Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can the BNP sink any lower ?

The BNP seems to be in complete' freefall'. We can't keep up with all the shenanigans.
For those that haven't seen this sort of thing before, yes, they can get even worse !

The latest news is that Dowson has left(or was he pushed ?) and as a result his mate the other very strange character Paul Golding, who has in the past left, then re-appeared, has also gone. Where these two originally came from, is anyones guess ?

Now we hear that crackpot Patrick Harrington is gaining in influence more and more within the BNP. Harrington is a member of a rival political party which consists of some old mates of Nick Griffin. So because of that ,and the way that Griffin has run and run down the BNP over the last 11 years. Harrington is a new untouchable within the BNP.

For those that were around the last time the nationalist movement went into oblivion in the 1980's, there are one or two names that have cropped up yet again at the centre of all this madness and destruction. Once again the names of Griffin, Harrington, Wingfield and Brons are in there.

Why do we keep giving these people the levers of power within the nationalist movement ?

We can add others to the above mix, who have certainly done their best to create this whole damned mess - Messrs. Lecomber and Butler certainly haven't been safe with the 'torch handed down' have they ?

Is the BNP to go the same way, under the mismanagement of this same gang who trashed the NF in the 1980's ? Or will someone or group of people save the day ? The only group that seems to want to save the BNP are even less nationalist than the likes of 'sell out' Griffin and Co..

All this must be 'manna from Heaven' for the National Front who should be working overtime reaching out to the mass of disillusioned and expelled who are falling out with the BNP .

People should read all about the fall of the NF in the mid to late 1980's, it will certainly give them a true understanding of the French phrase 'Deja Vu' !

Friday, October 15, 2010

Join the all new British Freedom Party !

The above is a new logo for the new split from Eddy Butlers group within the BNP. Butler has now been expelled by crook Griffin. What will Butler now do ? What will Richard Edmonds do? What will they all do ?

Meanwhile, Crook Griffin is still running the BNP into the ground.

This further drive to destroy British nationalism by demoralisation continues apace. And these liberal types are now being run by ex-BNP webmaster Simon Bennett, who actually is pro-multi racial as he himself wrote on this forum a couple of months ago. He is so multi-racial though, that he lives in 'darkest' Cornwall where the only black face they see is on the television.

Just for the idiots is this. Nationalism means race. You cannot have any form of nationalism without the concept of race. Your drives to multi-racialism are in effect anti-nationalist.

A nation is it's people, not just the geographic piece of land they just happen to stand on. Genuine nationalists need to re-take the movement away from these clowns and idiots.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Over 50 nationalists attended a memorial rally this afternoon in Preston,Lancashire. The audience were treated to a plethora of speakers including those mentioned above.
The meeting was a great success at a very fine venue in Preston.
A fitting tribute to John Tyndall, one of Britains greatest patriots and heroes.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

E-Alert: "Israel's 'Cyber-Warriors' Knock Duke Off YouTube"

By Rev. Ted Pike
3 Oct 10

The Internet was probably the least foreseen of events challenging ADL/Israel’s agenda for world control. Leaping across previously Jewish-dominated media boundaries, the worldwide web has given people of conscience unfettered privileges to criticize Jewish supremacism and misbehavior of the state of Israel.

However, in my April 27 article, “Israeli Cyber-Warriors Crash Internet,” I detail how Israel, unable to legitimately dispel overwhelming world criticism, has been marshalling hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide into an army of internet “cyber-warriors.” These act in unison to skew polls about Israel and disproportionately flood the internet with opinion favorable to the Jewish state – and against its critics. Israel is also known to engage in active cyber-terrorism against its opponents, such as its sabotage of Syrian cyber-space preceding its September 6, 2007 aerial attack on Syria’s insipient nuclear program. The PBS news hour last week said that the particularly perverse Stuxnet worm virus, spread worldwide but heavily concentrated in Iran, probably originated in Israel.

Last week, after flooding YouTube with thousands of emails critical of David Duke, the Jewish Internet Task Force persuaded it to remove his videos. JITF claims to “promote Jewish pride,” and “Israel advocacy” and to “support Israel and fight Jew hatred and terrorism online.” Its victory announcement claims to possess “A massive, active, pro-Israel-Jewish audience…of over 270,000.” JITF boasts that Duke is only one of “THOUSANDS of channels we have been directly responsible for removing.” Any start-up Jewish organization with that level of participation is, by definition, orchestrated from Israel and supported by a myriad of Zionist groups worldwide.

Duke: First Domino to Fall?

After Canada passed ADL/B’nai B’rith’s hate law in 1971, the Jewish Gestapo’s strategy was to first indict those least in favor with Canadians: holocaust questioners and racists. While Duke is increasingly listened to on the far right, he will receive little sympathy in this controversy from mainstream Christian/conservatives who have been deeply imprinted with the negative stereotype of his KKK past and animus against blacks. Yet, in viewing several of his recent YouTube videos, I found everything he said to be factual and logical, without anything that could legitimately be described as racist or anti-semitic.

Knocking Duke off YouTube represents a significant starting point for the Israel-directed JITF and other Jewish groups in their attempts to force off many other internet videos including those of Brother Nathanial Kapner and myself. More mainline Christian/conservatives, however, should be aware that just as B’nai B’rith Canada graduated to persecution of Christians after the turn of the century—indicting their real quarry: pastors, churches, church schools, pro-lifers, etc, the same will happen if Jewish cyber-censors are allowed to effectively control the internet. JITF says it also is bombarding Google, who may soon make the same decision, accepting Israel’s definition of “hate,” “anti-semitism,” and even “terrorist sympathizers,” as all who criticize Israel.

It is vital NOW that these internet media giants realize they are being pressured by an Israeli-inspired propaganda campaign—not by honest objections from most internet users. We must convince YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., that the world, in fact, deeply appreciates honest criticism of Jewish supremacism and human rights abuses by Israel. Such expression is not hateful or anti-semitic. If we do not speak out, eventually it will be anyone who represents an evangelical, populist, America-first agenda who will become the enemy of Israeli cyber-warriors.

There is no time to lose. Send this email (or your own thoughts) to YouTube ( telling them:

“I deplore YouTube’s censorship of David Duke and others like him, in response to Israeli-directed pressure groups. Freedom of speech should extend to those we disagree with, as long as their opinions are not libelous or advocate violence. I demand that YouTube reverse its censorship and reinstate Duke. I also demand that Google resist pressure to demonize as “anti-semitic” videos and content critical of Israeli injustices.”

Speak out boldly in criticism of YouTube on every internet and talk radio forum you can.

If good people allow freedom of speech to be taken from one, they empower evil to take it from all.

Protest now!

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