Monday, August 13, 2018

Yank AntiFa up the ante ! ... "It takes a bullet to bash the fash !".

The mainstream media completely failed to report on Antifa members in DC yesterday, some of whom went on to assault police officers, carrying a banner which openly advertised their intention to put bullets in their political enemies.
Numerous video clips and photos show Antifa members carrying a large black banner which reads, “It takes a bullet to bash a fash.”

NWN: Seems Alex Jones site is under attack - hence why that pic disappeared from on here.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Hopefully the National Front can now forge ahead ?

We are in desperate need of a proper nationalist party with brains, to start to build an alternative to the current mess that the UK finds itself in. 

We here at NWN have no idea of who has taken over leading the NF. But it can hardly be any the worse for the change.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Britain First & Paul Golding

This video has recently been posted by Cllr Jolene Bunting. 

Councillor Bunting is a local councillor on Belfast City Council for the Shankill Road area of Belfast. An area this blog knows rather a lot about . The left are trying to spin this video, and it seems to be their Youtube posting.Nevertheless something has happened, and Golding has a bit of a track record .

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Why DID they hide the truth on the Manchester bomber? Victims left angry after they were kept in the dark over the Royal Navy plucking terrorist from Libyan warzone

  • Salman Abedi was one of 110 Britons rescued by the Royal Navy from Libya 
  • Security services had concerns about Abedi seven months before the rescue
  • He was rescued from Libya by HMS Enterprise along with his brother  Hashem
  • Last night, MPs demanded to know how the security services lost track of Abedi 

Salman Abedi was rescued from Libya by the Royal Navy before returning to the UK
Salman Abedi was rescued from Libya by the Royal Navy before returning to the UK
Victims of the Manchester Arena attack last night demanded to know why the Royal Navy's rescue of the bomber from war-torn Libya was kept secret.
The Daily Mail revealed yesterday that HMS Enterprise plucked Salman Abedi, then 19, to safety as fighting intensified in August 2014.
He flew home to the UK, but less than three years later set off a shrapnel-filled suicide bomb at a pop concert in the city where he grew up – killing 22 people, including seven children. 
An independent review of MI5 and counter-terrorism police's contact with Abedi was published in December.
But the report by former terror watchdog David Anderson QC made no mention of the fact that Abedi and his brother, Hashem, 21, were among 100 British citizens evacuated by the Navy survey ship.
Last night politicians, survivors and lawyers representing the families of those killed in the atrocity attacked the Government for keeping the public 'in the dark' about the rescue.
Salman Abedi, who attacked the Manchester arena was rescued from Libya onboard HMS Enterprise, pictured arriving in Valetta, Malta on August 4, 2014. Abedi was among 110 Britons - including his brother Hashem - rescued from the war zone by the Royal Navy
Salman Abedi, who attacked the Manchester arena was rescued from Libya onboard HMS Enterprise, pictured arriving in Valetta, Malta on August 4, 2014. Abedi was among 110 Britons - including his brother Hashem - rescued from the war zone by the Royal Navy
Video playing bottom right...
They also demanded to know why the Abedis – British-born sons of Libyan migrants – had been allowed to visit the Middle Eastern state without apparent scrutiny and subsequently fell off the security services' radar.
Robby Potter, 48, who almost died in the attack after shrapnel from the bomb punctured his heart, told the Mail: 'The authorities have definitely hidden this information from us. They haven't been honest. 
'The Government should have told us straight away or it should have been in the reports. We have been left to find out through the Press.'
John Woodcock, the independent MP for Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, said: 'It is deeply concerning that the Royal Navy's role in extracting Salman Abedi has had to be uncovered by a media investigation rather than being volunteered by the British Government.
Robby Potter, pictured with his wife Leonora Ogerio. They were both wounded in the attack
Robby Potter, pictured with his wife Leonora Ogerio. They were both wounded in the attack
'In particular, David Anderson QC needs to explain why he did not include this in his report into the Manchester bombing – was he kept in the dark or did he choose to hide it from the public?
'Either way, this undermines the important role he had as Britain's independent reviewer of terror legislation.
'I believe the Navy acted perfectly properly in rescuing these British citizens but unnecessary secrecy leaves the unfortunate impression that the Government has something it wants to hide.' 
It is understood that the Ministry of Defence was the first Whitehall department to discover that Abedi had been rescued by the Royal Navy.
Abedi was already being monitored by the security services seven months before his rescue
Abedi was already being monitored by the security services seven months before his rescue
His name emerged on passenger lists handed to the sailors on HMS Enterprise. The information was subsequently passed on to Number Ten, the Foreign Office and the Home Office.
Whitehall sources said that Abedi's rescue did not come to light in the Anderson report because it had no relevance to potential security failings.
But Elkan Abrahamson, a solicitor representing relatives of victims of the bombing for the forthcoming inquests, said: 'The trouble with the Anderson report is that we are not allowed to see the primary sources – that is, the MI5 or other security service documents.
'I am sure that the security services have not told us the full story. We may need an inquiry to get at the truth.'
He added: 'Both Abedi and his brother ought to have been tracked better, there are certainly concerns around that.' 
The Daily Mail yesterday uncovered how Abedi was rescued by the Royal Navy from Libya
The Daily Mail yesterday uncovered how Abedi was rescued by the Royal Navy from Libya
The Anderson report revealed that Abedi was already being monitored by the security services a full seven months before the rescue and that MI5 closed his file as a result of mistaken identify a month prior to his evacuation from Libya in 2014.
Senior security sources insist Abedi had not been radicalised at the time of the rescue and instead was brainwashed after watching bomb-making videos on the internet.
However, other sources have claimed that Abedi was seen on the front line, fighting alongside jihadis in Ajdabiya, eastern Libya. Survivors of the atrocity said it was difficult to understand why the Abedis were not detained or monitored following the rescue on their return to the UK.

NWN:  The truth was and is still hidden but it's not too difficult to find out why ? Because it was THERESA MAY who was the then HOME SECRETARY who lifted their travel restrictions so that Abedi could join with the rest of the 'MANCHESTER BOYS' fighting in Libya for Al Qaida.

We ran the truth on here when it all happened. Even lefty journalist John Pilger went on the news and a video is also on Youtube.

The video is here;

A mural in Tripoli, Libya dedicated to the 'Manchester Boys' a 20,000 + Al Qaida group that live in Manchester.This group helped to get rid of Gaddafi . Abedi was one of them, as were all his family.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Britain brings in 1,100 refugees from Syria in three months - but none are Christians despite their suffering in seven-year civil war

  • 1,100 Syrian refugees brought into Britain in first three months of this year
  • All arrivals were Muslims despite Christians' suffering and persecution by ISIS
  • Only 11 of the 4,832 Syrians invited to settle here last year were Christian
  • Barnabas Fund charity obtained figures under Freedom of Information laws

More than 1,100 Syrian refugees were brought into Britain in the first three months of this year – without a Christian among them.
Despite the suffering of Christians during seven years of civil war – including persecution by Islamic State – all the arrivals were Muslims.
And of 4,832 Syrians invited to settle here last year, only 11 were Christian. 
Turkish soldiers stand guard as Syrian refugees sit with their belongings in Akcakale in 2015
Turkish soldiers stand guard as Syrian refugees sit with their belongings in Akcakale in 2015
The Barnabas Fund charity, which obtained the figures under Freedom of Information laws, said: 'It is widely accepted that Christians constituted up to 10 per cent of Syria's pre-war population, have been specifically targeted by jihadists and continue to be at risk.
'Yet out of more than 1,000 Syrian refugees resettled in the UK this year there was not a single Christian.
'As last year's statistics more than amply demonstrate this is not a statistical blip. It is significant evidence of discrimination and the Government has a legal duty to take concrete steps to address this.'
The 1,112 Syrian refugees admitted to the UK this year were among 1,358 recommended for resettlement by the UN refugee agency UNHCR.
Of those picked by the UN agency, four were Christians but none made the final list. Barnabas said UN criteria for resettlement took account of disability and sexual orientation, but did not give priority to those who may be targeted for their religious faith. 
'We don't want them to prioritise Christians – we want to prioritise people on the basis of their vulnerability,' said Martin Parsons, head of research at Barnabas. 
Syrian refugees gather as they wait for food near a refugee camp in Bab Al-Salama in 2016
Syrian refugees gather as they wait for food near a refugee camp in Bab Al-Salama in 2016
'If someone is gay, the penalty under Sharia law is death but if someone converts from Islam to Christianity, the penalty is also death.'
Islamic State fanatics have attacked Christians and churches, as well as carrying out the genocide of Yazidis and other religious minorities.
Last week its forces set off bombs in the Syrian city of Sweida, which killed 215 people in an area that blends elements of Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.
The Home Office said: 'The vulnerable persons resettlement scheme prioritises the most vulnerable refugees who have fled the Syrian conflict, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.
'We are working with the UNHCR and other partners to reach groups that might be reluctant to register for the scheme for fear of discrimination and unaware of the options available to them.
'These groups include all religious minorities.'
A century ago, Christians comprised 20 per cent of the population of the Middle East but that number has now been cut to just 4 per cent.
A 1975 television interview with Sir Oswald Mosley - well worth a look.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

This is coming our way ! Our future ? 

Look at this mob breaking into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta . This is why we need strong defence forces .

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The RAF is 100 years old - The thank you from Theresa May & the Conservative party .
 RAF Scampton is the base for the famous 'Red Arrows' display team. It is still the base for 617 'Dambusters' Squadron . Shameful !

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards danger get bravery medals from the Queen

  • Three knife-wielding terrorists launched an assault on June 3 last year, leaving eight dead and 48 injured
  • Spanish banker Ignacio Echeverria, 39, was killed while defending a woman by using a skateboard
  • Nurse Kirsty Boden, 28, from Loxton, Australia, was also killed while she tried to save someone's life
  • Two police officers will receive the George Medal in recognition of their bravery in fighting the terrorists

Eight heroes of the London Bridge terror attack, including two who died trying to save others, will be honoured by the Queen today for their bravery.
Three jihadists wielding 12in kitchen knives launched their assault on June 3 last year – leaving eight people dead and 48 injured.
One of the brave civilians, Spanish banker Ignacio Echeverria, was killed while defending a woman by using a skateboard to confront the armed terrorists. Australian nurse Kirsty Boden, 28, was also killed as she tried to save someone's life.
Among the others recognised for their courage is Hassan Zubier, who was wounded while trying to save a woman's life during a knife attack in Finland that left two women dead.
Twenty people are honoured on this year's Civilian Gallantry List, which awards those who have shown bravery in saving or attempting to save someone's life.
Here are this year's recipients...

NWN:   But one notable name is missing. Roy Larner, the Millwall fan, who ended up in hospital on the night with stab wounds after fighting off some of these armed terrorists.  Is it coz he is anti - communist or 'racist' (sic) why he hasn't received an honour ?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

John Hutchyns Tyndall 
 14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005

The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks on NF members & supporters that day in Moss Side, Manchester,  in late June 1978. In support of the Parliamentary by-election then being held. The pub shown above, was at the junction of Princess Road and Mauldeth Road West .

One of the attacks by armed communists and IRA on the NF meeting, and who carried knives and iron bars, was successfully fought off just down Mauldeth Road West . The open air 'Election meeting' was being held at the side of the road, due to Manchester City Council breaking the law for elections and a duly nominated candidate.  The duly nominated National Front candidate for that Moss Side by-election was Mr.Herbert Andrew, a local schoolmaster.

There is a short film clip of that vicious attack that day, which was heavily rumoured to have been taken by Searchlight magazine communist  Steve Tilzey, and which is on Youtube.

John Tyndall was also pictured on the front page of SEARCHLIGHT magazine very soon after this day , where he is 'squaring- up' to the inrushing armed communists. JT did not hide nor shirk away, like almost all other politicians.

After the meeting, and on their way back to London. JT's minibus was rammed by a car on the southbound M6 near to Stone in Staffordshire by a gang of blacks from Notting Hill in London. The Police apprehended these characters, but no charges were ever brought. Which was 'par for the course' in the struggle.

After the armed communists were fought off for the open air meeting, the police actually arrested 2 NF members for defending themselves. No communists were arrested that day in spite of murderous violence- even though approximately 1,000 police were stood nearby. Many in riot gear.

The actress Vanessa Redgrave who was also a candidate for that election for the extreme left wing Workers Revolutionary Party, had been 'whipping up' mobs of blacks in Moss Side to do violence. On that same afternoon, many cars and vehicles containing white people travelling through Moss Side, were subjected to these mobs of hundreds strong throwing bricks and smashing up many of them. The most serious damage was done at traffic lights on Princess road, Moss Side.

Innocent white people just travelling through Moss Side were also seriously assaulted that day.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England.
Go figure....


Profound, we would say, at NWN.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen - a zionist NWO puppet

EXCLUSIVE – Sheriff Joe: Sacha Baron Cohen Duped Me Posing as ‘Finnish Comedian’

Cohen: HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 28: Actor Sacha Baron Cohen attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Arpaio: PHOENIX, ARIZONA - APRIL 09: Sheriff Joe Arpaio attends Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XXII at …

Speaking in a Breitbart News interview, Joe Arpaio, the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, detailed allegedly being duped into an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen, who Arpaio says posed as a famous comedian from Finland.

Arpaio, currently running for a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona, said that during the interview he became “very uncomfortable” with some of the words that Cohen’s character allegedly used, including “blowjob,” “hand job” and “golden shower.” He said he was made to believe the interview was being filmed live and that 2 million people were watching.
Arpaio says that just prior to the interview, two alleged producers mentioned that they were also interviewing Sarah Palin and claimed that they “love” President Trump, as did Cohen’s character.  In a lengthy Facebook post, Palin revealed that she was interviewed by Cohen, who she alleged disguised himself as a disabled U.S. veteran. Cohen’s Showtime character, going by the name of Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr, Ph.D, replied in character on Twitter, claiming that he “was in the service — not military, but United Parcel, and I only fought for my country once — when I shot a Mexican who came onto my property.”
Arpaio said the entire episode made him so uneasy that he took the unusual step of typing notes documenting the events. “Something told me I had better document this,” he said. “So, I typed those notes real fast.” Arpaio shared his notes with Breitbart News.
Arpaio said the saga began when he was contacted in the Fall of 2017 by two purported producers going by the names of Phil Simon and Corey Fielder. He said they told him that they were associated with a feature being sold to Showtime and that the show selected him as one of the twenty “most popular” people in America.  He was told that he would be interviewed by a famous Finnish comedian.
The former sheriff noted that at the time of the interview request he was a private citizen and did not have his sheriff’s department staff to vet the interview.
Arpaio said that he arrived in Los Angeles on October 11, 2017, and that the production team brought him to the filming facility. Arpaio said he was surprised that the interview was not being filmed in a normal television studio but instead in a warehouse-like facility. He said that he was going to Los Angeles at the time anyway to support California congressional candidate Omar Navarro, who is running against Rep. Maxine Waters.
According to Arpaio, the production team led him to believe that the host was a Trump supporter.  He also noted signing a contract, writing, “I signed some kind of contract before filming, which I have done numerous times, did not read all the info.”
He said he thought it was unusual that they didn’t offer to powder his face before the interview.
Arpaio said that when he arrived on set, the production team immediately made the interview seem like it was live even though he says he was never told that it was purportedly a live interview.
He said that there was text on a screen claiming that over 2 million people were watching the interview live.  “I was surprised it was live,” said Arpaio.
Arpaio does not recall the name that Cohen used besides posing as a famous comedian from Finland.
He described Cohen as using props during the interview, included boxes that contained cars. As sheriff, Arpaio famously advocated for stopping the cars of those suspected of being illegal aliens.
Questions he was asked involved immigration, guns, Trump playing golf, and running jails in Finland and the U.S., the former sheriff said.
Arpaio recalled Cohen using “highly inappropriate” phraseology that he says made him “very uncomfortable.”
“He came up with certain words which were hard for me to hear,” Arpaio said, including “blowjob” and “talking about people working for” a “hand job.”
So I started getting a little pissed,” he said. Cohen also mentioned “golden shower,” Arpaio stated. Arpaio’s typed notes to document some of those words.
“I felt uncomfortable with some of the words they were using but I had to live through it. I am not the type of guy who gets up and walks out,” he said. “I never walked out in thousands of interviews. I just take it.”
“I was kind of shocked,” Arpaio continued. “But I figured this is Finland and this is a famous comedian.”
Asked how he thinks he will be portrayed, Arpaio replied that “I was very careful in responding to controversial issues. Profiling. Illegal immigration. They were hitting me with all of that.”

NWN: How come no one has spotted Cohens 'real agenda' here ?  He has been at it for long enough. Once you know what he is, the agenda is clear. He is a 'Cohen' for Gods sake ! 

He has never had a 'pop' against Israel and or Zionism. His angst and trickery, using media controlled by him and his people - equates to hatred of gentiles ?

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Small loyalist enclave attacked for 4 nights in a row in Londonderry - nothing on the national news.

"Over the past 4 nights there have been attempted murder attempts in the form of petrol bomb attacks against a small enclave in londonderry.. Needless to say these thugs are coming from republican areas represented by sinn fein to attempt these attacks. bbc ni response is to totally ignore it apart from putting it well down the news running order & focus on other life threatening issues such as "wolf whistling " at women which some people want classed as a hate crime...Welcome to the "peace process" sinn fein style... ". 

Last night a number of shots were fired at this area - using an AK47 apparently. 


Fourth night of Derry violence an 'act of pure evil' as shots fired at police

A number of shots were fired at police in Londonderry in what has been described as a "blatant bid to murder police" while the federation representing officers described the violence as "an act of pure evil".
Chief Inspector Neil Beck said: “For a fourth consecutive night police officers dealt with violence and disorder. Around sixteen petrol bombs and five paint bombs were thrown from the Bogside area and, in what can only be described as a blatant bid to murder police officers, shots were fired at police close to our city’s walls.
"We believe that around six shots were fired striking the walls and nearby trees, however fortunately none of our officers were injured. Police officers should not be targeted under any circumstances and their lives should not be put in danger by simply doing their jobs, attempting to keep people safe.
"I am appealing to those with influence in the area to please assist us in trying to bring this unnecessary and unwanted violence to an end. This isn’t wanted by the community and those involved are urged to cease this activity immediately. "
Police Federation for Northern Ireland chair, Mark Lindsay, said: "Shots fired at our officers show the clear intent of those who have been orchestrating days of petrol bombing and assaults in Derry/Londonderry.
“The young people used to assault officers are being callously and coldly used by the dissident republican murder gangs who have murder as their main objective.
“Young people who throw petrol bombs or bricks or bottles need to know there will be consequences for them. As for the gangsters who use them as a shield, they will be pursued relentlessly and every effort will be made to bring them to justice.
“This attack last night was an act of pure evil, and attacks like this have got to stop. We have to see an all-out effort being made to rid communities of these ‘dinosaurs’ and to allow people to get on with their lives."

A petrol bomb explodes as a PSNI vehicle drives along Rossville Street in Londonderry on Monday night
Sinn Fein MLA Karen Mullan said: “The people of this city have already made it clear that they are completely opposed to the violence that has been taking place in the Bogside and Fountain areas this week.
“So for an armed group to seek to exploit and escalate that is disgraceful. Earlier this week, we had dissidents denying involvement in orchestrating the trouble but now we see shots being fired and people are rightly asking who else would be responsible for that?”
“This was a reckless and highly concerning escalation that endangered lives. It should be condemned by all and those responsible should get off the backs of this community.”
UUP deputy Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council Derek Hussey said: “The attempted murder of police officers in the City of Londonderry overnight is absolutely abhorrent and is to be condemned.
"I am also disgusted that the Fountain Estate has had to endure yet another sectarian attack on what is a small Protestant community.
"There is clearly a very sinister element involved. Some have tried to play this down as kids acting up over the summer months. That is clearly not the case. These are well orchestrated, co-ordinated attacks on the PSNI and the Fountain Estate."
A number of males have been charged in connection with disorder over previous evenings and two of those are due to appear in court on Wednesday.
Police say they has a robust strategy in place to identify those involved in the trouble over recent days, saying they are confident of further arrests.
Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Breaking News - they are now starting a 'witch -hunt' against Cyprus campaign British Army veterans .

Now an 83 year old Royal Engineer army veteran from the Cyprus conflict !  This country has gone crazy. MPs support us when they need us, then dump us when we are no longer any use to them.

Who to be chased next ? WW2 veterans ?

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Anti-Fa communists take a beating in USA.

Check out the vid at 1.50 mins. Armed communist red gets knocked 'sparko' ! Portland ,Oregon.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

‘UK Freedom March’ rally in Belfast sparks anti-fascist protests

About 100 far-right demonstrators urge UK government to get a move on with Brexit

The 100 or so people who took part in the “UK Freedom March” rally in Belfast were met with a counter-demonstration by anti-fascint groups. Photograph: Amanda Ferguson
The 100 or so people who took part in the “UK Freedom March” rally in Belfast were met with a counter-demonstration by anti-fascint groups. Photograph: Amanda Ferguson
Several hundred anti-fascist activists have gathered outside Belfast City Hall to counter-protest a “UK Freedom March” rally marking the second anniversary of the EU membership referendum vote.
On Saturday, people chanting “Nazi scum off our streets”, “the people united will never be defeated”, and “refugees are welcome here” waved anti-racism banners and placards emblazoned with messages such as “No to hate” and “Respect existence or expect resistance”.
Many of the 100 or so people on the UK Freedom March side, chanted “Oh Tommy Robinson”, a reference to the pseudonym of the former English Defence League leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon, a high profile British far-right figure who was jailed for 13 months in England recently for contempt of court.
Others declined to speak to the “biased media” on their arrival outside City Hall following a parade from the Sandy Row area of south Belfast.
Several attempts by the The Irish Times to speak to protesters carrying union, Irish, Israeli, football and far-right Generation Identity flags were thwarted by stewards wearing high visibility vests at the event.
Scores of riot police and PSNI armoured vehicles were positioned between the opposing sides, who were behind metal crowd barriers.
Speakers on the UK Freedom March side called for the British government to get a move on with Brexit and criticised the anti-fascists for attacking them with smoke bombs.

One man, who did not want to be identified, said he was at the march to protest against immigration.
A woman, who declined to give her name said, she was at the rally to “support Brexit and the democratic vote” and because she wanted “our streets free of paedos and immigrants”.
On June 23rd, 2016, the UK voted by 52 to 48 per cent to leave the EU.
Northern Ireland voted 56 to 44 per cent to remain.

‘EU scum’

Independent unionist Cllr Jolene Bunting, formerly a TUV councillor, gave a number of speeches at the rally where she referenced “EU scum” and told her supporters to “ignore the filth” protesting against them.
Cllr Bunting said the march was organised “to make sure Brexit happens”.
People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll, a steward at the “Unite Against Racism” protest said he and others were “taking a stand against people intent on whipping up racism and division in our city”.
“There are those with a track record in fascists organisations involved, core people around Britain First and Generation Identity, who are fundamentally fascist organisations,” he said.
Mr Carroll also criticised Cllr Bunting. “She claims to represent everyone in the city yet she is talking part in rallies and supporting groups sticking the boot into minorities,” he said.
Salwa al-Sharabi, an asylum seeker from Yemen living in Belfast for the last 14 months, said there was a growing problem with racism in society. He said the media and others were anti-Muslim and against immigrants.
There were no arrests.
Chief Inspector Kelly Moore said: “Today’s parade and protest passed off with a few incidents of minor disorder.
“A proportionate policing operation was put in place by police to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
“An Evidence Gathering Team was on duty and police will now review all evidence gathered by them and if any offences or breaches of the Parades Commission determinations are detected, a police investigation will be carried out.” 

NWN:  Looks to be 'polarising' over in NI these days on the old lines. Apparently, quite a few IRA 'faces' were seen with the 'reds'/antifa'  communist banners. No surprises there then ?

A march from far right True Blue Crew (TBC) was countered by Antifa in Melbourne Australia on Sunday. Riot police sought were deployed to separate the two groups. 

At one stage, there was a brief scuffle after a demonstrator knocked the glasses off a TBC supporter. Both sides attempted to provoke the other with insults. In a speech, TBC's leader Kane Miller said Australians should defend the country from immigrants and refugees. "We've earned this country and we come from the people who've fought for it, sacrificed for it and bled for it. So give them nothing," he told a group of loyal supporters. 

The larger counter-protest organised by Antifa called on Australians to say no to racism and fascism.

NWN: Anyone know anything about this Aussie group ?  

Friday, June 22, 2018

Ex-prisoners and dissidents share in €333m EU peace cash bonanza

Fruits of peace: From left, Sinn Fein's Pearse Doherty, its former TD Arthur Morgan and sitting TD Padraig Mac Lochlainn. Inset, the proposed art centre for the border villages of Pettigo and Tullyhammon 1
Fruits of peace: From left, Sinn Fein's Pearse Doherty, its former TD Arthur Morgan and sitting TD Padraig Mac Lochlainn. Inset, the proposed art centre for the border villages of Pettigo and Tullyhammon
Maeve Sheehan
Maeve Sheehan

Five republican ex-prisoners' groups in the border counties have received more than €6m in EU peace funds.
The support groups for 'ex-PoWs' and 'combatants' are among hundreds of organisations in Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, Monaghan, Cavan and Louth that have shared in the €333m peace pot.
More funds are on the way with the launch of a new funding programme last Friday that will pump €270m into the North and border regions over the next four years to promote peace and reconciliation.
The last funding programme, PEACE III, injected millions into the region.
Along with big-ticket projects, like the Skainos Centre in East Belfast and the iconic Derry peace bridge, grass roots cross-community projects also benefited.
Ex-prisoners, North and South, received substantial funding for the important role they are regarded as playing in advancing the peace process.
The five ex-prisoners' groups south of the Border were paid €6.5m in grants over the lifetime of the Peace III programme, according the to EU database on the programme.
Abhaile Aris, a support group in Donegal where Sinn Fein TDs Pearse Doherty and Padraig Mac Lochlainn once worked, received €1.7m in peace grants. Failte Abhaile, in Louth, received €1.9m.
The former Sinn Fein TD Arthur Morgan, who is also an ex-prisoner, sit on its board of directors.
Failte Cluan Eois, in Clones, Co Monaghan, received funds of €1.15m; La Nua, in Leitrim; received just over €1m while Tus Nua, a group based in Sligo, got funds of €753,182. The organisations all run courses and training for ex-prisoners.
Dissident republicans in Leitrim were also targeted in peace-funded projects. An outreach programme for dissident republicans was approved for a €12,000 EU grant under the county's Peace and Reconciliation project.
The programme targeted republicans who did not subscribe to the Good Friday Agreement and who still "supported actions". It was aimed at being the "first step in encouraging and supporting participants to engage in the Peace Process".
Pobal, the agency that administers and allocates state funds in the Republic, said it allocated €41m in PEACE III grants to 90 cross-border projects and a total of €253m since the programme's inception in 1995. In addition to those funds, the six local authorities in the border counties also received millions to distribute to local community events and projects with relevant cross-border themes over the six-year period of the Peace III programme.
Louth County Council said it had drawn down €3.1m in PEACE III grants since 2011, allocated to around 40 local projects, ranging from storytelling groups to theatre and arts programmes.
Monaghan County Council said this weekend that it had been allocated a total of €7.2m in PEACE III grants between 2008 and 2014 and that 52 community groups and organisations benefitted.
The projects that it funded included a men's hub, which was grant-approved for €157,243 and a project called 'Women Journeying Towards Reconciliation', which was grant-approved for €111,885.
However, the figures on what these projects actually drew down in grants were not available.
Elsewhere, a €8m regeneration project centred on the River Termon was unveiled last month, with a footbridge uniting the villages of Pettigo, Co Donegal and Tullyhammon in Fermanagh to "create a safe, shared space where people from different communities and cultures can meet and learn from each other."
In Donegal, a grant of €69,000 was approved for the "JUAH Project - a journey of understanding, acceptance and healing" for former members of the "security services".
Its purpose was to develop "a continuum of support" for former security force personnel in Donegal" who worked during the Troubles, "addressing areas such as sectarianism, racism, discrimination, cultural diversity, a shared-heritage conflict resolution and active citizenship through focused peace and reconciliation work with the Retired Garda Associations and Irish Army".
Other projects included the 'Leitrim Story Telling' project, in which participants from three story-telling groups produced a CD of their stories.
In Cavan, the Virginia Pumpkin festival got grant approval of €20,000, while in Louth a puppet show for an "intercultural float" for the annual St Patrick's Day Parade got grant approval for €29,000.
The amounts actually drawn down by the projects were unavailable last week as a public database operated by the EU Special Programmes body, SEUPB, which manages the funds, said some financial information on it needed updating.
Local authorities in the border region also received EU 'technical assistance' grants for their work in administering the funds.
Louth County Council, for example, said it received an assistant grant of €403,317 over the period of the programme from 2011 to 2014.
"This covered salaries and expenses of dedicated staff, stationery, partnership board member expenses, meeting costs, advertising, information sessions with interested applicants and opening and closing project events, which were required under the programme," the council said.
The EU peace funds programme was launched in 1995 to boost the Northern Ireland peace process, with the money to be spent on projects supporting peace and reconciliation and cross-border community relationships.
The latest programme, PEACE IV, was launched in Belfast on Friday and will run until 2020, offering €270m in grants to hundreds of peace related projects.
Around €100m will be directed at projects aimed at children and young people. In the region of €28m will be allocated to "local authority shared spaces", €35m to "local authority action plans", and €17m to projects aimed at "victims and survivors".
A second EU funded programme, INTERREG, supports cross-border economic development projects and will also roll out a fund of €274m for projects in the North, border counties and Western Scotland, bringing the total funding package to €550m.
The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform said this weekend that the Irish contribution to PEACE III was €120m, comprising €66m in European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) and €54m match funding.
It will be €54m - €46m ERDF and €8m match funding - for PEACE IV.
At the launch on Friday, Minister Brendan Howlin said the two programmes "will see investment of more than half-a-billion euro in the region over the next seven years in support of a range of exciting cross-border initiatives".

NWN: So they pay off the nonces and murderers of the IRA...............for peace ? Bollocks !

Monday, June 18, 2018

Undercover at the world's most secretive society: Mail reporter infiltrates shadowy Bilderberg summit where the West's power brokers set the world to rights

  • Secret conference of the global liberal elite held in luxury hotel on police lockdown for three days 
  • Elusive annual ‘Bilderberg Conference’ is always protected by anti-terror police, military and a no-fly zone 
  • Attended by figureheads of politics, business, banking, academia, royalty, telecoms, technology
  • For the first time in its 66-year history a journalist penetrated security to go undercover at the hotel
  • 2018 agenda items included Populism, where populist political parties threaten to withdraw from EU
  • Conspiracy theories have surrounded Bilderberg for years, such as claims that it selects world leaders to impose a ‘New World Order’

On the first day of my new job as a hotel waitress — before I have a chance to polish a glass or proffer a canapé — I’m primed in detail about how to enter the building. Not via the front foyer, but circuitously through a ‘secret staff entrance’.
It is imperative I memorise the route, I’m told by the briskly efficient restaurant manager, who steers me through it, via an obscure door by a KFC outlet in a low-rent shopping mall.
We then travel up two floors in a shabby service lift, past a phalanx of security men, through an underground delivery area, past bins, a staff canteen and along a harshly lit subterranean corridor that smells of urine.
Another staff lift disgorges us into the hotel kitchen, through two swing doors and finally into the light and bustle of its restaurant and gleaming lobby.
An entrance to NH Lingotto hotel where the secretive Bilderberg conference was held. The large bubble meeting room can be seen in the distance over the roof of the building
An entrance to NH Lingotto hotel where the secretive Bilderberg conference was held. The large bubble meeting room can be seen in the distance over the roof of the building
Police vans and officers wait outside entrance to NH Lingotto hotel in Turin while the summit took place
Police vans and officers wait outside entrance to NH Lingotto hotel in Turin while the summit took place
Another large police van stationed near the premises of where the Bilderberg conference was held
Another large police van stationed near the premises of where the Bilderberg conference was held
Bubble rooftop meeting room and helipad designed by Renzo Piano – it is unknown if there were any meetings held here
Bubble rooftop meeting room and helipad designed by Renzo Piano – it is unknown if there were any meetings held here
A freelance journalist, who posted footage online of the empty garden marquee where the Bilderberg banquet was due to be held, reported that Italian police stormed his hotel room at 4.30am breaking down his door and ‘pointing a gun’ at him
A freelance journalist, who posted footage online of the empty garden marquee where the Bilderberg banquet was due to be held, reported that Italian police stormed his hotel room at 4.30am breaking down his door and ‘pointing a gun’ at him
It is vital that I take this labyrinthine route in and out of the hotel for the next five days, I’m told, as there is a ‘top secret event’ taking place. ‘The whole hotel is closed to the public,’ says my boss. ‘It’s very important you remember you cannot go in and out of the main entrance. You must use the secret one.’
Although I feign meek subservience, I know very well why levels of security have been ramped up to such histrionic levels at this unassuming four-star hotel in northern Italy, because I am here undercover. My mission is to covertly observe the most secretive gathering of the influential and powerful in the world, known as the Bilderberg Group.
This cabal of the global, largely liberal, elite — with strong ties to the EU — meets every year amid a cloak of secrecy.
At this year’s gathering? With so-called ‘populism’ high on its agenda, passionate Remainers, including former Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and former Chancellor George Osborne, all took time out of their busy schedules to attend.
Over drinks receptions and lavish meals, they rubbed shoulders with former president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, three serving EU prime ministers and a current European Commissioner in charge of the bloc’s budget.
Last weekend, the Mail became the first newspaper in the 64-year history of Bilderberg to penetrate its formidable security, gaining insight into the extreme paranoia of this most elusive of clubs.
I watched as military police guarded the hotel perimeter and sniffer dogs checked for bombs outside. Last week, one freelance journalist, who posted footage online of the empty garden marquee where the Bilderberg banquet was due to be held, reported that Italian police stormed his hotel room at 4.30am breaking down his door and ‘pointing a gun’ at him.
The only entrance to the hotel where the Bilderberg conference was held is on the left past the car. Opposite and surrounded by fences is the police building
The only entrance to the hotel where the Bilderberg conference was held is on the left past the car. Opposite and surrounded by fences is the police building
Armed police present at the Turin airport, near to where the Bilberberg conference was held this year
Armed police present at the Turin airport, near to where the Bilberberg conference was held this year
So clandestine are the Bilderberg gatherings that no minutes are taken, no press conferences given and no reports published.
The conference operates under ‘Chatham House Rules’, which means participants can use and report information exchanged there, but not disclose the source. But with no record of what goes on — Bilderberg was held on exactly the same weekends as G7 and NATO defence meetings, allowing opportunities for conference calls — critics have said it should be much more transparent. Many argue that the event exists solely to serve as a networking and lobbying opportunity for its attendees.
The Bilderberg Group — so called because it first met in 1954 at the Hotel Bilderberg in the Netherlands — is made up of at least 120 self-proclaimed ‘leading citizens’ of Europe and the U.S., who meet annually to discuss ‘issues of common interest’.
Every summer, figureheads from politics, business, academia, finance and defence lock themselves away in a closely guarded hotel for three days to discuss topics of vital global significance about which the rest of us can only speculate.
Hypothesis and conjecture about the content of their talks inevitably abound. At one extreme there are conspiracy theorists who believe that the hounding from office of Margaret Thatcher, the downfall of U.S. President Richard Nixon and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy were all secretly orchestrated by the Bilderberg Group.
Corridors of the hotel. It has three floors in two parallel buildings joined by a walkway in the middle
Corridors of the hotel. It has three floors in two parallel buildings joined by a walkway in the middle
A covered walkway linking two hotel buildings. Outside is an 'oasis' garden
A covered walkway linking two hotel buildings. Outside is an 'oasis' garden
Such claims are, of course, outlandish, but mystery fosters extravagant speculation.
The roll-call of attendees is invariably auspicious. Prime ministers, royalty — Prince Charles and Prince Philip have both attended — army generals, corporate CEOs and bank governors all make time in their busy schedules to be there.


TOP of the Agenda at this year’s Bilderberg Meeting was ‘Populism in Europe’ – evidence of populism’s impact as it’s swept across Europe and America. It is surely no coincidence that Bilderberg took place in Turin, Italy, where the populist Five Star Movement and anti-immigrant League parties’ coalition threatens the stability and future of the European Union altogether. And as Donald Trump continues to blaze a trail through his Presidency, the Bilderberg group was also keen to discuss ‘US world leadership’ and ‘The US before midterms’. 
There was a significant European Union representation in Turin last week, with Jose Manuel Barroso, former president of the European Commission (and now non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs) toasting his membership in the Bilderberg club with four serving EU Prime Ministers – Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Ana Brnabic, Prime Minister of Serbia, Charles Michel, Prime Minister of Belgium and Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of Estonia. They were joined by Spain’s deputy PM, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and Turkey’s deputy PM, Mehmet Simsek. Former Prime Minister of France, Bernard Cazeneuve, also flew out for the shindig, as did Günther H. Oettinger, Commissioner for budget and human resources at the European Commission. 
Bilderberg says it exists as ‘a forum… to foster dialogue between Europe and North America’, and American VIPs always take time out of their busy schedules to attend Bilderberg. Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, has been attending Bilderberg on and off since 1957. Last weekend he made the trip out to Turin, in a wheelchair accompanied by minders, at the age of 95. David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, made an appearance alongside him, as did John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado. Representing the incumbent United States government were Matthew Turpin, the National Security Council’s Director for China, and James H. Baker, the director of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Many of America’s most prestigious universities attended the Bilderberg meeting including the Universities of Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Pennsylvania, Princeton, New York University and the American University. Think-tanks included the Hudson Institute and the Hoover Institution.
Figureheads from many industries including defence, communications, finance, business, politics, banking and academia are always represented at Bilderberg, but this year has truly been that of the technology titans. Bilderberg seems exceptionally keen to explore automation and the robotics, listing ‘The future of work’, ‘Artificial intelligence’ and ‘quantum computing’ as events on its Agenda. The 2018 cohort included the co-founder of LinkedIn, the CEO of Vodafone and the director of Harvard-MIT Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative. 
Eric Schmidt, the former executive chairman of Google, has attended Bilderberg before and Google was the star of the show this year. Hartmut Neven, director of engineering of Google Inc. was in attendance alongside Demis Hassabis, the British co-founder and CEO of its AI branch DeepMind. They were joined by Jared Cohen, founder and CEO of Jigsaw at Alphabet (Google’s parent company). Cohen was formerly US on the Secretary of State's policy planning staff as an advisor to Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton. Bilderberg also invited experts and consultancies in the wider fields of Artificial Intelligence, such as Harvard-MIT Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative and PA Consulting Group, which specialises in AI. 
Shifting sands in the Middle East and recent furore surrounding Russia were enough to garner places on the Agenda, with ‘Saudi Arabia and Iran’ and ‘Russia’ both listed. The Bilderberg Conference took place on exactly the same weekend as the G7 summit and the NATO Defence Meeting this year. Some speculate that conference calls took place between the three, but Bilderberg never releases details, minutes or reports of what is discussed other than its vague agenda list. 
This year’s cohort of Britons included Sir John Sawers, former head of MI6, and Marcus Agius, who resigned from Barclays Bank following the Libor rate-fixing scandal — both former trustees of the Bilderberg Association.
Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary flew in alongside academics from Oxbridge, UCL and the LSE. They mingled with heads of international bodies including NATO, the World Economic Forum and UNESCO and, for the first time in its history, a Vatican representative.
Sitting cheek-by-jowl with the traditional establishment is the new power elite: the technology titans. The 2018 cohort include the co-founder of LinkedIn and the CEO of Vodafone. Google is well-represented: present this year are its director of engineering, the founder of its sister company Jigsaw and the CEO of DeepMind, a British artificial intelligence company.
I’m told by a manager on my first day: ‘It is a top event. It is like the G7 — people from all over the world. The Fiat boss. You can’t tell anyone what goes on here, all the staff are completely sworn to secrecy.’
I’m told not to engage in conversation with these special guests and instead to ‘look down’.
Last week’s meeting in Turin was hosted by Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, owned by the wealthy Agnelli family dynasty, which housed delegates in a hotel converted from its former Fiat car factory.
The only entrance by vehicle to the hotel is  on the right, obscured by the bus stop. The police building is just to the right
The only entrance by vehicle to the hotel is on the right, obscured by the bus stop. The police building is just to the right
A bomb-sniffing dog spotted on the perimeter of the hotel where the Bilderberg conference was held
A bomb-sniffing dog spotted on the perimeter of the hotel where the Bilderberg conference was held
Unlike previous Bilderberg meetings, which have been held high up in the Alps or in remote chateaux, this year’s conference is, audaciously, hidden in plain sight.
The NH Lingotto shares space with a run-down shopping centre — the location of that secret staff entrance — itself surrounded by 10ft concrete walls, and the main hotel entrance is accessible only through a police check point. Inside, as guards swarm the lobby and staff are kitted out with walkie-talkies, I’m frequently left to my own devices. Nevertheless, the NH Hotel Group said it ‘takes the security of its guests very seriously’.
I wander around, exploring the store rooms, staff areas and the main switchboard for the entire hotel, surveying wires and buttons from floor to ceiling.
In spite of ferocious security efforts, if I was someone with nefarious intentions I could have done something pretty terrible by now.
On my first day, I’m given a staff master-key with access to all 240 guest rooms.
As I work methodically through each, supplying it with mineral water and a fruit bowl ready for the arrival of its VIP inhabitant, I wonder — could I be preparing this for Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands? Or perhaps Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary? Or even for American statesman Henry Kissinger? On Thursday afternoon at the hotel, minutes before the first delegates arrive, the tension in the foyer is palpable.
Outside, I survey the dozens of suited security and hotel staff, many with ear pieces, some virtually bouncing on the soles of their shoes. No one speaks. They all just wait in position.
Many of the VIPs arrive in private jets at Turin private airport, from where they are driven with police escorts — blue lights flashing, but no sirens — to the hotel.
A flurry of hotel staff greet the disembarking VIPs, while more staff with hotel-branded umbrellas shield them from the lashing rain.
A polite American man approaches me. ‘Excuse me, where’s the bar around here?’ he asks. I clock his name badge: David Petraeus, former director of the CIA and commander of the United States Central Command, as I ask him what he’d like to drink.
‘Which red wines do you have?’ he asks, at which point I remember I’m not actually bar trained; I’ve no idea where the wine was even kept, let alone which vintage to recommend. I have to summon help.
Then a room service errand takes me up to an Italian delegate’s room. He has ordered five bottles of mineral water and one glass to use for each bottle. As soon as the door is halfway open, he barks: ‘Still, I ordered still! Not sparkling!’ I’m relieved I have a colleague with me who assures him: ‘But this is still, sir.’
Blueprints hang on the walls within the NH Lingotto hotel, location of this year’s Bilderberg Conference
The colossal building, with views of the Alps, features a distinctive ‘bubble’ rooftop meeting room which is shown in the plans pictured
Architect design drawings of the Renzo Piano-designed bubble rooftop atop the Lingotto factory building adorn the walls of the hotel interior

Four of the yellow cards given to guests, where they talked about 'populism in Europe', 'Whither free trade' and other subjects. In each ‘evaluation form’, the delegates must rate each talk on a scale of one to five on factors including ‘importance topic’, ‘quality panellist’, ‘interaction’ and so on
I arrive back downstairs to see a much-diminished Henry Kissinger being escorted in a wheelchair across the marbled floor by two suited men.
At 95, Mr Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State, is one of Bilderberg’s oldest and most regular delegates. The alleged war criminal has been attending intermittently since 1957.
Demis Hassabis, the British computer game designer behind Google’s DeepMind, then asks me for directions to the ‘dinner’. Improvising, I direct him vaguely down the corridor.
A jovial man in glasses also approaches me to ask where ‘the conference’ is. It is Jose Manuel Barroso, former president of the European Commission, now chairman of Goldman Sachs International. He is surrounded by four people all clamouring to talk to him, and he looks like the cat that got the cream.
All attendees are also given yellow paper ‘score cards’ on which they must give TripAdvisor-style self-evaluation assessments of talks. On each form delegates must rate discussions on a scale of one to five including ‘importance of topic’, ‘quality of panellist’, ‘interaction’ and so on.
The discussions include such subjects as: ‘Populism In Europe’, ‘The U.S. Before Mid-Terms’ (in other words, Donald Trump) ‘The Future Of Work’, ‘Jobs, Skills, Wages’ and ‘Whither Free Trade?’ — plus the more ambiguous ‘Where Are We?’
The gifts included Italian toiletries, a coffee-table art book with foreword from the Agnelli family, and mints branded with sketches of the Lingotto Fiat building
The gifts included Italian toiletries, a coffee-table art book with foreword from the Agnelli family, and mints branded with sketches of the Lingotto Fiat building
One hot topic currently dominating the agenda in Europe — immigration — was noticeable by its absence. And, as with so many corporate jamborees, each attendee is given a blue-and-white goodie-bag at the end, tagged with the message: ‘A gift from the Italian hosts of Bilderberg thanks to the generosity of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.’
Inside are Italian toiletries, a coffee-table art book with foreword from the Agnelli family, and mints branded with sketches of the Lingotto Fiat building.

The Bilderberg hotel 

The NH Lingotto hotel, location of this year’s Bilderberg Conference, is housed within the Lingotto building – the site of the former Fiat factory, with a rooftop racetrack seen in The Italian Job. 
The colossal building, with views of the Alps, features a distinctive ‘bubble’ rooftop meeting room and helipad designed by architect Renzo Piano, as well as a ‘sunken auditorium’ concert hall elsewhere in the old factory. 
The Lingotto building is owned by the wealthy Agnelli Family Dynasty, the industrialists who created Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Gianni Agnelli reportedly attended Bilderberg 37 times before his death and was good friends with Henry Kissinger, seen as a ‘Bilderberg ringleader’. 
Kissinger once said: ‘During the last two decades of his life, no one was closer to me than Gianni Agnelli.’ Kissinger is the godfather of John Elkann, Agnelli’s grandson. 
The 42-year-old heir to the Fiat Fortune was the host of the 2018 Bilderberg Meeting and sits on its decision-making Steering Committee. Elkann is chairman and chief executive of Exor, the Agnelli family’s investment company, to which former Chancellor of the Exchequer and current Editor of the Evening Standard George Osborne was recently appointed just days ago. John Elkann also sits on The Economist board alongside Eric Schmidt, former executive chairman of Google, and Sir Simon Robertson, the Deputy Chairman of HSBC.
Simon Robertson Associates LLP is the registered address of The Bilderberg Association, a tax-exempt charity and the UK financial arm of Bilderberg. The most recently listed trustees of Bilderberg Association were Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor-in-chief of The Economist, and Lord John Kerr of Kinlochard, deputy chairman of Royal Dutch Shell. Last night the Charity Commission said it had ‘opened a case’ into Bilderberg Association to ensure it was complying with its transparency criteria. 
Bilderberg presents an abundance of networking opportunities for those lucky enough to be chosen to attend. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, is due to step down from his role next year and has ambitions to head the International Monetary Fund. Michael O’Leary’s contract with Ryanair also ends next year.
George Osborne, the editor of the Evening Standard, possesses seven other job titles. At Bilderberg, he will have had ample chance to speak to his business contacts.
He was recently appointed chair of a business council at Exor, the holding company for the Agnelli family billions. John Elkann, the Agnelli heir who hosted this year’s Bilderberg, sits on the Economist board alongside Eric Schmidt of Google. A spokesman for Bilderberg Meetings said that ‘participants take care of their own travel and accommodation costs’.
He added: ‘The expenses of maintaining the small secretariat of Bilderberg Meetings are covered wholly by private subscription. The hospitality costs of the annual meeting are the responsibility of the steering committee member(s) of the host country.’ But it would not confirm who pays into this ‘private subscription’.
Amber Rudd, a member of the Queen’s Privy Council, refused to answer any of our questions including whether she divulged state-secret information at the conference. Nor did she say whether she will fully declare her attendance at Bilderberg, both financially and as a potential conflict of interest, as stipulated in the House of Commons Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament.
Last night, the Charity Commission said it was probing the UK financial arm of Bilderberg following the Mail’s investigation. As a registered charity, the Bilderberg Association is exempt from tax, but the Commission said it had received a ‘number of complaints about its activities’.
The charity’s most recently listed trustees are Lord John Kerr of Kinlochard, deputy chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, and Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor-in-chief of The Economist — which yesterday published an editorial leader entitled: ‘A hard Brexit seems ever less likely: Good.’
To legally qualify for charity status, the organisation must overwhelmingly serve a ‘public benefit’, and not a political purpose.
The Bilderberg Association says its purpose is ‘the education’ of ‘mankind, the public’. But because no public reports are published into what actually happens at the conference, there is no way of proving this charitable public purpose.
The Commission said it was opening a case into the Bilderberg Association ‘to ensure its activities are in line with its charitable objects and its legal duty’ and remind it of ‘the importance of transparency’.
A spokesman said it was a criminal offence to knowingly or recklessly provide false or misleading information to the Commission.
Lord Kerr said he was ‘not a trustee’ and directed queries to the address where the charity is registered, Simon Robertson Associates, a financial advisory group run by the former director of Goldman Sachs. Sir Simon Robertson is also on the board of the Economist.
The Bilderberg Association declined to comment, while Ms Minton Beddoes referred us to Bilderberg Meetings, the global company.
For three days I’ve stood on the periphery watching, listening. But ultimately the world’s most secretive meeting remains elusive; a distant babble of voices a few metres away from me along a corridor in a closed room. Near, but infuriatingly just too far away to discern.
So for another year Bilderberg has retained its mystique; its impenetrable secrecy; its elitism. And we mere mortals, unseen and unremarked, are none the wiser.

The Bilderberg conference: Military-level security and hostility to press  

The Bilderberg Group holds its meetings cloaked in secrecy far away from the prying eyes of the general public. Local police, state police and even the military of whichever country has been selected to host the Meeting are on hand to keep out the riff-raff. Fences, barricades and police checkpoints are erected, and metal detectors and X-Rays search anyone attempting to enter the ‘Bilderberg Hotel’. As one reporter who covered the event says: ‘You know Bilderberg’s about to begin when you start seeing the guns.’
The Bilderberg Group are notoriously camera shy, and take extreme measures to prevent journalists from capturing what it discusses – including following them, intimidating them and detaining them. In 1999, journalist Jon Ronson attempted to report on Bilderberg in Sintra, Portugal, and managed to get inside the Conference’s perimeter. Ronson later found himself ‘chased by mysterious men in dark glasses through Portugal’ and described being scared for his safety. 
‘When I phoned the British embassy and asked them to explain to the powerful secret society that had set their goons on me that I was essentially a humorous journalist out of my depth, I wasn't being funny’, he wrote. ‘I was being genuinely desperate.’ 
The British Embassy told him they there was nothing they could do. Ten years later, journalist Charlie Skelton was arrested half a mile from the Bilderberg hotel in Vouliagmeni, Greece. 
He described being approached by a ‘man with the machine gun’ and a group of police who ‘circled round me… prodding me in the shoulder, and shouting: "Give the camera! Just give the camera!" He was driven to the local police station and released after they’d verified his identity. Later, he was arrested a second time for taking more photographs, and said he was followed in Greece for days by plainclothes policemen.
Last Tuesday freelance journalist Josh Friedman entered the oasis-garden of the NH Lingotto Hotel where the Bilderberg Meeting was due to be held, and posted online footage of the empty marquee before the conference. He described how days later, Italian police burst into his hotel room at 4.00am, demanding to see his documents.
He said: ‘I was lying in bed, it’s dark, I heard a lot of noise coming up through the stairwell… Then suddenly my door flew open and five officers burst into the apartment. 
‘They flicked on the light switch and at least one was pointing a gun at me as I was lying in bed.’ He said the police asked him for his name and documents. Later they apologised and said they been looking for a ‘suspect’ who they believed had been in Freidman’s room. When the Bilderberg Conference was held at the five-star Grove hotel in Watford, Hertfordshire in 2013, Hertfordshire Constabulary revealed that policing alone cost £1million. 
There was also a large G4S presence, fences, a no-fly zone and further anti-terror measures. Bilderberg offered to pay up to £500,000 towards this cost, but Hertfordshire Police appealed to the Home Office – and the taxpayer - to cover the shortfall. Bilderberg says that attendees cover their own cost of transport, and that the Steering Committee and host country pays for the Conference each time it is held there. 
But it is unclear how publicly-funded figures, such as elected politicians and Royalty, pay for and declare their Bilderberg attendance. Bilderberg also states that ‘Bilderberg Meetings are covered wholly by private subscription’, but does not give further details as to who pays this private subscription nor by how much. 

Yank AntiFa up the ante ! ... "It takes a bullet to bash the fash !". The mainstream media completely failed to report o...