Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Preston has been having racial problems for years

Stephen McLaughlin was murdered in Preston in November 1997 and was a terrible example of the failure of the multi-racial experiment, and the Trial of his killers was an even worse example of a grotesque perversion of Justice. Stephen was 20 years old, with a steady girlfriend who was pregnant with their second child when he was murdered.

11 of his attackers were charged with his murder............The Judge and Prosecution decided that a lengthy murder trial would exacerbate and serve to inflame racial tension in Preston .

As a result, the Crown had decided to drop all eleven Murder charges against the 11 Asians.

No doubt young people in Preston still remember Stephen McLaughlin - the man who was murdered by a large gang of Asian men - but who received no Justice in our fair Land !

We have all heard of Stephen Lawrence - but a white Preston lad Stephen McLaughlin, is unknown


NorthWestNationalists said...

The Judge who let all the Asians off this murder trial was none other than Justice Peter Openshaw and still of Preston Crwon Court. Now quite a lot is known about his judge.

He is almost certainly the son of the senior Judge Openshaw , a jew, who was murdered by some 'low life' at his home on Wigan lane, Wigan in 1980.

This current Judge Openshaw was the one who let off the Asian rioters, but gave out lots of jail time to the whites, who were all caught up in the Burnley riots of 2001.

Justice Openshaw, has shown himself to be a stooge zionist jew, and an anti-white traitor - again and again and again.

The local Police have shown themselves to be nothing but biased coppers.

Preston is a bad place for poor white people !

Anonymous said...

Any of our people should object very strongly if they appear before Judge Openshaw.

Does he do Liverpool Crown Court as well ?

Anonymous said...

Stephen was my nephew and i still think about him x

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cocksuckers at the Daily Mail, will champion this cause?
Same as they did with ST STEPHEN OF LAWRENCE


Anonymous said...

Judge openshaw is a very unfair /biased corrupt judge he should be jailed he is still getting investigated over an unfair trial going back 11years or so where a man was unfairly found guilty.

Anonymous said...

Everyone that has judge Peter openshaw for their trial should appeal he is the worst bias evil judge a person could get he should be under investigation now.

Anonymous said...

Yes openshaw does do Liverpool crown court aswell God help anyone with openshaw as the judge.he is a twisted bitter old man

Anonymous said...

Most evil lying judge ever iv seen in UK Judge Peter openshaw should be discredited

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...