Saturday, October 21, 2006

Griffin to expel the BNP reform Group now

Griffin is a total fruitcake now. Does he think the BNP Reform Group are just the few still in the BNP ?

Silly boy.

Griffin knows who I am anyway, and he cannot expel me again.

Most expelees are outside the BNP anyway due to his bumblings and draconian excesses in the past.

He has made far too many enemies and we will ensure that his days are now numbered in the BNP.

He cannot expel those he has already expelled, and there are hundreds of us now, and many of us make that a 'personal' crusade against him.

Mr. Griffin we are ready to do to you, what you did to us.

Surely that is fair ! N'est pas ?


dizzyfatplonka said...

Just been reading through many of you're latest posts, things are in a mess at the moment.
Hope you all manage to pull things together again, im not a member myself but realise our country needs sound nationalist politics too revive our nation.
Obviously being a working class man im not willing to support a party that uses the old tory line of nationalism, so it has got to be national socialist policies.
Having mixed race relatives though its the white only policy that holds me back from actually becoming a member, so I find myself swayed more towards the 3WParty at the present whilst liking the BNPs vigor.

Pete R said...

It's time for the anti-Griffin forces in the movement to bury their differences.

What unites us - the need to restore honest nationalist politics - is far more serious than whatever has divided us.

Graeme said...

The Reform Group was the best thing the BNP had of ridding itself of the tyrant, Griffin!
If the group fails, then the last chance of saving the party will have elapsed.
New blood is coming into the party all the time but how many of these nepohytes are actually true nationalists?

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