes an awful lot of unrest before they decide to vote for a party other than the ‘Big Three’. Many of them have now decided to put their trust in the BNP; they believe it to be a party dedicated to Britons. Imagine their surprise and disappointment when they begin to discover that their idol has feet of clay.
What would their reaction be had they heard that the North West Regional organizer, Bev Jones say: "If the party is ever going to get to power, it will have to court the black vote." This lady was appointed as a replacement to Chris Jackson, a stalwart nationalist who has been dedicated to the party over many years and has played a crucial part in building it up in the region.

BNP officials insist that they are not ‘racist’ and that a radical change by Griffin has ensured that there are no ‘racist’ elements within the party. Griffin has told the news media over and over again that ‘racism’ is wrong and was counter-productive. Surely, the voter who has decided to support the BNP has done so essentially because he thought that race was of the utmost importance.

I am not saying that there is no hope for the future of the BNP; there is every hope, but not under the present leadership. There is, undoubtedly, a virus at work in the machinery of the party; it is Griffinus destructus; its removal is of the most paramount priority.

In a well-ordered nationalist movement, there must be a policy that reflects its concerns for the protection of our heritage and the preservation of our culture. There must be a leader who can command the respect and win the trust of everyone; a leader who will have the courage and determination to present to the people a message of hope for the nation and salvation for our race. When such a leader is found, I shall be the first to support him!
Julian Graeme.
Note : NWN welcomes writers and cartoonists to have their work aired on here. Please write to or;

Hughie !!!!!!! I have just been sick !

This pic shows a senior BNP activist welcoming a non-white BNP member at the Leeds Crown Court hearings for Griffin and Collett. Honestly, I spilt my drink when I saw this pic. This is Rajinder Singh with Nick Cass.

Did ITV help Griffin take over the BNP?

Did ITV help Griffin take over the BNP?

This thread has just been closed by JJT/Robertson on SF UK.

For anyone that wants the GRANADA -TV programme we can send it to you.

I remember John Tyndall telling me after seeing this TV programme, he said "Griffin is definitely wanting the BNP" . Even though Nick Griffin said on the
programme, that he had no leadership ambitions.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Help !

Can someone please send me the pics of the demonstration outside Walton Prison HM Liverpool 1980 please to They were posted by 'Blueyonder'.

As then, I find myself on the outside here. I have been banned SIX times from Stormfront. I have never used bad language, nor broken any rules.I was banned initially for supporting John Tyndall by JJT.

The moderators on Stormfront UK are rubbish, they have made sure that the Griffinites have won their arguments.

GODWINSON is a 'soft' intellectual. RED X KNIGHT is David Kerr who's claim to fame is being pictured with Rabbi Meyer Schiller, he is from that hotbed of white nationalism, Ulster .

The real poison emanates, and this guy has been the poisonous gatekeeper on Stormfront, JOHNJOYTREE/ Andy Robertson from Lewes, Sussex

Sept-1980 Outside Walton jail - what no skinheads

Someone has started a thread on Stormfront about this blog. There have been a couple of cheap shots/lies aimed at me personally by Williamson and Shearer. Glass houses chaps, think about it !

Someone, I think I know who, has posted some pics of said demonstration. Someone mentioned about the lack of skinheads on the pics posted by Blueyonder. Common mythology is that we were all skinheads in those days. Even Nick Griffin has used this lie and that he got rid of all the skinheads when elected BNP leader. What tosh !

The below pic shows a part of the demo. We cannot even see one skinhead on it. Because the truth is, as now, there weren't hardly any skinheads in society. It's an 'urban myth' perpetrated by lazy individuals who instead use the 'stereotype' and usually used by marxist lefties. Griffin argued the same. Does that make Griffin a marxist ?


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Examples of Democracy in Rochdale 1992 General Election

This is part 1 of a possible 3 part document that was distributed in 1992. Today we have more efficient methods of distribution. The next part(s) will appear next week.
Part 1:

27th.November 1992

1992 General Election & Local Elections
Extremist Examples of Democracy in Rochdale

Some disgraceful occurences became evident in Rochdale over the Election period.
Fair minded people, who insist on calling themselves ‘Democrats’ should feel a sense of outrage.

Why were these occurrences allowed ?

Even more outrageous still , is, why was there no account of these transgressions ?
Well there aren’t many politicians of the voltairean mold in Rochdale .

To put it in a nutshell what are we saying ? We are saying this .

To try and prevent us from as a lawful and legal political party in Rochdale our duly nominated Election Candidates faced a concerted attempt by various authorities on the one hand, and left-wing terrorism on the other. Some including from both ‘hands’ actually broke the Law to prevent us from campaigning.
Of the legal Authorities that acted against us , and in some instances broke the Law against us , we include ;
Rochdale Police (Greater Manchester Police) P Division
Mr.John Pierce, Rochdale Borough’s Chief Executive
A High Court Judge at Manchester
Rochdale Magistrates

1). Rochdale Police broke the Law by physically preventing our local election candidates canvassers from leafletting in support of their election campaign, by the use of threats from large numbers of riot Police.

2). Mr.John Pierce, the Town’s Chief Executive broke the law by refusing to allow Mr Ken Henderson , the British National Party Candidate at the 1992 General Election in Rochdale, from hiring a Public hall under the Representation of the People Act.

3). A High Court Judge , Justice McKinnon, sitting in chambers, refused to make a decision in support of Mr.Hendersons attempt to force John Pierce and Rochdale Council to hire him a hall under the Representation of the People Act mentioned above.
These are our main accusations towards the legal authorities , particularly in Rochdale. In tandem with
this , various criminal left wing groups mobilised against us in Rochdale over the Election period exacting physical violence against our members and property. These people were allowed and indeed even encouraged by the legal authorities to go on the streets and in their terms "SMASH THE BNP".

What is sinister is the role of the Rochdale Labour party in this whole affair.
Why have we taken a while to compile this document ? The reason is twofold.

a). Rochdale Police are still fudging over our formal complaints to Greater Manchester Police’s Chief Constable against Rochdale police .

b). Rochdale Magistrates in effect ‘let off’ the left wing thugs who, in a mob of some 150 + wrecked a local pub physically attacked some of our members injuring some, and attacked local Police Officers outside a local pub and Rochdale Town hall. These magistrates thus are giving the ‘green light’ to attack our members/activities, even if that also means physically attacking the Police .

We demand that the magistrates concerned should explain their decisions or be sacked !

We invite you to look at our evidence . You may be an opponent of our party, that is your right. After reading this report you may continue to oppose our party, that is also your right. But we feel that you would want to distance yourselves from this concerted and in many examples the crimina; effort to deny us our right to function in Rochdale as a political party.

We believe that the facts contained herein should be discussed soberly and openly .

We intend to distribute this report widely in Rochdale. We will distribute it to Sir Cyril Smith and other leading opinion makers. To our MP Liz Lynne, and a number of Councillors, to leading Churchmen and to other interested parties including the ROCHDALE OBSERVER newspaper.

We are not going to go away. British nationalists have been fighting elections continually in Rochdale for some 20 years now and we have the facilities to reply to our critics.

If you wish to gain any further detail from us about the information contained herein please do not hesitate to contact either;

Ken Henderson or Pete Barker .

May 1992 General Election & Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Local Elections

This report will be split up into two main areas of we would say unfair treatment and in some cases deliberate law-breaking meted out to us by;
So called responsible and impartial State Authorities
the criminal activities of the far-left groups that organised nationally against us , including the links between these far left groups and very senior local labour party politicians including ex-Council leader Richard Farnell and Cllr.David Williams.

15th.February 1992 - Adoption meeting of the BNP Parliamentary Candidate

Mr.Ken Henderson was due to hold his adoption meeting held by the local Branch of the British National Party(BNP) at the Castle Inn, Manchester Road, Rochdale. The meeting was to have been addressed by Mr.Henderson whose adoption meeting it was, and by Mr.Richard Edmonds the BNP National Organiser.
Various left wing groups mobilised on this day from all over the Country ranging from the Labour party to the criminal 'Red Action' . On the day around 500 of these people came with the sole purpose of , in their words, ‘ Smashing the BNP’.

The local Police were aware of this mobilisation by these people through their own information gaining techniques including from the Polices 'Special Branch'.

Mr. Henderson was contacted by Rochdale Police with the view that due to these left wing demonstrations, would Mr.Henderson help the Police by keeping our people away from the Town centre, as it was a Saturday afternoon and would have been very busy.

Mr.Henderson agreed , because the left wing people thought that the meeting was to have been held, quite wrongly, at the Brunswick Hotel, Baillie Street. Therefore Mr.Henderson replied in the affirmative, our members would keep clear of the Town Centre.

Rochdale Police had earlier at the private meeting on the 13th. February 1992 indicated that they had no objections to the meeting going ahead. The meeting for Mr.Hendersons candidacy was, after all, a private members only meeting on private property.

Our meeting was to have commenced at 1pm., at the Castle Inn and we belive that a Police van was in attendance from 9 am on that day.

Unknown to us Rochdale Police had ordered the landlady to lock its doors - in effect banning our meeting. A most disgraceful act but worse was to come.

By 11.30 am. A crowd of approximately 40 - 50 assorted Labour/Socialist Worker (SWP) members had assembled on the car park outside the Castle Inn with the obvious intention of intimidating our people from attending the meeting.

At 12.30 pm two fairly senior Police Officers from Rochdale ascertained at Mr.Hendersons home that he was indeed going to the Castle Inn.

At 1pm Mr.Henderson, Mr Hendersons girlfriend, Richard Edmonds and one other person (Dave Taylor), parked their car just away from the mob who had assembled outside the front door of the Castle Inn. The group of four made their way to the front door of the pub and knocked on it, as previously arranged with the Police. Mr.Henderson was told by a Police officer , after the Police Officer ascertained who he was, that if he did not go away he would be arrested. The Police Officer also said there would be no meeting that day.

The left-wing people had now found out who Mr.Hendersons group were , whereupon they were then attacked and chased down the street. They were punched, kicked and spat on. Stones were thrown at them and a bottle narrowly missed Mr.Edmonds head. (All this was reported on Greater Manchester Radio(GMR) at 5pm and 6pm on their newsbulletins for the 15th.February 1992).

Mr.Hendersons group being chased had to slow down from running near their car , to get into their vehicle. The left wing thugs now numbering only about 12 - 15 had caught up with Mr.Henderson . They therefore had to ‘square up’ to these thugs whereupon the Police van mentioned earlier who had watched Mr.Hendersons group get attacked and chased, actually threatened Mr.Hendersons group with arrest !

In view of this several questions need to be asked.

Why did the Police Officers who were of Inspector rank , and were at Mr.Hendersons home only 30 minutes before the meeting not tell Mr.Henderson that the meeting at the Castle Inn had been ordered to close, instead of having his small group of four to be subject to physical attack ?

Also, why did Rochdale police stand back while his group was kicked and punched , had bricks and bottles thrown at them , and chased down the street . Then, when they could not run any further , due to their car being parked - the Police actually threatening Mr.Henderson with arrest .

If you remember back to the 1991 BNP Public Election meeting held at Greenbank school, Rochdale. Just prior to this meeting , the then Inspector David Sykes of Rochdale Police stated in the Rochdale Observer that "the BNP would never hold a meeting in Rochdale" - this shows the intention of the Police in Rochdale. Different rules apply at Election times.
(Just as an aside this note has been added August 2006: Former Police Inspector David Sykes was one of the most corrupt and incompetent of the then new anti-BNP ‘fast tracked coppers’ who were being pushed for promotions. Not because they were good coppers, but because they were very politically correct coppers .
Sykes was named by the SHIPMAN INQUIRY as being totally useless and he was named by Dame Janet Smith, the High Court Judge, as failing in his duty and bungling (Daily Mail : Tuesday 15th July 2003).
Sykes had retired early knowing this was coming with a full index linked pension which would give him about £36,500 per annum three years ago.
Sykes became a Chief Superintendant........I kid you not . )

Ex-anti BNP Chief Superintendent who took early retirement, David Sykes; called a failure by the SHIPMAN INQUIRY.

After this action of intimidating the acting landlady at the Castle Inn , one can only come to the conclusion that there does appear to be some degree of malevolence from Greater Manchester Police, Rochdale P Division, senior Officers . We make the great distinction between the senior ranks and the Constables on the beat.
Note: Cllr.David Williams mentioned earlier , Rochdale’s Labour party candidate appeared on a platform for the Anti-nazi league (ANAL) . A photo of Williams appeared in the Rochdale Express free newspaper dated 20th.February 1992. People who watch the political scene are well aware of the criminality of ANAL who have had literally thouands of members arrested by the Police, for example; almost 300 arrested at Lewisham alone on 13th.August 1977.

All this information contained formed a part of a formal complaint to the Chief Constable of GMP dated 31st.May 1992, a complaint that has still not been acted on or treated in a fair or appropriate manner. [As of 2006 these complaints were still never investigated. Says rather a lot about the Police doesn’t it ?]

Just a personal note here: I thought it was 1993 and not 1992 the last time I spoke with Ian Stuart. He did a gig at Littleborough Conservative Club near to the Railway station. We had a chat and a pint. How life is so fragile. The SKREWDRIVER gig was a fundraiser for Ken Henderson's BNP election challenges.

Anti BNP fighting fund - NW Lib Dems

Anyone got anymore details about this group ? It has a Stockport address.

The Wolf Fund

The Wolf Fund is the North West Liberal Democrats' fighting fund specifically for fighting the BNP.

Launched in 2002, the Wolf Fund has helped us to provide support to local campaigners across the region, beating the BNP back in places from Blackburn to the Wirral peninsula.
It has helped transform the political map of Burnley: where the BNP had become the official opposition to the Labour council, it helped the Lib Dems build a liberal alternative and as of May 2006, Burnley is now a Lib Dem led council.
In 2004, the Wolf Fund helped us to gain a second MEP in the North West, and thwart the BNP's aims to get their leader elected to the European Parliament in their top target Euro-constituency.
However, to be able to beat them back everywhere they pop up we need to keep the fund from running dry. To do that, we need your support.
For donations over £199, anyone over 18 and a UK resident can donate either as a one-off or by standing order; we need to know your details as they appear on the electoral register, though, in line with the PPER 2000 legislation on donations to political parties.
Please print, fill in and return this page with any donation to the Wolf Fund, make cheques/ postal orders to "NWLD" and return them to NWLD, 87a Castle Street, Stockport SK3 9AR.
Donation to the Wolf Fund
Your name:

Amount of donation: £
Alternatively call 0161 477 0939 for a standing order form

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A split in the racist right

Have we not seen the very same scenario being played out here in the UK ? Griffin trying to get rid of any and all racist thoughts. Jared Taylor and AMREN doing the same in the USA.

Griffin has met Taylor on several occasions, surprise,surprise. They both sing from the same songsheet. The songsheet that the 'juwes are the one's who will not be blamed for nothing' .

Jared Taylor and Nick Griffin have conspired to sell out their own people by including jews and pushing the jews perspective within the nationalist movement.

This article written by reds is actually gloating about this split, and well might they do that.

'Divide et Impera' - Divide and rule - This is the ages old tactic of the jews. The tactic is now among us and wreaking havoc.They have sprung the trap and some have actually bitten the bait. Lee 'oi veh' Barnes LLB, DFC and bar ,was spouting even more pro-zionist claptrap on the main BNP website only yesterday.

A Split In the Racist Right

By Heidi Beirich and Mark Potok, Intelligence Report. Posted August 16, 2006.
A rift has opened between those who see blacks, Hispanics and Muslims as the primary enemy, and those who blame Jews for every evil.

For a gathering of people devoted to denouncing the inferiority of blacks and sounding the alarm about civilization-threatening Muslims, the biannual conferences thrown by the New Century Foundation, publisher of the racist newsletter American Renaissance, are decidedly genteel affairs. Men dress in suits and ties, women in formal business attire, and there are no uniformed skinheads or Klansmen to be seen. Large plasma television screens, Starbucks coffee spreads and fancy linens adorn the hotel meeting hall. Epithets have no place here.
Or at least they didn't. At the latest edition of the conferences that began in 1994, held this February at the Hyatt Dulles hotel, a nasty spat broke out that upset the gathering's decorum -- and may even shape the future of the radical right.
It began when David Duke, the former Klan leader and author of Jewish Supremacism, strode to a microphone after French author Guillaume Faye wrapped up a talk vilifying Muslims entitled "The Threat to the West." Duke thanked Faye for remarks that "touched my genes." But then he went one further.
"There is a power in the world that dominates our media, influences our government and that has led to the internal destruction of our will and spirit," Duke said, according to an undisputed account in The Forward newspaper.
"Tell us, tell us," someone in the back yelled.
"I'm not going to say it," Duke replied. Laughter began to fill the room, until a short, angry man leaped from his seat, walked up to Duke and began to curse.
"You fucking Nazi, you've disgraced this meeting!" he said.
And with that, Michael Hart, a Jewish astrophysicist and long-time attendee at American Renaissance conferences, headed for the door. As many as 50 people at the conference began to jeer and point at the rapidly disappearing Hart.
This extraordinary incident marked the beginning of an open rift between those on the radical right who see blacks, Hispanics and Muslims as the primary enemy, and those who say "the Jews" are ultimately behind every evil -- a split that has usually stayed just below the surface but now threatens a leading institution of American extremism. While in the past he has managed to bridge this divide mainly by ignoring it, American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor now must finally come to terms with the split. His dilemma boils down to this: Throw out the anti-Semites and try to build a larger movement with electoral possibilities like those increasingly seen in Britain and Germany; or openly join hands with the very energetic neo-Nazis, even though that means the loss of any remaining shred of respectability.
"These are the makings of a major schism," wrote Shawn Mercer, co-founder and moderator of American Renaissance's AR List, an E-mail group. "If American Renaissance ultimately fails as a result of this donnybrook at the convention, it will be a sad, possibly fatal turn of events for the future of whites."
Jews and the radical right
The traditional enemy of the American radical right, going back to the Civil War and even before, has been the black man. Given the numbers of voters who would be created by enfranchising former slaves -- and the historical fact that blacks outnumbered whites in many southern counties -- that is no surprise. But radical anger also has been directed throughout U.S. history at each new wave of foreign immigrants, and, in both the 19th century and the 20th, that included Jews.
European anti-Semitism made its way across the ocean as well, infecting Americans with ideas about secret Jewish plans for world domination and alleged ritual practices like the murder of Christian children. Increasingly, hatred of Jews filtered into groups like the Klan -- most famously, in 1915, when the group was reborn on the strength of the lynching of Jewish businessman Leo Frank of Atlanta. (Frank was falsely accused of the rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl.)
In the 1920s, auto tycoon Henry Ford published anti-Semitic treatises culminating in the book, The International Jew. In the following decade, Father Charles Coughlin, a radical Catholic, railed against Jews in radio broadcasts heard by millions. There followed a brief lull in anti-Semitism due to revelations about the Nazi genocide, but it wasn't long before Jew-hatred came roaring back.
This was partly due to the spread of Christian Identity, a radical theology that claims that Jews are biologically descended from Satan and are the chief enemy of the white man. This ideology, which increasingly crept into traditionally Christian groups like the Klan, helped to start the broad-based change that has occurred over the last half century or so -- the Nazification of the American radical right. Growing anti-Semitism also reflected the view of many segregationists that Jews were behind the black civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. The bombings of several Southern synagogues by white supremacists underlined this conviction.
In recent decades, however, mainstream American society has rejected anti-Semitism, to the point where it is generally seen as more acceptable to voice ugly views of blacks than Jews. And this has not been lost on certain sectors of the radical right that have become increasingly interested in gaining real political power. Given recent developments in the United States -- especially large-scale Latin American immigration and the threat of radical Islamist terror -- these sectors have wondered if it wasn't better to direct their hate at people of color, rather than Jews who are seen by most Americans as white. Seeing the electoral success of neofascists in Germany and Britain who aim their wrath at dark-skinned immigrants and Muslims generally, many American radical leaders have sought to dispense with anti-Semitism.
Black attack
In 1990, Jared Taylor, a Yale graduate who had spent 17 years working in Japan, joined the active white supremacist scene with his launching of American Renaissance, a magazine focusing on the alleged links between race and intelligence and on eugenics, the discredited "science" of breeding better human beings. The magazine scrupulously avoided racist epithets, employed the language of academic journals, and sought to put a palatable face on hate (though that didn't stop Taylor from describing blacks as "deviant," dissipated" and "pathological," or later writing a booklet that claimed that blacks are far more "crime-prone" than whites).
At the same time, Taylor made it clear that he had no problem with Jews. At the group's very first conference, held in Atlanta in 1994, the dinner speaker was a rabbi named Mayer Schiller, and the meal was kosher. Taylor banned discussion of the so-called "Jewish question" from American Renaissance venues, and, by 1997, had kicked Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis off his E-mail list. In recent years, a growing number of Jews have attended Taylor's conferences.
But Taylor, who operates in a world that is peopled with anti-Semites as well as black-bashing "white nationalists," also tried to have it both ways. Atlanta lawyer Sam Dickson, for instance, has been invited to speak at every one of Taylor's biannual conferences -- despite a long history of Holocaust denial that includes membership on the editorial board of The Barnes Review, a journal that specializes in that topic. Joe Sobran, a columnist fired from the National Review for his anti-Semitism and repeat author for the Holocaust-denying Journal of Historical Review, gave a speech on Jewish power at Taylor's 2004 conference. Don Black, the former Klan leader who runs the neo-Nazi Stormfront web forum, has attended many conferences and visited Taylor's home. Another attendee and old Taylor pal, Mark Weber, heads up the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review.
Taylor, whose journal and conferences were fast becoming key institutions of the American radical right, tried to keep internal peace. But that was not to be.
In 2003, a remarkable E-mail debate between the late racist writer Sam Francis and neo-Nazi lawyer Victor Gerhard was made public by Gerhard. In it, Francis, widely regarded as the leading white nationalist intellectual in America, lambasted Gerhard, who had been an official of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, for his views of the Jews. He denounced what he saw as "a monomaniacal obsession with the omnipotent Jew" and instead discussed the threat of blacks and Hispanics. The E-mail exchange was widely circulated on the American radical right.
The same period saw several groups -- the Social Contract Press, the Charles Martel Society (publisher of The Occidental Quarterly), the Pioneer Fund, the Council of Conservative Citizens and the recently formed National Policy Institute -- focus in on the perceived ills of blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. Joining them was a new crop of racist intellectuals with no interest in the Jews.
Taylor, it seemed, could not stop the inevitable. The split between those who saw Jews as the primary enemy and the others was bubbling to the surface.
Battle of words
The biggest threat to Jared Taylor's balancing act has always been David Duke, the former leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan who has also been a convinced neo-Nazi since his teens. Duke, who came close to winning a campaign for Louisiana governor in 1992, was for years a celebrity on the radical right. Still, Taylor has sought to discourage Duke from attending his American Renaissance conferences ever since Duke crashed the first one in 1994. But even in years when he didn't enter the hall, Duke was often found outside, talking to participants.
It wasn't just Duke, either. Over the years, more and more participants at Taylor's conferences were Duke allies -- most notably, Don Black and supporters of Black's Stormfront website, including Stormfront moderator Jamie Kelso.
This year, the Duke/Black/Kelso crew was larger than ever. In an interview with the Intelligence Report, Kelso said that he had organized a contingent of some 75 Stormfront supporters to come to the conference. And these supporters were the most enthusiastic members of the 300-strong audience, standing and applauding each speaker after receiving the signal to do so from Kelso. They were also not the only anti-Semites present. Others, not affiliated with Stormfront, included Kevin Alfred Strom of Virginia, leader of the neo-Nazi National Vanguard group; Hal Turner, a neo-Nazi radio host from New Jersey; and David Pringle of Alaska, the former membership coordinator of the neo-Nazi National Alliance.
As a result, the Duke-Hart clash, which occurred on the last day of the conference, rapidly assumed epic proportions, spinning out across the entire radical right. Just days later, Duke published an essay on the conference, expressing deep admiration for Taylor as a man with the courage to tell the truth on race. But he went on to say that non-white immigration and a host of other ills "all have been driven by Jewish extremists in their relentless search for supremacy." Hart, Duke added tartly, had risen "in an almost perfect Jewish caricature and started to scream at me."
That set off an often testy back-and-forth between the two sides.
From London, Nick Griffin, a conference speaker who also heads the whites-only British National Party, denounced those who see behind every evil some kind of "world-Jewish conspiracy." Griffin's BNP, which harshly attacks Muslims and other British minorities, made major electoral gains this May -- a success that Griffin thinks would be undermined by neo-Nazi attacks on Jews. In his essay, Griffin suggested that Jews are a natural ally in the battle against Islam.
Black, on the other hand, threatened to pull his anti-Semitic supporters out of Taylor's conferences. "I guess that would solve the overcrowding problem," Black wrote. "Not only would he cut loose the ... Stormfronters, but, should he apply such an ideological filter [barring anti-Semites], about 90% of his other attendees."
Lawrence Auster, a former American Renaissance speaker who also is a Christian convert with Jewish ancestry, chimed in on his own blog, describing Duke as "a major Jew-hater and an attention hog" and asking Taylor how he could be so "naïve as to allow Duke to attend at all." Another poster to Auster's site added, "It is imperative that neo-Nazis be asked to leave AR. ... European-Americans need to be assured they can affirm themselves and still be decent human beings."
In the end, nearly every "intellectual" on the white nationalist scene was pulled into the debate. So hot was the months-long exchange, in fact, that more than half a dozen major racist thinkers agreed to speak to be interviewed for this article.
Rejecting the Nazis
Virtually all those who denounced anti-Semitism and "Nazis" had no such compunctions when it came to people of color, particularly blacks. Herschel Elias, for instance, said that as a Jewish substitute teacher in public schools near Philadelphia, "I'm very disappointed with black people. Black kids are the worst kids." But he added that he now saw the conference as a "Nazi front."
Another Jew, retired University of Illinois political science professor Robert Weissberg, was a long-time supporter of American Renaissance who spoke at two conferences. In 2000, he argued that Jews and blacks despise one another, but that Jews are even more afraid of white nationalists and so had tended to support policies that empower minorities. Weissberg told the Report that he considered Taylor a friend and had been to his house "on several occasions." But he went on to say that Duke was a "tax evader" (Duke recently served time in federal prison for mail fraud and tax violations) and "provocateur," and that his Stormfront allies were "losers." He said that both Duke and the Stormfronters should be "disinvited" by Taylor.
The list goes on. In separate interviews, numerous "academic racists" complained of the neo-Nazi element at the conference:
Michael Levin, a Jewish philosophy professor at the City University of New York who has spoken four times at American Renaissance conferences, said that there was "anti-Semitism among members of AR" and that this was part of the reason he did not attend the 2006 edition. (However, Levin still plugs his black-bashing book, Why Race Matters, in ads in American Renaissance.)
Paul Gottfried, a humanities professor with Jewish ancestry at Elizabethtown (Penn.) College, spoke to the conference in 1998 and has published in American Renaissance. But he said he is dismayed at the current situation. "I cannot imagine any advantage to anyone to have these people there," he said.
William Regnery, the extreme-right publisher who also founded and financially backs the Charles Martel Society and the National Policy Institute, dismissed Duke's anti-Semitism, saying simply, "We don't sanction it."
Gordon Baum, the St. Louis-based CEO of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens, has Taylor on his editorial board and fights to preserve the "racial integrity" of white people. But, he said, the CCC welcomes Jews. And, adding that the CCC has no interest in "skinheads," Baum rapped Duke for believing that "race isn't even important, all that is important is the Jewish issue."
Baum's new editor for the CCC's publication, Citizens Informer, seconded his boss' opinions. "Attacking people with Jewish lines of descent is complete nonsense," Joel LeFevre told the Report, adding that he was "very put off by Mr. Duke's behavior" at the conference. Separately, LeFevre wrote on the AR List that Duke and his "puerile loser" followers should be banned. "Duke has his own conference where he can rant about the Jews all he wants," he said.
Jared Taylor, also said, "European Jews are certainly welcome" at American Renaissance conferences. "I don't think that Jews are the enemy in the way that some people do." As a matter of fact, Taylor came out against Nazism as early as 1983, in his book, Shadows of the Rising Sun: A Critical View of the 'Japanese Miracle', where Germany was praised for outlawing national socialism. In addition, Jews write regularly in American Renaissance and have spoken at every one of its conferences.
At the crossroads
Two months after the conference, on April 14, Jared Taylor went public. Responding to a letter from a group of supporters including several Jews, he posted a statement to his website that seemed to take clear sides. Under the title, "Jews and American Renaissance," Taylor said that Jews "have a valuable role" to play, and told those who didn't agree that they had the choice of "staying home" or of keeping their anti-Semitism private. He wrote that American Renaissance's role is to rescue white civilization, not dig up a "Jewish conspiracy." And Taylor explicitly rebuked Duke, saying his "disgraceful behavior" would not be tolerated in the future.
Within 48 hours, Taylor's statement had generated 168 responses. Two days later, there were more than 300. The reaction from anti-Semites was harsh, with many claiming that their erstwhile ally was actually in the pay of "the Jews."
Cal Rogers, an American Renaissance staffer who headed up an E-mail list of Taylor critics, quit the group, saying he was "diametrically opposed" to Taylor's views. Jess David Peterson wrote in to say that Taylor's writings had been removed from Peterson's Nationalist Party USA website. On Stormfront, Elena Haskins, a hate website proprietress, scoffed at those "who require their friend the rabbi to pat them on their heads and tushies." Ron Doggett, a Duke factotum, suggested Taylor was unfortunately sending America's anti-Semites packing. Don Black called Taylor's statement "disastrous." Another neo-Nazi said it was "a devastating miscalculation."
At the same time, Taylor was being lobbied by Jews and others who argued that the only way forward for American Renaissance was to drop those with neo-Nazi leanings entirely. Members of this group included many of the brighter minds -- or better educated ones, anyway -- that have come into the white nationalist world in recent years, and their relative prestige would be hard for Taylor to give up.
It's not clear how the situation will wind up. Taylor has now publicly rejected anti-Semitic views, but he hasn't banned anti-Semites from his conferences.
What is certain is that it will be painful for Taylor to definitively eject the anti-Semites -- Duke, Black and their neo-Nazi allies are among the most committed and serious workers in the American radical right, people who have arguably done far more for "the movement" than all the racist professors who travel to American Renaissance conferences put together. But he seems to be personally uninterested in conspiracy theories about the Jews, and in any case sees clearly that anti-Semitism will likely destroy any faint hope that American Renaissance has to gain mainstream respectability. Taylor could try to pursue a middle road - espousing, for instance, the anti-Semitic teachings of Kevin MacDonald, which avoid neo-Nazi language in favor of the academic veneer of "evolutionary biology." Or he could break with the neo-Nazis and their allies, even though Taylor is connected to many of them through dense ties of friendship and organizational alliances.
The outcome may be critical to the future of the American radical right. American Renaissance has become increasingly important over the years, bringing a measure of intellectualism and seriousness to the typically thug-dominated world of white supremacy. Today, it may be the closest thing the extreme right has to a real think tank. Whether or not it survives, and in what form, genuinely matters.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...