Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Are BNP members allowed to break the Law ?

We have noted that Peter SID Williamson, VNN UK Moderator , new BNP member and new friend of Nick Griffin, has posted these latest threats against me on VNN in a 'Public Forum'. Now as a member of the Public, which I am, do these things breach the Law ? And do they not also contravene BNP policy ?

Is it also right that he uses the very offensive slogan F*ck the Pope in his signature and in a 'public forum' ?

What sort of Christianity is the BNP pushing, if it allows idiots like this person to behave in this thuggish manner ?

Are catholics not allowed to join now ?

Williamson uses the nickname FOR BRITAIN by the way.

We think it is disgraceful that the BNP allows it's members to behave like this. He should be 'booted out' of the party forthwith.

Note: We apologise beforehand for BNP member Peter Williamson's foul language in his below posts on the VNN forum. Williamson is allowed and encouraged to operate on this disgusting site, but many BNP members are forbidden from even posting on Stormfront a more sober website. This is the Law, as allowed by Nick Griffin.

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For Britain
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Barker is not just a filthy nark and a traitor, he is also a lucky bastard to boot. It took a lot of people a lot of time to stop me paying him a visit the other week. I was up in Oldham, not far from the Rochdale hovel in which he resides. Had I taken an hour to pay him that visit, he would still be in hospital now, if he survived.I haven't forgotten that cunt...

With the dried blood stiff on my temples I climbed the hill, cursing the satanic way of men, yet knowing myself vile, for they had not known what they were doing, but I betrayed an innocent; and the tears - weak, whiskey tears - would not wash from my brow the blood of a little brother. Henry Williamson Fuck The Pope

Apparently, he stayed at 'Sunlightdemented's' homestead over the weekend of, the week before last.

http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=37302&page=3. Post No: 51.


mfi said...

Fat Sid is yet another Nick Griffin cock-up , why on earth did he meet Williamson in Brighton recently, then let him join the BNP?

But apparently the Brighton Organiser has banned him from their meetings.

Looks like the 'fat one' has been tricked by old one eye into stopping antiGriffin posts on VNN.
Griffin will boot him out asap as an embarassment.

Whats all this talk of GRASSES anyway? That is lowlife chav criminal talk isn't it ? We are supposed to be a political party, not a gang of crims.

No wonder Oldham BNP never got anywhere with their malcontent crew appearing on VNN very recently.

Still VNN would be the best place for them what with Linders posting interacial porno on VNN's front page a short while ago. White nationalist that is isn't it?

Graeme said...

I see Tommy Williams is at it again with his poison pen.
He makes outrageous statements and expects them to be taken at face value.
I met him a few days ago at a meeting in the company of several BNP members and he said absolutely nothing untoward against me.
As for Sid.... He's a joke!

Anonymous said...

MFI - the nearest BNP is crawley not brighton...so please get your facts right you tosser...as for anything else about sid...i cant comment

I would also like to know why you have the Royal Engineers capbadge as your badge...if you didnt serve in the engineers then take it down wanker....

an pissed off nationalist

NorthWestNationalists said...

To pissed off nationalist:

I love it when we get posts like this.

Get your feckin knees brown mate !


Get some in !

EX RE mate- so stop your wingeing and even better, get your facts right first before putting finger to keyboard.

mfi said...

Sorry 'pissed up nationalist', thought it was Brighton. I live in the Black country so dont know the SE too well. The Organiser is a woman anyway and she won't wear williamson.

Anonymous said...

Isn't 'SUNLIGHTDEMENTED' a BNP official ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Isn't 'SUNLIGHTDEMENTED' a BNP official ?

No she`s not...

Anonymous said...

Pffffft Offical my hairy aunt! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she's INDEPENDANT!!She's too good for the Offical status! She has a mouth and knows how to use it unlike the officals who say "yes sir, yes sir,ohhh i mean yes miss! yes miss!Mrs Griffin wears the pants how rude of me to think it was griffin!!

Tacitus said...

Sid, the Saltdean Sofa Soaker is thinking he's going places in the BNP.
I have it on good authority that he will never be anything other than a rank and file member whose only value is his annual subscription!
Griffin has successfully muzzled him on VNN and got him to turn the forum into a pro-Griffin platform.
A devious lad is our Nick!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...