Friday, October 20, 2006

Bye-election result - GORTON SOUTH , Manchester

Lib Dem 1588,
Lab 1208,
BNP 185,
Grn 151,
Con 90

We always remember old Alf Coles used to fight this Manchester seat, many years ago.

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Pete R said...

Yes, Alf was a good comrade and would have been pleased to see Derek Adams flying the flag in Gorton, though horrified by most other developments in today's BNP.

This was not a good result though, and does not bode well for a potential BNP parliamentary candidature here, when the inevitable ethnic war breaks out in Gorton to succeed Gerald Kaufman.

One or two NWN readers may remember the Lib Dem winner of the Gorton by-election, Charles Glover. Back in 2000 he sensationally defeated Labour's Oldham Council leader, on the same night that Oldham BNP fought its first election. Chris Jackson got arrested at the count!

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