Monday, June 26, 2017

Former soldier to stand trial on attempted murder charge

Dennis Hutchings was in charge of the Army patrol on the day that John-Pat Cunningham was shot

Dennis Hutchings was in charge of the Army patrol on the day that John-Pat Cunningham was shot

A former soldier is to stand trial on a charge arising from the death of a vulnerable man shot dead by the Army over four decades ago, it has been confirmed.

Dennis Hutchings, who is now 76, was excused from attending Belfast Crown Court on Monday, where one of Northern Ireland’s most senior judges gave his ruling on a ‘no bill’ application lodged by the ex-soldier’s legal team and revealed the case against the pensioner will proceed.
He is expected to return from England to Northern Ireland later this week when he will be formally charged with attempted murder.
The charge against Hutchings, from New Road, Cawsand, Torpoint in Cornwall, arises from the death of 27-year old John-Pat Cunningham, who was shot in the back by the Army in a field on the outskirts of Benburb in June 1974.
Mr Cunningham was described in court as an innocent, vulnerable and unarmed man who had a fear of people in uniform, including soldiers, policemen and priests.
He was fatally wounded in a field on Carrickaness Road, as he ran away from soldiers who stopped their Land Rover in the area and followed him into the field.
During the ‘no bill’ hearing which was held earlier this month, the court heard two soldiers – Hutchings who in court was described as Soldier A, and a second man referred to as Soldier B – fired their SLR rifles during the incident, and that a total of five shots were discharged.
It has never been established who fired the fatal bullet that hit Mr Cunningham in the back, and it is this point that prompted Hutchings’ legal team to argue that “no reasonable jury could convict” either Soldier A or or the now deceased Soldier B as the one who fired the fatal shot.
However, it is the Crown’s case that Hutchings – who was in charge of the Army patrol that day – fired three shots, and that he failed to give a correct warning to the fleeing man.
Accepting the case against Hutchings was “circumstantial”, Mr Justice Treacy said that after “careful consideration” of the arguments made by both the Crown and defence, and having “closely reviewed” the case, the evidence disclosed indicated a case sufficient to justify putting the defendant on trial for the offence of attempted murder.
The judge added he was satisfied a reasonable jury could, during the course of a trial, reach an adverse inference that Hutchings intended to unlawfully kill the deceased.
Ian Turkington, representing Hutchings, revealed he will be launching judicial review proceedings in a bid to allow the trial to be held with a jury – and not a Diplock non-jury trial.
Hutchings will be formally arraigned on charge of attempted murder this Friday.
NWN: This is disgraceful. No wonder we can't get anyone to join up for the armed forces anymore. All the IRA terrorists are in government over in Northern Ireland now, with their 'pardons' issued by Tony Blair in their pockets. The ex- Forces community will be mobilising to support this fellow. 
This is why Dennis Hutchings and other's are being persecuted .............check out the date on the SPEARHEAD issue. All part of the plan to destroy the United Kingdom. Getting rid of Northern Ireland and harass British institutions like the Armed Forces.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Grenfell Tower fire: Undocumented migrants could still be missing

Campaigners call for immigration status amnesty amid concern victims are not seeking support over fears they could be referred to police or Home Office

Undocumented migrants and illegal subtenants who survived the Grenfell Tower blaze may be unaccounted for and are not seeking state support due to fears over their immigration and housing status, charities and legal experts have warned. Underreporting of illegal subtenants could also mean the death toll is higher than currently assumed, it is feared.
Volunteers and charities working for the support effort in the local community have come across a number of undocumented migrants or asylum seekers who have lost everything following the blaze, but are afraid to seek help from authorities for fears that they could be referred onto police or the Home Office.
Members of the community have also raised concerns that large “swathes” of foreign nationals who lived in the block and may have been undocumented have simply “disappeared” and are not on any missing lists, raising concerns that they have either fled the site or are among the dead but unaccounted for.
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The Radical Housing Network, a London-wide organisation of which the Grenfell Action Group is a member, has called on authorities to rehouse all residents locally, regardless of their residential or immigration status, urging they must commit to rehousing all residents.
Amid the mounting concerns, a government source said the Met police had committed that if victims living in the UK illegally contact the hotline set up for victims, they will take no action. They did not mention whether Home Office officials would have any involvement.
One local volunteer, who didn't want to be named, said she had heard multiple reports that undocumented migrants living in the flats had “deliberately disappeared” following the blaze, including a large group of Filipinos.
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Grenfell fire death toll climbs to 79
“There must have been a bunch of people in that building who probably escaped on the night and probably ran away from the situation. There has been speak from other residents of a whole load of Filipinos living in there that no one has seen since it happened,” she said.
“There will have been other people living in those flats it seems who will have been undocumented. Those people were never there in the first place as far as the social services are concerned. Because of the awful fire, their won’t be any remains either, so there will be this swathe of people who sort of didn’t exist.”
The volunteer said she had come across a young woman who was an over-stayer in the UK and had been living with her boyfriend as a subtenant in his flat since February, and was “very scared” of approaching authorities. Her boyfriend has gone missing and is believed to have died in the blaze. She is very scared and doesn't want to deal with the police at all," said the volunteer.
“She told me she acted dumb in front of police because she wasn't legal. She was frightened. These people worry that the council is in the firing line so if they speak out they’ll hold off sorting out their paperwork. Of course there’s going to be an underlining fear if you’re not completely above board.”
Zrinka Bralo, chief executive of Migrants Organise, a support group working in the north Kensington area, said she had come across a male Somali asylum seeker who had lived in the building and was afraid to seek help, adding that there were also many foreign nationals who had not yet appeared on missing people lists. “We helped a Somali man who had been waiting for an asylum decision, and obviously he lost all his papers in the fire. He was afraid to get help, but we encouraged him to go to the north Kensington law centre and he did, and is now getting legal support,” Ms Bralo told The Independent.
“We haven’t even established the number of victims yet and who they are. We know from our community contacts that Moroccans who were not on any of the lists, Sudanese, Eritrean and Ethiopian families who are not on any of the lists.
“Community members are organising wakes and they’re trying to figure out where people are. My main message now is that people shouldn’t be afraid. They should come to the law centre where they will be seen and helped.”
Jolyon Maugham, barrister and director of the Good Law Project, said it is challenging for residents who don't have migrant status, are subletting apartments or are reliant on benefits, to trust the authorities that that are "suspicious and sometimes hostile" towards them. He along with campaigners is calling for an immigration status amnesty for anybody living at the tower block.
Mr Maugham told The Independent: “There are concerns for Grenfell Tower residents without migrant status, and also concerns for those who were subletting apartments, and those receiving benefits and whether receiving money will affect your entitlement to benefits.
“It’s very easy for middle-class people to assume that these objections are all superficial, but the reality is people are very concerned, and I think that if you live in that world that you know how difficult it is to deal with suspicious and sometimes hostile authority.
“People may think I’m not going to get any compensation I’m just going to get deported. Public authorities must commit to rehousing all residents to ensure their future safety and security."
“Grenfell was home to council tenants, private renters, homeowners, subtenants and people staying with family and friends. The council has a responsibility to all of these people. No one should be left in a worse situation by this tragedy.“
A spokesperson from Radical Housing Network urged that public authorities ensure the future safety and security of all residents, saying: “We’re calling on the government in conjunction with Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBCK) to act on their commitment to house all Grenfell residents in the local area, in long-term accommodation which meets their needs.
“Crucially, public authorities must commit to re-housing all residents to ensure their future safety and security – Grenfell was home to council tenants, private renters, homeowners, subtenants, and to many people from other countries including migrants and asylum seekers.
“The council has a responsibility to all these people. No one should be left in a worse situation by this tragedy, and the Grenfell community must be allowed to heal together in the local area if they wish to.”
A senior government source said: “The Met have given an absolute commitment that, if anybody who may be living here illegally rings the special hotline set up for victims, they will take no action.
“There will be no attempt to find them, and nothing will be done with the information beyond removing them from the list of potential fatalities.”

NWN: What a bloody set up ! It's no wonder the authorities do not know how many died here or who is living here. Rumours abound that up to 50% of these flats are illegally subletted.With the real owners going back to their 'homelands' living off the £2,000 a month rolling in ad infinitum. A nice little earner, but apparently the authorities know this is going on. But of course, another 'blind -eye' by the authorities over the behaviour of these 'British people' in case the word 'racism' gets wheeled out to batter anyone who dares raise a voice. And we still have not been told why this fire went up in the first place. Once again, rumours of very odd behaviour by these 'people' suggest the how and why. 

Then we have this;

An amnesty for these illegal immigrants who should not have council properties in any circumstance anyway. That 'daft bat' Theresa May announced yesterday that the government have indeed initiated an amnesty ! The poster above declares an amnesty. 

It's bad enough the crooks who cut corners building these properties and who are still on the loose. But there will be a whole shedload of other absolutely incredulous behaviours will be revealed, from the four corners of the globe where these people have come from . Enriched we are ! Diversity is our strength they say!

Madness !

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Relief at last for Grenfell Tower families as 250 homeless residents are rehoused in a £2billion luxury block in Kensington after authorities buy up 68 flats in £10million deal

  • Families made homeless by the blaze have been scattered around hotels after chaotic response to disaster
  • City of London Corporation has purchased 68 flats in a luxury apartment block for some survivors
  • Some apartments in the new block - which boasts a swimming pool and gym - go for more than £8million 
Around 250 homeless and beleaguered survivors of the devastating Grenfell Tower fire will be rehoused permanently inside a £2billion luxury Kensington development.
The 68 one, two and three bedroom properties have been bought for just £10million and will provide refuge for families who lost everything in the blaze that killed 79 people a week ago.
Apartments in the development are currently for sale from £1,575,000 to £8.5 million but the developer St Edward agreed sold the 68 flats at 'cost' price even though they have a market value of at least £160million.
Some of the families currently being put up in hotels or even sleeping rough or in their cars will be moved into the flats permanently from the end of next month.
The development on Kensington High Street has been 'one of London's most sought after new addresses' with large rooms and balconies offering panoramic views of London.  Residents also have access to a swimming pool, sauna, cinema and gym.
The deal is said to have been financed by the City of London Corporation who immediately handed the flats to Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council, who have been so heavily criticised since Britain's worst fire for a generation.  
Survivors of the Grenfell Tower blaze which killed 79 are to be moved into this new luxury development in Kensington
The development has over 500 apartments, of which the government has bought up 68 for those displaced by the fire
The development has over 500 apartments, of which the government has bought up 68 for those displaced by the fire
Pictures of the development show rooms in the block's penthouses, although the survivors are unlikely to live in such flats
Pictures of the development show rooms in the block's penthouses, although the survivors are unlikely to live in such flats
The property deal is a rare piece of good news for the families who lost friends and loved ones in last week's blaze.
The 1974 tower block, which was refurbished last year, was engulfed by fire after a fridge exploded in its fourth floor. 
Everyone on its top three storeys is believed to have perished including dozens who cowered together in their final moments a single room.
Others died trying to escape or even threw themselves and their children out of windows to escape the deadly heat and smoke.
Since the blaze anger has continued to mount over Kensington council’s ‘chaotic’ handling of the Grenfell disaster amid reports of survivors sleeping rough and being denied cash because of confusing forms.
Nearly a week after the blaze which killed 79 and made hundreds homeless, desperate residents were said to still be struggling with accommodation and support.
More than £300,000 of the £5m emergency fund has been handed to families and over 100 people have been moved into hotels so far, the group said.
However, Lawyer Khatija Sacranie, who is offering free advice to those displaced, said some people trying to collect the aid money had been turned away empty handed because they had completed the wrong forms.
And one survivor said he was sent away with just £20 after officials ran out of cash.
The botched response effort was branded as ‘appalling’ with people still ‘running around like headless chickens’ by Kensington’s new Labour MP Emma Dent Coad.
‘People have to be looked after now. They have to be housed now. There’s still total chaos out there.
‘I’m absolutely horrified to hear people have been sleeping in cars and in parks because they don’t know where to go and they aren’t being looked after. Even now after nearly a week that’s still the case,’ she said.
Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s World At One programme, the MP said that she had heard ‘countless’ and ‘despicable’ reports that traumatised survivors are still sleeping rough, however the response team said they were unaware of this occurring.
She said there needed to be ’better communication’ of what is going on in ‘countless different ways’.
‘The co-ordination is appalling. Somebody told me this morning they are still this morning running around like headless chickens - that was something somebody from the inside (said),’ she added.
Fellow Tottenham MP David Lammy tweeted about reports survivors are being ‘threatened’ with being classed ‘intentionally homeless’ if they refused being rehoused hundreds of miles away which he branded ‘absolutely despicable’. 
A mixture of one, two and three-bedroom flats have been purchased and will house up to 250 residents affected by the fire. 
The development will be ready by the end of next month, with the government paying for extra work to be done to ensure the flats are completed in time.
Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, whose department arranged the move with the Corporation of London, said: 'Our priority is to get everyone who has lost their home permanently rehoused locally as soon as possible, so that they can begin to rebuild their lives.'
The move came as an independent public advocate to help bereaved families after major disasters was announced in the Queen's Speech.
The homes are being prepared for the survivors who are currently being housed in hotels around west London
The homes are being prepared for the survivors who are currently being housed in hotels around west London
The deal to buy the flats is thought to have cost of the government tens of millions of pounds. Pictured: Show flat in brochure
The deal to buy the flats is thought to have cost of the government tens of millions of pounds. Pictured: Show flat in brochure
The Department of Commnunities says it is working to get those affected by the fire rehomed after widespread criticism of the shambolic response to the blaze
The Department of Commnunities says it is working to get those affected by the fire rehomed after widespread criticism of the shambolic response to the blaze
The post was announced by the monarch along with confirmation that a public inquiry will also be held into the June 14 fire, which prompted a mass outpouring of grief and anger.
Announcing the new roles as she opened the new parliamentary session, the Queen said: 'My government will initiate a full public inquiry into the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, to ascertain the causes and ensure the appropriate lessons are learned.
'To support victims, my government will take forward measures to introduce an independent public advocate, who will act for bereaved families after a public disaster and support them at public inquests.'
The Grenfell Fire Response Team said so far some £675,200 has been distributed to affected families via £500 in cash, £5,000 bank transfers and other 'discretionary payments' made by Kensington and Chelsea Council.
More than 400 people were living in the tower block when fire rapidly spread through it a week ago, killing at least 79
More than 400 people were living in the tower block when fire rapidly spread through it a week ago, killing at least 79
Families still traumatised by what they went through have been moved into hotels around London since the disaster
Families still traumatised by what they went through have been moved into hotels around London since the disaster
John Barradell, head of the Grenfell Fire Response Team, paid tribute to the volunteers and community members who stepped in after the blaze, and vowed that more will be done.
He said: 'We are doing all we can to co-ordinate and bring in additional support to help local people who have suffered so much, but know we have so much more to do and won't let up on our efforts.
'As well as looking to deliver much more and effective practical and emotional help, we are listening very closely to the community so they can direct help to where it is needed most.'
Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy, who is leading the team of more than 250 criminal investigators working on the disaster, said: 'We will continue to do everything we can to find answers to those who are missing loved ones.
'I know that for those who are suffering, those answers cannot come quickly enough.'
NWN: Meanwhile, ex-servicemen sleep on the streets.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Police provoke trouble in Manchester at demonstration ?
 Manchester - March against hate - 12/6/2017

We are not especially supportive of  'Tommy Robinson' and the EDL. But this video is a shocking indictment of the way the police act .

Greater Manchester Police have actually used this same tactic for well over 40 years.

They deliberately put opposing factions together and then feign innocence. The police deliberately instigate this violence so that a) the public have instilled in their mind that NF,BNP or EDL means violence, and b) arrests then 'prove' that the NF,BNP, and EDL are violent . Their 'criminalisation' campaign bears fruit for their masters the political establishment. A win win situation for them. There is never any trouble at gatherings if the left do not organise violence. The compliant mass media never blame the left for organising their violent campaigns.

For example, in 1979, they placed several hundred Anti Nazi League (ANAL) protestors right next to about 150 National Front supporters who were going into an Election meeting at Rochdale Town Hall in 1979 for that years General Election.

They placed no barriers or even Police officers in between. Then when it 'kicked off', they arrested a National Front member. They had scores of Police waiting inside the town hall ready for when the trouble broke out.

We can see one NF member being singled out for arrest in the middle picture even though many of the Labour party/communists were being aggresive. No Labour party/communists were arrested.

The last picture shows some of the police who were waiting inside Rochdale town hall for when the trouble broke out. They are pushing back the communist mob who had worked themselves into a violent frenzy. No police were used nor needed to push back the National Front members.

Later that evening hundreds of police were needed to control the disorder from the left wing mob. A report of the rioting outside Rochdale town hall was the main national headlines for the TV news on that night, including by the newsreader Angela Rippon.

As another point of Police bias . At that election meeting, the police insisted that half the hall must be filled by the NF's opponents. Who kept up a barrage of shouting, chanting and footstamping and who were allowed by the police to behave like that.

Even more sinister was that an Asian male who attempted to get into the election meeting was searched and a machete was found on his person. Rather than be arrested by the police, he had the machete taken from him by them and then allowed to enter the meeting to join the Labour/communist mob inside to disturb the meeting.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Blackburn, Lancashire, earlier today - what is going on here ?

Friday, June 09, 2017

2017 - General Election - what a mess for the British people !

After the referendum, where the elite were given a 'bloody nose'. Normal service has been resumed. The electorate have returned to their voting patterns.

The 'establishment' breath a sigh of relief. Bankers like the Rothschilds will be full of glee.

We have behaved like the French, who voted for Rothschilds man Macron, and followed the suicidal policy of the decline of the UK and the west . This plan for the UK was initiated in the 19th Century. In 1900, the UK was the greatest empire the world has ever seen. Look at it now. These extremist politicians have done this - destroyed the UK .

More bombs and mayhem it is then, from the very recent type of suspects. Lap it up UK.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Support the Northern Ireland veterans against the prosecutions

Our London cell is preventing media from interviewing Roy Larner in the hospital. White nationalists ARE NOT heroes.

Bloody typical - the marxist left always the enemies of this country.   Is this gen ?

Monday, June 05, 2017

Police shoot 3 terrorists dead in London - will these armed officers face prosecutions in 30 years time ?

Because that is what is already going on with ex- soldiers and the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC right now in Northern Ireland. For example, people like Dennis Hutchings, a man of almost 80 years of age is due soon to appear in court in Belfast for an incident that occured in 1972 when he was a serving soldier in the Province. He has previously appeared in court in NI. The last time he appeared, the judge threw out the most serious charge. But the IRA's lawyer Barra McGrory, who is in current charge of the DPP in Northern Ireland re-imposed that serious charge.

Is this fear of possible future prosecution at the back of the minds of the brave men and women who must take the fight to these terrorists and need to open fire ? Will they be afraid of opening fire or even returning fire ? Will they hesitate ? Politicians of both Labour & Conservative have allowed and encouraged this sad state of affairs to develop and carry on.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May : All these terrorist attacks are unconnected

Yep we are screwed ! She is totally bonkers.

Meanwhile, the 'Hereford Hooligans'/SAS were deployed again .

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Terror in Britain: What Did the Prime Minister Know? 

In-depth Report:
The unsayable in Britain’s general election campaign is this. The causes of the Manchester atrocity, in which 22 mostly young people were murdered by a jihadist, are being suppressed to protect the secrets of British foreign policy.
Critical questions – such as why the security service MI5 maintained terrorist “assets” in Manchester and why the government did not warn the public of the threat in their midst – remain unanswered, deflected by the promise of an internal “review”.  
The alleged suicide bomber, Salman Abedi (image on the right), was part of an extremist group, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, that thrived in Manchester and was cultivated and used by MI5 for more than 20 years.
The LIFG is proscribed by Britain as a terrorist organisation which seeks a “hardline Islamic state” in Libya and “is part of the wider global Islamist extremist movement, as inspired by al-Qaida”.  
The “smoking gun” is that when Theresa May was Home Secretary, LIFG jihadists were allowed to travel unhindered across Europe and encouraged to engage in “battle”: first to remove Mu’ammar Gadaffi in Libya, then to join al-Qaida affiliated groups in Syria.
Last year, the FBI reportedly placed Abedi on a “terrorist watch list” and warned MI5 that his group was looking for a “political target” in Britain. Why wasn’t he apprehended and the network around him prevented from planning and executing the atrocity on 22 May?
These questions arise because of an FBI leak that demolished the “lone wolf” spin in the wake of the 22 May attack – thus, the panicky, uncharacteristic outrage directed at Washington from London and Donald Trump’s apology.
The Manchester atrocity lifts the rock of British foreign policy to reveal its Faustian alliance with extreme Islam, especially the sect known as Wahhabism or Salafism, whose principal custodian and banker is the oil kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Britain’s biggest weapons customer.
This imperial marriage reaches back to the Second World War and the early days of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The aim of British policy was to stop pan-Arabism: Arab states developing a modern secularism, asserting their independence from the imperial west and controlling their resources.  The creation of a rapacious Israel was meant to expedite this. Pan-Arabism has since been crushed; the goal now is division and conquest.            

LIFG (Source: Liwa Al-Umma Facebook Page )                   
In 2011, according to Middle East Eye, the LIFG in Manchester were known as the “Manchester boys”. Implacably opposed to Mu’ammar Gadaffi, they were considered high risk and a number were under Home Office control orders – house arrest – when anti-Gadaffi demonstrations broke out in Libya, a country forged from myriad tribal enmities.
Suddenly the control orders were lifted.
“I was allowed to go, no questions asked,” said one LIFG member.
MI5 returned their passports and counter-terrorism police at Heathrow airport were told to let them board their flights.
The overthrow of Gaddafi, who controlled Africa’s largest oil reserves, had been long been planned in Washington and London. According to French intelligence, the LIFG made several assassination attempts on Gadaffi in the 1990s – bank-rolled by British intelligence.  In March 2011, France, Britain and the US seized the opportunity of a “humanitarian intervention” and attacked Libya. They were joined by Nato under cover of a UN resolution to “protect civilians”.
Last September, a House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee inquiry concluded that then Prime Minister David Cameron had taken the country to war against Gaddafi on a series of “erroneous assumptions” and that the attack “had led to the rise of Islamic State in North Africa”. The Commons committee quoted what it called Barack Obama’s “pithy” description of Cameron’s role in Libya as a “shit show”.
In fact, Obama was a leading actor in the “shit show”, urged on by his warmongering Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and a media accusing Gaddafi of planning “genocide” against his own people.
“We knew… that if we waited one more day,” said Obama, “Benghazi, a city the size of Charlotte, could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world.”
The massacre story was fabricated by Salafist militias facing defeat by Libyan government forces. They told Reuters there would be
“a real bloodbath, a massacre like we saw in Rwanda”. The Commons committee reported, “The proposition that Mu’ammar Gaddafi would have ordered the massacre of civilians in Benghazi was not supported by the available evidence”.
Britain, France and the United States effectively destroyed Libya as a modern state. According to its own records, Nato launched 9,700 “strike sorties”, of which more than a third hit civilian targets. They included fragmentation bombs and missiles with uranium warheads. The cities of Misurata and Sirte were carpet-bombed. Unicef, the UN children’s organisation, reported a high proportion of the children killed “were under the age of ten”. 
More than “giving rise” to Islamic State — ISIS had already taken root in the ruins of Iraq following the Blair and Bush invasion in 2003 — these ultimate medievalists now had all of north Africa as a base. The attack also triggered a stampede of refugees fleeing to Europe.
Cameron was celebrated in Tripoli as a “liberator”, or imagined he was. The crowds cheering him included those  secretly supplied and trained by Britain’s SAS and inspired by Islamic State, such as the “Manchester boys”.
To the Americans and British, Gadaffi’s true crime was his iconoclastic independence and his plan to abandon the petrodollar, a pillar of American imperial power. He had audaciously planned to underwrite a common African currency backed by gold, establish an all-Africa bank and promote economic union among poor countries with prized resources. Whether or not this would have happened, the very notion was intolerable to the US as it prepared to “enter” Africa and bribe African governments with military “partnerships”.  
The fallen dictator fled for his life. A Royal Air Force plane spotted his convoy, and in the rubble of Sirte, he was sodomised with a knife by a fanatic described in the news as “a rebel”.
Having plundered Libya’s $30 billion arsenal, the “rebels” advanced south, terrorising towns and villages. Crossing into sub-Saharan Mali, they destroyed that country’s fragile stability. The ever-eager French sent planes and troops to their former colony “to fight al-Qaida”, or the menace they had helped create.
On 14 October, 2011, President Obama announced he was sending special forces troops to Uganda to join the civil war there. In the next few months, US combat troops were sent to South Sudan, Congo and the Central African Republic. With Libya secured, an American invasion of the African continent was under way, largely unreported.  
In London, one of the world’s biggest arms fairs was staged by the British government.  The buzz in the stands was the “demonstration effect in Libya”. The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a preview entitled “Middle East: A vast market for UK defence and security companies”. The host was the Royal Bank of Scotland, a major investor in cluster bombs, which were used extensively against civilian targets in Libya. The blurb for the bank’s arms party lauded the “unprecedented opportunities for UK defence and security companies.”
Related image
Saudi King Salman and British PM Theresa May (Source: Stringer / AFP / Getty Images)
Last month, Prime Minister Theresa May was in Saudi Arabia, selling more of the £3 billion worth of British arms which the Saudis have used against Yemen. Based in control rooms in Riyadh, British military advisers assist the Saudi bombing raids, which have killed more than 10,000 civilians. There are now clear signs of famine. A Yemeni child dies every 10 minutes from preventable disease, says Unicef.
The Manchester atrocity on 22 May was the product of such unrelenting state violence in faraway places, much of it British sponsored. The lives and names of the victims are almost never known to us.
This truth struggles to be heard, just as it struggled to be heard when the London Underground was bombed on July 7, 2005. Occasionally, a member of the public would break the silence, such as the east Londoner who walked in front of a CNN camera crew and reporter in mid-platitude.
“Iraq!” he said. “We invaded Iraq. What did we expect? Go on, say it.” 
At a large media gathering I attended, many of the important guests uttered “Iraq” and “Blair” as a kind of catharsis for that which they dared not say professionally and publicly.  
Yet, before he invaded Iraq, Blair was warned by the Joint Intelligence Committee that
“the threat from al-Qaida will increase at the onset of any military action against Iraq … The worldwide threat from other Islamist terrorist groups and individuals will increase significantly”.
Just as Blair brought home to Britain the violence of his and George W Bush‘s blood-soaked “shit show”, so David Cameron, supported by Theresa May, compounded his crime in Libya and its horrific aftermath, including those killed and maimed in Manchester Arena on 22 May.
The spin is back, not surprisingly. Salman Abedi acted alone. He was a petty criminal, no more. The extensive network revealed last week by the American leak has vanished.  But the questions have not.
Why was Abedi able to travel freely through Europe to Libya and back to Manchester only days before he committed his terrible crime? Was Theresa May told by MI5 that the FBI had tracked him as part of an Islamic cell planning to attack a “political target” in Britain?
In the current election campaign, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made a guarded reference to a “war on terror that has failed”. As he knows, it was never a war on terror but a war of conquest and subjugation. Palestine. Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Syria. Iran is said to be next.  Before there is another Manchester, who will have the courage to say that? 

NWN: It's starting to get out what has been going on in South Manchester.

Bilderberg 2017: secret meeting of global leaders could prove a problem for Trump

The annual gathering of government and industry elites will include a ‘progress report’ on the Trump administration. Will it get a passing grade?

Several members of Donald Trump’s administration are headed to the Bilderberg conference, which will include a ‘progress report’ on the White House.
Several members of Donald Trump’s administration are headed to the Bilderberg conference, which will include a ‘progress report’ on the White House. 

The storm around Donald Trump is about to shift a few miles west of the White House, to a conference centre in Chantilly, Virginia, where the embattled president will be getting his end-of-term grades from the people whose opinion really matters: Bilderberg.
The secretive three-day summit of the political and economic elite kicks off on Thursday in heavily guarded seclusion at the Westfields Marriott, a luxury hotel a short distance from the Oval Office. The hotel was already on lockdown on Wednesday, and an army of landscapers have been busy planting fir trees around the perimeter, to protect coy billionaires and bashful bank bosses from any prying lenses.

The Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia, where the 2017 Bilderberg conference will take place.
The Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia, where the 2017 Bilderberg conference will take place. 
Perched ominously at the top of the conference agenda this year are these words: “The Trump administration: a progress report.” Is the president going to be put in detention for tweeting in class? Held back a year? Or told to empty his locker and leave? If ever there’s a place where a president could hear the words “you’re fired!”, it’s Bilderberg.
The White House is taking no chances, sending along some big hitters from Team Trump to defend their boss: the national security adviser, HR McMaster; the commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross; and Trump’s new strategist, Chris Liddell. Could the president himself show up to receive his report card in person?
Henry Kissinger, the gravel-throated kingpin of Bilderberg, visited Trump at the White House a few weeks ago to discuss “Russia and other things”, and certainly, the Bilderberg conference would be the perfect opportunity for the most powerful man in the world to discuss important global issues with Trump.

The US president’s extraordinary chiding of Nato leaders in Brussels is sure to be chewed over at Bilderberg, which takes its name from the hotel in the Netherlands where its conference first met in 1954. The Bilderbergers have summoned the head of Nato, Jens Stoltenberg, to give feedback. Stoltenberg will leading the snappily titled session on “The transatlantic defence alliance: bullets, bytes and bucks”. He’ll be joined by the Dutch minister of defence and a clutch of senior European politicians and party leaders, all hoping to reset the traumatised transatlantic relationship after Trump’s galumphing visit.
The invitation list for this year’s conference is a veritable covfefe of big-hitters from geopolitics, from the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, to the king of Holland, but perhaps the most significant name on the list is Cui Tiankai, China’s ambassador to the US.
According to the meeting’s agenda, “China” will be discussed at a summit attended by the Chinese ambassador, the US commerce secretary, the US national security adviser, two US senators, the governor of Virginia, two former CIA chiefs – and any number of giant US investors in the country, including the heads of the financial services firms the Carlyle Group and KKR. Oh, and the boss of Google.
Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Alphabet, Google’s holding company, has just come back from a trip to Beijing, where he was overseeing Google AI’s latest game of Go against puny humans. He declared it “a pleasure to be back in China, a country that I admire a great deal”. Three days spent chatting to the Chinese ambassador certainly won’t harm his ambitions there.
All this is the kind of thing that should be headline news, but with the president of Turner International attending, we can be fairly sure Bilderberg won’t make many ripples at CNN. And British readers should not expect much coverage at the London Evening Standard either: their new editor and longtime Bilderberg attendee George Osborne is on the list, despite a general election looming in a week’s time.
You could of course complain about a lack of press coverage of Bilderberg in the UK, but with the head of the media watchdog Ofcom at the conference, you may not get an immediate reply.
So will Trump be given his marching orders at Bilderberg, or will he be kept on as a useful doofus? There’s a small but worrying clue for what Bilderberg might have in mind for Trump tucked away on the invitation list: one of the guests this year is the UK’s former chief of the defence staff, Sir Nicholas Houghton. His new role? Constable of the Tower of London. 

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