Monday, September 30, 2013

Spain's public debt to approach 100 percent of GDP end-2014

By Andrés González
MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's debt will rise to almost 100 percent of national output by the end of next year, the highest level in more than a century, according to the 2014 budget proposal handed to Parliament on Monday.
The ratio of debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) will rise to 99.8 percent by the end of 2014 from 94.2 percent at the end of 2013. Debt stood at 92.2 percent of GDP at end-June.
Spain's public debt has almost tripled since a decade-long property bubble burst in 2008, sending the country into a five-year long economic slump. It is expected to continue rising for at least another three years.
That will keep adding to Spain's debt servicing costs at a time when it is fighting to reduce one of the euro zone's highest public deficits.
Treasury Minister Cristobal Montoro reiterated on Monday that new austerity measures wouldn't be necessary in 2014 to meet fiscal targets set by Brussels as the country is expected to return to growth by the second half of this year.
"The budget for 2014 is an economic recovery budget. This budget will help us return to growth and create jobs in our country," Treasury Minister Cristobal Montoro said.
The budget is unlikely to face any challenge in Parliament where the ruling People's Party (PP) has an absolute majority.
The budget also said pensions would rise by 0.25 percent through 2014 after a reform of the system passed on Friday which aims to link pension hikes to economic health, the number of pensioners and the state of the social security system.
The budget said the Treasury would need to issue 243.9 billion euros (204 billion pounds) of gross debt next year after budgeting for gross issuance of between 215 billion and 230 billion euros last year.
Most of the issued debt would be via bonds or T-bills, but according to the budget document the government would consider issuing up to 7 billion euros in other instruments or currencies if other interesting financing options arise.
"Despite a fall in financing costs this year, the increase in circulating debt means the financial burden will rise again in 2014," the budget said.
Interest payments on public debt are forecast to rise to 36.6 billion euros next year, or 3.5 percent of GDP, according to the budget's assumption of interest rate costs of 36.5 billion euros, or 3.4 percent of GDP.
The yield on Spain's benchmark 10-year bond stood at around 4.36 percent on Monday, according to Reuters data, compared to a record high of over 7.6 percent in the summer of 2012 when jitters about a breakup of the euro zone were at a peak.

NWN: Looks like a catastrophe for Spain. Until nations are in control of their own economic systems and away from the obscene international bankers, then misery will be heaped on misery. Nations should issue debt free money as a sovereign nations right, like we all used to do. 

Forced labour: Conservative party to force the jobless to work for nothing or lose their dole

Monday 30 September 2013

‘George Osborne will today finally destroy his party’s claim to be compassionate Conservatives with a cruel assault on the most needy.
In one of the meanest shake-ups of the welfare state, the heartless Chancellor is to announce plans to force the jobless to work for nothing or face having their benefit payments slashed.
And, as his right-hand man revived the days of the workhouse, David Cameron yesterday ruled out tax rises for his rich cronies while ordinary families continue to be hit by rising living costs, a failure to create jobs and cuts to public services.’
Read more …

Race hate killer Imran Shahid has been left a "broken man" by brutal prison beating

THE musclebound thug is now holed up in an isolation cell at Glenochil Prison because the vicious assault has left him unable to defend himself.
Killer Shahid bulked up in jail but has now been badly beaten
Killer Shahid bulked up in jail but has now been badly beaten
Daily Record
RACE hate killer Imran Shahid has been left a “broken man” by a vicious jail assault.
The thug is holed up in an isolation cell because he can no longer protect himself from fellow cons.
Insiders say there is a hospital bed in his cell and Shahid, nicknamed Baldy, “shuffles about like a pensioner”.
A source said: “He’s in there for his own protection because he’s a broken man – the lads who attacked him did a proper job on him.
“Basically, Baldy cannot defend himself any more.”
Shahid, who is serving life for the abduction and murder of 15-year-old Kriss Donald, almost died when a mob laid into him in Kilmarnock jail in February.
Doctors said he only survived because of his “extreme muscular build”.
The monster swore to take revenge on his attackers. But insiders say that’s just talk and he is a shadow of his former self.
A source at Glenochil jail in Clackmannanshire said: “He’s in the digger, which is where they put people who are being punished or are targets.
“It’s closed off from the rest of the prison so none of the other inmates can get near.
“If he was put back into a mainstream wing, he’d be torn to pieces.”
Two weeks ago, convicted killer William Crawford, 25, admitted battering Shahid in the gym at Kilmarnock jail.
Shahid, 36, suffered a fractured jaw and cheek and spinal injuries. He was later moved to Glenochil.
Crawford will be sentenced next month.
Shahid is serving a minimum of 25 years for leading a gang who killed Kriss after snatching him off the street in Glasgow’s southside in 2004.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Greek neo-fascist party leader and senior members arrested

Greek police arrested the leader and more than a dozen senior members from the far-Right Golden Dawn on Saturday after the killing of an anti-fascist rapper by a party supporter prompted outrage and protests across the country.

Nikos Michaloliakos
The party’s leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, three other MPs and around a dozen members were arrested on charges of founding a criminal organisation. They are due to appear in court on Sunday to be charged formally.
It is the first time since the military dictatorship ended in 1974 that sitting members of parliament have been arrested. The arrests underline the Greek government’s efforts to stifle the fiercely anti-immigrant party, which has been increasingly on the defensive since the fatal stabbing.
The rapidly growing neo-fascist group enjoyed unprecedented success in last year’s national elections, stunning political observers by winning 6.97 per cent of the vote — making it Greece’s third most popular political party.
Ilias Panagiotaros is escorted by anti-terrorism police officers as he arrives at a courthouse in Athens 
Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s coalition government has so far resisted calls to ban the party, fearing it could make it even more popular at a time of growing anger at repeated rounds of austerity measures. Instead, it has tried to undermine the party by ordering probes that could deprive it of state funding.
Golden Dawn officials condemned Saturday’s arrests as an “illegal decision”, and have already threatened to quit parliament if the crackdown on its members does not stop.
Any such move would prompt by-elections which could topple the coalition, which holds only a slim majority with 155 seats in the 300-seat parliament.
Yannis Lagos of Golden Dawn arrives at the courthouse. 
Mr Samaras ruled out snap elections in the wake of the arrests, while Haralambos Athanassiou, the justice minister, insisted all those arrested would receive a fair trail.
Saturday’s swoop on the party came days after massive street protests in Athens against the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, an activist singer with the stage name of Killah P, who was stabbed to death in an Athens commuter town on Sept 17.
His death caused riots across the country. Although Golden Dawn denied it had anything to do with the killing, the alleged murderer was a self-proclaimed supporter. Popular support for the party has dropped by a third this month since the death of Fyssas. The party has a long record of controversy. Its black T-shirt-wearing henchmen have been involved in numerous attacks on immigrants in the capital, with elements of the security services accused of colluding with the party.

Ilias Kasidiaris is taken to the prosecutor's office. 
Mr Michaloliakos, who gave a Nazi salute upon being appointed to a seat on the Athens town council in 2010, is a devotee of George Papadopoulos, the former Greek dictator and spent time in prison in the late 1970s for an assault and attempted bombing attack. Last year he denied the existence of gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps.
His wife Eleni Zaroulia, who entered parliament in June 2012, also attracted widespread criticism when she appeared wearing a ring in the shape of the Iron Cross, the military decoration of the Nazi armed forces.
Spokesman Kasidiaris, a former commando, infamously hit female Communist MP Liana Kanelli across the face during a talk show debate in June 2012. A fellow MP threatened to remove immigrant children from hospitals to make room for Greek babies.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Greece's zionist occupied government cracks down on Golden Dawn illegally




Random members of Golden Dawn are being arrested by the servants
of the Zionist Occupational Government, within offices of the Party.
Excuse me for the shortage of updates. There are many things going on with this dirty war against us, this war that begun because we were polling at 20% we were an actual threat for the System and the Municipal elections were in sight. As soon as I have free time, I will report on all the events from this last week, there are many news, there are many truths to reveal, and the facts will prove that this is indeed their dishonorable efforts to silence Social Nationalism for good.


NWN: More as we get it. But it seems that democracy has broken down and they have arrested a lot of the top officials of Golden Dawn. So much for democracy and free speech.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Racist killer attacked while working out in prison gym

A MAN who murdered a ­teenager in a racist killing was battered and left for dead in a prison gym.
Imran 'baldy' Shahid, who is ­serving life for leading the gang which kidnapped and killed Kriss Donald, was working out when his attacker struck at Kilmarnock prison in February.
Murderer William ­Crawford, 25, admitted the attack at the town's sheriff court.
Prosecutor Bernard Ablett said Shahid had started going to the gym with fellow prisoner Bernard Bisset.
He said Shahid had been using a rowing machine when the accused lifted a 15kg weight and struck the top of his victim's head from behind, before throwing the weight onto his chest and stamping on him.
He added: "Other ­prisoners with metal poles repeatedly struck Shahid's head and body with the metal poles."
When Bisset ­intervened he was chased and attacked.
Shahid suffered a ­fractured jaw and cheekbone, shattered teeth and cuts, bruises and swelling to his face and head.
Crawford admitted striking Shahid repeatedly in the head and body with weights and bars, kicking him repeatedly on the head and body and repeatedly stamping on his head, to his severe injury and danger of life.
He also admitted punching and kicking Bisset repeatedly on the head and body and striking him repeatedly with metal bars. Sentence was deferred for reports.

NWN: Oh dear. How sad.

Monday, September 23, 2013

BONO exposed as a complete fraud

Bono of U2 new world order puppet
‘Bono’s positioning of the west as the saviour of Africa while failing to ­discuss the harm the G8 nations are doing has undermined campaigns for justice and accountability.’
It was bad enough in 2005. Then, at the G8 summit in Scotland, Bono and Bob Geldof heaped praise on Tony Blair and George Bush, who were still mired in the butchery they had initiated in Iraq. At one point Geldof appeared, literally and figuratively, to be sitting in Tony Blair’s lap. African activists accused them of drowning out a campaign for global justice with a campaign for charity.
But this is worse. As the UK chairs the G8 summit again, a campaign that Bono founded, with which Geldof works closely, appears to be whitewashing the G8′s policies in Africa.
Last week I drew attention to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, launched in the US when it chaired the G8 meeting last year. The alliance is pushing African countries into agreements that allow foreign companies to grab their land, patent their seeds and monopolise their food markets. Ignoring the voices of their own people, six African governments have struck deals with companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Dupont, Syngenta, Nestlé and Unilever, in return for promises of aid by the UK and other G8 nations.
A wide range of activists, both African and European, is furious about the New Alliance. But the ONE campaign, co-founded by Bonostepped up to defend it. The article it wrote last week was remarkable in several respects: in its elision of the interests of African leaders and those of their people, in its exaggeration of the role of small African companies, but above all in failing even to mention the injustice at the heart of the New Alliance – its promotion of a new wave of land grabbing. My curiosity was piqued.
The first thing I discovered is that Bono has also praised the New Alliance, in a speech just before last year’s G8 summit in the US. The second thing I discovered is that much of the ONE campaign’s primary funding was provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, two of whose executives sit on its board. The foundation has been working with the biotech company Monsanto and the grain trading giant Cargill, and has a large Monsanto shareholding. Bill Gates has responded to claims made about land grabbing in Africa, asserting, in the face of devastating evidence and massive resistance from African farmers, that “many of those land deals are beneficial, and it would be too bad if some were held back because of western groups’ ways of looking at things“. (Africans, you will note, keep getting written out of this story.)
The third thing I discovered is that there’s a long history here. In his brilliant and blistering book The Frontman: Bono (in the Name of Power), just released in the UK, the Irish scholar Harry Browne maintains that “for nearly three decades as a public figure, Bono has been … amplifying elite discourses, advocating ineffective solutions, patronising the poor and kissing the arses of the rich and powerful”. His approach to Africa is “a slick mix of traditional missionary and commercial colonialism, in which the poor world exists as a task for the rich world to complete”.
Bono, Browne charges, has become “the caring face of global technocracy”, who, without any kind of mandate, has assumed the role of spokesperson for Africa, then used that role to provide “humanitarian cover” for western leaders. His positioning of the west as the saviour of Africa while failing to discuss the harm the G8 nations are doing has undermined campaigns for justice and accountability, while lending legitimacy to the neoliberal project.
Bono award from Queen Elizabeth II
Bono and awards from Queen Elizabeth II
Bono claims to be “representing the poorest and most vulnerable people“. But talking to a wide range of activists from both the poor and rich worlds since ONE published its article last week, I have heard the same complaint again and again: that Bono and others like him have seized the political space which might otherwise have been occupied by the Africans about whom they are talking. Because Bono is seen by world leaders as the representative of the poor, the poor are not invited to speak. This works very well for everyone – except them.
The ONE campaign looks to me like the sort of organisation that John le Carré or Robert Harris might have invented. It claims to work on behalf of the extremely poor. But its board is largely composed of multimillionaires, corporate aristocrats and US enforcers. Here you will find Condoleezza Rice, George W Bush’s national security adviser and secretary of state, who aggressively promoted the Iraq war, instructed the CIA that it was authorised to use torture techniques and browbeat lesser nations into supporting a wide range of US aims.
Here too is Larry Summers, who was chief economist at the World Bank during the darkest days of structural adjustment and who, as US Treasury secretary, helped to deregulate Wall Street, with such happy consequences for the rest of us. Here’s Howard Buffett, who has served on the boards of the global grain giant Archer Daniels Midland as well as Coca-Cola and the food corporations ConAgra and Agro Tech. Though the main focus of ONE is Africa, there are only two African members. One is a mobile phone baron, the other is the finance minister of Nigeria, who was formerly managing director of the World Bank. What better representatives of the extremely poor could there be?
U pay tax 2
As Bono and his bandmates took to the Pyramid Stage, activists from direct action group Art Uncut inflated a 20ft balloon emblazoned with the message “U Pay Your Tax 2?” exposing U2′s offshore tax avoidance.
If, as ONE does, an organisation keeps telling you that it’s a “grassroots campaign”, it’s a fair bet that it is nothing of the kind. This collaboration of multimillionaires and technocrats looks to me more like a projection of US and corporate power.
I found the sight of Bono last week calling for “more progress on transparency” equally revolting. As Harry Browne reminds us, U2′s complex web of companies, the financial arrangements of Bono’s Product RED campaign and his investments through the private equity company he co-founded are all famously opaque. And it’s not an overwhelming shock to discover that tax justice is absent from the global issues identified by ONE.
There is a well-known if dubious story that claims that at a concert in Glasgow Bono began a slow hand-clap. He is supposed to have announced: “Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.” Whereupon someone in the audience shouted: “Well fucking stop doing it then.” It’s good advice, and I wish he’d take it.
Bono hanging out with some other NWO criminals: 
Bono with Obama
Obama…the teleprompter reading president who bombs kids for a living and gets a peace prize.
Bono and Al Gore
The inconvenient lie that is Al Gore.
Bono and Clinton
Bill Clinton…where do I even start with this guy?
George W. Bush, Bono
Wanted war criminal George W. Bush Jnr.
Bono with Lindsey Graham
War mongering senator John McCain.
Bill Gates and Bono
Mr Eugenics himself Bill Gates.
Bono and Tony Blair
Wanted war criminal Tony Blair.
Bono and the Queen
Madame evil and best friend of mass pedophile Jimmy Savile, Queen Elizabeth II.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Exclusive: 50,000 people are now facing eviction after bedroom tax

One council tenant in three has been pushed into rent arrears since April, while tens of thousands in housing association properties are also affected

More than 50,000 people affected by the so-called bedroom tax have fallen behind on rent and face eviction, figures given to The Independent show.
The statistics reveal the scale of debt created by the Government’s under-occupancy charge, as one council house tenant in three has been pushed into rent arrears since it was introduced in April.
Figures provided by 114 local authorities across Britain after Freedom of Information (FoI) requests by the campaign group False Economy show the impact of the bedroom tax over its first four months. The total number of affected council tenants across Britain is likely to be much higher than the 50,000 recorded in the sample of local authorities that responded to the FoI.
At least another 30,000 people living in housing association properties have also fallen behind on rent payments since the bedroom tax came in, with potentially tens of thousands more also affected, according to separate research by the National Housing Federation.
Barrow in Cumbria was the worst-affected area, where more than three-quarters of all council-house tenants have fallen into arrears since the bedroom tax started. In Clackmannanshire, Tamworth and South Kesteven more than half of all affected households have fallen behind on their rent since the charge was introduced.
The shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, Liam Byrne, said: “These appalling figures prove that while this government stands up for a privileged few, a debt bombshell is exploding for a generation of people.
“While the nation’s millionaires get a huge tax cut, thousands more now confront arrears and eviction from which they’ll never recover. This is final proof that the hated tax must be dropped now.”
Responding to the figures highlighted by The Independent, Mr Byrne told the BBC that "thousands and thousands of our neighbours are being pushed into foodbanks and into the hands of loan sharks because of this vicious policy”.
"The vast majority of people living in these homes are people with a disability. Hitting largely disabled people with this horrific tax and plunging them into debt - surely the message and the conclusion is very clear - we need to drop this tax, and drop it now," he said.
He asked where people should move to, highlighting research published by the Labour party earlier in the year that suggested there were not suitable alternative homes for 90 per cent of those affected by the bedroom tax.
The bedroom tax penalises tenants if they have a “spare” bedroom by reducing their housing benefit by up to 25 per cent. As emergency funds from councils dry up, experts warn the situation is expected to deteriorate further over the coming months. The latest revelations are a further blow for the policy after a judge ruled last week that those with a smaller extra room would be exempt from the charge.
A smaller survey published last night found that one household in four hit by the bedroom tax has been pushed into rent arrears for the first time. Just over half of the 63,578 tenants of 51 housing associations were unable to meet their rent payments in the first months of the new system, according to research by the National Housing Federation.
The United Nations’ special rapporteur on housing Raquel Rolnik called for a rethink on the policy after finding the reform was causing “great stress and anxiety” to “very vulnerable” people.
United Nations official Raquel Rolnik called for a rethink on the bedroom tax policy (PA) United Nations official Raquel Rolnik called for a rethink on the bedroom tax policy  

Clifford Singer, campaign manager for False Economy, said: “Together with the raft of other benefits cuts the Government has forced through both this year and previously, the bedroom tax is driving tenants and families who were just making ends meet into arrears, and pushing those who were already struggling with the cost of living into a full-blown crisis.”
Only 16 of the 114 local authorities who responded to the FoI request have a “no-eviction” policy, meaning many thousands of families risk losing their homes as a result of the bedroom tax.
The TUC general secretary, Frances O’Grady, said: “The bedroom tax is not saving money. Instead it is pushing up rent arrears which will force councils to waste more cash on evictions, debt collection and emergency support for homeless families.
A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: “The removal of the spare-room subsidy is a necessary reform to return fairness to housing benefit. Even after the reform we pay over 80 per cent of most claimants’ housing benefit – but the taxpayer can no longer afford to pay for people to live in properties larger than they need. It is right that people contribute to these costs, just as private renters do.”
Case Study
Toni Bloomfield, 25, lives in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, with her partner, Paul Bolton, 42, and his four children.
“I have to pay £98 extra a month since the bedroom tax came in,” she said. “We’ve got a four-bedroom house and Paul’s four children, aged between two and eight, live with us. Before the school holidays we were struggling and now we’re nearly three months behind on rent.
“The children get free school meals and feeding them through the holidays was tough. Paul and I are only eating in the evenings two or three nights a week to make sure we can put enough food on the table. We're not working, but not out of choice. Trying to find a full-time job here is a nightmare.”

NWN: What in incredibly stupid policy to push into being. If the consecutive Governments hadn't 'flooded' the UK with millions of foreigners, there wouldn't be such a demand for properties in the UK.

Anti-fascist protests across Greece turn violent

KERATSINI, Greece (AP) - Violent clashes broke out in several Greek cities Wednesday after a musician described as an anti-fascist activist was stabbed to death by a man who said he belonged to the far-right Golden Dawn party. More than 75 people were detained.
The death of Pavlos Fyssas, 34, drew condemnation from across Greece's political spectrum and from abroad. While the extremist Golden Dawn has been blamed for numerous violent attacks in the past, the overnight stabbing is the most serious violence so far directly attributed to a member.
Golden Dawn leader Nicholas Michaloliakos denied that the party had anything to do with the attack.
Fyssas, a hip-hop singer whose stage name was Killah P, died in a state hospital early Wednesday after being stabbed twice outside a cafe in the Keratsini area west of Athens.
Police said a 45-year-old man arrested at the scene admitted to attacking Fyssas and said he belonged to Golden Dawn. A knife with traces of blood was found near his car.
Clashes broke out Wednesday evening between riot police and thousands of protesters holding anti-fascist demonstrations in Fyssas' memory in Keratsini and another five cities.
In Keratsini, violence broke out near the scene of the stabbing, with hundreds of protesters attacking a nearby police station.
The confrontation lasted more than two hours, with riot police using tear gas to repel youths, who set fire to trash bins and smashed up sidewalks with hammers to throw rocks at police.
The clashes left a busy suburban road strewn with rocks and smoldering trash for several hundred meters (yards). Traffic outside the busy port of Piraeus was disrupted as police cordoned off streets to stop protesters from reaching the area.
Similar scenes played out in Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city, where about 6,000 demonstrators marched. Greek media also reported violent clashes in the western city of Patras, the northeastern city of Xanthi, the central city of Larissa and in Chania on the southern island of Crete.
Authorities said 41 people were detained in Keratsini, and 36 in Thessaloniki.
Earlier, friends of the victim and residents left flowers and candles at the spot of the attack, where blood still stained the sidewalk. The head of a small right-wing opposition party, Panos Kamenos of the Independent Greeks, was briefly assaulted by protesters when he attempted to visit the site.
Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos, whose Socialist party is part of the coalition government, said Golden Dawn had "violence as its priority and must be dealt with as a criminal organization."
Hannes Swoboda, president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, urged Greek authorities to examine banning the party altogether.
"Golden Dawn's openly xenophobic, neo-Nazi hatred even goes as far as murdering political opponents. This is shocking and intolerable by any standards, and more so in a European Union country," he said.
The rights group Amnesty International called on authorities to prevent any further incidents.
"Politically motivated violence of this kind is unacceptable anywhere, and history has shown the grim consequences if it goes unchecked," said Jezerca Tigani, Amnesty's deputy Europe and Central Asia program director. "The Greek authorities must send a clear message that attacks like this will not be tolerated."
The suspect, who was not named in accordance with Greek law, appeared before a prosecutor Wednesday evening along with his wife, who was arrested on suspicion of concealing evidence. Another couple also appeared in court on similar charges. Five prosecutors have been assigned to the case.
Golden Dawn, whose senior members have expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler although they deny being neo-Nazi, won nearly 7 percent of the vote in 2012 general elections. Recent opinion polls show its support has since risen to around 12 percent.
Party members and supporters, often clearly identifiable in black T-shirts and combat pants, have been suspected of beatings and stabbings across the country, usually of dark-skinned migrants. In January, two men identified as party sympathizers were arrested for the fatal stabbing of a Pakistani migrant worker.
But Wednesday's killing was the first attributed to a Golden Dawn member, and the most severe attributed to political rather than racial motives.
"I am shaken by the event," said Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias, who cancelled a visit to Rome scheduled for Thursday. The killing and other recent violent incidents "show in the clearest possible way the intentions of the neo-Nazi creation."
Michaloliakos, the Golden Dawn head, said his party "unreservedly condemns the murder of the 34-year-old at Keratsini and denies any involvement of the party."
"All the political parties must assume their responsibilities and not create a climate of civil war, giving a political character to a tragic event," he said.
Police spokesman Christos Parthenis said the suspect drove to the scene of an altercation between two groups of people, got out of the car and stabbed Fyssas. Friends of the victim told Greek media they had been attacked by a large group of men as they left the cafe.
Golden Dawn lawmaker Michalis Avranitis offered a different version of events, saying the victim and the suspect had initially argued about a soccer match.
"Yes, this man, as it turns out, has declared himself to be a member of Golden Dawn. But Golden Dawn has 1 million supporters," Avranitis said in Parliament. "If, in a restaurant, two drunken idiots have a fight and someone is stabbed, should we look at their ideology and blame that?"

Read more:

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Friday, September 13, 2013

FULL COVERAGE: 2 Million Bikers Rally To Washington , DC 9-11 TRIBUTE 2013

Millions of bikers from around the country roared into the D.C. area on Wednesday in a show of support for Sept. 11 victims and in solidarity against a controversial Muslim rally on the Mall.

The 2 Million Bikers to DC ride might have fallen short of 2 million strong, but the numbers were impressive. A line of shining chrome and steel bikes stretched about a third of a mile from the starting point at the Harley Davidson of Washington store just outside the District in Prince George's County.
The bikers began departing from the store at about 10:30 in staggered groups of 50, stopped for traffic lights and taking an hour or so to get on the road.

The ride was complicated by the fact that federal and local authorities denied a permit that would have offered the riders a police escort through traffic — a sore spot with organizers who thought the denial was for political purposes.

"We're here for 9-11," said national ride coordinator Belinda Bee. "We are going to have a peaceful ride. ... But there are people who are sick and tired of their rights and liberties being taken away."

The National Park Service has denied any political motivation for refusing the permit, which ride organizers sought last month. The Park Service earlier this year granted a permit to a Muslim group planning a rally Wednesday to call attention to social justice issues.

The American Muslim Political Action Committee has scheduled a rally to draw attention to what they call unfair fear of Muslims after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

NWN: Seems the 'controlled mass media' in the USA have been very quiet about this demonstration.
Why didn't BNP leader Nick Griffin allow the info on paedophile MP CYRIL SMITH to be published on NORTHWESTNATIONALISTS in 2000 ?

We were going to run with the Cyril Smith paedophile story here on NWN back in 2000.

Nick Griffin wouldn't have any of it, and instructed Mike Newlands to trash our website. And he did !

We knew about Smith and knew where the evidence was.

The evidence was contained in Rochdale Public Studies and reference library in the communist paper then known as RAP (Rochdale Alternative Press).

This writer was also aware of the issue, as did many in the Rochdale area.

But why did Griffin kibosh the story ?

Yet another stick to hammer the traitor Griffin with as his actions have destroyed nationalism.
Sir Cyril Smith is accused of being a Paedophile 

Dead MP’s alleged sex abuse of young boys in home must be investigated, MP Simon Danczuk urges police Sir Cyril Smith, (pic below) the former Liberal Democrat MP, sexually abused boys and “reduced them to quivering wrecks”, an MP has claimed during a Commons debate. 

 Allegations that a former Lib Dem routinely abused young boys while serving in Parliament were unleashed by a Rochdale MP today. Sir Cyril Smith is the latest high-profile public figure to be accused of child sex abuse after Labour MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk slammed the former MP for decades of scandal across the town. Mr Danczuk, referring to the recent Rochdale grooming scandal, said: “Attempts to suppress the truth are not new in Rochdale. “Sir Cyril Smith was a political giant in Rochdale but his career was continually dogged by allegations that he had abused boys…these allegations must be properly investigated and the seriousness of the victims’ complaints must be acknowleged. “Young boys were humiliated, terrified and reduced to quivering wrecks by this 29-stone bully imposing himself on them.” Mr Danczuk made the comments during a debate on child sexual exploitation. 
Larger-than-life Sir Cyril, who died in 2010 while tipping to scales close to 30st, was previously accused of abusing children at a home in Rochdale during the 1960s and 70s – but Mr Danczuk demanded an investigation into people ‘turning a blind eye’. Simon Danczuk said claims against the late MP had “circulated for years”. “As we have seen from the recent Rochdale grooming trial there has been a willingness to turn a blind eye to child abuse in our town, and I believe this extends to the heart of Rochdale’s political establishment,” he said. Three former residents of the home made sworn statements to a solicitor alleging Sir Cyril, a senior Labour councillor at the time, spanked and inappropriately touched them during the 1960s. 

During a debate, Labour MP Mr Danczuk said they had been “young boys who were humiliated, terrified and reduced to quivering wrecks by a 29st bully imposing himself on them”. “It is well known that Sir Cyril Smith was dogged by accusations of child abuse and I have recently spoken to people in Rochdale who have first-hand knowledge of the serious allegations made against him. “Because of this I feel it’s absolutely necessary that police files on the alleged abuse of children at Cambridge House boys’ hostel finally see the light of day so we can get to the truth of what happened.” Police were alerted to claims of abuse by Smith at the hostel but the case was dropped and no follow up action was ever taken. Nine men were sentenced to a total of 96 years in jail as part Greater Manchester Police’s largest ever investigation into child sexual exploitation earlier this year. The inquiry focused on allegations that five teenage girls in Rochdale were sexually exploited over a period of time by a group of 11 men. 

A Parliamentary select committee are investigating the failings by social services that allowed the town’s most vulnerable girls to be targeted for sex by men. The victims speak out – More from the victims at bottom of this page Former residents of Cambridge House hostel in Rochdale (pic above) have gone on the record for the first time to explain how former Liberal MP Smith treated them as teenagers in the 1960s. 
Barry Fitton, a former resident of the Cambridge House hostel in Rochdale, told the website that when he was 15 Smith would make him strip, smacked his bare bottom and then stroked his buttocks. On another occasion, Smith subjected him to a “medical” that involved him stroking his thighs and testicles. Another former resident, Eddie Shorrock, who was 17, said Smith, who founded the hostel and had keys to its premises, also gave him a “medical” whenever he took time off work. Mr Danczuk said a third victim, who wished to remain anonymous, had contacted him today to describe the “abuse meted out by Sir Cyril”. 

Rumours about child abuse dogged Smith for much of his life, and appeared in a local magazine and in Private Eye in 1979. Allegations of sexual abuse Allegations that in the 1960s he had spanked and sexually abused teenage boys in a hostel that he co-founded, and that the matter was investigated by police but not pursued by prosecutors, were made in May 1979 by a local underground magazine, the Rochdale Alternative Press. The story was repeated in the same month by the national satirical magazine Private Eye. 

No public denial or legal action ensued, but after Smith’s death the allegations were denied by his family Profile on Cyril Smith Sir Cyril Smith MBE (28 June 1928 – 3 September 2010) was a British politician who served as Liberal and Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of Rochdale from 1972 until his retirement in 1992. Early life He was born in Rochdale, and was, as he once described himself, “illegitimate, deprived and poor”. Though he never knew the name of his father, he commented “I suspect I know who he was”. He lived with his mother and two other illegitimate siblings, Eunice and Norman, and grandmother in a one-up one-down cottage (now demolished) on Falinge Rd. His mother, Eva Smith, worked in service to a local cotton mill owning family who lived at 8 Kilnerdyne Terrace Public life According to his autobiography, Smith was found guilty of an offence relating to public lotteries. He was bound over to keep the peace for 12 months. During the 1960s Smith was active in many Rochdale Council committees regarding youth activities. These included: Rochdale Youth Orchestra, Rochdale Youth Theatre Workshop, Governorship of 29 Rochdale schools and Chairmanship of the Youth Committee, Youth Employment Committee and the Education Committee. Having been Liberal candidate in Rochdale at the 1970 general election when he took the party to second place, Smith won the seat at the 1972 by-election with a large swing from Labour to the Liberals. Smith won with a majority of 5,171. He won the seat on five further occasions. In June 1975 Smith was appointed as the Liberals’ Chief Whip and faced much pressure from the press in the wake of a sexual scandal involving party leader Jeremy Thorpe. Smith resigned from the Whips’ Office on health grounds. 

Speaking to Granada Television in 2003, David Steel reflected on events in the 1970s with the conclusion: “Cyril was not an ideal Chief Whip because he did not handle a crisis well and had a tendency to say anything to a news camera“ In 1978 Smith approached former Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath to discuss forming a new Centre Party. In 1981 Smith was involved in moves to create “a party with a new image” but, according to the Rochdale Observer, at the foundation of the SDP in 1981 he warned Liberal Party colleagues to move with caution. Smith was quoted as being “opposed to an alliance at any price”. 

He was knighted in 1988 Personal life Smith’s larger-than-life personality (and stature — he is believed to have been the heaviest British MP ever, having had a peak reported weight of 29 stone 12 pounds, about 190 kilograms) and popular television appearances made him one of the most recognisable British MPs of the 1970s. His nickname, “Big Cyril”, was also the title of his autobiography. A common joke on the size of the Parliamentary Liberal Party in the early 1970s was that only one taxi would be needed to transport the entire party; after Smith’s election, the party could fill two taxis. Suffering from cancer and weighing just 10 stone, Smith died in his sleep in a Rochdale nursing home on 3 September 2010 Victims speak out in full From the very first day that Barry Fitton and Eddie Shorrock arrived at Cambridge House ‘hostel for working boys’ in Rochdale in 1962, they knew they couldn’t avoid Cyril Smith. 

Only in his mid-thirties but already noted for his large frame and political ambition, Smith was a powerful figure in the Lancashire mill town. As chairman of the Establishment Committee, which appointed all senior staff such as the town clerk and treasurer, everyone knew Big Cyril. He’d also shown a keen interest in youth issues, chairing the Youth Advisory Committee and Youth Employment Committee, and won support from local businessmen and a probation chief to set up a new venture. Cambridge House on Castlemere Street, just north of the town’s impressive neo-Gothic Town Hall, was aimed at providing affordable lodgings for those in need. The Latin inscription on its frontage read ‘Labor ipse voluptas’: Work itself is a pleasure. But both Barry, then 15, and Eddie, then 17, were given a strange introduction to their new home. Arriving on separate days, each recalls a similar story of how Smith took them into a little-used, front room for a ‘medical examination’. Barry, who was placed in the home after Smith discovered he was having problems with his family, recalls: “It was a big room which was only used for meetings when the committee came.” He says that Smith told him to take down his trousers and underpants. The councillor then felt the teenager’s thighs and testicles from both front and behind. “He held my testicles and asked me to cough.” Barry didn’t share the incident with the other boys at the hostel, about a dozen of whom were older apprentices down brought down from Scotland to work in the town’s Whipp & Bourne factory. “It was too embarrassing,” he said. But over time he got to hear how other youngsters had the same experience. “I remember a couple of people at some point saying ‘that’s weird, why does he have to give you medical examinations and not a doctor?’ He was more or less in charge.” 

A live-in couple cleaned and cooked in the hostel, but Smith had keys to the building and came and went as he pleased. However, it turned out that Barry was to receive more than a medical. One day, he and a fellow resident skipped work to see the sights of Manchester. Their absence was reported to the hostel and on their return Smith was quickly round to reprimand them. Barry was taken to his room. He was again told to take his trousers and pants down. He says Smith hit him several times with his bare hand. “He was big and he was heavy. You’ll have seen the size of his hands. Imagine how that would feel slapping you around,” he said. “I was crying and he said ‘oh, there there’ and he stroked my arse and fondled my buttocks. I was scared, Cyril Smith was God in Rochdale.” His fellow miscreant was next. The boy, who will remain anonymous, had been living in the Salvation Army hostel in the town when Smith turned up one day to personally offer him a place at Cambridge House. Smith also arranged for him to get a job at Crawford Woolen Mills. After his unathorised day trip to Manchester, this boy was ‘interviewed’ by Smith. He was given a choice: accept punishment or leave the hostel. He accepted the punishment and was led to the ‘Quiet Room’ at the front of the house. He had to take his pants down, bend over Smith’s knee and was hit by the councillor four or five times on his bare buttocks. He left the hostel two years later. Barry too left the hostel, but couldn’t keep out of trouble. Caught stealing cigarettes, he was put on probation. But a breach of his probation meant he spent three months in Buckley Hall Detention Centre in Rochdale and on his release he went back to Cambridge House. 

On readmission, he was given a fresh ‘medical’ by Smith. Now suffering from cancer, Barry’s eyesight is impaired but he is determined to see his story made public for the first time. Eddie Shorrock’s story is similar. Speaking in his terraced home, Eddie, now 68, lives off a modest work pension and disability living allowance. His route to Cambridge House was typical: arrested for stealing a bicycle, he was given a probation officer who soon discovered that his father was violent and aggressive. Eddie remembers: “I moved from my parents home where I’d always lived to this hostel in Rochdale, which is a massive improvement. When I was at home there was always arguing. My dad had a pretty violent temper, my mum was pretty placid.” He says that he was one of the first arrivals at Cambridge House. “I think I was one of the first there were probably only half a dozen people in there. It was quite cushy there. It wasn’t incredibly expensive. It included your breakfast and evening meal. It was quite comfortable.” But he felt far from comfortable after Cyril made his presence felt. “I think he might have been there on the first day. He was the physical embodiment of the hostel,” Eddie says. “He used to keep popping in. He had a committee and they had a meeting every month.” The first time he knew of the ‘medical’ incidents was when it happened to him.”I had rung in sick. At the time I was working in local govt in Rochdale, in the town hall. When I first started I was working in the rates office. I just rang in. What’s the easiest excuse in the world? A gippy tummy…. Cyril was round in no time. “I can’t remember whether it was the same day or following day but he came round pretty smartish. The people that were running the hostel must have been asked by Cyril to tell him if any of the boys are sick or having time off work or anything, so he could come round so he could give me his personal medical.” Smith took him into the front room of the hostel, which was only used once a month for meetings of the committee which oversaw the home. “We were in this private room, just the two of us in this room. I can’t remember the exact wording, but it was something like ‘I want to check up to make sure you’re not pulling a fast one’.” “I don’t think he physically touched. I can’t remember. I really can’t, but it was basically ‘drop your pants, drop your underpants and spin round, twirl round’. So he could have a good look all round. He told me to bend over. To me it was more of a voyeurism.” How did he know that it was Cyril? “Everybody knew who Cyril was. I mean he was so big. I didn’t know Rochdale all that well. But I did know, because I was working in local government, that he was chairman of most important committee, the Establishment Committee, because they make all the appointments. He was responsible as chairman of the Establishment Committee for appointing the town clerk, borough surveyor, treasurer – they were all Cyril’s men.” “It happened more than once though. It happened about 2 or 3 times over the course of about 18 months.” Mr Shorrock also told how Smith threatened him the day he decided to leave the hostel. “The thing that I remember was this threat. It was something like “People don’t cross me…don’t try and cross me because I’ll get you”. “I suppose in his own mind he thought if someone leaves here, and he hasn’t got this control over them, if they start blabbing, that’s going to concern him.” Mr Shorrock said that he’d decided to speak out mainly because of Smith’s ‘abuse of power’ over the vulnerable. “The main reason is for anyone to create a situation like that with captive young boys with your own little concubines, your own harem and then just going at every opportunity to take advantage of them is just such an absolute abuse of power. “Any abuse of power is wrong and if it involves something as personal as that with young boys, that makes it even worse. It’s pretty low isn’t it?” Eddie and Barry are just two of several former residents who were unhappy at their treatment at Cambridge House. They all moved on to different jobs, homes and in some cases even different countries. 

The hostel closed in 1965 largely through lack of funds, after Rochdale Council children’s committee decided it did not want to pay for a grant. But a few years later, one former resident was arrested for importuning outside the Regal cinema in Rochdale. He was arrested and sent to Risley remand centre, and while there complained that he had only been doing what Cyril Smith had done and there was one law for the powerful and one for the poor. Smith had risen even further up the political ladder and was then chairman of the education committee. The police decided to investigate. Several statements were taken from boys, the file was then apparently sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions. But it remains unclear if the DPP received it and its whereabouts remain a mystery. The allegations surfaced for the first time in 1979 when a local magazine called Rochdale Alternative Press (RAP) conducted a detailed investigation into the claims. It gathered several affadavits from former residents, copies of which have been seen by Eddie Shorrock was however in Bristol in the late 1970s and was never traced at the time. 

Barry Fitton was one of those who signed an affidavit but has until today not been willing to be named. Some of their fellow residents are now dead, others difficult to contact. Cyril Smith never married but jealously guarded his private life. He did, however, once tell the local paper, the Rochdale Observer: “I believe there is a place in law for corporal punishment….there is a place in law for a good hiding”. At the end of his interview, Eddie Shorrock recalled a joke one former resident of Cambridge House once made about ‘Big Cyril’’s girth: “What we should do with Cyril is put him in a cage with bars that far apart [holding his hands up about three feet apart] and then make him do press-ups…. until he can get out.” He and the other boys wish that Smith could have been put behind real bars in his lifetime. That’s no longer possible, but they hope that now they’ve gone public, some kind of justice can still be done. 

NWN: The main BNP website was actually run by us at that time. At first Griffin wanted us to run the story. Then he changed his mind. Then Griffin wouldn't have any of it, even though we proved to him we had the evidence. He used the excuse that Mike Newlands might lose his house. As if Griffin 'cares a stuff' about anyone but himself.

To have exposed Cyril Smith all those years ago, might have got the victims of Smith some justice while Smith was still alive. The issue would also have been 'popular', and we can't have the BNP being popular can we Mr Griffin ? The BNP had to be trashed , not built up.

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Russia 'to renew offer to supply S-300s to Iran'
A Russian S-300 PMU2 Favorit surface-to-air missile system in Alabino, outside Moscow, last year. Russian President Vladimir Putin will offer to supply Iran S-300 air defence missile systems as well as build a second reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant, the Kommersant business daily reported Wednesday.
A Russian S-300 PMU2 Favorit surface-to-air missile system in Alabino, outside Moscow, last year. Russian President Vladimir Putin will offer to supply Iran S-300 air defence missile systems as well as build a second reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant, the Kommersant business daily reported Wednesday.
Inside the reactor building at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran. Kommersant newspaper says Vladimir Putin is ready to sign a deal with Iran on building a second reactor for the Bushehr nuclear plant.
Inside the reactor building at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran. Kommersant newspaper says Vladimir Putin is ready to sign a deal with Iran on building a second reactor for the Bushehr nuclear plant. 
AFP - Russian President Vladimir Putin will offer to supply Iran S-300 air defence missile systems as well as build a second reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant, the Kommersant business daily reported Wednesday.
Putin will renew an old offer to supply Iran with five of the sophisticated ground-to-air missile systems at a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani on Friday, Kommersant said, quoting a souce close to the Kremlin.
Putin is set to meet Rowhani at a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation held in Kyrgyzstan on Friday.
Russia in 2007 signed a contract to deliver five of the advanced ground-to-air weapons -- which can take out aircraft or guided missiles -- to Iran at a cost of $800 million.
In 2010, then-president Dmitry Medvedev cancelled the contract after coming under strong US and Israeli pressure not to go ahead with the sale of the weapons system, drawing vehement protests from Tehran.

The source told Kommersant that Russia's offer would depend on Iran's withdrawing a $4 billion lawsuit that it has lodged at an international court in Geneva against Russia's arms export agency.
Kommersant wrote that Putin would offer to supply Tehran with a modified export version of the S-300 systems called S-300VM Antey-2500.
Russia has urged the West to soften sanctions against Iran after the election of Rowhani, a centrist cleric, in June.

The source also said that Putin was ready to sign a deal with Iran on building a second reactor for the Bushehr nuclear plant.
The source said the deal was not "particularly profitable from an economic point of view, but was rather political."
Russia completed the construction of Bushehr, which is Iran's only functioning nuclear power station, despite protests from Israel and the United States.

Iran is at loggerheads with world powers over its controversial nuclear programme, which the Western powers and Israel suspect is aimed at making a bomb despite repeated denials by Tehran.
Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed to Kommersant that Putin and Rowhani were expected to discuss "working together in the nuclear energy sphere" and "questions of military technical cooperation" in talks at the summit in Bishkek.

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USA National Media Completely Ignore New York Man Left Brain Dead By Attacker Shouting 'I Hate White People'

Noel Sheppard's picture
NewsBusters asked Saturday if the media will report a New York man becoming brain dead as a result of an unprovoked attacked by a man saying "I hate white people."
So far with the exception of local New York coverage, the answer is a resounding "No."
Analyses of Google News, LexisNexis, and closed-caption transcripts found absolutely no national reporting of Jeffrey Babbitt, the 62-year-old retired train conductor now in a coma at Bellevue Hospital.
Not one word on ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or NBC.
Potentially even more curious, the largest newspaper in New York, the New York Times, appears to have not reported this attack despite it occurring in its own backyard.
If Babbitt were black, and his assailant shouted "I hate black people" before inflicting what appears will be a death blow, would America's media be so disinterested?
Or would this be headline news much like what we saw with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman?
Sadly, we all know the answer as our media have once again shown that they are only interested in white on black hate crimes.
The other variety just don't fit the agenda.
*****Update: It turns out the New York Times did report this matter at its website Friday and in print Saturday. Unfortunately, the name of the assailant was wrong and the article didn't include Babbitt's. That's why it appeared this event had gone unreported.
Readers are advised the errant report was a total of 152 words buried on page 21.
I guess that's the importance the Times gives to black on white hate crimes.

Read more:

Uganda Are Taking Israel's Unwanted Asylum Seekers to Get Cheaper Weapons

Racist Israel deports blacks to Africa - Isn't that racist? - NWN

Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar, who last week announced that he will start deporting Israel's African migrants to Uganda. 
Earlier this month, it was reported that Israel were trying to swap Africans for arms. Or, more specifically, broker a deal with a number of unspecified African countries that would see thousands of African refugees included in lucrative deals for Israeli weapons and military training. If you take back these annoying, resources-sapping asylum seekers, the Israelis seemed to be saying, you can buy our guns for cheap.
The Israeli government is currently detaining thousands of African asylum seekers in desert prisons on the Egyptian border. Many of them now face being shipped off, against their will, to whichever African country will take them. Seemingly no thought has been paid to sending asylum seekers back to oppressive regimes they may have been fleeing in the first place. 
It seems that a deal has now been struck, as late last week Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar announced that he would start the process of deporting migrants to Uganda.   
The Israeli government already have strong relations with their Ugandan counterparts, with Israel currently "working to introduce sophisticated agro-technology" to the country. But it is newer support to Uganda's military – weapons, training, fighter jets and possibly drones – that many suspect to be behind the country's decision to import asylum seekers from Israel.
"We're hoping to operate in the coming weeks and months in a way that will make another exit for infiltrators in the country,” Sa’ar explained, “while trying to reach agreements with more countries.”

The Saharonim detention facility in the Negev desert, where African refugees are being detained. 

Around 40,000 of these "infiltrators" are Eritreans, trying to escape a country with one of the worst human rights records on Earth. According to a 2012 report from the US State Department, over the past year “unlawful killings by security forces continued, as did torture, harsh prison conditions and incommunicado detention, which sometimes resulted in death. The government continued to force persons to participate in its national service programme, often for periods of indefinite duration. The government also severely restricted civil liberties, including freedom of speech, press, assembly, association and religion […] An international NGO reported that the government continued to hold five to ten thousand suspected political opponents without charge and perhaps tens of thousands of additional persons suspected of evading or deserting national service."
These people aren’t coming to Israel because they fancy upping their matzah intake or living on Palestinian land illegally; they're genuinely trying to escape persecution and find a way to survive.    
One such Eritrean is Awat Ashbar, who has been living in Israel for six years. “If Israel returns me to Uganda, it’s like putting a knife to my gut,” he told Haaretz. “Uganda will send us to Eritrea. We are very afraid.”

A UN-supplied refugee camp near the border of Ethiopia, accommodating some of the thousands of Eritreans who flee across the border every year. (Photo by Dan Connell)
And it appears that Sa'ar's eviction plan doesn't only apply to those detained in the desert camps (often on spurious charges), but also to the remaining 54,000 African asylum seekers in Israel. In what the Israeli government presumably sees as a generous handout, each migrant's flight to Uganda will be paid for, their "absorption" into society – whatever that involves – will be financed and they'll receive $1,500 (£962) of pocket money.
The Israeli government insist that migrants put themselves forward for deportation "voluntarily". However, there have been allegations that "voluntarily", in this case, translates to something more akin to "eventually agreeing after coercion and outright pressure". Plus, if they don't jump at the chance to be shipped back to a life of persecution after a certain amount of time, they’ll eventually be forced to leave against their will anyway.
In response to the announcement, a group of NGOs – including Amnesty International Israel – said that, “For years, the Interior Ministry has spoken of an agreement with a third country to buy Israeli asylum seekers in exchange for weapons and money, and Uganda has been mentioned. But it turns out that Uganda is an unsafe country and there is no way to assure the safety of those deported there. Last March, Israel expelled an Eritrean asylum seeker to Uganda, which was quick to deny any agreement with it and expelled him immediately upon his arrival.”
Strangely, when I contacted David Apollo Kazungu – the commissioner for the Ugandan government’s Refugee Department – he told me that, “No such agreement is in place between Uganda and Israel,” and that, “Uganda fully respects and encourages state parties to respect rights of refugees, including the principle of 'non-refoulement’ and burden sharing.”

Sigal Rozen, on the right.
So the apparent adherence to non-refoulement – an important part of international law that aims to protect refugees from being sent back to either their country of origin or a new place altogether where their lives and freedom could be threatened – is promising. However, the denial of the entire scheme's existence by the Ugandan government is worrying, according to Sigal Rozen from the Hotline for Migrant Workers: “Since they deny the existence of an agreement and […] the extremely poor human rights record of Uganda," she told me, "they [the asylum seekers] will be in real danger.”
It is unknown when the asylum seekers will be herded onto a plane headed towards their new enforced country of residence, what status – refugee or otherwise – they’ll receive upon arrival, or even if they’ll subsequently get deported back to the country they are seeking asylum from in the first place.
However, Sigal didn't sound hopeful: “If they [get] deported, then I am afraid that they will be sent back to their country of origin.”

NWN : But zionist jews are and have been at the forefront of  promoting blacks into white countries. But boot them from 'their' country ? Isn't that not only racist, but more to the point, hypocritical ?

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Obama's Syria War Is Really About Iran and Israel

President Barack Obama meets with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. 

The dirty little not-so-secret behind President Obama’s much-lobbied-for, illegal and strategically incompetent war against Syria is that it’s not about Syria at all. It’s about Iran—and Israel. And it has been from the start.
By “the start,” I mean 2011, when the Obama administration gradually became convinced that it could deal Iran a mortal blow by toppling President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, a secular, Baathist strongman who is, despite all, an ally of Iran’s. Since then, taking Iran down a peg has been the driving force behind Obama’s Syria policy.
Not coincidentally, the White House plans to scare members of Congress into supporting the ill-conceived war plan by waving the Iranian flag in their faces. Even liberal Democrats, some of whom are opposing or questioning war with Syria, blanch at the prospect of opposing Obama and the Israel lobby over Iran.
Item for consideration: a new column by the Syria analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the chief think tank of the Israel lobby. Andrew Tabler headlines his piece: “Attacking Syria Is the Best Way to Deal with Iran.” In it, he says:
At first glance, the festering Syria crisis seems bad news for diplomatic efforts to keep Iran from developing nuclear capabilities. In actuality, however, achieving U.S. objectives in the Syria crisis is an opportunity to pressure Iran into making hard choices not only in Syria, but regarding its nuclear program as well. More U.S. involvement to achieve its objectives in Syria will inevitably run counter to Tehran’s interests, be it to punish the Assad regime for chemical weapons use or to show support for the Syrian opposition in changing Assad’s calculus and forcing him to “step aside” at the negotiating table or on the battlefield.
Many in U.S. policymaking circles have viewed containing swelling Iranian influence in Syria and preventing Iran from going nuclear as two distinct policy discussions, as the Obama Administration only has so much “bandwidth” to deal with Middle East threats. But the recent deepening of cooperation between Tehran, Hezbollah and the Assad regime, combined with their public acknowledgement of these activities, indicates that they themselves see these activities as furthering the efficacy of the “resistance axis.”
Like every alliance, its members will only make hard policy choices if the costs of its current policies far outweigh the benefits. U.S. strikes on the Assad regime, if properly calibrated as part of an overall plan to degrade the regime, would force Tehran to become more involved in Syria in order to rescue its stalwart ally. This would be costly for Iran financially, militarily and politically. Those costs would make the Iranian regime and its people reassess aspirations to go nuclear.
Needless to say, such a strategy is bound to be counterproductive, since—by slamming Syria, never mind toppling Assad—Washington is likely to undermine doves and bolster hawks in Tehran and undermine the chances for successful negotiations with Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, who’ll be speaking at the UN General Assembly later this month.
In fact, both Russia and Iran have signaled recently, in the wake of Syria’s obvious deployment and use of sarin gas and other deadly weapons that they might be getting ready to join the rest of the world in condemning Syria’s chemical warfare, and that makes it far more likely that the much-postponed US-Russia “Geneva II” peace conference on Syria might work. The hawkish Washington Post today notes Rouhani’s new administration in Tehran is softening its tone on Syria, and it reports that the new Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, has acknowledged the Syria has erred, saying: “We believe that the government in Syria has made grave mistakes that have, unfortunately, paved the way for the situation in the country to be abused.”
Meanwhile, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, while issuing scathing denunciations of the coming U.S. attack on Syria, has dropped broad hints that he might be willing to join with other nations if and when the United Nations weapons team concludes that Assad used nerve gas, suggesting that Russia might not block a UN Security Council resolution against Syria. In his much-reported interview with the Associated Press, Putin insisted on waiting for the UN report:
“If there is evidence that chemical weapons have been used, and used specifically by the regular army, this evidence should be submitted to the U.N. Security Council. And it ought to be convincing. It shouldn’t be based on some rumors and information obtained by intelligence agencies through some kind of eavesdropping, some conversations and things like that.”
Then, according to the Washington Post, Putin declared that he might join a UN-sponsored coalition on Syria:
He said he “doesn’t exclude” backing the use of force against Syria at the United Nations if there is objective evidence proving that Assad’s regime used chemical weapons against its people. But he strongly warned Washington against launching military action without U.N. approval, saying it would represent an aggression. Russia can veto resolutions at the U.N. Security Council and has protected Syria from punitive actions there before.
But a change in tone on the part of Russia and Iran—the latter of whom the Obama administration still refuses to invite to Geneva II if and when it occurs—won’t mean a thing if the object of war with Syria is to send a message to Iran. As Jeffrey Goldberg, writing for Bloomberg, says, for Israel it’s all about Iran:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel would prefer that Obama enforce his red line on chemical weapons use, because he would like to see proof that Obama believes in the red lines he draws. From Netanyahu’s perspective, Israel isn’t unduly threatened by Assad. Syria constitutes a dangerous, but ultimately manageable, threat.
Netanyahu believes, of course, that Iran, Syria’s primary sponsor, poses an existential threat to his country, and so would like the Iranians to understand very clearly that Obama’s red lines are, in fact, very red. As Robert Satloff, the executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told me last night, the formula is simple: “If the Iranians do not fear Obama, then the Israelis will lose confidence in Obama.”
In his round-robin television appearances on Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry—now the administration’s über-hawk—repeatedly said that bombing Syria would send a message to Iran. As he told Fox News on Sunday:
“The fact is that if we act and if we act in concert, then Iran will know that this nation is capable of speaking with one voice on something like this, and that has serious, profound implications, I think, with respect to the potential of a confrontation over their nuclear program. That is one of the things that is at stake here.”

Yank AntiFa up the ante ! ... "It takes a bullet to bash the fash !". The mainstream media completely failed to report o...