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Rochdale - late February 1981 - Travellers Rest pub on the Rochdale Bus Station

About 300 NF members attended a wedding function for Pete Barker.

Who can name the bods in the pic ?

They were quite senior nationalists at that time.

NWN viewing figures are now ballistic

At the moment it looks like we have over a 10,000 + as a total monthly audience.

This leaves us very much in awe.

We need more staff asap, as we have grown very quickly.

We did have one NWN guy, who went from being a very senior nationalist player, to now being a seller of pamphlets at BNP meetings. He could have been a real major player.

Nonetheless, we are looking for new talent.

We need 'new blood' . We already have our eyes on Independent Nationalist's such as ABYSS and LIBRARIAN.

Librarian is known to us and he is a sound bloke. He met PB when JT was arrested.

It' s coming ..........................

11th. Hour, 11th.Day, 11th. Month; the guns fell silent in Flanders,1918.

Please help the poppy sellers and donate whatever you can.

Burma Star Association;

Kohima Epitaph:

When you go home,

tell them of us and say;

for your tomorrow,

we gave our today.

At that time Jesus will use his God-given power to raise the dead because, as he said, "I am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life." (John 11:25)

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Freshers and University Students !

Our advice is to keep your political thoughts to yourselves throughout your studies, but be aware of the others. Take note of any anti British political groups on campus, and if possible, relay the information out to a BNP internet contact.

Even after graduating, keep your politics to yourself . When you have become a success, then you can emerge and help the movement in a public manner. You can help in any number of ways prior to this anyway.

Do NOT allow yourself to be talked into being the 'public face' of the BNP Students section. You will have 'enough on your plate' studying, you do not need to have demonstrations outside every lecture you have, and needing a bodyguard to go everywhere with you . Your studies will suffer if you take this route. Others have found this to their cost.

The BNP should set up a student support network that allows students to meet with local officials and activists from time to time. These should be outside campuses and would be a two way thing whereby students would gain political experience and advice plus give out the latest nationalist developments. BNP Officials would be able to act as a form of mentor, and give support and local guidance to someone who may be living many miles from home and family. The social aspects would be immense for both sides too.

Who said it ?

All such questions will be decided at the November conference, but the overall structure of the Voting System is not up for debate.

The BNP needs it. It won't wait.

It will be in force for the Annual Conference. And it will be in operation properly from 1st January next year. If anyone isn't happy with that then they don't have to become Voting Members.

And anyone petty enough to resent other people who are prepared to make some formal commitments having a greater say over the direction of the BNP can go and find themselves another, less serious, home.

There's cyberspace for the "hardliners" and cranks who want to go nowhere, and UKIP for the "moderates" who want to go round and round in circles.
Subject: The white working-class and the British elite: from the salt of the Earth to the scum of the Earth

Published on Thirdway website

Part of an essay by Robert Henderson :The white working-class and the British elite: from the salt of the earth to the scum of the earth

Robert Henderson

Thirty years ago the Labour Party primary client base was the white working class, while the Tories still had remnants of the heightened sense of social responsibility towards the poor created by two world> wars. Fast forward to 2006 and the white working-class are treated by the entire British political elite as a dangerous, almost subhuman species. The mixture of contempt, fear and hatred which the white working-class> now draws from the political class is echoed by the elite generally, indeed by not just the elite but the middle-class as a whole. Where once the white working-class were next to uninsultable publicly, sneering references to "chavs" and "chav culture" are now commonplace in the mainstream media where they pass with barely a critical public word, while ethnic minorities seemingly have licence to publicly insult the white working-class with impunity, vide the Coronation Street episode in January 2006 where a male Asian character accused his sister of behaving like "poor white trash".

What caused this immense change in the status of the white working-class?

There were three direct primary engines of change.

The first was the success of Thatcher and her ideology, the second a critical point was reached in post-war mass immigration, the third Britain's membership of the EU and other restrictive treaties which tainted her sovereignty. Globalism and laissez-faire economics When Margaret Thatcher became Tory Leader in 1975 the neo-paternalist stance the party had adopted since the smashing Labour victory of 1945 was changed to one of laissez-faire non-interventionism, with its inherent disdain for public provision and service. Thatcher threw away> the protectionism which had sustained the white working-class, allowed much of British industry, especially heavy industry, to go to the wall, and privatised the nationalised industries. Unemployment, already at a post-war high at the end of the Callaghan government, rose dramatically to around 3 million. The unions were then weak enough to be successfully attacked with severe legal restraints on strikes and a ban on secondary picketing.

Unemployment has remained high since the early 1980s - the current official unemployment figures are bad enough taken at face value (around 1.6m by the international Labour survey method) - but in reality it is probably considerably higher - there are 2-3 million on long term sick benefit now compared with around 600,000 twenty five years ago. Commonsense says the country cannot in 2006 have four or five times the number of seriously incapacitated people it had twenty-five years ago. This high unemployment has kept the white working-class largely quiescent and the unions emasculated.

Thatcher also threw away the post-war consensus that the white working-class was admirable, or at least deserving of special consideration because of their disadvantaged social circumstances. Thatcherite Tories were only interested in the working-class insofar as its members were willing to buy into the narrow aspirational template which Thatcher promoted. If you were working-class and wanted to buy your council flat and were happy to gobble up the shares of privatised national industries, the Tories approved of you; if you wanted to maintain traditional working-class employments and communities, you were a soldier in the ranks of the enemy.

Labour did not immediately cast off the white working-class as clients. That took 18 years of opposition. Through four election defeats Labour gradually jettisoned all that they stood for in their cynical quest for a way back to power. The end result was a supposedly Labour Government headed by Blair which became, quite bizarrely, even more fanatically committed to "free markets" and "free trade" than the Tories.

Immigration reaching a critical level

By 1979 immigration had swollen the population of blacks and Asians in Britain to a point where their numbers were significant enough to pose a serious threat to British society if racial conflict got out of hand.

Until the end of the 1970s the official line on immigrants from all the mainstream parties was that they must assimilate. Towards the end of the decade it was obvious to even the most fervent advocate of integration that assimilation was not happening. Rather, large populations of various ethnicities were stubbornly continuing to form ghettoes in the major British towns and cities and were attempting to live lives which as far as possible replicated those of their ancestral countries.

To avoid having to admit what a disaster immigration had been, the British liberal left adopted an ideology to fit the facts of what was happening. That ideology was multiculturalism, a creed which rested on the fantasy that a coherent society could be produced by allowing every ethnic group in Britain to retain its separate identity. Indeed, the multiculturalists did more than say we should allow such a development, they positively encouraged ethnic minorities to remain separate. The kindest interpretation of their behaviour is that these were people enthusiastically pouring paraffin onto a fire in an attempt to put it out.

But the multiculturalists were faced by a most awkward fact. The white working-class was and always had been resolutely opposed to mass post-war immigration. Not only that but they were willing to say so publicly - the dockers for instance had marched with Enoch Powell. Therefore, the liberal left had to do two things to prevent the white working-class from expressing their discontent both with the immigration which had occurred and with the new policy of multiculturalism, in which the native British culture was to have no privileged place but was to be merely one amongst many competing cultures. Worse, in practice the native culture (or cultures if you prefer) was not even to be allowed to compete because to do so would be to give the native population a public voice and a focus for their discontent.

The Labour Party at the parliamentary level was generally willing to espouse the new ideology uncritically because it fitted with their internationalist rhetoric. It also helped that the immigrants overwhelmingly voted Labour and were neatly consolidated in ghettos in the larger towns and cities where their votes were likely to elect Labour candidates more often than not.

Of course there was the seemingly ticklish problem for the multiculturalists of Labour being out of power for 18 years. In practice it did not matter, for it was not only the overt liberal left who embraced multiculturalism. Whatever their rhetoric, in practice, the Tories climbed on the multiculturalist bandwagon quickly enough. Thatcher had spoken not long before being elected in 1979 of Britain being "swamped" by immigrants. But once in office she did nothing and the position continued to worsen, not least because she signed the Single European Act in 1985 which granted any person legally resident in another EU state the right to work in Britain. And of course throughout the 18 years of Tory office, people with the "right" multiculturalist views controlled the media, academia and increasingly the civil service. They were always on hand, both behind the scenes and publicly, to ensure the Tory Government did not actually do anything to disturb the multiculturalist programme.

Worse was to follow. In opposition the Tories followed the course of the Labour Party. Three election defeats in a row persuaded them to elect as leader David Cameron, a man who adopted the same strategy for the Tories as Blair had pursued when he dumped everything Labour stood for. Cameron quickly got rid of everything which was considered "Old Tory" . This included wholeheartedly embracing multiculturalism. The electoral circle on immigration was formally closed. There is no major party to vote for if you do not want further mass immigration.

The silencing of the white working-class voice on immigration was achieved by a number of means over the past quarter century. Most potent was the mixture of legal threats such as the various Race Relations Acts and the religiously fervent exclusion of anti-immigration views from the mainstream media. British culture was gradually relegated to a less prominent place in schools. Pupils were taught, if they were taught anything about the past, of white wickedness. The Atlantic slave trade was represented as the greatest crime of history, the British Empire nothing more than a cruel invasion and subjugation of defenceless peoples. Any sign of publicly expressed native white pride was jumped on from everyone from politicians to teachers and denounced as xenophobia at best and racism as worst.

It did not take long for anyone who was not a supporter of multiculturalism to be beyond the liberal elite pale. By 2006 multiculturalism had been formally embedded into public life through a mixture of ideological sharing amongst the elite and their auxiliaries and the law, most notably in recent years by the Race Relations (Amendment Act) of 2000 which effectively places an obligation on all employers who receive public funding to demonstrate that they are not being discriminatory.

The contemptuous mentality of those who currently permit and advocate mass immigration to Britain is epitomised by a speech in 2006 to business leaders by the Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King. King said:"If the increased demand for labour generates its own supply in the form of migrant labour then the link between demand and prices is broken. Indeed, in an economy that can call on unlimited supplies of migrant labour, the concept of output gap becomes meaningless....The UK is not in that extreme position, but the inflow of migrant labour, especially in the past year or so from Eastern Europe, has probably lead to a diminution of inflationary pressure in the labour market, relative to previous experience.

"The Home Office estimates that around 120,000 workers entered the UK from the new member countries of the European Union between March 2004 and March 2005. Without this influx to fill the skills gap in a tight labour market, it is likely earnings would have risen at a faster rate, putting pressure on employers, and, ultimately, inflation". Daily Telegraph 14 6 2006.

There you have the elite view of the day: human beings are to be treated purely as factor of production along with land and capital. No greater contempt for the masses, including the white working-class, can be held.

White House gates shut to 'Kazakh reporter'
Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:46am ET

Borat goes to Washington Play Video

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Borat, the fictional TV reporter from Kazakhstan, may have gotten under the skin of Kazakh officials but on Thursday he couldn't get past the gates of the White House.

Secret Service agents turned away British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as the boorish, anti-Semitic journalist, when he tried to invite "Premier George Walter Bush" to a screening of his upcoming movie, "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."

Also invited to the screening: O.J. Simpson, "Mel Gibsons" and other "American dignitaries."
Cohen's stunt was timed to coincide with an official visit by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is scheduled to meet with Bush on Friday.

Nazarbayev and other Kazakh officials have sought to raise the profile of the oil-rich former Soviet republic and assure the West that, contrary to Borat's claims, theirs is not a nation of drunken anti-Semites who treat their women worse than their donkeys.

The Yorkshire Ripper case needs to be re-evaluated

Peter Sutcliffe was the Copy-Cat Ripper, responsible for only four of the thirteen murders which he 'confessed' to. He had been eliminated twelve times by the police because he was blood group O... the Ripper was known to be blood group B.

The police knew that two men were involved in the bizarre series of murders, but tactical blunders made it expedient to make a deal with the Copy-Cat killer, who was offered ten years in a luxury mental home for his 'confessions' to everything, by a police force desperate to close the file.
After all these years, the Real Ripper, far from being a hoaxer who wrote mockingly to the police in order to implicate the Copy-Cat, is still free in the U.K.

Sample of RTE Interview with Noel O'Gara and John Sutcliffe

Noel O'Gara, the author of this website, had an insight into the Ripper investigation from none other than the Yorkshire Ripper himself.

This insight has enabled him to piece together the police handling of the investigation and their framing of the mentally-disturbed Peter Sutcliffe.

Police reluctance to look at their mistakes left the author no avenue other than to record the story of the Yorkshire Ripper and name the real killer, who is still at large.

No wins for BNP in tonights by-elections in East Lancashire

In Cribden, Rawtenstall; and East Rural,Blackburn; votes were hard to come by. Turnout looks low.

Cribden Ward
Lab. 391 Lib. 312 Con. 186 BNP 89 (Kev Bryan) Still, a good percentage here.

East Rural Ward
Ind. 209 Con. 201 EFP 99 Lib 91 Lab 75 BNP 70 Again a fair percentage.

In the East Rural Ward the combination of the BNP and the EFP votes were still outside a win. But it has to be said that fighting in this way always confuses the electorate, so it is likely a few other possible votes were lost.

People know this site has no time for Nick Griffin. But we have no time for Mark Cotterill and Peter Rushton of the EFP either !

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North West Trades Unionists Pay Homage to the Victims of Franco

A booklet A4 size 20 pages has been published by North West trades unionists to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War 1936-2006.

This commemorative booklet contains an introduction by Stuart Christie who served 3 years of a 20 year sentence for his involvement with a young Spanish anarchist group that made the last attempt on the life of General Franco in 1964.

Edited by the veteran anarchist Brian Bamford, the booklet published by the 70th Anniversary Spanish Civil War Remebrance Group, contains chapters on the historical background of the war and an interview with Pedro Cuadrado, a Catalan Republican Guard during the war.

The booklet also has details of Manchester`s Spanish Civil War volunteers. The booklet £1.50 (£2.00 post included), can be obtained c/o 46 Kingsland Road, Rochdale, Lancs, OL11 3HQ. E-mail: northern - cheques made payable to the Editor B. Bamford
Red Danny

BNP balance sheet as at 30th September 2000
by John Tyndall
Internal discussion paper

There are four copied sheets in the report, the blogger (or we) seems to have jumbled them up. We were onto Griffins 'financial shenanigans', as soon as he got himself 'elected for life' in 1999.



If you wish to hear an archive of the radio broadcasts AMERICAN DISSIDENT VOICES, especially by Dr.William Pierce, then click the link below;

Spanish nationalist shot dead !

ASSASSINATED A CANDIDATE OF SPANIARDS UNDER THE SEPARATISM The EBS candidate, and militant of the Spanish Democratic Front of Badalona, Fabio Valladares Retamero, brutally has been assassinated in his house. He was buried under the colors of the Rojigualda that defendia. All the mass media, national as as much regional have silenced this fact. From the National Meeting of the Phalange we sent ours more felt condolence to relatives, friends and comrades. Rest peacefully.

ASESINADO UN CANDIDATO DE ESPAÑOLES BAJO EL SEPARATISMOEl candidato de EBS, y militante del Frente Democrático Español de Badalona, Fabio Valladares Retamero, ha sido brutalmente asesinado en su vivienda. Fue enterrado bajo los colores de la Rojigualda que defendia.Todos los medios de comunicación, tanto nacionales como regionales han silenciado este hecho.Desde la Junta Nacional de La Falange enviamos nuestro más sentido pésame a familiares, amigos y camaradas.Descanse en paz.

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Thousands queue for a new life in Britain from Bulgaria and Romania


The queue for visas in Bucharest

A stampede for passports to a new life in Britain began just minutes after our borders were thrown open to Bulgaria and Romania.

The two impoverished eastern European nations were welcomed into the EU when their applications were rubberstamped in Brussels.

They do not join officially until January 1 next year.

But that did not stop wild celebrations in both countries as prospective immigrants relished the prospect of free movement within the EU - with Britain a prime destination.
Huge queues formed outside police stations in Romania, where staff issue the pictures needed for passport applications.

Few had bothered to obtain passports in the past. Many are now desperate to get their hands on the £25 travel document which, from January 1, will be a ticket to a new life.

Some began queuing at midnight, hours before Brussels made the announcement.

Oprea Ovidiu, 20, a student heading for Britain, said: 'It's great news, I am getting my passport now we know for sure and will be gone by next year.'


A Joan of Arc for France's Far Right - we hope not !

NWN: And we the English burnt Joan of Arc at the stake for her 'heresy'. The irony of that for Le Pens daughter could be to once again, be our challenge against 'heresy' and populism. The FN have already issued their intent to 'move to the respectable centre' . This is something we do not need to import into British nationalism.

In 2002, far-right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen managed 17 percent of the vote. This time around, he may do even better -- partly because of his charismatic, attractive daughter Marine. She's steering the party away from skinheads and toward the French countryside.

Marine Le Pen may be preparing to take over the far-right National Front from her father Jean-Marie.After clearing the plates, the waiters are serving the dessert, a fruit tart, after a dinner of vol-au-vent and beef bourguignon. The air is warm and humid in the banquet room of the "Relais du Miel" in Montargis, a small city only two hours south of Paris by car, where 220 guests are sipping coffee and after-dinner drinks. But before the guests' drinks can be refilled, the restaurant, normally a venue for weddings and village festivals, becomes respectfully still. On one side of the banquet room, which is decorated with blue, white and red cockades, a tall blonde woman grasps the microphone.

Marine Le Pen doesn't waste any time. "France isn't doing well," says the deputy chairman of the Front National (FN), or National Front, "we know it and everyone else knows it, but no one does anything about it."
Her words are met with a murmur of approval -- and the sound of teaspoons scraping against sugar bowls. Le Pen's audience, some of whom have come here from neighboring districts, and some with their wives and children in tow, form a representative cross-section of the region: shopkeepers and truck drivers, government bureaucrats, teachers and lawyers. Everyone seems to know everyone else -- and the speaker apparently knows most of her audience members, who she calls by their first names.

Speaking in a smoky voice, the 38-year-old Le Pen gives a passionate speech about the consequences of globalization and the growing national debt, criticizing European Union expansion and what she calls Brussels' "euro dictatorship." She talks about out-of-control immigration, a growing crime rate and the difficult situations ordinary citizens find themselves in. Her speech is a gloomy diagnosis of the Fifth Republic, a tirade against the deterioration of traditional values and the decline of the French people and nation. "This," says Marine Le Pen, "must finally come to an end."

"Le Pen in the Elysee!"
Her words are met with enthusiastic applause. Montargis is typical of "la France profonde" -- the country's rural regions, which many of the French still consider the indestructible heart of their civilization, despite economic crisis, structural change and emigration. Le Pen, a Parisian, cleverly suggests that this is the place where a revitalization of the fatherland could begin, this place where the heart of the "Grande Nation" still beats on the correct side, by which she means the "right side." "We need you," Le Pen assures her listeners. "Hope for France -- Le Pen in the Elysée!"

"She's right," says Simon, a retired construction contractor from the Marne region, shouting to make himself heard over mounting applause. He dabs the sweat from his brow and nods appreciatively in the direction of the guest of honor. "She is of the same caliber as the old man. Our Marine is the Joan of Arc of the Front National."

Simon's comparison with Le Pen's legendary father seems bold. But while the French public becomes increasingly obsessed with every detail of the battle between Ségolène Royal, the Socialists' rising star, and her conservative rival, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy for the best starting position in the upcoming presidential election, Marine Le Pen is secretly billing herself as the favorite of France's far right.

Thirty-four years after the party was founded, her combative father remains the uncontested captain on the bridge of the "steamship" -- the name party members call the FN headquarters at "Montretout," an imposing mansion in Paris suburb Saint-Cloud. Nevertheless, all signs point to Marine soon taking the reins from her 78-year-old father.

The changing of the guard, though overdue, won't happen before 2007, after Jean-Marie Le Pen's fifth bid for the French presidency. Le Pen launched his presidential campaign last Wednesday, calling it "revenge for 2002." Four years ago the FN patriarch triggered a political earthquake when he captured just under 17 percent of the vote in the first round, knocking then Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, a Socialist, out of the race. Only in the second round was Le Pen defeated by current President Jacques Chirac. But this time around he plans to surpass his performance in 2002. "Retreat means giving in to pressure from the enemy," says the former paratrooper, "and the word retreat is not part of my vocabulary."

Preparing for the future
Indeed, the FN's -- and its chairman's -- influence extends well into the conservative and middle class camp. According to opinion polls, Le Pen could capture up to 18 percent of the vote, a result which places towards the top of a list including more than two dozen presidential hopefuls -- and well ahead of his right-wing adversaries, such as Philippe de Villiers of the patriotic "Movement for France" and Bruno Mégret, the head the "National Republican Movement," an FN splinter group.

Le Pen has been cultivating the country's right-wing territory for more than five decades with his unwavering message. He wants to see illegal immigrants deported and promises to be tough on crime, an approach that fans the flames of hidden xenophobia. And with his promise to shake up the entrenched ruling castes in the government, business and administration, he has put his finger on the uniquely French sense of "morosité" -- a blend of frustration, helplessness and general unhappiness with government. "The Le Pen bomb," wrote the magazine L'Express in its cover story last week, "has not yet been defused."

The leader of the National Front is "more complex that is generally believed," warns Marcel Gauchet, academic director of the University of the Social Sciences and editor-in-chief of the professional journal Le Débat. "He combines old right-wing extremism with a demagogic version of republicanism."

But despite having ruled out a departure from politics, Le Pen began preparing for the future long ago.
With an eye to preserving his life's work, he has tapped his favorite daughter as the standard-bearer of his ideological legacy.

Jean-Marie Le Pen received 17 percent of the vote in 2002. This time around, he may do even better.In addition to having her father's famous name, the "Slavic beauty" (a term Marine coined herself) is every bit her father's daughter when it comes to the ruthlessness with which she pursues her goals. Moreover, the heir to the throne comes with a life history that gels with the intrigues, feuds and personal tragedies that have peppered the right-wing extremist organization's history.

Her first encounters with politics were, as she says of the "most violent, gruesome and brutal nature." When Marine was eight, a bomb attack on her family destroyed the Le Pen's house in Paris's 15th arondissement. Miraculously, no one was killed in the attack. But the experience left Marine with a feeling of helplessness and exclusion. Besides being treated poorly in school by her leftist teachers, Marine was often ignored by her absent parents as they fought their ongoing political battle for the party and nation. She was only able to establish a closer relationship with her father when, at the age of 13, she was permitted to accompany him during an election campaign in Paris's eastern districts.

Marital spat in Playboy
The FN's 1984 success, when 10 of its delegates became members of the European Parliament, was followed by a year of family disasters. The Le Pens' storybook right-wing wedding fell apart when Marine's mother, Pierrette, moved to America with her husband's biographer and later demanded alimony. "Then let her clean houses," was the cuckolded husband's response. Pierrette's next move was to pose nude for Playboy, wearing an apron and wielding a bucket and a mop. Marine describes her parents' bitter and very public quarrel as a "descent into hell."

She studied law and defended illegal immigrants, but her family name proved to be a handicap when she attempted to start a career as a corporate lawyer. She returned to the lap of the party and her family, becoming the FN's legal advisor. Divorced, remarried and the mother of three children, she soon embarked on her own political career. When the party split apart in 1999, FN leader Le Pen would trust no one but his own family, and together with his children, grandchildren and relatives, he eventually transformed the movement into a family political enterprise.

Marine assumed the leading role in this venture. Since her father's surprise success in April 2002, she has served as the party's figurehead. With her elegance and eloquence, she quickly became a darling of the talk shows, and her sudden prominence brought her a seat in the European Parliament, a seat on the Paris regional council and, finally, a position within the party's leadership. In 2003, Marine's father appointed her deputy chairman of the National Front.

Since then Marine has sought to steer the "steamship" away from its extremist right-wing waters and into the patriotic center. If Le Pen has her way, the National Front will not only become electable but also capable of capturing a majority and -- perhaps in the distant future -- even gain control of the government. Instead of the shrill provocations against foreigners and Jews, which brought her father lawsuits and expensive verdicts, the daughter intends to transform the heterogeneous group into a respectable right-wing party. To achieve this goal, she has clearly distanced herself from skinheads and extremists in combat boots.

Together with fellow party members, Marine created an organization known as "Le Pen Generations," an intellectual group for political youth in which the hottest topic of debate is a new "governing culture." The party already has almost two dozen of these interest groups, including the club for "Hunting, Fishing and the Environment," the "League for Life" and the "National Circle of Jewish Frenchmen."

A shift to the center
Marine has also distanced herself from the party's traditional extremist demands, no longer calling for the abolishment of the euro and branding the European Union as the enemy of French sovereignty. In keeping with this new direction for the National Front, the deputy chairman has even given herself a new look. Eleven kilos lighter and sporting a fashionable hairdo, Le Pen new embodies National Front's modern look. In her autobiography ("Against the Current"), Marine Le Pen even reveals herself as a cautious critic of her powerful father.

But as much as Marine's new, slimmer and more fashionable look meets with enthusiasm among her supporters, the FN's traditionalists are vehemently opposed to her efforts to soften the party's ideology. Her understanding for opponents of globalization ("They ask the right questions but have the wrong arguments") doesn't sit well with the party's more dogmatic members, and her sympathy for homosexuals and abortion has set off grumbling among its Catholic traditionalists.

But the deputy chairman doesn't allow such troublemakers to break her stride. "A vote for our party is no longer an act of rebellion. Our voters are no longer merely those with failed lives," she says, explaining the shift in direction. "Thirty years ago, we were alone in our views, but today our demands are more popular." Of course, the party also runs the risk of losing its solid core of radical right-wing voters.

Aware of these challenges, the FN strategist attempts to perform a balancing act during the campaign appearance at the "Relais du Miel." First she defends the party's move toward the center and admonishes her audience to approach "the political opponent." But then Marine, following entirely in her father's footsteps, castigates France's conservative government.

The National Front's main adversary, says Le Pen, is not the Socialists' leading candidate, Ségolène Royal, but Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who has co-opted one of her father's favorite causes with his staunchly right-wing rhetoric against the "ills of immigration." "Nicolas Sarkozy has abolished the deportation of criminal illegals," she says. "Sarkozy is a danger to France."

She ends her speech with a passionate appeal to support her father. "France is at stake," she calls out into the room, "talk to your neighbors and support Jean-Marie Le Pen -- so that our fellow Frenchmen vote for the original, not the copy.",1518,438973,00.html

Monday, September 25, 2006

A terrible sickness pervades

By Julian Graeme

Very rarely a day goes by without hearing stories of an expulsion, suspension or a disciplinary hearing of some unfortunate BNP member.

I would concede that the BNP, like any other organization, has to defend itself from attack from without, or from disruption within, its confines. There does, however, appear to be an inordinate wave of unrest among the more experienced nationalists in the party. People I have known for years are coming to me with stories of suppression and threats. Many of them are afraid to say or do anything in case they offend some minor lackey with the result of their being disciplined or worse.

The BNP is a voluntary organization and as such, is dependent on its success by attracting more and more members to swell the ranks. Indeed, increased membership is more important than a full coffer it is the life-blood of the party.

Members generate funds and all the money in the world wouldn’t do a blind bit of good if there were no dedicated members to use that money wisely and to the best effect.

I remember the early days of the BNP when there were only two paid positions in the whole of the party. Regional Organisers, Press Officers (we had one!) and others in prominent positions, worked for the love of the party not seeking any reward whatsoever other than the satisfaction that they had played a part in building up a party of nationalist unity.

Expulsions were a rarity and those who were given the boot, deserved it!

People like Hill, Hepple, Clayton-Garnett and Cotterill who were exposed as either infiltrators or turncoats. By and large, disputes were settled within local branches before they mushroomed into a major incident.

Today, the BNP is a party run by fear.

A loyal official can be replaced at the drop of a hat anytime, anywhere often without good reason and to the detriment of the area in which he or she was involved. Every day, there are new policies introduced that often dilute the original. Moderation is the name of the game and even the mildest of racial bias is not only frowned upon but stifled at birth!

I have met newer BNP members who openly declare they have no racial prejudice nor would they demur from allowing ethnics into their family circle!

Yet they loudly declare they are nationalists!

What have we seen within the BNP recently? We have seen election victories and annual mass rallies. We have seen an influx of non-white members, a selection of Asian candidates to represent British Nationalism and last but not least, an open declaration of support for the bandit state of Israel! The election victories are not down to the sole efforts of the new leadership. These results were the direct consequence of the work put in at local levels and all credit to those who achieved these results. The Red, White and Blue rallies are purposely designed to attract younger members and to provide entertainment to their liking. There is nothing wrong with this but I have noticed that there are no longer annual general meetings where each and every member had a chance of attending. These meetings were always well organized and gave members a chance to put their own points of view forward. I have spoken at many of these AGMs in the past and always found then both informative and enjoyable. Why, then, are they no longer held?

Is the leadership afraid of too much criticism?

Do the party leaders wish to shy away from unpopular policies?

Probably it’s because they fear the presence of so many dissenters under one roof may spark off a call for resignations! The BNP cannot go on for ever and a day watering down policies. There will come a time when the party will change its name to accommodate the new resolutions. The word ‘British’ will become redundant in favour of something more all-embracing. ‘National’ will be dropped as it implies racial preference. What the hell we will be left with, God alone knows! Probably something like ‘The Progressive Party’ or some such nonsense!

The electorate believes that the BNP supports the white community 100%. It will serve no purpose foisting on the voters a nationalist candidate from an ethnic community. They want a change; they want a party they can identify with themselves. Unfortunately, they won’t get this within the present climate of BNP policy. Surely, it’s time to call a halt to this charade of moderation and return to the basic roots of nationalist principles.

Julian Graeme.
US Special Forces' opium smuggling in Afghanistan draws ire of Aga Khan

[NWN. We have always had our suspicions as to just why British troops have been 'placed in harms way' in Afghanistan. Under the Taliban Government the crops of opium were destroyed . Now under Western puppet Karzai, almost 90% of their huge heroin crop gets exported to places like Britain.]

Sources close to the Aga Khan (the Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims) report that his special envoy to Kabul and Islamabad has complained to the Hamid Karzai government about the involvement of U.S. Special Forces and paramilitary private contractors in Afghan opium commerce.

The smuggling of opium from Afghanistan, according to Afghan and Ismaili sources, involves trans-shipment routes through Turkey and the Balkans. The U.S. Special Forces are working with Russian-Israeli Mafia and Greek and Kurdish Mafia syndicates in Turkey to smuggle the opium. The proceeds from the opium smuggling are being laundered through Russian/Israeli Mafia-controlled banks in Cyprus. The smuggling is also reported to involve the huge worldwide air cargo fleet of alleged Russian Jewish weapons smuggler (and friend of Afghan warlord Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum and former supplier of arms to the Taliban and Al Qaeda) Viktor Bout.

Iranian intelligence is also keenly aware of the U.S. military's role in smuggling Afghan opium to Turkey and beyond. As previously reported by WMR, the Russian/Israeli Mafia-connected Jack Abramoff targeted recently-convicted Ohio Republican Rep. Bob Ney with tainted money in order to neutralize him as a back channel for the CIA to Tehran. Ney worked in Iran's School of Shiraz in 1978 where he became conversant in Farsi. He was also an "energy consultant" (CIA non-official cover) at the same time and was involved with Iran's initial nuclear program development, a program encouraged and assisted by the United States.

While a member of the House, Ney provided important contacts for the CIA's Counter-proliferation Division and the CIA front company exposed by the White House -- Brewster Jennings & Associates. But Ney may not be the only back channel to Iran neutralized by the neo-cons, who are anxious for a war with Iran. According to WMR's Middle East sources, the recent rape charges against Israel's President Moshe Katsav reportedly are an attempt to neutralize him as a back channel to Tehran. Katsav, an Iranian Yazdi Jew, is said to have an important direct link to former Iranian President Mohamed Khatami. One of Katsav's cousins studied with Khatami at Tehran University. In fact, Khatami studied and translated the works of Alexis de Tocqueville into Farsi.

Katsav's back channel to Khatami, whose recent visit to the United States was decried by the neo-con quarters, was as worrisome to the neo-cons as Ney's direct links to Tehran. Therefore, Katsav was charged with sexually assaulting a member of the staff at his official residence -- eliminating another important link between the West and Iran. Ney (l.) and Katsav (r. with George W. Bush) -- victims of neo-con roll up of Iran back channel contacts. According to U.S. intelligence sources, one of the reasons former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was eager to expose the CIA's Counter-Proliferation work in South and Southeast Asia was that it focused on long-standing smuggling routes dating back to the 1970s, when Armitage worked as a partner for SEA THAI Ltd., a CIA "import-export" proprietary firm in Bangkok.

Part of his time with SEA THAI was during the CIA directorship of George H. W. Bush in 1976, a time when the CIA was engaged in opium smuggling with the northern Burmese renegade army of Gen. Khun Sa. This was also a time during which the initial nuclear weapons smuggling operations of Pakistan's Abdul Qadeer Khan and his CIA enablers was underway -- operations that were known to Bob Ney in Iran in the late 1970s and other CIA agents who preceded by over a decade Valerie Plame Wilson and Brewster Jennings in tracking the nuclear smuggling routes that also involved drug smuggling operations. Before arriving in Bangkok, Armitage was stationed in Tehran from 1975 to 1976 where he worked with future Iran-Contra weapons smuggling perpetrator, Gen. Richard Secord.

In 1978, without any previous experience on Capitol Hill, Armitage became administrative assistant to Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas.

Had Gerald Ford won re-election as president in 1976, it is clear that Armitage would have gone to the White House to work for a Vice President Bob Dole.

Instead, he bided his time and joined the Reagan administration in 1981 as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia and Pacific Affairs and then as 1983 to May 1989, he served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs from 1983 to 1989. From 1989 to 1993, President George H. W. Bush appointed Armitage Special Mediator for Water in the Middle East and Coordinator for Emergency Humanitarian Assistance to the Newly Independent States (NIA) -- a position in which Armitage had first-hand contact with post-Soviet leaders like Azerbaijan's Gaidar Aliev, with whom Armitage would strike even closer ties as head of the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce.

Armitage's past intrigues throughout Asia were well known to the CIA. The exposure of CIA covert networks in Asia involved in ferreting out nuclear and other smuggling activities kept sleeping dogs laying for members of the Bush II administration who feared exposure of their past and current activities.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Beyonce album sales fall after 'black' comments

23 September 2006

Pop star Beyonce Knowles has sparked controversy by saying she only makes records for black people.

Since the Deja Vu singer made the astonishing statement sales of her new album, B'Day, have fallen by 70 per cent in the US.,2106,3805965a1860,00.html

Russian PRAVDA newsagency full of stories about race trouble skinheads and jews .

Check out this website

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The council cemetery where Christians are given Muslim graves

A new cemetery is to have all its graves aligned with Mecca - making it the first council graveyard in the country to bury the dead in Islamic tradition, regardless of their religion.

Headstones in the new £2.5million High Wood Cemetery in Nottingham will face north-east - as Muslims believe the dead look over their shoulder towards Mecca. This is the way in which all followers of Islam in the UK are buried.

But the move has upset the Church and led to complaints that the policy discriminates against the city's majority Christian population. The traditional direction of burial for Christians is facing east.
The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, the Rt Rev George Cassidy, criticised the decision. He said: "This is a sensitive issue to all people. I hope the situation will be reviewed with wide consultation and a policy introduced that takes account of the needs of all."

The decision was made by Steve Dowling, Nottingham City Council's Services Director for Environment and Public Protection, after liaising with the city's multi-faith Cemeteries Consultative Committee.
He said: "For people of the Muslim faith this fits in with a religious requirement, but it will also ensure a tidy appearance for the site. People can choose to be buried facing another direction but if they do not specify that, they will be buried facing north-east. The vast majority of people do not express a preference."

But Brendan Clarke-Smith, Tory councillor for Clifton North, said: "I was totally bewildered when I read about this decision. I spoke to one of the local Muslim groups in my area and they were equally surprised by what had been done. It is utterly ridiculous and I know it'll create a lot of ill feeling both in Nottingham and the country generally."

The clergy and critics of the policy at the new 40-acre cemetery are supported by Raza Ul Haq, Imam at the Madni Masjid Mosque. He said: "It is part of our religion for the dead to be aligned with Mecca. It is very important. But for Christians, if they want to face somewhere else we support them."

Last night a spokesman for the Institute of Cemeteries and Crematorium Management said it was the first time he had heard of any public cemetery in Britain choosing to have all its gravestones facing north-east, in line with Muslim tradition.

"It is unusual,' he said. "It would seem appropriate if there was a large population of Muslims."
In Nottingham, however, Muslims make up less than five per cent of the region's 500,000 population.
Nigel Lymn Rose managing director of A.W. Lymn Funeral Directors, and a past president of the National Association of Funeral Directors, said Mr Dowling had told him of the decision when he went to High Wood for a site visit and asked whether Muslims had been taken into account.

He said: "I was astonished to be told, "Oh yes, we're burying everyone so they are aligned to Mecca. It will make things easier."

"It's one thing to be buried facing north-east because that is the way the cemetery lies, or the plot within it - it is quite another thing to learn that you have been buried facing that direction because it follows Islamic law."
Brian Grocock, a councillor who took part in the consultation process, said: "I don't know how this has become such a big issue.

"The consultations went on for three or four years. We had people of all faiths represented at the meetings - or they certainly had the chance to attend. Nobody I know had any objections to the plan."
So far at Highwood there have been just six burials - of which three were Muslim.

FACEPARTY and a Labour Party paedophile !

Yet another Labour Party pervert gets 'outed' , but we have heard about this website Faceparty before.

Friday, 22nd September 2006

Labour high flyer 'kissed boy in bed'

COURT: Peter Tuffley.

A FORMER Labour Party high flyer kissed and cuddled a 13-year-old boy in bed after they exchanged messages on an internet chat room, a court has heard

Peter Tuffley, 28, picked the boy up from outside a school in Greater Manchester and drove him to his flat in Liverpool, a jury at Bolton Crown Court was told. Tuffley resigned from his post as Labour's regional officer for the north west, when the allegations surfaced in March last year.

He denies charges of grooming over the internet, child abduction and sexual activity with a child.

The court was told that openly-gay Tuffley and the teenager, who cannot be named, were registered members of a website chat room called Face Party.

The youngster admitted in police interviews that he said he was 18 when he set up a profile on the internet site, but the prosecution claim he later told Tuffley that he was only 15.


The boy said in the interviews played to the jury: "I fancied him and I liked him. We had lots in common. We just kissed and cuddled."
Tuffley, now based in East Sussex, drove the boy home the following day, the court was told.

Geoff Whelan, prosecuting, said there was "ample" evidence that Tuffley knew the youngster was under 16. Mr Whelan said: "Anyone using it has to assert that they are 16 years or over. The prosecution say that there are clues on his profile as to his age."

The jury heard the youngster being asked what his favourite bar or nightclub was. His online reply was: "I wish, because I have never been to one."

Mr Whelan said the messages on the part of the boy displayed "childish infatuation" and Tuffley's messages showed he was "enthusiastic".

He said: "The defendant called him `babe' and said he had been thinking about him loads. The contact was clearly focused on what was going to happen when they met in person. They had clear sexual content."

Police were alerted by the boy's parents after he left a note saying he was with "Peter", the court was told. Proceeding
Re-Edited : News article 'COCKED-UP' and filed by the BNP news team

Two horrific attacks on British schoolgirls in the space of a few miles have left two West Yorkshire towns in a state of terror and two sets of distressed and angry families.

This is the violent and brutal reality of life on the fault lines of multiculturalism – an inherently flawed and wicked policy whose advocates should be called to account because it is the politicians and the media commentators who are ultimately responsible for the savage attacks of two British girls.Yesterday(21st) evening in the town of Heckmondwike a 16 year old British schoolgirl was chased a short distance from a filling station to outside the Swan Pub on the town’s Bradford Road where her assailant slashed her throat. Eye witnesses described the attacker as of Asian appearance. The girl was rushed to hospital but was confirmed dead on arrival. Police have confirmed that a 20 year old male has been arrested this afternoon in connection with the attack. This is also confirmed by a local newspaper.

Just three miles away in the town of Batley a five year old infant was gang raped in a savage attack. In our first report today we mentioned the attack happened last night. Our source was incorrect and we felt compelled to pull the story.

However the truth is even more shocking..... having spoken with West Yorkshire Police and other local sources it turns out that this horrific crime took place several days ago and the local media have been sitting on this gruesome story while a gang of child rapists remains at large.

Police have not yet released a description of the attackers but given the recent catalogue of sickening paedophile attacks on schoolgirls in other parts of Yorkshire the belief by locals townsfolk that the perpetrators are Asian youths may prove to be entirely valid.

The third crime is the absence of any mention of these brutal crimes in the national and local media. In the days when newspapers were printed once a day and strict deadlines were necessary, that may have been excusable but now in the age of the Internet and 24hour broadcasting it is to the shame of radio and Internet editors of mainstream broadcasters that they choose to sweep these horrific crimes under the carpet.

Just what the hell is going on ?

Apparently plans are afoot to stage some form of nationalist action in West Yorkshire. Please contact your BNP Organisers for details and support this one.

People have asked why Oldham BNP did not make the grade and basically went 'pear shaped'.

This is one reason why.

The below is written by John Tyndall, and was on the back page of SPEARHEAD magazine for Issue: 412 June 2003.

Mick Treacy would not pay for the numbers of SPEARHEAD magazine which Oldham BNP had received.

Mr.Treacy has criminal convictions for theft.

Once again please click the right hand corner to enlarge the image at least twice;

There seems to be a little debate about whether or not the IRA has black members.

I served at the Maze Prison/Long Kesh, in early 1974. We were relieving the bods on 'Towers TWO', when we actually stopped walking the catwalk inside the prison, such was the shock from us 'squaddies'.

There was a black/negro in an IRA cage next to Gerry Adam's compound SIX.

This was before the H-Blocks.

We asked what this was all about , apparently, the negro was an American who had fought in Viet Nam and was in the IRA. He must have been a trotskyist Communist.
We have never heard of this woman, but being as everyone else seems to have an opinion, we thought we would 'check her out'.

The main BNP website has an opinion, so it is no wonder that real nationalists have a different opinion nowadays. SHE WAS ANTI MUSLIM and that is all ! So that is why the zionist BNP support her on their main website.

By George Lenz

Recently, Orianna Fallaci, a well-known feminist and communist writer, died.

She was quite an ordinary communist propagandeur, who hated men and spread communist and jewish propaganda by interviewing jewish and communist politicians, including Deng Xiaping and Henry Kissinger. She supported their accessions to power and every kind of disastrous policy jews, masons and democrats have inflicted on White society, celebrating each of their perversions, and hating and ridiculing those few brave White men, who opposed them. She was always fond of each colored or jew she interviewed.

For some reason, late in her career, she grew displeased with one category of the coloreds invading European shores – the Muslims. Their faith was an object of hatred for her: probably she wasn’t happy about those healthy and fundamentally sound policies Muslims have in relation to their women. Many illuminating and emotional anti-Muslim speeches followed, and she even had to pay a fine over some of them, yet she never attacked the jews and communists who brought the plague of multiculturism and mass colored immigration to Europe in the first place.

To her credit, she stood up to Muslims up to her death, and generally told the truth about them. Yet her sad story remains a story of a fallen woman, who, lured by false promises of feminism, decided to disobey the time-tested truth of her father and mother about the natural role of sexes in the European society.

She discarded the White man, her natural protector and benefactor, in favor of jew and colored, only to become disgusted at the end; but it was too late for her.

Thus the best obituary for her should read like this: if one mixes with rabid dogs, one is going to get bitten.

John Tyndall objected to the way STORMFRONT UK was run .

The below is a part of an e-mail between myself and John Tyndall. Stormfront has allowed Griffin to 'get away with murder', and they have banned, myself included, people and messages for supporting John Tyndall in his quest to re-take the BNP Leadership . As you can see JT was rather scathing in what has happened against Griffins opponents. He also shows that he is opposed to Mr.Griffins 'cuddling up' with zionist Israel against Iraq and Iran too.

We all know that the THREE UK Stormfront moderators are a disgrace, and a great many posts have been made to Don Black about this bias , but to no avail, over the years.

>From: "john tyndall" > 52,westxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To: "Terry Allen"

Subject: Matters raised on forum

Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 17:27:46 +0100


I see the Spearhead items are up and running.


You seem to have suggested I intercede with Stormfront in the States.

I would have to know a bit more about the set-up.

I have always assumed,from postings I have seen, that Black has some kind of arrangement going with Griffin under which they agree to block postings that attack one or the other. In other words, Griffin's people block postings that attack Black or Stormfront and vice-versa. If this is the case, I do not know what we can do.

If, on the other hand, Black is allowing -- worse still making --postings that attack the critics of Griffin, this just cannot be accepted. They should mind their own bloody business -- just as they should over Iraq.
Comments on this picture most welcome, particularly as it was not too long ago that Ken Henderson asked 'JOHN IN BASLE' to destroy a similar pic taken at an earlier meeting, held in Rochdale .

There were many witnesses to this.

Mr.Henderson made derogatory remarks against Mr.Griffin.

The picture is; Ken Henderson , left; Nick Griffin centre; and Dave from Oldham, right.

20% increase in cost of BNP memberships

The BNP most recent economic figures posted with the Electoral Commission and published by the BNP's jewish Accountants, SILVER & Co., show that the BNP is not now a going concern. Last weekend at the Advisory(paid) Council meeting, they voted for this 20% increase in memberships.

Wages have increased vastly in the BNP, but election expenditure remains below 5%.

So once again, the long suffering members have to pay.

So to the Griffin supporters the man ! Don't argue with us, pay the man !

In fact ,we think after reading a lot of what all of the Griffinites have to say, they should increase the cost by at least 50%, as they love him so much . Suckers !

Nick Griffin did not like to be reminded of this National Front Organisers Bulletin from 1983.

He and his wife stayed at my home in 2000, but he was not pleased to see once again, the below Memorandum issued by ANDREW BRONS, the then leader of the NF. Griffin then proceeded to knacker the NF up, so much so, that he went off to Libya, North Africa, to praise Colonel Gaddafi with Derrick Holland.

We wonder why he didn't like to see this document, please reply with your answers to this conundrum ?

[It can be enlarged if you click on the right hand corner more than once.]

Friday, September 22, 2006

BBC lying again !

Seems I was not the only one who witnessed this TV clip. The below is taken from a post on SF.

Re: 15 year old negro 'executed'
BBC Lunchtime News 22/09/06 Did anyone else see the unbelievable report on the murder of Jesse James on today’s lunchtime news? The BBC ran a story on gun crime in Manchester. They interviewed a group of Manchester 'gunmen' guess what, the gunmen were all white! Their faces were covered and the camera focused onto their hands, which were white. It was unbelievable, even by BBC standards; the viewer was given the impression that gun crime in Manchester is mainly a white problem when of course the opposite is true. -TURNER

Jessie James was a gang member.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

BNP mail swamps Lib-Dem Freepost service

[NWN: There are some very naughty boys running around in Yorkshire you know. A few years back, anarchists were doing this dirty trick but sending old housebricks to their Freepost address.]

A Freepost service for Calderdale residents has been axed after being bombarded by BNP literature.

Liberal Democrat councillors had set up a freepost address to encourage people to write to them with local concerns.

But in the last three months it has received about 250 letters containing official BNP literature, as well as 78 other envelopes full of anti-Lib-Dem, Labour and Conservative propaganda. More than 100 of the letters were election material for Illingworth and Mix-enden BNP councillor Geof-frey Wallace and another 130 contained the BNP's Beacon, Voice of Freedom and Pudsey Patriot newletters.

The rest were made up of the Lib-Dem party's own campaign material.

And since a change in postage charges, all the letters have been big brown envelopes, which have cost the party up to 79p a time.All the letters were directed to the home of Jennifer Pearson (Lib-Dem, Warley). She said: "My back porch has been absolutely full of them. What someone is doing is sending envelopes back to us with BNP on, which obviously costs us money. There was a spate of these three months ago. It has started happening again, this time in enormous BNP envelopes – 360 of them."She said the party had not budgeted for all the letters, as it had not expected such a huge response: "

We as a local political party don't have a lot of money to spend that we don't already spend on leafleting. What we were trying to do there was a service to the public. We were asking them to tell us their concerns in their community.

We have now had to withdraw that service. It has been a dirty trick.

It is not what we would have wanted to do. But money is tight and we can't have it wasted.

BNP spokesman Phil Edwards said: "We don't know anything about it. We don't encourage it. We've firmly said you don't do things like this."

Halifax Today

The Jessie James Gang hit back !

Just as we predicted especially after finding the negro website for Moss Side, Manchester. Poor old Jessie wasn't as innocent as the media stated and it has blown up in their faces. That is why the story was dropped like a 'sack of bob'.

If these lying media people wish to build their Utopian socialist pipe dream , with the connivance of the State through oppresive laws, then they must also be held responsible for the crimes 'they' commit.

Police to probe Jessie link to new shooting

Nicola Dowling and Mike Keegan

Jessie James POLICE are to investigate whether the shooting of a man last night may be linked to the murder of Manchester teenager Jessie James.

The 20-year-old was shot in the knee in Langshaw Street, Old Trafford just after 9.40pm.
Unconfirmed rumour circulating locally is that the injured man may have been targeted in revenge for the death of the 15-year-old from Moss Side. Today police said they did not have any information at this stage to confirm whether last night's shooting may be linked to the murder, but said it would be investigated as a matter of routine.
Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Iran BAD? Israel GOOD? Says WHO???

This last week a rather disturbing thing landed on my desk, which left an unpleasant odour in the air. No not a stinky nappy from one of the little FC sprogs, or a Daily Mail piece of Talmudo-drivel dressed up as Western pro-Christian concern from the likes of Melanie Phillips or Ann Leslie (both banshees of the Israel sycophant brigade). [ NWN: Phillips and Leslie ? That's a frightening wonder that poofters exist ! ]

No, this latest piece of gut-wrenchingly putrid faeces came directly from the latest source of all things dubious concerning the ‘War on Terror,’ the newest and most deadliest of poodles of Bush and Blair, because he adorns his quasi-Zionist drivel with minor put downs of the Neo Cons, so as to catch the unawares off guard.

If we are to believe the aforementioned Zionist banshees, whose cries are succour to the baby killers and torturers of the Israeli ‘Defence’ Force (Defence? Has anyone read 1984? – we are in 100% newspeak land), then President Ahmadinejad is Satan on earth. A ‘new Hitler’ no less (after the other ‘New Hitlers’ Slobbo and Saddam who went before him)! He is not only a “holocaust denier”(so surely a ‘Nazi’?), but is also planning nuclear war, is behind terrorism worldwide, and probably had a role in ‘911’ (after all, everyone else the banshees have singled out for attack by their toy goy soldiers has…)

But who should enter the stage and pronounce Ahmadinejad as a mad man?

Someone who really should know better! No, scratch that. Someone who does know better but who has been turned by the smell of shekels.

When Hamas were elected (God Bless democracy!) into office in Palestine, this same person mirrored the Daily Mail Zionists in calling for a cessation of funding of the Palestinian Authority by the European Union.
When the Twin Towers were attacked in a staged event by the N.W.O., this same person agitated for war against Afghanistan.

When Israel illegally invaded Lebanon killing innocent men, women and children by the hundred, this same man allowed one of his lieutenants to publish a piece glorifying Israel, telling ‘patriots’ to support Israel – and more.

So who is this person who is in ideological bed with Phillips and Leslie?

Who is this person who wanted war with Afghanistan?

Who is this person who allowed sycophantic pro-Israel and anti-Lebanese comment on his official website?

Who is this person attacking Ahmadinejad for being revisionist?

Who is this person who says Iran is trying to get nuclear weapons and must be stopped whereas Israel’s illegal WMDs are dismissed as a mere “deterent”?

Rumsfeld? Blair? Cheney? Reid? Mandelson???

Hold on to your hats boys and girls.

It’s the same person who thinks race-mixing is grand, who says that immigration (albeit controlled) adds ‘flavour’ to the UK, and who allows homosexuals in his organisation…

Who could it be? Which Zionist liberal?

Step forward Nicholas Griffin.

For those who disbelieve (shame on you!) here follows two interesting pieces: the first shows that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are peaceful. The second shows that Griffin has sold out to the Zionist right.

Both were originally published in the FC e-zine #2826, dated 19th September.

Keep on having fun y’all!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Sham of Democracy

"You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time."

This statement is often used to support the idea of democracy, but it can also cut the other way.

The idea of democracy - the almostreligious belief in it that we are encouraged to have - is actually an attempt to fool all the people all the time, as true democracy hasonly ever existed in very few situations in human history - perhaps amongst the male citizens of Athens and some of the other direct democracies.For the rest of us, we've always had an arrogant political class telling us that we were 'the boss' while they simply ignored our wishes and talked down to us about what was possible and what was not.

But any myth, no matter how convincing, has its moments when the facade comes slightly unpeeled and we catch a glimpse at the evil-monkeys on the other side pulling the levers.

This week, there have been a series of news stories in which exactly this has happened.

In HUNGARY, there have been riots on the streets after the SocialistPM was filmed admitting that he and his party had done nothing butlie to the voters from beginning to end.

In IRAQ, the judge in the Saddam trial has been suddenly removedbecause he made a few comments that his 'democratic' handlers andtheir 'democratic' US handlers didn't like the sound of. You could really hear the string twanging as it was violently pulled behind thescenes. They did't even bother with the usual PR-ganda nonsense thatthey usually come up with, like "judge retiring for reasons of illhealth," etc.

In THAILAND, we have just seen a military coup. This shows the ease with which a democratically elected government can basically beflushed down the pan. People in Bangkok are quite happy to see the troops on the street.

Who knows what sinister forces are behind this,but if the same thing happened in most of our sacred Western democracies, do you think anybody would really be that bothered?

Idon't imagine a single person would lay down their lives to protect liars like Bush and Blair.

The tree of democracy that would once have summed millions to defend it to the last, is now tottering on withered roots.


Here is the result of Griffin's dalliance with Barbara Amiel. Iran is no threat to nationalists here. Iran is seeking to undermine the biggest lie of all time ( the Holocaust) .

For that reason, if none other, Israel wants Iran taken apart.

Thus the Zionist lobby pays off editors and columnists to spread the 'Iran's mad leader/nuke terror threat' lie to gullible Daily Mail/Telegraph/Sun readers.

Quite how many shekels the BNP leadership receives to push the same lies, dressed up in typical lawyer talk and the usual one step forwards two steps back language we're used to from the BNP leadership on Zionism, homosexuality, race-mixing etc.

This is Griffin as his re-invented self, the prophet of doom predicting "rivers of blood" in British cities. You wish!

"No deep understanding of Shia theology is required ...", he says here. Of course not, Nick, we do not want people to be in the know and work it out themselves. Let's keep it simple ... for simple minds.

"He is also, of course, by modern Western standards, stark staring bonkers.", he says of the Iranian president. Dismissing someone of whom you disapprove as mad is a judgemental non sequitur. The Iraqi president is most likely quite sane.

Listen to Bush and Blair and we have classic symptoms of pathological lying. Now that is a mental disorder. " ...or the dhimmi-nationalist rantings of cyberspace neo-Nazis ..." is straight out of a Lee Barnes diatribe. This is the lame argument that any patriot who is sympathetic towards Islam is nothing more than a servile lackey of Islamists. If you do not join in the Griffin/Barnes total condemnation of Islam as a religion then you are also a traitor to your people, so says Lee Barnes in e-mails to me.

" equate Israel's unused nuclear deterrent to the nuclear terror capability being sort [sic] by Iran is absurd". Here we have yet another non sequitur from Nick Griffin. Used or unused, nuclear weapons (with Israel it is a "deterrent", with Iran it is "terror capability") are weapons of mass destruction and Iraq and the Iraqi people have suffered terribly for this double standard. Saddam Hussein not only did not possess "unused" nuclear weapons ... he had none at all.

Nick Griffin is serving the interests of globalist imperialism with this familiar scare-mongering. He could earn a very good living writing scripts for the occupiers of the White House. Messianic religious fervour aside, it would seem that Nick is more in the grip of a Doomsday mindset than he would like to admit.

Robert Edwards ---

Troubles in Iran and over here by Nick Griffin

If the media reports are anything to go by, everyone's writing a blog these days.

I do worry about what some celebrity bloggers, particularly taxpayer funded mainstream politicians do - or rather don't do - to make the time to write blog entries so regularly. I'd love to write more often for this blog, not least because it's enjoyable, but as I have a multitude of organisational commitments, and as I'm not a hermit without a family life, I find it very difficult. Even the Iranian President is a blogger now.

He is also, of course, by modern Western standards, stark staring bonkers. Even allowing for the spin of a hostile media, he clearly is in the grip of a Messianic religious fervour. His own speech to the UN, in which he spoke of being bathed in the light of the coming Shi-ite Mahdi, tells us all we really need to know.

President Bush's fundamentalist Christian policy wonks are, of course, cast from much the same mould, believing that Armageddon in the Middle East would pave the way for the Second Coming. And then there are the Jewish cults - which enjoy significant influence in Israel owing to its unusually pure form of Proportional Representation - which are busy with preparations to rebuild Solomon's Temple (starting with knocking down the second holiest shrine in Islam!) and carry out the assorted rituals that will mark the Coming of their own Messiah.

So the Iranian President (I can't begin to spell his name and, having my phone line down, can't go online to look it up) isn't the only head-the-ball out there. But he is a rather special one, because he's a Shia Muslim. That means he belongs to the world's Number One Death Cult. Fundamentalist Christians might look for the return of Jesus, but they want to live, and they don't think that their deaths - indeed death and destruction generally - will hasten that Day. Fundamentalist Jews similarly expect their Messiah some time soon, but the only death required to hasten the day is that of the red heifer calf needed for the sacrifice when the Temple foundation stone is laid.

All a bit kooky, for sure, but there's no comparison at all between the extreme Christian and Judaic Messiah manias, and that of Shia Islam. Christians and Jews want to live, Shia Muslims, even more than their Sunni counterparts, want to die. This is why it is impossible to equate the nuclear bombs built in defiance of UN Resolutions (though why any true nationalist should give a fig for the opinions of that shambolic but would-be One World Government escapes me) by Israel with the uranium bomb being worked on by Iran. Israel's bombs are built in the same spirit and for the same reasons as were those of Britain, the USA and the USSR in the Cold War, or India and Pakistan's more recently. They are all deterrent weapons of last resort.

No deep understanding of Shia theology is required to know that an Iranian nuke would be something very different. Just look at the 'festivals' where these people mutilate themselves and their own children and babies with knives and swords. This is Blood Sacrifice from a people unfit to have box-cutters, let alone nuclear bombs. Then look at the determination of Iran's Hezbollah proxies to bring the very maximum destruction to Israeli towns with suicide bombs and batteries of Soviet army surplus rockets. Self-evidently the only thing stopping them using a uranium nuke truck bomb is the fact that they haven't yet got one.

Whatever British and European nationalisms' past clashes with Zionism (in which, contrary to Politically Correct fiction, I maintain that individual Jews and Jewish organisations alike have very often been to blame) whatever our present concerns with - for example - the pressures exerted by the Israeli lobbies around Bush, Blair and in the media to push for our troops to be used in the Middle East in a conflict that has nothing to do with us, to equate Israel's unused nuclear deterrent to the nuclear terror capability being sort by Iran is absurd. A clutch of ten tonne Iranian uranium bombs wouldn't be a threat to Britain, so not a single British soldier or airman should be put in harm's way to prevent them being built.

But for Israel the threat is real, and Israel is as entitled as any other sovereign state on the planet to act as she sees fit in her own defence. So the chances are that, sooner rather than later, the Israelis - and quite possibly the Americans who are so closely allied with them - will launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

Realistically, what else are they supposed to do?

Wait until the Mullahs incinerate Tel Aviv?

What would we do if their future target was Birmingham? No one should be surprised and, apart from the unavoidable impact on oil prices, global capitalism and the stability of the liberal dictatorship which is genociding our people but is unlikely to survive the coming Clash of Civilisations (oh, dear, what a shame, never mind!), it has nothing more to do with us than the latest civil war in the Congo. It's got nothing to do with us, and the nationalist thing is to Mind Britain's Business and keep out of it all, not to join the leftist media wailing on behalf of another bunch of Third World pets or the dhimmi-nationalist rantings of cyberspace neo-Nazis who think that allowing our civilisation to be gang-banged by global Islam will somehow put right the fact that gentile 'elites' have allowed various capitalist toe-rags, including some Jewish ones, to loot our Commonwealth and manipulate our democracy.

The British Intifada?

There will be one other consequence in Britain of the likely coming pre-emptive strike against Iran: The outbreak of a low-level civil war in Islamic areas in British cities.

Muslim youths in these areas are already in a fever of alienation and heated discussions and militant semi-fantasies about 'attacks' on their religion, their communities and their rights, and their duty to 'defend' them. The fundamentally extreme nature of their religion, coupled with decades of media and school curriculum chip-on-shoulder propaganda about the evils of white racism and 'Islamophobia', and the tensions created by home-grown Islamic terror bombers and the precautions against them, have taken such feelings past the point of no return.

All that huge areas of West Yorkshire, Lancashire, the Midlands and London are now waiting for before going up in more dramatic flames than France last autumn is a single spark. Despite the Shia/Sunni divide at theological level, down on the streets an attack on Iran will be seen as an attack on all Islam, and after the relative success of Hezbollah ("The Party of Allah") in fighting the Israeli army to a standstill in the Lebanon, Iran has achieved iconic status among young Muslims in Britain.

They will not stand by and watch it flattened without coming out to demonstrate, riot and cause mayhem on its behalf.

The Bradford riots will have nothing on what's going to happen when Israel and/or the Yanks get stuck into Iran.

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