Saturday, October 28, 2006

For those that suggest that it is the wrong time to have a leadership challenge may wish to think about just when Mr. Griffin put his 'hat in the ring' to challenge for the BNP leadership.

We, the Advisory Council were just finishing the very best AC meeting ever.

We were due to launch the biggest, and still is the biggest, nationalist election campaign ever.

We were organising for the 1999 Euro Election Campaign. We fought every seat/area in England, and Scotland too, which allowed our message to be broadcast to Ulster. Over 15 million leaflets went out.

Then, right at the closure of that meeting, held near Wolverhampton, Griffin threw his challenge in.

So for those who have a problem with any timing to rid the party of Nick Griffin ought to hear that fact.

I told him to his face.........

"Bad timing , Nick !"

To his credit , he agreed !

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