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Martin Webster on European nationalist parties being friendly to Zionists/Jews

Subject: Marine Le Pen’s Front National “not racist ... definitely anti-Zionist”

  I am grateful to an independent British nationalist observer of Jewry who has forwarded to me three items (see below) written by “anti-racist” and, I judge, left wing Jews holding, respectively, British, American and Israeli nationalities and published in Jewish or pro-Jewish publications from 2010 to 2012.

They all deal with the issue of the effort which “right wing” / “racist” / “nationalist” parties in Europe have been making to ingratiate themselves with Jewry in the hope of gaining better media coverage, an enhanced (less “extremist”) voter-friendly image and perhaps financial backing.

These particular Jewish commentators and Jewish ‘defence’ organisations which they quote, such as Searchlight magazine and the Community Security Trust, all seem to think that this ‘love-bombing’ of the Jewish community is entirely cynical and opportunistic which, so far from being encouraged and rewarded, should be dismissed with scorn.

However, the three commentators seem to be ignorant of the way in which ‘right wing’ Zionist-Jews set out to cultivate and recruit European and American nationalists to the Zionist cause in recent years.

I myself was the target of just such an (unsuccessful!) overture by Rabbi Meier Schiller of New York about 25 years ago. I have already rehearsed that encounter in correspondence with you which you duly circulated to Shamireaders, so I will not repeat it here. I will only remark that this “opportunistic” cultivation has not been a one-way street in recent times, any more than it was before and during the Second World War.

We have seen a vivid example of the success of ‘right wing’ Zionist cultivation of European nationalist movements just recently with the mobilisation this February of sundry Ukrainian “neo-Nazi” groups to fight and kill fellow Ukrainians in order to facilitate the USA-backed Jewish Oligarchs’ coup against that country’s elected government.

The less violent but equally venal leaders of Austria’s, Holland’s and other western European nationalist parties have been traipsing to-and-fro to Israel, the USA and Canada (all expenses paid) to attend public and private meetings organised for them by Zionist ultras.

During the previous decade I chronicled how the BNP’s leader Nick Griffin made desperate efforts to try and suck on the same row of teats after encouragement from Jewish and gentile Zionists such as Barbara Amiel (a personal friend at Binyamin Netanyahu) and Michael Gove, a winner of the Zionist Federation’s Jerusalem Prize and now a member of H.M. Government.

The efforts by various European nationalist party leaders to cultivate the Jews may indeed be “opportunistic”, but the cultivation is mutual and is far from insincere.

If the European nationalists harbour at the back of their minds the notion that they will be able, somehow, to outwit the Jews, then they have another think coming. The Jews have been playing this game for centuries. They are best kept at arm’s length. No matter how long and how hard the road, the Enemy must be studied and fought, not cultivated and accommodated.


Martin Webster.

Guardian ‘Comment is Free’ - Tuesday 27th March 2012

Don’t be fooled.
Europe’s far-right racists are not discerning
Opportunistic words of love for Jews and Israel cannot
disguise the European far right’s toxic rhetoric of hatred
by Anne Karpf <>

On Saturday, in the Danish city of Aarhus, a Europe-wide rally organised by the English Defence League <>  will try to set up a European anti-Muslim movement. For Europe's far-right parties the rally, coming so soon after the murders in south-west France by a self-professed al-Qaida-following Muslim, marks a moment rich with potential political capital.

Yet it's also a delicate one, especially for Marine Le Pen. Well before the killings, Le Pen was assiduously courting Jews, even while her father and founder of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, was last month convicted of contesting crimes against humanity
<>  for saying that the Nazi occupation of France "wasn't particularly inhumane". Marine must disassociate herself from such sentiments without repudiating her father personally or alienating his supporters. To do so she's laced her oft-expressed Islamophobia (parts of France, she's said, are suffering a kind of Muslim "occupation") with a newfound "philozionism" (love of Zionism), which has extended even to hobnobbing with Israel's UN ambassador.

Almost all European far-right parties have come up with the same toxic cocktail. The Dutch MP Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigrant Freedom party, has compared the Qur'an to Mein Kampf. In Tel Aviv in 2010, he declared that
<> "Islam threatens not only Israel, Islam threatens the whole world. If Jerusalem falls today, Athens and Rome, Amsterdam and Paris will fall tomorrow."

Meanwhile Filip Dewinter, leader of Belgium's Vlaams Belang party, which grew out of the Vlaams Blok Flemish nationalist party, many of whose members collaborated with the Nazis during the second world war, has proposed a quota on the number of young Belgian-born Muslims allowed in public swimming pools. Dewinter calls Judaism "a pillar of European society", yet associates with antisemites, while claiming that
<>  "multi-culture ... like Aids weakens the resistance of the European body", and "Islamophobia is a duty".

But the most rabidly Islamophobic European philozionist is Heinz-Christian Strache, head of the Austrian Freedom party, who compared foreigners to harmful insects and consorts with neo-Nazis. And yet where do we find Strache in December 2010? In Jerusalem alongside Dewinter, supporting Israel's right to defend itself.

In Scandinavia the anti-immigrant Danish People's party is a vocal supporter of Israel. And Siv Jensen, leader of the Norwegian Progress party and staunch supporter of Israel
<> , has warned of the stealthy Islamicisation of Norway.

In Britain EDL leader Tommy Robinson, in his first public speech, sported a star of David. At anti-immigrant rallies, EDL banners read: "There is no place for Fascist Islamic Jew Haters in England".

So has the Jew, that fabled rootless cosmopolitan, now suddenly become the embodiment of European culture, the "us" against which the Muslim can be cast as "them"? It's not so simple. For a start, "traditional" antisemitism hasn't exactly evaporated. Look at Hungary, whose ultra-nationalist Jobbik party is unapologetically Holocaust-denying, or Lithuania, where revisionist MPs claim that the Jews were as responsible as the Nazis for the second world war.

What's more, the "philosemite", who professes to love Jews and attributes superior intelligence and culture to them, is often (though not always) another incarnation of the antisemite, who projects negative qualities on to them: both see "the Jew" as a unified racial category. Beneath the admiring surface, philozionism isn't really an appreciation of Jewish culture but rather the opportunistic endorsement of Israeli nationalism and power.

Indeed you can blithely sign up to both antisemitism and philozionism. Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik described himself as "pro-Zionist" while claiming that Europe
<>  has a "considerable Jewish problem"; he saw himself as simultaneously anti-Nazi and pro-monoculturalism. The British National party's Nick Griffin once called the Holocaust the "Holohoax", subsequently supported Israel in its war "against the terrorists", but the day after the Oslo murders tweeted disparagingly that Breivik was a "Zionist".

Most Jews, apart from the Israeli right wing, aren't fooled. They see the whole iconography of Nazism – vermin and foreign bodies, infectious diseases and alien values – pressed into service once again, but this time directed at Muslims. They understand that "my enemy's enemy" can easily mutate into "with friends like these ...".

The philozionism of European nationalist parties has been scrutinised most closely by Adar Primor, the foreign editor of Haaretz newspaper, who insists that
<> "they have not genuinely cast off their spiritual DNA, and ... aren't looking for anything except for Jewish absolution that will bring them closer to political power."

Similarly Dave Rich, spokesman of the Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors antisemitic incidents in Britain, told me that far-right philosemites "must think we're pretty stupid if they think we'll get taken in by that. The moment their perceived political gain disappears they revert to type. We completely reject their idea that they hate Muslims so they like Jews. What targets one community at one time can very easily move on to target another community if the climate changes."

Rich's words, spoken before the murder of Jews in Toulouse
<> , now sound chillingly prescient. The president of the French Jewish community, Richard Pasquier, judges Marine Le Pen more dangerous than her father.

French Muslim leaders rallied round Jewish communities
<> last week. Next week sees the start of Passover, a festival celebrating the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt, when Jews often think about modern examples of oppression. Let's hope that French Jewish leaders use the occasion to rally round Muslim communities, and to remember that ultimately, racism is indiscriminate.

Institute for Research and Education in Human Rights (IREHR) - Monday 30th April 2012  18:19

The vote for Marine Le Pen:
an American anti-racist view
by Leonard Zeskind* <>

It was May 1, 1988 in Paris, and I watched as Jean-Marie Le Pen, a young girl dressed as Joan d'Arc, a line of sash-wearing dignitaries, and 40,000 Front National supporters marched through the streets in a May Day parade. It was the moment that the Front National's racist nationalism broke into the middle of French politics, after years (decades) on the margins. Le Pen won 4.4 million votes, about 14.7% of the total, in the first round of the presidential elections that year. At the time, I was used to monitoring Klan rallies in the American South, which never approximated the size and power of the rally that day. The Front National's fortunes have waxed and waned over the next two-plus decades since. Now, with a stunning six million votes (17.9% of the total) in the in the first round of the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen has re-established the Front National as a leading voice for racist, anti-immigrant politics in Continental Europe.

The most immediate consequence of Le Pen's showing, as others have noted, has been a sharp racist appeal by President Sarkozy to Le Pen's constituents in the second round of campaigning. Sarkozy, heretofore an establishment conservative from the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), has in effect become a bull horn for the Front National's anti-immigrant, Islamophobic politics. The received wisdom is that Sarkozy will fail, and Socialist Francois Hollande is expected to be elected France's next president on May 6.

In June, however, the Front National will likely win seats in the national assembly in two rounds of voting. And if the party maintains its current strength into the 2014 elections to the European Parliament, it is certain to increase its representation in that body. If that happens, the net effect will be an increase in the power of the racist far right, even as the soft-core socialist left holds on to the presidency. At the same time, the Left Bloc, an amalgamation of a Socialist Party breakaway faction, the Communist Party and other smaller parties, which captured 11.1% of the vote in the first round, has made its first significant showing after a number of years of decline for the hard left.

Marine Le Pen in the USA

Marine Le Pen, the daughter of FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, rose to the top of the Front National in 2011. In the process, she defeated a challenge from Bruno Golnisch on the farthest right-wing edge of the party, and promised a kinder, gentler racism and xenophobia, unencumbered by her father's ill-tempered anti-Semitism. Indeed, in order to improve her "mainstream" appeal, Marine Le Pen traveled to the United States last November, with many from the Francophone media in tow.

Declaring her affinity for Ron Paul's positions on central banks, she finally finagled a meeting with the Texas congressman after he spent days dodging her overtures. She had less difficulty securing a meeting with Rep. Joe Walsh (R.-ILL.), a freshman congressman elected with Tea Party support. While in D.C., she had breakfast with lobbyist Richard Hines, former editor of Southern Partisan magazine, according to Ed Sebesta, an expert on the neo-Confederates. During the New York leg of the trip, Le Pen made noises about meeting Occupy Wall Street protestors, but did not go to Zuccotti Park and did not apparently meet with any Occupy activists as she walked around southern Manhattan. In New York and D.C., her attempt to appear like a visiting dignitary basically failed.

Marine Le Pen had better luck in Florida. According to press reports, she met with William Diamond in Palm Beach. Diamond, active in Republican Party circles, was supporting the candidacy of Herman Cain at the time of Le Pen's visit. He also claims to be big-time donor to the American-Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC). Le Pen's visit with Diamond was obviously aimed at helping her wash off the stink from her father's anti-Semitism, and also to assist her effort to find support among French Jews for her Moslem-bashing campaign. She largely failed in that effort.

During her father's tenure, the Front National received continual and significantly favorable coverage from The Spotlight, the now defunct weekly tabloid published by the Liberty Lobby; founded and minutely managed by Willis Carto. (Carto, a long-time Holocaust denier, now publishes a different weekly tabloid with a smaller subscriber base, The American Free Press.) And Bruno Golnisch, Marine Le Pen's challenger for control of the party, has been an invited speaker to Jared Taylor's white nationalist American Renaissance conferences on multiple occasions, the most recent in February 2008. (Taylor, a Francophile, has repeatedly had speakers from France at his Renaissance gatherings and spoke this March to 700 racial nationalists at a conference held in Paris.)

Marine Le Pen's attempt to find American friends among the Republicans, rather than hard-core white nationalists, is part of her larger effort to "normalize" the Front National. According to an analysis written by French anti-fascists for the June 2011 edition of Searchlight magazine, much of the key activist base has now left the party (most going to organizations even further to the right). Nevertheless, "the FN is able to function better" with an influx of "thousands of inexperienced new members."

This change in the Front National does not alter the fact, that France has a solidly built and devoutly ideological racist and nationalist movement in its bowels. This is not a movement that gelled in opposition to President Sarkozy, but in opposition to the immigrants in its midst and the European Union that envelopes them. The anger that Front National voters feel towards Sarkozy has only served to accelerate the nationalism and racism that motivates them.

Finding a Response to the
Front National’s Racism

The left has had principally two different types of responses to this racist nationalist movement. The Socialist Party has virtually ignored the Front National's success, apparently hoping to build an alternative to the racists without directly confronting them. And anti-racist critics of the Socialist Party have for years noted that the organization SOS Racisme acts mainly as a campaign mechanism for the Socialist Party.

The Left Front, which won 11.1% of the vote, by contrast, decided to "organize a very front-on opposition to the Front National," according to Raquel Garrido, who quit the Socialist Party along with Jean Luc Melenchon, the Left Front's presidential candidate. Garrido said, "That's something no one will forget, that we were the ones that started the process of trying to strike back against the Front National...The Socialist Party doesn't do that. Even now, they are barely speaking about the Front's high score."

The Left Front obviously wants to both confront the Front National's entire program, as well as build an alternative to it. It is a lesson American anti-racists should not ignore.

*Leonard Zeskind is president of IREHR. For almost three decades, he has been a leading authority on white nationalist political and social movements. He is the author of Blood and Politics: The History of White Nationalism from the Margins to the Mainstream, published by Farrar Straus & Giroux in May 2009. more... <> ]

Haaretz – Friday 24th December 2010  2:27 AM

Austrian Jews chide Likud MK
for meeting far-right leader
President of Austria’s Jewish community complains to
Netanyahu, charging that the meeting is a ‘stab in the back’.
by Barak Ravid <>

Austria's Jewish community is furious at Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara for meeting in Vienna this week with Heinz-Christian Strache, head of the far-right FPO party, and heaping praise on him at a joint press conference.
In a letter sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, Ariel Muzicant, the president of Austria's Jewish community, charged that Kara's "visit and actions are stabbing us in the back."
Netanyahu's office said he had not yet read the letter and would comment only after doing so.
"I am writing you this letter to express my deep anger," Muzicant began, noting that not only did Kara come at the FPO's invitation, but "he has officially honored and praised individuals of this party as well as their political program."
Muzicant noted that the party was founded by former Austrian Nazis in 1948, including many who had served in the SS, and when it entered the Austrian government a few years ago under former leader Joerg Haider, Israel scaled back its diplomatic relations with Austria.
The FPO has "called for the abolishment of anti-Nazi legislation," and its representatives have "made anti-Semitic remarks and praised the Nazi regime, denied the Holocaust or invited and promoted notorious Holocaust deniers," he wrote. As a result, the Jewish community has fought the party - "which was and is one of our worst adversaries" - for years.
"We feel betrayed and are outraged about this behavior of Deputy Minister Kara," he concluded. "I consider this a shame for the State of Israel and a betrayal of the murdered 65,000 Austrian Jews and the 6 million martyrs of the Shoa."
Kara, a Likud MK, did not coordinate his visit with the Foreign Ministry or the embassy in Vienna. When the ambassador found out, he urged Kara to cancel the Strache meeting, as Israel's policy is to boycott the FPO. But Kara refused, calling Strache "a friend of Israel" in its war on terror.

Bilderberg actually talks nukes, euro nationalism and… Barack Obama – leak

Marriott Copenhagen.(Photo from
Marriott Copenhagen.(Photo from
The officially released agenda of the prestigious Bilderberg club meeting is not true, claims RT show host Daniel Estulin, a longtime watcher of the ‘secret world govt’ group. He says he obtained the real agenda for this year’s gathering in Copenhagen.
An insider leaked the list of talking points for the ongoing Bilderberg conference to the investigative journalist last week, he said. The list has nine items, seven of which he shared:

1. Nuclear diplomacy and the deal with Iran currently in the making.

The club has long been cautious of a possible alliance between Russia, China and Iran. The deal that would lift Western pressure from the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program would affect this possibility.

2. Gas deal between Russia and China.

It came amid a serious political crisis in Ukraine, which threatens Russia’s supply of natural gas to European nations. Moscow has diversified its gas trade by sealing a long-term contract with Beijing. Potentially, China may replace the EU as the prime energy trade partner for Russia, a situation which strengthens Moscow’s position in Ukraine by undermining Washington’s effort to isolate Russia and Kiev’s leverage through its control of transit gas pipelines.

3. Rise of nationalist moods in Europe.

The agenda was formed before the latest European Parliament elections, which cast a spotlight on the trend. Populist eurosceptic parties are winning the hearts of Europeans from the UK to Greece to Hungary, dealing a blow to the union’s unity. A nationally driven and divided Europe would be reluctant to take globalization for granted.

4. EU internet privacy regulations.

Edward Snowden’s exposure of the scale of electronic surveillance on the part of the US National Security Agency and its allies worldwide sparked a major protest from privacy-seeking people. European politicians can’t ignore the calls to protect people’s communication from snooping, which potentially makes data collection more difficult. At least not immediately, as indicated by the apparent scaling down of Germany’s investigation into the NSA’s alleged surveillance.

5. Cyberwarfare and its potential effect on internet freedoms.

The destructive potential of cyber attacks is growing rapidly as reliance on the internet in all aspects of life rises. But the threat of state-sponsored hacker attacks is what some governments may use as a pretext for clamping down on the internet, undermining its role as a medium for the sake of security.

6. From Ukraine to Syria, Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

Critics of the US president blame him for betraying America’s leadership overseas, citing failures to defend American interests in Syria and lately in Ukraine. Obama’s newly announced doctrine calls on scaling down reliance on military force and using diplomacy and collective action instead. Bilderberg members will discuss whether this policy is doomed.

7. Climate change.

This is a regular topic for many high-ranking discussions, not only the Bilderberg conference in Denmark. People suspicious of the elites call climate change a euphemism for the artificial deindustrialization of some nations, with the goal of keeping the global economy under the control of transnational corporations and the expense of potential hubs of economic growth.
The Bilderberg Group is a six-decades-old club for some of the world’s most influential individuals, politicians, officials, businessmen, academics and European royalty, regularly gathering to discuss global policy issues. Critics accuse them of acting as a shadow unelected government, would-be rulers of the world, which take decisions affecting billions of people behind closed doors, with little regard for the needs or wishes of the general population.

In an apparent bid to dissipate these accusations, this time Bilderberg made its official agenda public. Among the 12 topics for this year’s conference were “the new architecture of the Middle East,” “Ukraine” and “The future of democracy and the middle class trap.”

 Screenshot from RUPTLY video
Screenshot from RUPTLY video

 Screenshot from RUPTLY video
Screenshot from RUPTLY video

NWN: Bilderberg are the 'puppetmasters' . Democracy is meaningless. Suddenly they are frightened to death of rising Euro scepticism.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Bilderberg at 60: inside the world's most secretive conference

Topics on the agenda for the three-day summit first held on 29 May 1954 will include: does privacy exist?
George Osborne
George Osborne is among those attending the high-powered summit.  
It's been a week of celebrations for Henry Kissinger. On Tuesday he turned 91, on Wednesday he broke his personal best in the 400m hurdles, and on Thursday in Copenhagen, he'll be clinking champagne flutes with the secretary general of Nato and the queen of Spain, as they celebrate 60 glorious years of Bilderberg. I just hope George Osborne remembered to pack a party hat.
Thursday is the opening day of the influential three-day summit and it's also the 60th anniversary of the Bilderberg Group's first meeting, which took place in Holland on 29 May 1954. So this year's event is a red-letter occasion, and the official participant list shows that the 2014 conference is a peculiarly high-powered affair.
The chancellor, at his seventh Bilderberg, is spending the next three days deep in conference with the heads of MI6, Nato, the International Monetary Fund, HSBC, Shell, BP and Goldman Sachs International, along with dozens of other chief executives, billionaires and high-ranking politicians from around Europe. This year also includes a visit from the supreme allied commander Europe, and a return of royalty – Queen Sofia of Spain and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, the daughter of the Bilderberg founder Prince Bernhard.
Back in the 1950s, when Bernhard sent out the invitations, it was to discuss "a number of problems facing western civilization". These days, the Bilderberg Group prefers to call them "megatrends". The megatrends on this year's agenda include: "What next for Europe?", "Ukraine", "Intelligence sharing" and "Does privacy exist?"
That's an exquisite irony: the world's most secretive conference discussing whether privacy exists. Certainly for some it does. It's not just birthday bunting that's gone up in Copenhagen: there's also a double ring of three-metre (10ft) high security fencing. The hotel is teeming with security: lithe gentlemen in loose slacks and dark glasses, trying not to kill the birthday vibe. Or anyone else.
Already, two reporters have been arrested trying to interview the organisers of the conference in the Marriott hotel bar. It's easy enough to keep your privacy intact when you're employing so many people to guard it.
There's something distinctly chilling about the existence of privacy being debated, in extreme privacy, by people such as the executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, and the board member of Facebook Peter Thiel: exactly the people who know how radically transparent the general public has become.
And to have them discussing it with the head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, and Keith Alexander, the recently replaced head of the National Security Agency. And with people such as the head of AXA, the insurance and investment conglomerate – Henri de Castries. Perhaps no one is more interested in data collection and public surveillance than the insurance giants. For them, privacy is the enemy. Public transparency is a goldmine.
Back in 2010, Osborne proudly launched "the most radical transparency agenda the country has ever seen". However, this transparency agenda doesn't seem to extend to Osborne himself making a public statement about what he has discussed at this meeting. And with whom.
We know, from the agenda and list, that Osborne will be there with the foreign affairs ministers from Spain and Sweden, and the deputy secretary general of the French presidency. And from closer to home, the international development secretary, Justine Greening, and fellow Bilderberg veteran and shadow chancellor, Ed Balls.
We know that he's scheduled to discuss the situation in Ukraine with extremely interested parties, such as the chief executive of the European arms giant Airbus, Thomas Enders. Not to mention the chief executive and chairman of "the defence & security company" Saab: Håkan Buskhe and Marcus Wallenberg. And billionaire investors including Henry Kravis of KKR, who is "always looking to sharpen" what he calls "the KKR edge". Helping Kravis sharpen his edge is General David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, now head of the KKR Global Institute – a massive investment operation.
The Bilderberg Group says the conference has no desired outcome. But for private equity giants, and the heads of banks, arms manufacturers and oil companies, there's always a desired outcome. Try telling the shareholders of Shell that there's "no desired outcome" of their chairman and chief executive spending three days in conference with politicians and policy makers.
Try telling that to the lobbyists who have been working so hard to push the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal that is being negotiated. Bilderberg is packed to the gills with senior members of powerful lobby groups. Will members of BritishAmerican Business's international advisory board, such as Douglas Flint and Peter Sutherland, express BAB's fervent support of TTIP when discussing "Is the economic recovery sustainable?" Or will they leave their lobbying hats at the door?
MP Michael Meacher describes Bilderberg as "the cabal of the rich and powerful" who are working "to consolidate and extend the grip of the markets". And they're doing so "beyond the reach of the media or the public". That said, every year, the press probes a little further behind the security fencing. Every year the questions for the politicians who attend, but remain silent, get harder.
They can try to laugh it off as a "talking shop" or a glorified knees-up, but these people haven't come to Bilderberg to drink fizzy wine and pull party poppers. It's possible that Reid Hoffman, the head of LinkedIn, has turned up for the birthday cake. But I doubt it. This is big business. And big politics. And big lobbying.
Bilderberg is big money, and they know how to spend it. From my spot outside, I've just seen three vans full of fish delicacies trundle into the hotel service entrance. I always thought there was something fishy about Bilderberg. Turns out that for tonight at least, it's the rollmops.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blair's letters to Bush in run up to Iraq War will NEVER be published after ex-PM does deal to only release the 'gist' of notes

  • Agreement reached to publish 'gist and quotes' of notes between leaders
  • Material includes 25 notes and more than 130 records of conversations 
  • Chilcot report could now be published in the run up to next year's election
A breakthrough was reached today in the Iraq war inquiry - which could see a report into the controversial conflict published before the next election.
After months of disagreement a deal was finally struck to publish only the 'gist and quotes' from sensitive material detailing discussions between Tony Blair and George Bush in the run up to the invasion.
Sir Jeremy Heywood, Mr Blair's closest official in Number 10 in the run-up to the war, agreed that some information from 25 notes and more than 130 records of conversations between the former Prime Minister and then US president could be published. 
Tony Blair answers questions at the Chilcot inquiry. He wore the reluctant air of a man who has been dobbed in it by a former colleague and defended not telling his Cabinet everything, saying Margaret Thatcher had done something similar.

Tony Blair faced hostile questioning over his role taking Britain to war against Iraq when he appeared in front of the Chilcot inquiry in January 2011
Sir John Chilcot (pictured) is now expected to publish his long-awaited report into the conflict ahead of the next election
Sir John Chilcot's inquiry completed public hearings in 2011, but publication of its report is understood to have been held back by negotiations over the publication of private communications. Officials said a timing has still not been set for the date of publication.
Earlier this week, Mr Blair insisted he was not the reason for the delay in the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry report as demands for its swift release increased.
'It certainly isn't me who is holding it up," he told the BBC. "The sooner it is published the better from my perspective as it allows me to go and make the arguments.'
Letters must be sent out to individuals facing criticism in the report before it is published under the 'Maxwellisation' process to give them an opportunity to respond.
Once that is complete, the report can be finalised and sent to Prime Minister David Cameron, who has previously said he hopes it will be published by the end of the year.
A Cabinet Office spokesman said: 'The Government is pleased that agreement on a way forward on both Cabinet papers and UK/US exchanges has now been reached with the Inquiry.
'This allows for the declassification and publication of the material the Inquiry believes it needs to explain its conclusions.
'Resolving this issue has taken longer than originally hoped but these are sensitive issues.
'The UK/US Head of Government channel is very important and must be handled sensitively.
'The Government and the Inquiry are working to ensure the Inquiry's report is published as soon as possible and the Government is doing everything it can to facilitate that.'
In a letter to Sir Jeremy, the inquiry chairman said the material - limited to 'quotes or gists' - was 'vital' to the public's understanding of the inquiry's conclusions.
The hold up in the publication of the Chilcot report is down to a disagreement over what can be published from the notes and conversations between George Bush and Tony Blair in the run up to the war
But he set out how the agreement on disclosing the information 'should not reflect President Bush's views' and direct quotations will kept to a minimum.
Sir John told the Cabinet Secretary: 'I appreciate that the Inquiry's requests for disclosure raised difficult issues of long-standing principle, which have taken some months to resolve: recognition of the wholly exceptional nature of this Inquiry has allowed that to happen.
'My colleagues and I judge that this material is vital to the public understanding of the Inquiry's conclusions.'
He added: 'Following our recent agreement on the principles for disclosure of material describing communication between the prime minister and the president of the United States, detailed consideration of the gists and quotes requested by the Inquiry has now begun.
'Consideration will be based on the principle that our use of this material should not reflect President Bush's views.
'We have also agreed that the use of direct quotation from the documents should be the minimum necessary to enable the Inquiry to articulate its conclusions.'

NWN: Of course a precedent was set during WW2 in 1940. Then, Winston Churchill who wasn't yet Prime Minister, but was being manoevered by the zionists into position as PM, was talking in secret with US President FD Roosevelt. If it hadn't been for Tyler Kent, a US cypher clerk at the London US Embassy. We wouldn't have known about their 'warmongering' either. 
Top level cover-ups!  
Maybe Edward Snowden can shed some light on the 'Blair/Bush lies to war campaign'?

Blair should stand trial at The Hague for war crimes.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Latest Euro news.............................
Griffin is 'out on his ear' !

Loses MEP seat. Where will his money come from now ?

North West result:
Labour 3, UKIP 3, Conservatives 2.
BNP lose their seat in the North West. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Communists small demonstration against BNP at Manchester Town Hall - 25/5/2014
Photo taken at 7.50pm. We don't think the traitor Griffin has an hope in hell of retaining his 'gravy train' seat after his constant wrecking spree within the BNP. Have the BNP even got any activists anymore ? 

500,000 migrants needed: Treasury

Scotland needs almost 500,000 migrants over the next 20 years to achieve the same balance of pensioners and working-age adults as the UK, according to the Treasury.
The increase would be the equivalent of adding another Edinburgh to Scotland's population, the UK Government department said.
The ageing population and the implications on levels of migration is one of five key areas considered in the Treasury's latest analysis assessing an independent Scotland's fiscal position between 2016 - the first year of independence - and 2035/36.
Scotland's population is projected to age more rapidly in the future compared with the UK as a whole.
The Treasury has considered the levels of net annual migration which would be required in an independent Scotland in order for it to achieve a "dependency ratio" equivalent to that projected for the UK over the next two decades.
The dependency ratio is the number of people who are predominantly receiving from the state - pensioners - versus the number of people who are paying most of the taxes into the state - working-age adults.
Using Office for National Statistics data, the Treasury has calculated that Scotland would have to treble its rate of net annual migration under independence to match UK demographics.
As part of the UK, net annual migration to Scotland of 7,000 is assumed but this would have to increase to 24,000 under independence to achieve the same dependency ratio, it said.
"We assume that Scotland would have higher migration as an independent country than it would have within the UK, because that's what the Scottish Government have said and we want to take that into account, but you still see more of a demographic challenge," the Treasury said.
"To get the demographics simply to match the UK, Scotland would have to go up to the 'high migration scenario', which is 24,000 people a year net, so that's more than tripling in migration relative to Scotland within the UK.
"Over the 20-year period that we looked at that would basically be the equivalent of adding the population of Edinburgh to the Scottish population.
"So that would be a very substantial change in Scotland's demographics needed simply to keep this dependency ratio online.
"All of this challenge is simply smoothed away within the union and borne across the population as a whole."
The Scottish Government has already indicated in its White Paper on independence that it plans to adopt different immigration policies to those of the UK to meet Scotland's needs, including boosting its working-age population.
Scottish Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone said: "Migrant workers play a vital role in Scotland's economy and many of our successful businesses would not be able to cope without them.
"But under the SNP's hare-brained separation plans, we would need an open-door approach just to have a fighting chance of balancing the books.
"That would require a different immigration policy to the rest of the UK, which would without question mean border controls were an absolute necessity."
Scottish Labour's pensions spokesman Gregg McClymont said: "Pooling and sharing our resources across the whole of the UK means pensions are more affordable in Scotland. Only separation puts the pensions of Scots at risk.
"The nationalists tell us they will plug the pensions gap in a separate Scotland by increasing immigration but have failed to set out any plan."
General Register Office for Scotland figures show that between 2003/04 and 2010/11, Scotland saw net annual migration gains of at least 18,600 per year.
In 2010/11 the net migration gain was 30,200, however it fell to 12,700 in 2011/12.
A spokesman for Finance Secretary John Swinney said: "Net migration to Scotland is already more than 10,000 a year and independence will allow us to have a flexible policy to suit our economic needs, unlike UK immigration policy which is harming Scotland and which has just this week been condemned by one of Scotland's leading university principals as 'trying its best to destroy a global brand'.
"It is deeply revealing, but not surprising, that the Treasury's main attack on independence plays the immigration card, as the Westminster establishment panders to a Ukip agenda."

Saturday, May 24, 2014

'I will slaughter every single blonde s**t I see': Seven people killed as son of Hunger Games assistant director carries out drive-by shooting 'because women rebuffed his advances and he was a virgin at 22'

  • Elliot Rodger, 22, went on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, killing six
  • Rodger also died of gunshot wound to the head; authorities have not confirmed if it was self-inflicted
  • He posted a video to social media Thursday in which he rants about how women have rejected his advances
  • Lamenting that he was a 22-year-old virgin, Rodger promises 'retribution' and 'punishment'
  • He says he plans to enter the 'hottest sorority on SCSB' and 'slaughter' the girls inside
  • Rodger is believed to be the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger
A gunman went on a drive-by shooting rampage in a Santa Barbara student enclave and at least seven people were killed, including the attacker, authorities said.
Investigators believe a 22-year-old named Elliot Rodger driving a black BMW acted alone in the shootings around 9:30pm Friday night in Isla Vista near the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown confirmed at a news conference early Saturday that that seven people were killed, including the gunman, and seven wounded.

Lone gunman: 22-year-old Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree, killing six people and injuring seven before dying of a gunshot wound to the head
Lone gunman: 22-year-old Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree, killing six people and injuring seven before dying of a gunshot wound to the head
'Retribution': Elliot Rodger posted a video to social media in which he outlines his plan for 'retribution' for being rejected by women
'Retribution': Elliot Rodger posted a video to social media in which he outlines his plan for 'retribution' for being rejected by women
College community: Chalk marks one of the many crime scenes where a gunman shot at students Friday night
College community: Chalk marks one of the many crime scenes where a gunman shot at students Friday night

Crime scene: Elliot Rodger's black BMW can be seen along with a mangled bike in Isla Vista where seven people are dead following a shooting spree
Crime scene: Elliot Rodger's black BMW can be seen along with a mangled bike in Isla Vista where seven people are dead following a shooting spree

Aftermath: A deputy sheriff walks near a black BMW sedan driven by a drive-by shooter on Saturday, May 24, 2014, in Isla Vista, California near a Santa Barbara university campus
Aftermath: A deputy sheriff walks near a black BMW sedan driven by a drive-by shooter on Saturday, May 24, 2014, in Isla Vista, California near a Santa Barbara university campus

Brown said the suspect exchanged gunfire with deputies and then drove off and crashed into a parked car.
'We have obtained and are currently analyzing both written and videotaped evidence that suggests this atrocity was a premeditated mass murder,' Brown said.
Rodger was the son of Peter Rodger, assistant director of the Hollywood film franchise The Hunger Games.
An attorney for Peter Rodger has confirmed to KCAL that Elliot Rodger was 'involved' in the shooting.
Authorities are examining a video posted on social media by the shooter in which he rants about women who supposedly rejected his advances.
The video is called Elliot Rodger's Retribution.
Rodger, a Santa Barbara City College Student and Isla Vista resident, according to his social media accounts unleashed a tirade about his 'loneliness, rejection, and unfulfilled desires,' and blames women for preferring 'obnoxious brutes' to him, 'the supreme gentlemen.'

Read more:

NWN: Looks like another SON OF SAM/David Berkowitz (1970's) spate of killings, where jewish man goes on killing spree to murder white/blonde women ?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Political Correctness Makes Race and Genetics Taboo in the West, Which is Why China is Winning

As the New York Review of Books put it, in its coverage of Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, there is now a “statistical sense” in which races are real. Scientists can tell, based on genetic variance, which continent a DNA sample comes from. That might not sound revolutionary to you, but it’s only recently that we’ve had the computer processing power to do it.
Wade doesn’t shy away from the disquieting implications of his theories: our genes, he says, could explain why some countries are wealthy while others languish in penury. In fact, the more we discover about ourselves from genomics, the more it becomes apparent that science and ideology are on a collision course. 
Why? Because it’s totally unacceptable to say in public these days that different races might have different behavioural characteristics, and that those characteristics might be genetically determined… even though that’s the way the science seems to be pointing. 
To be fair, it’s easy to understand why researchers get cagey. The all-consuming cult of equality struggles with any suggestion that social behaviours might be genetically determined: that habits and predilections might have diverged along with skin colour. No scientist wants to be responsible for research that justifies crude observations about white sexual mores or black dietary preferences.
It’s one thing to say that tribal cultures have smaller trust circles; quite another to say that science can explain why black people smoke menthol cigarettes, or why Asians are good at maths. (Or, for that matter, why people with ginger hair are less sexually attractive.) 
For over a decade, it has been Chinese academics, unencumbered by political correctness, who have embarked upon the race-based research enabled by genomics. The Chinese particularly enjoy IQ-versus-race league tables, because they invariably come out on top. That sort of research makes Westerners squeamish, to put it mildly—which is why today, most research into the genomics of race is still carried out at the Beijing Genomics Institute. By and large, the subject is un-fundable in the West. 
Assuming we were to discover biological and behavioural differences attributable to race, does that mean we should start treating different races differently? Could we develop better addiction treatment programs for Native Americans, or more effective medication for Hispanic asthma sufferers?
Unsurprisingly, doctors have already been at this for decades. There are medicines prescribed every day in America targeted at specific racial groups, such as hypertension drug BiDil.
When BiDil was given the nod in 2005, the FDA’s Robert Temple stated plainly: “The information presented to the FDA clearly showed that blacks suffering from heart failure will now have an additional safe and effective option for treating their condition.”
But the pills remain controversial, because they undermine the idea of race as a purely social construct. One female doctor, appalled by the idea of race-based medicine, said in 2005 that she wished BiDil had never been approved, even though she knew it would save lives.
Responses like that are common even today. Nicholas Wade’s résumé is such that critics who find his ideas uncomfortable cannot simply dismiss him as a racist. Indeed, he told the Spectator podcast that only one review of A Troublesome Inheritance so far had done so. 
Nonetheless, entrenched hypersensitivities persist. Journalists are often silent—or, worse, resort to name-calling—when they encounter research they find uncomfortable. Ian Steadman, a science writer for the British New Statesman, admitted he had not read Wade’s book when he referred on Twitter to extracts from it as “pretending racism is science.” 
“[I’ve] read enough reviews to know what it’s pushing,” he told me later. 
Steadman declined to answer further questions, but he did say he has since read A Troublesome Inheritance and intends to review it at some point in the future.
Jason Pontin, publisher of MIT’s Technology Review, wrote yesterday: “I can’t imagine what compelled a science journalist of Nicholas Wade’s stature to take on the subject of race. We don’t know much right now, and while genomics will tell us much more, it can’t yet. For a journalist to go wading speculatively into the subject is asking for career-ending trouble.”
Pontin almost certainly didn’t mean for “career-ending trouble” to sound as sinister or threatening as it does. But his choice of words is instructive: even though the jury is still out on whether race can be said to have any meaningful biological basis, only the social construct side of the argument is considered acceptable in public. 
Meanwhile, prejudice may be costing lives: BiDil isn’t selling, even though it works, partly because reporters have made it such a hot potato. And as for attributing cultural habits to race, well. That’s the sort of thing that can get you permanently ostracised from the profession.
These examples serve to illustrate what a touchy subject genomics is, even for the scientists and science writers who in other circumstances—for example, in their crusades against religion—demand that evidence should be followed wherever it may lead. 
In other words, although it shouldn’t take courage to write a book that outlines what genetic discoveries might one day be able to tell us about ourselves, in today’s heavily politicised scientific atmosphere, it most certainly does. Which is reason enough, I think, to applaud Nicholas Wade.
Milo Yiannopoulos is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Kernel Magazine and author of the forthcoming book The Sociopaths of Silicon Valley.

Friday, May 16, 2014

British Nationalist Friends of Palestine
Friday 16th May
Central London

Andrew Slade - 'Are Europeans losing our Homelands? Are we the new Palestinians?'

No entrance fee, pleasant social, all patriots welcome.

RV point will operate from 6.45pm - 7pm, phone for details after 2pm tomorrow

NWN: Best wishes to the organisers and attendees of this meeting .We have held this notice back so as not to give our enemies a headstart.Phone numbers have been deleted from the message.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Danish Police Confirm Marriott Hotel Site of Bilderberg 2014

Protesters to be located in parking lot opposite hotel

Danish police have confirmed that the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen will be the site of the 2014 Bilderberg meeting of global powerbrokers.
Image: Queen Beatrix Arrives at Bilderberg (
Although there had been some doubt as to whether the 5 star hotel would be the venue for this year’s secretive confab due to its city location and close proximity to a busy road, authorities have now confirmed that Bilderberg will meet there from May 29 to June 1.
Police have also made a large parking lot situated opposite the hotel available for protesters, although the police HQ is reportedly located near this site, enabling authorities to keep a close watch on demonstrators.
The area where demonstrators will congregate is not more than 20 meters from the Marriott Hotel, meaning protesters and media will be able to get a lot closer to arriving Bilderberg members compared to last year, when they were penned into a field half a mile away from the Grove Hotel in Watford, England.
Infowars reporters will be on the ground in Copenhagen to cover the event with live video streaming and regular updates.
The elitist organization, which meets on an annual basis in either Europe, the United States or Canada, is comprised of some of the most powerful heavyweights of industry, banking, politics, royalty, academia and technology. Last year, the likes of Jeff Bezos, Timothy Geithner, Christine Lagarde, Henry Kissinger, then Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and British Prime Minister David Cameron were all in attendance.
While the mainstream media habitually fails to afford Bilderberg the press coverage it demands – characterizing the group as a mere “talking shop” – innumerable examples of the organization having a direct impact on global policy have been documented in recent years, leading to charges that the group is fundamentally undemocratic in nature.
This has led to bigger and bigger anti-Bilderberg demonstrations in recent years, including last year in Watford, UK when thousands of people attended an event that was held in the grounds of the Grove Hotel, where Bilderberg was holding its meeting.
In 2010, former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes’ admitted that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement policy decisions that are formulated during the meeting.
There are innumerable other examples of how Bilderberg has influenced major global events ahead of time, picking Presidents and Prime Ministers on a regular basis with total contempt for the democratic process.
Last year, Italian lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra requested that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate the clandestine organization for criminal activity, questioning whether the group’s 2011 meeting in Switzerland led to the selection of Mario Monti as Prime Minister of Italy.
In 2009, Bilderberg chairman Étienne Davignon even bragged about how the Euro single currency was a brainchild of the Bilderberg Group.

Greek Supreme Court clears neo-Nazi party for EU vote: laywer

Member of the far right Golden Dawn party hold flags as they take part in a rally in Athens on February 1, 2014
Member of the far right Golden Dawn party hold flags as they take part in a rally in Athens on February 1, 2014
Athens (AFP) - Greece's Supreme Court has allowed neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn to participate in upcoming European parliament elections, a party lawyer said on Sunday.

"We expected this decision. We have faith in Greek justice," lawyer Pavlos Sarakis told AFP.
The authorisation came despite an ongoing criminal probe against the political party, six of whose lawmakers including its leader are in prison awaiting trial.
Nearly all the party's 18 lawmakers are under investigation by Greek justice over serious crimes allegedly committed by the once-fringe party over the past two years, during its rise to prominence.
Under Greek law, candidates are only prevented from standing in an election if they are convicted of a crime, not if they are under investigation.
A date for the criminal trials has yet to be set.
The party's European election list includes none of its parliament deputies. Among its candidates are two retired senior army officers.
Evidence being used against Golden Dawn includes claims of assault against political opponents, as well as the murders of a Pakistani migrant and a left-wing Greek rapper last year.
Nazi and fascist memorabilia was also found in the home of Golden Dawn's deputy leader earlier this year.
Golden Dawn says it is facing political persecution by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras' conservative-led coalition government, which fears its popular appeal.
To ward against a possible ban in European and local elections, due on May 18 and 25, Golden Dawn recently created a sister party called Hellenic Dawn.
However, late on Sunday Golden Dawn said this second party was being sidelined.
Samaras this week said he believed the neo-Nazi party should be defeated through ideology, not banned, and insisted he would not try to influence the judiciary on the issue.
Formerly on the fringe of Greek politics, Golden Dawn surged in popularity in the wake of the country's debt crisis, tapping into widespread anger over immigration and austerity reforms.
The party took around seven percent of the vote in the 2012 Greek election. It now polls at around eight percent, compared to around 18-20 percent for the main parties.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Oi veh ! Anti-apartheid movement founder died after racism row attack, court told

A pensioner who helped found the anti-apartheid movement died after he was knocked over in a row by a man who accused him of being racist, a court hears

Marcus Jean and Kingston Crown Court
A Second World War veteran who helped found the Anti-Apartheid Movement died after being knocked to the ground by a man who accused him of making a racist remark, a court has heard.
Murray Wrobel, an intelligence linguist in a clandestine unit known as “Churchill’s Secret Army”, was 91 when he was shoved over by Marcus Jean after complaining that his bicycle was blocking a trolley rack outside a supermarket, it is alleged.
Jean, 31, is accused of hurling a tirade of abuse at the pensioner, telling him: “You and your kind should have been dead a long time ago.”
Mr Wrobel, whose German language skills led a secondment to the Special Operations Executive, needed hospital treatment after suffering a fractured hip in the incident in May 2012.
Kingston Crown Court heard his health deteriorated after the alleged attack and he died from a stroke in March last year aged 92.
During his fascinating military career, Mr Wrobel was trained in the use of plastic explosive, went undercover in a prisoner-of-war cage in enemy uniform and helped train German anti-Nazis to work behind enemy lines.
After leaving the Army he helped start the Anti-Apartheid Movement, a British solidarity organisation which campaigned for an end to apartheid in South Africa, the court heard.
The former interrogator challenged Jean outside Tesco Express in Wimbledon, southwest London, and according to the prosecution, the defendant flew into a rage and was seen pushing the pensioner to the ground.
However, Jean claims he was the victim of a torrent of racial abuse from Mr Wrobel, who he said repeatedly poked him in the chest.
David Harounhoff, prosecuting, said Mr Wrobel had just parked his mobility scooter at the store on May 26, 2012, when he spotted the defendant's bicycle parked near the trolleys.
The barrister told the court Mr Wrobel informed Jean it was not a good place to park, before the defendant launched “a torrent of really quite foul language” and abuse.
“Matters then escalated and Mr Wrobel states that this defendant used both of his hands to push him - push him - and Mr Wrobel fell over,” Mr Harounhoff said.
“Over the next few months his health began to deteriorate and sadly on March 16 last year he passed away from a stroke.”
In a statement written four days after the incident, Mr Wrobel said: “I was previously in the army and even then I never heard the like of it.
“I remember one phrase he said was: ‘You and your kind should have been dead a long time ago’.”
“I think that my lack of reaction to his abuse annoyed him even more.
“At this point I remember he used both his hands to push me full in the chest, I must have stumbled a few feet and then fallen over backwards.”
Mr Harounhoff said a witness, Christian Lacey-Brennan, saw the scene unfold from about ten feet away.
“He saw a younger man remonstrating and pointing to the elderly man's face,” he said.
“He describes the younger man with one hand pushing the younger man in the centre of his chest, as a result of which the defendant fell backwards.
“The defendant then passes by the witness, and he says to Mr Lacey-Brennan that the elderly man is a ‘racist b*****d, he is a racist old man’ and the witness saw the defendant running away.
“The defendant states in his defence case statement that he was being verbally abused, racially abused and he was being poked in the chest by the complainant.”
But Mr Harounhoff told the court: “It is unlikely that he would have racially abused a black man if he was a founder member of the Anti-Apartheid Movement.”
He said pushing a 91-year-old was “at the very very least being reckless”.
Jean, from Wimbledon, denies inflicting grievous bodily harm.
The trial continues.

NWN: Stop laughing you lot !This is a very serious business indeed.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Uproar over UKIP Jewish Candidate’s Refusal to Shake Hands with Women

When a Muslim won’t look at a woman, it is called respect. When a Jew won’t shake her hand, it is called sexism.

Shneur Odze is running for the EU Parliament but has offended some men because he won't shakes hands with women.
Shneur Odze is running for the EU Parliament but has offended some men because he won't shakes hands with women.

An Orthodox Jewish candidate for the European Parliament has caused an uproar in Britain by refusing to shake women’s hands.
Shneur Odze told the members of the right-wing populist UK Independence Party, or UKIP, that he will not shake women’s hands due to his religious beliefs, which proscribe physical contact with any woman other than his wife. Some party activists told the Times of London that they are offended by Odze’s stance and say it will alienate half the electorate.
Senior party officials have called the activists “rude” and “wrong” for not respecting Odze’s beliefs.
Ozde, 31, is fourth on the UKIP’s candidate’s list for member of the European Parliament from the North West of England. The Europe-wide election to the parliament is scheduled for late May.
A party regional organizer, Fred McGlade, resigned from his position with the party to protest the decision to include Odze on the list. He warned Crowther that he would stand down if Odze was chosen by the party because of his attitude towards women
That is how an ignorant person, Jewish or not, judges an Orthodox Jew. He assumes that a Jew thinks women are second-class citizens since a religious man won’t shake her hand. Jews, especially those whose understanding of Jewish law is not even on the level, so to speak, of Reform Judaism, often think the same of Orthodox Jews for not praying together with women.
The nose-in-the-air Jews like to think that when a Jewish man thanks God that he was not created a woman, the man couldn’t possibly be thinking of all the mitzvahs he would not be able to perform if he were a women. He obviously is a sexist who considers women to be the scum of the earth.
If that is the way the snobs look at others, perhaps it is they are sexist for even thinking like that.
Perhaps they are the sexists for not having marital relations according to Jewish law, which protects the woman from lust. Consult your synagogue’s Code of Jewish Law for details.
Perhaps it is the better-than-thou men, and women, who seem to think that “equality” means “sameness.” God must have made a mistake by not allowing men to give birth. On the other hand, as most wives know, if men were to give birth, the world would have ended after the first birth because he wouldn’t go through the pains of labor a second time around.
And it’s the same crowd of people who, when visiting a mosque, are the first to wear proper dress and take off their shoes, but wouldn’t dare cover their shorts in order to respect the customs of Haredi orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem.
If Ozde does get elected, it certainly won’t be with vote of those who encourage the Women of the Wall to practice secular coercion on the majority Orthodox Jewish population at the Wall.
But there are some, hopefully a majority, in Britain who are not so ignorant. UKIP chairman Steve Crowther told the London newspaper, “We have a policy of tolerance for and acceptance of people’s own religious observance. We do not consider it grounds for complaint. It harms no one.”
In a tweet on Monday, Ozde said, “Thanks for all the supportive emails, calls, texts, its been rather heartwarming Recon it’s had the reverse effect?”
A supporter also tweeted, referring to former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: “Pretty standard among very Orthodox Jews. The Chief Rabbi didn’t shake Queen’s hand when he became a Lord.”
The Queen seems to have gotten over it.

Yank AntiFa up the ante ! ... "It takes a bullet to bash the fash !". The mainstream media completely failed to report o...