Monday, October 09, 2006

Last stand for Zimbabwe’s (last 400) White Farmers (previously: 4,000)

Well, we're getting to the end for the last handful of whites.
They drove out the others - bringing the numbers down from over 4,000 to 400 or so. And here we see the final ones going. Its been a long battle... for the last 6 years. But as I have said previously, Mugabe won't be happy until EVERY LAST WHITE FARMER IS GONE!
They're winding up.
In my book, Government by Deception, I wrote of "The White's Last Stand" here in S.Africa too. And bit by bit, the situation is taking us there. Zim is now completely finished and totally screwed.
S.Africa is now starting... we've already lost about 20,000 white commercial farmers here... 45,000 to go!
And go they will... it might take 15 more years or so.
But we whites are being DRIVEN OUT - piece by piece - and its not stopping. They will not stop until we've all gone. So this news article entitled "Last Stand for Zimbabwe's White Farmers" brings me back to my book.
Eventually we whites will have to prepare for our LAST BATTLE on this continent. If we lose... then you can switch off the lights in Africa and forget about it completely because it is reverting very quickly back to the Stone Age. 350 years of development - wiped out virtually overnight - civilisation - gone!
The crazy black leaders of Southern Africa are quite happy to undo hundreds of years of hard work and progress and to send their own people back to the Stone Age. And that, is what the Last Battle will be all about. Jan]Karoi - A tiny court in a shabby farming town in Zimbabwe was the setting yesterday for a last despairing attempt to stop President Robert Mugabe from evicting the country’s few surviving white farmers.
A new law about to pass parliament will, in effect, give the regime power in the next 90 days to dispossess the last few hundred white farmers who still cling to their land. Two white farming families who have already received eviction letters appealed to the magistrates' court in Karoi to halt the orders.
If the Nel and Terblanche families lose the test case, there will be nothing in law to stop Mr Mugabe from eliminating the surviving white landowners. Didymus Mutasa, the lands and security minister, is leading the final offensive.
David Drury, the lawyer representing the two families, told the court that Mr Mutasa "has dragged my clients to court... in a futile bid to evict them". He said the regime's application for the eviction of the Nel and Terblanche families was "incompetent, illegal and an abuse of all sorts of rules and all sorts of laws". Mr Drury said the regime had already ignored a provisional high court order allowing the families to remain on their land.
Earlier, officials had served eviction notices on the wrong people.A constitutional amendment passed last year declared every acre of land that has ever been listed for seizure - about 6,000 white-owned farms in total - the property of the state. That move prevented the owners from having any recourse to the courts.
But Mr Drury's central argument was that the amendment "did not give the state powers to evict farmers... without due process of law and the status quo has to remain". The magistrate, Archibald Dingani, will rule tomorrow on whether he accepts this argument. On his decision hangs the fate not only of the Nel and Terblanche families but all of the last whites still clinging to their homes.
After the hearing, Daniel Nel, 44, who was a government-approved South African investor, asked: "I am a white African, so why must I go?" He said: "We are operating on about 20 per cent of the land we used to have, but we still produce many thousands of tonnes of crops, and do so with government loans. So why do they want us to go?"
Six years ago, 258 white farmers lived in Karoi district, 125 miles north-west of Harare. Today, only 11 remain.
Across the country, the white farming community has plummeted from 4,000 landowners before Mr Mugabe's land grab in 2000 to a few hundred today.
Zimbabwe's economy has contracted by more than 40 per cent since 2000 and about one third of the population now depends on food aid. From The Daily Telegraph (UK), 4 October 2006Source: WWW.ZwNews.Com

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