Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sharon Ebanks needs help ASAP!

We are sure that most, if not all, will have heard about the Sharon Ebanks debacle within the BNP.

She needs help very quickly, especially donations. This week real BNP members need to send some cash to this e-mail box straight away,which has been specially set up to help this lady who is in dire financial straits.

None of the money collected will go anywhere near the scoundrels who currently hold the BNP pursestrings!

P.S. PAYPAL is available for donating through the above Sharon Ebanks e-mail account.


Anonymous said...

Mo-one in their right mind would donate to Ebanks.

Remember - all these years she has known what Griffin & Co were up to, but she did nothing.

Worse in fact - she acted as their mouthpiece in the hope that she too would be allowed onto the gravy train.

Pete R said...

If we are to win back control of the BNP, it is surely obvious that we will have to work with a large number of activists who once supported Nick Griffin but have since seen the light.

You may be right about Miss Ebanks - I don't know and we have never met.

However, the least she and others deserve is to be given the chance to explain their current views and how they see the way forward.

If we don't give them that chance, there will be no way forward for any of us. It's that simple.

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