Saturday, October 21, 2006

Peace breaks out in Nationalist ranks !

After lots of behind the scenes activity we can say that we are now all trying to put our recent squabbles behind us.

The reds have been chuckling away merrily.


dizzyfatplonka said...

Well done and about bloody time, nobody needs bad blood between people in a time of national trouble and strife.
Only pulling together will win the day!

Anonymous said...

How did this arguement start in the first place?

Pete R said...

Depends which argument you mean!

There is an ongoing dispute between BNP leader Nick Griffin's faction and a number of other nationalists, both inside and outside the BNP.

The reason boils down to one word - trust. Mr Griffin's opponents do not trust his handling of the party finances (especially in the light of recent revelations) nor his authoritarian approach, which has resulted in the expulsion, proscription or marginalisation of many former leading figures in his own party, including several who were formerly in the vanguard of Mr Griffin's own personal supporters.

Most (though not all) of these Griffin opponents also distrust his 'modernisation' strategy, suspecting that he intends not merely to make the party more palatable to voters, but to betray its fundamental principles.

In particular, they suspect that he intends to shift the BNP towards acceptance of Britain's multiracial society, albeit with fewer asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, and to ally the BNP with the Bush-Blair neo-conservative agenda, backing Israeli imperialism and the neo-con crusade against Islam, a conflict which the BNP traditionally would have wished Britain to steer clear of.

Alongside these issues of principle, there have also been (inevitably) a number of personality clashes. In the atmosphere of rancour encouraged by Mr Griffin and his chief lieutenant Tony Lecomber, these clashes have proliferated even within the anti-Griffin camp.

Rows that sometimes began with late night alcohol-fuelled disputes on internet forums have ossified into permanent and bitter divisions.

The worst of these disputes have occurred within the former WNP and the present day BPP and NA.

Those involved need to cool down and draw clear lines between those divisions that are serious and those that are trivial, in the context of the political crisis that confronts us all.

Graeme said...

When the core is rotten, you may as well throw the apple away!

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