Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thankfully the BNP members and supporters have risen to the challenge to pay for Sharon Ebanks debt.

But the problem is still there. The problem must be identified and sorted. The problem is Nick Griffin.

Griffin and his chums taking others and jucketing at the BNP members expense to the Neo - CON AMREN convening. Over £70,000 + was spent on refreshments and such by the Party leadership

The BNP will not support any further BNP activists, is the message, and it isn't as if Sharons case is in any way unique. We had dear Tess Culnane left with a whopping six figure sum to find, without any funds or help from the BNP last year.

Activists and would be Election candidates, would be well within their rights to not wish to stand anymore due to no backing from the BNP HQ.

We still have the issue of Griffins main bodyguard with the pictures all around the internet, and more than likely to be in this Sundays NEWS OF THE WORLD. This issue in itself has led the man, wide open to possible blackmail attampts. But Griffin apparently knew about this security problem and did nothing. The guy should be sacked forthwith.

We hear that Griffin has spirited monies from the TRAFALGAR CLUB and bought property in the Balkans.

Wouldn't surprise us he has not already fled the Country ............because some very senior BNP officials have all said, they would not be surprised if he had.

The Balkans anyone ?


Anonymous said...

to be fair to the head of security what he chooses to do between consenting adults has no bearing on his ability to do the job to best of his ability and as for being blackmailed not a chance the fella in question has been open and frank about what hobbies he has so no angle of blackmail.

Anonymous said...

All well and good but when the head of security's wife is engaging in lesbian acts such as can be seen in the photos where another woman is penetrating mrs Reynolds with a strap on, then the question has to be asked "are Mr & Mrs Reynolds true nationalists? Only if they were they would know that we are against this kind of behaviour!
The first time Warren Bennett shown any sign of rebelion against Griffin & Collet he was sacked, Griffin blamed Warren for all kinds of rubbish including financial irregularaties, now theres the pot calling the kettle.
It would be interesting to talk to Warren as i bet he could spill the beans on Griffin & Collet.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Under John Tyndall the BNP frowned on these sorts of antics being seen by the mass media. He insisted that Officials must be 'squeaky clean' as the press will invariably get hold of it, and use that.

In the 90's a guy called John Ellis from the Blackpool area, was standing for the BNP. The press found out that many years earlier, he had stolen a pair of womens knickers . Ellis was dropped from the BNP.(Which was just as well due to what we have heard about Mr Ellis since.)

A much earlier case involved Colin Jordan where once again an input of a sexual nature, the alleged theft of a pair of womens knickers from Marks and Sparks brought massive publicity of a bad sort down on Jordans head. He never recovered from that 'scandal'.

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