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"I'm in charge and that's the end of it," - Nick Griffin

BNP conference: I'm in charge, says Nick Griffin. Nick Griffin says that he is "the best man for the job" and will lead the BNP for the next four years

BNP leader Nick Griffin says his party is through its "rocky patch" and is now "on the up again", as members gather for their annual conference.

Mr Griffin, who was narrowly re-elected party leader in July, told the BBC the majority of the party was behind him.

"I'm in charge and that's the end of it," he told the BBC Politics Show North West.

The anti-immigration party has struggled with debts, infighting and poor results in May's local elections.

The BNP has not disclosed the exact location of its conference for what it says are security reasons, but members are believed to be meeting in Liverpool.

It has been hit by internal divisions and lost 11 of the 13 seats it was defending in May's English local elections - including all five of its councillors in Stoke on Trent.

'Massively overspent'

Mr Griffin, who has been party leader since 1999, was re-elected in July, beating his fellow MEP Andrew Brons by just nine votes, and told his party that the "time for division and disruption is over".

In an interview with the BBC's Politics Show North West, Mr Griffin said: "We've had some turmoil. We were massively overspent after, especially, the European elections - we've clawed that back and we are back on the right road.

Arif Ansari

Political editor, North West

Maybe 100 people will gather in Liverpool for this year's party conference but the mood will be gloomy.

It is the BNP's first major conference since this summer's leadership election.

Nick Griffin won that by just nine votes, as the party split down the middle.

And the wounds are still festering. Andrew Brons, the party's other MEP who challenged for the leadership, has virtually accused Mr Griffin's side of cheating.

In turn, Nick Griffin accuses his colleague of being bitter and "yesterday's man".

There could well be angry confrontations as members wonder how the BNP has gone from having about 60 councillors in England to fewer than ten.

Just two years ago the party was celebrating unprecedented success at the European elections.

Since then voters have been offered infighting, as well as allegations of financial incompetence.

Mr Griffin had promised to stand down as chairman in 2013 but now says he will continue until at least 2015.

Mr Griffin's position as leader might well be secure but the party's future is far less certain.

The membership ranks behind the chairman are thinning out.

Read more from Arif
"I think in terms of general soft public support, what I get out on the streets is we are stronger. In terms of it translating into victories at local elections, we are up against a really effective Labour Party machine which concentrates against us - it has knocked us back."

But he said recent council by-elections had seen the BNP triumph over the Lib Dems and Tories adding: "We are on the up again."

Asked about the party's election losses in May, Mr Griffin claimed the vote had remained "rock solid" but said Labour had "brilliantly exploited the postal vote" at local elections.

"But we've worked out what to do and we're going to be back."

The BNP has struggled with debts run up during election campaigns.

It was also engaged in a long-running court battle with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) over its policy of restricting membership to "indigenous British people".

The BNP scrapped the rule but the EHRC accused party leader Nick Griffin of failing to comply with an order to remove potentially racist clauses from his party's constitution.

Last year Mr Griffin fought off an attempt to have him declared guilty of contempt of court at the High Court - which rejected the EHRC's bid to seize the party's assets.

Internal party documents seen by Panorama reveal that 12 months ago the BNP owed creditors more than £570,000. Mr Griffin recently said the party now owes just £52,000.

In his interview with the Politics Show North West, Mr Griffin claimed that "everyone, from the far left through the BBC and all sorts of neo-Nazi cranks - they're all against Nick Griffin actually, everyone is except ordinary people out there".

"We've got enormous support which we are going to build on. This has been a rocky patch which we have come through, I'm in charge for the next four years and we are going to move forward.

"I'm in charge and the majority of the party is happy with that."

NWN: A free 'puff' of publicity for the crook Nick Griffin and his dwindling band of merry or not so merry men. Why the free publicity for Griffin ? We have never had it before.

Well they need the BNP to do nothing and be a burden on the nationalist movement, and that is what it is now. We should be 'flying high' and winning elections with the state of the Country, but we are not.

And why is that we wonder ?

Because Griffin is where he is by the support of the State. They like him where he is, causing chaos and ruining and trashing the BNP and the nationalist movement.

Friday, October 28, 2011

"....Funded by Israel lobby, linked to Mossad...."

Tikun Olam / Richard Silverstein - Sunday 16th October 2011

Besieged former UK Defense Minister’s buddy
funded by pro-Israel lobby, linked to Mossad
by Richard Silverstein

Not to be outdone by the ludicrous goings-on in Washington DC, where our own Justice Department has tried to turn a drug-dealing, wife abusing, failed businessman into an Iranian Terrorist Mastermind, the Brits are trying to best us. The Tory government’s recently resigned defense minister, Liam Fox, left in disgrace after he was deeply implicated in a pay for play scandal involving a best friend, Adam Werrity, who jet-setted around the world with Fox and freelanced an independent foreign and defense policy that set official government figures on edge.

I’d followed this scandal peripherally until I started hearing more about Werrity’s doings, and then I really took notice. Werrity, it appears, held views roughly similar to Michael Ledeen and cultivated wealthy pro-Israel donors who funded his travels to Iran, Israel and other locales where, among other things, he plotted the overthrow of the Iranian regime [ ]:

“The revelation that the man who had unrestricted access to Mr Fox while he was serving in David Cameron’s Cabinet was at the same time attempting to unseat the Iranian President will fuel alarm in the Foreign Office that he was pursuing a freelance foreign policy and acting as a ‘rogue operator’.”

In order to be a neocon version of James Bond, Werrity required an extensive bankroll to fund his stays at first class luxury hotels. He found funding to the tune of hundred of thousands of pounds from some of the most well-known Tory and pro-Israel fatcats in Britain including the chair of the UK equivalent of Aipac [ ] (called Bicom):

“The Finnish billionaire Chaim ‘Poju’ Zabludowicz, who has given the Tories more than £100,000, was also named as a Pargav donor, via his company, Tamares Real Estate. Mr Zabludowicz shares Mr Fox’s pro-Israel opinions and chairs the pro-Israel lobbying group Bicom. He was yesterday said to be ‘extremely disappointed’ to discover the truth about how his money was used.”

Another key Werrity donor and central figure in Bicom was Michael Hintze:

“Most significant of all was the involvement of Michael Hintze, the billionaire fund manager who has given the Tories more than £1.4m – including individual donations to Mr Fox, George Osborne and Boris Johnson. He had already been brought under scrutiny after it was revealed that Mr Werritty worked from a desk at the offices of Mr Hintze’s hedge fund, CQS – and that Mr Hintze had donated £29,000 to Atlantic Bridge.”

Werrity was cozy not just with the UK pro-Israel lobby, but with figures likely from the Mossad as well:

“Mr Werritty, 33, has been debriefed by MI6 about his travels and is so highly regarded by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad – who thought he was Mr Fox’s chief of staff – that he was able to arrange meetings at the highest levels of the Israeli government, multiple sources have told The IoS.”

Werrity brought Fox to a dinner meeting with the British ambassador to Israel during a Herzlyia security conference, at which they met Israeli political figures including likely Mossad operatives. The Israelis were interested in Werrity’s travels to Iran, where he met with opposition figures and likely plotted his regime change agenda. All of this, of course, allowed the Iranians to claim, falsely we believed, during the post-election riots that British agents were plotting to overthrow the government. Turns out it likely was true. Though the Iranians may not have known that Werrity was doing so unofficially, not on behalf of the British government. But how can you blame the Iranians for not understanding the difference when it appears neither the Israelis, nor lots of others did either. In fact, an Israeli is quoted as saying he understood Werrity was Fox’s chief of staff.

Here is what official Britain thought of Werrity’s doings:

“One Whitehall source was scathing of Mr Werritty. The source said: ‘Ask yourself what he was doing there. It’s regime change but only in his own mind. I can’t think of anything more stupid, wandering round Iran flying the British flag. Does he really think the answer to Iran’s nuclear ambitions – which we all want to resolve – is to have a bunch of people encouraging the opposition there in that way? We do have a responsibility to those people, and anything that’s done like that has to have government approval, which he doesn’t seem to have had. It’s ridiculous. You are inviting people to believe you have the Government’s resources behind them, and in fact the opposition is likely to be brutally crushed.”

Now, what other foreign intelligence agency is plotting regime change? The Mossad of course. So the questions arises–just whose interest was Werrity serving when he engaged in all this razzle dazzle and subterfuge? He appears to suffer from the same illness that afflicts the pro-Israel lobby in the U.S. They pursue Israel’s interest to the detriment of the interests of their own country, because they don’t see any difference between the two. Israel’s interests in their eyes become U.S. or UK interests through some miraculous process of transsubstantiation. Here is how Craig Murray [ ] described the problem:

Not only was Werritty being paid to act as an unofficial part of the Defence Secretary’s entourage, the money was coming from people who may have been ready to promote the interests of certain foreign governments, particularly the United States, Israel and Sri Lanka.

“…It is plain as a pikestaff that Fox had retained his effective partnership with Werritty in lobbying activities that not only were concerned with Israel and Sri Lanka, but which actively sought to promote the geo-strategic interests of those countries – for money.”

“…What really was worrying senior officials in the MOD [Ministry of Defense] and Cabinet Office was the possibility that Fox could be being used as a ‘useful idiot’ by Mossad, Israel’s far-reaching and extremely effective intelligence service. Key funding sources for Werritty were from the Israeli lobby and a rather obscure commercial intelligence agency. Might Mossad be pulling Werritty’s strings, with or without his knowledge?

“On Friday, two senior Fleet Street journalists also reported hearing similar concerns from other Whitehall officials about possible Israeli intelligence service involvement with Fox and Werritty. By working closely with an unofficial aide with extraordinary access but no security vetting and murky funding sources, Fox had potentially compromised national security. That is the real story here.”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tories run true to type - Get Britain out of the EC !

As expected the vote betrays the British people . But with a 'merchant banker' like the toff David Cameron running a 'three line whip', what do you expect ?

We should get Britain out of these international enmeshments before we get dragged down with the collapsing Euro currency.

If only we had a party to get behind.

Those MPs that voted with Cameron are traitors.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Take it from me Mr Griffin, they always get you on the money - Al Capone.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Looks like Gaddafi was murdered ?

These are the sort of animals that we and NATO and the USA have been supporting ?

It's all very reminiscent of Saddam Hussain isn't it ?

We have been lied to and lied to by our 'mass media' and our leaders, who see nothing wrong in taking the shekel like the traitor Dr Liam Fox. Who openly now work for Israel, and the House of Commons doesn't even censure/charge people like Fox.

The fellow traitors applauded Fox in their den of iniquity that are the Houses of Parliament.

What is this 'New World Order' that 'they' have created ? It is monstrous !

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The BNPs London Candidate writing for the Jewish Chronicle ?

Well have a look here;

NWN: It seems that the Jewish Chronicle have now got rid of Carlos' posts on there. Access has been denied the general public.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Where's Nick Griffin?" - BNP faithful

Picture the scene.

It was last Monday evening in the Lane Ends pub in Burnley,North East Lancashire. The evening had been advertised as a 'premiere' of the BNP expose on 'Nick Griffin and the BNP' in the PANORAMA BBC 1 TV programme and shown on that night.

The weather was awfully windswept and raining.

The dwindling few were there including Chris Vanns. Even the infamous Kitchens from West Yorkshire attended.

A buffet was on . It was billed as a major BNP event.

Well they watched the programme and they waited...........and waited..................and waited.

Where was the main person for the event, Nick Griffin ?

Surely Nick Griffin MEP for the North West of England where the event was held would be there as this had been billed as a major event to co-incide with the PANORAMA expose ?

Nick Griffin wasn't stuck in traffic or been waylaid by a domestic emergency. Griffin was actually in Aberdeen over 300 miles away from Burnley.

Why was he there ?

No-one seems to know.

Why did he not tell the BNP faithful he couldn't make this 'Grand BNP event' advertised in Burnley?

It doesn't surprise us at NWN of the actions of Nick Griffin. He is a selfish and callous man with no thoughts or feelings for anyone but his prissy self. We hope even some of the 'thickos' that still support the Nick Griffin fan club that the BNP has become, might 'wake up' from their slumber and join another nationalist group.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Diane Hannam. Funeral costs.

On Sunday the 2nd of October, David Hannam, longstanding BNP regional and national treasurer, died an untimely death aged just 30.
He had been in the party since he was seventeen.

Today his body is being committed to the ground amid tragic circumstances - this is neither the time nor the place to point the finger, or to apportion blame for his premature death, or the disgusting behavior of his long time employer and former boss.
However, I am mindful of what the Bible says about such things: "Cursed is the man who withholds justice from . . . the widow." Today I ask YOU personally as a nationalist and a patriot to read the words of David's young widow below:

"Now I have stood back, watched the Panorama programme and to be honest EVERYTHING that was said is the truth. I lived with David for 10 years of my life. I have seen him at his highs and lows, he tried so hard to get the party on the straight and narrow financially."
"After what he was left with was overwhelming and very stressful, and on taking the role of treasurer was nothing but a sham that he had to sort out, David had done his best for the party in every way to get them out of the s*** he even put £7,000 from our own account to help them out and I have proof of this."
"For what Nick Griffin has said on Twitter hours after David died I will never forgive him. David even went to prison for the cause. Nick still owes him thousands of pounds for work that he did for him, he was promised this and that from Nick and never got a penny, he was just like a toy and when he had finished with him he discarded him."
"When I rang Nick for help with funeral costs he refused! Saying 'he had no money', even though he owed David thousands of pounds. To not contribute to his funeral after all what was owed to David is disgraceful...after all Mr. Griffin earns £10,000 a month."
"I asked him and I have the text to prove it and simply said he was skint. May he live with this and the lives that he has ruined along the way. He, Nick Griffin MEP, is one heartless man and I hope he gets everything that is coming to him. Diane x"

I was not a close friend of David Hannam, but I was his colleague and fellow patriot.
He was indeed a 'brother in arms' and deeply committed to our cause and served the BNP for many years.

His bereaved widow has now the added stress of his funeral expenses to cope with.
As you have read in her statement above, those who should have done the decent thing have refused to do so.
They have left the grieving widow of a nationalist brother in a disgraceful financial state.
If our movement and cause is to truly mean anything of value to this country, we must be judged on our compassion, decency and humanity towards our fellow man especially those from our own ranks.
Are we to look the other way as this gross injustice passes? Or will we 'do the right thing'?
Talk is cheap and God knows over the last few weeks, there has been enough talk in nationalist circles.
Now we need to put good old-fashioned common British decency before our own self-interest and help Mr Hannam's widow in her time of need. Those who should have helped, refused.
We will not do the same.
We are men and women of integrity and compassion.

If you wish to do the decent thing and help out in a practical way towards the funeral costs for David Hannam you can send a cheque or postal order made out to "Diane Hannam" to South Farm, South Cliffe, Market Weighton , East Yorkshire, YO43 4UX.
Alternatively please click on the following link to take you to a special temporary donation page created just for this appeal:

Alternatively, you could make a direct bank payment to help Diane Hannam cover the costs of the funeral: account 21254774, sort code 40-32-06.

100% of all donations will go directly to Diane Hannam. Britain First has agreed to pay all bank charges connected to these transactions.

Yours sincerely
Jim Dowson
Admin Manager

PANORAMA great success says Nick Griffin

In a spam e-mail posted yesterday Mr Griffin said the BBC TV programme had;

"backfired spectacularly on the BBC".

"The Panorama attack on us has had the exact opposite effect than that the BBC had hoped for. Instead of harming us and demoralising our people, it has brought out the classic Dunkirk spirit in our supporters and people all over the world who have donated to our cause and joined us as members both here in the UK and abroad."

We here at NWN are reminded of the spoof YOUTUBEs of a clip from the film DOWNFALL where Hitler in his final days 'relies' on the non existant armies of General Steiner in the 'Battle for Berlin' in 1945.

Griffin chooses the word 'Dunkirk' as well in his missive, which is very apt, as Dunkirk was a huge defeat for the UK.

The BBC seemed to hold back on him, which we as nationalists have never had before. This in itself will have the conspiracy theorists nodding or shaking their heads. They could have really 'gone to town' if they wanted to. All they have to do is track 'his' bank accounts. Seemingly huge amounts of money that should have gone into electioneering has simply disappeared. Well it hasn't really disappeared, it's just gone from view and Mr Griffin knows where.

They got Al Capone on the money and not for the gangland murders and extortion rackets of Chicago in the 1920s.

Life must be truly awful in the Welshpool bunker.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Crazy Nicks closing down sale - everything must go !

By order of the once and future bankrupt.

Click pic to enlarge. One from our archives.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

John Tyndall Memorial Meeting report

NWN: Report with thanks to the EFP website

Over 70 Nationalists from a variety of political formations and tendencies gathered in the old English city of Preston, Lancashire, on 8th October for the Sixth Annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting. The commemoration was hosted by Heritage & Destiny magazine.

‘JT’, as he was affectionately known by his many followers and admirers, was a former chairman of the National Front, the founder of the British National Party, and the foremost racial nationalist leader of the modern era.

Among the organizations represented at the memorial were (in alphabetical order): British National Party, British Movement, Democratic Nationalists, England First Party, National Front, National Socialist Movement-Britannia, North West Nationalists and the AK Chesterton Trust (sorry if I’ve missed any out).

The meeting was chaired by long-time movement activist and assistant editor of Heritage and Destiny magazine Peter Rushton. Mr. Rushton, a Nationalist ‘old-fighter’, was a good friend and comrade of John Tyndall, and he spoke movingly of JT’s dedication to the cause and of his soul-stirring abilities as an orator.

The meeting started with a minutes silence in memory of JT, his wife Valerie, Ian Hague, Les Andrews and Dave Hannan (and all other nationalist comrades who had passed away since last year’s meeting).

Peter Rushton then read out a letter from Andrew Brons MEP, who unfortunately backed out of attending the meeting.

The first speaker was Dr. James Lewthwaite, an Orangeman and former archaeology lecturer, who was an elected BNP councillor from Bradford City Council (2004-2007) and was a co-founder of the Democratic Nationalists (2008). Dr. Lewthwaite spoke on the continuing potential for nationalist politics from voters who have lost faith with mainstream politics, but who have not been reached by nationalist electoral strategies so far. He argued that it would be no bad thing for post-Griffin nationalism to move away from the cult of the leader. So long as different nationalist parties do not stand against each other, it will even be possible in the short term for different parties to be standing in local elections in different regions, provided their approach is tuned to the political wavelength of those areas.

Second up was Dave Jones, the Campaigns Officer and Nominating Officer of the British People’s Party (BPP). Dave has been BPP local election candidate for Todmoreden ward on Calderdale Borough Council for the last two years. Dave Jones spoke about his success in promoting an honest appeal to local voters in his town, on the Lancashire-Yorkshire border. “Anti-fascists” who sought to mobilise against him had been swiftly sent packing, since they were seen by locals as outsiders trying to impose an alien political agenda. Dave was pleased to announce that he was now co-operating with Chris Jackson, former BNP regional organiser and now an official of the National Front, in producing propaganda for Todmorden voters. This example of cross-party nationalist cooperation was warmly applauded by the meeting audience.

The third speaker was Paul Ballard, former organizer for the Croydon NF and BNP, former publisher of The Rune magazine and co-defendant in the infamous Harrow Race Trial, in the 1990s. Mr. Ballard is a leading campaigner for jailed ‘thought criminals’ across the UK and Europe. He spoke on the continuing persecution of Bishop Richard Willamson, who was thrown out of Argentina and is still being prosecuted in the German courts after being set up by Swedish television journalists at the end of 2008. Bishop Williamson has promoted traditional Catholic teaching, following the example of the founder of the Society of St Pius X, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, but has found that modern Europe seeks to demonise, marginalise and criminalise those traditional values and ideas which were central to European civilisation for almost two millennia.

Next up was Tony Justice a last minute replacement speaker for Andrew Brons MEP. Tony – a former squaddie who served in both the British Army and Ulster Defence Regiment – spoke on his experiences in Ulster and of his support for the Loyalist cause. He explained about being fooled by the English Democrats – whom he had joined three years ago – and whom he thought were genuine nationalists. He quit the EDs earlier this year after discovering their links and support for the Republican movement in general and IRA/Sinn Fein in particular. Tony spoke from the heart and without notes and was very well received by the audience.

After Tony Justice’s talk, Chairman Peter Rushton announced a break, during which the audience enjoyed a generous buffet (provided courtesy of the H&D editor’s girlfriend) and browsed the many nationalist literature and merchandise stalls including Candour/AK Chesterton Trust; British People’s Party; British Movement; Bradford Nationalists; Historical Review Press and Heritage and Destiny.

Peter Barker was the first speaker up after the break. An ex-soldier with the Royal Engineers, Peter served in Ulster and Germany. He was the former BNP regional press officer for the North West and was an NF and BNP organizer for Rochdale. He is also the founder of the North West Nationalists website and later blog ( Like others at the meeting, he has been expelled from the BNP for opposing the policies of Nick Griffin. He began by speaking of his memories of dealing with Gerry Adams at the Maze Prison in the mid-1970s. It was after Mr Barker’s experiences in Ulster that he had become an active nationalist, and he reminded the meeting of the great work of Ken Henderson in building up the BNP in the North West region – at great cost to his health, in those days of militant “anti-fascist” opposition. Mr Barker believed that the attendance at today’s meeting of so many representatives from different tendencies in the nationalist movement was a very positive indication of the progress that is possible for post-Griffin nationalism.

The next speaker was meeting chairman Peter Rushton, who in 2002 became one of the first BNP members purged by Griffin. Mr. Rushton is an assistant editor of Heritage and Destiny, a co-founder of the England First Party, and founder and editor of Mr. Rushton began with a tribute to John Tyndall, who had faced both triumph and disaster during his decades of nationalist leadership. The present crisis of the movement is worse than anything that has gone before, since the BNP leadership is about to be exposed for gross dishonesty – not political “thought crimes” but fraud and financial malpractice on a huge scale. Mr Rushton insisted however that none of this changed the fundamental political realities, especially the betrayal of our race and nation by the unscrupulous establishment parties. A large secton of his speech was devoted to exposing the traditional lie that our nation had always been a “mongrel nation” built on immigration. The full text will be availabl on this site later today. He ended with an appeal for all leading nationalists to commit themselves to the reunification of the post-Griffin movement, since the real divide in nationalism is not between different ideological positions or personal rivals, but between a tiny gang of crooks in the leadership of the BNP and the vast majority of decent and committed nationalists in the ranks of the BNP and many other parties and groups.

The keynote speaker of the day was former BNP national organiser Richard Edmonds. Richard was one of John Tyndall’s most loyal friends and supporters over 30 years. He was proprietor of the famous BNP bookshop in Welling from 1989 to 1999 and served on the national advisory council of the BNP from 2008 to 2010. Mr Edmonds remains a member of the BNP, but has also recently joined the National Front, where he will work towards nationalist unity following the self-destruction of the BNP leadership clique. He told the meeting of the appalling decline of our nation, reminding the audience that as early as 1959 the Conservative Party had pledged to halt immigration, but had treacherously presided over half a century of racial transformation that has left our towns and cities unrecognisable. Five teenagers each day are now stabbed or shot on the streets of London. The answer was to stop immigration and start repatriation. Mr Edmonds concluded that today’s meeting had produced a determined spirit of unity, in contrast to the poison that has dominated the higher echelons of the BNP for the last decade.

After Mr. Edmonds’ impressive speech, there was a “booze and book” Raffle. Twenty items had been donated to the meeting by various comrades and were raffled off. The lucky winners received both a bottle and a book. Finally, a football scratch card was won by Liverpool Nationalist activist Peter Tierney.

At the conclusion, meeting steward Ken Shapcott of Burnley spoke from the audience, thanking the speakers and the meeting chairman for making this year’s memorial a success. H&D editor and EFP leader Mark Cotterill spoke last, and thanked everyone for their participation and attendance – including two serving members of the British Armed Forces just back from Afghanistan – and said that he hoped to see them again at future gatherings.

Heritage and Destiny produced a special Souvenir Programme for the occasion, expertly printed on quality paper, which is still available post-paid for £5.00 or $10.00 from Heritage and Destiny, 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE. Or by PayPal from – to place your order).

None of it is my fault - Nick Griffin

NWN: Looks like Mr Griffin is seriously rattled due to the forthcoming BBC TV programme PANORAMA scheduled for tomorrow Monday 10th.October.

Nick is always 'the one who will not be blamed', to paraphrase a rather (in)famous quote from the late Victorian era.

The below is the latest missive sent from the Welshpool bunker.

British National Party Answers the BBC's Smears

Answering the Smears

Dear Fellow Nationalist,

The British National Party is being subjected to an unprecedented campaign of lies and half-truths, court actions and sabotage to prevent it from saving our people and our country. Dark forces are at work trying to kill our party, using every weapon at their disposal. We are fighting back. Many of you will have seen how we turned the tables on them in our YouTube video. This went viral (over 33,000 people have watched it on YouTube alone).

We took the Collective decision not to appear on their smear programme but instead to provide written answers to their specific questions. Our activists made this decision because we know that the Truth would have been mangled by editing and trickery. We have our own media, and we can talk direct to the public without the distortion of hostile editing. Many-to-many communication means we can get the Truth out there. Here we publish questions put by the smearmongers of Panorama together with our unedited answers.

The propagandists at Panorama, and the renegades, malcontents and agents working with them, hope to demoralise and dishearten our supporters. They will fail. Read the truth before you hear the lies...

Nick Griffin answers Panorama disinformation

First let me state that the British National Party does not accept that the BBC is intending to produce a balanced documentary. Even your choice of subject reveals your real motivation. We expect, given your long track record, a biased hatchet-job based on the testimony of political opponents, paid agents and those with personal grudges against me. That is why you have failed to secure a face-to-face interview.

Panorama runs to the same business model as the News of the World (NOTW), using dishonest sensationalism to attract an audience and viewing the frequent pay-outs for slander as just another business cost. The only difference is that at least the NOTW used its own money, whereas you people force licence-payers to pick up your bills.

You have zero credibility in our eyes. We regard you as part of the opposition to our party. You form part of a campaign aimed at destablising the Nationalist movement at a time of great opportunity. Any 'Nationalist' co-operating with you is a Traitor and a turncoat.

Despite the established bias of your programme and the BBC, I shall reply to the lies and disinformation you seek to peddle with the truth and accurate information. I will publish this response on the British National Party website, as we want our members and the public to see it in full, without your editing tricks and distortions.

ALLEGATION: That the BNP fraudulently uses European money to fund national party work, in breach of European Union funding regulations.

ANSWER: The British National Party does not use European Union (EU) money in this way. We are not in breach of any EU funding regulations. The allegations have been made by individuals or factions with grudges or personal financial vested interests in unseating me. The body charged with responsibility to monitor the financial compliance of the complex European regulations is OLAF. We are working well with them and fully co-operating. We are systematically answering unfounded allegations with fact and evidence. We await their deliberations and considered advice at the end of this process and expect constructive suggestions about procedural matters. It would be inappropriate and misleading for the BBC to make any statements pre-judging issues on the basis of information supplied by those with axes to grind. You should await the findings of the regulatory body tasked with such matters.

ALLEGATION: Officials employed by you at your European HQ in Wigton, Cumbria and paid for by European funds, spent the vast majority of their time/working day on national party matters.

ANSWER: The allegation is untrue, and you give us no source or evidence to support it.

All EU Local Assistants keep detailed work logs showing work done during their contractual hours. These logs are inspected internally and can be made available on request from any appropriate authority. Some staff have separate Party contracts for some working hours. Additionally, staff may volunteer hours for the Party outside of their contracted hours. Any staff failing to keep logs or not keeping to their contracts would be investigated under my disciplinary procedures. OLAF are the appropriate body to consider such matters, as stated above, and we are fully co-operating with them.

ALLEGATION: Electricity was siphoned off from the European offices to the national offices next door.

ANSWER: I have spoken to staff at the offices, and they strongly deny any such suggestion. OLAF and the owners of the property have investigated this vexatious complaint and found no evidence to support it.

It is disgraceful that the BBC’s flagship investigative programme is wasting licence-payers’ money raking up such unfounded malicious title-tattle at a time while allowing real issues – such as the Government’s cynical move to hide Afghan War casualties by abolishing the Wootton Bassett repatriation ceremony – to go unscrutinised.

ALLEGATION: Office supplies for the national office were paid for out of EU funds.

ANSWER: A full internal investigation has been carried out into this accusation. There is a clear divide between specific Party and EU office supplies. Two separate suppliers are used, and different, identifiable products are used as a matter of policy. For example, different printers taking different toners and inks are used by the two offices. Different envelopes with different markings are used. Additionally, EU paper is branded, as is that of the British National Party. As well as our own internal investigation, OLAF have been supplied with all of this information in great detail.

ALLEGATION: £4,446 of European Union funds were fraudulently used to pay for offices and associated costs in Edinburgh. In May 2011 you instructed that this money be reimbursed to Europe but only because you knew that your fellow MEP Andrew Brons would not go along with this misuse of European funds.

ANSWER: To provide an office for the use of two of my EU Assistants from which to carry out their research and other duties is perfectly legitimate. Where other non-EU work is carried out in the shared office, a proportion is paid for that. Mr Brons, who at the time employed the staff based there part of the time, refused to pay towards office costs. He has a track record of failing to provide resources for staff to carry out their necessary duties, and sadly my budget has had to carry many of the costs towards which he should have paid. Mr Brons and the Party were sent an E-mail as long ago as July 2010 stating that I was expecting a third share from each of them towards office costs. The Party (due to financial constraints) was slow in paying their share but did settle this bill. Mr Brons refused. He failed to explain his grounds in any specific or reasoned fashion.

ALLEGATION: Mr Brons was also asked and refused to use £2,000 of European funds to pay Chris Barnet for unspecified work. He was also asked and refused, having sought advice from the “financial authorities of the European Parliament” to pay £500 from European funds for a table to be used at the national party conference in December 2010.

ANSWER: In relation to Mr Barnett, I understand that the work he did on the MEP website for Andrew Brons was specified but that Mr Brons refused to pay.

Far from the EU subsidising the Party, in the case of Andrew Brons the British National Party has subsidised his EU work as he has refused to reimburse us for things such as web-hosting and routine website maintenance work.

Payments for space and display stands at Party conferences are standard, legitimate procedure in all political parties with representation in both Brussels and Westminster. On the website of Andrew Brons MEP is a report of a previous stall run on his behalf. You can find it here:

The article makes clear that the purpose of the stall is to convey information about the work of Andrew as an MEP. It states that reaction was positive and looks forward to booking a larger stall at future meetings. Mr Brons can only be objecting to being asked to pay for a service. The Party Treasurer (rightly in my view) does not see why the Party should subsidise the EU by not charging for the provision of services to an MEP where this is appropriate. I am not sure who is meant by the “financial authorities of the European Parliament”. It is a curiously vague description. I have seen no document where any “financial authorities of the European Parliament” have ruled on this matter. Mr Brons made this statement in the context of a leadership contest between us, as I recall.

My payment for the same services was approved by the EU office which scrutinises such matters. Mr Brons made this statement in the context of a leadership contest between us.

ALLEGATION: That the BNP submitted fraudulent election returns in respect of the 2010 General Election, in breach of electoral law.

ANSWER: Our Treasurer, working closely with the Electoral Commission and the external Auditor, prepared and submitted election returns on time, using his best endeavours and in good faith on the basis of the information available to him, the records compiled by his predecessor. Subsequently, malicious allegations were made to the Electoral Commission after publication. The Commission considered these allegations and found no breach of electoral law in relation to the 2010 General Election campaign submission.

Show the BBC that their attack on us all BUILDS SUPPORT for the British National Party:

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ALLEGATION: You signed the Barking constituency expenditure returns on the (sic) June 3rd 2010, which included unpaid bills which had been represented as paid.

ANSWER: The declaration signed by me was in good faith on the basis of returns prepared and presented to me by my Election Agent, Richard Barnbrook. He prepared the Return in consultation with the then Treasurer of the Party, David Hannam.

ALLEGATION: Your BNP treasurer Clive Jefferson, instructed a junior member of staff Marion Thomas to falsify expenditure records for the 2010 general election which were then submitted to the Electoral Commission, in breach of election law.

ANSWER: Our Treasurer, working closely with the Electoral Commission and the external Auditor, prepared and submitted election returns on time, using his best endeavours and in good faith on the basis of the information available to him. Subsequent allegations were filed with the Electoral Commission after publication. The Commission considered these allegations and found no breach of electoral law in relation to the 2010 General Election campaign submission.

I understand that our Party Treasurer strenuously denies any suggestion from Marion Thomas to do anything other than represent the truth. I also dispute your description of Marion Thomas as a “junior employee” as she had supervisory responsibilities. Further, Marion Thomas, as well as being the sister-in-law of Jim Dowson, our then fundraiser, was centrally involved in the upkeep of Party invoices and payments. Marion Thomas made no mention of this allegation until she was made redundant as a consequence of the closure of the Belfast Office and after the termination of the contract with Jim Dowson. She is currently pursuing an Employment Tribunal claim against the Party but never mentioned any such allegation in the ET1 form she filed. If you intend to use any of Ms Thomas’s allegations, it is incumbent on you to point out to your viewers the fact that she now works for the Britain First fund-raising operation run by her brother-in-law, Jim Dowson, so that they can consider the possibility that she has a personal interest in trying to do the British National Party down.

ALLEGATION: That the official BNP accounts are regularly submitted late and compiled in a flawed, chaotic and unreliable manner.

ANSWER: As with any rapidly expanding organisation, whether a business or a political party, we have encountered difficulties in structural adjustments. It is true that, like many other political parties, we have not always met deadlines set down by the Electoral Commission, but at each stage of our development we have sought to follow the advice of both the independent Auditor and Electoral Commission to improve our systems. The review of the Treasury Department carried out by the Financial Scrutiny Committee of the Party and incoming Treasurer have already identified previous weaknesses in our systems and moved swiftly to correct them through fundamental improvements to the way we operate. In summary, the complete separation of Regional and Central Party accounts – the removal of the Treasurer from Party bank accounts, and the employment of a retired chartered accountant whose job is the upkeep and maintenance of our financial records – solves many of the previous problems we identified. It is important to state here that the current delay in submissions to the Commission of the 2010 accounts stems from the unexpected serious illness of a contracted accountant, matters outside Party control which have been fully explained to the Commission. A breach of electoral law would only occur if a Treasurer submits late submissions "without reasonable excuse". We have provided the Electoral Commission with the full details and circumstances of the delay, and in the light of this we consider no breach of electoral law has occurred.

ALLEGATION: Former officials have described the BNP accounts as works of fiction and that false invoices were created, in order to make the books appear to balance.

ANSWER: I think the key words here are “former officials”. Every organisation from time to time has officials or employees who prove unable to reach or maintain satisfactory standards and have to be demoted or sacked. Such individuals are notoriously liable to make unfounded or distorted accusations against their former employers. No specific details are given by you that warrant any further answer. The allegation is untrue.

ALLEGATION: The BNP lied to the Electoral Commission in 2008, when challenged about “failing to keep accounting records sufficient to disclose with reasonable accuracy the financial position of the party at that time.” The BNP told the Electoral Commission that these problems were due to switching from a manual system of accounting to a computerised one. The BNP had in fact been using a computerised system since 2004.

ANSWER: This allegation is a wild distortion and outrageous exaggeration of the facts. We did indeed upgrade our accounting system to a more advanced and full computerised system in 2008. If there is any fault here, it lies merely with an unclear description of that major change provided by the then Treasurer.

ALLEGATION: BNP treasury staff have told us that you knew receipts “were lifted from anywhere” in order to cover deficits in the BNP accounts.

ANSWER: Please provide the source of this allegation, specific information and evidence. Any suggestion that I was aware of bad practice or false representation is untrue.

ALLEGATION: The BNP accounts for 2009 attribute under the heading “Staff Wages” the sum of £37,450 to John Walker. There is no evidence that John Walker ever received such a sum, even in part. In fact at the time the sum is said to have been made, he was not employed by the BNP. Mr Walker has raised this issue with you personally and you have failed to rectify it.

ANSWER: The sum was indeed incorrectly recorded as ‘wages’ when it was in fact reimbursements. The Party has had to endure two periods when pressure on high street banks from Islamic organisations and political opponents led to us being denied banking facilities. As a result, our suppliers were paid through a private business account in Mr Walker’s name, solely for party financial transactions. When we were able to secure new banking facilities, some suppliers preferred to continue being paid through that account. Such payments were of course reimbursed by the Party, hence the large non-wages payment total being paid to an account in Mr Walker’s name. This is the explanation provided to me by the previous Treasurer, and it accords with the facts as I know them. However, if you have any information indicating that this is incorrect, please provide it to me, and I will investigate further.

ALLEGATION: For two consecutive years your own auditor has not been able to describe the BNP annual accounts as, “true and fair, and in respect of the accounts for 2009, he said they cannot be classed as “true and fair” in the usual definition of that term.” This represents a possible breach of section 41 of the PPERA.

ANSWER: This indicates that our Auditor is genuinely independent. There was no breach of section 41 of the PPERA in relation to the 2009 accounts. Again I remind you that the Electoral Commission rules on these matters, not Panorama. The 2009 accounts have been submitted, accepted and the matter closed. I refer you back to my previous answer concerning improvements to our systems.

ALLEGATION: Last August the Advisory Council of the party was informed in a “Treasury report” that it had “current liabilities” of £575, 330.90. What is your position on the “current liabilities” of the BNP?

ANSWER: Our current liabilities are in some cases disputed or the subject of possible counter claims. In other cases, payment agreements have been reached. I am confident that the Party is able to meet all our much-reduced genuine liabilities. Reports are given to the appropriate authorities and to Party officials. The Treasurer informs me that a detailed financial report stating exact liabilities and accounts for the first three quarters of 2011 will be presented to British National Party members at our next Annual Conference in October.

Members will be given the opportunity to examine the books and ask questions of our Treasury Department. The good news in our constantly improving finical situation will be presented to our members at conference and not to a Panorama witch hunt.

ALLEGATION: The BNP, including current and former officers of the party are contesting or can anticipate being involved in a number of legal cases, exposing the party and/or the officials, to liabilities of approximately £300,000.

ANSWER: Your figure is pure speculation. Your figure is based on the highly unlikely scenario that we would lose not only each of the cases currently against us but also potential cases that may not even be brought, and that we would be unable to take effective counter measures, to argue costs down as per normal procedure, or to win a forthcoming claim for professional negligence. Given our previous record in winning cases, not least against the Equality Commission, such blanket failure is highly unlikely. Time will tell, but we can rely on Panorama not to inform the public when such cases go in our favour.

ALLEGATION: Security staff hired for the first and second “Leeds trials” in 2006 were paid cash. These payments were never officially recorded in the BNP accounts.

ANSWER: No British National Party money was used for this purpose.

ALLEGATION: That the BNP is breaching electoral law by failing to disclose major donations and by concealing the identities of some major donors.

ANSWER: Please provide further information to enable me to ask our Treasury Department to investigate these matters. In particular please detail the source of your claim regarding our databases.

ALLEGATION: Your own party records show that at least 10 people contributed more than £5000.01 to the BNP in the calendar year 2009. However only four people appear on the list of declared donors (£5,000.01) published by the Electoral Commission.

ANSWER: Please provide further information to enable me to ask our Treasury Department to investigate these matters. In particular please detail the source of your claim regarding "our own party records". Are you admitting, in the allegation, that you are in receipt of stolen property? A criminal offence, as I am sure you will be aware.

ALLEGATION: That the BNP uses dishonest means to raise money from its membership.

ANSWER: We do not.

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ALLEGATION: In an on-line appeal for money you told members that the BNP website had been disabled in “the largest cyber attack in history?” You went on to say that you needed £5,000 to hire a “Cyber Defence expert” and to pay for “extra servers and hardware.” In fact the total cost to the BNP of dealing with the Denial of Service Attack was a fraction of that.

ANSWER: There was a huge attack on our server. We obtained a quote as to how much proper defensive steps would cost. We based our appeal target on this professional estimate. The appeal did not raise anywhere near the target. In any event, where cost estimates are made, our members understand that if, in fact, specific costs turn out to be lower, the residue of any money raised will be put to general Party purposes.

ALLEGATION: That both you and the BNP have used intimidation and harassment to deal with disagreements.

ANSWER: Our party is the victim of intimidation and harassment from political opponents including those in the establishment media. Your programme is an attempt to harass and is part of a pattern of harassment from the establishment media going back over many years.

Panorama could make a whole series of programmes about the intimidation and harassment directed against the British National Party by the political class, Government-sponsored thugs, politically correct police, local government authorities, and the media. I deny your hypocritical allegations completely.

ALLEGATION: You have authorised the bugging of people in your party.

ANSWER: Panorama used covert recording equipment in its failed attempt to have me jailed for raising the scandal of Muslim gang grooming of young girls. Panorama staff are the buggers, not us.

ALLEGATION: During a trip to Belfast on or about Friday 26th November 2010 to recover BNP property from the former BNP offices in Dundonald, Ms Marion Thomas was held against her will by senior BNP officials pending the delivery of the equipment owned by the BNP. We have been told that you were aware of this as it was happening.

ANSWER: The officials that you have alleged were involved have told me Marion Thomas is lying and that they strongly deny her defamatory allegations. I was not present in Belfast on that date and was not aware that any such allegation had been made. Ms Thomas was made redundant by the Party and has made a claim to an Employment Tribunal. Curiously, she has made no mention of this in her ET1 form. Nor am I aware of any complaint ever having been made to the Police. She has certainly never complained to me. If such a complaint was made, it seems bizarre that no one was ever approached about it. It really beggars belief that it is mentioned only now in the context of your smear programme.

ALLEGATION: Libelous leaflets were distributed in the home town of your former web master Simon Bennett, after he left the BNP.

ANSWER: I have read reports of this. Perhaps he should take legal action against those responsible. Many people have mentioned the names of Jim Dowson and Paul Golding in connection with these alleged events, but I have no way of knowing whether this is true. You could perhaps ask them, as they are collaborating with you in your hatchet job. The Party was not involved.

ALLEGATION: That under your leadership the party has suffered a collapse in support over the last eighteen months.

ANSWER: Under my leadership I have taken the British National Party from an unelectable fringe group with a few hundred members to (in your own words) a “major political party” and a household name which has taken two EU parliamentary seats. We currently have 10,000 members.

We have been under sustained attack since winning our two European seats. With my team, I am confident, however, that the ConDem regime will grow ever more discredited as their austerity measures begin to bite. I believe that events will prove that the British National Party has been right all along on issue after issue. The issues that led people to vote for us and join us are not going away, and neither are we.

ALLEGATION: That during the recent riots in London you tweeted, “Riot footage shows it a joint Black/Jewish affair.”

ANSWER: That tweet merely commented on high-definition footage posted on the BBC News website on the first night of the riots at 01.27 hours under the headline Public Disorder in Tottenham. It related to Tottenham specifically at that point in time and not to other areas at other points in time. The footage showed youths dressed in Orthodox clothing among the rioters (most of whom were black) stoning the police officers and vehicles. I sent the tweet because the scenes of such a joint effort between criminal members of the two communities, whose relationship is at times strained, were so unusual. The riots were not just in London, of course.

Any attempt by Panorama to insinuate that one tweet in any way reflected my full analysis or view of the riots in general would be extremely dishonest of you.

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ALLEGATION: According to a statement you made in 2006, “All responsibilities and liabilities rest with the chairman.” Further the BNP’s own constitution states that, “The Chairman shall have ultimate and final authority upon any decision made.” You thus bear final responsibility for the conduct of your party.

ANSWER: That was certainly the position in 2006 and up to recently. The Party’s constitution has, however, undergone several democratising revisions since then, most notably earlier this year, when changes put forward by me were approved so that the majority of the power and responsibility will be shifted from the elected National Chairman to a largely indirectly elected National Executive Council.

I remain the democratically and directly elected Leader of the British National Party and will defend it from all foes whatever guise they adopt.

I am absolutely determined that all attacks, including those from the establishment media (such as this latest smear from Panorama), will be repulsed.

Clive Jefferson answers Panorama smears

ALLEGATION: BNP submitted fraudulent election returns in respect of the 2010 General Election, in breach of electoral law.

ANSWER: The answer provided by Nick Griffin is accurate and reflects my personal view also.

ALLEGATION: You instructed a junior member of staff Marion Thomas to falsify expenditure records for the 2010 general election which were then submitted to the Electoral Commission, in breach of election law.

ANSWER: That is untrue. The answer provided by Nick Griffin is accurate and reflects my personal view also.

ALLEGATION: That the BNP have used intimidation and harassment to deal with disagreements.

ANSWER: That is untrue. The answer provided by Nick Griffin is accurate and reflects my personal view also.

ALLEGATION: During a trip to Belfast on or about Friday 26th November 2010 to recover BNP property from the former BNP offices in Dundonald, Ms Marion Thomas was held against her will by you and two other senior BNP officials pending the delivery of the equipment owned by the BNP.

ANSWER: Marion Thomas is the sister-in-law of Jim Dowson. The allegations she and he have made are ridiculous and lack credibility. More fool you for listening to their untrue rubbish. The answer provided by Nick Griffin is accurate and reflects my personal view also. I would like to add, however, that I was in the company of two of my colleagues throughout negotiations concerning the return of property belonging to the British National Party. They share my disgust and disappointment that a disgruntled former employee has resorted to such obvious and easily disproved lies. Mr Griffin was at no point involved in events that day, and I saw no need to discuss a matter at the time which fell under the auspices of my department. I was very pleased that property belonging to our party was eventually returned.

ALLEGATION: Mr Jim Dowson says that at a meeting with you in 2010 he was asked by you to help obtain forged documents and refused. Specifically to persuade Romac Press to provide forged invoices in order to place party debts personally upon GLA member Richard Barnbrook and bankrupt him.

ANSWER: Mr Dowson has no credibility with members of the British National Party. He is widely despised and regarded as a snake-oil salesman who is motivated only by money. Mr Dowson wishes to harm the British National Party in the hope that his new moneymaking scam ‘Britain First’ will reap the benefit. I hope that you have not paid him a fee. Dowson, his sister-in-law, Paul Golding and the rest of the chancers you have as “witnesses” in this witch hunt are only interested in one thing: making money, and they are using Panorama as a means to that end. I deny any wrongdoing in relation to Richard Barnbrook. Please do not contact me or any of my staff again in relation to this non-story.

ALLEGATION: You may feature in the programme in respect of your role in the BNP generally and specifically relating to allegations that you were involved in a conspiracy to bankrupt Richard Barnbrook. It is alleged that you asked the owner of a Belfast printing company, David Sloan, to assist you in this conspiracy. It is alleged that you wrote to Mr Sloan to the effect that if the party was able to get the London seat back the party would pay Mr Sloan’s bill using monthly payments.

ANSWER: If you have any specific questions you wish to put in respect of my role within the British National Party, please e-mail them so I can consider and if need be take legal advice.

Please give me more specific information regarding the anonymous allegation that I was involved in a "conspiracy to bankrupt Richard Barnbrook". Who is making such allegations against me? What is the purported basis for this? I deny any wrongdoing in relation to Richard Barnbrook.

Ian Kitchen denies Panorama "kidnap" smear

ALLEGATION: You may feature in the programme in respect of your role in the BNP generally and allegations that your wife Linda, who has stood as a BNP candidate, stars in pornographic videos. We may also broadcast allegations that during a trip to Belfast on or about Friday 26th November 2010 to recover BNP property from the former BNP offices in Dundonald, Ms Marion Thomas was held against her will by yourself and two other BNP officials pending the delivery of the equipment owned by the BNP.

ANSWER: Ms Thomas was never held against her will. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Linda Kitchen answers Panorama

ALLEGATION: You may feature in the programme because of newspaper reports (and other material available on the internet) alleging you, though a BNP election candidate, have performed and starred in pornographic videos.

ANSWER: You raise old gossip already published, as you say, in the low-brow tabloid press and on the Internet. I have apologised to the Party for any embarrassment any of my actions may have caused them. Anything I have done is my personal responsibility and does not reflect on other members of the Party. I have made it clear that I will not seek office within the Party or put myself forward for public candidacy. I will remain a Party member as I believe that events prove that the British National Party is right about immigration, social and economic decline and a wide range of other issues.

Note: Questions have also been sent to former member Simon Goodricke and these were forwarded to him.

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On Monday night Panorama will broadcast their smears. We’ve already answered many of them here. Members and supporters of the British National Party will view the programme with a critical eye. We know the score. We understand that the Blatant Bias Corporation will seek to present the Party in the worst possible light. Their programme is enemy propaganda. The BBC are part of the establishment, and their mask of “impartiality” will be cast aside on Monday night.

The British National Party will be attacked not only by the programme makers but by despicable traitors who have colluded with them. After their programme airs, however, the British National Party will still be here, still fighting for our people and still defiant!

We will answer their hate with a greater passion – love. Love of our people, our identity, our culture and our values. That’s why they hate us and that’s what drives us, and it’s what will ensure that we continue, prosper and win.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin MEP
British National Party Leader

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John Tyndall memorial meeting - Central Lancashire - yesterday Saturday 8th.October

This is a temporary report of the very succesful meeting held in Lancashire yesterday to commemorate the founder of the BNP John Tyndall.

Over 60 nationalists met for this great event in spite of quite appalling weather in the region.

More details to follow in another report....................

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Richard Edmonds rejoins the National Front

News from last weekend's NF conference included the revelation that Richard Edmonds, Tess Culnane and several of the BNP's activists including the Croydon BNP Branch have joined the National Front.

At long last a re-alignment of the nationalist movement in the UK is taking place for a post Griffin scenario.

This has been a long time in the waiting but the sheer damage inflicted on the nationalist movement by Nick Griffin and his cronies has dragged the 'movement' to it's worst and weakest level. We should be 'riding on the crest of a wave' with rising immigration, the Euro zone on the verge of collapse, rising unemployment, huge spending cuts, massive defence cuts, rising prices and we could go on. But Griffin has virtually destroyed the BNP and the 'movement' via purposeful deliberation. All the destruction and malice was planned.

Next weeks BBC Panorama programme will weaken the voting potential of the BNP. But Griffin will still hang on and cling onto it for two main reasons. Firstly, because if the books were to become public, Mr. NJ Griffin would be tasting rather a lot of porridge; but secondly, all this mess was described in the EXPRESS newspaper in February 1999. It was described and it all came to pass. Mr. Griffin carefully followed that plan as laid down by Scotland Yards Cmdr. Grieve.

The BNP will just 'crawl on all fours', barely alive, but still trying to be a hindrance to the nationalist movement under the Griffin family fiefdom.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...