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Gang of up to 80 youths in stand-off moments before policewoman was dragged under car

The incident is thought to have been sparked by a disturbance at a local bonfire with reports some youths were carrying knives, crickets bats and a snooker cue

Scene of the incident on Yorkshire Street, Rochdale
Up to 80 teenage youths were involved in a stand-off between two gangs moments before a policewoman was injured by a car.
The youths - some brandishing weapons - were involved in a disturbance in Rochdale, thought to have been sparked by a disagreement at a bonfire, before the officer was injured while attempting to diffuse the situation.
Last night’s trouble involved two groups, thought to be aged between 14 and 17, including boys and girls, and witnesses saw a number carrying weapons, including knives, cricket bats and a snooker cue.

 It is understood some of those involved had been at a large organised bonfire and fireworks display on Cronkeyshaw Common, where an altercation took place earlier in the night.
The two groups then made their way towards Yorkshire Street, where a huge stand-off took place, before the car which injured the officer arrived at around 9pm.
Councillor and restaurateur Farooq Ahmed witnessed the trouble and tried to disperse the gangs, suffering minor injuries in the tense deadlock.
“I had just been to a council meeting and was in my car when I saw the two gangs,” he said.
“I was really worried, especially when I noticed that some of them seemed to have weapons and I knew they weren’t local as I know all the local kids.
Det Chf Insp Andrew Aston
 “I tried to speak to them and calm them down and someone elbowed me in the stomach at one point, I don’t think it was on purpose.
“They were all standing in the road and spilling out onto the side street. It was very scary for the local residents.
”During the stand-off, a dark-coloured five-door hatchback, carrying five Asian men, arrived at the scene and stopped at the centre of the action.
Shortly afterwards, police arrived, responding to 999 calls from Farooq and other witnesses, and one of the officers approached the car. When she got to the vehicle, it sped off, forcing the officer to cling to one of the car seats.
She was dragged 150 yards along the road and repeatedly punched in the face until she fell from the vehicle.
The officer remains in hospital, where she is being treated for serious bruising and shock.
Farooq saw the woman lying in the road and ran over to her before other officers arrived.
“My first thought was that she had been attacked, but she told me she had been hit by a car,” he said. “It was very frightening and I tried to calm her down.
“My wife has since told me I was silly to get involved and could have been hurt, but as a councillor I feel it is my duty to keep the peace.”
Police have since arrested three men - a 19-year old man and two 24-year old men - on suspicion of attempted murder. They have also recovered a car.
Det Chf Insp Andy Aston said: “We would like to reassure the public that this was an isolated incident and we are making good progress with the arrests.
“Our investigation is focusing not only on the car but on the disturbance earlier in the night and we would appeal to anyone who witnessed anything relevant to get in touch with us straight away.
“The officer involved is very shaken after what happened.”

Board Annual Dinner less than a month away

The Dinner Chair Flo Kaufmann and the Treasurer of the Board of Deputies Judge Laurence Brass take great pleasure in inviting you to attend our Annual Dinner.

 Theresa May, the Home Secretary, and one of the UK’s foremost politicians, will be our honoured guest speaker. 

 She is the first Home Secretary to address the Board’s Dinner.“This is a major coup as she lies right at the centre of Westminster politics. She is Britain’s most senior female politician and is tipped for greater things,” said Judge Brass. He added that: “I am also delighted and honoured to reveal that the next Lord Mayor of the City of London, Fiona Woolf, will be speaking, in what will be one of her inaugural addresses following her installation as Lord Mayor a few days earlier.”

 Flo Kaufmann added that “these major coups reflect the Board’s – and the Jewish community’s - longstanding and hard-earned reputation as a crucial player in both London and national politics but also particularly in inter faith work, an area especially dear to both this Lord Mayor and to her predecessor.”
 The dinner, which fundraises for the vital work that the Board does on behalf of UK Jewry, takes place on Wednesday November 27 in the prestigious surroundings of the Egyptian Room of the Mansion House. For information on reserving a place please contact the team at “Inspire” who are managing the event, on 0208 343 4884.
NWN: With all that has gone on recently, we wonder if the above 'beano' will be going ahead ?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fear of being called racist destroyed 1400 children as police did nothing- Rotherham

29 10 2014

The above illustration of TOMORROWS JOB which came out 20 years ago predicted what would happen with uncanny precision to our Police forces.

Men took their pleasure as sexual exploitation became a way of life for many Rotherham children. Police watched it happen.
The town’s district commander for a four-year period from 2001, during which police ignored a series of warnings about the growing scale and severity of offending, was Detective Chief Superintendent Christine Burbeary.
As commander, she played a leading role in a community cohesion task force, set up to combat Islamophobia after the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Although Muslims represented less than 4 per cent of the local population she opened Islamic prayer rooms in two police stations.
Ms Burbeary, now aged 65, has been accused by specialist workers of turning a deaf ear to repeated pleas for action against groups of men, mainly of Pakistani origin, who were using and selling young white girls for sex.
A senior officer who has since retired told The Times that the publication of the Macpherson report in 1999, labelling the Metropolitan police “institutionally racist”, had a paralysing effect on other forces. “To be accused of being racist is the biggest problem a police officer can have. In South Yorkshire, you feared to tread in certain areas because of the racial dimensions. Self-appointed community leaders became very powerful and you upset them at your peril. To avoid such problems, some senior officers went the other way.”
The commander is said to have verbally attacked a researcher, who was funded by the Home Office and whose letter warned the force’s chief constable in 2001 that police in Rotherham were not doing enough to “protect children at risk and target their abusers”.
She was also involved in attempts to amend sections of a report in which brothers from a family of Pakistani origin were linked to sex offences against 54 young girls.
Serving under Ms Burbeary was Inspector Anita McKenzie, who also retired in 2005. She headed the district’s community safety unit and received monthly reports from youth workers. These contained offenders’ names, mobile phone numbers, home addresses and the locations where abuse took place. It is believed that none of the reports led to a prosecution.
The intelligence was apparently entered into “Box 5” of the force’s computer network. This was said to be a secure system designed to protect the source’s identity … a grading of intelligence known as “level 5”, which permits access to confidential material on a “need-to-know basis”… said (to be) an effective way to handle sex-grooming intelligence and that it also protected victims… but in practice it meant, according to one member of staff, that it “disappeared into a black hole and was never seen again”. Few police officers were permitted access to the information and most were unaware of its existence.

NWN: This type of Police corruption has been going on for decades now. The 'Macpherson report' finally did for the 'old time copper' whose only job was to catch crooks. The new breed are promoters of the social engineering stunt that we call 'political correctness', but which is in reality the genocide of the white British people. For the 'top coppers' like the one named in the above Times report,   Detective Chief Superintendent Christine Burbeary, should really bear in mind that 'only following orders' was not permissible or acceptable at Nuremburg.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Labour MP links Leon Brittan to 80s child abuse claims: Amid row over historic sex crimes inquiry, former Home Secretary named in Commons

  • Jim Hood used miners strike debate to level allegations against Lord Brittan 
  • Business minister Matthew Hancock blasts the remarks as 'disgusting' 
  • MPs comments are protected from slander and contempt of court laws  

Allegations: Lord Brittan, home secretary under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, was yesterday accused of child abuse in a Commons debate
Allegations: Lord Brittan, home secretary under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, was yesterday accused of child abuse in a Commons debate
A Labour MP has used parliamentary privilege to accuse former Home Secretary Leon Brittan of ‘improper conduct with children’.
He used a Commons debate on the 1984-85 miners’ strike to suggest that those who took part in the industrial action will not be surprised by the allegations against Lord Brittan.
The remarks from Jim Hood, who said there were ‘reports about child abuse being linked with’ the Conservative politician, were criticised as ‘disgusting’ by business minister Matthew Hancock.
Under parliamentary privilege, MPs can make contentious allegations without fear of prosecution for slander or contempt of court. But critics said Mr Hood’s comments were an abuse of this privilege.
The row comes amid calls for the head of the official inquiry into historic child sex abuse to resign over links to Lord Brittan, now 75. Fiona Woolf has admitted attending dinner parties with the politician, who was in charge of the Home Office in the 1980s.
It has been claimed that Lord Brittan was handed a file, which is now missing, in late 1983 which allegedly detailed child abuse at the highest levels of Westminster.
But he has not until now been publicly accused of having played a part in such abuse.
The controversial remarks were made during a debate in which MPs accepted a motion which said Margaret Thatcher’s government ‘misled the public’ about pit closure plans during the 1984 miners’ strike.
Mr Hood, the MP for Lanark and Hamilton East, who had been discussing violence on picket lines, said: ‘By the way, the current exposé of Sir Leon Brittan, the then home secretary, with accusations of improper conduct with children will not come as a surprise to striking miners of 1984.’
Tory MP Conor Burns raised an immediate point of order and said: ‘He has just made very profound, serious accusations against a noble Lord. Is that in order?’
Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said he had not heard the remark but replied: ‘It’s up to each member to decide what they said and they must make that decision.’
Mr Hood continued: ‘The rumours that Sir Leon Brittan was involved with misconduct with children does not come as news to miners who were striking in 1984.
‘When miners were going up into the dock in magistrates’ courts we were aware and miners were declaring … the point is miners were saying in the dock in magistrates’ courts throughout the strike that they objected to instructions coming from the home secretary when there were reports about child abuse being linked with that same home secretary.’

The remarks from Jim Hood, left, come amid calls for the head of the inquiry into historic child sex abuse to resign over links to Lord Brittan. Fiona Woolf, right, has admitted attending dinner with the politician
Mr Hoyle intervened again and said: ‘I think it is up to each MP, we have to be very careful on what we said, and we must consider what we are saying and what the implications are.’
Mr Hood said: ‘I accept, obviously, what you say but I’m just repeating what I’m reading in the papers.’
Mr Hancock then intervened before the next MP spoke, saying: ‘At the end of this debate the Labour front bench should disassociate themselves from the disgusting remarks of the previous speaker.’
Speaking after the debate, Mr Burns said: ‘I was astounded that Jim Hood casually, without thought or deliberation, appeared to accuse Lord Brittan of being a paedophile in a debate about the future and the past of the mining industry in Britain.’

Last night Lord Tebbit, who was a Cabinet colleague of Lord Brittan, said: ‘I think it would be better if somebody wants to make these allegations of Lord Brittan, that they should do it outside the Chamber, where they can be tested – if necessary in a court of law.
‘Parliamentary privilege is a useful thing, but it needs to be used with care and in an open manner. If this gentleman has some evidence which causes him to believe this, why not make these comments outside?’
He added: ‘I’m not a particular friend of Leon Brittan, but this gentleman could equally well get up and accuse me of things like this – and I wouldn’t care for that. In fact I’d probably go round and smack him on the nose.’ 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

How money from pro-Israel
donors controls Westminster
by Alastair Sloan

Around this time last year, parliamentary records show, the retired property developer and hugely generous Labour party donor, Sir David Garrard, had given a modest £60,000 towards the party's election campaign for 2015. It came in addition to around half a million he had already given since 2003.

Fast forward to 16 June of this year, Garrard hosts a Labour Friends of Israel event, at which Labour leader Ed Miliband is the main speaker. The prime minister hopeful had, the year before, proclaimed that he was a Zionist
<> . The lobbying group he addressed boasts dozens of Labour peers and MPs <>  amongst its membership, including the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

That same day, Garrard transferred a whopping £630,000 to the Labour party accounts, over ten times his donation from the previous year.

It was a near identical
<>  episode to David Cameron speaking in 2009, back when he too was hoping to take office as prime minister.

At a well-attended Conservative Friends of Israel annual fundraising lunch held in London, he again made no mention of the Palestinian lives that had been lost, this time as part of “Operation Cast Lead”. Not one mention. In that war, 1,370 Palestinians had died
<> . At the time, a leading British journalist wrote <> :

“I found it impossible to reconcile the remarks made by the young Conservative leader with the numerous reports of human rights abuses in Gaza. Afterwards I said as much to some Tory MPs. They looked at me as if I was distressingly naive, drawing my attention to the very large number of Tory donors in the audience.”

No other foreign nation is as well represented in the campaign finances of British elections as Israel. In fact, no other nation comes close – and money linked to pro-Israel donors is a single interest influence akin to that of the trade unions (the largest democratic organisations in the country) or indeed the megabucks flowing in from City financiers.

And with that money, war crimes are being glossed over, rules bent, and our hard-won democracy warped by foreign interests.

The money is already pouring in.

In April, the Conservative Branch for Brigg & Goole, the constituency of Andrew Percy MP, received £6,000 from a notable pro-Israel supporter, Lord Stanley Fink. During the recent conflict, Percy attended an Israeli military briefing about the Iron Dome missile defence system – later glibly observing  
<> that “Israel acts as we would” in response to the mass civilian casualties being inflicted by the IDF.

Percy is, like 80 per cent of his colleagues
<> , a member of Conservative Friends of Israel.

On the same day, £3,000 dropped into the bank account of the Conservative party in Harrow East. Their MP, Bob Blackman, also visited Israel
<>  during “Operation Protective Edge”. The money also came from Lord Fink.

And the pro-Israel peer pulled off a democracy-warping hat-trick that day – £3,000 for the Conservatives in Brighton & Kemptown, home to Conservative Friends of Israel linked  
<> Simon Kirby MP.

Over and above his backing of individual MPs, Lord Fink has also contributed over £60,000 to the Conservative Central Party accounts since July last year, and his total donations to the Conservatives over the years are now nearing £3 million.

Lord Fink is a staunch supporter of Israel – telling the Jewish Chronicle in 2009
<>  that he shared similar views to Lord Michael Levy, Tony Blair’s aide who had close ties with Israeli political leaders <,_Baron_Levy> . Levy’s son, Daniel, served  <> as an assistant to the former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and to Knesset member Yossi Beilin.

Elsewhere, Lord Fink has been a “loyal donor”
<>  to Just Journalism, a now defunct group organised by the pro-Israeli Westminster think tank the Henry Jackson Society. Just Journalism claimed to be correcting “media bias” against Israel but instead acted as a pro-Israel “flak” <>  group aggressively criticising any British publication who queried Israel’s human rights record, including The Guardian and the London Review of Books. The group folded in 2011.

Lord Fink is also a member of the Jewish Leadership Council (more on their influence later).

In March, the Conservative Branch in Poplar & Limehouse received £3,000 from another pro-Israel funder – Sir Michael Hintze. Hintze was ranked by Forbes in 2014 as the 1,016th richest person in the world
<> , with a net worth of approximately $1.8 billion.

The constituency he has plugged money into is a swing seat; a six per cent  
<> change would depose incumbent Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick (a member of both Labour Friends of Israel and Labour Friends of Palestine).

The Conservatives have their own reasons for targeting the seat, using the youthful ex-banker and Tower Hamlets councillor Tim Archer
<> . Suggestions have been made that the Respect party might run George Galloway, and he could split  <> the Labour vote, opening the way for a Conservative win. George Galloway also happens to be the most outspoken critic of Israel in British politics.

British-Australian Hintze is not a man the Conservatives would want to annoy. Since July of last year, he has donated just over £1.5 million to the party (the figure is doubled if you look back to 2002).

Current Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP received nearly £40,000 in 2008 and 2009 directly from Hintze. Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Home Secretary Theresa May MP, David Davis MP
<>  and David Willets MP <>  have also been subject to his financial largesse.

But the first politician Hintze backed in the Conservatives was Dr Liam Fox MP, with a £10,000 gift back in January 2007.

Fox then rose to become Secretary of State for Defence, before being disgraced when it was revealed he had allowed his close friend Adam Werrity
<>  access to the Ministry of Defence and to travel on official visits (despite not being a government employee).

Hintze was implicated because he had allowed Fox a desk in his London office as part of a £29,000 donation to Fox's controversial charity – Atlantic Bridge – another pro-Israel lobbying organisation. Hintze served  
<> on its Executive Council.

Adam Werrity, who had been best man at Fox’s wedding in 2005, was later appointed UK Executive Director
<>  of Atlantic Bridge and played a key role in its operations.

In late 2011, “multiple sources” told  
<> the Independent on Sunday that Werrity had used contacts developed through Atlantic Bridge to arrange visits to Iran, meeting with opposition groups in both Washington and London, and had even been debriefed by MI6 about his travels.

The newspaper described  
<> the activities as “a freelance foreign policy” with Werrity seemingly “acting as a rogue operator”.

It was also revealed that Werrity was capable of arranging meetings “at the highest levels of the Israeli government”, and that Mossad had, bizarrely, believed Werrity to be Fox’s chief of staff.

The Guardian also raised the possibility
<>  that Werrity and Fox could have been operating a “shadow foreign policy”, using Atlantic Bridge as a cover organisation. The charity was investigated by the Charities Commission in 2011 and shut down.

Another patron of Atlantic Bridge, alongside Hintze, was Michael Lewis, ex-chairman of the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM).

That lobbying group describes itself as a “British organisation dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain”. It was reported  
<> that Michael Lewis had paid for some of Werrity’s trips to Israel, charges he later denied <> .

Fox’s resignation was forced over the scandal – although true to Westminster form – no scandal is too much, in fact, he is already back, having politely refused a role as foreign secretary in July but now planning  
<> a new career as a backbencher.

Reviewing the Electoral Commission records for 2014, the pro-Israel donor Michael Lewis has popped up again. In March, he wrote another cheque for £10,000, to none other than Liam Fox.

In the past, Lewis has also backed William Hague – to the tune of £5,000. Hague later became foreign secretary.

According to Peter Oborne, now chief political commentator for the Daily Telegraph, Michael Lewis’s baby BICOM is “Britain's major pro-Israel lobby”.

In a searing expose
<> for Channel 4 in 2009 and later a pamphlet  <> calling for transparency from the Israel lobby, Oborne showed how BICOM was funded by a Finnish billionaire whose father made a fortune selling Israeli arms.

Chaim ‘Poju’ Zabludowicz, who the Sunday Times ranked as the 57th richest individual  
<> in Britain with a net worth of over £1.5 billion, founded BICOM in 2001 and is its chairman.

Zabludowicz is also a member of the United Jewish Israel Appeal, a charity whose website  
<> claims it has three strands of work - “Supporting Israel”, “Connecting with Israel” and “Engaging with Israel”.

Since 2009, Zabludowicz has given approximately £125,000 to the Conservative party, either directly to party central, or to the party operating in Finchley and Golders Green, Harlow, Watford or Burton.

Zabludowicz is also a member of the Jewish Leadership Council – primarily concerned with philanthropic and educational matters within the British Jewish community, but who in June 2011 also met with the government to discuss the Middle East (BICOM attended the meeting too), and again in January 2012.

The Jewish Leadership Council, whose members also include pro-Israel Tory funders such as Lord Stanley Fink, and Tony Blair’s controversial man in Israel Lord Michael Levy, have taken it upon themselves to vigorously defend Israeli leaders from the principles of universal jurisdiction – which proves a great example of how influential the lobby is – how intent the lobby is on insulating Israel from legal redress, and exactly why British voters should be wary of how much money the lobby is pumping into our elections.

In a celebratory post in 2011, on their own website, the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) explained that
<>  two years ago, they had....

“commissioned a legal opinion from Lord Pannick QC which recommended a change in the law. We wanted to protect universal jurisdiction itself, a vital innovation that grew out of the Holocaust, while preventing it from being abused.”
(“Preventing it from being abused” roughly translates to “being applied to Israel”).

Following an arrest warrant being issued for Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni, the group said:

“We immediately sent our legal opinion to the government and opposition and worked with Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel and Liberal Democratic Friends of Israel to begin generating support for this law change.”

“Within a few days, Gordon Brown had publicly promised to change the law as soon as possible,” the JLC bragged.

The Conservative party had already placed an advert in the Jewish Chronicle promising to change the law if they were elected. In 2011, the universal jurisdiction laws of the United Kingdom were changed, with arrest warrants now requiring the assent of the Attorney-General before they could be issued for alleged war criminals.

This was just as the pro-Israel lobby wanted. Rather than facing arrest when visiting the UK, Israeli politicians, generals and other war criminals can now feel assured that warrants would first have to pass through the Attorney-General, who is none other than Jeremy Wright MP, who is of course, another member of Conservative Friends of Israel.

Please note: This page was updated at 15.05 GMT on October 22nd, 2014. An earlier version of this article stated that Ed Miliband gave his speech during Operation Protective Edge. This was incorrect and the article has been updated to reflect this. Further, the article implied that George Galloway was confirmed to run in Poplar & Limehouse, which has not yet been confirmed and the article has been updated to reflect this. 

Taxi boss says he will no longer offer white drivers on demand after protest by Asian employees

Stephen Campbell, boss of Car 2000 in Heywood, said he was trying to protect drivers from customers who might refuse to get in their vehicles

Car 2000 drivers protest
A taxi boss has said he will no longer allow customers to ask for a white driver after his Asian employees went on strike over the policy.
Stephen Campbell, boss of Car 2000 in Heywood, told the M.E.N. he made the decision after learning of the cabbies’ protest in the town centre last night.
In 2011, Mr Campbell’s family took over the business, which was formerly called Eagle Taxis, and which employed two of the nine men jailed a year later for grooming girls.
Earlier this week, Mr Campbell revealed his staff would provide customers with white – or ‘local’ – drivers on request.
But today he told us Car 2000 would no longer offer this service.
Mr Campbell, 34, said: “The drivers were all aware we did this and said they wouldn’t want to pick up a customer that didn’t want them as a driver.
“But, as soon as they raised this as a problem, I have immediately changed it and have done what they wanted.”
Stephen Campbell, owner of Car 2000
 Mr Campbell described one occasion when one of his Asian drivers had been to pick up a customer who refused to get in his car – and this had left the cabbie upset.
He added: “I don’t operate a company that makes people feel bad. I was trying to protect them. But I suppose in protecting them I was contributing to people’s racist beliefs.”
Mr Campbell, who employs a total of 80 drivers at Car 2000, said all his 55 Asian cabbies were on strike today over the row.
He is set to meet with some of them this afternoon to iron out the problems in a bid to get them back to work.
Mr Campbell previously told the M.E.N. that, out of 12,000 calls a week, around 60 would request a ‘local’ or Asian driver.
He said: “Our operators have now been told that no one can do that again.”
Dozens of furious Asian drivers who work for Car 2000 gathered in the centre of Heywood last night to protest about the firm offering white drivers on demand – blasting the service as ‘racist’ and ‘discriminatory’.
They were concerned the policy would reinforce negative stereotypes in the town and described how their cars had regularly been attacked following the grooming scandal.
One driver, Abdul Hafiz, said: “There were some bad men who worked as taxi drivers in Heywood and now they are in prison.
“We have done nothing wrong but now we are being treated like paedophiles.”

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Police step in to shopping centre row after soldier refused cigarettes 'because he was wearing military uniform'

Police at the scene outside Alpha News in St Helens
A soldier has told of his outrage after a shopkeeper refused to sell him cigarettes because he was in combat fatigues.
Duane Fahy, 27, who serves with 1st Battalion, the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, said the staff member told him that he believed it was illegal to sell tobacco to people in military uniform.
Mr Fahy, from Leigh, Wigan, was on a break from a recruitment day with his regiment in St Helens, Merseyside, when he popped into Alpha News in the Hardshaw Centre shopping complex to buy a 20 pack of Lambert and Butler cigarettes with a soldier friend.
He said: “My colleague and I were both in uniform and when I asked for cigarettes, he refused to serve me. I was taken aback and a bit confused as to why he was so determined not to sell us something as small as a pack of cigarettes. I asked him why and he said it was because we were in military uniform.
“To be honest I was outraged. I’ve never been refused anything just because I’m a soldier, but he was adamant. I didn’t want to make a scene, I’m not like that, so we just left.”
Mr Fahy complained and shoppers rushed to his defence. Several of them staged an impromptu protest and employees are reported to have fielded phone calls complaining of prejudice against a serving soldier.
Shopping centre bosses tried to calm the row and insisted that the shopkeeper genuinely believed he wasn’t legally allowed to sell tobacco to people in uniform.
The sign put up in Alpha News apologising
 Irfan Patel, who works at Alpha News, said Mr Duane and his friends were initially refused because they looked under age, but the shop has now put up a sign apologising on a window. He said the shopkeeper had mistakenly believed he could refuse to serve tobacco to people in uniform.
Mr Patel said when he came in to work at the shop at about 8am he found about 30 protestors outside.
He said: “A couple were aggressive with me. I’ve had about 20 phone calls from people saying racist abuse. The people outside keep calling me racist, but when I try to explain they just won’t listen.
“They had been trying to stop people coming into the shop but the police stopped them from doing that. It’s definitely affected business.”
Mr Fahy posted a photo of the shop on Facebook, which was shared more than 7,000 times before he deleted it. He wrote on his Facebook page: “People I have no choice but to delete my post about me not being served at the shop due to racial and discriminating comments.”
Army bosses branded the newsagent’s actions ‘very disappointing’.
A spokesman said: “The Army is aware of an incident in which it appears two of our soldiers were refused service in a newsagent due to them being in uniform. This is very disappointing and not representative of the huge amount of public support the armed services continue to be given by the general public.”
Shopping centre owners London and Cambridge Properties said: “We believe this was a genuine error and not the result of any form of discrimination.
“We have been advised that the shopkeeper intends to extend a full apology.”

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When the Labour Party attacked NF activist Derrick Days flat in Hoxton, East London, 1977

This video posted by the anti British communist filth shows Derrick Day leaping out of his window after he had bricks thrown at his windows. In those days, the communists/Labour Party used to route their marches past his home, unbelievable as it now seems.

Derrick Day was a real hard man.

In those days, it was legal so say what he did. Look how far our 'totalitarian state' has progressed. And it will get much worse. Surprisingly some of the clips show the armed IRA and communists who attacked an NF rally at the 1978 Moss Side by-election in Manchester. Communist/Zionist/pro- IRA/SEARCHLIGHT scumbag Steve Tilzey must have got the clips mixed up ? SEARCHLIGHT was/is an MI5 operation, amongst other things.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Old Marxist idiot Bill Oddie suggests that large British families should be 'contained'

The presenter that the solution to immigration could be population control

The presenter, 73, offered his view on on BBC1’s Sunday Morning Live during a debate entitled “Is the UK too hostile to immigration?”
“There should just as likely be a restriction on the number of children that British people have because over-population is what you are talking about here, the big problem,” he said.
“So you say these perfectly well-qualified people can’t come in, but the woman down the road has just had her tenth baby.
“Well I’m sorry, but they are the people that really should be contained. It would make a difference.”
His comments recall Chinese authoritarian quota laws, first introduced in 1979, which banned Chinese families from having more than one child until earlier this year. According to new legislation, some couples are now allowed to have two children.
Oddie – who is known as a conservationist and a wildlife television presenter – also said he was “ashamed” to be British and described the nation as a “terrible race”.
“Historically, we seem to have built up this ridiculous idea that: ‘Oh, we are British, this is our island and we don’t want anybody else in it’.
“I personally loathe that kind of chauvinism and I’m happy to say I’m not proud to be British. In fact, I’m very often ashamed to be British,” he said.
“We are a terrible race, all the hooliganism and God knows what…”
However, he doesn’t dislike the country enough to leave it. When asked by presenter Sian Williams whether his views might prompt him to exit Britain, he told her that she was “talking like Ukip. For God’s sake, shut up!”
“I love the fact that I walk down the road in north London and down here’s an Indian shop and there’s another Indian stationers there and this one is run by someone from Iran and there’s a West Indian guy who runs that bit and we’ve got the Romanian builders next door who don’t play the radio as loud as English builders,” he said.

NWN: Oddie is one of those old marxists that don't even see their own rank hypocrisy. He hails from Rochdale and was a supporter of the Anti Nazi League/ANAL Mark I in the 1970's . Like all succesful marxists, when he got enough money, he 'legged it' from Rochdale and headed off down London. He now lives in that multi-racial hellhole of all the rich 'right on' lefties, 'ampstead, and has another home in North Yorkshire where he has lived for many years. He even married a woman with a double-barelled name don'tcha know ? If he loves immigrants so much, why did he 'scoot off' from Rochdale ?

Why did he slope off to rural North Yorkshire ?

Oddie doesn't see the hypocrisy in protecting bird species,or badgers, but NOT 
his own species !

Readers will not be surprised to know there is an history of 'mental illness' in the Oddie family,  himself  included.

Bill Oddie is listed on this trotskyist communist Anti Nazi League poster.

Friday, October 17, 2014

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Record attendance at 2014 John Tyndall memorial meeting in Lancashire

More than 120 Nationalists from a broad range of parties and factions gathered in the old English city of Preston, Lancashire, on 11thOctober 2014 for the ninth annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting. The commemoration was hosted by Heritage and Destiny in memory of JT, former chairman of the National Front, founder of the British National Party, and the foremost racial nationalist leader of the modern British era. This year we also remembered our loyal comrade and H&D Patron Robert Smith, a veteran nationalist who served in 1940s Palestine with the Parachute Regiment – he died on September 4th, aged 87.
Andrew Brons was the first speaker at the 2014 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston.
Among the organizations represented at this year’s memorial were (in alphabetical order): A.K. Chesterton Trust, Blood & Honour, British Movement, British Democratic Party, British National Party, Church of the Creator, Heretical Press, Historical Review Press, National Action, National Front, Northern Patriotic Front and Telling Films (sorry if I’ve missed any out).  The audience ranged in age from nine months to 90, including representative from all four of the United Kingdom’s nations, travelling from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  One H&D subscriber came all the way from Maryland, USA!
The meeting was again ably chaired by former BNP West Midlands organiser Keith Axon, a three-time parliamentary candidate who was a founder member of the BNP and a friend of the Tyndall family for many years.
On the morning of the meeting, the Lancashire Evening Post printed a prominent article by Laura Wild under the headline ‘Far right group due to hold memorial meeting in city’.  Click on the photo below to enlarge.

Our opening speaker was Andrew Brons, former Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and Humber.  Andrew welcomed the broad church of nationalism represented at the Preston meeting.  He acknowledged that racial nationalist parties were presently overshadowed by UKIP, but pointed out that the heavily promoted Nigel Farage was actually pro-immigration.  Our various parties and movements could each contibute in different spheres – whether cultural or directly political – to the advance of a genuine nationalist alternative.
Dr Jim Lewthwaite – Lancashire and Yorkshire organiser of the British Democratic Party and former Bradford city councillor – underlined the importance of our ethnic nationalist stance.  Borrowing the title of Lenin’s pamphlet What is to be Done? – written in 1901 just before his movement split to create the Bolshevik Party, and at a time when Russia’s revolutionary movement seemed likely to remain an obscure and marginal force – Jim maintained that our movement to save Britain from multiracial suicide had potential for rapid growth.  Activists should now be constructing the foundations for that imminent nationalist renaissance.
Richard Edmonds – for many years John Tyndall’s right-hand man in the British National Party and now a member of the National Front Directorate – acknowledged that the racial nationalist movement was presently in crisis, largely due to the implosion of the BNP, whose chairman for the past fifteen years, Nick Griffin, was now engaged in yet another bitter civil war with his former comrades. Meanwhile the colonisers of Britain are ever more arrogant in the public display of their ascendency. The recent Rotherham scandal being only the latest example.
Alex Davies of the new NS youth group National Action brought a message of resistance to that alien ascendency.  Young people subjected to ever more intense multiracial brainwashing in our colleges and universities are defying the internationalist establishment’s agenda. John Tyndall’s political legacy lives on even in a generation that was still at primary school when he died.
Simon Sheppard of Heretical Press spoke on the nature of controversy – a topic on which he is well qualified, having been imprisoned four times for political ‘crimes’.  Simon explained the process by which human beings sub-consciously calculate whether risks are worth taking – though nationalists risk ostracism, dismissal and even imprisonment, these sacrifices are made in pursuit of the greatest prize, nothing less than the survival of the White Race.
Chairman Keith Axon then announced a break, during which the audience enjoyed a generous buffet and were able to browse the many literature and merchandise stalls.
After a thirty minute lunch break, Keith resumed the meeting. The next item on the agenda was an auction of nationalist items donated by H&D subscribers, including historic items of nationalist literature. The second half of the event then began with a brief speech by Benny from Whitelaw, representing the highly successful nationalist music organisation Blood & Honour, founded by Ian Stuart from nearby Poulton-le-Fylde.
The chairman then introduced Steve Frost – National Secretary of British Movement.  As a comrade of the late Colin Jordan for many years, Steve remains an outspoken national socialist, promoting an alternative to the twin treacheries of capitalism and communism. He gave the meeting powerful insights into the early days of John Tyndall’s political activity alongside CJ, picking up the ideological baton from Arnold Leese, whose racial nationalist legacy formed the bedrock philosophy of BM, and also influenced the NF and BNP.
Jez Turner, organiser of the London Forum, gave a positive and inspirational speech. A twelve-year veteran of the Royal Corps of Signals, Jez had just returned from Hungary, where the authorities had banned a congress of European nationalists.  Largely thanks to the efforts of American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor, a successful dinner and meeting had been held, followed by social gatherings in the historic city of Budapest.  Jez reminded us of the Hungarian people’s suffering at the hands of Stalinist commissars, and their abandonment by Western governments.
Chairman Keith Axon then called upon meeting organizer – and editor of Heritage and Destiny – Mark Cotterill to say a few words. Mark thanked everybody for attending and supporting this year’s event, which despite yet another internet campaign (both on loony nationalist forums and Facebook) by a group of keyboard warriors and enemies of JT to sabotage the meeting, was still a great success and had attracted a record attendance. A collection was taken to cover the costs of the venue and organisation.
The final speaker of the day was Peter Rushton, assistant editor of Heritage & Destiny.  Despite the collapse of the BNP and the temporary ascendency of UKIP, Peter asserted that the future belonged to radical nationalism, because our ideas are based on nature, while liberalism is anti-nature.  All of the establishment parties – including UKIP – are based on some combination of social liberalism and economic liberalism, rooted in demonstrably false assumptions about human equality.  We nationalists following in the tradition of John Tyndall assert our racially based, nature-based alternative to the establishments melting-pot dystopia.
Event steward Ken Shapcott, ably assisted by two young ladies from the audience, then drew the raffle and brought the meeting to a close, thanking Mark Cotterill, the panel of speakers, and the excellent security team who had travelled from Nottingham and Leeds. Ken also thanked all those comrades who could not attend, but who still supported the event by sending in donations to help with the organisational costs.
After the meeting a very enjoyable social was held at another city centre venue, which continued well into the morning. There were a few sore heads at the H&D office the following day!
So all in all, a very successful and enjoyable event. If you could not attend this year, then make sure you come to next year’s John Tyndall Memorial Meeting (details of which will be sent out to H&D subscribers after the new year); you won’t be disappointed.
PS: The four-page colour programme from this year’s John Tyndall Memorial Meeting is available for £5 (including p&p) from Heritage and Destiny, 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE. Additional photos and video links will be added on Tuesday-Wednesday this week.
The speakers at the 2014 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting included (back left to right) Jez Turner, Mark Cotterill, Simon Sheppard and Ken Shapcott; (front left to right) Andrew Brons, Richard Edmonds, Keith Axon, Jim Lewthwaite, Peter Rushton and Alex Davies. Also speaking but not shown in photo were Steve Frost and Benny from Whitelaw.

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Kick Griffin to the kerb ! 

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Child sex claims, a police 'cover-up' and troubling questions for a Labour peer: This special report reveals the full extent of the deeply disturbing allegations against ex-MP Greville Janner 

  • Lord Janner is a life peer after representing Leicester as an MP for 30 years
  • Had his home searched last year as part of high-profile paedophile probe
  • His office was also searched into historic abuse claims linked to care homes
  • Now alleged that inquiry into the former MP was blocked by senior officers
  • It has been reported that the Labour peer is suffering from severe dementia 

Greville Janner pictured outside Parliament in 1974 with a child not connected to any sex abuse claims 
Greville Janner pictured outside Parliament in 1974 with a child not connected to any sex abuse claims 
Shortly before retiring in 1997, a Labour MP called Andrew Faulds created an archive of the paperwork he had accrued during three colourful decades in Parliament.
Filling 263 boxes, it contained — among a great many other things — two highly sensitive documents which had landed on the prominent backbencher’s desk in 1992 and 1995.
The first was a four-page leaflet published by a group which called itself ‘Concerned Leicester Parents’. The second was a 24-page booklet, which claimed on its cover to reveal: ‘How people in high places covered-up for a Parliamentary paedophile’.
Faulds, an avuncular figure who acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company before entering politics, died in 2000, aged 77. His entire archive was subsequently transferred to the library of the London School of Economics [LSE].
There, it has sat unnoticed and virtually untouched for more than a decade. Recent events, however, seem likely to propel the Faulds archive to sudden prominence.
That’s because the yellowing pages of those two documents discuss what is now a snowballing political scandal.
Indeed, as their description in LSE’s library catalogue puts it, they explore in forensic detail ‘allegations of sexual abuse against a child’ by a colleague of Faulds called Greville Janner.
‘This booklet details a scandal that makes the sex and sleaze sagas of most politicians seem trivial,’ claims the 1995 document. The 1992 leaflet is meanwhile headlined: ‘Janner fails to answer “sex with boy” evidence.’
Greville Janner is nowadays Lord Janner of Braunstone. Aged 86 and widowed with three children, he is a prominent ex-barrister, who wrote more than 60 books and represented Leicester as a Labour MP for almost 30 years. Janner is also a former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and keen amateur magician. After retiring from the Commons in 1997, he was made a life peer.
One of his few subsequent forays into the public eye came in 2002, when Uri Geller, a friend, arranged for him to accompany Michael Jackson on a tour of Parliament. The trio dropped in on a party for Labour MP Paul Boateng, where Jackson agreed to sing happy birthday.
Life has, in other words, been very comfortable indeed. Or at least it was until December 20 last year, when Lord Janner’s genteel semi-retirement came to an abrupt halt.
That day, police descended on his home in Golders Green, North London, carrying a warrant to search the premises as part of a high-profile paedophile probe. The officers, who this June also searched Janner’s Westminster office (removing computers and other files), are part of Operation Enamel, an investigation into historic abuse claims linked to Leicestershire children’s homes during the 1970s and 1980s.
At the heart of their inquiry is the notorious 1991 trial of Frank Beck, a local care-home warden suspected of abusing roughly 200 children in his care between 1973 and 1986.
Beck, a former Liberal councillor, was given five life sentences, plus a further 24 years behind bars, after being found guilty of 17 counts of sexual abuse of children in his care. He died in prison in 1994.
The crimes shocked the nation, prompting an official inquiry chaired by Andrew Kirkwood QC. Yet Beck’s 11-week trial, at Leicester Crown Court, also made headlines for a sensational side-plot involving Janner.
Last week a police chief told The Times that an abuse inquiry into claims against the ex-MP was blocked by senior officers 
Last week a police chief told The Times that an abuse inquiry into claims against the ex-MP was blocked by senior officers 
That plot revolved around testimony from four separate witnesses, two of whom spoke for the prosecution, and two for the defence — and one of whom was Beck himself.
Each provided evidence supporting (to varying degrees) a similar, shocking thesis: that Greville Janner had, during the 1970s, pursued a sexual relationship with a teenage boy who lived at one of Beck’s care homes.
It should be stressed that Janner was not a witness in court, and was forbidden by law from commenting on proceedings until the jury reached a verdict. After the case finished, he did issue a swift and unequivocal denial of any wrongdoing.
Perhaps the most detailed claims against him, meanwhile, were made by the alleged victim, by that time a 30-year-old man. Speaking under oath, he claimed Janner had abused him repeatedly between the ages of 13 and 15, showing the jury letters the MP had sent him on House of Commons notepaper in the mid-1970s, and providing a description of Janner’s London residence.
Several letters, today in the hands of police, were signed ‘love Greville’. One, seemingly sent after they’d stayed together at his home, declared: ‘It feels strange not to have you flipping around like a friendly flea! In fact — I miss you.’
The boy further alleged that the MP had frequently abused him at the Holiday Inn in Leicester, where he once violated him in the swimming pool.
‘I was fondled in my private area. It seemed at first like a bit of fun, being thrown around in the water, but he would hold me close.’
Beck, for his part, used this testimony as part of an ambitious defence: that he had been a protector, rather than an abuser, of vulnerable children. He argued that he was being prosecuted to divert attention from Janner and other, more powerful, paedophiles. ‘I spent two years putting right the damage that man had done to that boy,’ he told the court.
Two other witnesses spoke for the prosecution, saying Beck had raped them. But in cross-examination, they nonetheless also appeared to confirm some details of the boy’s story.
Lord Janner chairs the Holocaust Educational Trust and is vice-president of the World Jewish Congress
Lord Janner chairs the Holocaust Educational Trust and is vice-president of the World Jewish Congress
One, a woman, alleged that she’d witnessed an argument between Beck and the boy in which ‘he was shouting to [the child] that he wasn’t [allowed] to see Greville Janner anymore’. The other, a man, claimed how the alleged victim had boasted of having ‘a friend in high places’.
During summing-up, the prosecution labelled allegations about the MP ‘the great Janner diversion’. They had been made to muddy the waters, and should not be considered credible, it argued. The jury appeared to agree, finding Beck guilty of the majority of the counts against him.
Days later, on December 2, 1991, Janner broke his silence on the affair, telling Parliament there was ‘not a shred of truth’ in the various claims.
‘Beck and [the boy] were able to make this terrible and wrong accusation against me and the media could and, with honourable exceptions, did report these falsehoods,’ he said.
‘There is not a shred of truth in any of the allegations of criminal conduct made against me during the trial.’
Regarding the exact nature of his relationship with the boy, Janner said: ‘Long ago, when [he] was a deprived youngster living in a Leicestershire children’s home, my family and I tried unsuccessfully to help him. Now, after some 15 years of Beck’s influence, they [have] combined to make disgraceful and totally untrue allegations against me.’
The statement met with widespread applause in the Commons and warm words from such Labour allies as Keith Vaz MP, who described Janner as ‘a brave man’ and whip Derek Foster, who passed on party leader Neil Kinnock’s ‘tremendous support.’
Police, who had interviewed Janner and his alleged victim, promptly let it be known that no charges would be filed due to concerns about the credibility of the witness. The abuse claims were eventually forgotten.
Greville Janner is nowadays Lord Janner of Braunstone. Aged 86 and widowed with three children, he is a prominent ex-barrister, who wrote more than 60 books
Greville Janner is nowadays Lord Janner of Braunstone. Aged 86 and widowed with three children, he is a prominent ex-barrister, who wrote more than 60 books
Until last year, that is, when the authorities began reopening a series of historic child abuse cases in the wake of the Jimmy Savile affair.
Many revolve around the Elm Guest House, a gay sauna in Barnes, West London, where boys are believed to have been abused by a cabal of powerful men in the 1970s and early 1980s, including politicians Cyril Smith and Tory grandee Sir Peter Morrison.
Police are also now attempting to establish why a dossier on this alleged Establishment paedophile ‘ring’, handed to the then Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Tory backbencher Geoffrey Dickens in 1983, was later mislaid by officials.
Against this backdrop, Janner’s alleged victim renewed contact with police. They decided to look once more at the affair, this time in detail. Their investigation continues. And a file on Janner, who has not been arrested, is expected to be passed to the CPS in the coming months.
Last week, meanwhile, a sensational claim was made regarding the reason the Labour MP was never further investigated after the 1991 trial.
It came from Mick Creedon, the Chief Constable of Derbyshire police, who told The Times newspaper that he had worked on the Leicestershire force’s original investigation into Janner all those years ago. Creedon said there had indeed been ‘credible evidence’ against the MP which he believed ought to have been looked into further.
However, he claimed the investigation was blocked by senior officers, who forbade detectives from targeting the MP. ‘The decision was a clear one: he will be interviewed by appointment and there won’t be a search of his home address, or his constituency office, or his office in the House of Commons,’ said Creedon. ‘It was a decision made by people more senior than me.’
Creedon’s comments make particularly interesting reading in light of documents held in the Faulds archive. Both have a murky provenance. The 1995 booklet is bylined Dr A Van Helsing, a pseudonym based on the vampire hunter from the novel Dracula. The 1992 one is said to have been produced by ‘concerned Leicester parents’.
Each appears to have been printed professionally and sent anonymously to Faulds (and presumably several other influential figures) by individuals anxious to ensure further attention was paid to the 1991 trial.
The 1995 booklet is headlined: ‘Is Greville Janner QC, MP, above the law?’ and sets out to provide a detailed account of the alleged victim’s testimony. It therefore tells how the boy spoke of first meeting Janner aged 13, during a school trip to the Commons.
They began exchanging letters, and shortly afterwards, the MP is said to have invited him to stay at his family home in Golders Green, while his wife was away.
During that stay, the boy told the court that Janner found him crying in a bedroom. ‘He said that if I was that upset I could sleep with him,’ the boy claimed. ‘We ended up in his bed together and he cuddled me. Eventually, we lay beside each other. We cuddled and fondled together. I didn’t like it and told him to stop.’
So began a two-year sexual relationship, the boy alleged. He claims to have been given money, toys, clothing, a bike, and tickets for concerts by the MP.
As the booklet points out, many of Janner’s letters to the boy (which are now with police) had a striking tone. ‘I was happy to be with you, and hope that we are achieving some mutual understanding,’ reads one. ‘Straight talk — and total frankness — is essential to our friendship.’
As it also points out, the boy ‘had been able to provide the police with information about Janner’s home, hotel rooms, life, habits and person in . . . infinite and verifiable detail’.
The second Faulds document, the 1992 leaflet, also points out that this evidence ‘was not of a vague character’. ‘It was detailed as to date, location, circumstances and happenings. Such evidence, submitted under oath . . . requires a specific and detailed refutation’.
Although the peer attended the Lords 15 times in November 2013, claiming £2,100 in daily allowances, it was reported shortly after police raided his home on December 20 that he was suffering from severe dementia
Although the peer attended the Lords 15 times in November 2013, claiming £2,100 in daily allowances, it was reported shortly after police raided his home on December 20 that he was suffering from severe dementia
That never happened, however. Instead, the earlier leaflet points out, Janner spoke about the claims on a mere two occasions. The first came during a two-hour interview at Leicester police station in the company of his solicitor Sir David Napley in the early 1990s, during which he answered ‘no comment’ to every substantive question put to him.
Napley, by the by, worked for several prominent figures caught up in sex scandals. They included former leader of the Liberal party Jeremy Thorpe, Conservative MP Harvey Proctor, and diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, a 1970s lobby group dedicated to legalising sex with children.
The second time Janner spoke of the claims was in the Commons. As the leaflet points out, his comments
there came in the form of a ‘personal statement,’ which under parliamentary rules is not debatable. There were, therefore, no follow-up questions from other MPs. He declined invitations from Lobby reporters to hold a press conference after making the statement.
Whether police will now have more luck getting Janner to answer detailed questions about the whole affair remains to be seen.
Although the peer attended the Lords 15 times in November 2013, claiming £2,100 in daily allowances, and another 12 times in December 2013, it was reported shortly after police raided his home on December 20 that he was suffering from severe dementia.
He has not attended Parliament since, and the condition would in theory be enough to prevent him from being interviewed or brought to trial. No family and friends have formally commented since the police raids, and his lawyers last spoke in December, issuing a statement saying: ‘Lord Janner has not been arrested, but has been assisting the police with their inquiries.’
His lawyer, Jae Carwardine, did not respond this week to calls and emails seeking comment.
A political ally meanwhile confirmed again that he has dementia. He added that Janner, a vehement supporter of Israel, has been subjected to virulent anti-Semitic attacks over the years, including from Faulds, who supported the Palestinian cause. ‘People have been seeking to smear him for a long time,’ he said. ‘All these allegations should be seen through that prism.’
As to Janner’s alleged victim, he is now in his mid-fifties and lives with his dog on a suburban street on the outskirts of Leicester. A stocky man, with tattoos and bleached-blond hair, he said he was ‘not allowed’ to comment when I visited this week, for fear of jeopardising the renewed investigation.
Twenty years after those yellowing leaflets were first printed, it remains to be seen if he will once more be required to give evidence in court.

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