Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Last weeks Burnley BNP meeting
As previously mentioned, the dynamic BNP treasury duo of John Walker and Dave Hannam were the guest speakers.

Due to all the furore lately about where all the BNP money has gone, there were no surprises that questions were asked of these two. John Walker was taken aback, as he could not ,or would not, answer the (awkward for him) questions about all the BNP national funds or lack of. One description said he was "gasping for air" when questioned.

Dave Hannam bored them with a description and tales of Ancient Egypt . Perhaps Towneley Hall would have been a more suitable venue for this positively delightful rendition to the happy faithful of Burnley BNP.

Perhaps an old English ballad from Mr.Hannam about Robin Hood might have been more appropriate. You know, 'taking from the rich to give to the poor'. Or was it the other way round ?


Pete R said...

So Mr Hannam lectured Burnley members with "tales of Ancient Egypt."

I wonder if he explained the legend of how the chief Egyptian god Ra gave birth to the other gods through masturbation and vomiting.

This might have helped explain to party members how Mr Griffin acquired his chief lieutenants.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Oh dear Mr R.......but very apt.

Graeme said...

Your humour is as good as ever and I'll buy you a pint or three next time we meet!!!

Anonymous said...

strange. i was there and hannam was very well received. Speech was about more than egypt and no questions were asked about finances at all.

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