Saturday, October 28, 2006

'Purple Aki' on the loose again. Merseyside beware !

NWN: This black guy seems to be a total fruitcake. Even 'inside' he was at it . Why do we have to put up with the rubbish of the World ?

No more measuring or touching men's muscles
Oct 26 2006

A MAN who terrified young men with bizarre requests to measure their muscles has been banned from three towns

Akinwale Arobieke was released from Walton jail today on license.

A Sexual Offences Prevention Order was passed against the 45-year-old, despite the fact that he has never been convicted of a sex crime.

He was banned from St Helens, Widnes and Warrington, cannot enter schools or sports grounds and cannot drive a car.

Arobieke, nicknamed Purple Aki, was jailed in 2003 on15 counts of harassment and one of intimidating a witness.

He had pursued his teenage victims for three-and-a-half years, forcing them to let him feel their biceps and making them bend over while he leaned up against their backs.

Arobieke's obsessive behaviour had continued in prison, the court heard.

Merseyside police applied to a court for the prevention order.

Prosecutor Maria Leslie claimed he had measured a man's muscles then performed an indecent act on him.
James Benson, defending, said he had not been arrested or charged for anything in prison.
He said: "All the complaints made, false or proven, are contained to muscle touching, measuring and squatting."
Officers reclassified him from category C to B during his spell in prison.

Mr Benson said Arobieke had become a target for false allegations.

Arobieke had been charged with five indecent assaults on males under 16 and many more assaults of males over 16 before he was jailed in 2003, the court heard.

The charges were dropped after he admitted the other offences.

At one point Arobieke stepped in to ask his defending solicitor to seek permission for him to measure a person's muscles in private when they consented.

An order banning him from owning pictures of musclemen at home was not passed.

Deputy District JudgeAled Jones granted the interim order, which will last for a month when police will apply for another.

What he can't do . . .

UNDER the Sexual Offences Prevention Order, Arobieke is banned from:

* Approaching or talking to anyone under 18 on purpose.
* Working somewhere he will be around under-18s.
* Driving or being a passenger in a car, except a taxi.
* Leaving Merseyside without the chief constable's permission.
* Entering St Helens, Warrington or Widnes without police permission.
* Loitering outside or going into a gym or sports club.
* Entering a school, college or university without police permission.
* Touching, feeling or measuring muscles or asking people to do squat exercises is public.
* Measuring muscles in private without consent.


Anonymous said...

Purple Aki jailed

THE parents of a St Helens boy – terrorised by an obsessive and dangerous man who was jailed on Monday – have spoken exclusively to The Reporter.
The couple who wish to remain anonymous, spoke after Akinwale Arobieke – known as Purple Aki – aged 42, from Liverpool, was sentenced to six years imprisonment.
The 6ft 5 inches, 20 stone man, pleaded guilty to 15 counts of harassment and one count of witness intimidation at Preston Crown Court.

Anonymous said...

The black bastard used to bum his victims

NorthWestNationalists said...

My brother was murdered by a 'yardie' who is about the same size as 'purple aki'. His name is Calvin Johnson from Sheffield.

Johnson received no punishment from the corrupt, inept, police in Sheffield.

Just like Aki, I hope the families get some justice, because they will not get it from the Courts.

Tacitus said...

Yes... Sheffield police have fucked up another case involving a BNP member. I can't give details yet as there is an official complaint lodged.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...