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There will be a BNP Leadership Challenge this year !

That is all we are saying at the moment.

There is rather a lot going on behind the scenes, and we are not at liberty to give away anymore information.

Suffice to say, that unless and until, Nick Griffin is purged from the nationalist body politic, there will be opposition to that parasite.

Griffin has put the nationalist struggle back over 10 years.

For a start, nationalist unity must be made a priority.

Leeds Rhinos win Rugby League World Club Challenge

This site would like to congratulate Leeds Rhinos in their win tonight at Elland Road, Leeds, in front of over 33,000 + fans.

Leeds won 11 - 4 against the Australian club Melbourne Storm.

Another plus for British Rugby !

Hello, hello, hello; what's all this then ?

"The accountants for the college are Edgar and Jean Griffin, Nick Griffin's parents, who live in Welshpool, Powys. Edgar Griffin confirmed that the language school was a "substantial business", but declined to say why its reported profits were so small. "You must know that an accountant can't talk about his client's affairs to anyone, leave alone a newspaper," he said."

Spotted in todays GUARDIAN newspaper.

We invite comments please !

Asian taxi wars

Taxi firm attacked by gang

A GANG of armed men smashed up a taxi firm during a burglary in Heywood, Lancashire.

At about 10.25pm on Tuesday, at least three men entered Britannia Cars on Cowburn Street armed with baseball bats. One of the men was carrying a silver baseball bat and he threatened to harm the taxi base operator if she did not lie on the floor.
The gang then began smashing up the premises using the bats. Nothing was stolen during the incident and the men then fled in a car. The man carrying the baseball bat was described as Asian, about 5ft 8in to 5ft 10in tall, about 35-years-old and wearing a dark coloured tracksuit and dark coloured gloves. He spoke with an Asian voice mixed with a Mancunian accent. There is no description of the rest of the gang.
Detective Constable Damien McLaughlin, of Rochdale CID, said: "While there were no physical injuries to the operator, she was obviously left very upset and frightened after her ordeal. To threaten anyone with weapons is a cowardly act, but to use those weapons and smash the place up while a woman lay defenceless on the floor shows these offenders have no respect for anyone.
"Inquiries are ongoing to identify and trace these offenders and I would appeal to anyone with information to come forward." Anyone with information is asked to call Rochdale CID on 0161 856 4646 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
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Taxi war anyone? The law of the jungle reigns supreme when those involved in largely cash-only enterprises fall out. (For the lawyers: I'm not saying that's the case, here.) Time for HMRC , police and DVLA, to target taxi firm operators, owners, and the drivers, many of whom are trousering large amounts of undeclared earnings.

Laura Norder, Didsbury29/02/2008 at 11:51
I wish that I had freedom of speech on this site to submit a comment on this matter that would not be censered.
David,North M/C29/02/2008 at 11:10

Jewish journalists frighten 9/11 "investigator"

From:"Martin Webster"

To:"Ian Henshall"
"Tony Hancock"

"Mr. Henshall,
Why did you thank me for my interest in your new book ["9/11: The New Evidence"] when you then proceeded to tell me that my interest was surplus to your requirements in that it might bring down on your head the wrath of left wing pro-Zionist Jewish journalists?
It would have been more honest of you to say: "Eff off -- your interest in my book might compromise my standing with the Establishment media, especially powerful Jewish commentators."I note -- and connect with the above -- your assertion that you feel the Mossad had a minor involvement in the 9/11 affair.
This will lead the ignorant to wonder who on earth was the principal beneficiary of the operation, when the answer to that question is all too obvious to anybody with perception and the guts.Isn't it a classic and quite reputable way of analysing historical events by asking the question: "Who benefits?"
No doubt in your new book you have carefully explained away the incident at the time of the 9/11 attack when a large number of Israeli nationals were arrested overlooking New York and who were (according to local police who made the arrests) sight-seeing the attack and jumping up and down with glee, hugging each other with delight.All these Israelis, believed to be Mossad agents (I think posing as removal men or shipping agents) were whisked out of the USA to Israel with great speed by order of the U.S. government.
No serious questioning of them was allowed to take place.
If my memory serves me correctly, this is only one element of a significant "Israel link" to the attack which stampeded America and much of "the West" to accept the Zionist/Neo-Con promoted "Clash of Civilisations" concept.That concept was devised to mobilise "the West" to take up arms against the Muslim/Arab world in a war which would secure Israel's future and expansion.The idea that the Iraq war was launched (as so many Zionist-propaganda intimidated lefty/liberals would have it) "so that America could grab Iraq's oil" is grotesque and pathetic.
The gigantic amount of cash that American has squandered on the invasion, "pacification" and reconstruction of Iraq is so huge that it represents the most expensive oil purchase of all time. The figures indicate that the war CANNOT have been fought "for oil".

The only credible explanation for the invasion of Iraq and other proposed wars in that region (such as the impending war against Iran) is the safeguarding of Israel.
I don't say that the Israelis planned and organised the 9/11 attack -- and I don't say they didn't.
I don't have all the full facts (nor do you) to be able to come to a definite conclusion.However, I advance as a credible working hypothesis the following: Israeli intelligence services (said to be the best in the world) became aware of the Islamist fanatics' plan, realised its potential in mobilising "the West" against Israel's enemies, and did not warn America of the impending attack.
Don't say the Zionists would not behave in such a ghastly and cynical way against their American "friends", "allies" and chief financial sponsors.
Don't you recollect the attack on the U.S.S. 'Liberty' at the outset of the 1967 war?
This signals intelligence ship, was fully decked-out as part of the U.S. Navy. It was in international waters. It was attacked without warning and bombed by Israeli aircraft. After the bombers had done their worst, Israeli fighters arrived to machine-gun the crew as they struggled in the water.
The 'Liberty' was undoubtedly collecting intelligence on Israeli military communications traffic.
This would have established immediately what has only relatively-recently become established: that Israel, not Egypt and its allies, started that war for the purpose of expanding its borders in accordance with long-established and freely-admitted Zionist ambitions.
The then U.S. President, Lyndon B. Johnson, (one of the most corrupt men ever to hold that office) ordered his nation's navy NOT to go to the assistance of the 'Liberty' (in terms of fighting-off its attackers) and ordered senior U.S. Navy commanders to keep the incident secret if they were to keep their jobs and pensions and avoid prosecution.
All the details have been revealed by U.S. Admiral Moorer on his web site (but too late to affect the historical outcome). Google-up U.S.S. Liberty and Admiral Moorer and see what you find.
British governments have been equally craven in the face of Zionist war crimes.
Only during the last few days there have been two instances of this.
Last Tuesday the BBC News web site reported the outcome of an incident which has been hushed-up for the past couple of years: An Israeli Major-General, Doron Almog, against whom an arrest-warrant has been issued in respect of alleged crimes against humanity he perpetrated in Gaza, had landed at London's Heathrow Airport.
Police were sent to effect his arrest, but he had been tipped-off and refused to leave the plane.
Police feared to enter into the plane for fear of being shot by Israeli "Air Marshalls" who were on board, so Almog was allowed to fly out.
Last Thursday, under the headline "How Labour used the law to keep criticism of Israel secret - Concern over nuclear arsenal removed from Iraq dossier", The Guardian reported that it had seen the full text and a witness statement from a senior Foreign Official official who had argued behind closed doors that any public mention in the Iraq Weapons Dossier of a candid reference to Israel's illegal development of nuclear weapons "would seriously damage UK/Israeli relations".
What has your and my doubts about the official account of the 9/11 attack -- and certainly my deprication of Israel's activities in Palestine, which increasingly resemble "racist, Nazi-style genocide in a scramble for lebensraum" -- got to do with the issue of the WW2 "Holocaust"?
Whenever Israel, the Zionists or Jewry in general are caught red-handed in political corruption, financial swindles or other crimes, or perpetrating crimes against humanity (as in Lebonan in July 2006 or in the West Bank and Gaza at this very moment), then all they need to do is shout "Anti-Semitism!!" or "Holocaust Denial!" for people like you to go into knee-jerk mode and scurry to the nearest parapet for cover.
I will not waste my money on buying your book -- nor will I recommend it -- now that I have found out more about it and you.
You can send a copy of this e-mail to all those Jewish journalists who have spooked you so badly. You might ingratiate yourself with them and earn good reviews. That's the way to achieve "success" these days.
Ask Nick Griffin.

Martin Webster.

From: Ian Henshall To: Martin Webster , Tony Hancock Date: Thursday, February 21, 2008 12:49 PM

Subject: Re: Ian Henshall's new book

Hello Martin Webster,
Thanks for your interest.
Actually the book is available in most bookshops, or should be.
My reading of the 911 attacks is that it was a network from various agencies, probably led by people in the area of the State Department and the CIA, calling on contacts in Pakistan's ISI, Saudi intel and Mossad.
The main attack on the 911 Truth movement is that we are "holocaust deniers" ie anti-semitic and it is amazing to note the key media people who have attacked us are Johan Hari, Nick Cohen, David Aaronovitch, George Monbiot, Mathew Rothschild.
Although I am always keen to sell my book I think it would be bad tactics to be linked to your networks, because it would give these people more ammunition.
Also I do not think Mossad played the major part, so it's a hiding to nothing so to speak.
As it happens Tony at the Print Factory is an old acquaintance, although I suspect we may have profound political differences in some areas.
Ian Henshall

At 20:35 20/02/2008, Martin Webster wrote:From: Martin Webster To: Ian Henshall Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 12:20 PM
Subject: "9/11: The New Evidence"
Dear Ian,
My apologies for not attending your book-launch meeting yesterday evening. Mondays are always very busy for me and I need rather more than six days notice to re-schedule.
I do hope the event was well-supported, that the discussion was lively and that you were able to sell and autograph lots of copies of "9/11: The New Evidence".I would like to buy a copy myself.
Can I do so through you directly?
If so, please let me have a price including postage and an address to which I should send my order and cheque. If you can inscribe it, that would be great. If not, can you recommend a shop in London which has it in stock?
I will also put in a requisition for the book with Wandsworth Borough Public Library. For this purpose, please give me the name and address of the publisher, ISBN number and any other details I might need to put on the form.I will also copy this e-mail to Tony Hancock at The Print Factory in Uckfield, East Sussex. He runs a thriving mail order book sales department supported by a web site and regular mailings to his client base and may be interested.
Do keep in touch with developments.
(Martin Webster)

-----Original Message-----From: Ian Henshall To: Ian Henshall Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 11:40 AM
Subject: "9/11: The New Evidence" Public meeting with author Ian Henshall
London 9/11 Truth presents:"9/11: The New Evidence"
An evening with Ian Henshall, author of the recently-published book of the same title, and fellow-campaigners.
Monday 18th February, 7.30 pm
Mahatma Gandhi Hall, Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1(tube Warren St)Admission Free

Ian will be signing copies of his book and answering questions.Introducing his talk Ian will say"The drip drip of new evidence continues to strengthen the case for scepticism over the official story of the 911 attacks."Several elements of the new picture were highlighted in 911 The New Evidence.
These are:* the admission that there was a anti-hijack exercise running at the same time as the "real" attacks,* the admission that the 911 Commission was, as two of its members later said, "set up to fail",* the failure to provide any explanation for the collapse of WTC7 (which was not hit by a plane),* the release of the official flight recorder data from Flt 77 showing that it could not have hit the PentagonIn 911 The New Evidence Henshall presented many more details which are not widely known, even to 911 sceptics*
At the trial of alleged 20th hijacker Moussaoui the FBI mysteriously withheld the US visa applications of the alleged hijacker leaders (Atta, Shehi, Jarrah, Hanjour). These would have been issued through the US Berlin embassy.
David Edger, the CIA operations chief there, later admitted that they were aware of the hijackers. Edger is an expert on politically targeted intelligence operations and was active in Chile during the US led coup which took place on September 11 1973.* The original 2002 FEMA report timed the aircraft crashes in New York to 20 seconds AFTER the explosions which eyewitnesses say they heard in the basement of the buildings and which were picked on the seismic records.*
The FEMA report noted unexplained traces on sulphur and its experts commented on the signs of vaporisation of the WTC sections. Both these reports, indicating the use of explosives, have been ignored in subsequent inquiries.* a close reading of the various limited transcripts that have been released shows that air traffic controllers thought the apparently hijacked planes were part of the Pentagon's anti-hijack exercise.*
Condoleeza Rice and George Tenet both lied on oath to the 911 Commission.
Since The New Evidence was published last autumn there have been more developments.* The Sunday Times revelations from FBI translator Sibel Edmonds confirm early reports that four Israelis arrested after a tip-off after they were seen celebrating and filming the collapse of the Towers were indeed operatives and were released under pressure from top Washington neocons.* another deadline for the promised report on the collapse of WTC7 has silently slipped by* a new book based on leaks to a New York Times writer has highlighted the improper relations between the 911 Commission's executive director Philip Zelikow and his close associates in the White House.* ex Italian President Cossiga, who exposed the US/UK Gladio operation in Europe has now denounced 911 as a false flag operation in the mainstream Italian media.
In an eerie parallel to 911, Gladio used front organisations to carry out false flag terror attacks as a political weapon.
The most notable example was the Bologna bombing.*
Opposition leaders in Japan have raised questions over the 911 attacks in Parliament there.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

BBC spends £750,000 coaching ethnic minority staff despite axing up to 1,800 jobs to save money
The BBC has sparked controversy by spending £750,000 of licence fee cash on coaching ethnic minority staff into top jobs.

Corporation chiefs have launched a new drive to help minority employees get senior posts after it failed to hit its own diversity targets.

But the new mentoring scheme has been condemned as "politically correct" positive discrimination which will create resentment amongst staff.
Scroll down for more...

The new scheme has been condemned as 'politically correct' positive discrimination which will create resentment amongst staff
They are also bemused how the corporation can afford to spend £750,000 on the three year scheme when it is axing up to 1,800 jobs.

BBC plans will see half of the 30 places a year on the new scheme ring-fenced for staff from ethnic backgrounds. A further six each year will be handed to disabled applicants, with nine places remaining annually open to people from any background.

Among the mentors helping those on the scheme will be the BBC's own director general Mark Thompson and members of the executive board.
The corporation is branding the moves as 'positive action' rather than positive discrimination, which it says is illegal.

The mentoring will include five and a half days development spread over the year, plus monthly coaching sessions with bosses.
Yesterday politicians criticised the plans saying the BBC should promote all staff on the basis of ability not colour.

Conservative Philip Davies, who sits on the culture, media and sport select committee, said: "Most licence fee payers will be appalled to find that the BBC is spending three quarters of a million pounds on some politically correct policy.

"It seems to me that they are admitting that the BBC is racist in their recruitment. If they are not being racist in their recruitment then there is no need to have this scheme."

He added: "Positive action is just the new word for positive discrimination. This sort of thing does so much damage and builds up resentment. People should just be selected on merit."

The moves are being branded the BBC's biggest ever push to increase the diversity of its workforce.

It is said the scheme will nurture people from ethnic minorities who have the potential to take on senior roles. Director of BBC People Steve Kelly told in-house magazine Ariel: "Because the BBC now believes that change is not going to happen any other way, it has made the conscious decision to take positive action."

This comes after corporation bosses have been stung by claims it is more "hideously white" than ever.

It has fewer bosses from ethnic minorities than four years ago, when then-director general Greg Dyke used the damning phrase to describe its workforce.

In 2003, 4.4 per cent of BBC managers were from minority backgrounds.
But the latest figure is down to 4.3 per cent - well short of the 7 per cent target set for 2008.

At the beginning of the month, one of its performers, Lenny Henry also lambasted the BBC and other broadcasters for not employing enough black staff.

He claimed that racism still exists in TV and called on broadcasters to take "affirmative action" to remedy the situation.

This week another of the BBC's on screen staff also hit out at the situation.
Correspondent Barnie Choudhury said he wanted the culture ministry to launch an independent investigation similar to the McPherson inquiry into the police on the issue.

He claimed the BBC was "institutionally insensitive" on allowing stereotypes on air and claimed he was sick of defending the industry to ethnic minorities.

NWN: Seems like the old TV wanting even more black faces on our screens. Well, they could have CRIMEWATCH on twice a week then instead of the once .

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A shocking abuse of freedom of speech



This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in Campbelltown and you are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement.

However, we are a society which holds 'Freedom of Speech' as perhaps our greatest liberty.

And after all, it is only a sign.

You may ask "what kind of business would dare post such a sign ?."

Answer: A Funeral Home(Who said morticians had no sense of humour?)

You gotta love it!!!

God Bless Australia and keep our Troops Safe and Well.

NWN: Sent in by Jack from Rochdale. Good sentiments. Our troops should not be where they are, but may they all come back home safe.
Earthquake in North West UK ?

Who felt the place shake just over 10 minutes ago ?

BBC now reporting the tremors. 01.40 am GMT.

Most Nationalists will have heard of the incarceration of Kevin Hughes, the former Worcestershire Organiser. Kevin was and is a good friend of mine(Cllr.Simon Smith).
I visited him often in prison. Now he wishes to put in the public domain information about the trial.

I asked Kevin to give a brief account of what happened the night he encountered a particular Iraqi Kurd.

This is what he said :"I had been out with my friend and his partner. On leaving I was walking parallel with a chap who looked foreign and I asked him where he was from and he told me to "fuck off" and he pushed me.

I pushed him back and then he hit me. I then grabbed him by the shoulders to stop him striking me again and we both tumbled to the floor.
I got up and walked away,went to the nearest telephone and called my wife to come and pick me up.

When she arrived I got into the car and we drove off.

At the traffic lights the door opened and a policeman put me under arrest for suspicion of assault.The Iraqi Kurd was by his side, his shirt was still on his back and un-ripped and there were no injuries.
I was held overnight and charged with "racially aggravated Common Assault " the next day."

Kevin informs me that the company that he paid to give him the manuscripts from his trial nearly two years ago have misrepresented what happened.

The company responsible for providing the manuscripts are :
Margaret Wort & CoEdial Farm,Burntwood, Staffs.

Every Crown Court trial is recorded on tape, and there is provision for the accused to have a written transcript of the recording. Despite being told that the manuscripts would be available after six weeks, it took four and a half months for them to become available !

There may just be a suggestion of a fishy smell here bearing in mind what was related to me next.

The manuscripts bear no correspondence to the trial whatsoever.

Kevin assures me they are a fallacy.

The main flaw in the supposed trial accounts mention that the charge from “Racially Aggravated Common Assault” to “section 47 assault” (ABH) was at the instigation of the prosecution when it was in fact at the instigation of the judge.

The upgrading of the charge occurred after the judge asserted that the Iraqi had a cut on his head and before the jury entered the courtroom AND THEREFORE BEFORE EVIDENCE WAS PRESENTED BY THE PROSECUTION.

I have no criminal law knowledge. Kevin who has looked into this has said for a judge to upgrade a charge is highly irregular and from what he has researched, actually “illegal” .

Kevin Hughes was tried by Judge McEvoy at Worcester Crown Court on 25/5/06 , was convicted of racially assaulting a (twice failed) Iraqi asylum seeker and sentenced to two and a half years in prison. (Isn't it strange that the Establishment can murder hundreds of thousands of Iraqis yet present one up as a "victim" when needed !)

The trial had many questionable features to it, including:

1). No photographic or medical evidence entered with respect of Kevin’s alleged assault on the other party. In fact ,the Iraqi was completely unblemished even though accusing Kevin of punching him six or seven times in the face.

Kevin is an extremely powerfully built man and could seriously injure someone if he was so minded. There were doctor’s notes for Kevin who had been punched in the head BUT NONE for the other party.

How could Judge McEvoy make the assertion he did about the cut ? (Does Judge McEvoy belong to the same Masonic Lodge as Lord Hutton ?

2). Questioning of Kevin’s political beliefs, including BNP membership, whether he was a councillor and his views on immigration – with the usual inference that said membership bestows a “thug” tag on such a person.


3). Other than the Iraqi and Kevin Hughes there were no witnesses. Many may find this very odd and for what its worth I'm told it's a breach of Magna Carta !

Kevin Hughes persecution at the hands of Judge McEvoy and no doubt his Masonic Establishment contacts who instructed him needs to be widely known. Political interference in trials is seen to a greater extent than the 'Establishment' would like to admit.

I don’t believe there is a separation of Judicial from the Executive and Legislative parts of government as the Establishment likes us to believe.

Kevin was a political prisoner.

He had been the Worcestershire organiser for the BNP, a superb activist, including canvassing all over England for the BNP. Instrumental in getting the first BNP councillor elected in Redditch, (the constituency of a JOKE of a Home Secretary Jacqui Smith – but they’re all puppets anyway, even when they seem plausible.)

The Establishment had clearly removed what they thought was a political threat to the future Home Secretary's "territory".

NWN: This report was for Kevin Hughes who spoke to Cllr.Simon Smith.

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National Front - can you donate ?

The NF have got a Paypal scheme in operation.

If you can help out, please do so.

See link;

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just had to post this from the old jewish comedians, The Three stooges. It's quite funny !

Sunday, February 24, 2008

ANC president criticised for joining 'blacks-only' lunch in South Africa

Jacob Zuma, the newly elected president of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), was at the centre of renewed controversy yesterday after accepting an invitation to address a “blacks-only” meeting of South African journalists.

Mr Zuma, who is in line to become the country's next president in 2009, said that he saw nothing wrong in the decision by the Forum of Black Journalists (FBJ) not to allow any white journalists, including those known to be favourable to the ANC, to attend a luncheon at which he was the guest speaker.

Three well-known white journalists who tried to attend were asked to leave. The incident has infuriated many South Africans, of all races, who fear that it is a sign of Mr Zuma's intentions if he succeeds to the presidency when Thabo Mbeki steps down. Mr Zuma, who currently faces corruption charges, was elected ANC president in a bitterly fought contest last year.
NWN: No surprise to us, but shocking for those idiots who follow the general world concensus about 'equality'.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

This was the size of the opposition to the National Front march in Lewisham 1977 and what greeted them when they came out of Achilles Street to Clifton Rise, Lewisham.

If the Police had allowed the many British nationalists that were turned back ,we would have had a march to contend with. As it happened just over 1,000 were on that NF march.

Many more than that were not allowed through. Only people from the tube got on the march.

And now Nick Griffin has got the media supporting him ?

Lewisham 1977 - Some decent film taken by Reds of the National Front march.

The first 1.30 mins is of the Grunwick strike. Then the rest is of the National Front.

There is also some film of the 'one man march' by Martin Webster in Hyde , Manchester, in October 1977, and his speech from Hyde Town hall steps which occured simultaneously with a National Front march in Longsight, Manchester .

In fact, the following link is a red site. But still has some very interesting stuff on there;



Dear TiM Readers,

Thank you for your letters that are pouring in from all over the world, asking me to comment on the situation in Serbia and Kosovo. Alas, I have nothing new to say on the subject of Kosovo. Everything that is happening today in Serbia TiM had predicted about 10-12 years ago. So I just don't feel like writing "I told you so"-stories. Instead, here is a brief editorial comment about today's demonstrations in Belgrade, along with the references to the earlier articles on Kosovo and Serbia. You will see that they are every bit as current today as they were when written, many years ago.
Thank you for your encouragement and support.
Bob Djurdjevic, Editor, Truth in Media, Feb 21, 2008
And now, we invite you to check out the latest Truth in Media Bulletin, an editorial on the current situation in Serbia and Kosovo:
Kosovo Is Serbia
But Vandalism at U.S. Embassy Is Sign of Primitive Impotence, Not Substitute for Courage, Fortitude Serbia Should Have Shown in June 1999; Belgrade Protests Too Little, Too Late
You can also find additional articles on Balkans, global and U.S. affairs at the TiM web site:
On a related topic, I have also agreed to do a radio interview on Kosovo, Russia's vs. America's s geopolitical interests there. Here is a link to an Internet Radio talk show on which I will be a guest on Fri Feb 29 at 11AM Eastern (10AM Central; 9AM Arizona), just in case you or your friends may be interested:

The show has the second highest rating among the Genesis Communications Network talk shows, I am told. If you look in the middle column at the above link, you will see them highlighting in red one of my old columns. And in the left column below, under "Upcoming Guests," you will see them promoting my appearance on their show. The host is George Whitehurst Berry.
Mark your calendar and pass the word around, if you wish. To listen to the show, click on - on Fri Feb 29 at 11AM Eastern (10AM Central; 9AM Arizona):
Bob Dj.
---Truth in MediaScottsdale, Arizona

Friday, February 22, 2008

Extra Electronic Loose Cannon

Info needed for the following

This e-mail is addressed to a small selection of ELC subscribers.

I have had numerous responses to ELC#23 and to the subsequent ELC 'Extra'. Thanks to those who have posted those items on to their web sites, blogs and forums.Two responses from ELC readers have been particularly interesting, especially since they both come from officials of the BNP who have both been nationalist activists for several decades.

1) Regarding the Dee-side property-----From: [deleted]To: Date: Sunday, February 17, 2008 9:06

PMSubject: address

Hello (after twenty five years) Martin.

I understand, from one of your ELC publications, that you are looking for an address on Deeside.

The address that you are looking for will, I believe, be:

25 Mechanics Lane,


CH5 2AB.

I hope that this will be helpful to you.

Please put me on your subscription list for the ELC.

All the best.[deleted]-----

This information will facilitate a Land Registry search.

That search may help in finding answers to some questions such as:

1) Who is specified as being the owner of the property?

2) Was it BNP money or Griffin's or Griffin family money which bought the property?

3) Is a rental for this Deeside property included in the amount of £19,000 p.a. which, according to BNP accounts, Griffin charges the party for "accommodation"?

4) If the property was bought with the BNP's money, then why is Griffin charging the party a rent for its use?

5) If the ownership of the property is registered in the name of Griffin' s wife, and if the property was bought with BNP funds, is Griffin's wife registered as a Trustee of BNP assets with the Electoral Commission?

6) If the property was bought with Griffin's or Griffin family money:

(a) Is the rent being charged Griffin/Griffin's fair or excessive?

(b) Who set the rents?

(c) Who are the parties to the rental agreement?

7) Are organisations or entities other than the BNP (i.e. BNP trading companies) or individuals (i.e. employees of the BNP or associated companies) occupying and/or trading from this address?

8) If the answer to 7 is "yes" these other entities or individuals, then:

(a) Who are they?

(b) Do they pay rent in addition to the rent paid by the BNP; and if so, to whom do they pay it?

(c) If not, is their rent-free status a payment for services rendered; and if so, for what services rendered to whom?

(d) In which accounts are these transactions recorded for the inspection, as appropriate, for the Inland Revenue and Electoral Commission?Answers to each one of those questions prompt other questions, not least in connection with an aspect of English law which barrister Mr. Davies drew to my attention some years ago when explaining the illegal aspects of the "Führerprinzip" 'Constitution' which John Tyndall drew up for the BNP and which is still being used under Nick Griffin's administration, although with additional dictatorial refinements:

That aspect is this: The BNP "Constitution" purports to allow the Chairman of a party to conclude a contract with himself.

Any such contract is unlawful and, if it involved the expenditure of other peoples' money, then the person involved would be ordered by a High Court judge to pay back all moneys transacted under such a contract, plus legal costs, from his own pocket.

That could tot up to many scores of thousands of pounds. Any such court order would obviously follow a forensic and public examination of the party's accounts since Griffin became its chairman in 1999.

In John Tyndall's day a typical contract would be between JT (wearing his party chairman's hat) coming to an agreement with JT (wearing his owner of Albion Press hat) to use BNP funds to buy supplies of 'Spearhead'.

There may be a whole raft of much more complex 'contracts' set up by Griffin since he replaced Tyndall.

2. Is "Freedom Promotions' an "Unauthorised Internet Bank"?[N.B.: The "FSA" organisation mentioned below is the UK Financial Standards Authority, which is the -- or one of the -- official bodies which is supposed to regulate the "financial services industry".]

-----From: [deleted]To: Martin Webster Date: Friday, February 15, 2008 12: 47 AM


Dear Martin....[snip].........

But I now come to the point of my mail. I have discovered that on the FSA website is a list of "Unauthorised Internet banks" and which features one "Freedom Promotions".

The identical name of one of the BNP's names used by membership renewals and the Voice of Freedom and Group support.I did not know for sure whether they are one and the same.

So I TWICE telephoned the FSA today to asertain information.

The first time I was told by a young lady that she would have to consult a colleague and that she or they would ring me back.

They did not.

The second time a young man answered.

He consulted his computer -- I heard the keys -- then he put me on hold saying he had to consult a colleague.After 30 or 40 SECONDS he returned with a changed, more aggresive manner.

He virtually demanded to know what dealings I had with them, when and how etc. I tended a (lame) story about my wife using a credit card and this name appearing on the bill. I tried to obtain address details of Freedom Promotions off the young man but he said that they "Had no information available on the matter" in that bureaucratic / police tone of voice which means they HAVE details.

I resisted the temptation to ask why they were on the "unauthorised" list if they knew nothing about them!

I frankly don't know what to make of this episode but thought it worth reporting, if only because it is first hand testimony and not an internet rumour or cyber-myth

Best regards and keep up the good work[deleted]-----

If there are any ELC readers who are able to make more headway with the FSA than my correspondent, or have other information to give concerning 'Freedom Promotions' (if only to establish that the BNP entity by that name is not the same as, or connected with, the entity on file with the FSA) could they please contact me.

The recent BBC Radio 4 'File on 4' programme was a joke.

The very fact that the BBC journalists responsible for 'File on 4' did not insist on interviewing Griffin himself over the financial conduct of his party and, when he refused, did not chase after him and 'door-step' him for an interview (as did BBC radio journalist Roger Cook in an issue of 'The Cook Report' broadcast in the days before he became BNP chairman) was telling enough.

But to accept without challenge Griffin's statement: "This is a matter for the party's Treasury, not for me", was beyond belief bearing in mind that the 'File on 4' team knew quite well that the party Treasurer and every other official of the BNP is in office by Griffin's grace and favour and not by any independent authority or electorate within the party.

BBC journalists (and every other kind of journalist) did not meekly accept such a saucy fob-off from senior government ministers during the recent round of party-funding scandals, so why accept it from Griffin?

That aspect of the matter brings us to the broader consideration of the way in which much of the media has been treating Griffin within a year of him becoming BNP chairman -- an issue I have been ventilating in ELC for years.

When his gentle treatment by the media is contrasted with the media onslaught that was launched against the NF (especially from 1977) one would have to be deeply stupid not to realise that "something is up".

The long and the short of the situation is that Griffin is a serial swindler.

The Establishment knows this well and is happy to protect him just so long as he continues to lead the BNP in the direction he has been leading it within months of him getting the chairmanship in 1999.

The fact that he knows that he could face serious trouble if his financial predations were looked-into is the "stick" aspect of the "stick and carrot" method which the Establishment (Special Branch/MI5, Electoral Commission, Tax/PAYE authorities and, last but not least, the Media) deploy to keep him trotting along the 'right' path.

There is much, much more to come.

Martin Webster.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have the 'Enough is Enough' rebel group had enough ?

While we wish them well, but we have noticed of late that their internet websites are, to put it mildly, moribund. Their blogsite in particular has just had it's first posting in over TWELVE days. The Voice of Change website is nigh on useless in any potential.
To put the skids on what's wrong within the BNP , and in particular it's leader Nick Griffin, one has to be as ruthless as he is.
One also needs an ideology . Have the rebels got that ? We have !

Hello, Hello, Hello !

Springbok cyber newsletter


A supporter has recently given us a copy of the January 2008 edition of theanti-fascist magazine Searchlight, which details in depth the recentinternal friction and split within the neo-fascist BNP. Normally, of course, such matters wouldn't concern us in the slightest, butevidently the person mainly being blamed for these internal problems by oneof the factions involved (by all accounts the more democratically-orientatedfaction) is none other than young Mr. Arthur Kemp - who apparently has nowleft his wife and children in South Africa to become the de facto No.2 inthe neo-fascist organisation!

Arthur Kemp is very well known to us of course, as has been detailed in manyprevious editions of the SCN, and from our own experience those involvedhave every reason to be very suspicious of this young man, who theyevidently term "the South African spook".

Kemp seemed a good friend of ourmovement during the 1980s, and indeed wrote regularly for S.A.Patriot underthe pseudonym of Adrian Kotze, but we were warned to be very wary of him bysources in the Transvaal because he was allegedly working for the SouthAfrican intelligence services.

Shortly after we were forced to leave SouthAfrica and the ANC regime came to power in the early 1990s Kemp suddenlychanged his political stance radically, turning from a mainstreamcentre-right patriot like ourselves, to becoming an off-the-edge neo-Nazinutter.

He then irrationally turned on his former friends and bizarrelyclaimed - without any foundation whatsoever - that it was us rather than himwho had changed political views (one only has to read through copies ofsuccessive editions of S.A.Patriot/S.A.Patriot-in-Exile and the SCN to seehow ridiculous this claim is!).

It was then revealed both by The Mail &Guardian and subsequently by Searchlight that Kemp was working for the "new"South African security services (having apparently simply been handed-overas an "asset" by the previous NP administration to the incoming ANC regime)where his job was apparently to adopt an extremist neo-Nazi image and thento infiltrate authentic opposition organisations in South Africa in order tosmear and embarrass them by association.

His usefulness to the "new" SouthAfrican authorities now being over it would appear that he has simply beenhanded-over to their British equivalents.

We would actually disagree with Searchlight on two of their observationsabout Kemp. They criticise him for having worked for the NP intelligenceapparatus, whereas our condemnation of him is for seemingly willingly beinghanded-over to the incoming ANC security structure with apparently noobjection whatsoever.

They criticise him for being involved in theassassination of the ANC terrorist leader Chris Hani, whereas we condemn himfor turning State's Evidence against that great South African hero CliveDerby-Lewis. It would be interesting to make contact with the moredemocratically-orientated faction of the BNP in order to compare notes aboutthis young man.

Record numbers of BNP Candidates set NOT to stand !

There seems to be miserable news from the North West of England Region as far as standing local election candidates is concerned this coming May.
The North West was THE beacon of British nationalism in the UK.
Remember the days when Burnley BNP got 8 Councillors elected and were the official opposition ?
Oldham also stood many candidates and received many thousands of votes, though unsuccesful in terms of elected officials.
Now we understand that from the days when Burnley stood in every ward, they are only standing FOUR candidates this May. Other previously strong areas are also unlikely to stand candidates including; Blackburn, Rochdale and maybe even none in Wigan. The region has become devoid of activity and/or meetings.
Morale is at an all time low.
Still we have Nick Griffin as the Regional Organiser !
Crisis Global : El Fin De Un Era

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oi vey me hearties !

The discovery of an ancient cemetery in Jamaica has stirred speculation that Jews used to take part in piracy.
Published: 02/07/2008

The discovery of an ancient cemetery in Jamaica has stirred speculation that Jews used to take part in piracy.

Several Jewish graves were found outside Kingston last week, some of them marked with the skull and crossbones, Yediot Achronot reported Thursday. The classic symbol of piracy suggests there were Jews involved in the notorious trade.

Historians are investigating the find, but one expert who is descended from Jamaica's 500-year-old Jewish community appears to have made up his mind.

"The major role of Jews and pirates was we were like the brains behind their brawn, i.e. We advised and backed them," Ed Kritzler wrote on the Web site of the United Congregation of Israelites in Jamaica.

"Jewish merchants, in coded correspondence with converso merchants in the Spanish colonies, were able to ascertain what ship was sailing when, its cargo, route, destination, and what its captain may have secreted in his cabin. Thus informed, they financed and advised the buccaneer! s, and got first dibs on the booty."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Centrica to set profit record amid renewed allegations of 'rip-off' prices

Centrica, the owner of British Gas, is expected to smash its earnings record this week and post profits of about £2 billion for 2007, an increase of more than 40 per cent on the previous year, according to consensus estimates by analysts.

The announcement on Thursday is likely to provoke accusations that energy suppliers are exploiting consumers. It will come only a month after British Gas raised prices for 11 million gas and electricity customers by 15 per cent.

Allan Asher, of Energywatch, the consumer group, said that he would examine the Centrica results and those of other British suppliers for evidence of overcharging.

“All of these suppliers are going to post huge profits for 2007,” Mr Asher said. “Our concern is that when wholesale prices go up, they are quick to raise domestic prices, but when they go down, they are very slow to pass the reductions on.”

NWN: 'Fatcats' grow richer but British pensioners die in 'cold snaps' like the present.

BNP's website 'the most popular in politics'

NWN: Whats all this then ? A message from the BNP main website ?
Its a major story in one of the Worlds leading newspapers the London Evening Standard.
Looks like an advert to us to 'bull up' Griffins BNP !

Nick Griffin of the BNP. The far-right party has the UK's most visited political website
The British National Party has the UK's most visited political website, a study shows.
The far-Right group received 51 per cent of all hits to party sites last year - seven times more than the online pages run by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.
It was also twice as popular as the Conservative's main website.
The report, for the Centre for Policy Studies, claims the site has flourished because it allows visitors to leave messages and interact with one another.

NWN Note: Interact with one another ? That is a lie for a start. Griffin hates forums that is why he has none , and then he sends his idiots to trammel any that he/they don't like.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sarkozy defends Holocaust proposal amid uproar

NWN : 'Holocaust' mania worldwide. British kids being compulsorily sent to Auschwitz and now this from zionist jew Sarkozy for French kids. The holocaust is being pushed more now than in 1945- 1946 when the Nuremburg trials were going.

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy, facing a tide of criticism over his call for schoolchildren to "adopt" Jewish child victims of the Holocaust, hit back on Friday saying France had to raise children "with open eyes".

In a speech praising faith that also drew fire from secularists, Sarkozy told France's Jewish community on Wednesday that every 10-year-old schoolchild should be "entrusted with the memory of a French child victim of the Holocaust".

The proposal unleashed a storm of protest from teachers, psychologists and his political foes who said it would unfairly burden children with the guilt of previous generations and some could be traumatized by identifying with a Holocaust victim.

More than 11,100 French Jewish children were deported from France to Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps in eastern Europe during the German World War Two occupation.

"The emotional burden can have negative consequences for a child who is developing," Gilles Moindrot, general secretary of the Snuipp-FSU trade union which represents most primary school teachers, said in a statement.
"One can not place on a child of 11 the responsibility for what happened back then."
The EMDH children's rights group said: "No educational project should be constructed on death."
But Sarkozy, speaking in Perigueux in central France, brushed off the uproar.
"It is ignorance that produces abominable situations. It is not knowledge," he said in a speech. "Let us make our children, children with open eyes who are not complacent."
"Believe me, you will not traumatize children by giving them the gift of the memory of a country ... Any psychologist will tell you: you have to tell a child the truth," he said.
With Sarkozy's popularity ratings already at a low point, the controversy could further hurt his political standing only a month before key local elections when France will deliver its first judgment on his nine months in office.
The clamor gave fresh ammunition to Sarkozy's political foes, who charge him with erratic behavior and say his hyperactivity masks a lack of real policies.
"Really this president is extraordinary! One day he is preaching God to us ... Now he has suddenly become a teacher. He is deciding what's a good and what's a bad way to go about educating young children," fumed left-wing Senator Jean-Luc Melenchon.
But Sarkozy won support from opposition Socialist leader Francois Hollande and the president's conservative UMP party rallied in support.
Education Minister Xaviet Darcos assured people the project would be handled in a practical, low-profile way. "We won't be putting a policeman in each classroom," he told reporters.
The storm around the Holocaust proposal coincided with publication of a new poll that suggested Sarkozy's public romancing of supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni was the factor that had hurt his national image most.
Sarkozy and Bruni married secretly earlier this month but his critics saw the highly-publicized affair as a distraction too early in office.
The OpinionWay poll, conducted on the Internet for le Figaro and news channel LCI, found 82 percent of respondents believed Sarkozy's private life fell short of that of a head of state.

Putin vs. Clinton
NWN : We chuckled at this one !

When Hillary Clinton said, way back in New Hampshire, that Vladimir Putin "doesn't have a soul," I figured that would be the sort of thing the Russian wouldn't be pleased about.
But when I called the foreign ministry the next day for comment, it was Orthodox Christmas, and I let it slide.

He was asked about the remark at his press conference yesterday, however, and indeed wasn't pleased.

The former KGB lieutenant colonel appeared to lash out at U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton — a leading Democratic candidate for president — when one reporter quoted her as saying that former KGB officers have no soul:"At a minimum, a head of state should have a head," Putin said.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

ELC 'Extra'

An ELC 'Extra':


Immediately below is a summary of Tuesday evening's BBC Radio 4 'File on 4' programme about BNP finances, to be repeated at 5.00pm next Sunday, 17th February.

Below that is the full text of Sonia Gable's (i.e. 'Searchlight's') analysis of the BNP financial methods and situation, which barrister Mr. Davies says conforms very much with his own analysis, i.e. that the BNP is trading insolvently. He adds that whatever else she might be, Gable is a qualified accountant.I think it is unlawful for a commercial firm to trade whilst insolvent. It must be at least the height of irresponsibility and folly for a political party to do so -- at least over a protracted period and as a matter of deliberate policy.

Adrian's opinion is that Nick Griffin is a gambler who is hoping to be able to get himself elected as a Euro-MP at the next round of Euro-elections and that the publicity/income from that would resolve the party's current financial situation.However, he remarks that with the enlargement of the EU and the consequent enlargement of Euro-constituencies, the votes/percentage threshold candidates will need to surpass will be much greater and, unless there is another terrorist attack or some such event a few days before the polling day, Griffin's ambition to get elected to the Euro gravy-train is a gambler's mirage.

My only comment is that Griffin will surely wish to keep the income and expenses he would derive as a Euro-MP to himself.

He must, therefore, be relying on income he hopes would be generated from the publicity he/the BNP would attract in the event of him winning a seat in the EU Parliament -- separate from his EU income -- to solve the party's financial problems. Or perhaps he will simply wave the BNP goodbye and join the Tories.


There were two errors in my last ELC (#23). One was important and its correction materially advances my case. The other was trivial, but dealing with it may contribute to the discovery of important new knowledge. The important one first:

1) Percentage of BNP Income Spent on Campaigning:I mis-reported Davies as stating that the BNP spent "one-sixth" (or 16.665 per cent) of its total income (nearly £1M) on campaigning. Adrian hastens to assure me that this error constituted a huge OVER-estimate of the amount of BNP members' money that Griffin has spent on promoting the Nationalist cause.As to how the error came about, I can only plead that the person who conveyed (verbally) Adrian's opinion on that point made an error. He should have said "less than 6 PER CENT" -- a vast difference!!

In fact, Adrian says the exact figure is only 5.9 per cent!!!

That is truly shocking. A very much greater portion of BNP members' money is spent on wages for Griffin and his inner circle, entertainment, travel, etc.

Just how much more could have been achieved (even for Griffin's version of "nationalism") if only half the party's total income had been spent on campaigning to advance the nationalist cause.

That, surely, is the purpose on which ordinary members imagine the majority of their money is spent.There would be a scandal if, for example, the Cat's Protection League spent less than 6 per cent of its income on protecting cats.( NWN: Tommy Williams take note)

But with this, as with so many other newsworthy issues bubbling away in the BNP, there has been a strange silence from the mass media.

Please don't tell me that last Tuesday evening's half hour low-key 'File on Four' programme on BBC Radio 4, in which no effort was made to confront Griffin personally concerning his management of the party's finances, constituted intensive media scrutiny.

For more on this aspect of the matter, so the section below headed: "Mark 'Chi-Chi' Cotterill's contribution to 'File on Four'."Those who can hark back to the media feeding-frenzy which was continually directed at the National Front in the 1970s will know what a gentle ride Griffin is getting.

As another example of this gentle ride: what publicity has attended the current chronic in-fighting within the BNP?

Internal party squabbles, talk of splits, litigation, etc., are usually meat-and-drink to the media......

2) Arthur Kemp's Accommodation

In the last ELC I remarked:[Quote]:"I hear Davies has also picked up on is a '£19,000' per year payment to Griffin from party funds for 'rent' for 'accommodation' made available to the BNP at Griffin's pig farm in Wales. (I don't think this 'accommodation' refers to the use which Griffin's ex-South African Police 'Security' spook Arthur Kemp makes of a house on Griffin's farm property, which is in his wife's name.)"[End quote]

This prompted Arthur to leave a message on my mobile phone's voicemail which he bawled so loudly that he needn't have bothered to use a phone at all!

His message was to the effect that the information about himself was untrue. At any rate, Arthur did not deny that he is a member of Griffin's paid security staff. His excessive outrage over so small an error begs the question: why he was so keen for it to be known that he did NOT live in a property on Griffin's pig farm is beyond me.

I asked the opinion of a recently-expelled senior official of the BNP and was told:"Arthur lives rent-free in a property on Dee-side. This is a house which had been bought to accommodate John Walker, BNP Treasurer -- or at least his department -- but Arthur now lives there rent free".My informant went on to assert that:(a) "the house had been purchased with BNP funds"; and(b) "the house is in the name of Griffin's wife".

My informant had no evidence to show that the property had been bought "with BNP funds".The property might well have been paid for from the money (the residue of a £300,000 inheritance from his grandfather in the late 1980s) which Griffin put into his wife's name prior to going bankrupt after a sequence of disastrous property deals.

Griffin has been careful to repose all his assets into his wife's or other family members' names so as to maintain his position as a "man-of-straw". This status deters those who might seek to sue him in the civil courts.

A man without funds or assets cannot pay damages or legal costs.Can any of my readers come up with evidence to support the claim that this Dee-side property was in fact purchased with BNP rather than Griffin family funds?

If this was the way it was purchased, then why is it registered in the name of Griffin's wife?

Is she registered as a trustee of party assets?

Can anybody come up with the exact address of the property, including its Post Code, so that we can lookup its ownership in the Land Registry?

Is it in respect of this Dee-side property that Griffin is making his £19,000 p.a. claim against BNP funds for "accommodation"?

If the property was bought with BNP money (not as yet established), then why would the party pay Griffin rent for it?

Even if the house is "his wife's" property, why would the BNP be screwed for such a high rent on it?

If Arthur is living in that property "rent free", then is that part of the wage he is paid by Griffin for his "security" services?

If so, is this reflected in the BNP's accounts to the Electoral Commission and/or in Arthur's Income Tax returns, as appropriate?

Is the annual charge of £19,000 which Griffin makes on BNP funds inclusive of both the Dee-side house and also the barn on his pig farm which BNP members, using BNP money, renovated and converted into a conference centre?

I reckon this is just one of many loose threads hanging from the Griffin/BNP cardigan which, once playful kittens get a hold of them and start to tug, the garment will unravel to expose what is underneath.

Mark 'Chi-Chi' Cotterill's contribution to 'File on Four'

One of the people who gave interviews to the BBC Radio 'File on Four' programme was Mark 'Chi-Chi' Cotterill.He was the head of the "American Friends of the BNP" organisation which in a three year period from 2000 raised in excess of £100,000 from American patriots keen to see a Nationalist movement in Britain get up a head of steam.Chi-Chi told 'File on Four' that the BNP never included in its accounts the income it derived from the AFBNP. That was true.

But Chi-Chi did not explain:

1) Why he, like Griffin, never produced any accounts concerning the income and expenditure of the AFBNP in the USA.

2) Why he solicited assets (other than cash) from American patriots for his/the AFBNP's use which were to be put in his name, not in the name of the AFBNP.

3) Why he never gave receipts to significant AFBNP donors.

4) Why he never announced and recorded the totals of cash collections taken at AFBNP meetings.

5) Why he gave wads of cash to Griffin when Griffin visited the USA (for example, at meetings of the American Renaissance organisation in New York) but never asked Griffin for any receipt for these payments.

6) Why he was not arrested and deported from the USA in irons as an illegal 'over-stayer' engaged in controversial political activities and fund-raising for a foreign power. That was the treatment accorded to Ernst Zündel at about the same time.

Perhaps more to the point, we should ask the why BBC 'File on Four' team not ask him these crucial questions?

They were aware that these were vital matters to raise with Chi-Chi as they had solicited and received from me all relevant back numbers of ELC in which a dealt with these subjects.Whatever Griffin has been up to so far as fund management is concerned since he became BNP Chairman, Chi-Chi was a part-and-parcel of the operation for several years.

'File on Four' will be getting a copy of this ELC 'Extra'. I will publish their response, if I get one, in the next ELC.


The next ELC will probably be in the format of a "Questions & Answers" feature arising from correspondence and discussions since the publication of ELC#23. This will allow readers to focus on the crucial issues relating to the BNP and to recall various past incidents which created the current messy situation.

Please onwardly circulate this docuemnt to your lists.

Martin Webster[Mobile phone: +44 (0)7932 049019]=======================================
From:To: Martin webster Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 2:15 PM
Subject: New Concerns Over BNP


Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 February 2008, 06:05 GMT BBC News Hear the full story on BBC Radio 4: File On 4 Tuesday 12 February at 2000 GMT, repeated Sunday 17 February at 1700 GMT or online at File on 4 website.

New concerns over BNP finances by Fran Abrams, File On 4

At first glance the Trafalgar Club - with its annual dinner commemorating the famous sea battle - sounds like a heritage society wanting to honour one of Britain's national heroes. For just £15 a month minimum donation, members receive a newsletter and a free ticket to its annual dinner. Men get a tie with "England Expects" - the first two words of Nelson's rallying signal at the battle - emblazoned on it while women receive a personal organiser. The club could be a gathering of naval historical enthusiasts - the reality is different. Those who attend the annual dinner are addressed by Nick Griffin, chairman and leading light of the British National Party.

'Elite fund-raisers' Billed on the party's website as its "elite fund raising group", the club is a channel for well-heeled BNP supporters to give financial aid to the party without having to be listed as an official donor.

The website tells would-be members: "You do not need to be a member of the British National Party to join the Trafalgar Club. "The government currently bans many civil servants from joining the BNP so the Trafalgar Club is a great way of demonstrating your patriotism and making sure you keep your job." It adds: "After many years of running on shoe-string budgets, the BNP has learned how to stretch a pound as far as it will go!"

However, a BBC File On 4 investigation has heard other claims about the party's finances. Former party treasurer John Brayshaw refused to sign off the party's accounts because he claims he was not given the access to all the records he needed to see. In 2005 he wrote to the Electoral Commission, the body which oversees political party finances, saying that he resigned as BNP treasurer.

He alleged a number of irregularities had come to light including missing invoices and receipts from the Trafalgar Club. In his letter, Mr Brayshaw said current party treasurer John Walker and his deputy David Hannam visited his home for a week to complete the accounts. He said he did not help them but claimed he witnessed some unusual activities, namely the shredding of a large number of documents and invoices.

Mr Brayshaw said he was told to burn the shredded documents, but kept them because he felt something improper had taken place. A black bin bag containing the documents has been handed to File On 4. It contains fragments of cheques, train tickets, receipts and invoices. Some of the fragments carry the names of Nick Griffin, his parents and even the Trafalgar Club.

One unshredded item is a petrol receipt with the name Excalibur - the title of the party's merchandising arm.

Under tax regulations all financial records should be kept for six years. The Electoral Commission said it had no reason to believe a breach of the party funding law had taken place.

Current BNP treasurer John Walker dismissed Mr Brayshaw's allegations as pure fantasy. He said Mr Brayshaw had failed to make the books balance and had left the party's accounts in a mess. Mr Walker said the shredded material included material such as "draft accounts that may have errors in dates and things like that. Because you are trying to reconcile the accounts, of course you shred documents."

Confronted by the BBC with some of the shredded material, Mr Walker said they contained working copies of printouts of the BNP accounts and bounced cheques. He added: "What you've got in front of me here is clearly very weak evidence and the BBC is clutching at straws." Among other questions raised by File On 4 are whether the BNP breached party funding rules by not declaring the name of a donor who gave £20,000 to the party.

The rules say all donors who give more than £5,000 should be identified.

When leader Nick Griffin was cleared of race hate charges in November 2006, he claimed the party had just received its largest ever donation. BNP member Sharon Ebanks told the BBC she was personally thanked by a party official for collecting the £20,000 donation via her internet fund-raising. Ms Ebanks told File On 4 that the party informed her the donor's cheque was genuine and he should be made an honorary life member.

The BNP strenuously denies that it has broken any rules. It claims that the cheque in fact bounced and therefore did not need to be declared. Labour MP for Dagenham Jon Cruddas has already raised the issue of BNP finances in Parliament, and presented the Electoral Commission with a 20-page dossier just before Christmas. He said: "What this investigation for File On 4 is identifying is much more significant than any of the charges I was laying before the parliament - namely a systematic series of financial irregularities. "And this cannot be laid to rest without the most thorough of investigations by the Electoral Commission." ====================================================From: printfactory To: Martin Webster Date: Saturday, February 9, 2008 3:14 PM
Subject: Searchlight Jan 2008Searchlight - January 2008BNP

pot calls the kettle black by Sonia Gable

Financial sabotage and breaches of accountancy procedures were among the charges against Kenny Smith when he was expelled from the British National Party and sacked from his post as the party's national administration officer on 9 December.

But it is the BNP itself that is guilty of financial irregularities and has been for many years.The BNP finally published its 2006 accounts days before the fine for their late submission to the Electoral Commission would have doubled to £2,000.

The BNP is now blaming the delay on a failure by "Kenny Smith, to provide receipts for expenditure under his direct control", consisting of £17,000 paid into his account, and bizarrely claims that the auditors refused to sign the accounts until Smith was sacked.

When asked about this allegation Frank Hogarth, a partner in Silver & Co, refused to comment.

Yet on 13 August 2007 the BNP said the reason for the lateness was that 15 local party groups and branches had failed to get their accounts to the party treasurer in time.

The previous month BNP had claimed that the party's separate regional accounts, which cover local party units, were late because the independent auditors were not familiar with European auditing requirements, a highly unlikely position for any firm of auditors.The accounts themselves refer to £14,000 of funds "transferred to the B N Publications account so as to allow the printing department to funding [sic]" and state: "Receipts have been provided for the cash drawn, but no vouchers or accounts have been produced to show how the money was spent".

Yet the B N Publications account, which Smith runs, is not on the balance sheet.

This indicates that it is a separate business outside the party, so why should it have to explain how it spends the fees the BNP pays it for producing the members' bulletin?

The BNP does not ask Dave Hannam, the party's assistant treasurer, how he spend the money the party pays his company, Great White Records, to "buy CDs at commercial rates" and the fees of £9,618 for "sound assistance at venues".

The BNP appears to have pulled the wool over its auditors' eyes over B N Publications, which inspires little confidence in these accounts, for which the auditors had once again "to rely upon assurances and explanations given us by officers of the party".It would be interesting to know what explanations the BNP gave the auditors concerning the printing equipment.

In 2005 the party claimed to have spent £75,000 on printing equipment, but that year's accounts only showed expenditure of £51,671.

In June 2007 when Chris Jackson challenged Nick Griffin for the party leadership, people starting asking why Mark Collett, the director of publicity until his recent demotion, was always late in producing leaflets for the BNP after all the money spent on printing equipment.

The BNP's reply was that the party had bought four high quality digitalduplicators, three folding machines and power guillotine for £70,000 but that after the 2005 general election they were "given to the regions" and no longer kept for head office jobs.

Yet the 2006 accounts show that whatever equipment the party bought in 2005, it still owns.

So was the printing equipment ever in the accounts or was it bought for Collett's own business as some now suspect?

Was it flogged to death and is now worthless, as others claim?

Was the BNP lying in 2005, in 2007 or both?

Another area of continuing concern is payments to staff.

As in previous years, the wages figure is much too low for the number of staff declared, but there is a large sum for "professional fees".Our conclusion, that some party workers were illegally being paid without accounting for tax and national insurance through the PAYE system, wasborne out when Sadie Graham, the expelled group development officer, stated on 22 December that, "for a year I have been contracted by the Party as self-employed so that they can save on paying my tax bill".

There have also been persistent allegations that individuals have been paid in cash to avoid tax and national insurance, especially some members of the party's "security department".

And in August 2000 Griffin admitted to the BNP's Advisory Council that a payment of £1,500 described as reim-bursement of a party printing bill paid by Tony Lecomber, who was then the party's group development officer, was in reality a means of supplementing his income without affecting his state benefits.

The 2006 accounts show a surplus of nearly £19,000 compared to a deficit of nearly £95,000 in 2005, but it was not enough to take the party out of insolvency. A £35,000 surplus of liabilities over assets at 31 December 2006 was financed partly by running up a debt of nearly £22,000 to the regional accounting unit, although this was paid off in January 2007.The amount owed to HM Revenue and Customs for PAYE and value added tax washalf the sum at the start of the year, suggesting that HMRC became less tolerantof the BNP's excessive borrowing from the taxpayer to finance its deficit.

Perhaps surprisingly the party ended the year with £46,000 in the bank, much of which was used to pay off the debt to the regions. A figure of £67,548 on the balance sheet described as "subscriptions in advance" leads one to the conclusion that the BNP made a big effort to get people to pay their 2007 membership fees early.

In other words, much of 2007's membership income has been spent in 2006.

The accounts state that all donations over £5,000 are reported to the Electoral Commission.

That proved not to be the case in 2007 when the BNP's quarterly return of donations for July to September did not include the £5,315 that Steve Johnson, a recent BNP local election candidate, handed personally to Griffin at a London meeting in September.

It was not until mid-December, after Searchlight had exposed the omission, that the BNP corrected the return.That accusations about financial wrongdoings form part of the present dispute in the BNP is not surprising. The BNP has been here before.

John Tyndall, Griffin's predecessor as leader, was questioned in 1999 at a party meeting about the absence of any audited accounts for the entire party's history. His response was that he had burnt 16 years of accounts to protect the identity of the party's funders.

The absence of accounts was an issue in Griffin's successful leadership challenge to Tyndall.

After Griffin took over, it was not long before the new treasurer, Mike Newland, started challenging him over unaccounted payments, something that rapidly turned into a factional dispute.

Newland's persistent questioning eventually led to him being suspended for reasons that included "spreading deliberately misleading and inaccurate accounting records, designed to spread alarm about the party's financial status".

Griffin and Lecomber went on to make a vitriolic attack on Newland and his supporters, accusing them of "sabotage" and "an attempt to destabilise then take over the party by responding to a popular clamour (which they would have created)".

When John Walker took over as treasurer in 2004, he and Hannam went to the home of the former party treasurer John Brayshaw and had various BNP financial documents shredded. The BNP has denied this but Searchlight still has the evidence.These matters formed part of Searchlight's report into financial irregularities in the BNP, which Jon Cruddas MP presented to the House of Commons and sent to the police and Electoral Commission last month.The report also highlighted the BNP's attempts to raise money in the USA through the front organisation Civil Liberty in contravention of UK electoral law.

Before overseas donations were prohibited, the BNP raised money through the American Friends of the BNP, which raised thousands of pounds while operating in breach of the US Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.It is too early to determine how the present dispute will affect the BNP financially.

The rebels have called for supporters to delay paying their party membership fees, most of which fall due on 1 January, although to delay too long would lose them their Voting Member status and with it the right to attend the party's annual conference.

Martin Wingfield, editor of the party's newspaper Voice of Freedom, made a point of telling readers of his blog how busy the party's membership office (run by his wife) was last month, which smacks of nothing so much as wishful thinking. And supporters of the rebels, given an ultimatum to return to the Griffin fold by 24 December, were surprised to receive a tatty BNP fundraising leaflet instead of the expected expulsion letters.

It followed hot on the heals of a six-page appeal for the party's "Building toGrow Project", which presumably had not been very successful. Immediately after Christmas, when few people have much spare cash, is an odd time to appeal for donations - unless one is desperate.

Perhaps too many of the BNP's donors have transferred to the "Family Defence Appeal" set up by the rebels after Graham and Smith lost their party jobs and therefore their income.

The Building to Grow Project appeal mentioned that the party had already "equipped each BNP region with a laptop". After allegations by the rebels that the BNP used Graham's laptop to monitor her communications, potential donors might be concerned about how their money would be used.
RADIO 4 - BNP Finances

NWN: An excellent and incisive review of that radio programme posted on StormfrontUK.

Today, 12:22 PM

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Re: BNP finances - Tuesday 12 February 8.00 pm on BBC Radio 4

Somewhat against my better judgement I've been enticed out of 'exile' to comment on the programme.

I make the following observations;-

Nick Griffin. Not interviewed, he declined.

Simon Darby. Not interviewed...Press Officer, why not?

John Walker, thrown to the wolves, hung up to dry.

John Brayshaw, declined to be interviewed "in case of reprocussions"...yet he handed over a bin-bag of should-have-been-destroyed papers...or so we are told.

Many 'Voice of Change' People interviewed, came over well.

Mark sign.

I can not even begin to mention what issues were not touched on.

GWR, Freedom Promotions, Excalibur, etc etc.

This was an establishment "White Wash" with poor John Walker the fall guy.

The party as a whole got off lightly with the blame attatched to John Walker.

But with the V o C 'complaints' shown to have some substance.

Thus paving the way for a reconcilliation within the BNP, the safety valve is repaired and no one goes off into "Leaderless resistance".

Or have I grown too cynical in my old age??

PS I have it on good authority that the programme was instigated last month, a full four weeks after the start of the currant 'troubles'.

Mixed schools 'help communities'

Schools that have predominantly white or Asian pupils could damage local communities and should be avoided, a Home Office-funded report says.
Researchers from Lancaster University questioned 400 15-year-olds in Burnley in the wake of the town's 2001 riots.

The report found non-mixed schools perpetuated extremist attitudes among white pupils and did not prepare Muslim Asians for possible prejudice later.

Its authors said the problem could be solved by encouraging mixed schools.

The report is the result of a two-year study by the Department of Religious Studies to help work towards bringing communities together in Burnley.

The mono-cultural school in towns like Burnley should be avoided wherever possible...

Muslim pupils 'more tolerant' (NWN: Well of course !)

The town was the scene of race riots in 2001, involving violent clashes between gangs of youths.

Its aim was to look at the contribution that interfaith understanding could make to community cohesion.

Canon Dr Alan Billings, one of the authors, said: "The mixed school should be seen as a form of interfaith activity in itself."

Dr Billings said it was probably the most effective way of "ameliorating illiberal attitudes among some young white people".

He said it would also help young Muslim Asians learn how to deal with prejudice by encountering low-level racism early on in their lives.

For more;
NWN : What errant nonsense ! And notice that it is the whites to blame again . What a waste of taxpayers money for these idiots to spend on such nonsense.

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