Monday, October 09, 2006

The real reason why Dubya Bush is screaming about North Korea

'Israel has cause for concern over N. Korea's nuclear test'

"Israel should be very concerned by North Korea's nuclear test," Uzi Eilam, former head of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

According to Eilam, "The cause for concern is three-fold.

First, as a world democracy, it should be concerned by the threat a North Korean nuclear capability poses to the entire world.

Second, It is certainly possible that Pyongyang would share its nuclear know-how with Iran, in return for a sizeable financial reward. North Korea's nuclear program is far more advanced than Iran's. While Iran has only started to produce fissile material, North Korea has done so at least five years ago."

"Third, Syria, which is also under heavy international pressure, could look at the North Korean example and decide to actively push for its own nuclear capability, taking into account that it would be a great deterrent to alleviate the pressure and get the international community off its back," Eilam said.

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