Thursday, October 26, 2006

SEARCHLIGHTs Mike Luft makes special appearance in Rochdale

Had to attend with a friend yesterday at a Dentists in Rochdale. I was sat there and a group of three people then came in through the front door.

They all filed past me to sit to my left, when I noticed an obviously old jewish lady looking at me, no wonder others have said Mrs.Luft is a beauty ! . Then I noticed the last of the three to sit down almost next to was my arch enemy Mike Luft himself.

Mr.Luft has been a central figure in communist forces against British nationalists for many a year.He was also allowed by the old East German Communist Government free travel under that communist regime, though not sure if he was on speaking terms with murderer Erich Honeker. Modern day Germans would like to physically rip him to pieces simply for that.

In 1976, he was taken to the House of Lords by Scotland Yard detectives, for a precedent in Law which Luft lost. This was to do with the publishing and distributing of illegal smear leaflets when an election writ is in force.

Luft was just the 'fall guy' for the Jewish Chronicle/Redvers Press, which helped in publishing and printing these smear leaflets, it probably still does.

Luft has also been a mainstay for the communist jewish SEARCHLIGHT magazine which from its inception has been manned and run by scruffy jewish individuals - Luft is one of this small coterie.

While Luft has been instrumental in the intelligence section for Searchlight, he has also been involved in criminal violence against British nationalists. Both Tilzey and Hann in their book of lies and half truths make mention of 'Mike' being an handy lad with Anti fascist Action/AFA in the 1970's and 1980's. AFA was a criminal communist armed group and usually IRA led attack group .

I couldn't work out Lufts accent, but it is not local, he sounds like a fairy cake !

Crunch time in the north
Natasha Grzincic
June 2004
In the European elections British National Party leader Nick Griffin needs just 9 per cent of the vote to be elected as an MEP for the northwest of England. Natasha Grzincic reports on the anti-fascists battling to defeat him

Mike Luft does not look at all intimidating. With his diminutive stature, Rasputin beard, mild voice and muddied hiking shoes, it’s hard to imagine him getting confrontational with anyone, never mind the British National Party (BNP). But Luft is secretary of Oldham United Against Racism, a group formed in response to fascist activity in the town that sparked rioting in the summer of 2001. With the local and European elections taking place on 10 June Oldham United’s members have been spending most of the last few months pounding the streets, spreading the word about how racist the BNP really is. On this particular Wednesday, Luft is accompanied by two veteran peace activists, a couple from a neighbouring borough and the secretary of the recently resurrected local trades council.

The below link shows a list of pics that Luft recommends.

" The library has a collection of several thousand photographs which is being archived and indexed by our volunteer Mike Luft."

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NorthWestNationalists said...

Just thought I would mention that this Dentist does not do NHS patients, only the capitalist best for Luft and his family, the hypocrites.

But he didn't use the jewish Dentist in the practise, Monty M. Wonder why that is then ?

Luft was also the mug for Aubrey Lewis, the Manchester Socialist Jewish leader.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...