Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LePen's daughter in National Front victory

Mainstream parties rush to prevent far-right from seizing control of council


Marine Le Pen casts her vote in Hénin-Beaumont on Sunday.

The French political establishment scrambled yesterday to try to block a significant electoral breakthrough by the daughter of the veteran far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen, 40, and her running-mate topped the poll on Sunday night's municipal by-election in Hénin-Beaumont, an impoverished former coal mining town near Lens in the Pas de Calais. Having won nearly 40 per cent of the votes cast in the first round, the Le Pens' National Front party is in a strong position to capture its first town hall for seven years in the run-off ballot this Sunday. It would be the first time that the ultra-nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-European party has taken control of a town council in the depressed industrial areas of northern France. Victory would also strengthen Mme Le Pen's chances of inheriting, and attempting to modernise the NF, when her 81-year-old father retires in the next two to three years.

All other French parties, from the far left to President Nicolas Sarkozy's centre right, appealed yesterday for the creation of a "republican front" to block Mme Le Pen this weekend. They appealed to all voters to support the independent, left-wing candidate, Daniel Duquenne, who came second in the first round with just over 20 per cent of the votes.

In theory, this should be enough to defeat Mme Le Pen and prevent her local chieftain, Steeve Briois, from taking over the Hénin-Beaumont mayor's office. A scattering of warring left-wing candidates and the moderate right captured more than 55 per cent of the vote on Sunday.

However, attempts to create "republican fronts" against the NF have backfired in the past. The party is never happier than when it can argue that its moderate opponents are all the same, all "rotten" and in permanent alliance against "the people".

This argument will have especial resonance in Hénin-Beaumont, which has been run by left-wing parties for more than 70 years. The by-election became necessary when the Socialist mayor, Gérard Dalongeville, was arrested in April on multiple accusations of corruption and favouritism. It provided an electoral windfall for Mme Le Pen, a town councillor who has been nursing the local constituencies in national and European parliamentary elections.

The youngest and most political of Jean-Marie Le Pen's three daughters, she has the overt support of "papa" in the struggle to succeed him as the head of the NF. She is, however, detested by the hard-line, xenophobic and socially conservative wings of the party because she is regarded as too liberal (pro-abortion) and too willing to abandon the party's traditional, red-meat racial issues.

A victory in Hénin-Beaumont, where she has campaigned as an anti-EU, anti-globalist populist, would strengthen her case that the NF needs to change its tactics to survive. After reaching 16.9 per cent of the national vote in the first round of the 2002 presidential election, M. Le Pen slumped to 10 per cent in 2007 and his party took only 6.3 per cent in the European elections this month.

The NF captured four town halls in the south and in the Rhône Valley in 1996 and 1997 but lost them all over the next five years through defections, splits or electoral defeats. A victory in Hénin-Beaumont, a town of 26,000 people where the unemployment rate is 20 per cent, would justify Mme Le Pen's hunch that the future of the party lies in depressed former industrial areas, rather than its traditional hunting grounds in the deep south and east.

Hénin-Beaumont, whose last coal mine shut in 1970, closely resembles the areas of Lancashire and Yorkshire where the British National Party, which has links to the French National Front, scored well in the European elections.

The BNP won its first two seats in the 736-member parliament and far-right parties tasted success in countries including Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Slovakia.

NWN: There seems to be a competition in nationalist parties as to who can get rid of their racial policies the quickest. Will it be Nick Griffin or will it be Le Pen ?

Monday, June 29, 2009

British Homes for British Workers

Labour vows to put Britons at the front of council house queue in bid to win back voters from the far-Right

British-born families will jump ahead of immigrants and asylum seekers in the queue for council housing under far-reaching plans unveiled today.
Gordon Brown will tear up the rules in a bid to win back Labour's working class heartlands, where support has grown for the far-Right British National Party.

The 'British homes for British workers' plan, if it succeeds, will force councils to end the unfairness which sees immigrants with large families vault to the top of the council house list.

It is part of a list of measures that Mr Brown wants to use to relaunch his premiership.
Under the proposals, Labour hopes that council chiefs will be given more freedom to shape their own rules and told to give priority to those with local links, family ties, an existing job and claimants who have been longest on the waiting list.

But in a policy about-turn, the Prime Minister will stake his political future on a Blairite agenda which hands more rights to parents and patients along with promises to strip away top-down targets in favour of 'entitlements'.
Other ideas include:

Handing cancer patients a legal right to see a specialist within two weeks and get treatment within 18 weeks.

Ripping up Labour's aversion to private healthcare by using taxpayers' money to send them private if they can't get local treatment in time on the NHS.

Giving everyone over 40 a firm entitlement to a free health check-up.
Letting schools take parents of bullies and disruptive pupils to court.

Promising every pupil struggling with English or maths the right to personal private tuition.
Handing parents the power to rate their child's school and help decide its place in national league tables.

Mr Brown appears determined to fight the final year of his premiership with policies that ape Tony Blair's plans for 'choice' in the public services, which he conspired to block when he was Chancellor.

His plans will reignite the row with the Tories over spending, which is becoming the defining issue in the run-up to the next general election.

Lord Mandelson, who is now deputy prime minister in all but name, today insisted the policies were new and 'not reheated' and were aimed at helping the government 'live within our means'.

'Being fiscally responsible is an important principle of New Labour. The new policies being announced today by the Prime Minister reflect a reprioritising of expenditure both within and between departments,' he said.

He dodged a question about cuts in departmental budgets but went on to reveal the Government would not be publishing another spending review before the next election.

'I believe the Chancellor has made that judgment, yes,' he told the BBC. 'The spending period currently operating in Government stretches beyond the next election and therefore it is reasonable to review public spending at that time. We have decided to base our spending plans on reality rather than speculation.'

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Condemned by silence

IT'S been three weeks since the BNP's election triumph and things are looking great for their odious leader, Nick Griffin.

He's been pelted with eggs. Threatened with discrimination laws. But still, no party has started to discuss immigration.

Westminster parties have kept their baffled silence and are giving the BNP a monopoly over the most explosive issue in politics.

You'd think Gordon Brown and David Cameron would have been shocked into action after seeing Griffin win a seat in Brussels.

Almost a MILLION voters chose the BNP. And make no mistake: we're not talking about a million racists.

Griffin never mentions his whites-only membership policy. He campaigns, simply, on controlling immigration.

In the recession, it's a bigger subject than ever because the layoffs are hitting British- born people hardest.

Strip out the public sector and do you know how many new jobs have gone to British workers since 1997?

Zero. Squat. Nada. In fact, there are fewer UK-born workers in the private sector than 12 years ago.

This staggering information is not published, anywhere. I asked the Office for National Statistics specifically.

In the last year there are 119,000 more migrant workers in UK jobs, but 615,000 fewer UK-born workers. In recent months, both are falling. But UK-born workers are being laid off at five times the rate.

There is no point pretending that this isn't happening. Workers can see it with their own eyes, and ask: why?

The BNP prospers because no mainstream party has an answer. It's as if the issue is too grubby to deal with.

I know my answer. Welfare keeps British people away from jobs, and immigrants are sucked in by the vacancies.

I don't blame the hardworking immigrants. Not for a second. I blame the system that keeps out people trapped on benefts. And the conditions that inspire 1,000 Brits to emigrate EVERY DAY - leaving their job filled by newcomers.

That's not the whole story, but a major part of it. Still you'll struggle to hear ANY minister explain any of it.

You'll hear clichés like "there are as many Brits working in Europe as there are Europeans in Britain".

Worse still, some ministers actually believe this. Take Alan Johnson, now Home Secretary and in charge of it all.

He told me a few months ago that there are 1.5 million Brits working in Europe. SEVEN times the real figure.

And I'm not saying Johnson is especially ignorant. Just that the whole of government has its head in the sand.

One employment minister swore to me that immigrants account for two per cent of jobs. Real figure? Fourteen per cent.

They are without a clue. The 'don't ask, don't tell' approach to immigration means they are hoplessly detached from reality.

And cowardly, slightly terrified silence is the greatest gift Griffin could hope for.
This isn't just about elections. It's about people. BNP support is the scream of the forgotten voter. Who else cares about the white working class? To talk, in person and directly, about their concerns?

Thatcher killed off the National Front in the late 70s by taking the issue immigration head-on.
But David Cameron won't. He thinks the subject scares away voters in the marginal seats he needs to take power.

This is the problem. Westminster only cares about swing voters in swing seats - so millions are forgotten.

As an MEP, Nick Griffin is entitled to use the Commons bars and dining facilities. The MPs' response? Ban him.

Pathetic. If I had my way, I'd base Griffin in Westminster so MPs would see his smug face walking past every day. He is a reminder of THEIR failure to reach out to forgotten voters. Their failure to grapple with difficult subjects.

Griffin's BNP have had more votes than Mosley's blackshirts, or the National Front could ever dream of.

And the silence from Westminster suggests that its shocking success story is far from over.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


BRITISH National Party chiefs could be jailed if they carry on banning ethnic minority members, it emerged last night.

Non-whites are barred from joining the BNP, according to its own rulebook. The party’s constitution states that only people belonging to folk communities which arrived in Britain before the Battle of Hastings in 1066 can join. But the Equality and Human Rights Commission said yesterday it had written to BNP leader Nick Griffin warning him that the rules were unlawful.If the BNP fails to make changes by July 20, it could be hit with an injunction, with its leaders facing criminal prosecution if they ignore the court’s order.Commission legal director John Wadham said: “The exclusion from membership of individuals whose ethnic origin is not listed constitutes unlawful discrimination on racial grounds.”The BNP won two seats at this month’s European elections. It also has more than 100 councillors.But the Commission said it was concerned that the BNP’s stance meant the party’s elected representatives could not serve all constituents equally. It added that the BNP’s rulebook effectively meant nonwhites were banned from working for the party – a breach of the Race Relations Act.Mr Wadham said: “The BNP’s website states that the party is looking to recruit people and states that any applicants should supply a membership number.“The Commission thinks that this requirement is contrary to the Race Relations Act, which outlaws the refusal or deliberate omission to offer employment on the basis of non-membership of an organisation.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The EHRC has walked into the BNP’s trap

If I was the British National Party’s Alastair Campbell (and can anyone imagine a less sympathetic person?), the first thing I would do is abolish the rule concerning membership of the Far-right party.

According to its 2005 guide “The British National Party represents the collective National, Environmental, Political, Racial, Folkish, Social, Cultural, Religious and Economic interests of the indigenous Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Norse folk communities of Britain and those we regard as closely related and ethnically assimilated or assimilable aboriginal members of the European race also resident in Britain. Membership of the BNP is strictly defined within the terms of, and our members also self define themselves within, the legal ambit of a defined ‘racial group’ this being ‘Indigenous Caucasian’ and defined ‘ethnic groups’ emanating from that Race as specified in law in the House of Lords case of Mandla VDowell Lee (1983) 1 ALLER 1062, HL.

So what is “indigenous”? According to the party (and an award to anyone who can decipher this into English): “The indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of ‘Indigenous Caucasian’ consist of members of: i) The Anglo-Saxon Folk Community; ii) The Celtic Scottish Folk Community; iii) The Scots-Northern Irish Folk Community; iv) The Celtic Welsh Folk Community; v) The Celtic Irish Folk Community; vi) The Celtic Cornish Folk Community; vii) The Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Folk Community; viii) The Celtic-Norse Folk Community; ix) The Anglo-Saxon-Norse Folk Community; x) The Anglo-Saxon-Indigenous European Folk Community; xi) Members of these ethnic groups who reside either within or outside Europe but ethnically derive from them”.

How embarrassing. The party claims it has shed its neo-Nazi origins but this is pure nose-measuring early 20th-century pseudo-science. This, and the party’s constant reference to the”Communist Party” on its website (is there even a Communist Party anymore?) makes me suspect many of them are still living in the glory days of the 1930s before Adolf “went a bit far”, as party leader Nick Griffin expertly pointed out.

But they’re about to be woken up with a thud, with news that the Equality and Human Rights Commission is threatening to take the party to court over their racist membership rules. And while the Twitterati, clueless 30-something liberals who seem to dominate so much of British political debate, may think the state can simply outlaw racism, in fact the EHRC is walking into a gigantic trap.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is an £80m super-quango led by the insufferably smug Trevor Philips, and if you wanted an organisation to make the BNP look sympathetic, you could not do much better. The EHRC, and I’m not sure they’re aware of this fact, are hated by most Tory-voting white people, or members of the Anglo-Viking-lager-drinking community - hated. They represent everything the English resent about the jobs-for-the-boys-and-girls, doesn’t-matter-what-colour-you-are-so-long-as-you-went-to-Oxbridge-or-LSE mentality of the quangocracy.The BNP know this, and I bet they’re desperate for their day in court. In fact, from what BNP supporters have told me, the only reason they’ve kept this pointless membership rule (how many non-whites are going to apply, anyway?) is because they want a case exactly like this.

Not only will it turn them into martyrs, but it will expose the hypocrisy of the establishment’s attitude to race. As “James1″, a BNP voter who has posted on this blog, points out, if whites-only groups are wrong why does the multi-cultural state tolerate, and in some case subsidise, these groups:

The Black Police association
Black people’s mental health association
Black and Asian therapists online
National BME mental health network
Federation of Black housing organizations
The Black Londoners forum
Positive action in Housing
Asian modelling service
Society of Black lawyers,
London Society of Asianlawyers,
London Black Lawyers Directory.com
Ethnic media Group
Al-Nisa Muslim Women’s Group
Al-Nur Muslim Women’s Association
Antrim Chinese Community Association
Barnardos Chinese Lay Health Project
Chinese Welfare Association
The Windsor Fellowship Sponsors for Educational opportunity,(SEO)
Link Net Mentoring
Suga fix media arts
Sussex Black police Association
The National Black Writers and Artist Association
Black students AssociationUK
Black teachers Association
Black UK online
Ashiana Housing Association Ltd.
UK Asian business directory
Asian People’s Disability alliance
Asian arts agency
Black Enterprise awards
AIM magazine
Natwest Bank (Asian Entrepreneurs Unit)Asian
Voice Black womens rape action Project,
The Drum,African,asian arts venue,
Birmingham Black training and enterprise group
UK Black Pride
Ethnic Minority Foundation,London
Oshwal Elderly Welfare Association,Surrey
Ethnic Minority and Black Regional Action for Community Empowerment (EMBRACE),Birmingham
MENTER,Regional network for Black / Minority Ethnic (BME) voluntary organisations
Black and Minority Ethnic Elders Group,Scotland
Latin American elderly project,London
Latin American golden years day centre
Naz project London,Sexual health & AIDS prevention(NPL)
The Black Fundraisers Network,
LondonBlack Arts Alliance,
ManchesterSouthall Black sisters,Middlesex
Black student unionDudley
Black regeneration council
Black Professional events,events planners
Black Health Agency,Manchester
National Association for the advancement of Black people,
African Caribbean Development agency (ACDA)
African caribbean education and training services (ACETS)
Amaani Tallawah mental health support services,Nottingham
APNA arts,Nottingham
Asian day centre,Nottingham
Broxtowe African Caribbean Elders group
BUILD Nottingham Mentor project
Calabash supplementory school
Afrik-African International Network,Nottingham
Asian mens group
Somerset Black development agency (SBDA)
Black families education support group,Bath & somerset

So even if the EHRC win, what do they hope to achieve - to confirm in the minds of working-class whites that there’s one rule for them and one for us, and that they’re the lowest form of life in the minds of the establishment?

Strange that the people who compare the BNP to the NSDAP are giving its leader the chance of martyrdom before the People’s Court.

Pensions Crisis

Pensions crisis:

96% of final salary schemes are doomed...
OAPs worst off in Britain...
and state funds withering on the vine

The extent of the pensions crisis was laid bare yesterday by a 'triple whammy' of worrying reports.

Almost all blue-chip companies now admit their final salary schemes are 'unsustainable', according to a major survey.

At the same time, two separate studies said that Britain's state pension was the worst in the Western world.

The reports confirm that private sector workers face a bleak future, with the state handout withering on the vine and dozens of generous company schemes on the verge of being wound up.
However, most gold-plated public sector schemes - funded by the taxpayer - remain untouched.
Almost 90 per cent of state employees receive final salary pensions, compared with just 16 per cent in the private sector.

Opposition parties and campaign groups said last night that the three studies provided yet more evidence of the growing crisis in pension provision.

Liberal Democrat work and pensions spokesman Lord Oakeshott said: 'Gordon Brown has been in charge of our pensions for the past 12 years.

'He should be ashamed of these shocking statistics, showing Britain's miserable means-tested state pension right at the bottom of the world pension league.'

Prior to 1997, Britain's state pension pot was in relatively good health. But in one of his first acts as chancellor, Mr Brown scrapped the tax relief on dividends paid into pension funds, costing them around £100billion.

It triggered the shutdown of final salary schemes covering hundreds of thousands of workers.
Yesterday's 'triple whammy' of bad news included:

A survey of 1,000 blue-chip companies by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, which found that 96 per cent believe their final salary schemes are unsustainable.

A study by the influential Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), placing Britain at the bottom of a 'pensions' league table for those yet to retire.

Research by the UK-based Office for National Statistics, which confirmed just how little the state pension is now worth.

The House of Lords also released a report yesterday criticising Chancellor Alistair Darling's Budget for removing a series of tax breaks on pension contributions.

Tory pensions spokesman Theresa May said: 'This is yet more bad news for cash-strapped pensioners who are the innocent victims of this recession.'

Some 16 per cent of the firms which responded to the PWC survey had already closed their final salary schemes to current members.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lady Michelle Renouf

Sábado día 27, a las 18,30 horas. EN BARCELONA (Calle Séneca, 12)
Domingo día 28, a las 18 horas. EN MADRID

Lady Renouf speaks in Madrid and Barcelona this weekend.

(Click poster to enlarge.)


EN BARCELONA Sábado día 27, a las 18,30 horas. (Calle Séneca, 12, Barcelona, “Metro Diagonal”)

EN MADRID Domingo día 28, a las 17,30 horas. (Gran Hotel Velazquez, Velazquez 62, “Metro Serrano”)

Lady Michelle Renouf (en Barcelona el Sábado y en Madrid el Domingo)

El escándalo desatado con las declaraciones del Obispo católico Monseñor Williamson y sus dudas sobre la veracidad de la Historia oficial sobre el mal llamado Holocausto, no hacen sino confirmar que se trata de un dogma religioso que debe ser creído forzosamente, y no de un hecho presuntamente histórico analizable científicamente. Así lo ha confirmado la actitud del Papa Benedicto XVI, puesto bajo el fuego generalizado de los estamentos políticos de este mundo y sus medios de comunicación. Lady Renouf ha organizado con éxito la defensa y puesta en libertad del revisionista australiano Dr. Friedrich Töben en Inglaterra, así como la defensa y recepción del Obispo Williamson expulsado de la Argentina. Actualmente se encuentra estudiando la existencia del veterano Estado judío de Birobidjan, que solventaría la cuestión en Palestina de forma lógica y natural.
LIBROS LIBERADOS. El ponente dedicará ejemplares de su libro y su DVD a los asistentes.

Joaquin Bochaca (sólo en Madrid)
La gran Cruzada de las Democracias conllevó la redefinición ideológica que, al cabo de medio siglo, ha culminado con la eclosión del nuevo Credo en el que se expresa todo lo que es políticamente correcto. Y como hoy todo es Política, resulta que el nuevo Dogma del Sistema y su corolario, el Mundialismo, ha debido generar, por un lógico encadenamiento, una especie de Índice de réprobos malpensantes que son, o han sido, objeto de persecución bajo las más diversas formas, que van desde el ostracismo hasta el asesinato legal. El número y calidad de las personas que han incurrido en el merecido anatema de los inquisidores del Sistema es realmente impresionante. El juicio sumarísimo contra la grey “satánica” que ha osado oponerse, de palabra, por escrito o por cualquier otro medio a los designios inapelables de la Nueva Verdad, incluye a individuos contemporáneos nuestros, pero también a personas cronológicamente anteriores a la Cruzada Democrática, pero que contribuyeron, con sus nefastas ideas, a proporcionar una coartada moral a las legiones demoníacas gloriosamente derrotadas por los Cruzados del Bien. Legiones integradas por pobres ignorantes que creían que, en 1939, más hubiera valido la paz que la guerra; que cuando ésta estalló no fue por culpa exclusiva de Alemania; que los llamados "crímenes de guerra" no fueron exclusivamente cometidos por los vencidos; que en torno al mal llamado "Holocausto" se ha tejido una leyenda que constituye un ultraje a la inteligencia humana; que los hombres son básicamente desiguales, y que Bertillon tenía razón cuando afirmaba que no hay dos seres vivos naturalmente clónicos, y que difieren incluso en algo tan insignificante como el minúsculo relieve de las yemas de los dedos. Pobres de espíritu incapaces de comprender tanto el mecanismo de la Finanza Internacional, como los principios generosos del Marxismo. Seres peligrosos, en suma, y justamente señalados por el dedo acusador de los arcángeles guardianes de los Derechos Humanos.
LIBROS LIBERADOS: Dedicará a los asistentes ejemplares de su libro recientemente aparecido “EL DICCIONARIO DE LOS MALDITOS”.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Balls to Balls!

Ed Balls considers ban on BNP teachers

The government is investigating a possible ban on British National party members working as teachers in schools in a move that could challenge the legitimacy of the far-right party.

A source close to the schools secretary, Ed Balls, said there had been several meetings on the issue with teaching unions which are lobbying for a change in teachers' contracts to prevent them from working if they are members of far-right groups including the BNP. The issue was being "actively looked at", the source said.

It comes after it emerged that the General Teaching Council for England (GTC), which registers teachers to work in state schools, had rejected appeals to ban BNP members. Lawyers warned the council it could be accused of discriminating against members of the far-right party if it refused to register them.

Five members of the council's own governing body wrote to the Guardian on Saturday to appeal for a national debate on the issue. They claimed the GTC was "hiding" behind legal advice to avoid banning the BNP from registering as teachers.

Chris Keates, the general secretary of the NASUWT teaching union, confirmed she had held several discussions with Balls about the possibility of a ban and had called for a change to teachers' contracts to prevent BNP members from teaching.

The source close to Balls said the issue was being re-examined in the light of the election to the European parliament of two BNP members, including party leader Nick Griffin, who has been convicted of inciting racial hatred.

The GTC was advised by lawyers that it would be discriminatory to ban members of a lawful political party. It was also told that if it declared any views on the BNP, it could be accused of lacking impartiality in any subsequent disciplinary hearings involving teachers in the far-right party.

A BNP membership list leaked last year included the names of 15 teachers, four nurses and one prison officer as well as 17 former police officers and 16 members of the armed forces.

Members of the BNP, National Front and Combat 18 are banned from joining the police or becoming prison officers.

In the letter to the Guardian, the five GTC members argued that legislation required everyone working in schools to "promote good race relations and community cohesion", which would be incompatible with some views held by the BNP. The party supports voluntary repatriation of non-white citizens.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

'Heretical Two' appear at Leeds Crown Court

'Heretical Two' appear at Leeds Crown Court

18 June 2009

TWO men who skipped bail and fled to the US 11 months ago after a jury convicted them of peddling race-hate on the internet were yesterday back in the dock at Leeds Crown Court.
BNP reject Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle were convicted in Leeds last July of publishing racially inflammatory written material online.

A judge granted them bail before they were due to be sentenced.

But the far right pair skipped the country and jetted to Los Angeles in California where they claimed political asylum.

However, a US immigration judge turned down their asylum claim and Shepherd, 52, of Brook Street, Selby and York University graduate Whittle, 42, of Avenham Lane, Preston, waited for deportation back to the UK.

Both men admitted failing to answer bail when they apeared in court at a brief hearing in Leeds yesterday.

Judge Rodney Grant remanded both men in custody until sentencing on July 10.

Judge Grant said: "They must understand is at the forefront of my mind."

Mr. Davies, for Whittle said he has "substantial mitigation" because he came back to the UK voluntarily after the US authorities gave him the option of travelling to New Zealand instead.

Pony tailed Whittle, who nonchalantly read a book in the dock, contributed to Sheppard's website, which featured offensive material.

Thousands of far-right supporters logged on to the site to view more than 100 articles by Whittle, as well as items posted by Sheppard.

The investigation into Sheppard started in 2004 when copies of a pamphlet, Tales of the Holohoax, were pushed through the letterbox of a Blackpool synagogue and sent to a prominent Jewish academic.

Sheppard , was expelled from the British National Party in 1999, was also caught delivering racist pamphlets in NorthYorkshire.

Last July, the jury at Leeds convicted Sheppard of 16 charges relating to the possession, publication and distribution of racially inflammatory material.

Whittle, was convicted of five counts of publishing racially inflammatory material.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weyman Upsets ANTIFA

The UAF leadership, namely one Weyman Bennett , has once again claimed that his organisation is the leading light in the tradition of militant anti-fascism in Britain today.

Just days after a UAF march led to some of the marchers succesfully chasing Griffin away from a press conference outside the Houses of Parliament, Bennett wasted no time in publicly declaring that the UAF stand firmly in the tradition that previously saw Moseley's Blackshirts smashed of the streets of London in the 1930's.

Bennett is an opportunist and an outright liar. As a member of the Socialist Workers Party, who have a history of 'self declared leadership' of popular struggles this is hardly surprising.

While eggs may have been thrown last week, in itself hardly a 'militant' act of much pedigree but an act newsworthy enough to prompt a media frenzy, those involved were most likely not themselves members of the UAF, and the lack of media footage of Bennett himself getting 'stuck in' is noticeably absent as always.

The truth is that the SWP and all their political front groups have contributed far more to actually boosting BNP membership than they have to confronting it.

One of the leading groups in the 1980's physically confronting the BNP were Red Action, whose founding members were themselves originally from the SWP and their front group the Anti Nazi League.

These members were expelled for 'Squadism', or put simply, using violence and intimidation to break up meetings, marches and other gatherings of far right groups such as the National Front and the British Movement.

The idea behind the tactic was to intimidate groups seen as fascist, without generating media publicity for the far right. In short they were expelled for being part of the tradition of militant anti-fascism that Bennett is today claiming he and the UAF belong too.

Bennett is happy to co-operate with the state while declairing himself a militant.

So much so that a UAF march in Leeds yesterday led by Bennett himself, was halted by the UAF on the request of the police, so that the first Orange Order parade in 40 years could go ahead on time in the same location.


Now that's Bennett's 'militant anti-fascism' for you!


Link to article removed for our own safety

Yorkshire Post upsets UAF/SWP/Searchlight
The police should be ordered to put an immediate halt to the violent attacks on Griffin whenever he pokes his nose above the parapet.
One glance at these thugs shows them to be the same old Trotskyite rabble who have infested British politics for a generation: the same gang who used to shout down Denis Healey during Labour's deputy leadership contest.
Their latest stunt is to offer £200 to anyone who throws Indian food at Griffin. Masterminded by the subversive Socialist Workers Party, they cluster around every controversial issue like maggots on rotten meat.
They were behind the anti-police campaign after the shooting of the young Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes and they ran the Respect Party which put George Galloway into Parliament until he quarrelled with them. The BNP's success is music to their ears.
You will not see them standing for election because they know the voters have no time for them. So they operate like parasites. Their biggest success was setting up the Anti-Nazi League, which was just a SWP front but managed to fool many well-intentioned people.
Now they see the BNP as their next big chance. By inflicting damage on the Labour Party with their "entryism", they are a bigger menace than the BNP ever could be. They are the mirror image of the BNP. A plague on both their houses.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

End of the road for the BNP?

Government aims to criminalise BNP

Thursday, 11 Jun 2009 13:03

British National party's whites-only membership rules will be banned under government's equality bill

The British National party's whites-only membership rules will be banned under upcoming legislation, it has been announced.
Harriet Harman told MPs in the Commons today that the equality bill would make the membership criteria illegal.
The leader of the House and deputy Labour leader told her shadow Alan Duncan that she was "shocked and horrified" by the electoral breakthrough the BNP experienced on Monday when two of its candidates were elected to the European parliament.
"There is no place for a political party in this country to have an apartheid constitution and the equality bill will prevent this from being the case," she said.
The equality bill consolidates all the UK's disparate equality laws into one piece of legislation, including laws related to the provision of goods and services, although it is unclear if it will be these sections which affect the party.
This week newly-elected MEP and BNP party leader Nick Griffin was given a reminder of the fierce opposition to his and his party's views when a press conference outside parliament was hijacked by anti-fascists.
The Metropolitan police are appealing for witnesses after a man and a woman were taken to hospital with minor injuries after eggs were thrown and scuffles broke out.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get out of Britain

MPs' expenses: Shahid Malik admits charging taxpayer for two houses

Shahid Malik has admitted that the taxpayer had met the costs of office space in his constituency house and his designated second home in London simultaneously.

The Communities Minister claimed the maximum second home allowance for his London property while the office on the ground floor of his constituency house was funded through a separate parliamentary “office” expenses system.

The disclosure threatens to undermine the Prime Minister who only returned Mr Malik to government earlier this week after receiving assurances that his financial affairs were in order.

It now appears that Downing Street failed to scrutinise Mr Malik’s expense claims thoroughly before allowing him to hold ministerial office again.

The Daily Telegraph disclosed on Wednesday that Mr Malik had claimed more than £6,500 for a property described only as “office 2” on his parliamentary claim forms.

The minister had declined to tell this newspaper the location of the taxpayer-funded “office 2”. However, it can now be disclosed that “office 2” was the ground floor of his constituency home in Dewsbury.

Mr Malik said he needed the extra office space because the constituency office he inherited was not big enough.

However his expenses files show that he moved out of the original office into a new office in April 2006 but that he continued to submit claims for “office 2” until at least April 2008.

Mr Malik insisted last night that he paid rent separately for the “living area” of his constituency home.

However, no formal rental agreement exists for the “living area” and Mr Malik would not disclose how much rent he paid.

Both the constituency office and his constituency house were owned by controversial landlord, Tahir “Terry” Zaman, a friend of Mr Malik. Mr Malik stepped down as justice minister last month after The Daily Telegraph reported his landlord’s claim that he was paying well below the market rate for the rent of his home in his Dewsbury constituency.

Mr Brown reappointed him as a minister on Tuesday, saying that an investigation by Sir Philip Mawer, the Prime Minister’s adviser on ministerial rules, had cleared Mr Malik of any failure to comply with the Ministerial code.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister refused to publish Sir Philip’s report.

On Wednesday, after calls for publication from figures including Sir Christopher Kelly of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Mr Brown backed down and promised to publish an edited summary of the document.

Mr Malik admitted details of his controversial “two homes on expenses” arrangements on Wednesday night.

Only a day after reappointing Mr Malik to the Government and clearing him of breaking ministerial rules, Downing Street failed to endorse the minister’s actions.

Speaking to journalists at Westminster, Mr Brown’s official spokesman made clear that it was up to Mr Malik to explain his use of public money.

The spokesman said: “If you have any particular accusation that you’d like to make towards Shahid Malik you should make them and you should give him an opportunity to respond to them.”

Over the past four years, Mr Malik has claimed more than £60,000 from the Commons authorities towards his designated “second home” in London. Since 2005, Mr Malik has been embroiled in a series of disputes with the authorities after claiming for a number of luxury items including a £2,600 home cinema system.

However, during this period he also paid Mr Zaman more than £6,500 for “office 2”.

Mr Zaman also let Mr Malik his main constituency office for which he has received at least £6,000. Mr Malik said last night: “When I was elected MP for Dewsbury I rented additional office space in my constituency because the office which I took over from my predecessor did not have enough room to accommodate my staff, who were working with me to serve the needs of my constituents.

“I paid £46 per week rent for the office space which was covered by my IEP cost allowances. A copy of the tenancy agreement was lodged with the House of Commons fees office in the normal way. The rent was paid by me to Yes Properties [Mr Zaman’s company] for which I was subsequently reimbursed by the Fees Office. In addition, I paid rent for the living accommodation. I made no claim under any allowance for the living accommodation.

“My home in Burnley was listed with the House of Commons fees office and with HMRC as my main home until I sold this in 2008.”


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Culprit?


I was in the office today when someone announced that BNP leader Nick Griffin was holding a press conference outside Parliament. Keen to cover the event and to let Griffin know what I thought of him, I volunteered for the assignment. I jumped into the car and raced over to Westminster.

I arrived and met up with fellow Mirror photographer Carl Fox to discuss tactics.Karl positioned himself for the press conference as I went over to the road for Griffins arrival picture.

His car drew up and his heavies to cleared the public and tourists off the footpath so that Griffin had a clear walk to the waiting cameras.Whilst standing there talking about how he was treated by the press- a crowd of protesters arrived from behind followed by a well aimed egg.

The egg hit him square on the shoulder, Peter Macdiarmid from Getty Images got the frame. He hit the button just as the egg found its target, a great news picture!




We wonder if James Vellocet tips off terrorists as to the whereabouts of royalty and other politicians.



FEARS that Gordon Brown is secretly plotting to scrap the pound for the Euro were fuelled yesterday after the scale of the Government’s stealth plans were revealed.

Whitehall departments are spending time and taxpayers’ money updating their plans for the switch and each one has a named minister in charge of the process, it emerged.

Detailed talks have taken place in departments about what they would have to do if Britain joined.

They include explaining to the public how the move would affect their council tax and business-rate bills and how the BBC would pay for the £10 million cost of changing the TV licence fee to Euros.

The disclosures come just months after European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso claimed Britain was “closer than ever” to joining the Euro.

Pro-Europe Business Secretary Lord Mandelson also said in December that “our aim, our goal, should be to enter the single currency” and the Government was “right to maintain a long-term policy objective of taking Britain into the Euro”.

Details of how the Government is paving the way for change were extracted from ministers in answers to Parliamentary questions.

Shadow Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said: “The public will be alarmed that Government departments are spending time and money on preparing to scrap the pound.

“It now appears that Gordon Brown and Lord Mandelson have a secret Whitehall agenda to exploit their appalling mismanagement of the public finances and use it as an excuse to join the Euro.

“Time and resources better spent on improving local public services are now being spent on preparing to issue council tax bills and TV licences in the new currency.

"Only Conservatives are committed never to join the Euro, preserving our economic independence, and we will scrap these white elephant changeover plans.’’

Details of the Government’s preparations for joining the Euro, which Labour has said will happen only if the British people vote Yes in a referendum, came ahead of Thursday’s elections to the European Parliament.

Lorraine Mullally, director of the Eurosceptic think tank Open Europe, said: “There is virtually no appetite in Britain for the Euro, especially at the moment as many Eurozone countries come under severe pressure in the recession.

"So it’s extraordinary that the Government has been busy working behind the scenes to secretly prepare Britain’s entry.

“When President Barroso said ‘the people who matter in Britain are currently thinking about’ joining the Euro, he certainly wasn’t talking about the British people. He was talking about Gordon Brown and his team of ‘Euro ministers’.”

Today, a ComRes survey for the TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals that just 28 per cent of the public think Britain should join the Euro, with 68 per cent opposing the move.

The Communities and Local Government Department’s plan spells out the need to prepare for council tax and business rate bills to be issued in the new currency.

But a Treasury spokesman insisted last night: “Nothing has changed in our policy. There are no active plans to join the Euro.”

Sunday, June 07, 2009

BNP win seats in Yorkshire & North West!

SKY News has just reported that Andrew Brons has been elected. Has has Nick Griffin.

BNP wins European Parliament seat

The BNP has won its first MEP in what is shaping up to be an historic defeat for Labour in the European elections.

Health Secretary Andy Burnham said the BNP win was a "sad moment". The BNP candidate said it was the "first step to freedom" from EU "dictatorship".

Labour could be on course to dip below 20% of the vote in what Harriet Harman has called a "very dismal" night.

The party lost a whopping 12% in Wales, which saw it lose there for the first time since 1918.

The BNP won its first MEP after gaining more than 120,000 votes in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Earlier, protesters briefly stopped BNP leader Nick Griffin from entering the building in Manchester where results of European elections are being announced.

The BNP won more than 120,139 votes in the Yorkshire region, slightly less than in 2004, but enough to take one of the six seats on offer in the region.

Successful candidate Andrew Brons, a retired university lecturer, acknowledged that his victory would not be "universally popular".

Despite the lies, money and misrepresentation, we have managed to win through
Andrew Brons, BNP

He said the party, which is accused by its opponents of stirring racial hatred, something it denies, had survived an "onslaught" by the media and the political classes during the campaign.

"Despite the lies, money and misrepresentation, we have managed to win through," he said.

The election was the "first step" towards the UK removing itself from the "EU dictatorship", he added.

The BNP also hopes to win a seat in the North West region, where its leader Nick Griffin is standing.

But as he arrived at the count on Sunday, his car was surrounded by noisy protesters and it drove off without him getting out.

Mr Griffin later entered the building through the back entrance.

The BNP leader was accompanied by a number of minders.

There is a substantial police presence outside Manchester Town Hall, where the votes for the region are being counted.

Police said one man was arrested in scuffles when Mr Griffin tried to get into the building through the front entrance and his car was surrounded by a small crowd of noisy protesters.

"Mr Griffin has been driven away to avoid the protests that they have set up at both entrances," a council spokesman said.

"Mr Griffin, as one of the MEP candidates, will have to gain access to the town hall at some point for the count," it added.

The BNP has targeted the North West during the campaign.

It won one of its three English county council seats in Burnley in Thursday's elections.

The BNP is hoping to improve on its European performance in 2004 when it won just under 5% of the vote.

Discussion on this breakthrough is going on in the NATIONALISTS ONLINE forum link here; http://www.nwn-forum.co.uk/index.php

Saturday, June 06, 2009

New council leader excludes BNP

The new leader of Stoke-on-Trent City Council has pledged not to include the British National Party in his cabinet.

Ross Irving, a Conservative and Independent Alliance councillor, said the far right party's national policies were a "total anathema" to him.

Mr Irving defeated City Independent candidate Brian Ward to replace Labour's mayor Mark Meredith.

Councillor Alby Walker, group leader of the BNP, which has nine members on the council, said he "wasn't surprised".

He added: "He is part of the former executive and he's obviously taking instructions from Conservative head office."

System changed

Eight BNP councillors boycotted the leader ballot after Councillor Walker came last in the second round.

Mr Irving said: "It's unfortunate that some of their national policies, to people like myself, are total anathema and I would not be able to work with them in an executive capacity."

The council has replaced its unique version of the elected mayor system with a council leader and cabinet set-up following criticism that the city's political system was not working.

The BNP's nine councillors makes it the joint third-largest group on the authority along with the Conservative and Independent Alliance.

The largest group is the City Independents, which has 15 seats, followed by Labour which has 14.

Friday, June 05, 2009

BNP wins first ever county council seat

The British National Party won its first ever county council seat in the UK today.

The far right party won its first seat in Lancashire in the party's stronghold of Burnley as Labour was routed.

Sharon Wilkinson was elected to Lancashire County Council with a massive 30 per cent of the vote as electors dumped Labour in their droves.

Her victory in the Padiham and Burnley West ward, where she was born and brought up, is a major victory for the party.



Thursday, June 04, 2009

'Heretical two' to be deported from USA

Convicted racists to be deported from USA

Date: 04 June 2009
A Preston man, seeking asylum in the United States after being convicted of hate speech crimes in the UK will be deported after nearly a year in US custody.
Stephen Whittle, 42, and Simon Sheppard, 52, of Selby, fled in July 2008 after being convicted of publishing hate speech against Jews and other groups on their website.

The men sought asylum under America's free speech protections, claiming they were being persecuted for their right-wing views.
They were taken into custody at Los Angeles International Airport when they asked a uniformed US official for help.

An immigration judge ordered that the men be deported to the UK to face justice, the Los Angeles Times reported.
Sheppard and Whittle fled the UK last July during a trial at Leeds Crown Court after being released on bail while the jury deliberated over further charges after convicting them on several counts.

Calling all nationalists

Please call your local police stations ASAP about the following:

Yesterday the anti-fascist campaign group Searchlight joined forces with Barack Obama's online campaign team Blue State Digital to launch an unprecedented e-canvass of 500,000 electors urging them to reject 'the BNP's message of division and hate'.

Take note:

What is the Full Electoral Roll?

The full register lists everyone who is entitled to vote. The UK's 3 Credit reference agencies, Equifax, Experian and Callcredit are allowed to use the full registers, but only to check your name and address if you are applying for credit, and to prevent money laundering.

Anyone who has a copy of the full register will be committing a criminal offence if they unlawfully pass on information from it.

It is a criminal offence for organisations to pass it on to anyone else or to use it for any other purpose.

BREAKING NEWS: Lightning coup to oust Gordon Brown

Is this the end for Gordon Brown ?

Gordon Brown tonight faces a lightning coup after the shock resignation of Hazel Blears.

The embattled Prime Minister could be forced to quit in days say senior backbenchers who aim to amass 75 MPs' names on a letter calling on him to go. A possible replacement could be Health Secretary Alan Johnson.

Barry Sheerman, who chairs the Commons children's committee, said that “across the party, there is a disillusionment with the way the parliamentary party has been consulted, treated and valued”.

The plot gathered pace after Communities Secretary Ms Blears quit the Cabinet. Ms Blears dropped her bombshell 90 minutes before Prime Minister's Questions and the day before the local and European elections. As if to underline her message, the minister, under fire over her expenses claims, wore a brooch bearing the words “Rocking the Boat”.

Mr Sheerman said Mr Brown was “heading for trouble”, adding: “If you lose your base of support, and if even the Cabinet starts to feel unhappy with the leadership of the Prime Minister, then that is one indication of unhappiness and it destabilises a regime. If you do that with a broader group of colleagues in the parliamentary party, right across the political spectrum, then you are really in trouble and you've got to do something fast before it gets unstoppable.”

Mr Sheerman is the most heavyweight figure to call on Mr Brown to go. Cabinet ministers are said to be ready to call for his resignation if he ignores the revolt.

One MP said: “It's 50/50 whether he lasts beyond Monday. If he went on Monday night, there could be a new leader by Tuesday and probably a general election in October or November.” Crisis point for Mr Brown is on Sunday night when the European election results are announced.

Labour's rulebook allows the Cabinet to install an interim leader within a day. A formal confirmation process would then be held, open to any candidate mustering 12.5 per cent of MPs as supporters.

But in a blunt warning to the plotters, Lord Mandelson said changing leader would probably trigger an early general election, with disastrous consequences for Labour. In fierce Commons clashes, David Cameron called Ms Blears's resignation “a direct challenge” to the PM's authority — and few ministers disagreed. “The Government is collapsing before our eyes,” said Mr Cameron. No 10 was taken completely by surprise by Ms Blears, who told the Prime Minister in a face-to-face meeting in his study at 9.45. She issued her own statement 45 minutes later.

“Today I have told the Prime Minister that I am resigning from the Government,” she said. Hinting she will speak out in future against Mr Brown's policies and direction, she added: “I am returning to the grassroots . . . to the cut and thrust of political debate.”

It swiftly emerged that Ms Blears was yesterday challenged by Cabinet Office officials, who are trawling through ministerial expense claims, of new concerns about her failure to pay capital gains tax.

Sources hinted this lay behind her sudden resignation and, in later comments, Mr Brown, Lord Mandelson and Liam Byrne all implied that she had decided to go because of the stress of having her claims under scrutiny.

Ms Blears was accused of repeatedly “flipping” her second home addresses to maximise her Commons expenses claims and she then paid £13,000 in capital gains tax.

There was deeping hostility between Ms Blears' friends and No 0 after the briefings she quit over her tax affairs.

A spokesman for Ms Blears said the facts about both her flats and the tax bill had been published on her website since 15 May. “This is not new information,” he said, insisting it had nothing to do with her resignation. A friend of the minister said “a classic smear operation” had been launched against her. In an ominous sign for Mr Brown, he was haemorrhaging support from previously loyal Labour MPs. “The boil is about to be lanced,” said one senior backbencher. Another MP who has stuck by Mr Brown throughout his troubled premiership gave up backing him today. “It's inconceivable that anyone could do worse,” he said. “If a comparison is needed, it is Iain Duncan Smith.” Mr Duncan Smith was forced out by Tory MPs and replaced by Michael Howard as leader before the 2005 election.

In further blows to the Prime Minister, the Standard has learned that Chancellor Alistair Darling is resisting a move to the Home Office. Friends say he has “absolutely no intention” of going to the department vacated by Jacqui Smith.

The dramatic moves, coming after Ms Smith, Tom Watson and Beverley Hughes all announced they were quitting, fuelled the impression that Mr Brown's authority was ebbing fast.

The departure of Ms Blears left Mr Brown speeding up the planned reshuffle. Senior sources said he was this afternoon close to completing what would be a “very significant change in government”, with many senior ministers changing jobs.

But any hope of a smooth relaunch of the Government's fortunes were in tatters after the string of early resignations. Tom Brown, one of the Prime Minister's oldest friends, told Sky News that he would dig in and defy his critics. “I think he is hurting. He doesn't want to be remembered for being forced out of office. I think he will be bunkering down,” he said.

Mr Brown attacked Labour MPs, claiming they were “panic merchants who are not members of the Labour party but members of a self-survival club”. Mr Cameron pointed out that Ms Blears was the minister in charge of local government — making her resignation on the eve of council elections all the more extraordinary.

Lord Mandelson insisted that Ms Blears' departure was solely connected with her expenses. “I don't think it's anything to do with the Prime Minister. We are seeing a huge blowback against ministers from this expenses scandal. Unfortunately, she's paid the price.”

Lord Mandelson said “the Government and the party has to keep its nerve” and praised Mr Brown's performance against the Tory leader in the Commons.

“The Prime Minister was on top of his game and David Cameron wasn't able to land a glove. That's because David Cameron has no substance,” he said.

Loyalists begged the PM to assert his authority or face a full-scale leadership crisis. Labour MP John Mann said he hoped Mr Brown would lead the party to the election. “I hope he will but to do so he has got to go for it,” he said.




Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We hope the police are watching

UAF, NUT, Labour Party Councillors, Teachers, AFED, IWW

We have been informed that the above named attended a meeting in Sunderland last week where a plot was hatched to cause civil disobedience and acts of violence against BNP members in their homes and at polling stations in the NW region. Students from Bishop Auckland have also threatened to attack election counts in the NE region.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...