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We would like to thank our Yorkshire friends for posting on their own website and asking for information about the above woman.

She is wanted for the involvement in the murder of a BNP activist in Sheffield in June 2001.

Her name is Melonie Telita Ellis. She lives at 14,Broom Walk, Broom Hall, Sheffield. Date of birth 10/11/65.

She is a prostitute who uses the street name of 'Maxine'.

She and her brother Calvin Johnson and other Negroes, murdered this poor lad and robbed him of all his savings of cash £10,000 + , then used his credit cards to run up a £5,000 + debt in little over three weeks.

This duo and other blacks were also involved in the murder of the manager of the Niche nightclub in Sheffield around 1999.

Jailed robber gives evidence at inquest

A CONVICTED robber gave evidence at a 'secure' inquest in Sheffield over the death of a former soldier whose family believe was murdered.

Inmate Calvin Johnson was one of the last people to spend time with Chris Barker, aged 43, who was found dead on the floor of a home in Broom Walk, Broomhall.

Mr Barker's arms were covered with up to ten injection marks and traces of heroin and cocaine were found in his body.No money was found on his body or in his flat on Lowedges Road, Lowedges, where it is believed there could have been £10,000 cash stored in savings.

In an unusual step, dreadlocked Johnson was brought to the inquest room at Sheffield Magistrates Court from Preston prison, Lancashire, to give evidence from the dock while flanked by three officers.

Johnson told the inquest he had "no idea" how that much heroin got into Mr Barker's body. He added: "When he was with me we did it on the foil - smoking - not injecting."

Mr Barker's brother Peter, aged 50, of Rochdale, said: "It's possible that Chris had up to £10,000 in his flat - he was saving to buy a house. You (Johnson) say you only knew Chris for around four weeks and in that short time his cash had gone, he was £4,000 overdrawn and he was found dead with up to 10 heroin injections. It's a surprising fact."

The inquest heard how Mr Barker's credit cards would be used to buy alcohol and phone top-up cards to swop for drugs. The drugs were then shared between friends including Johnson and Johnson's sister Melanie Ellis.

Miss Ellis told the court she had been having a relationship with Mr Barker - who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

She referred to him as her 'Sugar Daddy' and coroner Chris Dorries asked her:

"Is it the case that this man was taken advantage of in the weeks leading up to his death?

Did there come a situation where he would not or could not keep buying things?

Did there come a time when people really didn't care what happened to him?"

Miss Ellis denied this.

It was June 2001 when Mr Barker and Johnson sat drinking and smoking heroin in Miss Ellis' Broomhall home.

The pair went out for a walk at around 4am.

Mr Barker was later found slumped on the pavement. Witnesses have said Miss Ellis, Johnson and a third friend Mark Clark then dragged Mr Barker back into the house.

Johnson said he walked in of his own accord.

He was left at the bottom of the stairs before being found dead at around 8am.

Mr Barker had 'minor' injuries over his face and neck as well as bruises in the shape of finger marks over his arms.Police initially launched a murder investigation although this was later dropped through lack of evidence.The coroner is set to deliver a verdict on November 4.

20 October 2004


There is a £10,000 reward for information leading to conviction see below link;

The Police have been thoroughly disgusting in South Yorkshire. Their 'fall guys' at WEST BARR Police station, Sheffield, are DS Andy Jarman, who is as thick as pig shit, and DC Martin Quinn, who has a speech impediment.

Thank you, our inappropriately named Yorkshire friends.


ITK said...

All this info was known you didnt need to put it here , the addys are out of date but any link to Baxxys death could be interesting .
This was designed to flush out a certain individual in Yorkshire you jumped the gun but then again we wern't to know you viewed trhe blog .

Pete R. said...

Any racial nationalists tempted to criticise Chris Barker's behaviour should perhaps remember the old saying that one should not criticise a man until one had walked a mile in his boots.

Perhaps they should also consider the flood of current revelations about the shocking failure of the British authorities to support those of our forces who have suffered injuries, whether physical or mental, while serving their country.

Today's Independent on Sunday is among the latest examples.

Wounded in action and 'tossed aside' on return to Civvy Street

A cavalryman badly injured in Iraq says the MoD should do much more for the treatment and rehabilitation of servicemen
By Ian Griggs

Daniel Twiddy has sympathy for the plight of injured soldiers returning from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, who he believes are then tossed aside by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) as "numbers" when they are no longer useful.

Daniel clearly remembers the moment he was blown off his Challenger 2 tank in a "friendly fire" incident during the invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

As news emerged last week that British soldiers are risking their lives for less than the minimum wage of £3.30 an hour, the value the MoD places on its injured servicemen brought back bitter memories for Daniel, who was badly injured two days into the invasion.

"I had just finished a stint of sentry duty and was sleeping on the top of the tank because it was hot. It was 1am," he says.

A high-explosive round landed just behind the tank, blowing him off the vehicle and setting fire to it. "I was on fire, and I had shrapnel wounds all over," he remembers. "I didn't have a clue what was going on and I was screaming. I couldn't see or hear, all I could feel was this incredible heat."

About 15 seconds later, a second explosive made a direct hit on the tank, killing his commander and the driver instantly. "The second shot set me on fire again, and I took a large piece of shrapnel through my face and lost a lot of teeth," he says. "I remember crawling on my hands and knees, screaming, with blood running down my face."

Later, it became clear that the rounds had been fired by another British tank, which had mistaken Daniel's Challenger 2 for the enemy.

Daniel is scathing about how the MoD treats its discharged soldiers. "Once you are discharged the MoD doesn't want anything to do with you and the attitude is: let's just get another number in to replace this one. They should care, they blew me up but they don't want anything to do with me."

In February 2005, Daniel was medically discharged from the Army on the basis of his partial deafness. He is furious that, following an official inquest, nobody was blamed for the friendly fire incident that killed two colleagues and very nearly killed him.

"After six years of being a good soldier, there was no 'thank-you' letter, no 'good luck for the future', just silence. All I ever wanted to do was be in the Army and I could have gone all the way, but now that has been taken away from me."

The MoD has only recently agreed a plan with charities, such as the Royal British Legion, in which they will be able to send a letter to every member of the armed services who might need help, circumventing data protection rules.

The suspicion among charities is that the MoD was concerned that discharged personnel would have access to information about the compensation and medical care due to them. Soldiers who are injured in the fighting cannot even expect dedicated medical facilities on their return to the UK.

All but one of Britain's military hospitals have been closed down. The lack of dedicated facilities has led to about 5,000 military personnel being unable to return to frontline duty because they are on NHS waiting lists for treatment.

Daniel, who suffered 80 per cent burns, says the medical care he received was excellent, but he believes the closure of the military hospitals is a disgrace because being with other injured personnel helps soldiers to recover more quickly. "You can all talk about what happened to you and have a laugh about it. Civilians don't understand," he says.

Out of hospital, Daniel had 20 operations, many of them skin grafts, but he is angry that the MoD refused to pay for part of his care. "I had to get a specialist to apply creams to my skin grafts every day for three months, and it cost me £60 a week out of my own pocket," he says. "I was disgusted that the MoD refused to pay the money back."

Mark Lancaster MP, who recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan with the Territorial Army, has called for a "fundamental review" of medical care for serving personnel. "We have a major problem with delivering medical services to the armed forces and we should not have closed our military hospitals," he said.

Despite setting up a successful business as a plasterer, Daniel has found adapting to civilian life hard. "Fending for yourself is difficult," he says. "The lack of routine is also hard, but I get round that by being very organised and being a perfectionist. I still keep a piece of the Army inside me."

Anonymous said...

The publishing of the pic of Melonie Ellis on the Covert blog is just another attempt to discredit certain nationalists.
The publisher in question while running with the BNP, isn't a member as he has a history of drug offences and was convicted in 2001.
If anyone is interested, full details are available.

NorthWestNationalists said...

The very sad and indeed bad thing in all this is, we now know at least TWO white men have been murdered by this black gang in Sheffield, but a few idiots are more interested in gaining very cheap shots here.

The Police have done absolutely nothing in apprehending these desperate drug dealing scum.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Interesting post 'itk', as is some of anonymous poster!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...