Friday, October 27, 2006

"It's getting nasty as Old Gang worry about BNP growth"

NWN: Don't worry folks, all is well on the good ship HMS Griffo ! May God Bless her, and all who sail in her. Let us sincerely hope this Captain does not go down with the ship. We need to turn the tanker around !

"With even committed multi-cultists such as the head of the Commission for Racial Equality and senior Labour ministers warning that Britain is a tinderbox of racial tension, it's not in the least bit surprising that the BNP is under attack with a wave of dirty tricks. The aim is to stop us capitalising on the new public mood, and to scare off the potential new recruits and donors who will be attracted to the party by publicity about the second round of the Leeds Two Free Speech Trial."This was the warning from Nick Griffin earlier today in discussions with a number of key party officials, including our Information Technology, Legal and Security departments. Among the dirty tricks being unleashed against us in the last few weeks are:A wave of ridiculous but potentially disturbing black propaganda rumours being injected into the party's 'grapevine' and posted on extremist Internet forums.

The latest example is the tale that two individuals who are facing disciplinary procedure for alleged breaches of the BNP Code of Conduct are being denied their right to a disciplinary tribunal. Of course, if this were true it would be a disgraceful and illegal abuse of leadership power, but the fact is that it's just one of a host of bare-faced lies;Important emails and items of post 'vanishing';A big media drive - particularly from the BBC - to 'talk up' UKIP over issues such as the East European immigration flood;Hacking attacks on computers and email accounts of party officials and councillors.

Bradford BNP Councillor Paul Cromie, for example, is now under investigation by the Standards Board after an unknown hacker hijacked his Hotmail email account and used it to send pornographic photos to everyone in his email address list, including council officials;The leaking of internal information stolen from various officials' email accounts and posted on opposition and 'false flag' extremist websites.

Now that we have discovered the weakness of cyberspace-stored email systems such as hotmail, yahoo and AOL, we are taking urgent steps to end this weakness, but there is no doubt that this information has been very useful to our opponents in recent months; Stories being run in newspapers about totally groundless allegations of 'dodgy BNP accounts'.

These are carefully crafted to fall just short of libelling the independent professional auditors and the staff of the Electoral Commission who scrutinise every penny in and out of all our central and regional accounts, including the Trafalgar Club and Excalibur. Ironically, the main source of this poison is a tiny clique whose own 'rival' political party is at present eight months late in submitting its own accounts to the Electoral Commission. But, of course, such people never let the truth get in the way of a good story;A team of journalists 'digging for dirt' on all our key officials and their families;A clear drive to bring together various 'rival' nationalist factions, ranging from Nazi cranks to liberal civic nationalists, in a united front (totalling about two dozen noisy troublemakers) to try to do down the BNP;Approaches by these groups and national newspapers to a few individuals who have fallen out with the party or who have been expelled for being disruptive or undesirable.

Naturally enough, such people are usually so bitter at finding out that the BNP is not run as a crony organisation that they'll make up just about anything in an attempt to get their own back;Hundreds of thousands of pounds being spent in BNP local council wards on research to identify our voters and issues, so as to enable the opposition parties to target our support base.BNP here for good"

This concerted campaign - which almost certainly includes other things that we don't even know about - is the flip side of the New Labour drive to claw back the white working class vote by playing the Islamic card. It all has an air of desperation about it, but we mustn't under-estimate just how much effort is being put in to trying to set us back. And we need all our officials, activists and supporters to hold their nerve and keep going through the barrage. The truth about silly tales on the grapevine soon comes out; 'scandals' in Sunday tabloids become tomorrow's chip paper; crank groups which are manipulated to get in our way quickly fall out among themselves and disintegrate. The British National Party, on the other hand, is here for good", is Mr. Griffin's message.

West Midlands Regional Organiser Simon Darby, who as Deputy Leader will guide the party on a day-by-day basis if Nick Griffin is found guilty and jailed at Leeds, is equally determined to keep the BNP moving ahead:

"They are trying to break us. But we know from experience that external pressure never breaks up a movement with as much dedication and justice on its side as we have. The only thing that could harm us is internal squabbling at the top, and I know that everyone who is anyone in this party is fully behind Nick, so whatever rubbish is thrown in an attempt to divide us it's not going to happen. “Especially if Nick gets sent down (and in the present climate the only realistic chance of that happening is if they totally rig the jury) the opposition will throw everything including the kitchen sink at us, but we'll weather the storm and come out even more hardened and stronger when it passes. Time's running out for the criminal Old Gang parties and their rotten anti-white genocide system. Together, we're on the verge of a political earthquake in this country."

NWN: We think Mr.Griffin protesteth too much ! And as always, Nick Griffin is never to blame, ever.


NorthWestNationalists said...

So the BNP is growing.

The two up for expulsion bloody well deserve it, they are troublemakers anyway.

There is no financial problem.

There are no possible scandals on the horizon.

There is no cronyism in the BNP.

Griffin is not going to jail, and if he does, we have Simon Darby as our leader.

Just going for a gallon of water to swallow that lot from Mr.Griffin. Well you have to admire his chutzpah !

Pete R said...

This latest paranoid rant on the BNP website shows that Mr Griffin's time is very nearly up, and he knows it.

Having silenced most voices of internal dissent, Mr Griffin finds that support is still haemorrhaging, even (or especially) among former loyalists.

Tragically we no longer have John Tyndall and Spearhead to expose Mr Griffin's iniquities. But there is still no hiding place for Mr Griffin as increasingly "res ipsa loquitur".

Graeme said...

Spearhead we have not but we do have this forum and the website of the United Front to highlight the iniquities of the Griffin régime!

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