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4th. April 1992 : the last weekend before the General Election

Due to the refusal of Rochdale Chief Executive John Pierce to make a suitable venue available to Mr.Henderson , and a High Court Judges refusal to make a judgement on a 'point of law', explicit under the Representation of the Peoples Act; the only option and venue for Mr.Henderson to have a meeting, was on the streets.

However, the Labour party and other far-left Marxist groups mobilised to physically ‘Smash the BNP’. On the day about 150 of these marxist thugs ,were rampaging round the streets of Rochdale.

Much has been reported about the violent activities of the left-wing thugs on that day via the BBC news, on TV and radio, on local, regional, and national networks.

Suffice to say, that around 40 - 50 of our members and supporters that had been prevented from meeting at the first rendezvous point at the Mayfield Public House on Albert Royds Street , due to the presence of 150 of these marxist thugs . The pub landlord had to lock his doors due to their hooligan behaviour. The BNP had to use a back-up rendezvous point which was the Lord Nelson pub on Milnrow Road, Rochdale.

The mob of 150 or so marxist thugs then followed the BNP people, and tried to gain access to the Lord Nelson using iron bars. They were fought off by BNP members using pool cues from inside the pub. The marxists then proceeded to smash all the windows in the Lord Nelson, and attacked a van load of Police who were sat outside the pub, doing not much really. When the Police themselves came under attack , they arrested 12 of these ‘Anti-Nazi League’ thugs.

[NWN: Just thought I would mention that this was possibly the last time I met BNP stalwart and legend from the East Midlands, JOHN PEACOCK. John was in that pub with us on this violent day.]

The effect of this mob action was to try to ensure the BNP had no demonstration that day. The marxists thugs failed.

Later that day we went to Royle Road next to Tescos supermarket in the Castleton district of the town where about 45 BNP members held an 'open air rally'.

One of our members Allen Payne, 62, was viciously attacked by iron bar wielding thugs , amongst them including leading left wing gangster and kidnapper Steve Tilzey outside the Mayfield pub. If it hadn’t been for very swift action by some individual Police Officers we might have been looking at a political murder . Mr.Payne was taken to Rochdale Infirmary to receive treatment for cuts and bruises. RED ACTION Issue No.63 dated July/August 1992 , newspaper of Anti fascist Action callously reported that "they the fascists (sic) were ambushed by anti-fascists ……..Manchester Organiser Allan Payne is still complaining about his headaches." An obvious reference to the murderous attack on Allen Payne who was even then not a young man.

We now know that the writer for this paper, who was involved in this attack and by his own admission, was Steve Tilzey; see his and and Dave Hann’s book : NO RETREAT.

An interesting report came in the ROCHDALE OBSERVER dated Wednesday, 4th.November 1992 ,when NINE of these thugs who were charged with assault on the Police, threatening behaviour and obstruction. All charges were dismissed by Rochdale Magistrates .

Several of our members had been beaten up on the day. The Lord Nelson pub had been wrecked (in fact it is still a wreck today October 2006) , several Police Officers had been assaulted . The Landlord of the Lord Nelson became ill due to the violent assault on his pub, and we are led to believe ‘left the trade’.

We would like to know who these Magistrates were ?

Because of this there can be no doubt, we feel sure that fellow marxists of Militant Rochdale Council leader Richard Farnell and the Anti-Nazi league member and speaker who was the Rochdale Labour Party Candidate David Williams , must have been sat on the magistrates bench who let these marxist criminal hooligans off scot free.
Note: A senior Anti-Nazi league sponsor at that time was Magistrate Abdul Chowdry and his close friend Cllr Robin Parker amongst others. Abdul Chowdry got hammered at the polls by the BNP at the last Council Elections in the Healey ward 2006. Chowdry and Parker sponsored the ANAL/SEARCHLIGHT Welling Riots of 1993. Marxist Magistrate Abdul Chowdry disappeared from Rochdale for a few years due to his having an affair with a married Asian lady, who now has a street named after her in the Newbold area of the town, and which was proposed by Chowdry himself. He then became the CRE Officer for Blackburn until recently, when he re-appeared again in Rochdale,he stood for teh Labour party and the BNP Candidate 'wiped the floor' with him in the Rochdale Healey Ward.

The Police must have been 'tearing their hair out' at these Court dismissals by these marxist Labour politicians.

When the left wing mob were smashing up the Lord Nelson pub, Council leader Richard Farnell just happened to admit he was "close to the rioting" that afternoon. Farnell used to sell the Militant newspaper in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

David Williams is a self confessed member of the Anti-Nazi league.

Local Election campaign Rochdale Metropolitan Borough 7th. May 1992

The local elections quickly followed the General Election.

The BNP fought two wards: Smallbridge & Wardleworth whose candidate was Ken Henderson , and the Balderstone ward , where the candidate was David Taylor.

We quickly got our election campaign into gear.

Only this time we were not going to be ‘mucked about’ by the Chief Executive for the Borough. We declined to seek Mr.Pierces approval for a meeting hall. After all, he had ‘flouted the Law’ last time . So why should he not do the same again ? It was the easy option for him, and it would keep the marxist Labour Councillors off his back and save his highly paid job.

On Saturday the 4th.May 1992 we decided on a ‘Day of action’.

Without telling the Authorities about 100 + of our members held an impromptu Rally on the Town hall steps in defiance of Chief Executive John Pierce, the marxist Labour party and the Police . After the rally we then proceeded up to the Smallbridge estate to distribute Mr. Hendersons Election address.

Next Chapter 5 : Shouts of "STASI, STASI, STASI " at Riot Police interference in Election campaign

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