Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sharon Ebanks' costs must be paid by Tuesday 17th - Still not paid.

NWN: This below was a post/thread starter on SF UK, and we agree wholeheartedly with it. We would urge BNP members NOT to throw their memberships away but to fight from within. We said in 2001 that we believe that Nick Griffin has done his 'damnedest', to destroy the BNP, we have not changed our view on this. Some degree of forward electoral progress has been made, but this would have been many times larger under a dedicated leader, such as the late John Tyndall.

Those who can do, should protest at every opportunity, especially at this Blackpool conference !

It appears that the £5,000 that Sharon (quite disgustingly) owes to the regime has to be paid by Tuesday 17th October (with the possibility of her being found in contempt of court otherwise - This is an imprisonable offence) but has still not been paid to her by the BNP.

Apparently Nick Griffin has the final say on whether she is getting this money but has remained silent on the issue.Appeals for funds to cover this were publically made at the time of her court case and an amount well over and above the £5,000 was raised in her name by the party.

Whether you are a member/supporter of the BNP or not, we ALL need to make a concerted effort to find out just what the hell is going on with regards to this money.

Make your voice heard by phoning party HQ or emailing the chairman directly - His email address is on the main website at http://www.bnp.org.uk/


Anonymous said...

Given the enthusiasm with which Ebanks has put the knife into other activists, it seems appropriate that she too should finally be betrayed by Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Now Griffin has all but bankrupted both himself and the BNP, perhaps it will be Ebanks who ends up giving Griffin:

"the unkindest cut of all".

Perhaps he'd be safer in prison?

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...